Game 3 of the World Series

Here we are. Did someone say thin air? I can’t feel it. Maybe I’m hooked up to an invisible oxygen tank. But I seriously can’t feel anything. And I did some sprints up staircases just to see if I could get a better gauge. It just feels like regular air to me. Everyone ready for Game 3 of the World Series?

Supposedly it was cold on the field during batting practice because everyone was wearing ski jackets. But I couldn’t feel the cold either. Maybe I’m just in an alternate universe, I don’t know.

All I know is that Coors Field is ready for this game. Everyone is waving their white towels and is ready to see the Rockies get back in this World Series. The Red Sox are hoping to spoil the party and turned this jumping joint into a silent house.

This is one of the more unpredictable games I’ve ever covered. How can anyone know how Dice-K will fare in the thin air? I’m pretty sure the air was never so thin in Japan. Or Josh Fogg? Can he locate the offspeed stuff or will he leave it over a middle?

How much will the Rockies feed off their crowd? How much will the Red Sox be out of their element playing out here for the first time since 2004?

All of those answers are coming soon. It’s time to get your game on. World Series Game 3 — NEXT!



Go Sox Go! I can’t wait to see how Ellsbury plays tonight.


Chris, your question just got answered there.πŸ™‚

Man can Ellsbury run.


Is it just me or has Pedroia added a little speed to his step somehow?



I agree with you about the thin air. I have been there several times and never felt it. I think it’s a mind thing, if you believe it, then the air will give some problems.

Lynn born Josh Fogg goes against the Red Sox. He grew up in Florida though. Lynn perhaps the ugliest city in the Boston area. The best part of Lynn, is when you leave. I’m sure most would agree.

Good too see Ellsbury lead off.

On this date of 2004, the Red Sox win the World Series. This date also was the night the Mets won the World Series back in 1986. A funny date for sure over the years.

Sox off to a great start with the first 2 on and the best trio in baseball coming up.

Did I just see what I thought I just saw? A Rockies fan holding a sign saying: “Big Papi Eats Big Boogers!”


I can’t accuse others of being juvenile since we Red Sox fans can sure get nasty, but at least we’re creative…


Okay…how the heck…

Come on Mikey Lowell!


Pretty poor sign there, I agree with you Raj.

Squandered chance there. Fogg might settle in now. He dodged a bullet in the 1st inning.

Let’s hope Dice-K can get off to a good start like he did in game 7 vs Cleveland. Momentum is on Colorado’s side right now.

Aww crud…

Wow, Rockies’ fans are LOUD when they chant “TU-LO!”

Or is that just the fact that the stadium is high up?

HOLY ****….

Dice-K is a Gold Glove pitcher!


Hello everyone. Nice defensive play by Dice-K.

Hey guys. Wow, that play by Dice-K just froze the crowd as well ! Way to keep the home crowd silent.

A GREAT defensive play by Dice-K. One thing about Dice-K he is the best fielding pitcher on the Red Sox, just ahead of Wakefield. A good fielding pitcher is very under-rated in baseball. Ask the Tigers last year. They were just awful last year against St. Louis.


Crazy start to game 3…

Fogg almost got owned by a bat, and Tulowitski still gets ‘Tek out (off topic but I feel he’ll win the NL R.O.Y.).

Nice job Lugo. Lets see what Dice-K can do in the batters box!

Wait a second…

Lugo just got a base hit?! And a double no less?


But now the pitcher comes up to bat…😦


I think it’s safe to say that after that AB, Dice-K has a new found respect for his teammates as hitters.

It’s not that easy to hit a baseball, is it Dice ?πŸ™‚

Tulowitzski will definetly win R.O.Y.

I wonder when and if there was a time where the 2 rookies of the year met in the World Series?

Pedroia should get it in the N.L.

And they say Manny can’t play left field…


Seriously, the media needs to stop with that nonsense.


Bosoxbrian: You mean A.L., right?πŸ˜‰

Pedroia in the A.L. of course, I’m not even drinking. lol…

That play by Ramirez was routine.

He is known as a great hitter and he will never get credit for his defense. It’s perception and it is stuck with him.

Can they stop talking about the humidor? Although it sounds like some sort of a magic box from a Harry Potter book.

Wooooo!! The curse of the humidor on the Rockies!!!

For once I’m gonna have to agree with Buck and McCarver: very generous strike zone for Fogg.

And look the top of our line-up!πŸ˜€


I agree about the ROYs.

NL :

ROY – Tulowitzski

2 – Braun

AL :

ROY – Pedroia

2 – Okajima

s2cqdb: Could it be? A beginning of a new curse? LOL.

Now that would be amusing.

w00t, 1-0 our dudes!


Lowell has a chance here to bust this game wide open!!!

I am with you bosoxbrian. Manny makes a lot more great defensive plays in the LF than he gets credit for. Manny walks to load the bases!!

Random prediction:

Either Lowell walks, or blasts one for a nice Grand Slam.


Or a sac fly ?

Or neither one, lol.

Still nobody out and they lead 3-0. Nice!!!

pacol – That’s right. The curse of the humidor is on the Rockies.

3-0 BoSox. Go Red Sox!!

I was a little concerned about this game. Dice-K hasn’t pitched past the 5th inning in any of his 3 previous playoff starts but the Sox are given him a nice lead for a change.

It is very silent in Denver.

Bad call by the ump.

Wake up pal.

Get some glasses!!!!

Manny’s safe all the way !!!

What the…

Well at least one thing people can easily say is Manny’s not a very good baserunner.

Batting helmet or not. My two cents, he should have stayed because of the fact he’s not that good on base…





Dice-K with an RBI!

That was the right call.

My bad for getting on the ump. The angle they just showed was a good one.

Dice-K you are having a night!!!

If you can’t get the pitcher out, you deserve to go home right now!!!

Make it an RBI double

I say Ramirez should get rid of his wig, that isn’t his real hair. Those thick locks are a wig!!!
He is always worried with his helmet!!!




I will have to admit the HP Ump’s call was a bit bogus in the timing, etc.

To me it looked like Manny was out, but I guess at this point, it doesn’t matter now does it?

6-0? I seriously didn’t expect that.


Fogg is in a fog! He needs to be de-humidored.

bosoxbrian: I wouldn’t call that until it’s over.πŸ˜›

And it’s not over until I see our team charging the mound in celebration.πŸ˜€

LOL….s2cqdb….The best line I have heard yet!!!

Unbelievable — I hope Dice-K is holding his mentality tough as nails !!!! no let up ! pitch like it is 1-0.!!!

That hit by Dice-K has to have boosted his confidence.

A lot.


Somebody please explain to me why there was man dressed in a penguin suit?

Curse of the Penguin Humidor?πŸ˜›


Dice-K does it all tonight. Pitching, hitting and fielding. By far his best game this postseason.

The game is still young, though.

Best commercial ever: Big Papi and Brian Urlacher and that badminton match for Vitamin Water.


The altitude affects people differently. Some people don’t feel it at all. Go into the mountains and I guarantee you’ll feel it some! Two miles above sea level and you have lots of trouble breathing! The humidity helps today. Drink lots of water.

Keep the faith! Go Sox!

6-0. Dice-K strikes out his old buddy. Heeee’s baack.

LOL! That commercial where Ortiz drives the shuttlecock into that guy’s leg cracks me up. It’s kind of like he hit that last double.

Dice-K pitching well and with confidence. He’s getting ahead in the count….. it’s like magic when you do that.

I could not tell whether Manny was tagged on the hip at home or not. If he was tagged, he was out. The ump delayed in making the call to make sure the catcher had the ball. Probably a good call.

How about Ellsbury.

So now that we have a 6-0 lead, any thoughts about Youk coming in?

It’s too early to take Papi out. Let’s see how Dice-K does over the next couple of innings and let Papi bat at least another time.

Hey, Papi won a foot race! LOL!

Hehehe, Ortiz fielding makes me crack up all the timeπŸ˜€

And boy Youk sure must be cold.


Speaking of Big Papi, in the Twins organization, wasn’t he supposed to come up as a 1B?

I can’t tell you how much i like watching this game tonight. I’m relaxed during a Sox game in the WS !?!?

I’m loving every minute of it.

HAHAHAHA The kid they just showed…

He’s going nuts, lol.πŸ˜€

A good inning by Dice-K, he had good command, but he threw a lot of pitches. I really like the way he’s throwing though, good heater.

Nice play by Lugo and Lowell. I was starting to get bored………Yawn!

What a great inning by Dice-K. He showed me something there. He kept his composure and maintained command. Great JOB!

Lugo struggles at the plate but he’s usually a fine defensive shortstop.

s2cq, i would LOVE to get bored like that more often !

OK, Let’s get them warming up now. Dice-K seems to reverting back to form. (I hope I am wrong). He now qualifies to win the game- for the politically correct. This is a game we cannot afford to lose. Tito should have at least two pitchers warming up now- not wait until Dice-K is in more trouble like the 5th. Play this game like game 7.

pangelotti, I disagree. Dice-K gave a up a base hit, a broken bat dinker, and then came back beautifully. I think he’s fine.

Could anyone make out what they chanting during Ortiz’ at bat?

I think it was GO ROCKIES

Either that or NO … MORE PEAS

Wow, if the Sox win tonight, Jon Lester could give the Sox a WS title tomorrow.

10 months ago, he was still battling cancer. Could be a nice turn of event.

gsm52- No more peas?! You must be hungry.

Wouldn’t that be sweet rsox?

Sure would. Let’s cross our fingers.

Dice-K too fine to Helton with a 6-0 lead. I’d rather he throw it right down the middle.

DIce-k walks two in a row. He is done for the night.

I don’t like this change. Hawpe hasn’t hit a good fast ball the whole series and Tito’s bringing in a guy who doesn’t have a good fastball and who has been hit hard by lefties. I would rather have seen Timlin, but, we’ll see.

Tito- get smart and pull him- now. Put in Timlin or Okejima. Lopez is a loser. Let’s hope that I am wrong.

gsm52- You were right about Delcarmen.


It is times like this when one wonders what is going on in Tito’s mind.

Get him the f–k out of there.

Tito blows this game he should be replaced next year. He doesn’t deserve to manage.

Tito has 7 pitchers out there, and he puts the one pitcher in that matches up perfectly with Hawpe. Well, I guess he’s entitled to one brain fart. Timlin needs to shut the door.

As I said before, Dice-K should have been replaced at that start of the sixth. Now Tito can blow it.

Nice job Jacoby!!!

Timlin needs to go back up high on this guy!

That ball Ellsbury caught is out of Fenway by 50 feet. Lugo snags a rocket. Timlin escapes with a little luck!

Great job by Lugo and the inning is over with just a little bit of damage.

We’re lucky Lugo made a great play. Let’s go back with Okejima and Papelbon while we still have a 4 run lead.They can rest tomorrow.

Whoever is pitching the 7th has to not only shut the door, but also do it decisively to get that momentum back and keep the crowd out of it.

C’mon bring in Oki!!!!!

Well, so much for my quick and easy inning.
O.K. time to bring Oki and get that double play ball.

Tito always makes his moves when there is desparation.When is he going to learn????


A smart manager makes moves when there is some latitude– not when your back is against the wall. He blows this game we are in trouble.

Get a grounder, Oki.
I could live with a 6-3 game, 2 outs and nobody on.

pangelotti- Not until Red Sox keep on winning. Although that will be a very costly way for him to learn.

Was that Tito’s fault too?

Oh…………God!!!! What just happened!!!!!



Lopez should have never been on the roster. Not Tito’s fault. You can thank Theo for that.

Not a time to panic. Erase it from your mind. Pitch like a fresh new inning. Nobody on base. Just get 3 outs. Still up by one. We can win 1 run games.

Nope, not Tito’s fault. My only problem with Tito was Lopez.

Well one on bsae and nobody out.

C’mon Oki!!!

Need a double play here!

Atta Boy, two to go. Let’s do this!!

I’ll take that GIDP now.


HUGE K !!!

2 down.

one more please

Careful with those high pitches Oki. Keep it low.

Brian …… I think McCarver is Joe Migrane’s brother. What a useless, irritating, non-contributing, over paid, make believe colorless commentator he is.


Good job by Okajima, except one bad pitch. Too bad!

3 down. Finally!

Who’ll pitch in the 8th? Oki or Pap?

Let’s try to get some runs. We score six and then close our eyes and hope it’s over. Let’ wake up!!!

Agreed, pang. Not over yet.

Why wasn’t Lugo running ?

Speed on the bases!

Lefty on the mound, that’s why. My bad.


Way to go Jacoby!!!!!

I want to birth Jacoby’s children!

DP needs to knock at least one more run in.

Now that has to hurt !!
GO SOX !!!!

Sweeeeet!!! 9-5!!!

Yeah DP!!! Homegrown boys BABY!!!!

I’m thinking it’s going to be Delcarmen for the 8th. If so, strikes Manny, strikes.

Throw the ball over the freakin plate Manny!

Another high count, but another out.

Get him Manny!!

Behind every hitter!

I think they should get Pap out now, while there is only one on base.

No “pitching coach” visits please, this is NOT the regular season.

DelCarmen walks this guy pull him

Tito likes to aggravate Bosox fans with his stupiditty.

ok, bring in pap now!

Time to bring Pap in for the last 4 outs.

There’s just no reason for that from Delcarmen. He’s got good stuff and doesn’t need to be that fine. Need Pap to get this out and be done with this.

They pull him now after there are 2 on base. AND why did they switch DP for Cora?

Man, how does a 4 run lead feel like 1? Red Sox love drama, it’s good for the ratings I guess.

Go Sox, close these guys out.

DelCramen has to get on the same train with Lopez. If Sox win tonight send them back to Boston in case we need them.

pangellotti, you can’t blame Delcarmen’s inabilithy to throw strikes on Tito. That’s all on Delcarmen.

Pap got away with one, Holliday just missed that! But an out is an out! We’ll take it.

That was a huge out from Pap.

s2cq, the double switch with Cora is to avoid having Pap at the plate in the 9th. Pap is now in the 2nd hole.

Let’s still try to get some runs- not just for tonight but for the psychological effect

Five run lead, throw the ball down the middle Pap. Have an easy inning, strikeouts aren’t important here.

rsox_34- Thank you. I forgot for a second that we are playing by the NL rules.

The leadoff man will be the key. Get that first out and we should be fine.

I gotta tell you, this starting games at 8:30 stinks. It’s ridiculous. No kids watching, and my guess is a lot of other people have dropped out by now. Freakin World Series should be played in the day time on weekends, especially in Denver where it was in the 70’s this afternoon. This whole post season schedule has been awful.

I am sure a lot dropped out when the score was 6-0!!! It is a late start tomorrow again.

All right. First 2 outs in the bank. Smooth job.

Get that last one and we’ll all can breath normally again !

We have a 3-0 lead.
Jon Lester, it’s all yours !

And the Red Sox is officially 3-0 in the World Series…….

Jacoby really deserves being the player of the game. I am really happy for him….. and the life he has provided to the Boston line-up.

Those two kids at the top of the order were unbelievable tonight. How about Mikey “speed demon” Lowell stealing third? Nice job by Dice-K, Oki and Pap.

Time for Manny to get rid of the dreds, or at least get them cut a little. They are slowing him down. They must weight about five pounds.

Tomorrow we get pre-game entertainment courtesy of the New England Patriots.

Good night folks. Way past this old man’s bed time, plus I have an 8:00 AM tee time with some Yankee fans…. I love this!

See you here tomorrow everyone. Might be the last time this year.πŸ™‚

Good night everyone. Go Sox!! Go Pats!!

gsm52- Delcarmen shouldn’t have been in there in the first place. That’s Tito’s decision.Manny should get rid of the dreds.Especially when it affects his playing which in turn affects the team What’s he trying to prove???

Don’t forget, Tito is the one who got us here. Yes he’s made some questionable descisions throughout the year, but what manager hasn’t. I was all over him during the regular season, but have to admit, his managing has been a lot better in the playoffs. Shorter leashes. The man is going to bring us 2 world titles in 4 years. Not to mention great regular season records and our first division title in 12 yrs. Yeah he experiments maybe a little too much during the year, but maybe he’s trying to get guys ready for the playoffs. And it’s not his fault for who he has to work with. That’s Theo’s call. Tito has to play the cards he’s dealt. It looks like he’s done a pretty good job, considering.

I’m so excited that I can’t sleep! Tonight will mark the fifth gathering of Red Sox Nation Orlando in the post-season, and the Sox are undefeated in those games. Hopefully we can celebrate at a packed sports bar stirring with Red Sox fans! It would be especially sweet if Lester could get the win.


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