October 2007

ALDS — bring it on

Who is ready for some PLAYOFF baseball? Doesn’t it feel like after missing out on October last year that it’s been a while since we’ve had a playoff game in this town?

Fenway will be rocking behind Beckett Wednesday night. I think it’s going to be a good series between two teams who really play the game right. That said, I think the Sox are healthier and have more weapons, so I think they will win the series.

Having an ace like Beckett is a huge weapon this time of year, and Dice-K and Schilling also have the capability of taking over a game.

The decision to leave Wakefield off the roster was a tough one, but you can’t have him coming out of the bullpen unless he’s been in truly dependable form. Let’s face it, Wake has been kind of shaky ever since this back thing started bothering him at the end of August.

So maybe he uses this time to rest up, get well, and he’ll be ready when and if the Sox need him in the ALCS.

I personally like having Lester out there in the ‘pen. If one of the starters does get roughed up, Lester can give you some really good innings if he’s commanding on that given night.

This spread-out schedule really helps the Boston bullpen. Papelbon could conceivably pitch all five games in the series if it goes that far. How will Francona handle the eighth inning? Gagne? Okajima? Delcarmen? Timlin? I think he’ll play the matchups and go with what he thinks works best on each night.

Anyway, it’s weird to have no baseball at all today. That was one awesome game last night! I’m happy for the Rockies. It’s baseball the way it ought to be played. What heart by both teams.

Well, I’ll be a blogging fool throughout the playoffs so keep coming back for updates. And I have a sidekick blogger on MLB.com this postseason. His name is Kevin Youkilis. Be sure to hit Youk’s blog on a daily basis. He’ll be updating after each game. And he posted his preview today.




Rolling Dice for Game 2?

Tony Massarotti from the Herald — who is a thoroughly reliable reporter — just came out with the news on the newspaper’s website that it will be Dice-K in Game 2 and not Schilling.

Interesting. I suppose the theory is that you get Schilling as much rest as humanly possible this time of year and try to get Dice-K to keep up the momentum he had in that last start.

I’d be comfortable with Dice-K pitching a winner-take-all Game 5. Then you’d have Schilling lined up for the ALCS opener.

Your thoughts?