Lowell in limbo; Beckett falls short

I know it has to make most Red Sox fans queasy that Mike Lowell can now negotiate with all 30 Major League teams. Give the Red Sox credit for this. They worked hard to get something done before their exclusivity window closed, but at this point, they seem to feel uncomfortable giving Lowell four guaranteed years.

Lowell is a sensible guy and ultimately he will be driven by his heart and by common sense, and not the dollars and cents. But how big a deal is that four years to him? I guess we’ll find out soon. He’ll have to weigh out all the pros and cons and maybe decide if he’d be happier in Boston for three years than he would be somewhere else for four years.

It remains to be seen what kind of players the Yankees will be through this whole thing. Remember how secretive they were with Johnny Damon and then they swooped in right at the last minute?

I’d like to see Lowell come back. Not only is he a terrific player, but he’s a clutch player and a team leader.

Now, to the other news of the day. Josh Beckett lost the Cy Young Award to C.C. Sabathia. All the voters can do is look at the numbers and go by as many personal observations as they had throughout the year. Watching Beckett all year, it was amazing how locked in he was. I’m sure Cleveland writers would say the same about Sabathia.

In the end, Beckett won a World Series and the ALCS MVP and I’m quite sure that means more to him than an individual award.


The Cy Young Award is a consolation prize this year. Sabathia is definitely one of the game’s top starters, but he collapsed in the post-season while Beckett was exceptional. There is no doubt that I would want Beckett, and not Sabathia, on the mound in a key game. The Indians and Sabathia can celebrate the Cy Young. As for Beckett and Red Sox Nation, we’ll enjoy a World Series championship.



Somebody correct me if I’m wrong:

Sabathia’s ERA against teams with a record above .500 was around 4.30.

Beckett’s ERA against teams with a record above .500 was around 2.50.

So it seemed that Beckett’s quality of work was better. So somebody explain how that means Sabathia wins the Cy Young. No matter, like Jeff said, Beckett was the ALCS MVP and got a WS ring. I’m sure he’ll take that over the Cy Young. Yet, something tells me he may go after that next season, heh.

I seriously hope Lowell doesn’t sign with the Yankees. If it does happen then there’s no point for me to ever be loyal in sports again.

But something tells me that won’t happen. I don’t know why, but I just feel like it won’t.





Granted this story supports my argument, but I think the point are valid, and I’m still convinced the writers made the correct decision regarding the CY.

I’m with you Raj! Mikey, please don’t sign with the Yanks — if you have to go somewhere… ANYWHERE but NY.

Beckett finishes as a bridesmaid? Gimme a break. Who was dominant all year AND in the postseason? The Sox ate Sabathia’s lunch. Then they had dessert in Denver. Some of those writers out there weren’t paying attention, or felt sorry for C.C. because (and I’m not saying this because I’m biased) Josh was by far a better pitcher — even if the numbers don’t add up to #1. And so what if he won MVP and a World Series ring? — The Sox rode his right arm to get there! Sabathia was beaten by a superior lineup in the ALCS – PERIOD.

jimmaynard3: I’ll take a guess that you don’t realise that voting for the CY ended BEFORE the playoffs started.

Just read Feinsand’s blog. Turns out he was one of the two writers to leave Beckett off the ballot completely. Don’t agree with that at all, but he does say if the voting was conducted after the WS he’d have voted for Beckett to be the CY.


Are you going to Japan?

Ian wrote: “Beckett fall short” He didb’t fall short, the voters did.

On the contrary, I’d like Lowell signs with the Yanks if he decides not to return to Reds Sox:
1. He is a pull hitter and won’t do well in Yankee stadium.

2. He won’t be liked by the Yankee fans.

3. He will join Damon playing golf in October and watching the Sox wins another WS. What a feeling!

well i could be wrong but i’ve never known this group to re-visit neg’s with one of their FA’s after the window opens so to speak. they might but i seriously doubt their position changes. as limited as the options are for 3B out there i think they would be CARZY to sit around very long and wait for lowell to make up his mind. they made a more than fair offer that he turned down. they’d be wise to fill that spot ASAP before the upper level options get gobbled up. and yes i said OPTIONS as in plural. not just a-rod although again he makes the most sense to me. people may not wanna admit it but lowell has done to the sox essentially the same thing a-rod did in NY. said he wanted to stay all along and then turned down a very good offer to do that. that tells me he really is not all that connected to the city/team. i don’t blame either one. it’s business and you have to make yourself happy.

I have repeatedly said that I would be disappointed but not saddened by Lowell’s departure. Don’t get me wrong. I’d like to have Lowell back but I won’t cry over my wheaties if he doesn’t. Most Sox fans are blinded by the glory of Lowell’s having a career year (which is not likely to be duplicated year in year out) and his spectacular performance in the playoffs. Incidentally most players (Posada, ARod, Lowell) had a career year when their contracts are up for renewal. Lowell’s career was actually enhanced, if not saved, by playing at Fenway to which he should be thankful. Lowell is a good 3B man, but not a great one.
Is there a saying in baseball like never sign a player who just came off a career year?

Umm am I missing something smckinny? When has Lowell ever said he’d defiantly stay with the Sox? He’s always said that it’s a great team, great team mates, great city yadda yadda, but he’s always said he’d at least listen to what other offers are out there. And why wouldn’t he, I absolutely would. It’s like people are trying to vilify Lowell all ready, so that IF he does leave, then they won’t feel as bad and can say I told you so.

The comparisons that are being made to A-Rod, Damon & Schilling make no sense to me. A-Rod was on the record repeatedly claiming he wanted to stay with the Yanks, yet he wouldn’t even allow them a sit down to make an offer, the last I heard he still wasn’t returning any calls from the team and his former team mates, and oh yeah, he showed everyone that he believes he’s above the game of baseball by opting out during game 4 of the WS!!! Damon was different again because he kept on saying it wasn’t about the money and that he’d never play for the Yanks. Hmm what happened there again? That’s why everyone has got some bad blood with Damon, because he flat out lied about the situation. As for someone’s comparison of the G38 situation with Lowell… what a joke. We’re talking about the absolute final season of a pitcher, who is totally settled in the area with his family (something Lowell is not) who just wants one final shot at the WS, without the hassle of relocation etc. Lowell on the other hand could conceivably be playing baseball for the next 5-6 years.

Fake edit: I think I agree with pretty much everything you say there 007.

simon. i didn’t say that he suggested he would “definitely be back”. although he has said repeatedly though that he loves it there and would love to be back there next year and beyond. sound familiar? i haven’t said one negative thing about the guy. in fact just the opposite. i don’t blame him for his position and i don’t blame boston/theo for taking theirs. fact is though IMO had they been willing to offer him 4 yrs he’d have signed already. i think one other issue is as long as you commit to lowell you’re essentially commiting to manny for that long because you need that “power” bat behind ortiz.

oh, and by all accounts the yankees did make a-rod an offer prior to the end of the season for an extension not a new deal altogther and he turned it down.

It’s funny because the #1 reason Sabathia won the Cy Young was because he had so many more IP than Beckett.

Turns out those extra 40 innings that CC threw in the regular season came back to haunt him in the postseason.

I don’t think anybody is too upset over Beckett finishing 2nd, it looks like he has a lot more dominant seasons ahead of him.

Here’s my solution to the 3B problem if Lowell leaves: put Jacoby in LF, Coco in CF, and have Manny play the hot corner. Problem solved.

On 13 Nov, 1009pm I suggested that Manny ought to mimic Youk i.e., that Youk shaved his beard for charity and that Manny should shave his head- not only for charity for the benefit of the Bosox as well. Additionalyy, management should take Manny to task and teach him to run out all balls that he hits- he is certainly paid enough to do this. The excuse that Manny is Manny doesn’t cut it Francona that’s your job.

I understand that there is an article that indicates that Arod might meet directly with the Yanks. The Yanks reportedly are willing to do this on condition that Boras is not in the room. If—and I say if— this is true, then perhaps Boras was and is, the problem. Or it could be be that Arod, now that Torre is gone, was waiting to see how things worked out with Posada and Rivera. As one would expect, with Lowell as a further example, that players today should do what is best for themselves. Unfortunately agents seem to be getting in the way. This does not excuse the players for not controlling their agents. Some players probably also use their agents as scapegoats to take the heat on unpopular decisions that they themselves actually make.In any case,it should be interesting to see how this plays out.

pangelotti. i wouldn’t put too much stock into that article. a-rod’s been with boras since he was 16. he was with NY for 4 yrs. i doubt he would put boras in that type of embarassing position for the yankees.

smck: I don’t know (about arods loyalty to Boras), let’s see, possibility of signing a great contract just by having him not in the room, or not signing a great contract, hmmm, $$$$’s $$$$’s $$$$’s… wonder where he’d go. I know I’d listen without him in a heartbeat.

Smckinney: The source that A-Rod is privately talking to the Steinbrenners is from Bill Madden of Daily News who allegedly has close ties with the Steinbrenner family.

ellen. he’s been with boras longer than most folks i know stay married so i’d say there’s some loyalty there but hey anything’s possible. it would be surprising with all that’s gone on there. maybe posada and rivera ( probably )coming back changed things. but i do know if it’s true it’s bad news for lowell and boston IMO. it means the yankees who would have been a stong bidder for mike might not be an option and it means boston will have to give up some good prospects for another quality 3B. the marlins and orioles would be excited.

A-Rod is probably talking to the Yanks because they are the one team that would be willing to pay him the $$$ he wants. And if Boras is smart he’ll keep a low profile if that’s what the Yanks require. He gets his % regardless. This is good for Mike and the Sox because the Yankees were most likely to give him a huge contract. The reason I like Lowell so much and feel the Sox should re-sign him is because he has a strong leadership presence for the kids, if he signs the Sox don’t have to give up their prospects and he’s a whole lot cheaper than A-Rod. Let’s face it, any owner outside of George has a limit to how much he can spend and Arod’s contract would take too much of the payroll. It’s just too much to commit to one person.
But I really think Lowell is gone. As smkinny said, Theo does not like to negotiate with a player that is already a Sox. He’ll overpay to get that player and then refuse to talk once the player becomes a free-agent. It’s just his style.

Oh, and yes, I know that the Sox offered Mike a fair deal and he is not likely to have a career year again and he is not the best 3rd baseman ever. BUT, it would be great if the Sox did not have to trade Buch, Ells, and Lester to replace what they already have– a proven winner at 3rd. Sometimes it just works out that way.

The baseball writers got the manager of the year award right, congrats because they certainly didn’t get the A.L. Cy Young winner right. Sabathia over Beckett, those writers look quite dumb after Sabathia looked awful in October and Beckett shined again when the lights were on in the month of Ocotber.

I would love to see #13 stay with the Yankees. Since he has been there the team has won 1 series in the playoffs ( Twins in 2004–A.L.D.S. ) That Yankee organazation right now doesn’t know if they are coming or going. From afar they look like they are in total dissaray.

it’s a tough call as i’ve said. you really have to look at potential free agents next year. i don’t think lowell LONG term makes this club BETTER offensively. plus manny is not getting any younger even if they pick up his option years. i don’t think they can afford to trade buch. the yankees in all liklihood will wind up with santana or CC after next year if not both. so you’ll need young good arms to stay ahead. maybe you go with a crede ( i curse the thought ) “type” guy next year and then throw $$$ at texiera. which would mean moving youk back to third i guess.

You have probably read the statement from A-Rod. It is highly likely that A-Rod will reunite with the Yanks.

bosox. i think you’re selling NY a lil short. the reason they’ve struggled in the playoffs since he got there is a lack of PITCHING. not so much offense. they’ve started to address that and will even more after next year. that’s why it’s ctitical for the sox to keep theirs. i think with re-upping a-rod ( if they do ) they know they’ll still likely struggle a lil next year but will be WELL positioned the following year with the resources to go after those 2 big time arms.

Ha Ha ! Miss October will be back with Next Year Yankees. A-Rod curse lives on!


You say I am selling the Yankees a lil short. I say you give them wayyyy tooooooo much credit. What have they done since he has been a member of the Yankees? The facts are the facts. If he is this all world/dominating player, at least they would have made it to the World Series. When he is in the playoffs, the guy melts like butter, once again the facts are the facts. You gotta call it the way you see it. Look at his post-season numbers from game 4–2004–A.L.C.S. to present, PATHETIC is one word to use. I would love to see him with the Yankees, that would be just great. That ownership/front office doesn’t even know what they want to do. If it is true about them negotating with #13 they look pretty dumb right now. Cashman has been saying for quite sometime now, if he opts out we will let him go. All of a sudden they are talking with #13 now. Talking about indescion, that is the Yankees right now.

bosox. we’ll see. i just never underestimate my chief rival as you seem to. that ALMOST cost them this year. what would you do about third for the sox next year? and/or subsequesnt years?

bosox, I am with you. Honestly I had initial illusion about having A-Rod at 3B if Lowell departs, not any more. Since the Yanks have brought A-Rod happiness, let the happiness continues for the rest of his playing career. I have been ambivalent about Lowell, not any more. Re-sign Lowell for whatever he wants unless Theo knows something that we don’t.


The sky is fallen attitude.

Whatever the Red Sox are doing is working. 2 titles in the 21st century after decades of nothing. They’re a franchise with a plan, unlike the Yankees. If the reports are true ( who knows what to believe or not to believe ) the Yankees look DUMB!!! A franchise without a vision/plan is a franchise that will not win a championship. With there $$$$ they will be in the playoffs but going all the way, highly unlikely. They think a team should be made of individuals, they won all there titles because they built a team. They’re just throwing $$$$ around with absolutely no plan at all. I’ll take the Red Sox ownership’s approach over the Yankees any day of the week. I wouldn’t have said that before Henry/Werner but I certainly will now, NO DOUBT!!! It is like comparing apples and oranges when talking about the ownership situation and the front office’s between the two.

A-Rod released a statement and said he has talked with Hank and Hal. No Boras in the discussions, not yet anyway. We shall see.

In case you haven’t read the statement –
Alex Rodriguez just released the following statement:

After spending time with Cynthia and my family over these last few weeks, it became clear to me that I needed to make an attempt to engage the Yankees regarding my future with the organization.

Prior to entering into serious negotiations with other clubs, I wanted the opportunity to share my thoughts directly with Yankees’ ownership. We know there are other opportunities for us, but Cynthia and I have a foundation with the club that has brought us comfort, stability and happiness.

As a result, I reached out to the Yankees through mutual friends and conveyed that message. I also understand that I had to respond to certain Yankees concerns, and I was receptive and understanding of that situation.

Cynthia and I have since spoken directly with the Steinbrenner family. During these healthy discussions, both sides were able to share honest feelings and hopes with one another, and we expect to continue this dialogue with the Yankees over the next few days.

bosox. you’re comical. what did i say that was “sky is falling” like? i simply said i think you underestimate the sox cheif rivals. you’d make a good yankee fan come to think of it. seriously though. i think they do have a plan. re-sign a-rod. go after santana and CC next year and TADA. a very comparable team to boston. maybe a lil older but COPARABLE. not syaing they’ll be better but much improved and very competitve.

bososx. you still didn’t answer my question. what would you do about third base for the sox next year and the next 3-4 yrs for that matter? just curious.

Haven’t posted in awhile but I am glad to see ARod most likely back in pinstripes. They couldn’t win with him and he will not be the reason if they do win one. He is an October bust and I’m glad the Sox have the best player in Oct. and the Yanks have the worst. Also you can cross them off the Mike Lowell sweepstakes and its one less team to worry about. That is unless they envision him at first base.

I hope Theo has not engaged in serious discussions with A-Rod or Bora$ at all or he will be terribly embarassed if A-Rod resigns with the Yanks. Re-sign Lowell!!


Mike Lowell at 3b.

Way to go arod, and I mean that’s the WAY TO GO, back to the Yankees!! YANKEE GO HOME!

Terry Francona finishes FOURTH in manager of the year voting. That’s OK, We’ve got the award that counts, and we didn’t get it by people voting for us. Our guys did it th eold fashioned way: THEY EARNED IT. From April 18th on, they were #1, but they are ALWAYS #1 in my heart!!!!

007, If Theo had had SERIOUS discussions with Borat/arod, somebody would have leaked it before now!~

Raj, did you find a way to get the petition to “someone of influence”??

bosox. so you think that this team as currently constructed with lowell at third and knowing manny at 36, if he’s here the next 3-4 yrs, ( unlikely BTW ) has only played 130 games on avg the last 2 can stay on top in the east? well if that happens ( lowell ) i hope you’re right. actually if a-rod is not an option i do hope they just find a decent body next year for third and go after texiera hard in free agency and move youk back to 3rd. as much as i hate to say that.

Alright guys,BoSox and Kinny calm down.Alright I can say Ide need to agree with Kinny a little.Looks like the Yankees are playing it smart this time around preserving their young starters by not trading them.They still have a wicked line up.Can never count them out. Now on the other hand,Yankee management would be foolish to just give A-Rod anything he wants.BoSox makes a point by pointing out bad decisions by Yankee front office management.So calm down guys.

Ok Mike Lowell may not be back …big deal….as people have already said, it was a careeer year in a contract year so don’t expect it to happen again if he does sign. As for Beckett and CC, it seems to me everyone is talking about those 41 more innings that CC pitched but what did it get him…..15 more K’s. 5 more no decisions, an era .05 pts lower(yay), and last but not least 1 less victory…….Beckett got robbed and the numbers prove it…..if Beck had those 41 innings its not inconceivable he would have gotten at least 2 more wins and about 20 or more K’s……..As for A-rod , let the yankee’s keep the arrogant piece of ****….he cant produce in Oct. and he ***** in the clubhouse!!!

Lowell is a first class third baseman. Hopefully an agreement will be made. Beckett got robbed indeed! Since the Cy Young Award
is voted upon by writers…so much for the clear vision of journalism! pfft

nczdog: welcome::Mikey might not be back,big deal???I don’t know what planet that you’ve been living on, or rock you’ve been under, but it is A GREAT BIG FREAKING DEAL!.here it is THEE BIG DEAL! Welcome to the HEART OF THE RED SOX NATION, BE CAREFUL, WATCH YOUR STEP, THAT FIRST ONE DOWN IS A REAL DOOZEY.

nczdog: Ready to shave any of your extra body hair?? They do that here. Be afraid, be VERYYYYY AFRAID!

It appears that A-Rod will sign a 10 yr deal for $275M with the Next Year Yankees. They deserve each other. So the A-Rod option is fortunately out of the window. Sorry smckinny.
Lowell is not likely to return, though I wish he does.

The other viable option is to acquire Miguel Cabrera who is young (24 yrs old) and a damned good power hitter (good OBP too) and is working out into shape during the off season. We don’t want to give up Tacoby, Buchholz, Lester for Cabrera. What else can we do??

It’s not just the 3B problem but also a consideration for the not too distant future power void vacated by Manny’s departure.

B/W, the Yanks confirmed that it has actively engaged Lowell or his agent re playing Lowell at 1st base.

007. that’s my point about just finding a body to put at third next year. and going after a texiera possibly in free agency. to get cabrerra, whom i would love to have, you probably have to start with buch and add a couple of other pieces. his price may go down after next year as his salary will go up even more and he’ll only have 1 yr left in fla. if they would take say coco, and 2 -3 minor league pitching prospects this year i’d be all for it. i’ll say it again lowell is a good solid player. but LONG term he deos not make this team better. third base and/or first, dep on what you do with youk, are the only spots that aren’t pretty much locked up for the next 2-3 years. tor and NY will improve. this team needs to get BETTER offensively to stay on top IMO because the yankees have decent young pitching now. they also have about 50MM they were paying pettite, clemens, and mussina to throw at CC and santana after next year. i’m not saying you have to react to every move the yankees make but you certainly have to be aware of what your chief competition is up to in order to stay ahead of them.

smckinny: Reports are that the Braves will be pushing very very hard to get Texiera to sign a new contract during the season, considering how much they gave up for him. I can’t see him hitting the open market next season.

As for our 3rd base options for next year, if Lowell is going to insist on a fourth year then the FO needs to be strong and say no imo. They did so with Damon, Pedro & Lowe and they have been vindicated in every case.

I’m now beginning to lean towards trading for some young talent not named Cabrera if it means we can keep Jacoby & Buch. I wouldn’t be too upset with either of the following; Adrian Gonzalez (San Diego), LaRoche or Loney (both Dodgers) Connor Jackson (Dbacks) or even Ian Stewart of the Rocks. A few are 1B but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem moving Youks over to 3rd.


Are you suicidal yet, your man crush hero is going to sign back with Hank and Hal.

That leaves Lowell out of N.Y. A report had the Yankees interested in Lowell as a first baseman, that isn’t going to happen. Braves? Angels? Cards? I’m sure there will be a few more teams interested in the near future.

simon. tex is also a boras guy. very rare that anyone he reps inks a deal before testing the water to guage his market value. i agree moving youk to third while not ideal shouldn’t be too much of an issue. but you would have to get an AWFULLY good first baseman to make it worthwhile IMO.

no bosox i’ll survive. i just hope theo doesn’t take your advise and offer lowell that 4th year. personally i’ve always kinda had the feeling lowell wanted to go to NY so that’ll be interesting. why would the braves want him? they have chipper and tex. my guess is philly. he ( lowell ) needs to go to a very hitter friendly ball park otherwise those shots that went off the wall in fenway are routine fly balls.

I think I would become physically ill if Lowell signed on as the Yankees 1B.


If Theo ever took my advice, he would need to be drug tested for sure. lol…

I wouldn’t give Lowell a 4 year contract, don’t count me among those.

I have always thought Philly would be the ideal fit for Lowell. They need some veteran leadership, a guy that has been there before. Also they need a righty bat, to help out Howard and Utley. Lowell would put up big numbers in Philly, he would hit 30 or more homers there. That place is tiny. Gillick has stated they’re not in the market for a third basemen, of course he could change his mind.

Texeria was originally drafted by the Red Sox. He had a problem with a Sox scout ( Wayne Britton—he is nom longer there ) Texeria and his family weren’t too happy with him, if I remember the story correct. Of course new ownership now so I am sure his mind has changed since.

I would assume the Braves would lock up Texeria, they gave alot up to get him. They’re not going to let him go and be a Brave for 1.5 years. They’re too smart for that.

Zachary: I’ve gotta say that if the Yanks offer Lowell 4 years to play 1st I would find it hilarious. He’s not really that suited to Yankee stadium (or the new one that’s being built), and he’d be playing a position he’s never played before in his life. Not a recipe for success. Plus you’ve gotta think down the line about how old this team is going to be. 3 days ago weren’t all Yankee fans saying it was fine to sign Posada to 4 years, as he’ll be able to play DH & 1B after year 2, guess that 1B option will be off the table. Also what about Jeter? They need to clear 1B for him as well at some point, because he is just absolutely dreadful as ****. They might get a year or two max out of these signings, then it will fall apart. It’s gonna be brilliant.

EDIT: To top it off I’ve just seen a report that Rivera wants 4 years from the Yanks. This is after they offered him 3/45!!! Please please make this happen Yankees.

If Lowell signs with Yanks to play 1B, I’ll take back all the good things I said about him. If Lowell returns to the Sox for less $$ and year, it proves he really cares and loves the Red Sox.
smckinny, would you sign A-Rod for 10/275? If so, call the FO and make a last minute move as the Yanks did to the Sox on the Damon deal.

bosox. tex is going to get appx 20mm/yr s a free agent. no way the braves can afford that.

007. i would but it would prob take close to 300MM to get him to change his mind.

zach. let the JOE CREDE era at third base begin. actually that’s probably the best route to take. UNLESS they can get somebody like gonzalez from SD and move youk to third as somebody said earlier.

I don’t see why Lowell would sign on to play first with the Yanks when a handful of other teams would take him at third. He has proven to be a gold glove caliber third baseman and if he were to wind up in New York, ARod should be the one that is moved.

I still see him going back to Boston. You could say he made a name for himself in Florida but had he never gotten traded 2 years ago he wouldn’t be getting this much attention on the FA market. He has got too much of a good thing going in Boston and I don’t see him as the kind of person to go chasing the money and sacrificing a chance at a championship(s). However I have been wrong before (see: Damon, Johnny).


Joe Crede at third? Are you feeling o.k.? That is your alternative, come on now. I think that is probably Plan E for the Red Sox.

if mike lowell goes to the yankees and becomes a freakin’ first basemen, i’ll be sick. i’d like to believe that he’s too nice of a guy to do something ridiculous like that, but since he’s been so quiet i’m not quite sure.

he doesn’t appear to be shady when it comes to negotiations, but i don’t see why the red sox deal wasn’t good enough to accept right then? if he really liked playing here, i think he would have taken it. he’s never had a year like he had this year and he probably never will again.

it’s hard for me to think that an offer of over 10 million a year isn’t good enough for some people and they have to look elsewhere. either way, you’re set for life in the money department and u’ll have seen more money in 1 year than most people will see in a lifetime.

If Lowell doesn’t return, make room for Joe Crede at 3B baby!

I’m telling you, it’s better than paying A-Rod $300 million/suffering through watching him in a Boston uniform or losing some combination of Buchholz, Lester, and Ellsbury for Fat Miggy.

If Lowell doesn’t return, I am still hopeful that he will (wishful thinking?), I will fill the 3B vacancy internally, i.e, move Youk to 3B and develop B Moss at 1B. Forget about FA and the trade.

So who does the team give up to get Joe Crede? From what I checked, he’s not a FA right? So going on that route, there is simply no way you give up good talent for him. No way.

Besides, I think the Red Sox might want to simply have a temporary option for 2008 at 1B and move Youk to 3B instead of letting prized prospects go. The idea of developing Moss at 1B this winter may pay-off more dividends than we could imagine if Lowell is not re-signed. IMHO, that’s higher on the list than Joe Crede.

Again, I seriously still think Lowell is trying to go out and figure out his market value. Then, bring that back to the Red Sox and perhaps negotiate from there. I read a column on ESPN.com by Sean McAdam and he does bring up a few valid points.

Here’s the article:


However, his argument for not signing Mike Lowell because of past research by the Red Sox on age 30+ players in way makes you think about the flaws about that reasoning. If we look at the Pedro and Damon examples, they both had injury histories that eventually were going to come and bite them. We have already seen that now happen. However, Lowell, from what I’ve read, has been quite durable minus the cancer scare he had.

Several people have already brought it up that even if he goes to the Yankees as their 1B, Yankee Stadium (and even the new one being built), could turn his doubles off the wall into routine pop-fly balls, especially as he gets older. Sure, when Lowell started here, people wondered if he could re-start his career here. The major point that was mentioned was the fact that the Green Monster would help him become a better hitter. To a degree it had to; just look at his home and away average and you’ll see that Mike hit roughly .100 points higher at home. Now the number of doubles were higher away, then look at last season, and they were even. So Fenway Park had to have somehow helped him become a better hitter (along with the coaches, etc.).

My point is that IMHO, he’d age better in a park that is conducive to his hitting in the long run. Right now, he’s roughly about .60-70 points better at Fenway Park than at Yankee Stadium, but eventually in the later years of his contract, it could hurt him.

The second question is, does he want to switch positions and learn 1B? That can be a big deal. How much? We don’t know.

@007chow: Moss at 1B is an option yes, but I think Red Sox Brass want him to learn the position only so he is a bit more versatile and then this way, he can be a bench player next season. He’s got too good of an arm, from what I’ve heard, for him not to be in the outfield eventually.

I’ve e-mailed Ian about where to send the petition but I’m worried it might have gone to his SPAM folder in his e-mail. So I’ll try again tonight.

So close to 20k…




man, i can’t believe the red sox are raising ticket prices. oh well, i’ll just sit in the online waiting room for 4 hours again and only be able to get bleacher seats for a tampa bay game. gotta love that!

Lowell has received 4 year offer between $55M-60M from other teams, Yankees included. If you were Theo, what would you do? Match it or forget about it?

007. run like the wind. no way he’s worth that. not even close. he hit 100 pts higher at fenway than on the road. even with his year last year he’s till a career .280 hitter. again just because they gave JD stupid $$$ no reason to duplicate it.

zach. it’s not better than paying a-rod IMO BUT it is better than gutting your farm system ( epecially good young arms ) for cabrerra. brandon moss is not the answer at first. he might be very good but i doubt he’s close to gonzalez and DEFINITELY not texiera.

bosox. give me a better option. he’ll prob cost you coco and maybe a minor leaguer. there might be a better option for first base but not third. as much as i can’t believe i’m saying it. if you can get a gonzalez or maybe re-visit the helton deal okay. but otherwise there just isn’t much out there in terms of corner infielders until tex hits the market. i mean would you really want scott rolen? no thanks. just ride it out next year with a decent glove and maybe you get lucky in terms of the bat. it happened with lowell. fla would have given him away for just somebody picking up his contract and had no takers.

@smckinny: Exactly. I don’t think Moss is the answer at 1B either, but as a solution for a season, I think so.

Woah! Bond indicted:





ellen: Last I checked I come from the planet earth and haven’t lived under any rocks…As a Red Sox fan for the 40 yrs of my life,I have seen the Old Guard ownership stick with aging veterans to long. This new ownership is correct in there dealings by not giving long term contracts to players of Lowell’s age and so far it has worked out exactly like they knew it would ( ie; Damon and Pedro). I personally would like to see Lowell back, but for three yrs and maybe a 4th yr club option. Should he leave, I trust that Theo has a back up plan already in mind…so no its no big deal if he leaves. What will be a big deal is whether he signs for more money than we offered. If that is the case then we know it’s about money and not loyalty for a team that salvaged his declining career.

i don’t think there’s any doubt that theo & co. have a back up plan. but what that plan is is the big ?. theo’s trade decision’s, except for schilling, have not been very good. not that there have been many of them. as much as i would covet cabrerra’s off potential i just think you can’t afford to give up what fla is going to want. looking at what they’ve floated from the dodgers and angels it’s just crazy IMO. ride it out for next year and pay tex what ever it costs to play first. move youk back to third and be done with it. losing lowell isn’t worth panicing over for the long term.

If we are going to presume that Lowell will not be returning to the Sox, and that A-Rod will stick with NY, is there any logic to bringing back Hinske at a significantly reduced salary, playing him at 3rd, and backing him up at 3rd with Jed Lowrie? I know Lowrie has been playing SS…or reacquiring Royce Clayton as a back-up?

Alternatively, does anyone think that CoCo would be sufficient trade bait to net either Joe Crede or Scott Rolen?

If Lowell leaves, I see Chris Carter at 1B with Youkilis at 3B. Last I looked, Chris was on fire in Venezuela. And I liked him in the D’Backs farm also. Besides the Sox could use more balance with a good left hand bat.

Chris Carter at 1B, let’s hope not.

I don’t think Lowell has had an offer yet. Teams have contacted him but haven’t offered a contract yet, just a hunch.

I wouldn’t want Hinske back. The Sox haven’t even offered Hinkse a contract and from what I read regarding Hinske, he hasn’t even heard from the Red Sox. Time for Hinske to move on.

zach has me convinced, JOE CREDE BABY!! seriously, unless they can get a 1B like gonzalez i don’t see any other options that are worth what they cost personally. SD needs a center fielder so maybe coco and a couple of prospects for gonzalez or kouzminoff ( they also have ensberg ) might work. otherwise just throw a glove out there for next year and throw big $$$ at tex after next year. bosox, he’s ( tex ) my new a-rod!

OK, BSBrian I’ll bite, why not?

carter might actuallu be an option. he obviously has decent power. he’s 25 so to paraphrase jesse jackson. if not him who, if not now when?

bosox. they are better off risking it next year at 3rd or 1st and signing tex than commiting to lowell for 3 yrs IMO. especially at the asking price.


Your man crush now is on Texeria, now that is funny.

He was suppose to be the savior for the Braves but he can’t pitch as the Braves found out.

Blaylock at 3b? Anyone…

Texas won’t give up Blaylock easily. You don’t want to give up Crisp and a young arm do you?

@ Raj
I noticed some sick things on the petition between numbers 19655/19556.

Does anyone think the Sox will outbid the EE for Texiera.


You don’t even know if your hero Texeria will be a free agent. If I had to take a guess I would say he will be a free agent, his agent is Boras.

The Red Sox have options, of course Youklis can go to 3B and the Sox could grab a 1B.

And the Padres won’t give up any of the few good bats they have.

I wouldn’t go overboard for Blaylock but Texas would listen if the deal was good. The Sox have had some dealings with the Rangers, so it is obvious Daniels ( Rangers G.M. ) and Theo get along. That can only help.

Crisp for Blaylock for sure. Depends what else is involved.

Get Laird and Blaylock in a deal together. Time for Theo to be creative if Lowell doesn’t come back.


Your hero is officially signed. Hank and Hal have done it, those 2 are just so freaking smart. NOT!!

So, you like sending Gabbard (who will give the Yanks fits in Texas) plus others for rent-a Gagne? Theo won’t do that again soon.

Theo could deal with Texas again, why wouldn’t he?

There has been talk that they could get Laird as there backup catcher, while they’re there they might as well try to grab Blaylock and get a package deal going. Texas needs to rebuild.

Agree Theo would deal with Texas again, but not so one sidedly.

Who would you be willing to send?

@vmvredsox21: Thanks for the heads up. Not sure if you did e-mail me about it, but if so, next time simply e-mail me.

I’m about to block random signatures and make it that I have to approve them. I’ll probably do that once it hits 20k.

Again if anybody else sees anything offensive on the petition, just e-mail me and let me know.

Hopefully Texas doesn’t try to rip us off like with the Gagne trade; although I think that was more of the Red Sox Brass’ fault, IMHO.




Yes, that sounded like Loco Lucchino to me, not Theo.

Hop aboard the Joe Crede Express, smckinny and I have made plenty of room.

Seriously though, I don’t see any other options for next year and would like to avoid moving Youkilis back to 3B at all costs considering his value as a 1B (Gold Glove, 0 errors).

And I don’t think that the Padres would even consider giving up Gonzalez considering he’s their only true power threat. The rest of that lineup is full of singles hitters playing in a big yard.

Are the White Sox in the market for a flashy CF and a full-of-potential relief pitcher? Because Coco/Hansen for Crede is looking mighty good right now if Lowell continues to stray away from Boston’s offer.

Just don’t pitch Hansen against the Yanks.

Just don’t pitch Hansen against the Yanks.

@Zachary: I think the Coco/Hansen (or insert other relief prospect here) trade for Crede might be the only real viable one here.

Perhaps a similar trade could work in getting Hank Blalock from Texas as well. After all, doesn’t Texas need a CF as well?

I just re-sent Ian an e-mail asking him about how I could go about sending the petition to where I want it to go. After all, he’s our Red Sox beat-writer. He should have some sources.🙂




If Lowell does not return to the Sox, I like the idea of acquiring Todd Helton from Colorado. They are interested in Julian Tavarez. Chris Carter has trade value. The Sox would likely have to part with one top prospect. I wouldn’t deal Buchholz, Ellsbury, Lester or Delcarmen, but I would give up Jed Lowrie, Bowden or Masterson.



I don’t like the idea of Crede, Blalock or Rolen. They are injury prone. Helton is more durable. Atkins is awful on defense. Helton makes the most sense if the Rockies still want to get rid of his contract.

@Jeff: If the team trades Jed Lowrie, who else is there at the SS position (in the farm system) that could possibly be ready at the end of Julio Lugo’s contract?

Trading for Helton is a bit much, don’t you think? He’s roughly 37 years of age and he’s got 2-3 years left on his contract along with a club option at the end of it. Sure he’s been a great 1B for the Rockies but how long will he be that good?




Helton will not waive his 10/5 for a hugh city life or he’d be long gone from Denver

The Rockies aren’t going to trade Helton. After the season they just had, he is the face of the franchise. So we might as well forget about Helton, also the Rockies aren’t going to eat part of that contract. That was proven last winter.

Carter was just dealt for Willy Mo Pena this past summer so I don’t think his trade value is too high.

Kohansky may be available, but I think Carter is his equal.

not that i’m advocating it but helton is essentially the same age as lowell. only a few months older not 37 as stated by someone. face it folks without giving up a TON of prospects a-rod was the only difference maker out there. if your theo you just gotta settle for someone and make a splash next year hopefully. blalock or crede ar the right price are worth a gamble IMO. just a bridge to next year/texiera. rolen, **** NO. he’ll get hurt gettin off the bus somewhere in spring training.

@smckinny: Yeah I can’t count. Guess that’s what happens when you take Nyquil too early🙂

And I’m with you on this, NO WAY to Rolen. He’s more injury prone than a drunkard on an unicycle.




zach. the only reason’s i would disagree with you are 1) SD’s park is built for pitching and 2) their ownership/FO is more concerned with profit margins than winning. they might entertain a decent offer of coco & prospects for gonzalez. if they would cool. otherwise. no thanks. he’s not worth any of the top guys. i.e. ells or buch.

Since everyone is throwing names around, and presumeably age may not preclude someone- what about Jim Thome (assuming he is healthy and can become available). He usually crushes the Sox. If he is well, he could play first with Youk moving to third.

Rolen—No way…

A great defensive 3B but one of the more over-rated bats of the last 10 years. Not too mention he is a prima donna and yes he would get hurt rolling out of bed.

Raj, Helton is 34, not 37. The Sox have a couple top shortstop prospects at Single A. Will Middlebrooks is one. Oscar Tejeda is another. The Rockies will definitely still part with Helton. They have a couple prospects ready, one of which is Jeff Baker. They want to shed Helton’s contract. They are also talking about dealing Atkins. Monfort doesn’t care that Helton is the face of the franchise. He desperately wants to unload Helton.

Carter has trade value because he was stuck behind Conor Jackson and another top prospect in Arizona’s farm system. That is the only reason Arizona traded him. Washington gave the D-backs a prospect as part of the three-way deal with the Sox. Chances are, he or Brandon Moss will stick with the Sox as the backup first baseman and corner outfielder (the role that Hinske had in 2007). Epstein likes Carter a lot, so it makes sense that other GMs do as well.

I prefer Lowell at third and Youkilis at first in 2008, but if that doesn’t happen, Helton at first and Youkilis at third is a viable option.

@Jeff: Yeah, yeah, I know I mis-counted Helton’s age😛

I’m sick and tired; Nyquil doesn’t help any either, lol.😛

Perhaps it’s time baseball take a break for me and I hit the hay.




Having Jim Thome play 1B would be a defensive downgrade from sticking Papi there.

I know we’re all focused on the 3B situation, but to digress about the other position players for a minute…everybody always raves about Moss’ arm so I think it would be best to have him in the 4th OF role this season. Although I believe Gabe Kapler is attempting a comeback and it would be awesome to see him back with the team.

And if it was up to me, I would let Carter get some big league experience backing up Youkilis at 1B, you always hear about his potential so if this 3B situation doesn’t work itself out, see if Carter might be the future at 1B (and if so) move Youk across the diamond to 3B, as much as I hate to say it.

Great news about A-Rod re-signing with the Yankees. I can’t wait to see the reaction he gets in the Bronx. All of my friends who are Yankee fans did everything but throw him under the bus once he announced he was opting out, now they have to pretend to love him again like nothing happened. It’s like a 275 million pound elephant in the room.

A 275 million pound elephant, lol…That is fairly accurate.

I don’t think the Rockies will trade Helton.

Just because Theo likes a player doesn’t mean other g.m.’s will. To me that makes no sense at all.

Moss will be the Hinske of 2008. Hopefully he’ll be more productive than Hinske. Hinkse had some good moments but for the most part he wasn’t too good coming off the bench. Moss is playing 1B down at winter ball, to make himself more versatile.

Carter is not going to fetch much in return if he was dealt. Jeff, the way you talk about him he is a top prospect, I just don’t see it. His projection is nothing but a backup and maybe a little more than that.

There still is a chance for Lowell to be back. No team has offered him a contract as of yet. Those reports out of Boston are obviously off. ( Channel 7 in Boston )

Zany Zach,

Your friends won’t be there on opening day. I predict a standing O. The only thing louder will be the boos his first game at Fenway.

So, as a Yankee fan, you have no problem with the blatant lies being told by the Steinbrenner Boys? You’re just going to pretend like the past 3 weeks didn’t happen? And I quote:

“It’s clear he didn’t want to be a Yankee. He doesn’t understand the privilege of being a Yankee on a team where the owners are willing to pay $200 million to put a winning product on the field.

I don’t want anybody on my team that doesn’t want to be a Yankee.

We’re not going to back down. It’s goodbye.”

I really am getting a huge kick out of this drama that’s unfolding. I hope that the Yankees do give Rivera that 4th year he’s asking for. Coupled with the 4 years they’ve given Posada and their aging position players, I’m happy to see the new Yankee philosophy is really being implemented…

Brian, what I meant about Epstein is that if a respected baseball mind like his values Carter, chances are there are other GMs who feel the same way. I never said Carter would attract a lot of interest alone in a trade. He would be ideal to include in the right package. So he does have trade value.

Look into Carter’s background. He would be in Arizona if not for Conor Jackson and another top first baseman prospect whose name escapes me. Carter is well-respected for his bat, but his defense is average. He is not as highly rated as Lars Anderson, who will likely be the Sox first baseman by 2010, but Carter is highly regarded. Since the Sox have Anderson and Aaron Bates as other top first base prospects, they could include Carter in a package deal if it made sense for the other team.

Interestingly, Moss is not playing much first base in winter ball. Both Moss and Carter are hitting well in their respective winter leagues. Moss is a much better defensive outfielder, while Carter is so-so as a left fielder and so-so as a first baseman. If Moss can pick up the footwork and glovework at first base, it would seem that he would have the edge over Carter to fill the Hinske role. Carter and Moss are both left-handed hitters, so the Sox won’t keep both on the big league roster. They still need to get a right-handed hitting extra outfielder. Not sure if they will resign Kielty, or if they will trade for or sign someone else.

I am hoping that Lowell does return. I would rather that no top prospects are traded. I like the depth in the rotation, and I like Bowden and Masterson.



Back in September the Red Sox were talking about Moss as a 1B during winter ball, apparently not. An athlete with the name of Moss in New England is a good thing.

Shannon Stewart could be the extra outfielder.

I am like you Jeff, I would like to see Lowell return as well. He is not going to go to N.Y. and play 1B. I still think Philly should go after him, he would be a perfect fit there, just like he is with the Red Sox. He was there M.V.P. in 2007, no doubt.

Hey Bosoxbrian:

What were you saying about Oregon being the 2nd best team in the country? I know I have to tread carefully here, because the Bucks lost a winnable home game vs. the Illini, but if that was simply a bump in the road, as I believe it was, and they take care of business in Ann Arbor tomorrow, it will go to demonstrate that if you are going to lose an NCAA football game, you have to do it early in the season, as LSU did, and not late in the season as Ohio State did.

If Missouri beats Kansas in their upcoming game, you will have a bunch of 1-loss teams to chose from as title game opponents. Other than some gut level feeling that one’s conference is stronger than another, there is very little to distinguish them.

Dixon went down and that was all she wrote for the Ducks. That team melted and Dixon’s Heisman went bye-bye. I still say Michigan will beat Ohio State. Ohio State’s run D got smoked vs Illinois.

L.S.U. should be there but if they play Georgia in the S.E.C. Championship game, the Dawgs might take them. Georgia’s offense is rolling right now.

Tebow is looking good for the Heisman, the nations best player. I will here it from alot of Gator fans around here but the kid is special. You know all about the Gators don’t you?

It’s a huge shame that the government couldn’t pull this indictment together a few months sooner. Would have been better if Bonds got stalled a few homers shy of Aaron. Well, at least the asterisk should help.

if i remeber correctly weren’t the mariners supposedly shopping beltre? he might be an option an third. well if that JOE CREDE thing doesn’t work. seriously though i think he’s still pretty young and has more power than lowell.


Beltre? The 1 year wonder. Just what the Red Sox need a big contract on there hands, thanks but no thanks. I think he looks great in Seattle not Boston.

i said if the joe crede thing doesn’t happen! actually i checked he’ll only be 29 next year. plays good defense and has gotten better each year in seattle. he wouldn’t be a bad option. i think he only has a couple years left on that deal so he might come cheap in terms of players sent to seattle. better than lowell IMO. oh BTW espn is reporting the yankee’s have offered lowell 4/50-55mm to play first. now that is crazy. let him go theo, just walk away!

I don’t see Crede or Beltre being traded to Boston, unlikely.

Lowell isn’t going to go to N.Y. as a 1B. He has more options than that, nice try by Hank and Hal but not going to happen.

Lowell just MIGHT to go NY. Every man has his price. Just ask Damon. So he has to change positions? An few extra mil would do it for me, too.

bosox. according to you it looks like the sox are only going to have 3 infielders next year as you don’t see anybody coming to boston. i know it’s not the popular opinion but personally i hope lowell does move on. he’s gonna be a lot closer over he next 3-4 yrs to what he was last year than this one. i would bet he won’t even give you that much. guys not named barry bonds don’t get better in their mid-30’s. i think this team needs to upgrade offensively at 1st or 3rd to stay on top and if you ink him for 3-4 that’s not gonna happen.

Professionally, Lowell is better off staying with the Sox (are you listening Mikey?). Fenway salvaged his career. He may have a couple of “good” years ahead with the champion Sox. If he chases the mighty $$$ and plays elsewhere (possibly except the Phillies), it would be the beginning of the end of his extinguished (I mean distinguished) career. The offers have been made by the teams, why it takes so long for Lowell to decide one way or the other?


Actually with Ellsbury in c.f. The Red Sox can play with 2 o.f.’s. LOL…

Crede, Beltre, why not Chris Stynes smckinny? You’ll name every 3B available, you might be right on one of them eventually. I heard Boggs over in Tampa is trying to make a comeback, better yet how about Butch Hobson. LOL…

Blaylock, depending on what you would have to give up.

Lowell for a 3 year contract and maybe a club option for the 4th year.

Acquirre a 1B and move Youklis over to 3B, I am not in favor of that but if you have to.

Sox have options and that is a great thing. I’m sure Theo will make the right move, I have confidence in the baseball ops dept.

I keep seeing people mention the money, making comments like “I’d move to 1B for a couple mill,” and such. No offense, but we don’t have the same perspective as the players. Sure, for a million dollars I’d clean the floors in a pig barn with a toothbrush for a year. But I don’t already make multiple millions of dollars. I think the upper echelon players see the money much the same way as corporate CEOs view it: it’s just another way of keeping score.

We’d all like to think that Mike Lowell seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t have a big ego and ought to be a loyal player, but professional athletes ALL have big egos. It’s part of what makes them good at what they do. So if you’re one of the best of the best (or think you are), the way (or at least one of the easiest ways) you measure that is by how much you get paid.

Then there’s the pressure from the player’s union. They were a huge part of why A-Rod didn’t wind up in a Boston uniform. They objected to the proposed deal, in large part because of the effect it would have on other players’ salaries. The way they see it, bigger salaries for the best players set the table for lower tier players to have their salaries increase as well.


Speaking of salaries, I was watching a baseball documentary called “A Player to Be Named Later,” which was made in 2005. Pretty good movie about minor league players and their hopes for making the bigs. Anyway, one of the stats they showed was the following:

The average Triple A player makes $40,000 a year.

The average Major League player makes $75,000 a week.

I had no idea there was that big a difference between the top end of the minors and the the majors. I had to go back and double check to make sure they weren’t talking about the average minor league salary, and indeed they indicated it was just Triple A. Of course, there are signing bonuses and all that, but it’s pretty eye-opening to see how little a minor league player makes. I can’t imagine what a Rookie League player gets.

Good point, Brian, but again, unless Mikey’s got a tremendous amount of loyalty over his love for the big $, and can see that he is an intricate part of the Sox nucleus (see: team), I doubt he’ll stay. Damon was on the downside of his career when he left. Bosox fans fell apart once he split, but does anyone really miss him? Coco made us forget J.D. with his defense and Ellsbury will soon displace both of them. I, for one, really enjoy watching Coco roam center, as well as his quirky batting stance. I just wish Boston hadn’t given so much time and money to Lugo and Drew. Theye’ve got some tremendous prospects climbing the farm ladder so if Mikey moves on, they can (will) prevail. Lowell won’t get Boston back to the World Series. He’s merely one piece of the puzzle and without steady contributions from ALL positions, one WS MVP will not a difference make. Just look what happened down in NY this year? A-Rod carried that team on his shoulders and it still wasn’t good enough. If Lowell wants to follow the money to play with a collection of individual superstars, more power to him and his bank account. Teamwork still wins out. Watch out for those Rockies if they figure out how to win ALL year.

I agree with the assessment that Lowell will have some solid years in Boston (maybe not equal to this year, but may so, who knows?), but if he goes anywhere else, figure him to fly under the radar…

Robnbetsy: if loyalty means nothing to the players, then ‘splain Shilling to me. Please.

robnbetsy: Interesting take on how thinking you’re one of the best of the best (ego)determines how much you are paid. As CFO of my company, I determine pay rate on performance and initiative, not on what one thinks of himself. Low performance? Do better or hit the door, regardless of your ego.

On the other hand, with guaranteed contracts at the professional level being what they are, it’s easy to see why players become spoiled and coddled. In the real world, there are no guarantees. I can’t imagine a career choice where you can perform at a .300 or better rate and be considered a superstar.

I climbed the ladder, just as those young players (at 40k a year) are doing. I was rewarded for my performance. I am in a position now that requires me to CONTINUE to perform at this level, not get complacent and wait for the next young talent to come along and displace me. If MLB players had more incentive-laden contracts and less guarantees, you’d see a tremendous change in attitude, ego and performance. All Schill has to do now is join Weight Watchers, keep himself in shape and he “earns” an extra 2 mil.

Zany Zach,

Just picking this back up after a good sleep. You can speculate all you want about who I root for, but, it’s just logical that the Yankee crowd on opening day will cheer A-Rod’s return. As at Fenway, opening day is the day that season ticket holders generally fill their own seats. Since those able to afford season tickets are presumed less offended by high level financial/salary negotiations they figure to be more accepting. I dismiss the rhetoric as just that.


The Florida Gators — isn’t that the team that beat the Ohio State basketball team in the NCAA finals?

Let me bring one in from out in left field. How long is Alex Gonzalez committed with the Reds? Any chance of bringing him and then having either him or Lugo move to 3rd base (the old A-Rod switcheroo)? I remember Gonzalez as a virtual vaccuum cleaner for the Sox, he had a good year this past year and could well be a price bargain. With the modest year he had this year, perhaps Lugo might suppress his ego and agree to make the switch.

I know that the Sox front office seems to think “you can never go home again — ie, once the door closes, it closes — but I thought they were a bit hasty giving up on Gonzalez, as they were reaching for Lugo.

Also, with Gonzalez, they could save up some of their sheckles this year, and get ready to go after a “big bopper” in case they have to replace Manny next year.

Just a thought — any takers?

Gonzalez was certainly a vacuum at s.s. in 2006. I believe he has 2 more years left in his contract.

I would like to see that scenario but with Orlando Cabrera, I don’t think the Angels will go for that. Cabrera was one of those guys Theo should have never let go. Cabrera is in the final year of his contract.


LOL, on the Gator response, I’m not a fan of there’s, way too many Gator fans around here for me. Tebow is certainly the best player in college football. He would get my Heisman vote.

Michigan 24

Ohio State 23

sorry to Jeff and dbenjamin–I guess Jeff there will some tears in your protein drink on Sunday morning.

Does Lloyd Carr save his job with a win? If I was Ohio State I would want Carr back. Miles could be his replacement ( A Michigan alum–O.L. for Bo back way back in the day ) That could be trouble for Ohio State if Michigan got a real coach.

bosox. i’m firmly on the joe crede band wagon with zach now. for 1 year anyway. i’m still amazed every time i say that. i was just throwing out a few options. signing lowell for 3 guaranteed years IMO would be a MAJOR mistake. for one major reason. they really don’t have anyone tradeable. or that you would wanna trade at any of the other spots therefore if you give lowell that deal this team is what it was this year for 3 more years. manny would be 39 and lowell 37 and i don’t think that will be good enough to stay on top. 3rd and/or 1st are your spots avail to upgrade. lowell isn’t an upgrade. they’ll prob get a lil more from a few guys next year ells and manny most notably but overall with him they stays about the same. i like the guy but looking at it from a pure baseball standpoint you have to take advantage of your opp’s to get better. if that means using next year as an experiment at third so be it.

you are right about tebow though. he’s easily the best player in college ball. bext i’ve seen in a long time.

I’m glad to know that someone else feels the way I do — that Theo made a terrible mistake letting Orlando Cabrera go at $6 Mil, in favor of Renteria @ $9 Mil.

On another front, could the Yankees realistically ask A-Rod to move to 1st base if they netted Lowell, given that Lowell is better defensively. Don’t misunderstand, I would like to see Lowell wind up with the Sox, but I’m concerned that gets less and less likely with each pasing day.

I’m unclear why smckinney finds the Sox remaining with their basic group of players is a bad thing. Youkilis, a third year player, is likely to get better. Ellsbury, who would actually be a rookie next year, is likely to upgrade the Sox performance at center field. But where the “stay pat” Sox really get better is there pitching staff. Lester will be another year beyond his health problem. Buchholz will have an entire year in the majors. I believe, particularly after his post-season experience, we will see a different, better Dice-K next year.

As to individual performers, Manny, Big Papi, Lugo and Drew did not have career years. Any one of them could have a better year than they did in 2007. But lets face it. Their performance in 2007 was sufficient to win the most games any major league team won.

Who will be better — its fun watching the Yankees overpay to hold onto their current roster of players. They are likely to head into Spring Training with 3 rookie starters, 1 as the No. 1 starter on the staff. If they go after the premiere arms in MLB, they are going to have to part with their young arms to get those acquisitions done.

The Indians will spend much of their Winter trying to get Sabathia to commit to a long term deal at a hometown discount. They will also have to replace Trot in right field, and Kenny Lofton in left field. Given their restricted budget, this will be a major challenge.

While the Tigers picked up Renteria, I was happy to see him leave Boston. I recognize he had a career year with Atlanta last year, but I think he performs better in the NL than the AL.

I think the Sox are perfectly suited to make another run at the WS next year.

I’m glad to know that someone else feels the way I do — that Theo made a terrible mistake letting Orlando Cabrera go at $6 Mil, in favor of Renteria @ $9 Mil.

On another front, could the Yankees realistically ask A-Rod to move to 1st base if they netted Lowell, given that Lowell is better defensively. Don’t misunderstand, I would like to see Lowell wind up with the Sox, but I’m concerned that gets less and less likely with each pasing day.

I’m unclear why smckinney finds the Sox remaining with their basic group of players is a bad thing. Youkilis, a third year player, is likely to get better. Ellsbury, who would actually be a rookie next year, is likely to upgrade the Sox performance at center field. But where the “stay pat” Sox really get better is there pitching staff. Lester will be another year beyond his health problem. Buchholz will have an entire year in the majors. I believe, particularly after his post-season experience, we will see a different, better Dice-K next year.

As to individual performers, Manny, Big Papi, Lugo and Drew did not have career years. Any one of them could have a better year than they did in 2007. But lets face it. Their performance in 2007 was sufficient to win the most games any major league team won.

Who will be better — its fun watching the Yankees overpay to hold onto their current roster of players. They are likely to head into Spring Training with 3 rookie starters, 1 as the No. 1 starter on the staff. If they go after the premiere arms in MLB, they are going to have to part with their young arms to get those acquisitions done.

The Indians will spend much of their Winter trying to get Sabathia to commit to a long term deal at a hometown discount. They will also have to replace Trot in right field, and Kenny Lofton in left field. Given their restricted budget, this will be a major challenge.

While the Tigers picked up Renteria, I was happy to see him leave Boston. I recognize he had a career year with Atlanta last year, but I think he performs better in the NL than the AL.

I think the Sox are perfectly suited to make another run at the WS next year.

dbenjamin. i didn’t say it was a bad thing or that they would be worst off. just not BETTER. if you read it you’ll see i said that some of the other guys for the sox will provide more next year no doubt. ells and manny chief among them most likely. but lowell won’t. so overall they’ll be about the same. next year to me is irrelevent. whether it’s lowell or me at 3rd ( joke ) they will still be favored in the east because of the pitching. BUT long term ( i.e. 2-3 yrs ) lowell IMO is not the answer because he will gradually ( if not rapidly ) decline. as will manny in all liklyhood. who COULD be a FA after next year. you can’t upgrade for manny’s spot as he’s one of the best of all time and even in a bad year would give you more than most. offensively anyway. you can upgrade lowell’s spot though. and you need to because it’s your only realy opp to get better ( and younger ) in the next 2-3 years. whether that means another 3rd baseman or another first baseman and moving youk.

Renteria was a guy that just wasn’t made for Boston. His former manager ( LaRussa ) comes into Boston too push his book early in the year and basically says Renteria is soft. That certainly didn’t help him, of course LaRussa was probably mad that he left St. Louis and took the $$$$.

Renteria might do well in Detroit, he’ll be united with his former manager and that will help.

The one thing I didn’t like about Renteria was he complained about the infield at Fenway late in the year. He made as many errors on the road that year than he did at Fenway. Theo did a very good thing when he got rid of him after 1 season.

Detroit is going to lose Zuymaya for a half of a season if not more. There bullpen will be something they need to fix. The Tribe do have 2 frontline starters, they will be the team to beat in the Central. I agree with you dbenjamin about the Sox chances going into 2008. A six man rotation could happen, that will be interesting. I am not opposed to it. We shall see what happens. What they’ll get for Crisp if and when he is dealt. I do agree about Lester, in January he’ll be 1 year removed from his last chemo theraphy, he should be strong for the 2008 season. Spring training can’t come soon enough.

Also I believe Drew will have a very good season, 100 R.B.I.’s and hit .300 or more. I still don’t like the length of the deal.

Well, Brian, Ohio State dominated Michigan at Michigan. The Buckeyes are Big Ten champions, and their national title hopes are still alive – especially since LSU, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Georgia will likely lose before the season ends.

You will like the predictions I made in tonight’s post!

I hope the Sox get some favorable news from Lowell soon. I will be at the winter meetings, and I don’t want to hear the Sox talking about Scott Rolen, Joe Crede, Garrett Atkins or Miguel Cabrera.

The Steelers start their three-game tune-up run leading to their victory over the Patriots. Pittsburgh plays the Jets, Dolphins and Bengals the next three weeks. The Patriots should enjoy their unbeaten status while it lasts.



What about either acquiring Mike Lamb as a 3B, or reversing part of the CoCo trade, and sending CoCo back to the Indians for Andy Marte. With Trot playing out his option, the Indians will need another lefthanded bat in the outfield, and CoCo always played well for the Indians. The Indians seem to have given up on Marte, who has not distinguished himself in the bigs, although he played pretty well last year in Triple A.

Hey Bosoxbrian: Look out now, the Buckeyes are creeping back into the national football title picture. With Oregon and Oklahoma losing (to Texas Tech I might add — what’s up with that???)the Bucks will be no worse than 5th in the BCS this week. When Missou and Kansas square off next week, the loser will certainly fall below the Bucks, leaving them at 4th at worst. Then, if either Georgia defeats LSU or Oklahoma defeats the Missou/Kansas winner in their respective conference championships (and for some reason, the announcers I was listening to yesterday suggested no team in the country now wanted to play the Georgia Bulldogs), the Bucks will stand at worst 3rd. Then, the question will be do the writers really want to send West Virginia into the BCS title game instead of the Bucks? Given how the Mountaineers struggled with Cincinnati yesterday, the Bucks might already be moving past the Mountaineers (who still have Connecticut on their schedule) into BCS 4th this week. Time will tell. The one thing I know is the Bucks will not lose another game before the final BCS ranking comes out!!

has anyone heard anything else about all the other free agents? i know matt clement is leaving, but isn’t mirabelli a free agent, too? think the sox are gonna let him go? (i can only hope on that one)

(and the only reason i’m brining up matt clement is because i had a dream about him last night…totally forgot about him before that. haha)

bosox. i see you’re starting to think like theo when it comes to JD. ha! nah, i think he’ll be much better in year 2 also. as will lugo probably.

jeff. couldn’t agree more about rolen. if you trade for him you might as well plan on carrying at least 2 third basemen because he’ll be hurt half the year. i don’t think crede would be that expensive in terms of players. maybe coco and another prospect. the sox have to move him to make room for fields. atkins from what i’ve read is pretty untouchable as they plan to move stewart to 2nd. i agree that cabrerra would be way too pricey in terms of prospects. i think it makes sense go after a crede or blalock or even beltre for next year. they’re all younger and have more offensive upside than lowell. if it doesn’t work out, or even if it does, switch youk and go out and get texiera next offseason. except for cabrerra he’s about as close as you can come to evtually replacing manny’s bat.

as for college football UGA is the best team in the country right now IMO. they also have the best mascot.

With Lloyd Carr expected to announce his retirement, Les Miles is #1 on the Michigan coaching list. That could be a distraction for L.S.U. coming down the stretch. I still believe they are the best team in the nation.
Ohio State, Kansas, Mizzou or W.V. are all bidding for the 2 spot. Kansas is in the drivers seat for sure. Ohio State still has a chance, slim but there is a chance.

UGA is not the best team in the nation. I do believe if they met L.S.U. in the S.E.C. Championship game they would give them a battle for sure.

Ohio State and West Viriginia are in weak conferences so there 1 losses are not impressive at all.


Do you really believe the Steelers will go into New England and beat the Patriots? You have to be drug tested my friend, soon. lol…I love your spirit for your Steelers. If they were in the N.F.C. I would say they would be the team to beat but they are in the wrong conference.

lol. The Big Ten a weak conference. Not quite. Five teams have an 8-4 record or better. Three are 7-5. Only Minnesota is an easy win. The Big Ten teams beat up on each other. LSU is very fortunate to be undefeated. They have sqeaked by in many of their wins. If they get into the BCS title game, they will be defeated. You embarrass yourself when you disrespect a conference just because you don’t like the team, or just because you have a southern football bias (even if you were born in New England, which is not college football country). I don’t like the SEC or ACC, but I recognize they are decent football conferences. Ditto for the Pac 10 and Big 12. The Big Ten is every bit as good as the SEC, Big 12 and Pac 10. There is no major conference that is leaps and bounds above any other major conference. Their is parity in college football. Ohio State is every bit as good as LSU. Even two-loss teams like USC and Georgia are every bit as good if not better than the unbeaten teams. That’s just how it is in college football today.

Regarding the Patriots, you are the same person who said that Michigan would handle Ohio State. The opposite happened. The Steelers will likely have the No. 2 seed in the playoffs, so chances are they will meet the Patriots a second time. You act like the Patriots are unbeatable. If a team has an attitude like that, that is when they get beat. You should always have a healthy respect for your opponent. I am confident the Steelers will beat the Pats, and I think that the Patriots will finish 14-2. Patriots fans are too arrogant for their own good. They are in for an unpleasant end to the season.

Lynnith, regarding Mirabelli, there is a chance the Sox will resign him. The free agent catching market is thin, at least for backups. Dusty Brown played well in the Arizona Fall League, and he will get a chance to make the team in spring training. Brown is on level ground and maybe even ahead of George Kottaras. I hope they let Brown and Kottaras duke it out for the backup catcher’s role. I really don’t want to see Mirabelli back, but Epstein might.

Pssst guys,dont let Yankee fans know I infiltrated Cashman’s voicemails…he got big plans for the yankees!OMG I think the Yankees are winning the World Series….First off…David Cone,Hideki Irabu,Paul O’Neill,and Chili Davis are coming back to the Yankees! O.O im scared…and I also heard Shaq is coming to the yankees…

Jeff your the one that embarrasses yourself on here when you give your comments about college football. This just in L.S.U. has 1 loss, they are not undefeated. You also mention unbeaten teams, where are they? Among the major conferences there is only 1 unbeaten ( Kansas )

When the B.C.S. bowls are announced other than Ohio State, there will not be another Big 10 team involved with the big bowls, sorry to inform you. I have no affiliation with any conference. In fact we have a friend in the family that is asst. coach with Penn State, if anything I would be a Big 10 guy. I say the conference’s go in cycles and right now the Big 10 is down. Anyone with any knowledge of college football can tell you that.

It must be great to be right all the time. Didn’t you pick the Dodgers to win the N.L. before the season started? Nice pick.

Remember Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners, it was built because of losers. I give my opinion and that is all it is, my observations.

Patriots are on there way to there 4th Super Bowl. They are a great organazation. They are always a step ahead on and off the field. Remember they have the Niners pick, this just in it will be a top 5 pick. Talking about the rich getting richer.

You better worry about your beloved Steelers beating the hapless New York Jets. Steelers are not a good road team. Sounds to me as a Steeler fan your a little worried about the Patriots and there Super Bowl victories, the Pats might pass your Steelers in that category and if the Pats go undefeated they will go down as the GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME, in the salary cap era and nobody thought you could build a dynasty. Patriots are proving everyone wrong. They’re on a great run and Boston/New England sports fans should enjoy it. Who knows how long it will last.

Hey, even when you are knowledgeable about sports, you make predictions that don’t pan out. I never said I am right all of the time. I just have strong opinions and stick to them, regardless of what everyone else predicts and thinks. If you write about sports, you can’t be afraid to express how you feel. I did pick the Dodgers. Of course, I also picked the Indians when most people said they wouldn’t be in the playoffs, and I had the foresight to pick the Red Sox to win it all. lol.

I stand corrected about LSU. I don’t think that Kansas will finish unbeaten. We’ll agree to disagree about the Big Ten. Though Penn State is not as strong as usual, and though Minnesota stinks, the conference is competitive. I told you that the Steelers tend to play to their competition, thus the reason they lost at Arizona and Denver. They will be fine against the Patriots.

Let the razzing begin. I still think the Steelers will be ready for the Patriots.

Minnesota, Northwestern are both HORRIBLE. Other than Ohio State there isn’t one Big 10 team in the top 15, that speaks volumes right there. The highest ranked Big 10 team is Illinois ( other than Ohio State ) they’re around 18. 2 teams of the Big 10 is in the top 25, talking about how the mighty have fallen.

I agree about strong opinions, I am sure most on here would agree. Alot of people on here have strong opinions and I respect all of them, I don’t agree with all of them and they don’t agree with mine as well and that is a great thing. That is what makes the world go round.

You not given the Patriots any credit shows you lack football knowledge, anyone can see they are a GREAT team but for some reason you have a hard time admitting it.

The Steelers are the 3rd best team in the A.F.C. and they will not have a bye during the playoffs. The Patriots would love too see the Steelers in the playoffs, the Pats have owned them in recent years. Whether the game is in New England or in the steel city, the Pats have won.

I hope the Red Sox do not bring back Mirabelli. It is time for him to go. I would love too see the Sox get Laird as there backup for Varitek. You know the Sox have a solid team when one of there holes to fill is a backup catcher. Most teams have more holes than swiss cheese.


I do think Drew will have a productive year in 2008. No pressure on him now. The length of the contract still scares me. Also Lugo will be just fine at the plate, .290 perhaps. He had that terrible month of June. His avg. in the 2nd half was probably close to .300 or more. That showed alot about him, he battled. His glove is still average, 20 errors for sure. A perfect #9 hitter, another leadoff hitter in that spot. Mid February is when it all starts and I can’t wait.

No razzing with the hapless Jets winning. Steelers win on the road? Get real. If the Jets won in Pittsburgh then it would be time to razz.

Pats better be careful tonight, the Bills will hang around tonight.

Hey, Brownie, I appreciate your supporting this blog. I’d be interested in the take that Japanese fans have on the year that Dice-k and Okajima had. Do you have any insight into that?

Actually, Brian, I know baseball, football and basketball very well. I have followed all three sports closely all of my life and have written quite a bit about them. I know nothing about hockey, nor do I care about the sport. Ditto for NASCAR and soccer. So I have strong opinions about the sports I know because I am proficient in talking and writing about them.

Just because I don’t think that the Patriots will go undefeated, and just because I don’t think they are a lock to go to and win the Super Bowl doesn’t mean I don’t give them any credit. They are very good. They aren’t in the same league as the ’85 Bears or the Steelers teams of the ’70s, in my opinion, but they are very good.

The Steelers have a chance to get the second seed over Indy, but today’s loss hurts. I think they will recover, though, and they will have momentum going into the New England game.

I don’t put much stock in rankings, especially in college football. It is very political. I also think that rankings should not debut until the third week of the college football season. I stick to my opinion about the Big Ten. I think it is every bit as good as the SEC, ACC, Big 12 and Pac 10.

The Celtics lost a heartbreaker tonight in Orlando. Glad I didn’t go. I originally planned to, but since I have to be at the airport early in the morning, I decided to stay home. Oh well, we all knew the Celtics would not go 82-0. I’ll be content with 57-25.



If this team goes 19-0 Jeff.

Is this the greatest team of all time? I say yes. I have always said there will never be team that goes undefeated or winless. We might see both this year.

I would agree about the rankings. Not until October I say.

Celtics should have a chance to win 50 or more, no more than 55. They have really clicked, a credit to Doc Rivers.


What is your observations on the Patriots?

Hey Jeff:

What on earth do you base your slavish loyalty to the Steelers beating the Patriots on? You suggested that they have been playing “down” to their competition. Who have they played “up” to? Their only wins over teams with a current winning record are the Seahawks and Browns at 6-4.

While I live in Cleveland and was a season ticket holder (before Art Modell moved the original Browns 350 miles East) no one has ever confused either the Browns or the Seahawks with the Colts whom the Patriots beat on their home field when they were healthy, or the Cowboys, now 9-1, whom the Patriots beat decidedly on their home field. Maybe you can complain that Mangoofball and his Jets must have picked up a “videotaping” habit from Captain Video Bellichek. Nice to see the Steelers were done in by an Ohio State product, placekicker Mike Nugent.

Seriously though, you really believe the Patriots, who take nothing for granted, who just destroyed the Bills 56-10 (and moved to within 1 win of the Eastern Division title after only 10 games), will take their game against the Steelers for Granted? I know that “anything can happen,” but the chances of the Steelers winning at Foxboro are about equal to me, as a 14 handicap, getting an invitation to play in next year’s Master’s Tournament. I just have to figure out which PGA event to try to qualify for, and then go out and win it.

By the time the Steelers play at Foxboro, all of the turkey will be gone. Good luck trying to munch down all that crow. I can tell you, after a significant helping predicting to bosoxbrian that the Buckeyes would be undefeated the entire year, that crow is not tasty, and it gets stuck in your throat on the way down (or is that on the way back up?)


Jeff is blinded for sure, his withdrawls of no baseball is really effecting his judgement. Nobody thinks the Steelers can win in New England, except the Steelers players/coaches themselves.

The Patriots are on another level, what else can be said. I have always said for years and years there will never be a team that goes undefeated. This Patriots team is going 19-0, I would be very surprised if they don’t. They are on a mission.

They will have the Niners pick in the 1st rd, a top 5 for sure. That should illegal that a team like the Pats pick in the top 5.

The Pats biggest blowout will happen when the Jets come to New England. The Pats will put 60 if not 70 on them.

When the Dolphins hit New England the Pats will be favored by 24.

Sometimes you can expect the unexpected in professional sports. It seems as though the Patroits are unstoppable, but they will have a few hiccups before the season ends. It always happens. There is a reason nobody has ever finished 16-0 in a regular season. And Brian, there are many Steelers fans who think the team will beat the Patriots. I have faith in them, just as I had faith in the Sox in 2004. There are opinions that are contrary to yours, you know.

DBenjamin, I did grin when I saw that Nugent kicked the game-winning field goal for the Kets. If the Steelers had to lose to a sorry team like the Jets, at least I can take some solace that an Ohio State guy was the hero of the game. The Steelers and Celtics lose today, but at least the Buckeyes looked strong on Saturday. I look forward to LSU losing, and Missouri and Kansas both losing, catapulting OSU into the national title game. Not sure if West Virginia will lose another game. Should be an interesting finish to college football and the NFL.

Hey Bosoxbrian:

Has it been determined which pick the Pats have to give up for spygate? their own or the one they acquired? If you’re right, it would be great for them to pick that early in the draft! Perhaps they can pick up a wide receiver, just in case Randy Moss decides to cash in and follow the money after winning the Super Bowl, or to add further depth to their wide receiving corps. Too bad Laurinitis won’t be graduating this year. I’d love to add him to the Pats linebacking corps.

Back to the Sox, don’t they need to bring Mirabelli back? After all, how many catchers can handle the knuckler effectively?

Concerning college football, what am I missing? What’s this fascination with West Virginia and the Big East? I know West Virginia squeaked out bowl victories the last 2 years, but over the past 20 years they are a robust 3-11 in bowl games. Ohio State’s disappointing performance in the championship game last year aside (which Brian is unlikely to let me forget), their bowl performance has been significantly better than WVU’s. Is this a pity the poor underdog thing? Or are we trying to find a bunny for Brian’s LSU team?

Apparently Olney is reporting that he’s heard a deal could be done today for Lowell.

The figure…. 3/$36m

Please god let this be true. If it is, I applaud the FO for not backing down from 3 years.

That would be great if Lowell agrees to a contract with the Red Sox. Why would he leave? He would be foolish to leave that lineup and this team.


The Patriots have to give up there own pick. The pick they acquirred from the Niners on draft day is there own, that is just scary. The rich getting richer.

I would agree with you about West Va. I would put Ohio State ahead of them. Champions of the Big East is not too impressive, in basketball yes but not in football.

I do like your spirit Jeff for the Steelers. Deep down inside your thinking the Steelers are going to lose. The Steelers are going to be a double digit underdog. If the Pats lose it will be on the road, no way at home. Big Ben was sacked 7 times against the Jets, going into the game the Jets had 9 sacks. Parker had no running room, what is going to happen in New England?

Sorry about your Steelers loss. Jets actually is a better team than the record shows. I believe 6 of their 9 losses were by a touchtown or less.

But I dont’t see how the Steelers can beat the Pats. The game will be close, though, maybe! Pats just have too many weapons to beat any taem in the NFL. Look forward to the Pats Steelers showndown.


My apologies; I may not have explained my thoughts clearly enough.

First, I never said loyalty means nothing. There are certainly players who could move on for more money but decide to stay with their current team. But it’s not the norm these days. Schilling is at the end of his career and claims to be looking for one last year; Lowell is asking for four, and would likely get it from a few teams, and will probably be able to play beyond whatever contract he can negotiate this time around. Two very different positions from which to be dealing.

Also, I never said that just because a player thinks they’re good, they are good. But if you don’t have enough of an ego to think you can play a sport better than 99.99% of the world’s population, then you probably won’t. The ego is a necessary PART of being a professional athlete.

Also, I did not mean to say that OWNERS measure how good a player is by their salary. When I say that salary is one of the ways “you” measure how good you are, I meant it’s one of the ways the players measure how good they are perceived to be, and how much respect they perceive that they are being given.

Citing the .300 batting average is a hackneyed argument that is not very apt in this case. Sure, “failing 70% of the time” as it is so often described sounds terrible. But another way of looking at it is comparing to others in your line of work. In 2007, 971 players came to bat in the major leagues. 137 of them had a batting average of .300 or higher. Even without discounting for all of the players who had less than even 50 AB, hitting .300 or better puts a player in the top 15% or so. That sounds a lot better than failing 70% of the time, doesn’t it? To put it in a business analogy, if a CFO only realized a 5% growth in their company’s business, that wouldn’t seem very good to those of us who don’t know much about the business world. But what if only 15% of all CFO’s realized better than 4% growth? Then that 5% figure sure seems like decent performance.

I know it’s been said before, often by me. But don’t blame the players for their salaries. If the fans didn’t buy tickets and jerseys and autographed baseballs and beer and all the other stuff we spend our money on in relation to baseball, then the owners wouldn’t be able to pay the players so much. It’s a business. As a CFO, you should know that as well or better than anyone.

i’m somewhat , as he is i’m sure, surprised at how little interest ( puclicly anyway ) there has been in lowell. the yankees ( apparently ) were/are his only other firm offer that i’ve seen. that was prob just an attempt force boston to pay more or go 4 yrs. i suppose most teams looked at how much better he was at fenway and backed off. i still think boston would be wise to go in another direction personally. next year probably won’t matter. but signing him for 3 yrs pretty much takes you out of play for texiera and really any other big name FA’s. barring a trade of course which seems unlikely. plys this team on paper looks pretty old in 3 yrs. with 5 of 8 postion players in their mid to upper 30’s.

Tons of interesting reading here. I just read where Buster Olney thinks the deal could be done today with Mike Lowell. That would be so great, then we would have so much to be thankful for .. World Series Win and almost all being right in the Nation.

I thought there would have been 1 team that gave Lowell a 4 year deal to play third base. Philly was a team I felt he could end up at. Some rumors had the Angels and Dodgers going after him. I just didn’t think he would go to the left coast this late in his career, he is a native of south Florida, east coast guy. Buster Olney is usually fairly accurate with his reports. He was the one that first reported of the Red Sox with the highest bid for the posting fee of Dice-K last year. Let’s hope he is dead on with the Lowell contract.
The offseason is going the Red Sox way so far, you gotta love it. So many offseason’s in the past were so disappointing, not this year.

Where can I read this Olney rumor of Lowell? I can’t find it anywhere. Someone help!

I think only Yanks and the Sox have actually made the offers to Lowell. LLA and LAD (not Phillies) have expressed interest in Lowell only. I could be wrong.
It’s great to re-sign Lowell. But it doesn’t address or solve the big issue of filling the power void vacated by Manny in a not too distant future – 2009.

In the Boston Herald.

Good move by the Angels to get Garland. Cabrera is 33 and Garland is a winner, helped the White Sox back in 2005. Garland is a California guy, nice move for sure.

I think the Angels will trade for Miguel Cabrera, Manny jr. His bat with the staff they have, tough team to beat in 2008 and beyond. If the Angels get Cabrera, if not they will have to win games 2-1 most nights.

Mikey has evidently agreed in principal to the Sox’ offer. Hooray!

Great day for Lowell and the Red Sox. Nice too see him back, it would have been awfully strange not too see him with the Red Sox. Professional is the word that is most mentioned when talking about him, a very well respected guy in the clubhouse.

bosox. you are correct. if LAA gets cabrerra they will be TOUGH. assuming they don’t have to give up half the team. supposedly they have maybe the best minor league talent in baseball so they likely have a lot of top propsects to offer as opposed to gutting their big league talent. according to peter gammons philly and LAD offered lowell 4 yrs but he’s decided to stay in boston. ineteresting. like i said i don’t think it matters for next year but i think now you pretty much have to exercise manny’s option years and this team could get pretty old pretty quick.

COME ON MIKEY, INK THE DEAL SO I CAN FINALLY ORDER MY JERSEY. I didn’t order it sooner because everytime I get a jersey the player ends up GONE! (see Trot Nixon). See, I’m really working my superstition issues!

Cabrera is a great player, but he is in serious need of weight loss. Too many late night non-low-cal meals.

The media guide lists him at 240lbs, if he’s 240, I’ll kiss Arods A……

Regarding Lowell, from what I’ve read it appears that the Sox offer is the only one he’s got on the table at the moment. It was reported a few days back by some local station that he had four 4-year offers (LAA, LAD, MFY & Phillies) and the Sox 3 year offer, but that was shot down pretty quickly by the established papers, sources etc. The only other offer he appeared to have was the Yanks to play at 1st, but they withdrew that after a while, and it just looks like they bid that to keep the Sox honest in their negotiations (good job on that one lol).

So in the end he only had the Sox offer on the table. I’d say Cabrera being available really hurt him this off-season, as both LA teams appear to be concentrating on him.

it’ll be interesting to see what happens after next year with this lowell deal. it would very un-theo like to have essentially the same team for 3 yrs. which is what you’re looking at right now as to my knowledge the only starting FA’s during that span would be tek and manny.

Acfcording to SI.COM, IT’S A DONE DEAL!! Lowell stays with Boston for 37.5/3years!
THANKS MIKEY!! Phew!!! I never thought it would be over!

Ellsbury, DP or Youk, Papi, Manny, Mikey, JD, Tek, DP or Youk, Lugo ……….. Not bad! Beckett, Dice-K, Schill, Bucholz, Lester or Wake …….. Not bad! Pap, Oki-Dokie, Manny D, Timlin, and a couple of additions. Not bad! Add a little depth on the bench, a good backup catcher, and repeat is a real possibility. I like it!

Good to see Mikey Freakin Lowell coming back. I hope Tito keeps him hitting 5th. He’ll have another productive year if he does. JD finally loosened up at the end. Could be a fairly devastating lineup!

Looks like all that the 08 Sox need now is some bench help and bullpen depth.

Looking at a position by position (up or down)

C – Varitek (down) Tek will always call a good game and was actually decent with the bat, but the age has to catch up

1B – Youkilis (up) Gotta beleive that Kevin’s 2nd half struggles are going to get better.

2B – Pedroia (even) Maybe a little down but hard to call after one full seasons.

3B – Lowell (down) Career year means a slight dip in offensive production but still solid bat and incredible glove as well as leadership.

SS – Lugo (up) Hit better after miserable start, bound to have better season with the bat

LF – Ramirez (up) Assuming Manny stays away from injuries he will probably bounce back with a Manny standard year.

CF – Ellsbury (up) Already proven that he will hit better than Crisp and the Defense is still above-average

RF – Drew (up) Predicting a huge bounce-back season for J.D.

DH – Ortiz (even) Power was down, but average was up. Probably a reverse of the two next year if his knee is healthy.

08 Offense could be better than the 07 version and the pitching could also be better…..gotta be looking at 100 wins on paper….

All we need to do now is figure out a way to trade Crisp. Maybe that is our chance to pick up a backup catcher? We have no other options outside of Mirabelli right now. For those of you dare think Kevin Cash is a possiblity, he batted .176 in 59 games at Pawtucket last year. Kottaras batted .241, so I wouldn’t consider either of these guys an improvement over Mirabelli.

My preferred batting order for ’08:









For the complementary parts, the Sox has to acquire from within or from the market, a backup catcher, a position player, a reliable left specialist, and a set up man.

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