Game 4 of the World Series

Could it all end tonight? Just 12 days after the Red Sox were down 3-1 to the Indians and hanging by a very small thread, could they win the World Series tonight?

Amazing turnaround. It would be more amazing if we didn’t see the exact same thing in even more impressive fashion just three years ago.

The only way the Rockies can get this thing to tomorrow is if Aaron Cook — idled since Aug. 10 — can produce the first quality start for the Rockies in the series.

This would sure be a great way to end it for Boston, with Jon Lester — we all know the storyline — being the winning pitcher.

I doubt we’ll see Okajima tonight. The bullpen got a good workout tonight. So the Red Sox are hoping Lester can give them some length.

Same lineup as last night.



Ian, I’m interested in what you think of the story ‘leaks’ about the Yankees’ new manager?

I thought MLB had a policy of no big announcements like this happening until after the World Series was over.

It just seems so pathetic. The Yankees grabbing for any bit of publicity they can get because people wouldn’t be talking about them otherwise.

I expect a solid start from Lester tonight. Absolutely no pressure.

July 23rd Lester made his 2007 debut by beating the Tribe. Tonight he closes it all out. Who isn’t rooting for Lester? A great story!!!!

The Red Sox have another championship!!!

This time it’s October 28th 2007 as opposed to October 27th of 2004.

If there was ever a meaningless game in a World Series this would be it. The first 3 games showed how much more dominant the Sox are than the Rox and to take it a step further how much more dominant the AL is over the NL.

So tonight the Sox can go through the motions, trying to win but if they lose who cares, they have Beckett tomorrow who cannot be touched this postseason and if somehow he got beat (3% chance of that) they get 2 more chances at the Friendly Confines of Fenway Park.

Tonight will be a high scorer and I see the Rockies keeping it close and pulling it out, due mostly to the fact that OKI is unavailable. Hard to believe a Sox fan is saying this but tonight is NOT a must win game. Weird huh?

The sweeping by the Blue Jays back in mid September seems like forever ago. The Jeter homer off of Schilling on a Sunday night, seems like forever ago. All those moments that got us ( the fans ) going a little nuts. It’s all worth it now, isn’t it? You gotta love following the Red Sox. You just gotta love it!!! I know I do!!! I will go in withdrawls very soon. I can’t wait to take the 2 hour ride to go down to Fort Myers in February and see the DEFENDING CHAMPS!!!! Nothing beats following the Boston Red Sox!!!!

After watching last night is there a doubt in any living Red Sox fans mind who will be the starting CF next year? Wow is he electic.

On another note, how bout those Pats. Hung a 52 spot on the Redskins and now go on to face the Colts. My prediction: 31-28 COLTS believe it or not.

Well here we go a chance to close out the season tonite. It would be a perfect circle if Jon Lester could find a way to win when 1 year ago at this time he was in some of the worst pain of his life.


Ian, I would tend to agree from one fan’s perspective that this can almost be treated as a rest game. Oki is out and Papelbon can’t keep up this pace forever. Gagne might be in tonight for some innings if need be. Who knows but the BIGGEST mistake the Sox could make is wear themselves out and leave Beckett hanging. If that happens Colorado could be looking at their first world series victory.

Hey All, before 1st pitch:



Good evening everyone. Good first inning by Lester. Go Sox!

Nice play by Papi at 1st.

Big Papi strikes again!

As for the bullpen, if Oki-San (considering how good he’s been he deserves that respect) isn’t available, what about Timlin, Lopez, etc.? And would Gagne really come in?


Geebus Coors Field is HUGE…


C’mon Lester! Get yourself out of this.

Ack, Manny not knowing that outfield killed his chances there. Then again he shouldn’t have come in.

Oh well…as long as Lester gets his outs then things will be fine.

Lester really showed me something the past two innings. Nice job.

Tough play for Manny. He’s been doing OK out there. That ball was hit pretty hard and was really hooking away from him too.

Wait a second…

Lester and high heat?!

Woah, I can’t wait to see him next season.

And how about Lugo’s defense?!

Wow I can’t wait until next season!


So Lester’s really showing some poise out there.

And how about Aaron Cook too?

Good ol’ pitching match-up🙂

Lester is pitching well. I’d like to see him be a little more efficient with his pitches. Too many three ball counts. I guess considering he hasn’t pitched all that much, he’s doing pretty darn well.

This may be a close one. Both pitchers look sharp.


Nice slide Mikey!!!

Man oh man Mike Lowell is the man.

And yeah, why did they pitch to ‘Tek anyways?

And how about Lugo this post-season?


Um…why didn’t Lester try to hit after reaching 2 strikes?

I thought you usually tried to hit once you missed bunting changes…

I wonder if he was trying to give Ellsbury a chance with 2 on base instead of grounding out into a DP.

Lester looks like a seasoned veteran out there.

Hey everyone, nice 2-0 lead in what could be THE ONE.

Good stint so far by Lester. There’s a thought that keeps come to my mind, each and every inning : Lester is only 23 !

But boy, does he look like a veteran out there. He shows that quiet confidence and composure that only good pitchers that have already been there can show.

At 23, and on this big stage, that is somewhat impressive.

Gsm, i swear to god, i didn’t see your comment before posting mine ! Honest !

LOL! Great minds rsox!

Congrats Jon Lester for such a great start!

You sir, are the man!


I guess you were right about our great minds, gsm. LOL

I think that’s it for Lester. Great outing.

I’m not sure I would make this move right now. Lester has been cool all night and does not appear to be tired. Delcarmen has not been reliable in the post season and is just as likely to walk someone and bring the lead run to the plate. But, we’ll see.

LOL! I love being wrong!!! Way to go Manny!

I can’t believe Francona is smarter than I am — SO FAR — I definitely wouldn’t have pulled Lester so soon (they had him on pinch count for sure)

I wonder what his plan is for innings 7-8-9?

I love Mikey!!

Mikey Freakin Lowell!!! They better do more than making resigning him a priority. If the Sox win tonight, they ought to get it done by the end of the week, and they ought to give him three years, and a fair salary. If he was a middle infielder, I’d say two years, but at third base, he can play three. What a freakin ball player.

He plays great at 3rd base and has been a great stabilizer and an RBI machine in the Boston line-up

If we win tonight — Lowell has to get MVP for the series for win game 2 — and tonight — should we prevail.

gsm52- Red Sox mgmnt has done some really strange things in the past…….

I swear if A-Rod replaces him at 3rd base, I will stop watching Red Sox play next yr

s2 – yes, they have done some strange things if you’re referring to Pedro and Damon. But there is a precedent with Tek, and I think Lowell is at least as valuable as Tek to the team, albeit, in a different way. Unlike Damon who was beat up, and Pedro who was showing fatigue, Lowell is in great shape and plays every day. He’s worth the extra year.

No walks Manny!

Worse – Just gave up a dinger

I’d rather see the dinger than the walk. Walks lead to big innings.

Delcarmen has done nothing in the post season.

Get Delcarmen out!!! before its too late.

Probably too late already — arghh.

Timlin in.
Was it Lopez next to him in the bullpen ? Dear god !

Need eight more outs!

Titio seems to want to blow these games. How could he out in Delcarmen? Why everyone thinks he is a good manager is beyond me.

Did I just see Gagne warming up!

Whew! Good job by Timlin

Way to go Mike Timlin. Couldn’t happen to a better guy! Six more outs.

Attaboy Mike ! Still got it after all !
2 to go.

Yep — he’ll probably come in to face Halliday — then stay in until someone gets on base or three outs — or just come in for Halliday — then bring in Okajima.

Who knows I never know what Francona is going to do — maybe he goes to OKI for the 8th.

Maybe we score 5 runs this inning !!!!!

Let’s see pangelotti, he’s up 3-0 in the World Series, with a 3-1 lead in the fourth game. I’d say he’s doing something right. Hey, I don’t agree with everything he does either, but you have to give him credit where credit is due.

Delcarmen has great stuff, he could have gone through the Rockies like a knife through butter, but he didn’t. Timlin could have given up a two run homer, but he didn’t. Tito works with what he has, and does pretty well.

And Kielty gets that run back !!!!!!!!!

pangelotti: Because Delcarmen, while he is known for wildness, performed excellently down the stretch during the regular season.

And minus yesterday, he was fine. So there was no issue one would think.

dgneubert- one down 4 to go!!!
Way to go Keilty

Wow A-Rod…And Boras…

Way to try to steal the thunder of the World Series.

I really hope we DON’T sign him…


Who the f*** cares about A-Rod up his a**

Another reason why Delcarmen was brought in is because Francisco Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Bobby Jenks and Rafael Betancourt don’t play for the Red Sox !!!!!!!!!

And Kielty is one heck of a bench player.

So yeah, Fuentes, over-rated…😛

The day I see him in a Red Sox uniform is the last of mine with the Red Sox nation

We all need to rally to keep Lowell with the Red Sox.

Red Sox does not need A-Rod.

I’m worried with the fact that Red Sox ownership is enamored over A-Rod.

Now knowing this…and having a paper to work on…man I need to get that petition working.

Unless anybody else wants to take the mantle for a petition resigning Mike Lowell. I could write one, but I’d need a site to host it with a domain name like

Anybody up for hosting?


Excuse me, I meant re-write a petition since I have one relatively done.


Yikes….2 run dinger

Oh geez!

Bring out Papelbon now!

It’s time to put a clamp on this Rockies Revival junk.

O.K. time to bring Pap in.

Poor Oki’s gotta feel bad, but he’s been tiring the past several games.

I’m surprised he was out there simply because I figured Tito would put somebody else in there.

I agree, lets close the door with Pap.

Bring on the “Humidor curse” on the Rockies!!!

Here we go — gotta bad felling — went to well one to many times — if Paplepon doesn’t get two quick outs – he is probably going to have face Halladay again — !!!

Lets go Paps!!!!

Raj, not sure how it works but someone said a couple days ago that yahoo offers website hosting. And i checked at GoDaddy, is available !

Pap in, 5 outs to go.

s2cqdb: That’s right!

The Curse of the Humidor!😛

rsox_34: My issue is being able to simply setup something like PetitionOnline does.

Maybe Yahoo or GoDaddy has something blog-esque?

I don’t want to make something with a long domain name that would not be easily remembered, long to type, etc.



Again Colorado fans seem confused:

I just saw a girl with a Steelers beanie cap with “CR” on her cheeks.

Explain why not be a Broncos fan…?

Yes I know they stink this year, but come on, they’re having a down year and they should be good sooner rather than later.

Meh, rant over.


8th inning is over!!!!!!

I would prefer a bigger cushion but it seems like Pap will have to protect a 1-run lead in the bottom 9th ……… oh and a World Series title !

3 more outs — why am I much more nervous than I was in 04?

bottom of the order — you gotta know its lined up for us still.

I forget who brought up the point, in the last blog post, but the Red Sox like to make things interesting don’t they?

dgneubert: Because the Rockies have some really good hitters that even good pitching sometimes can falter a bit against.

St. Louis in 2004, IMHO, did not. At least not against the AL.



Way to go Jacoby!!!

A little bit TOO interesting !

Jacoby saves a dinger!!!! 1 out remaining.

Curse of the Humidor!!!!!

I’m 54 years young and I’ve been a Sox fan all my life — but I will NOT root for a Red Sox team that lets Mike Lowell go and signs A-Rod. Some prices are too high to pay for winning, and that is certainly one of them.


Calm, Jon, be calm.

You only have 2 strikes left to close this out!

Come on man, you can do it!

jsfriedman: I agree completely, which is why I’m gonna get that petition up online somehow.


jsfriedman- I have already sworn to do that earlier in this blog



We are Champions!!!!!!

We did it !!! We are the 2007 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS !!!

What a win! What a game!!!

unbelievab1e !!!!

Rayman94 — start bragging!


Oh man, this is too unreal.😀

That’s right ‘Tek, Red Sox Nation is always behind you!

Peace out people, I’m about to take this excitement and such and put it into a refined version of the “Keep Mike Lowell” petition.



Man ! We’re here on this blog since early March, couldn’t end up a nicer way !

So will we get to Beckett do the Riverdance with Papelbon?😀

That would be hilarious!

Hey Red Sox Nation, when I get that petition up and running, I wan you all to sign it!

pacol250- I am with you 200%

There is no NESN where I am. I hope I do not miss out on the riverdance.

Congrats to all !!!

Rockies played well!

Kelty get’s one at bat in the series? or at least this game — and wins the series for us!!!

Does that acquisition (Kelty) ever look good now !!!

You got my word, Raj.

Do not forget the dinger that Ellsbury saved at the wall

Unbelievable! What else is there to say!

Rockies officially have the “Curse of the Humidor”

Who is the WS MVP?


Okay, they BETTER keep him now!

Owners, Theo, you better re-sign him!

Is it Lowell!!!! Oh Man the best decision! He deserves it!!! COngratulations Mikey!

Raj, the petition makes even more sense now, doesn’t it ? LOL

Good for Mikey Freakin Lowell, MVP!!!!!

Maybe the Rockies fans can use those crying towels now. They didn’t work very well for the Rockies

YEAH WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo

i’m excited for mike lowell!! and i can’t wait for pap and beckett to dance!!!🙂

I don’t know, Papelbon was amazing. I think he deserves the MVP. He worked his tail off and came in when they needed him most.

With A-Rod opting out — the Yanks are going to hike the price on Lowell through the roof — he started as a Yankee — I sure hope he doesn’t wind up there again !!!! in 2008

A-Rod on the Sox will be a disaster. The man is a jerk. He will create tension in the household. Let him stay with the Yankees. Lowell belongs in the Red Sox organization but don’t worry about it. Let’s enjoy the moment. This is THE best organization I have ever seen with the Sox. Everyone played their hearts out. David Ortiz was amazing. Lester survived cancer, Papelbon was unhittable, Pedroia, Youk, etc. Amazing team. Congrads to Colorado as well. They have class and have nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve been there so many times with the Sox.

Who cares about A-Rod right now. Tackle that issue down the road!!!

The Red Sox are the champions of baseball, AGAIN!!!

2007 World Series Champions!!!

You gotta love it!!!

Well the presentation on FOX is over. I will need to look for the Riverdance on u-tube.

Congrats to all the Sox! What a story this post season was. Incredible!! YAAAYYY!!!

Sox win!! Sox win!! Sox win!!
Great cap on a great season. No player more deserving than Mikey Lowell for World Series MVP. Sign that man up!!

Pirates of Caribean Theme Song on NESN again !!! — they gotta start playing that in the ball park.

What a story for Kelty — one pitch to him in the WS and he wins the title for the SOX!!

That is life time memory!

Well Ian,

I stand humbled by the wisdom of Theo and Terry who kept the faith in their players, did not panic, and gave a shot to an average but gritty ballplayer who won a world championship with one swing of his bat. Bobby Kelty has proven that you don’t have to have be a five tool guy to reach the baseball sky.

My charge of race had no base and I have been shamed by the God of Baseball and the God of All! Congratulations to the Red Sox Organization and their Nation of Believers! And thanks for letting an amateur like me learn a little about the game of life!

The Red Sox have been crowned Champions of Baseball for their faith in one another. Let that be said of all of us when we’re crowned for keeping faith in Jesus Christ!

Sweet dreams of Spring this winter!— Dane

The Sox do it again! What an exciting night for the Red Sox, Red Sox Nation (and Red Sox Nation Orlando)! This is a true team – contributions from seemingly every spot on the roster. It’s a great time, especially for all of us loyal member of Red Sox Nation!


Peter Gammons rightfully chastised A-Rod for making his announcement to opt-out tonite — stating in effect that it showed a total lack of respect for the game to announce it tonight, and to want the attention that much was unfortunate — he went on to say buyer be ware — maybe there is a reason A-Rod has never made it to the WS.

Hello everybody!

A quick side note: Peter Gammons was LIVID at A-Rod on ESPN and rightfully so. Buster Olney on wrote an article essentially chastising A-Rod and Scott Boras about putting themselves above the game. I guess now we know why he hasn’t won a World Series title and like Barry Bonds (who puts himself above everybody else just like this), won’t ever win one either.


Oh and woops, I forgot to post this:

After a quick nap and back to working on my paper, I decided to take a side track on tinker that petition.

So the domain has been registered by me, however, besides an intermediate knowledge of HTML, I don’t have much web design skill/knowledge.

So I got “smart” and I’m trying to get the forwarding to work properly.

Right now, the petition is up at:

Hopefully I can get forwarding to work out properly.


I haven’t read any comments yet. Does anyone else think ARods timing on his “breaking news” was a little more than suspect?? … Here the RedSox are in the game of their lives, let me put the spotlight on me!!!… Just seems too, well too something!

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