World Champs

What else is there to say?

I leave the forum to all of you men and women who have been filling the comments section all year.

Chime in now, with anything and everything you have to say about the 2007 Red Sox.

How do you feel now compared to the way you felt in 2004? Can you get used to this? Are the Patriots not going to be the only dynasty in town?

Spend Monday just sharing your thoughts. I’ll check back in later.



Hey guys,

Since I’m still up writing my paper…

First off, congrats to everybody on the Red Sox! Y’all earned it this year! And a BIG thanks to Ian for putting up with us all season long and bringing us his great blog posts!

I’m crazy so let us begin the Hot Stove Season shall we?

I promised you the petition, so I made it:

I registered the domain name, like I said, but I can’t seem to have it forward like it should, so I’ll have to call tech support.

Regardless, Red Sox Nation, we need to get that petition going. We need as many people as possible to sign off on it!

Congrats to the 2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox! From the ups and downs, this was worth it! We’re not just 2004, we’re 2004, 2007, and beyond folks!

I can’t wait for the 2008 season!



Again, the petition is at:

congrats to all RSN members and the team and org. i don’t know that there’s ever been a more stressful sweep! it’s been fun “debating” with you folks all year. the offseason should be interesting to say the least. as usual i suppose.

Thank You to John Henry and Tom Werner. That is where it all starts, at the top.

2004 was a special championship, it was the first one in 86 years. This one is very special as well. Both teams 2004 & 2007 played 11 games in the post-season and smoked both the Cards and the Rockies in the World Series. Always enjoy a championship because you never know when the next one will be. June of 1986 was the Celtics last championship, who would have thought that would be the case? Enjoy them as if they could be the last but something tells me there will be a few in the years to come.

World Series champions of 2007. That has a great sound to it. What a GREAT TEAM!!!!

Congratulations to the Red Sox. In spite of the fact Scott Boras/A-Rod tried to steal your thunder they only succeeded in showing their greed and contempt for the integrity of the game.

On the other hand, I don’t think I’d like to see A-Rod in Boston. Imagine Ortiz, Manny, A-Rod and Lowell. That’s as good or better than the origional Murderer’s row.

Enjoy the celebration!!!

help others
Red Sox! HELP 10-29-07

To President Bush, NH governor Lynch, editors, Levenston and Dr Dan Potenza

Written by Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

The Red Sox last night won the World Series. The reason this game is even played is because young children give their lives and as a reward they become the unrecognized elite called VETERANS. I am going to ask that the Red Sox take a moment of their time to help a veteran in need. I do not want your money, your title. What I would like is a moment of your time to tell the people of the United States about veterans and what we are. We were the children that protected and defended this nations freedom so individuals could become baseball stars, Drs, Lawyers or anything else.

I came back from my 31 month overseas tour during the Vietnam Conflict 100% permanently disabled. I was injured three times, twice in separate combat support missions. I as an American Advisor did eight convoys to deliver surplus supplies to remote friendly camps in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Thirty something years after I returned the VA diagnosed me with PTSD because every day since my return in 1974, I relive my first kill in daily flashbacks. I have a head injury, broken back, loss of hearing in both ears and now PTSD. I gave as all other veterans did, now I ask for your help.

I have volunteered everyday to help others since 1974. I ask nothing and want nothing in return. I volunteer because I came back alive. I owe the Veterans Past, Present and future not to let what we gave our lives for to be diminished. “Our Constitution” In 1999 a family from Madbury NH were so desperate they called me because of something I said in a letter to the editor. The Madbury NH selectmen were using government powers to force families that the selectmen did not like out of Madbury. Does this sound like **** Germany. I volunteer to help this family. The selectmen state in public and do not deny the facts under oath to these crimes. A NH judge Peter Fauver violates the Constitution to protect these selectmen. The NH supreme court refuses to hear the case. (2003-0477). The Governor uses the State Police to harass my family at work and home. I am arrested as a terrorist under the “Patriot Act” and lose my freedom for 6 months before the charges are dropped. U.S. Congresswoman Shea-Porter files false police complaints to get me arrested. (detained). The Dover and Lee NH police refuse to allow me to file a complaint against her. She then uses a VA Dr to file commitment orders with out merit to take my freedom. Next the director of the NH VA medical care Mark Levenston stops my VA medical for injuries received in the line of duty. The courts and government have violated the Constitution to intentionally harm a 100% disabled United States Marine. The newspapers censor the facts. I can document everything that I say because I got copies of the paper work.

What I would like is for you to publicly ask “What is happening to a disabled United States Marine in Lee NH. May be then the newspapers and media will tell the entire United States what we gave our lives for is equal protection of the law for every individual even one nobody disabled United States Marine.

I thank you for your help

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

I think its time for a Red Sox dynasty! Just think what we have to look forward to next year? Ellsbury pushing out Crisp. Bucholz and Lester in the rotation full time. A full year of the real Pedroia. A healthier Big Papi.

I’m with everyone else… no way I would mess with A-Fraud. He is a loser to the core. He can grub for money everywhere else he wants. I wouldn’t even mind seeing the Yankees crawl back and beg for the services of a bonafide loser.

2004 was the “great unburdening”. I shed tears of joy when Doug M. squeezed the ball for the final out. That was cathartic, the exorcism of decades of demons. I actually listened to that game on the radio in honor of all the games my late dad and I had listened to on the transistor radio before the games were on TV. It was beyond belief that the Sox could do it. That one can never be duplicated.

2007: This one is sweet. It legitimizes ’04 in a way. So now Sox fans can say ’04 was not a fluke. The Sox are a good team and will be a good team for a while. That’s a great feeling. You don’t want your team to be a “one-hit-wonder”. Now the Sox can have a chance every year, or most years, at least. A good place to be.

So, Nationers, congratulations to all of you faithful. Be happy. Be thankful. Ands lets agree for one day, at least, that this team, its manager and management is the greatest.

2004 title was more of a relief. A huge balm on our souls. Coming back to win 8 in a row, that was almost unreal. Everybody had that stupid smile on their face for days ! The word that came to eveyone’s mind was “finally !”

This 07 title is an accomplishment. An achievement. A proof that they’re for real. They were on a mission and it showed all year. Best record in all MLB ( with the Indians ), first place in AL EAST since about mid-April and this : a World Series ring. In my mind, it’s like they validated their season. The best comment i heard last night is this one from Clint Hurdle : ” they were the best team and they were hot. That’s a tough combination “.

Congrats to all Red Sox members, from the owner to the fans and everyone in between ! Especially those in between !🙂 Thanks for a great 07 season and postseason. That was one heck of a ride.

Oh and Raj, i signed your petition. Great job, man !

Way too early to talk about dynasty. Remember the Detroit Tigers from last year? Remember the Chicago White Sox two years ago? We can’t sit on our 2007 laurels but must work hard to improve the team one position at a time. Having said that, congratulations to this years team. I’m smiling this morning among Cubs and Brewers fans who have never tasted this. Now I have twice in four years. How sweet it is.

Congratulations to RedSox Nation – 2007 World Series Champions.

To 2004 was Special and will always be special. I think the win in 2004 paved way for the 2007 title. To me 2007 team is more dominant and confidant from the Day 1 of regular season. They won the AL East for the first time since 1995. They had the best record throughout the season.

And this year’s team had 8 Home grown players on the 25 man roster.


I agree it is important to keep Lowell. But the most important thing for the RedSox fans this offseason is to NOT SIGN AROD. KEEP AROD AWAY FROM BOSTON.

If ANYONE can get me a copy of the Globe and mail it to me in Pennsylvania, I’d REALLY appreciate it. I’ll pay for it all!

It’s probably unfair to say, but for those of us who have been around for a while (like over 50 years), I’m not sure there is any sports event that will ever match the feelings of the 2004 World Series. Not only had it been 86 years, but the Sox tore through the Yankees after being down 3-0, which made it even more special.

Both teams came back from near elimination with a vengeance and the World Series became almost anti-climatic. But this team did it with a fresh crop of budding young stars. Players who struggled during the year, like Lugo and Drew, earned their paychecks in post season. Beckett, viewed by many as a seasoned veteran, is really still a kid, but has already established himself as perhaps the best big game pitcher in baseball. Tito was right, it was a top to bottom effort.

I didn’t think this team had the chemistry of the 2004 team. Maybe I was wrong. The bubble gum routine on Dice-K’s hat was one of the all time classics, and Royce Clayton’s talking to Jacoby Ellsbury about the free taco was another. Those guys were playing hard, and having fun.

The 2007 team was a better team. We expected more from them and they didn’t disappoint. Dyansty? Next five years? Next year? I don’t even want to hear or think about it. This is sweet, so live for the moment. Thanks Red Sox, for another memory.

sox need to resign schilling now with a one year deal, and hopefully lowell but not for too long a contract

If I were forced to choose a favorite between the 2004 and 2007 Sox, I’d have to go with the 04 team because they ended the 86 year drought and did it in a way no other major league team had ever done before. That on top of doing it to the Yankees.

The 07 team turned out to be fantastic just in the nick of time and included another dramatic come from behind effort against the Indians. There were so many special things that happened but one of the biggest standouts was the contributions the rookies.

The 07 team gave us a preview of future. Hopefully, upper management doesn’t dismantle again the way it did after the 04 series.

I hope management can work out a deal with Schill. He has slowed down but is valuable to the club as a instructor for the younger guys and can still give up to 6 strong innings.

I hope they can also work out something with Lowell because he is a likeable, team oriented player and professional, unlike ARod, who is all about the $$ and his personal achievements.

Anyway, Congrats to the Sox and the RSN for another fantastic finish. I can easily get used to this!

To all of you out there who bashed Francona by calling him FranComa and complained non stop about Drew, Veritek, Manny, Theo and whoever else had a 0-fer that day you should be ASHAMED of yourselves. This team certainly proved themselves once again. This ain’t your fathers Red Sox anymore. So next year how about climbing down off the ledge and pulling yor head out of the oven and stop conceding the divion to the Yankees when they lose a couple in row. Congratulations to the 2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox.

Difference between world series teams:
After 2004 the 86 year drought becaim news for “last year”. Now it seems more like last century.

Wow, in about 12 hours, there are a total of 3000+ signatures!

Keep up the great work everybody!


Re-signing Lowell unquestionably remains the Sox’s top priority. Lowell deservedly the WS’s MVP not only for his clutching hitting but also for his smart base running as well as his solid defensive plays. I wish Paps could share the honor. But there are so many VPs like Tacoby Bellsbury, Dustine “Cocktail” Pedroia, Youk, and Okajima merit an honorable mention.

While both 2004 and 2007 are awesome I think 2004 has the edge in that we came from 3 games behind against the Yankees to win 4 games in a row.(In my mind this more than anything else helped to alleviate the pain and aggravation that the Bosox caused in pior years including Buckner and Dent). Beating the Cards the next 4 games was just icing on the cake.
Let’s hope we can firm up our roster next year by trying to trade players including Lopez, Taverez,Delcarmen,Crisp, Lugo (particularly if we can get A-rod or, failing that, pick up Tejada). As far as Drew and Gagne perhaps we should give them another year- unless we can get something significant in return.Wakefield hopefully will retire and we can then do without Mirabelli.These actions will allow the Red Sox to build a more productive team.

Additionally, someone in the Bosox management ought to sit down with Ramirez and have him get rid of those ridiculous dredlocks. He looked like a clown for a long enough time.When his dredlocks can have an adverse impact on the game management should step in. Manny should now grow up.

Well, I’m a Rockies fan…just came to see what all it said on the Sox sight. I think the Rockies are one of the classiest teams to hit the league in a long time. They are all my heroes! I’ve gotta say even though this a the Sox sight GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!! Denver is forever a baseball town!

pangelotti: You’re essentially asking the Red Sox to gut their team for A-Rod?

Did you miss the the whole thing about him announcing his opting out during the World Series?

He’s got no class and doesn’t deserve any money from ownership and us fans.

A-Rod put himself before the game and that’s not a type of player I’d like my team to associate itself with.

Not to mention the fact that his salary will essentially equal mortgaging the team for one player. A-Rod’s salary is not worth making it nearly impossible to make other monetary moves with other players.

As for Tejada, he’s getting worn down and older by the day, IMHO and he’s not worth it. Lugo’s started to come around and he’s not going anywhere.

Delcarmen was a hot prospect and his ceiling is very high. I’d expect him to bounce back and be on the Red Sox roster next year and for years to come.

As for Lopez, Tavarez, and Crisp, I’ll have to say, thanks for the memories because I’ll agree with you that they won’t be back.

Gagne’s gone; with agent Scott Boras, he’s not coming back to the Red Sox. I’d be super surprised if he did.

Drew, like Lugo, isn’t going anywhere. Both of their contracts are essentially not trade-able. Again, both players started to hit near the end of the regular season and most definitely did during the post-season.

As for Manny, I don’t see how his dreadlocks get in the way of anything. He simply is not a fast runner nor a smart base-runner anyway. But it is his production at the plate that counts.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but after last night’s antics, anybody who was on the bubble about A-Rod (like myself), no longer is and people don’t want him on the team.

There is no “I” in “Team” but A-Rod doesn’t understand that one bit.

That’s why he’ll never win a championship if he keeps that up.


I can’t stop smiling. I had a feeling they were going to win it all this year but nothing is as good as the real thing. Keep Lowell because he’s multi-talented, smart and a real team player.

I’ve gotta say great work Raj on the petition. I signed it originally when you posted the link and the number now is up to 4900. Every minute the number is growing by the tens. Give it a couple more minutes and it will be 5000+.

Great job again. We need to keep Mikey in a Sox uniform.

Simon, all,

We are past 5000. Looks like it’s good for 10 signatures a minute!

Thanks Raj for setting this up. Let’s hope Mikey keeps the hot corner.


There may be no ‘I’ in ‘team’ but there’s a ‘me’ if you look hard enough. – Not sure who I am quoting there but it fits.

Didn’t Theo target 2008 as the year he was working towards for the next WS? I presume we are still expecting him to deliver on this🙂

How strange it is, no game tonight.

How many more days until pitchers and catchers report to Fort Meyers?

I just love it when I hear the mitt start popping again!!!

World Series champs 2007, your Boston Red Sox!!!


Raj/paco/250- I’m not asking the Sox to gut their team for A-rod. The players I suggested unloading are independent of acquiring A-rod.While Arod may not be likeable he can perform and, if he is available, for a reasonable price (since today’s teams are really playing with Monopoly $$$)The Sox should pick him up.He (like Tejada- no matter how old he may be)would be devestating at Fenway.
As far as Manny is concerned the dredlocks indeed hamper his running ability, albeit as poor as it is. He cannot run and keep his helmet on at the same time, whether it’s running to first base (and the way he does that leaves a lot to be desired) or on the basepaths. Again,there is no excuse in having them hamper his baserunning no how poor it may be.Admittedly his at-bat production is outstanding, although at times-like the last game, he seems to be totally disinterested and not as a aggressive as he could be.Manny is Manny is a cop out.He’s a professional ballplayer and at times his attitude leaves a lot to be desired.


Yes, very strange, no game tonight I am starting to feel withdrawal symptoms already.

I started to ask earlier if anyone had any withdrawl antidote. If you really want to see baseball, ESPN classic has Rockies innaugural game (4/1993)expos v the Rockies. Thanks, but I’ll pass!
I was thinking about the timing of Arods announcement (nothing orchestrated there huh??). Would the Sox as an organization want someone who tried to upstage them on the biggest night of their existence?? I know that I wouldn’t. I can’t cheer for someone as self-centered as that. I also really don’t know what we could expect from Arod and Tek, just a little animosity there I think.

At first I couldn’t believe that Fox,with Buck and Mc Carver would detract from the World Series with the extensive “banter” during “OUR” game, and what was to be OUR GUYS moment. Then I thought about it, It was Fox, McCarver and Buck. What a bunch of, well let’s just say that to remove their collective lips from Arods butt, they’ll need major surgery.



Thanks Raj, just think that if and when this comes to pass you’ll have had a hand in keeping the MVP of the 2007 WS with our SOX! THANK YOU, RAJ!!!!

Raj, congrats on the success of the petition. I just wrote an article about it and posted a link on Sox and Pinstripes. There is no doubt that Lowell, and not A-Rod, should be at third base nxt season and beyond. Lowell is a class act and a winner. A-Rod is all about himself, and has never been in a World Series. There is a reason why. He hamstrings a team’s payroll and disrupts the clubhouse. Let him win his MVPs and break Bonds’ record elsewhere. We want to keep a “team” and not slide into a group of primadonnas.


The Fisrt thing the Red Sox should do is RE-SIGN Mike Lowell. As for A-Rod, no way, I don’t care how good a deal he offers; ain’t worth it. Manny should lose the dreds or hit the road. Jacolby & Coco should be in.Coco might not have hit well in the play-offs, but he has had a GOLD GLOVE kind of year in the field. J.D. Drew ought to be out right released, what a disappointment. For 14 million dollars all he has done is hit one grand slam. It was way over due.

Kumar, I agree with your comment. Perhaps we should create an accompanying petition to send to Theo Epstein entitled!

Troy, apparently you did not pay attention to what Drew accomplished in the post-season, and the last month of the regular season. First, it would be financially irresponsible to release him. Secondly, Drew is signed to a five-year deal, and often it takes a player one full season to adjust to playing in Boston. I think you will be singing a different tune about Drew and Lugo next season. Both a solid Major Leaguers and deserve another season in Boston to justify their contracts.


Pangelotti, Sox should trade Delcarmen ?????

Have you actually watched the games this summer ? This guy, just like Buccholz and Lester, is the definition of a KEEPER. He will be the 3rd man in the formidable trio of relievers next year: Pap-Oki-Manny D.

Pangelotti: I’m not quite sure what you’re smoking, but keep it away from Theo and company, I don’t what their thinking going that way.

Ellen, I am already experiencing baseball withdrawal. I am writing a column about it for tomorrow’s Sox and Pinstripes. I look forward to covering the winter meetings in early December, and I will still write daily posts on Sox and Pinstripes about the Hot Stove League and the Celtics, but until March there will be no Sox on NESN, no cursing out loud when the the breaks don’t go the Sox way and no misty eyes and no choking up inside at an event like the Buchholz no-hitter and the Sox rushing the field after getting the final out of the ALCS and the World Series. I am a devoted and lifelong Celtics, Steelers and Ohio State fan, but as passionate as I am about those teams, that dedication pales in comparison to how I feel about the Red Sox. Always has and always will.

Jeff, I absolutely, totally agree with you regarding Arod. Maybe he can go to SanFran and break Barry’s record. Not physically, but they remind me of one another in demeanor, and the way they don’t appear to do anything for anyone but themselves.

First of all,

Thanks to EVERYBODY on that petition, we’re a team just like our guys winning the World Series.🙂

Second, funny but I still can’t seem to get that domain name to forward to the petition. Personally, it’s a tad annoying but I’ll figure it out sometime later this week.

As for the “No to A-Rod Petition,” I honestly was asked that by plenty of people; however I’ve got a paper and GREs to study for, so personally, A-Rod is clearly nowhere on my radar (thankfully, heh). Anybody else want to take on making that, feel free to do so.

And last I checked the petition was 5619 signatures.

Wow. I can’t help but feel proud, lol.

pangelotti: It’s not all about the stats one puts up. There are other intangibles that some players have and others simply don’t. A-Rod is far from being a leader in the clubhouse and possibly never will be. As for a reasonable price, he’s a Scott Boras client and the best one Boras has (statistically speaking). So there will nothing reasonable about the price.


Well guys,I do not have much to say.I want to thank you all.Everyone here.Since I first started blogging here in the Summer time,you guys have all become like close friends,heck forget that,like an online family.We have Ellen who is a real passionate fan who shows her passion for the Red Sox in so many wonderful ways,GSumner who always come on with encouraging words and useful info,and just everyone in here.Smckinny,Kumar,and Pacol,you guys have all been amazing.I can honestly say that even as Sentinel is out committing suicide as we speak….I love you all.I really love you guys.Thank you for the great season.We had a great time.We had our ups and downs but it was all worth it in the end.And even if the Sox did come short of the World Series title,I would have still been happy.Through all this,I honestly made new friends.THis has certainly been the best baseball season ever.I really cannot describe how much you guys mean to me right now…I know I sound real cheesy but its true.Also I forgot to mention my new good friend BoSoxBrian.He has really thought me a good lesson on being optimistic and pulling for your team through thick or thin.He has been nothing short of encouraging.All of you guys have been great.A big part of the reason why I consider this the greatest season of all time was because of you guys!Thank you all.I love you guys.I owe you guys so much.Lets have a great 2008 season too shall we? LETS GO RED SOX!!!!

You know, as much as I’m going to miss baseball, especially Our RedSox, it will be good for us to get to sleep at a reasonably, reasonable hour. Raj, I know you’re studying but you too need to sleep. This is, I think, the 3rd (could be only 2nd)end of season I’ve spent here on the blog, and I get kind of emotional about it. It’s sort of like the end of the school year and we’re going on summer vacation. We’re not going to be in daily contact with our close friends.
I have had the pleasure of corresponding with all of you this year and a few of you last year. I have looked forward to reading the blog each day (for many hours!). Thank you all for being my summer family, I appreciate it. I know that we’ll pop in from time to time, especially as we hear news about the guys, but it won’t be the “rabid” blogging each of us is accustomed to.

Thank you to each of you for sharing this great season. It would not have been the same without you.

Ellen “I BELIEVE” Cullum

Brownie Points Cheerleader.

CHMAN: you beat me to it, I didn’t see your post until after I put mine up! Thank you too!

Thanks Ellen,you are simply AMAZING.

As a life-long Cardinals fan, I can only say, CONGRATULATIONS BOSTON!!! We rooted for you all post-season, and if the Cards can’t have it, there’s no one better than the Sox.

Thank you Dewingood.I was coincidently pulling for the Cards last year in the World Series.Felt great to see guys like Carpenter and Pujols get their rings.

I say we sign A-Rod and let him play his ol’ position at SS. What an amazing infield THAT would be! If the Sox can spend bazillions to sign Dice-K and (ahem) Gagne, then we can afford to pay the best player in the game to join the REAL Murderers Row on the World Champs! Boston fans, you KNOW we’d welcome A-Rod and treat him well, NO MATTER what his post seasons have been like. Boston is a great place to play and Yankee Stadium just plain *****. Yankee fans either love their team or hate them — but they don’t have such a passionate connection (in a positive way) as we Sox fans do. ALL the boys on the team this year contributed and made it an extra special year. For next year? Sign Alex and bring in another healthy arm for the pen. Minor tweaking such as that will make this team a dynasty for years to come. And the Yanks’ll just have to settle for looking UP to Boston. Go Sox!

Jim (El Paso, Texas)

Hows everyone doing?

Well . . . . . I’m positively exuberant!!

I sure as heck haven’t been here as long as Ellen, but it’ll be 1 year amazing in December.

My time here has included the Dice-K signing to the WS, and I’m proud to be Nation member, and a Sox fan!

Pacol, I’ve called, emailed, informed almost every Red Sox fan I know about the petition over 6000 signatures. Great!

Can someone send me the petition?

jimmaynard, I welcome the plague and treat a rabid dog good before I would do EITHER with Arod!

jimmaynard:If you bring in Arod you schrew with a great chemistry. Okay everyone, you all know what I’m going to say next…

jimmaynard: A-Rod is the new TO of baseball. It was Barry Bonds, but no more since he has become somewhat irrelevant lately.

Sure A-Rod and TO perform, but teams need to adjust to them, not the other way around. That’s what happens with selfish players.

So no, Boston would not welcome A-Rod, not with his attitude and selfishness.

Ellen: Thanks for the concern. However, sleep will be hard to find this week. But so be it, I’ll catch up during Thanksgiving break.🙂

And again, everybody, thanks for spreading the word about the petition! Y’all rock!


Say “No” to A-Rod and “Yes” to common sense!


Thank you rsox I will DEFINITELY SIGN IT

With 6200 signatures and counting in what ? less than 20 hours, things are already pretty clear : keep Lowell and no A-rod.

Red Sox Nation have spoken.

No problem, ch. Spread the word.

Oh and Jim, it is thinking such as the suggestions that you made that has put the Yankees is the situation that they are in now.

I made a bet with a buddy of mine. I told him I could rile up a bunch o’ Sox fans with some A-Rod comments. He said “no way.”

Thanks for the 50 bucks!

And Mikey Lowell and the gang, thanks for the memories!

Good job, Raj.

Tacoby Ellsbury! Gotta love it!

You guys take this stuff way too serious. I am a proud member of Red Sox Nation, and a New Hampshire native but judging by some of the comments I’ve read on here (my first visit) and how narrow-minded some of you are, I not so sure that I’m not reading comments written by a bunch of obsessed loners like the character Jimmy Fallon played in “Fever Pitch”.
Season’s over, people, get on with your lives! And enjoy that ugly New England weather. I’ll be out working on my tan tomorrow and NOT playing around on this goofy blog.

Go Sox!


In a nutshell, my thoughts:

2004 was truly special and extremely emotional because it was the end of a long heartbreak. A victory made yet more precious when we came from behind to beat the Yankees, the same team that beat us the year before. It was a validation, that the team we grew up cheering for, with still a sense of a home team loyalty, was worth the wait. We were the underdogs then. We came in on the wildcard and went all the way for the World Series win. Ironically, it was the fact that the team had so many free agents that same year that changed the dynamic of the Red Sox fan base as well.

2007. Just as sweet a victory, but of a different kind. This no longer had the sense of “idiots” composition, and more of a corporate, planned, strategic building of the roster. In other words, the front office’s influence and planning was far more transparent or this fan simply became more aware of it. It seemed , honestly, less emotional for me because the Sox dominated the MLB so strongly in the beginning of the season, making it clear that they are one of the stronger teams out there.

Hey Jim, Thanks for YOUR opinion, we all know what they’re like!!
PS, I’m enjoying the sunny weather here in South Florida.

All: I think IT”S back!

Hey Raj – Great job with the petition. Thank you for setting it up. I was number 6393 to sign it!!

I hope the message to the Red Sox mgmnt is loud and clear.

Red Sox Nation wants Lowell back with the team and we do not want A-Rod in a Red Sox uniform – EVER!

The ONLY thing that makes me sad right now is that I am feeling baseball withdrawal😦


chman, I think you’re going to make me cry with all that family talk. But you’re right and that’s part of what makes being a Sox fan different than any other kind of fan. If you’re a Sox fan, you’re family whether you’re 17 and living in the Bronx, or 57 and living in Florida. Great post.

As far as A-Rod is concerned, it’s more likely either Boras was responsible for the announcement than A-Rod. Bad timing, but who cares. He didn’t upstage anything to Red Sox Nation. In fact, he made A-Rod look like an idiot.

I said it earlier this year, and I’ll say it again. A-Rod is the best player in the game. If I were starting a team, I would start with him at shortstop. He plays every day, runs out every ground ball, and does whatever it takes to win, including yelling at infielders and slapping a ball out of a pitcher’s glove and sliding hard into second base. He’s durable and at shortstop, a defensive wizard. He hasn’t been good in post season with the Yankees, but with Seattle he did very well. Am I an A-Rod fan, you bet. I love watching him play. That being said, if the Sox pass on Lowell and go after A-Rod, they would be crazy. Mike Lowell embodies all those things I just said about A-Rod, plus he’s a leader and a role model for young players and for fans. Home runs are great, but I want my number five batter to knock in runs and Mikey did that, many in very clutch situations. For the 34 RBI’s difference, I’ll take Mikey any day at a third of the cost of A-Rod. Of course, I’m also emotionally attached to Mike Lowell for all he did this year, and for what he’s been through in his life. If I was walking down the street with my son and saw Mike Lowell, I’d say, “Son, that’s Mike Lowell, a great ball player, and a helluva man.”

I just want to thank the Red Sox management and players. From Mr. Henry all the way down to the last guy on the roster, they’ve competed by both toughness and class and make me proud to be a Sox fan.


Charlie D

Hey, just another thing, Lowell had a stolen base in the World Series yes?

So isn’t that more to add for him coming back to Boston?

He gets America free tacos.😛😀

Just a thought…not serious of course.


paco, it was Tacoby Bellsbury who got America the free Taco tomorrow. You’re approaching 6800 signatures on your petition.

A note of interest: The Sox picked the right time to get hot. Their seven game winning streak to finish the season was their longest winning streak of the season. Prior to this, the longest I could find was five straight wins which they did three times.

Thank you gsm52.Rsox I will definitely pass on the petition.Plain and simple,it is important that we resign Lowell.I would rather have Lowell at third base than A-Rod.A-Rod is a great player but not really worth all that cash.Mike Lowell is a solid player who drives in RBI’s and hits in the clutch and plays excellent defense.He is also a great leader who knows how to win.So I say let us stick with Mikey.

My favorite quote for the 2007 World Series

“2004 is for our all our ancestors and us who waited 86 years and 2007 is for us and our kids”.

2007 team has more future potential.

And by the way “KEEP AROD OUT OF BOSTON”.


Good job on the petition. The petition was mentioned on the Boston Globe Extra Bases blog.

In the middle of the season I was thinking Offense is going to be the weakness for Sox in the postseason. I was cursing Drew, Lugo, Crisp(rightly so), Wily Mo(right again) and Dave Magadan. The entire offensive team proved me wrong.

And by the way Jacoby Ellsbury doesn’t qualify as a rookie until next season and he might have won the World Series MVP.

Brian: Next year: V-day is Pitcher/Catcher report.

(That’s Feb. 14 for those that don’t know what I mean.)

P.S. 7000+ signatures now.

Well, my schedule is all thrown off because of the World Series. Fortunately, I work from a home office, so I can set my own hours. I wrote a post for today about baseball withdrawal and a projected 2008 roster for the Sox. Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions. Let the Hot Stove League begin!


i’m a big lowell fan and i certainly don’t have any problems with bringing him back. BUT if you’re theo & co looking at the big picture i think you have to at least see what’s avail either thru a trade or free agency. i mean this is really ( barring some unforseen trade ) the only chance this team will have to upgrade for the next 2, maybe 3 years. except for possibly more pitching of course. but the position players ( other than third ) are pretty well est for at least 2 more years. lowell while he might be able to approach what he did for the past 2 years for another 2-3 is not likely to give you any more than that. so i think you have to at least ask the question is there anybody out there who can? and what would the cost be? i’m not just referring to a-rod. who i personally would sign because at some point in the next couple of years you’ll need someone to replace manny’s bat as well. but guys like cabrerra of the marlins or atkins of colo. who are bith RUMORED to be avail this year. they’re youger and might have more of an offensive upside IF the price is right. it’s really a win/win for boston in the end it would appear. and for lowell who will get PAID and has earned it.

I think a true character test is on the horizon for Mike Lowell, because I can see those dufus Steinbrenner boys making a run at Mikey just to irk RSN, a la that guy who used to have a soul and long hair.

Jeff: I have read your well reasoned post re predictions. I just hope that Corey will make it to the active roster in 08. Bullpen had proven to be the Sox’s strength as well as signifies its weakness in the WS. Francona evidently only trusted Timlin, Delcarmen, Oki, and Paps and the bullpen started to run very thin in Game 3 & 4. If the Game 3 & 4 were go extra innings or if the WS were prolonged to (Game 5 is a sure WIN) Game 6 & 7, I had serious doubt that the pen would hold up.
That said, the Sox needs to acquire another strong set up man to back up Okajima who invariably showed signs of arm fatigue in September and in Game 3 & 4. An idea just came across my mind, Mariano Rivera might the guy. Just a thought.

Hey guys,
I’ve been up for 2 days. Just got off the Mike Lowell petition site. I signed it eight thousand times. I’m getting cross-eyed and I can’t think of any more names and addresses. Anyone care to take over?

I keep thinking about all the great story lines from this year’s playoffs. Lester and Kielty being the icing on the cake. Lester came up HUGE. And what about Kielty, sitting on the bench all that time and finally getting a chance. He sees ONE pitch and hits it out for the game winner. Too much! One pitch in the whole series and it meant so much.

(JK about the petition)

Just a question : will Scott Linebrink hit the free agency market this winter ? This guy could be a nice fit to the pen.

8300+ signatures. Keep it going.

Hi-Rockies Fan here. Just wanted to say CONGRATS to the Red Sox. You guys (obviously) out played us, and though I am sad for my Rockies it was a fun series to watch. Again congratulations!!

I really don’t care what the line up will be in 08. Theo & Co will take care of that. As far as the batting order is concerned, TACOby BELLsbury must batting leadoff. This next year’s ROY makes magic things happen, a true sparkler, a true table setter.

Well thanks Shellu. You have a pretty good and promising baseball team in Colorado.
And classy fans, too.

I watched the parade, Papelbon is a definite HOOT!!! The “professionals” covering it. however, were a little less than good… When Youkilis, Pedroia and Hinske came through, she kept asking why were they “booing” Youkilis…doh!!! I guess there is a rock in New England that she’s living under. Papelbon never stopped dancing and playing air guitar with his broom.. GAZILLIONS OF PEOPLE THERE!

Oh and each time Theo, John Henry, Lucchino and Werner came through all they could hear was RE-SIGN LOWELL!!!

ellen: Did you see Gagne in the rally? Now that we have won the WS. I start to feel sorry for this guy who had been adequately bashed and cursed by the fans for more than he deserved.

I can honestly say, without feeling bad at all, that Gagne deserved every boo he ever received while in Boston.

He came into the best bullpen in baseball with a lot of expectations and literally did zero good for the team. He lost 4 games single-handedly and didn’t give the bullpen the dominant righty it thought it was getting in exchange for a decent (if not good) young lefty.

I doubt Gagne was at the rally, at least I didn’t see him.

Manny was on the mic for almost the entire time but you couldn’t hear him on TV. I would love to find out what he was actually saying.

Thanks Shellu.You guys have quite a squad over there though.Look for you guys to re-appear in the Series again soon enough.Congrats to your team this year.You guys are the reigning NL Champions.

I know I really haven’t posted much this year, but I have been reading and have been since this blog started. I was in it more when it was Ellen and Danaiel Fagan! haha I doubt anyone would remember him! RobnBetsy was a good friend too. This last few years have been nothing short of magic and I hope the Sox can keep it rolling into ’08 and win us another one! Hopefully we can start to catch up the Yankees 26. By the way I hate the saying that we’re the new Yankees of the era. I think there is a total difference because we actually went out got a few key players and had a lot of homegrown talent. Theo and Larry did an amazing job of assembling this team. As much as I love Theo though, I think it was great that he left for that time. He wouldn’t have made the deal that brought us our World Series MVP and arguably the best player on the Sox this season and the Cy Young winner this year and our ALCS MVP. He would’ve like to stick with Hanley and Anibal but I would rather have these two studs then a guy that pitched a no-hitter and a guy that WILL be a star. I’d rather have another World Series Ring!

As a season-long lurker, just wanted to say thanks to you all–reading your comments definitely added to my enjoyment of the games, taught me a lot, and gave me a sense of camaraderie (unbeknownst to you all, but true). So, still enjoying the post-season coverage, and looking forward to next year. Cheers__pam

Gosox, how could we not remember Fagan (and his various aliases)? Sad thing is that when he wasn’t ranting – often at Jeff and the other regulars – he did have something interesting to say.

Getting on for 10 000 signatures! It looks like A-Rod has signed a few times though🙂

I would say this about Gagne, and probably about most other players who perform below what is expected. If they go out there, give their best effort and fail, they don’t deserve to be booed. Gagne had a tough time to be sure, but I don’t think it was ever for lack of effort. I’m pretty sure there’s nobody that feels worse about what happened since his arrival to Boston than he does. If he could be even close to what he was before, there would be no beating the Sox in the late innings. I think like Dice-K, Lugo, and Drew, given the chance to come back, he would do well in Boston. I look for big things from those guys next year.

Gagne was there, I think he was on the DUCK with Delcarmen.

Hey Gosox!! Yeah, those were the days (?). He got that multi-personalied stuff right by me until he told me, well, what he told me, anyway… He comes back here from time to time under many different pseudonyms, and we can ALWAYS pick him out!! Great to see you!!

Yeah, I kind of feel bad for Gagne, I’m sure (until we see that there are no deposits from Steinbrenner in his bank account)that he didn’t go out ther and try to lose. He’s probably the only one not to have gotten singled out and cheered ferociously by the fans today.
Wait a minute, I think his feeling bad can be soothed by th 12 million he got from the Sox. But still…

So, Torre’s off to Dodgerland. Brave or foolhardy?

I don’t have any ill feelings towards Gagne. He certainly got my blood boiling several times during the year but as gsm said he gave his best effort. In my opinion he just couldn’t handle the pressure of Boston and obviously had a hard time entering the game before the 9th inning. Have him sign with a team where the pressure is low and he’ll do just fine. The Sox will get a couple of picks and we all know how they draft.

I wish A-Rod stayed with N.Y. He was brought there to get #27 and beyond that number and FAILED. The Yankees will have alot of extra $$$ to throw around and they will get rid of a MAJOR distraction. He was not the most likeable guy in the clubhouse and there are many Yankees that are very happy that he is gone!!!! With him there that team was going nowhere fast. He had this incredible year and they barely made the playoffs. His success had no impact on that team. Dice-K has more World Series R.B.I.’s than A-Rod, ENOUGH SAID!!!!

Great move by the Dodgers.

It’s kind of funny that Torre could end up in L.A. All the Boston connections there.

Will Rivera end up there?

A-Rod go there?

Russell Martin is there so no Posada there.

I felt bad for Grady Little ( everything you read about him is he is very likeable ) The guys name was dragging around for so long.

Steve Phillips said today sometimes it’s so dirty in baseball, you have to take a shower to take the dirt off of yourself. How true is that. Not too mention sports in general.

Not to mention just life in general. I really liked Grady, Pedro fiasco, or no! Grady Little, great name for a baseball player, manager etc.

I’am out of my mind the past few day’s. Thing’s could not be any better for Boston right now and it seem’s to be only getting better. I just have this to say to ALL the sport’s writter’s and any other’s out there,” DO NOT COMPARE US TO THOSE **** YANKEES; IT’S AND INSULT.”We earned it they bought there way to the top and every other way. Oh Ya, to you “CHAMPS” congratulation WELL DONE WELL DONE.

Poor Grady Little; dude gets a bad rap everywhere he goes. However one small mistake will get you fired it seems and he seems to have that “curse” with him a lot. I wonder if the Dodgers may go after A-Rod now…

So 10000+ signatures eh? Nice going everybody!

PetitionOnline’s tech support got back to me and said I can make minor semantic changes to the petition if I have to and they’ll do them for me once I send them the changes.

I have no idea how far this petition will go, but I’ll stretch it out as long as possible. Oh and if you can refrain from doing so, don’t make fake names and such and then talk about it!😛

It makes the petition that less legitimate.

Somebody should inform RSN President RemDawg about the petition.🙂

Oh another thing about the A-Rod vs. Lowell debate: their age difference is negligible with about a year difference in age. Personally, I don’t feel the age is that different to make it a point of discussion really. Just my two cents.


Raj, I don’t know if the ‘fake name’ comment was aimed at me – all I was pointing out is that when looking through the names, particularly to see if there were many other UK signatures, “A-Rod” appeared a few times.

You are right, fake names do not help.

Perhaps President RemDawg should do a ceremonial handover of the petition to the brass?

I’ve signed the petition, and had both of my Cleveland born and raised daughters (both Boston educated) sign it as well. The thing that concerns me most is that with A-Rod departing NY, the Yankees have a lot of money and determination to throw at Mike Lowell, who was originally a product of that organization. While Schilling has apparently announced he won’t go there, I doubt Lowell shares that sentiment. I hope that the Sox front office puts together such a sterling offer for Mikey in the next 10 days that he doesn’t wait around to see what free agency will bring. A la Johnny Damon, I think the Yankees will “up their offer”, particularly to a member of the Red Sox who has just had a World Series MVP year. I can feel the hot stove heating up already. Let’s see if team management summons up the same determination to keep Lowell that they used to get Dice-K.

It appears that the Sox won’t re-sign Schil for one more year. Schil wrote some of his teammates letetrs to say goodbye. We know Schil wants to stay at his current salary. Will the Sox be willing to spend $13 million on a pitcher who can no longer throw a 90 mph fastball? The money could be spent at lot of things. It is sentimentally tough to see Schil go. I wish Schil will stay for another year maybe at a cut salary. Schil said that the only team he would not consider is the Next Year Yankess. What a guy!
I have mixed feeling about Gagne. I was mad as **** when he blew those games at the heat of the pennant race. With a cool head, I realize that he put in his best efforts but failed. Can’t beat up a guy for trying hard.

did anyone else notice that on the nesn coverage of the rally that they barely showed some players? all i saw was the back of ortiz’s head from the duck boat, quick glimpse of varitek and no josh beckett at all. Considering David is basically the face of the Red Sox, Tek is the captain and Josh is the ace of the pitching staff, you think that would be shown more. I was really disappointed.

Beckett is my favorite player so I was looking forward to seeing him drive by. I could have done without 3 separate performances by Pap (I think the last one would have been sufficient enough).

Was anyone else annoyed? Or did you see these guys and perhaps I just missed it??

personally i think schill would take a small cut in $$$ to come back. but i think theo has already made up his mind on it. hopefully i’m wrong. i think he’d be a MUCH more valuable 5th member of the rotation than wake. he’s like another pitching coach in terms of preperation.

I would like to agree with you smckinny but I don’t see Schilling coming back before Wakefield, and we obviously need to make room in the rotation for Buchholz so something has got to give and Wake is too much of a bargain (according to everyone) to deny. Of course Schilling will actually give you solid playoff innings and Wake probably won’t pitch during them, but that’s just my opinion. I’d love to see #38 back out there for one more year but he released a list of 13 teams (including Boston and excluding the Yankees) of where he’d like to go.

And I love the ability that a World Series has over people, because I recall Gagne essentially blowing Game 2 of the ALCS and everybody calling for his head.

There is zero chance that he resigns with Boston because he doesn’t like being a set up guy, clearly. He also probably hurt his own cause for making more money as a closer with his implosion for the second half of this year.

Although I would get a huge kick out of having Eric Gagne and Mo Rivera setting up for Papelbon next year, but only for the fact that we would have two of the one-time elite closers in baseball setting up for the new elite closer in baseball.

Mabe Schilling can be offered a performance-based contract i.e., a base salary, that would be lower than his currnt salary, but an incentive that could even increase his current salary depending upon the season he has.

I can guarantee Schilling will end up back in AAAA (quadruple A – otherwise known as the National League). It’s so much easier to pitch in and they probably pay as well, if not better. Do you really think he wants to be a 4+ ERA guy in the American League?

zach. don’t know they’ve gone to camp with 6 potential starters the last couple of years. well maybe they’ll get lucky and wake will retire. shill even in an off year still had a sub 4 ERA this year, 3.8 i think, ( nearly a full run better than wake ) and won 15 games on a non-playoff team last year. if SD is giving maddux 10mm a yr schill can command at least that if not more on the open market IMO. especially on a 1 yr deal which is what he says he wants. my GUESS is he’d come back to the sox for 8-10 because he knows they should be VERY competitive again next year. just give him clements money since thankfully he’s gone.


Don’t be surprised that, if the Dodgers hire Joe Torre, they will come after Lowell and Schilling partcularly if Torre has a say in who they pick up.

Additionally, if the Dodgers want to spend the $$$ they might also pick up Arod.

Theo most likely will offer Lowell a 3 year extension at $10+M per year. If Lowell is greedy, I wouldn’t be surprised that he ends up with another team. No question Lowell had a banner year and it’s doubtful that he can surpass, although he may duplicate, what he did in 2007. After all have been said and done, Lowell will likely accept Theo’s offer and stay with the Sox which remains to be the team to beat in the AL.

Doesn’t anyone want to revel in the glory of being World Champions for a little while before we start worrying about next year. Man, you youngsters are spoiled rotten with 2 championships in 4 years. I waited 54 years for my first. This is lay back, relax and think about the good times of the past season.

OK, that’s long enough. Schill has a flare for the dramatic, that’s for sure. I think he could have waited a day or two to declare, but to do it on the day of the Sox celebration parade…. smells a little like A-Rod to me. I wasn’t real happy with all the attention that got in the news when it should all have been about the Red Sox and stupid things like Tacoby Ellsbury getting his free taco.

Before you throw Wake to the wolves, remember he won 17 games this year and his numbers across the board were comparable to or better than Schill’s. He’s going to win 14-17 games and give you 30+ good starts. He’s a team guy and has been carrying the Red Sox banner for a long time. He’s also less than 1/3 the cost of Schill. I also think he’s be a very positive influence on Bucholz, Lester, Papelbon and the other young guns. If I have to make a choice, I’m taking Wake over Schill.

As far a Mike Lowell is concerned. I’m rooting for Mike Lowell. I think the Sox should **** it up and pay him what he’s worth, but if they don’t, I hope Mikey gets all he can get. He deserves it. I think it very possible that Mikey and Schill could both wind up in Philly.

Could someone out there explain the whole free taco / Tacoby Bellsbury thing that I keep hearing about. Being in the UK I’ve missed where this has begun and what its about.

So if someone could enlighten me I’d be grateful.

How come no one is commenting on the bullpen for next year? Seems like that is where all the work will have to go again this off season. Isn’t Timlin’s contract up? They probably won’t resign him, but I would, he did get us through Game 6 (well almost) and Game 7.

But other than Okajima (who we wore down protecting Papelbon) and Papelbon, tell me one other pitcher in the bullpen that is reliable? Manny (who knows) Corey (never game him a chance), Donnely (can’t tell out too long) — Lopez (never consistent all year) — Gagne (who knows with a fress shtart but probably gone anyway), Snyder, Tavarez???

Sounds like to me, they need to start over nearly from scratch on the pen, except that we have a closer and one reliable setup man.

Concerning Timlin, I meant games 3 and 4 — sorry, apparantly I can’t count under the WS victory euphoria

I was one of the 1st to call for Gagne’s head on a platter. You’re right, had we not won the series I’d probably be one of the ones saying he was “a big part” of the loss.
I guess the World Series makes kinder gentler people of us LOL…

I think Timlin still wants to pitch for the Bosox.Offering him a one year contract, which is probably what he wants, seems to be worthwhile.As far as Arod is concerned, why is it assumed that if the Sox pick him up that Lowell has to go i.e., Arod or Lowell? I would look to put Lugo on the trading block and have Arod at short and Lowell at third. Also when one compares Schilling or Wakefield no longer a Bosox, one should remember that if Wakefield goes, i.e., retires, we get the benefit of not having to continue carrying Mirabella.

Simon, I’d missed it originally as well, but as part of a promotion Taco Bell said that they would give a free taco to anyone between 2 – 5 pm yesterday if someone stole a base during the WS. If you get chance to watch the clip of Clayton and Crisp talking about it in the dugout. Very amusing: “Martha and Gertrude at the automat” springs to mind!


IMO, you can move Manny Delcarmen from the “who knows” group to the “sure things” group for 08, along with Oki and Pap.

And there’s an interesting name on the free agency list : Scott Linebrink.

Dancing Jonathan Papelbon makes it to David Letterman’s show tonight. Friday night, Jay Leno features Manny Ramirez and Conan O’Brien has Big Papi. I think a great idea would have been to get the Sox bullpen on one of those shows to do a musical number with one of the bands.

What’s up with Manny? He’s really opening up lately. Boy, he comes up with some classics. I think Manny has been misunderstood for a long time, mostly because he doesn’t speak our language very well. From my experience in the Navy, I know that many Hispanic people who do not speak English well, or at all, are very shy/withdrawn in an English speaking environment and are even embarrassed about it. That’s why I never made much of Manny’s remaining quiet. Good for Manny. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Who knows what he’s going to say.

I agree about Linebrink. I think the Sox should sign him, bring back Timlin and also consider the Japanese reliever Kuroda. I would also like to see them unload Javier Lopez (who is ineffective against left-handed hitters) and give Craig Breslow a chance. Kyle Snyder also has good numbers against lefties (who have a sub-.200 average against him), so I would like to see him brought back and Tavarez let go.


Regarding Lowell, $10 million a year won’t do it. A three-year, $36 million deal is likely in the range of what it will take to retain him. I think that is very reasonable. I would even give him $14 million a year if that is what it takes. Henry has the money. It just depends on whether he and Epstein think Lowell is worth it.

Jeff, speaking of a Craig, how was my former favorite prospect Craig Hansen, this season ?
I guess not great, since he was never even close to be called up. Any chance we get to see him have a real and fair chance next year ( emphasis on the word fair ) ?

I would like too see Linebrink with the Red Sox. Only thing regarding Linebrink though is some teams might go after him and want him as there closer. If a team does ( Atlanta? Philadelphia? ) he will want a chance to close. If nobody doesn’t want him as a closer and everything is equal, he could end up in Boston. His name has been linked to Boston for the past couple of seasons. He would fit in rather nicely.

The one thing I do like about Lowell besides all of his production, his class and his glove at third is for a guy his age, he is in great shape. Not many injuries with him over the years. No nagging injuries, such as hamstrings or muscle injuries that tend to nag and give you trouble when you get older.

12 million per season for 3 or 4 years will get the job done. I do believe that Lowell will end up somewhere else next season. Philly comes to mind. They need a right handed bat and of course a third baseman and his veteran presence would be welcomed for sure. That team got a little taste of the playoffs and there inexperienced showed. A guy like Lowell would be a perfect fit in Philadelphia and a park that is a good fit for him. His numbers in Philly are solid.

I’d love to get Linebrink as well but he didn’t do so well initially and at random points with the Brewers. Honestly, I’d say that’s a bump in the road, but with his age and him previously having no track record of issues before, I’d raise my eyebrow slightly before thinking about signing him.

Plus, let us not forget he would come to the AL from the NL and his ERA would go up guaranteed.

Jeff, great article on Sox and Pinstripes about the possible 2008 Red Sox roster. I’d personally tweak that but I’ll do that later🙂

As for the petition, I’ve found 3 offensive entries and what I love is that I got 3 people to tell me to delete ’em. I’m loving the response that we’re getting on this. I also was able to send in the minor corrections to PetitionOnline so as soon as that goes up, I’ll be revising the update telling people about not posting garbage like I had to delete. Not sure if that’ll help but I might as well at least put something.

apd: As for the A-Rod entries and “fake names” I wasn’t calling you out, it was more of a general observation/piece of advice per se. So no worries.🙂


pangelotti: You know I was thinking about the possibilities of A-Rod at SS and Lowell at 3B, but from what every baseball analyst and scouts I’ve heard say, it doesn’t seem like it would work.

The money issues aside, A-Rod’s capabilities at SS have most likely diminished and not to mention, he hasn’t consistently played at the position for a while now.

As for Wake, I think if the Red Sox bring him back, they really have to consider the fact that Mirabelli is not worth it anymore because his production has been just plain bad. My question is, can Kottaras (sp?) catch a knuckleball? If so, how good of a hitter is he? Also, would the possibility of putting of Wake in the bullpen work out for him if say the catcher issues are resolved (e.g. catcher can hit decently and catch the knuckleball)?

These are all issues Red Sox brass need to address if they do bring back Wake.

Actually, would Wake be amenable to being a 6th starter or perhaps a rotating 5th starter? The same question could be asked of Schilling. This would help them both in terms of durability through the season, but the issue of staying sharp may affect them.

Questions, questions, questions…🙂


So does anybody know how much press the petition has gotten nationally? I have seen stuff in Boston blogs and news sites, but not much elsewhere.

Just curious.


If the Red Sox acquire Arod I would still having him play SS and keep Lowell at third. Arod is an athlete and will adapt to SS just like he adapted to third base when he went to NY. Admittedly, he won’t be as good a fielder as Lugo but his bat will more than make up for it.

pangelotti: This is true as A-Rod would most certainly bat better than Lugo.

But that still doesn’t mean I’d want A-Rod. Character is a big deal for me and it’s one thing to opt-out (which personally was fine by me), but the way he did it was just not classy at all.

I mean if he cared at all, not just Boras would have came out with the apology about it (which I still think was fabricated; more on that in a bit) but A-Rod as well.

Now about that apology, there’s no way I can believe that Scott Boras and/or A-Rod missed the fact that their announcement would make a huge splash. Not to mention the fact that it was supposedly leaked without Boras knowing, which I don’t buy at all.

Sure doing the opt-out during the WS was a big “Screw You!” to the Yankees, but it also ended up being disrespectful of baseball. Don’t just ask Red Sox fans either; Rockies fans I’m sure felt ticked off/annoyed/offended.

But I digress.🙂

Speaking of A-Rod, Jeff Passan on Yahoo! Sports wrote a top-ten list of teams who would sign A-Rod, and number 10 is my favorite:

Texas Rangers –

Why? They’ve done it before.

Why not? They’ve done it before.




No offense to Rockies fans at all, but this was just funny.

Mainly cause it was just well done and I love Super Mario Bros.🙂

Did anyone picck up on the point that arod, in the past four post season series, has NOT driven in ONE man…..?? He may hold all of this seasons records, but post season he collapses!! OOPS wait, there is one thing he doesn’t have: DOH, a WORLD SERIES RING!!!!!

Thanks for the replies & Garry. Much appreciated.

I’ve read a story on the Herald website about it as well. Another quick question though, was there a limit on how many tacos you could have, and if so, how would they even know if you’d already had your free one?

I’m wondering when I should cap off the petition and then mail copies to the Red Sox and Mike Lowell (to show him how much we want him back).

We’re at 14000+ and counting and more and more I hear the Red Sox front office saying they’re going to work their hardest to get Lowell back.

Regardless, I wonder how I could get this to both parties without it getting ignored, etc. before it gets into their hands.


Raj, I’d see if it could make it to 15 or 20,000. That’s huge!! GREAT JOB!!

Raj, if you want someone to chip in for the cost of the domain name, just email me, i’ll be glad to do my part. We could use Paypal or something. I know we’re not using the domain keepmikelowell. com ( or maybe .org ), but you still paid for it, right ?

While PetitionOnline is free, the domain isn’t. I’m guessing between 10.00 $ and 15.00 $ plus the time you spent on it. Just for the principles, i can send you a couple bucks, no problem.

As for the right thing to do with the petition, i’d wait till we have 20 000 signatures and then send the link to an adress provided by Ian. He sure can tell you how to contact the F.O. ( and Lowell ) by email. He knows better than we do.🙂

with regard to a-rod and lowell. a) i agree with bosox. i think someone will offer lowell more money. kinda like the damon deal IMO. not neccesarily more per yr but a longer deal and/or more in total. b) every sox fan hatin on a-rod really amazes me for a couple of reasons. 1) he is the BEST player on the planet. period. there is no discussion. 2) i find it kind of ironic that a couple months ago a lot of us red sox fans were talking about how all that matters is MAKING the playoffs and from there it was a **** shoot. well last time i checked the yankees made the playoffs every year he was there. has seattle made the playoffs since he left? look at texas overall record when he was there vs. since he left. point being one guy cannot win a 3 game regular season series much less a playoff series. did he struggle the last 3 playoff series. yes. but so did A LOT of other yankee guys. ESPECIALLY their pitchers. is he a self absorbed primadonna? probably. but i’ll say this. i’ve never heard a teammate say one bad thing about him. he plays every game like a rookie trying to make the team in terms of effort. by all accounts he pales in comparison to barry bonds in terms of ego and selfishness and does anyone think SF isn’t/wasn’t a better team with bonds than without him over the years? i’m all for re-signing lowell BUT if he chooses to go elsewhere to automatically dislike arguably the best player in history IF he were to come to boston makes no sense to me. i mean lowell will get a fair offer IF he chooses to go elsewhere for more $$$ how does that make him any different than a-rod? as far as i’m concerned it doesn’t. it means he wanted to stay if he got the same $$$ as someone else was willing to pay. and i don’t blame either of them it’s just business. IMO most of the negativity around a-rod is media driven. he’s the best player, makes the most money. so every lil move he makes or doesn’t make gets analyzed to the nth degree. he’s the tiger woods of baseball. unless he wins all the time he gets critiqued. and tiger is also a egotistical primadonna. most great ones are. i’m not sure boston will seriously entertain signing him. i would for a lot of reasons but i don’t get a vote. BUT again IF lowell goes elsewhere by choice, and it will be by choice because he will get a very nice offer, and a-rod were to wind up in a sox uni i think i’ll reserve judgement until he actually plays a few games. i got a feelin when he was hitting 50 and driving in 150 for boston some opinions might change.

Raj,-Suggest you Pick a temporary cutoff point i.e., a number say 20-25,000, and send it in with a note indicating that support is continuing to roll in (and that you will periodically keep them posted) and that you will post Bosox management’s reply on the Blog.

Raj, I think your petition is a great thing and I signed it myself, but I think the biggest thing it will accomplish is to be another showing to Mike Lowell how much Red Sox Nation thinks of him. Theo and the brass are going to do what they think is best for the Sox, and what we think isn’t going to carry a whole lot of weight. Still, it can’t hurt …. good job!

Mikey has not declared free agency yet. There’s probably a reason for that. I would guess he wants to hear what the Sox have to offer before he even begins to listen to anyone else. I think this shows an ernest effort on his part to remain in Boston. Of course, knowing that he’s probably going to be the hottest free agent commodity on the market (yes, even hotter than A-rod) means he doesn’t have to be in a hurry to do anything.

Jonathan Papelbon was hilarious on Letterman last night. Don’t miss Manny with Jay Leno and Papi with Conan O’Brien tomorrow night. I wonder what kind of classics Manny will come up with?

Re; Arod- as someone stated, he may be a primadonna by media standards and today’s baseball world throws money around to imply that ballplayers are $$$-hungry.But today it’s more of a business than years ago with free agency etc.One must also realize that Ted Williams was continually and unmercifully chastised by the media and was considered a primadonna among other things. Who knows what the outcome would have been if there were free agent rules at the time? I would have guessed that he would have jumped at the chance to leave Boston- not for the money but for the Boston press/media who he totally despised. Today it’s a different world. Arod, like Ted did, lets the numbers speak for themselves. The Sox should welcome the opportunity to pick him up if they are really interested in continuing a dynasty.If he does come here and doesn’t perform I am sure that the Bosox fans would let him know about it.

I was watching ESPN this morning and they were talking about A-Rod being the universally most disliked athlete in the world. I got to thinking about that and they are probably right. However, I really can’t figure that out.

Here’s a guy who got a huge contract to be the best baseball player in the world, and I think he’s lived up to that. OK, he hasn’t done well in the post season, but I would say that neither has the team around him. All this guy has ever done is show up, keep his mouth shut, play 150-160 games every year to the best of his ability. He never dogs it. He always hustles. He behaves himself, doesn’t do drugs, no steroids ……. OK, so he’s not a rah, rah guy, or a leader in the clubhouse.

He goes to the Yankess. He’s a better shortstop than Jeter ever thought of being, a gold glover no less. Yet he takes a slice of Bill Belechick’s Homemade Humble Pie, goes to third, and never says a word. He plays baseball like a little kid, which is no different than Papi or Manny or the Sox musical bullpen. He plays the game like it should be played.

So why does everyone so universally hate A-Rod? Because of the money he makes? How many of us would take $150,000 a year to play baseball if we could and be happy as **** to do so? You can’t see it, but my hand is up. Eric Hinske made 6 million dollars this year. I’m not knocking him for that, but isn’t that more of a travesty than what A-Rod got for what he did?

I think people should get off A-Rod and appreciate him for the superb athlete and baseball player he is. All of that being said, is he worth three time what Mike Lowell gets paid. Absolutely not. You could have Mikey for nearly three years for close to what you would pay A-Rod for one. I’ll take Mikey!

Raj, I guess timing is more important than numbers for handing over the petition. Perhaps give it another couple of days or if/when Mikey files whichever is the sooner. (If it got up to approx. 19k signatures, we are talking about a half full Fenway Park – sort of puts it in perspective).

Raj, another thought – I think I mentioned it in passing in a previous post – how about seeing if Remy would do the ‘ceremonial’ hand over. It certainly wouldn’t be ignored then.

Rodriguez is a great athlete. He is just not a fit for Boston in my opinion. Each one of the players on this team would walk through fire the team, that just isn’t something that I can see in Arod.

apd, I think that is a GREAT idea!! you’re right it just seems like if somebody like RemDawg did it they would definitely take notice of it. I wonder if he sined it.
Raj, did you go on Scilling or Youks blog and tell them about it??

^^sined= signed


I meant:through fire for the team. Don’t know where my spelling is tonight.

I’m on board with all who say to get Lowell back. Three years, no problem, 35 is young–hello! He has character and stature, something lacking in his erstwhile NYC counterpart, and Sox fans prefer men of character. The expression WIT comes to mind: Whatever It Takes. Just get him. Frank

gsm. once again that’s the media, IMO, hatin on a-rod. somebody show me one quote from a teammate or mgr criticizing him and i’ll retract everything i’ve said. there are a dozen guys more hated than a-rod. bonds, T.O., Kobe, etc, etc. the media hates on him just like they do manny. why? because he doesn’t talk to them and express an opinion on every topic in the world. i’ll guarantee you if you asked torre or piniella if they wanted him on their team they’d say **** yes.

ellen. i think a-rod would fit in perfectly in boston for the very reasons you say he wouldn’t. the sox don’t have the ego’s’ etc that they have in NY. he would attract all the media attn. you think that’s gonna make manny mad? or anybody else for that matter. i doubt it. they all hate the attn. a-rod craves it and would allow everybody else to just do their thing. now if prom queen damon were still here that might be an issue but now it’s not.

gsm. he’s not gonna cost 3X what lowell is. prob 2X. and IMO he’s closer to being worth 2X what lowell is, long term, than what lowell is being worth 2-3X atkins or cabrerra. again don’t get me wrong i love lowell and wouldn’t mind him being there for 2-3 more years. BUT we’re talkin in a-rod about arguably the best all round player of ALL time. and IMO pangelotti hit the nail right on the head in the comparison to ted williams. who IMO is the best of all time.


Torre not only would love to have A-Rod, this just in he’ll have A-Rod on his team. The Dodgers will be like the Cubs of last year. They hire a high profile manager and they will be very active in the free agent market and the Dodgers will be making a few trades as well. Stick A-Rod in the middle of that lineup and with 2 jackrabbits ahead of him ( Furcal and Pierre ) he’ll have alot of chances to drive in runs. Also it will make Jeff Kent and Russell Martin better hitters. A-Rod will be in Dodger blue. Thousands of miles away from New York, perfect place for him.

With A-Rod on the Yankees ( 04-07 ) they won only 1 series. They will be a better team without him. As a Red Sox fan I was hoping he would be back with the Yankees. He has only 1 ring and who knows how long that will last. Dice-K has more R.B.I.’s than A-Rod in the World Series, now that is funny. A-Rod might be the best player in the world but he couldn’t cut in N.Y. He could end up as the all time home run leader, most R.B.I.’s ( sorry Hank Aaron ) and maybe the most hits of all time but perhaps no ring. As a Red Sox fan I wouldn’t him, way too much money for 1 guy, this isn’t basketball.

Hey Ellen.I see your spelling ERA has gone up a bit.Well BoSox Brian,can’t say I disagree with you.To me,Mike Lowell is a quiet hero and a silent warrior.He is the man.I like him a lot.I been a Mike Lowell fan since 2003 and I was happy when the Red Sox had gotten him.I hope he resigns with us.Come on Theo,Do something!

Yay!We have broken the curse of Curtis Leskanic!!!!

Arod is supposed to have made$22-25M last year. For sake of argument, let’s say he will now be seeking $30M/year.If we look at the salaries of Red Sox players that we could do without next year- with little adverse impact or may lose anyway:
Gagne– 6.00M




gives us a sub-total of$21.43M.Should Schilling decide not to return adds another $13.00M. Bringing the total to more than $34.00m.Add Mirabelli and Lopez adds another $1.00M giving us a total of more than $35M.This should cover Arod’s salary with little or no impact on the team.Admittedly, we will have to pick up some more players to fill the roster but they don’t have to be multi-million dollar salaries. So I don’t think Arod will bankrupt Boston unless he asks for some outrageous contract With the remaining team he, and the Bosox, will have a good shot at a World Series ring.

I see Doug Mirabelli filed for free agency today. Doug is a team guy and a contributor. His numbers look weak I know, he has a tough job. Playing once a week can’t be easy. I know his numbers look weak, but give him the same number of AB’s as Tek, and their power numbers are very comparable. I think given more playing time, he’d bring his average up some. His salary is next to nothing. He’s a bargain and I’d like to see him come back if Wake comes back.

Hey peoples,

I can’t sleep but I probably should knowing my GREs are in about 8 hours. Although I think my nap ended up being a lot longer than I wanted but oh well…

@apd: I’ll see what I can do about possibly sending Remy the link at the very least. I’m not a member of RemDawg Nation (I should be), but I’m sure I can at least get in touch with him somehow. The other issue is that I’m not a card carrying member of RSN; I found my card but it’s an older one, lol. Not like it matter though. As for signatures, we’re at 15,000+ and I personally want to hit 20k and I think that’s realistically possible.

@Ellen: I actually put a post up with the link on Youk’s blog but I haven’t done so on Schill’s blog. To be honest, considering Schill’s current situation with free agency, personally it would feel weird. It’s like “hey we want Mike Lowell back so we drafted a petition but we didn’t do anything for you.” I mean, I think he’d understand considering his age and all, and to be frank, he’s been understanding of the fact that if he doesn’t come back, it’s okay. I dunno, just my two cents, but I think I’ll put something up there if I feel it’s appropriate. If you want to, by all means go for it (and that goes for anybody else too).

@Brendan: I love The Onion.😀

So about A-Rod, everybody knows my position on him by now; personally, had he and Boras not pulled the “opt-out” antics during the clinching game of the WS, then I may singing a slightly different tune. I’ve always been on the fence about A-Rod, but it seems more and more, he’s an attention seeking diva (e.g. Kobe Bryant anybody?) and the last thing I want on my team is chemistry disruption.

What I don’t understand is how everybody start preaching the stats and money and then completely ignore the rest of the intangibles. If baseball was played by robots then I’d go after the A-Rod type of player, any day of the week because of how good he is. However, we’re all humans; emotions get involved. You can’t tell me he’s rubbed people the wrong way in the Yankee clubhouse. If teammates don’t like you much, there’s an issue there.

You tell me, if you were a manager of a company and you had a great team of employees and everybody was great at what they did with the occasional down day. All of a sudden, you have the opportunity to hire somebody who is awesome at everything he does and possibly more and the sky was the limit for said person. Would you hire that person? Sure you would; however, what if you found out from previous places he/she worked at, that he/she was flirtatious with all the employees, was at times not a team player, and in general got along with some people but didn’t with most of them? Then what would you do?

I sure as heck wouldn’t hire that person if I knew that person could cause team chemistry issues. Sure I’d see an upward spike in the bottom line, but that’s short term. The long term includes the bottom line AND how the rest of my employees function. If they come to me and tell me they don’t like working with him, then what? What if they decide they want to leave after a period of time?

Sure I’m stretching a little bit, but I think you guys get my point. A-Rod is not worth the extra headaches he may cause. Plain and simple.

Both he and Lowell are of a similar age, and both are on the rise it seems. Lowell will give you clubhouse chemistry at the cost of being less productive than A-Rod. A-Rod will give you opposite to an extent. Mike Lowell has proven that he can play in the playoffs and do a darn fine job too.

@pangelotti: Of all the players you listed, you forgot Clement🙂 I don’t think he’ll be back. Another thing, unless the Red Sox eat parts of Lugo’s contract, I don’t see him leaving. Also, if the team gets A-Rod, but we have less players to fill the voids, you tell me who else is out there that will fill the voids in say the bullpen, bench, and backup catcher and that won’t demand similar salaries to what our current players in those areas have? The free agent crop this year is top-heavy it seems and after that, it’s not good. I’d rather not overpay for some mediocre relievers and have A-Rod. However, we could get players from within…

@gsm52: Mirabelli I doubt will come back. He’s gotten hurt at least twice this year and he’s getting old too; he just hit 37 if I’m correct. I’d rather the team go younger and at the same time, have a versatile catcher so in case the team does keep Wake, that catcher can catch the knuckleball. Plus, if that catcher is versatile, imagine the rest ‘Tek can get and that would help him a lot over the season.

(Woah, that was one long post I had there…).

@rsox_34: The domain name thing didn’t work out too well simply because I was told I could not forward it to the PetitionOnline site. Something to do with PetitionOnline and accepting forwarded server connections. Regardless, I canceled the subscription for the domain. Stinks I’m out like $15 but I’ll deal with it. Thanks for the thought though🙂


RAJ- Another blog that you might link to is Tina Cervasio’s. She’s on our home page too!

Smckininny: If you look up the word “ego” in the dictionary I think it’s hightly possible that you’ll find Arods picture next to it.
and keep this in mind, not one team he’s been to has been in a World Series while he was there. Also in 4 post season series, not one hit with RISP or RBI

Bosox, Where did Arod get his ring?? I may be having a MAJOR Blonde moment.


Wedding ring!!! LOL….

I agree with Raj about the chemistry thing, I’ve said that since the word “go”. He is not a fit with the makeup of this team.

I’d love to see Arod go to the Dodgers, but don’t think that Torre, et al wont think about the diva distraction issues.

With the talk about Mirabelli, and having a catcher to catch Wake, they still have Cash, he caught the knuckleballers down in the minors (we had 1 or 2) and he caught Wake earlier this year with pretty good results, if I remember correctly.

Gee Pangelotti, imagine Arod asking for a crazy outrageous contract?? Ya think?? This is a guy who had to try upstage the World Series and The Sox and Rockies. The same guy who was admonished by MLB. Wow,now there’s respect for others. Can’t imagine what I’m thinking when I say he’d be too much of a distraction for this team. Yes, I’m an Arod non-believer, to say the least, what has my theme been all along? I BELIEVE. I BELIEVE in this team, and I BELIEVE that WE DON’T NEED AROD.

bosox and ellen. i’d be happy with either of them ( lowell or a-rod ) actually BUT given a choice i’ll still take a-rod. like i said i’ve never heard one quote from a mgr or teammate who says he is bad for the team or causes problems in the club house. as for the fact that he hasn’t been on a world series winner. i can give you a list of 10 or more great players ( a couple of whom played for boston ) through the years who never won or went to a world series. was it all their fault or did they just happen to be on the wrong team? bosox. you’re exactly right. it isn’t basketball. one guy can’t carry a team through a series.

you know the funny thing is after all this discussion the sox will prob wind up not signing lowell or a-rod!

pangelotti. luchino already stated they COULD afford to pay someone 25-30mm if they wanted to. but did also say it would deviate from the buisness model they’ve utilized to this point.

There is no question that the Sox fans and the ownership and the front office want to re-sign Lowell who is a great player and a classy guy. The Sox will offer a reasonable contract at whatever Lowell worth (say $37M 3 yr contract) and will not engage in the bidding war. If Lowell accepts, he stays with the Sox. If not, he will be playing in a different uniform. Simple as that and the Sox will not make exception for Lowell.

I agree with you 007chow. The Lowell situation will not be a long drawn out process.
I would like too see Lowell back.

Mirabelli filed for free agency and I say good-bye to Mirabelli. I don’t think he could hit .300 in a beer belly league. Time for the Red Sox to go a little younger for there backup catcher.

Did anyone else do the whole predictions thing at the start of the year on this blog? Is there any way to see them?

I did it, I forgot all about it until you mentioned it!! Don’t know how we’d see it.

It’s funny I think I got one of the NL teams for the post season right (the Cubs I think) but otherwise my picks for the NL were waaay off! I’d be interested to see for the rest of them.

I predicted the Sox-Mets WS (rematch of ’86 series). It looked very promising until the unexpected collapse of the Mets.
Ellsbury is the Sox’s treasure trove. He must bat leadoff and the rest will fall into places, Lowell or no Lowell. This kid, the Pride of Navajo Nation, will make good things happen. The Sox is blessed to have rookies like Ells and Pedroia who will carry the team hopefully for the next 10 years.

I was thinking about those predictions myself and to get to see them go the the February 2007 archives on the left hand side of the blog. The date of that post was Feb. 13. I believe I had the Phils and the Sox playing in the WS. No one in their right mind had the cajones to pick the Rockies however. It’s funny one of the questions was how many postseason wins for the Sox. Almost everyone said 11 and I think it was Vince who came on and made some comment about how can you ask Sox fans a question like that. Well turns out we were right! That pick didn’t come from our love for the Sox, but from our extensive knowledge of the game!

LOL rizzo!!! That’s a hoot! Maybe YOUR extensive knowledge, not mine, mine just comes from the heart and soul!

Thank God John Farrell isn’t going to even entertain the thought of managing yet, as he turned down an offer to meet with the Pirates.

Are people still allowed to refer to Tito as “FranComa” now that he’s won 2 titles in 4 years? I’m just wondering the protocol on that.

And A-Rod was asking for THREE HUNDRY AND FIFTY MILLION from the Yankees. And you want this guy on Boston? There is a thing called loyalty and if you would prefer having Rodriguez and his oversized ego at 3B rather than Lowell, just follow A-Rod to wherever he ends up signing (Angels, I say) and become a fan of that team.

All those who predicted Beckett to have most wins, only Jeff and mattinvt 7 (who was the only one to pick Pap to finish with most saves) precisely picked 20 wins.

Surprise, the Sox exercised the options on Tavarez and Wakefield (not surprised). Dice K must be thrilled to see his friend back in ’08. The Sox needs to acquire a reliable setup man to back up Okajima. Good move!!

UGH i like wake, i’m glad he’s coming back (although i kinda thought he’d retire)…but the fact that cash also elected to go into free agency makes me nervous. i can’t handle another year of doug mirabelli batting .202. that’s ridiculous. the sox need to figure something out!

Mirabelli may or may not be back. The Sox recently purchased the contract of Dusty Brown from Pawtucket perhaps as a backup catcher?

zach. as for tito. YES. when somebody does things that suggest they are asleep at the wheel you call em like you see em. good or bad. what about last year? was it okay then? plan and simple my issues with tito are that he manages the reg season under the assumption he’s gonna be in the post season. very dangerous IMO. it’s worked out 2X and has not 2X. as for a-rod. you ever been offered a position you didn’t really want but would do for enough $$$? i got a feelin that’s the position he was in. although since he never met with anyone from NY i don’t know how much stock you can put in the 350MM number. but yes i would want him on my team. as would every other team in b-ball if they could afford him.

zach. loyalty? hypothetically speaking. what is/would be your opinion of lowell be if the sox offer him say 10-11MM a yr for 3 yrs and he goes somewhere else for 14MM? is he unloyal to boston? who took him when nobody else wanted him BTW.

You have to realize that to certain players, baseball is how they earn their living. In the days of free agency, not many players stay with the same team (Biggio and Wakefield are two of the few names I can come up with right now).

What an awesome finish to a great season…Im just as happy as 2004, with a tad less stress. Now that they have learned how to win and what it takes, maybe a few more titles can be forthcoming. Im hoping they re-sign Lowell (not a-rod), better chemistry and better playoff production. Im hoping papi’s surgury brings back the old Papi as far as the long ball goes. I hope manny desides to stay a few more years. and im guessing we need a quality arm to replace schilling, or bring him back too. (proven playoff performer) should be an interesting off season to say the least. WTG guys, another series with the right blend of talent and heart.

A few thoughts if anyone is interested –

I am pleased Wake’s option has been picked up. I wonder if this will be his last year before retiring. I think he said something about ‘another year’ the other day. Whether that was just a figure of speech or whether he plans to quit at the end of 2008 (like Schill seems to aiming at) I don’t know.

I think it would be good to have both Schill and Wake back next year for the sake of passing on their experience to some of the younger guys – just working things out during rough patches and keeping grounded when things go well. I would like to see Schill back just to see if he can deliver on his precision pitching redevelopment.

Perhaps the problem with Dougie is that he just doesn’t get enough at bats to get his eye in. Although facing a ‘normal’ ball must seem very strange for a knuckleball catcher!

I can’t see A-Rod being seriously approached by the Sox. They have made a reasonable play about how it isn’t just about how good a player is but how well they would fit into the organisation. I just don’t think that they would see him being a clubhouse fit, although you can’t deny how talented he is.

smckinny, just wondering what your reaction was when A-Rod slapped that ball out of Arroyo’s glove in ’04? Did you think to yourself: “Man, I wish he would come to Boston!”

How about that whole month where he was baseball’s most hated man (including inside of New York, if you checked out the Post/Daily News) between the stripper, the incident in Toronto, his wife’s t-shirt with “F*** You” etc.

I don’t care if he hits 1000 HR, the bottom line is he is a distraction, he doesn’t get it done in the postseason with pressure on him, and even though you say you’ve never heard a teammate say a bad thing about him, have you ever heard one say a GOOD thing about him?

Probably not, because he is only there for himself. He is becoming what Barry Bonds is now: a superstar ostracized on his own team, consumed by money and greed.

Mike Lowell, from what we’ve all gathered between teammates talking about him and general perception, is the complete opposite. He is a clubhouse uniter and he doesn’t have a diva attitude.

I seriously doubt A-Rod is coming to Boston, but if he did it would be hilarious just to see how hard everybody would ride him when he wasn’t performing. The guy wants a $350 million contract, he’s setting himself up for failure. I’d say that a 60 HR season with 160 RBI’s and a .320 BA is not even worth $35 million a year.

zach: Great observation about Arod/Bonds. If Barry doesn’t re-sign with the Giants maybe Boras/Arod should consider them. They don’t seem to care about winning games and/or getting to October, so Arod would fit very neatly. As you said he’s a good resemblance of Barry, arrogant, won’t talk to the press, doesn’t come through in the post season (something they wouldn’t have to worry about) plus he’s getting set to break the record evnetually. That would put hineys in the seats, which is what Barry did. Maybe Boras should contact SanFran!!

I doubt very seriously if he has another season like had this year anytime soon. I read that Canseco is coming out with another book that really rips up Arod. The fact that no one who was “outed” in his last “tell all”, sued him says something about the validity of his accusations.

Well, Ian said on the 29th he’d check back in soon. My guess is this is some true “down time” for him and the loved ones….

I think that he did a great job again this season with his “army of misfits” (us) and the blog. Topics and threads that were always stimulating and insightful. I’m glad he is our “BlogMaster”. I’ve read others and find most of them to be either dry or aimed at just the baseball intellectual/statistician. I really hope for our sake that he’s not going anywhere soon.

Did anyone else notice the time on our comments?? Did they already set the time back??

oops, guess everyone else is gone…

Does anyone know if Francona won his bet with the ownership and stayed away from chewing tobacco for the whole season? I haven’t seen anything about that yet. There is a charity out there waiting for a check if he did.

Smckinny – with due respect, you are wrong. He was correct 3 of the times and wrong once. We did in fact reach the post season in 2005 (“managed on the assumption he’d get us to the post season” – well he got us there). And 2006 – you really think he was being conservative and banking on us getting to the post season? He blew out Pap’s arm trying to get us there.

I think the fact is, to put it bluntly, you might think Francona has no idea what he is doing (and I also) but that is because you and I are armchair fans with no real knowledge of how one decision impacts on the several other decisions he has to make. You don’t think, for example, that intangibles, can score runs, and therefore I presume you don’t think intangibles win games. If intangibles don’t win games, why have the Diamondbacks, Marlins and Cardinals all managed to win World Series over the last six years? If stats alone are what manages to win you World Series rather than intangibles, then the Yankees would have won at some stage over the last seven years.

It’s what makes your FranCONA comments so completely artificial and cheap – calling him that works off of two things: (i) you have hindsight, which he does not, and (ii) calling him that presumes you know more about the game or what his decisions affect than he does.

I have absolutely no doubt that if the Red Sox get off to say a 6-10 record next year, people will be calling for Francona to be fired. Two World Series rings in 4 years? The man has achieved unbelievable things.

brendan. i never said “he had no idea what he’s doing”. just the opp. he knows exactly what he’s doing. he manages the reg season completely opp of how he does the post season. during which he did a great job. i simply said IMO that’s a risky strategy. actually i don’t presume to know more about anything that tito or anyone else. i just offer up my opinions. and they’re usually not hinesight. never said i was right. i simply don’t believe as you seem to if he makes a decision it’s the correct one. and i never said intangibles didn’t help win games. i said the intabgibles related to tec specifically didn’t put runs on the board. of course things like stolen bases, getting bunts down, etc. help win games/championships.

zach. i see you avoided my question about lowell. if he leaves is he showing a lack of loyalty to boston? as for a-rod. as long as he was with the yankees, couldn’t stand him. the arroyo and ped ( from this year ) incidents were cheap for sure. the toronto thing was all on the Tor 3B for allowing himself to be distracted. that’s no diff than the “hidden ball trick” IMO. you’re right he prob isn’t coming ot the sox. my only point was, if he were to, to rip him apart b-4 he ever put on the uni made no sense to me. the fact is until he went to NY no one ever accused him of being a greedy diva. so maybe in a diff setting/city he might be a diff guy.

that’s because before he went to NY he didn’t make a gazillion $$’s. I have never liked Arod. He is a south Florida product so his exposure to us down here happened long before he became a DIVA. Still didn’t like him, the arrogance has always been there.

If you manage your team like a post season team in the regular season you burn them out. It’s just not feasible over 162 games. I never said all of Francona’s decisions were right. He has so many to make it’s just not possible to do that.

By calling Tito FranCOMA, you are definitely presuming to know more than he does.

Arod was a punk when he first came up with the Mariners and never ever delivered much when it counted. In fact, it was a pretty sure bet that he would stike out with risp. With his behavior on and off the field, it is obvious he prefers being a punk.

It should be a surprise to see his name on the Mitchell report when it comes out.

With regard to Tito, shure there are decisions made that don’t work out but in the end, he has guided the sox to two WS Championships in 4 years. Outside of Joe Torre, who has done that in the last 10 years?

Correction to my first post:

“It should be NO surprise to see his name on the Mitchell report when it comes out.”

I have the best solution for Francona— during the regular season and during the post season playoffs– whenever he needs any advice he can contact me directly.

I’ve been basking in the warm glow of another WS championship for our team. That and wondering when exactly does the first game of ’08 start?

I can’t believe there is STILL the discussion of whether Tito is a good manager or not! His team wins the World Series and he’s still not good enough???? Get real. 4 game sweep of the series was not convincing enough? 2 series titles in 4 years and he’s not quite got it right? Give me a break! Admit it, the guy knows what he’s doing and you could not do it any better. Just admit it!

Are we at 20,000, yet? KEEP MIKE LOWELL!!!

Arnie: Raj’s petition is 16,922… slowing down but more marketing/advertising will get it done.

Thanks, Ellen. ….Still haven’t seen your brother here.
How many days till spring training??

Well, what do I do with all my free time now??? I’m lost!
Couple of comments/questions: it was great to see Millar at the game; and did anyone hear any words of encouragement or congratulation from former Red Sox Johnny Damon? Just wondering!


Hi, All:

I’m still going through baseball withdrawal, but I am helped by the fact that there is a lot to write about with the Sox and other teams prospective strategies for the Hot Stove League. I’m excited about the Celtics impressive win on Friday night. The winter will proceed faster if the Celtics dominate the NBA, or at least seriously contend. I, too, am glad that Wakefield and Tavarez had their options picked up. I hope to see Lowell resigned ASAP!


Did anyone see Manny on Lenno and Papi on Obrien Friday night? Funny guys!!!

Told u guys Sentinel committed suicide.

Yeah CH, but RedSOxloose is over on the Yankees blog doing his usual number on everybody.

ellen – manny and david were absolutely hilarious! it was great when david had a message for pap about the bedazzler. those guys are too funny!

from reading the article about the schilling saying they will always have ties in boston, it seems to me that they really are figuring on leaving. after i read on schil’s blog that he already wrote goodbye letters to people, i got the feeling that they didn’t think they’re be back. i think that’s sad, but i don’t think the sox will resign him.

The letters “goodbye” were the day of the parade, and since then both he and Theo have said they are still having “discussions” regarding Schill staying put at Fenway!

One can hope!! and if anybody has hope for the best and keeping this team together, ITS ME, because…
oh ****, one more time:


oh ps:: looks like I didn’t need the rose colered glasses this year, everything came up roses without them!

It’s easy, and fun to criticize Tito’s decisions because we all have our own ideas about how we would do things. Like him or not, you can’t argue with his success. His players love him, the media loves him, the organization loves him, but we’re fans, we get to love him when we want to. Managers don’t win or lose many games, players do. Managers manage people, and Tito seems to do that very well. There was no team as well prepared as the Red Sox for the post season. They were well rested, and healthy which I think is a big part of why they had the fortitude to come back and beat the Indians, and then roll over the Rockies. I criticized him a lot during the season, but overall with the way he handled things and with the decisions he made, he was brilliant!

Did you guys see the article on Yahoo about A-Rod WANTING to play in Boston?

First off, A-Rod, TAKE A PAY CUT! Wanna play for the Champs? Wanna ring? Show US how much by taking a $10M a year CUT to play SS at Fenway. Keep your agent and your wife in line, shut your damned mouth and put up the big numbers and MAYBE next October you’ll have your wish. If you truly are out for yourself, go play in L.A. or Chicago.

Theo, re-sign Mikey, Puh-leeeeeze! Send Lugo, Coco and Hinske to Minnesota along with some serious $$$ for Santana, if you don’t pick up Schill’s one-year deal. Re-sign Kielty. Wave bye-bye to Gagne. Develope some of that amazing farm talent (see: Ellsbury) and buy the bull-pen boys some drums!

How did the Sox ever let Carlos Pena get away?

Jim, I don’t know about drums for the ‘pen, but they could get Paps a bodhran to play while he is jigging!

gsm. good points on tito. you can’t argue with the results i suppose. he’ll be there a long time and i’ll continue to disapprove of some things he does during the reg season but i have no complaints from what i’ve seen once they get to the post season.

brendan. once again i don’t presume to know more than anyone. just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you think you’re smarter than they are. as far as calling him franCOMA. that’s no diff in my mind than me calling my best friend a duma$$ when he does something stupid. or myself for that matter. which i do all the time. it’s not rally meant to be derogatory just one person’s way of venting.

Jim, Hinske is a free agent, so the SOx cannot trade him. And, before you propose a trade, put yourself in the opposing team’s general manager’s shoes. Do you honestly believe that the Twins would accept Lugo, Crisp and Hinske for the best left-handed starter in baseball? At the least, it will cost the Sox Buchholz, Lester and Crisp. That is the deal that has been mentioned. It is fun to speculate about the Hot Stove League, but quantity is not a substitute for quality. Any major trade target (Santana, Miguel Cabrera, etc.) will require that Boston give up Buchholz and Lester, and/or someone like Ellsbury or Delcarmen. You gotta give up something to get something in a trade.


including lester AND buch in a deal for anyone would be a major mistake IMO. even if santana agreed to an ext i just think that’s an awful lot to give up for one guy. why give up 2 guys who could prob win 14-18 games for 1 guy who likely best case will win 20. and if he didn’t agree to an ext it makes even less sense.

Forget Sanatana. It would likely be a one year deal unless the Sox make a contract extension for what will be huge dollars a part of the deal. I’ll take my chances with Bucholz and Lester who combined will make way less than a 10th of what Santana will want.

Smckinny – that’s exactly my point. You call him FranCOMA when you think he’s done something stupid. My point is that what he is doing might not be stupid at all. It is only stupid in your eyes because you do not fully understand/grasp the implications of his decisions.

brendan, I agree with what you are saying about some people not being able to grasp or hold on to what Tito is thinking sometimes, but Francona still has made some rather questionable decisions when the game was on the line. Still, you can’t argue with the man’s success. I think a lot of his questionable moves, or lack of a move, depends on what is best for the team in the long run. For example, him repeatedly leaving in the starter an inning too long I view as the result the combination of wanting to keep the BP fresh through out the season (mainly), faith in his starter (we all know he is a player’s manager), as well as faith in our bats.

I’m by far not one not to support a deal to gain Johan Santana, espicially for Lester and Buchholz. First off Santana has a 1-3 record and a 7.20 ERA at Fenway in his career, granted he has only pitched 15 innings.

At least with Francona, since he’s a “players manager”, the clubhouse structure will never be is disarray (player v. manager). Which tears apart a team, obviously. I too became fustrated when he would leave a pitcher in an inning to long, but all managers are prone to lapses in judgement at points. As far as pinch-hitting and such, he didn’t have much to chose. Hinske couldn’t handle himself at the plate, and Ellsbury was really the only consistent bench player.

Francona is in Boston for 2 more season so deal with it, as for me I’m content.

I think that Francona’s and Management’s top priority is to sign Lowell. That being said, I did not agree with the Bosox signing Wakefield-I hope he would have considered retirement: as far as Tavarez is concerned I would not have signed him-period. I would have better used their salaries in an effort to acquire Arod. That would leave the option to trade Lugo as well as Crisp. If Schilling decides not to return that would be an additional high salary savings.Same with Clement. When we combine all of these salaries the thought of picking up Arod does not look as insurmountable.Hopefully we can backfill some of these positions by bringing some of our farm players up. While Arod may purport that salary (in his price range) may not important( and I don’t believe that) the thought of acquiring a World Series ring may be the driving factor.If that be the case, let’s negotiate and pick him up. An infield of Lowell, Arod,Pedroia and Youk is awesome.

Hey everybody,

Just checking in. Busy with grad school applications, not happy my GREs didn’t go so well, but I’ll be retaking them so I’ll have a better idea what to expect.

The petition is around 18,000! Not bad, not bad at all!😀

jimmaynard: That’s darn good point about Carlos Pena. I’ve heard plenty of rumblings that if Lowell doesn’t come back, they’re going to go after Pena and move Youk to 3B. Not a bad idea, but my concern is about his consistency. I think Boras is his agent and he’ll market this past season like gangbusters, but people will see past that. However, I do feel that his talent level is definitely up there and if he becomes more of a patient hitter, he can become deadly.

Another thing: a lot of us at some point in the season gave a lot of heat to hitting coach Dave Magadan. I’ll have to say I’m the first to apologize because we all saw how our hitting came alive in the playoffs. So kudos to him to making our hitters patient.

This talk about Johan Santana in Boston is interesting, although I hope the farm system isn’t gutted to get him. If that’s even a possibility anyways.


Hi all! Good luck with the grades Raj. And good luck with the petition. I signed.

Jeff, yeah, that “trade” I suggested for Santana probably wouldn’t fly, but there have been a LOT worse. Giving up Murphy and Co. for Gagne was a disaster, no? I really looked forward to seeing Murphy in a Sox uni. I’m well aware that you have to give up something to get something, but one can only hope, you know? I’d be tickled to death to see the Sox stay intact as they are! (Well, minus Gagne… never liked that dude.)

The more I look at the A-Rod thing, the less it fits. Too much baggage. One helluva talent, but certainly not enough to beat the boys we had this year! Lowell is my wife’s favorite player (secretly, mine as well!). He’s GOT to stay. I don’t agree with the Manny-bashers. The guy’s a damned good player and we’d be hurtin’ if he went elsewhere.

As for J.D. Drew, geez. I don’t know what to say. 5 YEARS? Two words: Opt out?

Just a quick comment on Joe Torre. As a Yankee-Hater, I gotta say that I have never disliked Joe Torre. He’s a class act, hands down. I’m glad to see him bounce back with the Dodgers while giving the Steinbummers the bird.

Joe’s situation reminds me of corporate America’s handling of employees in general. The man has a terrific record, leads his team to the highest winning percentage in MLB since 2002 and despite not winning the World Series, Stenibummer makes a tremendous profit — yet the guy gets dissed! Treating him this way reminds me of a Fortune 500 company firing its CEO because it didn’t finish ON TOP of the Fortune 500 rankings, even though the shareholders are rolling in record profits. Disgusting, is what it is.

Good luck on the West Coast, Joe. You’re probably going to need it.

Interesting how Grady Little plays into this, isn’t it?

jimmaynard: Thanks!😀

One quick point on J.D. Drew, I checked his contract, and he can only opt-out if:

– Spends 35 days on the disabled list in either 2009 or 2010 with injury related to pre-existing right shoulder condition.

– Finishes 2009 or 2010 season on the disabled list and cannot play outfield the following season.

This is courtesy of Cot’s Baseball Contracts.

So basically, opting-out does him no good basically.


I’m not really interested in seeing Santana in Boston at all, we already have an ace (and then some) in Beckett, a potential rising star in Dice-K, and the rest of the rotation will fill out nicely with Buchholz, Lester, and Wakefield (and probably a 6th starter by spring training).

Speaking of which, I just found this article regarding that “other” pitcher:

“Curt Schilling and the Boston Red Sox are making progress toward a contract that would allow him to remain with the World Series champions.

While the sides have not yet reached an agreement, talks have gained momentum and it is possible an agreement could be reached within a few days, a person familiar with the talks said Monday night, speaking on condition of anonymity because a deal had not yet been struck.”

If you follow at all, it’s easy to see that Schilling is lobbying bigtime to come back to Boston and really enjoyed his time there. And why wouldn’t anybody want him back? He still has some left in the tank for the postseason and I think that there is a direct correlation between Boston’s recent success and his signing with Boston on that Thanksgiving Day back in 2003.

@Zachary: Good point about Beckett, but where does it say that we can’t have 2 ace-caliber pitchers if not 3?

The team had Pedro and Schilling in 2004, then it’s been Schilling and Beckett in 2006 and 2007. Throw Dice-K into that if you’d like as well.

But yes, with the young talent the team has in pitching, I’d be surprised if Santana comes to Boston. I’d expect the Yankees to pull all stops once he’s a free agent.

I also just read about Schilling on just now. It seems our rotation will be essentially the same as last season:






Now that’s once heck of a rotation if you ask me. With Tavarez back in the bullpen, Delcarmen and Okajima in the middle, and Papelbon as the closer, things look pretty good there too. I’d guess Timlin wants to come back and possibly will. So I’m impressed with the pitching already barring something crazy.

More rumors abound that Coco Crisp’s time is sadly over here. With the CF market relatively thing and with an attractive contract a club can take, I’d expect bullpen help and some prospects coming the team’s way. Perhaps it’s time we get back **** prospect? Or do we have somebody down at the farm that I’m forgetting?

18,288 signatures and counting! I think I’ll set an arbitrary max of 20,000 but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop it then (unless I have to if I want to print it out). At that point I’ll see what I can do to send it to the respective parties.

@Ellen: By the way, I did post the petition’s link on Youk’s blog as well as Tina’s blog (twice now). So hopefully, we can get more exposure for this. Perhaps somebody can post it on Schilling’s blog as I don’t have an account to post it there.


Quick correction: I just found out our SS prospect is Jed Lowrie. I can’t believe I forgot that…

Oh well, it’s late😛


I don’t think it will affect the Sox in anyway, but the Marlins announced the availabilty of Dontrell Willis ans Miguel Cabrera. The Yankees will probably try for them.

i really hope they get a deal done with schill. wake COULD still retire if he’s not healthy. they just exercised his option. doesn’t mean he’s a def to play. from the article i read it said that schill’s potential deal was heavily incentive based. that shows IMO how much he wants to come back. he could easly get 10-12MM on the open market if greg maddux can get 10MM from SD.


ditto, bring back Schil and no Johan Santana if the Sox has to give up Buchholz and Lester.

as far as coco. i think there will be a ripple effect once the 3B scenario gets worked out. if lowell re-signs i think they’ll use him for pitching and maybe an extra outfielder. if lowells opts to go then i’d say they’ll LOOK at a-rod. if thats deemed unfeasible coco will be part of deal to get a 3B. maybe cabrerra or atkins from colo. i’d say there’s a small chance they could look to move manny, sign a-rod, and keep coco as well to play left as well.

A-Rod’s bat does not make up for Lowell and Manny combined, so I really hope that scenario does not happen.

Crisp is as good as gone, he has no reason to stick around as a 4th outfielder because he can find a job as an everyday CF in many other cities. Hopefully he leaves Boston on a high note, winning the Gold Glove (along with Youkilis), and finds success somewhere in the NL.

As for the Yankees, they are pretty much in shambles right now. Their manager stole their bench coach and third base coach away and headed to LA, Pettitte doesn’t know if he wants to come back, and their current 3B is Wilson Betemit.

I really hope they strike up a deal for Dontrelle Willis and give up some major prospects because he will get shelled in the AL East. He is pretty much smoke and mirrors with his delivery, and once you get past that, he grooves a 91 mph fastball and it’s been proven that the second time around, teams generally can get to him.

If Boston can lock down Schilling and Lowell, I will feel a lot better about the offseason because our two major free agents will have been taken care of.

Raj, of course you can’t have too many aces on one staff but at what cost? It’s definitely not worth giving up some combination of Lester, Buchholz, Lowrie, and Delcarmen (because I’m sure that’s what it would take to land Santana) when you’re not desperate.

Now if you are the Mets and are without a #1 (or #2, for that matter) starter, you unload everything to land an ace. And that’s why I could see Johan going to the Mets and not the Yankees.

zach. i’m not saying a-rod does make up for them both. it’s not really even a scenario i nece advocate but coco and a-rod combined would probably be very comparable to manny and lowell in terms of combined overall production. plus UNLESS they pick up his option yrs next yr is manny’s last. where are you going to go to replace that production if you don’t get an a-rod or maybe a cabrerra this yr? those type of bats don’t come along all that often.

Congrangulations redsox fans!!!!!!!! Lets all hope we see lowell again in 2008. and a big thanks to ian for posting up all these comments! LETS GO REDSOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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