Thoughts from Game 3

Dice-K is finally starting to put it together. I know the line doesn’t look all that special, but he came two outs away from firing six shutout innings in a World Series game. And he also had a two-out, two-strike hit that might have delivered a fatal blow to the Rockies’ season.

You have to be impressed with Okajima. He gives up that three-run homer to Holliday, the place is going nuts, the Red Sox are only up a run, then he gives up a single. The crowd is going crazy. And he gets out of the jam.

Jacoby Ellsbury. What a story. When was the last time a September call-up made this big an impact on a championship team? It had to be K-Rod in ’02 with the Angels. Before that? Who knows.

Manny being Manny. Leave it to the flaky left fielder to come up with this gem of a quote following the win."We don’t want to eat the cake first, before your birthday," said
Ramirez. "We’ve got to wait and see what’s going to happen [in Game 4]."

Hilarious. And ever since Manny said the world would not end and that there was always next year if his team lost to the Indians, they haven’t lost another game. 6-0 since Manny’s memorable words.

This team is feeling good right now and it’s almost impossible to think they will lose tomorrow against Aaron Cook, who hasn’t started a game since Aug. 10.

Until then, I better get some sleep.



G’morning RedSox Nation! It’s a great, verging on a GLORIOUS morning. The Manny/birthday statement was,as Ian said, Classic Manny being Manny!! We were all correct calling for Jacoby to start in place of Coco, (sorry Coco) what a sparkplug he has turned out to be. I think that the lineup changes (though it should have been obvious to me a to why Tito made them, but wasn’t) were perfect. I don’t think, as RedSox fans we have one thing in the world to complain about.
all I can think of is: I love you all, I love the Sox. Life is good!

SOX have patented a new phenomenon —
“nail-bitingly-close blowouts” 11-2 against Cleveland, now 10-5 last night, both teetering either way up to the very end.

Man, this is incredible — is there one more left?

I can imagine all the criticism if any one of the numerous breaks had gone the other way (by inches): the almost 2nd Rockie 3-run homer, shy by a foot or so to dead center, the line drive to Lugo (maybe three inches higher and its gapper), Ellsbury last double (fair by inches), even Pedria’s early sac bunt attempt (why?) where he got on (instead of a sacrificing) enabled a huge later inning rally. — wow!

The pitching changes in the late innings, starting with calling for Lopez, I could just feel was going to implode, but looking back on it, what could Francona do? Leave Dice-K in? who knows, maybe?, bring Timlin in first (that is what I would have done) — but they smoked Timlin, he was so fortunate, and really they didn’t hit Lopez well at all — that was one of the few times breaks were going the Rocks ways — any one of the hits off Lopez, a few feet to one direction and its a double play to get out of the inning unscathed. I am glad Lopez sees it that way — at least he didn’t walk batters, tough breaks for him, over poor pitching.

Even I wouldn’t have had the guts to bring Oki in when Francona did, how many times can you go to that well? Don’t want the Rocks figuring him out before a series clinching opportunity. He did do his job, kept the lead.

I didn’t think Manny Delcarmen wasn’t going to fair as well as he did — thanks to Paps. He actually didn’t look nervous out there.

I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I actually thought about Gagne for the 8th, since he has settled down, and has the experience, — but Francona wasn’t going to take that risk.

And now — all our pitchers in the pen (except Synder) should have initial jitters out of the way, and ready to go tomorrow if necessary. Synder? will he be called tomorrow if Lester doesn’t go deep into the game?

Anyway, it all worked out in SOX favor — amazing.

You have to admire those Rockies, the toughest 3-0 lead I can imagine. To me, they are a much more formidable opponent than STL was in 04 — but the intensity of those moments have faded. Seems like STL handed us couple of victories. With the exception of game 1 this series, Rockies are making us earn each victory with our very best baseball every inning.

I still hope we can close this out in 4. Beckett or no Beckett, momentum is such a strong animal in baseball and in the post season — better to never relinquish it once you have it — but the SOX know that better than any team in baseball could possibly know.

Kudos to Terry Francona and John Farrell for the amazing job they’ve done with the pitching staff. From starting pitching to middle and long relief. However, we need to acknowledge the performance of Jason Varitek as he shaped and molded this young group of arms to be the dominating performers they are. I think Varitek has to take some credit for their victories, particularly game two with Schilling in his new role as a “finess” pitcher. Varitek is the backbone of this team, hands down!!

Tacoby Bellsbury, thanks for the taco…

I coached jacoby off and on from 9 years old to 16 won one state championship second at western regional same year, made 3 straight state playoff runs. I must say no one could expect this but he is a great humble guy who is preoccupied with the game not the fame.

my nickname suggestion…

OSU’s baseball team called him Jack for the jack rabbit a breed from the high desert where jacoby comes from.

his Nnavajo indian name or animal type is the Antelope given to him as a child.

put them togeter and you get Jackelope. This is a fairly common legend and you see them across the west in museums with a stuffed rabbit and the horns of an antelope.

MVP’s Pedroia and Ellsbury? or Lowell?

Most every game with the Bosox keeps the fans on edge-until they break it open. And even there- Boston fans know that’s “it’s never over until it’s over”. Let’s hope we can wrap it up today-or at least in CO. It would be nice to win it in Boston-but that would mean more nailbiting. As far as MVP, that is a difficult decision.If they need another game you have to throw Becket’s name into the ring.Maybe they could share that award. Perhaps today will shed more light.

Didn’t I tell everyone it would be a rout?

Rayman: ues you did — and I sure hope you continue to be right!!

I must confess, even now I still don’t share your confidence — were it not for the NL rules (forcing or at least prompting Herges out of the game) — we probably wounldn’t have score those three runs in the top of the 8th — and holding a 1 run lead for 6 outs might have been a whole lot tougher than a 4 then 5 run lead.

The way I see it — Game 1 we smoked then clean. Game 2 — they proved they have one pitcher that can shut us down and have also proved their bullpen is capable of shutting us down, though we broke thru twice on them now (Morales and Fluentes), but others (including Morales after game 1) have shut us down, especially Herges. Game 3 they proved they can score some runs off us (at least our bullpen).

So if they win tonight — then they would know they can beat us — and we will have round two with their pitchers. I doubt if Francis will repeat Game 1 performance, and he will be home. If they get past Beckett some how, they will be really jacked — then we have Schill/Jiminez again at home — that could go either way, then DiceK again against Fogg — probably our best chance (but maybe the Dragon Slayer would show up for game 7).

I wouldn’t count any team that won 21 or 22, when all they need to do is win 4 — then again, its hard to imagine the SOW not taking 1 of 4 at this point — but if the ROCK catch that stay-in-the-moment mentality the SOX have, it can be done.

Turning the lens around, if we keep hitting the way we are, and pitching the way we are, we are an extremely formidable opponent.

Hope Rayman has bragging rights tonight !!!

dgneubert: Just imagine if Game 4 is a loss and then somehow Beckett loses (and if I he did, I’d imagine more along the lines of a 3-2 loss or something)…

Schilling would be on tap to clinch the WS at home. Think about the drama, think about the fact that it’s a big game. Schilling would be pitching his heart out.

Funny thing is, I imagined this scenario when I predicted a 4-2 WS win for the Red Sox.


Oh and about the TV schedules, does FOX and MLB not realize that since they usually do want East and West Coast major teams in the WS, why would they schedule at like 8:30?!

Seriously, stupid move on their part as I was tired and started to doze off (I had made a road trip very early yesterday).

Of course, as fate would have it,all of a sudden, Matt Holliday’s 3-run HR wakes me up.

But regardless, it’s seriously a late time.

Oh so did anybody see this?

Best image ever😀


for the 100th time. note to hale the 3rd base coach. DO NOT RUN MANNY OR ORTIZ ON A SHALLOW SINGLE THEY ARE NOT VERY FAST. un real how many times those two have been thrown out this year. and he was out last night IMO. that said thus far it’s ben a great series. well for sox fans anyway. tonite should be interesting. cook hasn’t picthed in 3 mos and lester hasn’t started in awhile.

It’s all about $$$$. They probably set the schedule around weekend football games. Of course at this time of year football players are used to playing in cold weather.The networks ought to factor that in when they schedule the playoff games next year. One can’t gaurantee that a West coast team can make theplayoffs and take advantage of the warmer weather.

Oh man hey RED SOX NATION!I cannot beleive this!We are ONE BIG WIN AWAY!!!Lets close it out tonight!Sorry I havent been around been quite busy!What a remarkable story it would be for Jon lester to pick up the win tonight after all he ahd been through!Yankee fans around me making fun of him when he had cancer and etc,ill enjoy getting at them in School tomorrow!Lets go Red SOX! 2 championships in 4 years and 0 for the Yanks in 6 or 7 years!

jeff. come on. i’m certainly NOT COMPLAINING but i have to disagree with your ( and anyone else’s ) assertion that the sox have est themselves as the DOMINANT team/franchise in baseball. they are certainly one of the 2-3 best and they are on the right track but pick any category since 2000 ( or any other timeframe ) and they have hardly been DOMINANT. even this year they only tied for the best record. and had to go 7 games with cleve. that said they are on the right track and if they continue they could possibly get to that level in a few years. IMO there really are no DOMINANT teams in any of the 3 major sports right now. the patriots ( though as a steelers fan i hate to admit it ) are about as close as you could come to that level of being considered dominant or a dynasty so to speak.

chman. hope things are going well for you. and your right it would be great to see lester finish it off tonite. couldn’t think of a better way to end it.

Navajo Nation is beaming with pride watching Jacoby at bat.

Good start for the Sox. Now Lester has to throw strikes and pitch ahead in the count. He’ll get killed if he doesn’t.

I would agree with you smckinny. The Sox are not a dominant team, although they have dominated the World Series thus far. I would also agree that there are no dominant teams in baseball right now. However, I would consider the Pats the dominant team in the NFL so far. Next week will say a lot about how dominant they are when they play the Colts.

Very, very nice first inning by Lester. Man I’d like to see him go six or seven good innings and get the win. What a great story and final touch to the season.

I am a diehard Boston Red Sox fan, a true Yankee hater, and a baseball lover. But here is a take on a certain Red Sox issue that might not be accepted by my fellow Bostonians. I believe that it is in the best interest to our team to sign A-Hole…. I know, I know…. I’m outta my F@#$ing mind right? Nope! Here’s why…… Alex Rodriguez, as much of a jerk he seems to be, is a phenomenon… He is quite possibly the very best hitter in baseball right now… I love Papi too, but the now former Yank has a slight edge. He is able to play defense, which comes in handy with in NL games, not having to swap out the DH. No, I am not saying to replace Papi, but to compliment him. They could take Julio”stinkin” Lugo off of Shortstop, and stick A-Rod right in. If I am not mistaken, A-Rod was brought up as a shortstop. Julio Lugo has skills on the bag, sometimes, but he’s unreliable. And if that is not possible, I have another solution. I am a true fan, and I love Mike Lowell, but let’s face it: The Red Sox are not going to sign him up for another five years. Offer him a job working with the coaching staff. Keep him in the dugout, batting box, locker room, and offices. Definitely keep him around, but A-Rod would be a nice fit into that 3rd base slot. Not to mention a killer line up: Dustin Pedroia leading off. Youk, Papi and Manny, and then A-Rod……. You don’t need to be a genius to see that we could break and set team and league hitting records next season. Five years. 2 hundred and something mill is a sure thing… he’s young, able, and under the Boston Red Sox quality coaching, he could be molded into a perfect fit in our team. We would be unstoppable, especially with the additions off Ellsbuy and Buckholz. Some people may disagree with me, but I think most educated fans can do the math.

If the red sox give up Ellsbury, then they should; be replaced, themselves. Am I wrong that this kid is the real deal, or am I missing out on something?

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