Lowell staying put

Everyone in Red Sox Nation can now rest easy. When the Red Sox kick off their 2008 season in Tokyo, Lowell will be at the hot corner and probably batting fifth.

The deal — according to numerous media accounts — is close to done, and likely to be announced on Tuesday. Lowell is getting about $12.5 million per season for a three-year deal. It seems like a good deal on both sides.

There are conflicting reports on whether Lowell actually received a four-year offer from another team. The Red Sox stayed true with their philosophy, which is to set a value on a player and stick to it. Lowell is a sensible and smart guy, and even if he could have made a little more money elsewhere, he probably knows that he’d be happier in Boston.

The Red Sox have now become a model franchise. They have professional veterans — such as Lowell — still in their prime. They have loads of young talent, as Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury were more than happy to demonstrate on the October stage. And they have a lot of pitching, from Beckett to Dice-K to Papelbon to Lester to Buchholz.

As far as the short term and long term, I’d be hard-pressed to find the last time the Red Sox were in this good of shape as an organization? Maybe it was the mid ’70s when guys like Rice and Lynn and Burleson were coming through the ranks and joining established players like Yaz and Fisk and Evans. But those teams didn’t have the pitching that this team does.

Now that the Lowell deal is basically done, what is next for Theo and Co.? Probably bullpen depth. Also, there is the matter of what to do about center field. Ellsbury is obviously ready to play. What would Coco bring back in a trade?

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Sorry for the sporadic blogging of late. I’ll be fortified over the Thanksgiving holiday.




I’m so very happy that Mike decided to stay put, I don’t care if he had a hundred other deals on the table or 1. I just like seeing him in the RedSox lineup!!
Thank you Theo, John Henry etal for making the deal and, of course Mike and the rest of the Lowell family for remaining part of the RedSox Nation Family!! Ian is right, we can all rest easy now. Happy Thanks giving, Ian and all the Brown

… Brown family (that part got cut off)

Happy Thanksgiving to Ian and your family. You do great work on here, during the season and during the off-season as well.

The team is shaping up, bullpen depth and some bench help and a backup catcher as well. Red Sox don’t have to trade Crisp, I believe they will.

Last year the offseason was so hectic, not so much this year.

Lowell made a very smart move. The Red Sox played there cards right as well. They gave him 3 years and obviously the offer was good for Lowell to take it. He is tailor made for Fenway and from what you here he fits perfectly into the clubhouse. If you stay healthy and hit 5th in the Red Sox lineup, this just in you should be a very productive hitter and that is what I expect from Lowell. Of course his glove is just GREAT, not many if any third basemen are better defensively than him. A very sound player and a guy that hasn’t had any major injuries in his career. Those muscle pulls/strains tend to linger as you get older. Obviously Lowell keeps himself in great shape and takes care of his body and it shows during the season. It is great to see him a member of the Red Sox. A year ago at this time, his name was involved in trade rumors to Colorado. What a difference a year makes.

LOL brian, I think he keeps his body in GREAT shape!! (oops a little reverse chauvinsism, sorry my bad, bad blond!!)

I’m happy to see my #1 choice for 3B is returning. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll have to cancel that Joe Crede Red Sox jersey.

But Ian is exactly right in his assessment of next year’s team: there is a great mix of veterans and youth on this team, and there is no reason why they can’t contend again. Regardless of what the Yankees do, the Sox are still the favorites in the AL East.

I think that the FO learned their lesson in 2005 after they essentially tore apart the core of the 2004 World Series champions roster.

There is no reason for Coco to stick around. I mean if he really loved it in Boston and wouldn’t mind being the 4th OF then I would be hard-pressed to find any other team with a better extra outfielder, but there’s money to be made elsewhere. He’s young, is coming off a brilliant defensive year, and has upside to his bat (see: his years in Cleveland).

Hopefully he can bring in some bullpen help, then all Theo and Co. have to worry about is a little depth to the bench and it’s time for Spring Training.

Cudo’s to Theo and The Loyal Boston Ownership – Mike Lowell is a central part of a Great team and definitely is worth the price to keep a solid team together. He’s also a guy that is TEAM oriented and that is so important in the future efforts of our Sox.

Getting Lowell resigned makes this off season one of fine tuning rather than trying to fill major gaps. Starting position players are set, the rotation is set, the bullpen is rock solid to start with one of the premier closers in baseball and two rock solid setup guys in Okajima and Delcarmen and decent long relief with Tavarez. I think Timlin has another productive year left in him if they bring him back and Corey could fit well.

A good solid utility guy in Cora is in the fold and if Crisp stays you can’t get much better outfield insurance than that. If he doesn’t, he’s worth a lot on the trade market toward a pretty good pitcher to fine tune the pen.

The Sox are in a perfect situation and have a great opportunity to build some serious depth for the team.

How many days until spring training?

I am glad ellen I made you laugh.

I don’t think the Red Sox have to trade Crisp. I believe they will. They could report to Fort Meyers with him on the team and could possibly deal him during spring training. That is a possible scenario.

I think whatever teams don’t get there c.f. They will turn there attention to Crisp and I believe he will be dealt. Let these other g.m.’s overwhelm you and then you deal Crisp. There are some desperate g.m.’s out there, this time of year some become very dumb and wonder why there team stinks in May. I have seen it for years now.

Now that the Lowell suspense is over and all of the procrastinating done— If the Sox cannot get a real good deal in return for trading Coco, I see nothing wrong in carrying him into Spring Training as a fourth outfielder. Lot’s of things could go wrong e.g., injuries, and one couldn’t find a better fourth man or pinch runner. This is a time when we are not desparate and can certainly wait things out.

Phil, I never thought that you and I would agree, but, FINALLY something we both think the same way on!! Keep Coco going in to Fort Meyers unless something great pops up in the mean time. I know that he has a great defensive side to his game, but he MUST understand that Ellsbury is our NOW in CF. Who knows, although I doubt it, maybe he’ll take the role as the 4th OF. You never know.
PS tonight I am ordering my Lowell jersey, the suspense is over, he’s signing tomorrow. I ordered a Nomar jersey (it was lost in shipping and I never got it) and one for Trot and they were gone in no time after I did. YEAH LOWELL!

Wait, Ellen!! Don’t order your jersey until the ink is on the contract!

I don’t really intend to place the order until the word comes down tomorrow, but as soon as it is official, Mikey’s mine well at least his jersy is, I think anything other than that Bertha (his wife) would have a problem with.!!


You say whoever jersey you get the player leaves. Can you go out and get a Doug Mirabelli jersey for me? LOL…It might take a while to find one but someone must have it.

LOL, if it were truly the case I would have bought a JD jersey last year!!! (I know what he did in the series but…)

I would agree. I still don’t like the length of Drew’s deal. I believe he will have a productive season in 2008.

Me as well, I hope anyway.. My husband can’t take another year of me complaining anout him.

Anyway, thanks to Mike L for signing, Theo for not breaking up the team, and anyone who made the re-signing of ML a reality.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I read this blog every day to keep up with the Sox. And I sure do learn a lot. Often I think I’ll type in a comment and I find that someone here already covered what I was going to say. You all are great and I enjoy this blog tremendously. So this week I hope and pray that you are all blessed and happy and prosperous. Have a great holiday!

This year in honor of the Sox’ series victory I am making Boston brown bread(yea, making it, not buying it in a can), Boston baked beans– baked overnight, and maybe if I have time, a Boston clam chowdah. That’s in addition to the Key lime pie, pumpkin pie, Vermont sourdough bread, apple cobbler, and roasted butternut squash that I will make for our annual pot-luck. Oh, and my world-famous jalapeno cranberry sauce! Anyone hungry yet?

Back to the Sox. If Theo could get a power arm in exchange for Coco it’d be awesome. Someone to be the guy that Gagne was supposed to be. Replace Snyder, Lopez in the bullpen and add a couple bench guys, we’ll be solid. So basically what ya’ll just said.

Last year Manny, Coco, Drew and Lugo had sub-par years, so this team should get even better just by staying the same. How likely is it that 4 everyday players will have off years again?

Go Sox!!


I am starving thinking about what you will make. If I lived around your area, I would be 400 lbs. LOL….

I would agree with you about the 4 everyday players not having off years. Oritz/Ramirez should be back better than ever. I will enjoy watching those 2 hit many homers next year.

Thanks to Raj for the petition, I’m sure SOMEBODY, OF SOME IMPORTANCE SAW IT.

Hey Arnie, can I come over if I bring the Turkey? sounds like you could use one!!

Sorry, no turkey. Nobody I know likes it. Must be from the days when we had another restaurant and served Thanksgiving dinner. I’d cook 12 twenty pound turkeys and we’d serve ’em all! So we got a ham from our meat supplier. It’s a slam dunk, warm it up in the oven and make a glaze. DONE!

Wow, no turkey?!! I remember when I was in Colorado, I saw a turkey “processing” plant. It stunk and I was struck by the coldness of the concept, but I still can’t have Thanksgiving without one!! GOBBLE GOBBLE.. and that’s what I intend to do!!

Oh and by the way, VINCE, WHERE ARE YOU???

I love it, the Sox just win a second World Series in 4 years, and members of RedSox Nation are complaining about how old they are getting. Someone, close all of the open windows. At 1b, Youk is 28, at 2B, DP is 24, at SS Lugo is 32, Cora, the back-up is 32, in CF Ellsbury is 24, in RF, JD is 32 and at DH Big Papi is 32. On their way up, Brandon Moss, the OF/1B is 24, and Jed Lowrie is 23. Their pitching rotation includes Josh B, 27 yo, Dice-K, 27 yo, Jon Lester, 23 yo and Clay Buchholz, 23 yo. Their closer is an “ancient” 27 yo and their OkiDoki set-up man is 32. Yes, the Sox will have to replace Tek at catcher and Manny, but they have time to do so. Also, future injuries and non-performance will require that some modifications be made, but come on folks. This is a team set to dominate the way the Yankees of 1996 and thereafter dominated. Whether they will or not remains to be seen. But lets face it, this team is loaded, talented, young and possessing the dough to acquire what additional talent it needs to as time goes on. Obviously, the most pressing need is a successor to Tek, but Theo can focus on that, and I am confident he will find a suitable replacement. How about trading CoCo back to the Indians for Kelly Shoppach? The Indians need a lefthanded outfielder, and CoCo hit well for Chief Wahoo’s boys. Who knows?

Look at the Yanks. If Pettite doesn’t come back, they have virtually no experience anchor in the starting rotation, and are looking at starting several rooks. To get the experience, they will have to trade the rooks. And they are getting older. They can’t find a place for Johnny D., who is 34, to play. Jeter is now 33, Abreu 33, Matsui 33 and Giambi 36.

Anyone want to trade places, or their season tickets? I’m happy to take them off your hands.

While I’m on the “where are they now’ subject, I wonder why we haven’t seen either Sentinel or Redsoxlose here since the playoffs. I guess they were saving their appetites for turkey rather than crow and humble pie! I did pop in on the yankee blog the other day to see that they are kissing Arod butt again after saying how good it was that he was “gone”.

Ellen, that turkey processing place is in Longmont where our restaurant is located. They are going to shut it down soon.

Dbenjamin, you are right. The Sox were the 4th or 5th oldest team in the majors last year and they won it all. Hey, don’t you love saying that? I’ll type it in again, they won it all! Anyway, they are mixing in the veterans and young guys perfectly. Also, don’t forget a lot of that age is concentrated in Wake, Schill, Timlin. The Sox are about 2 or 3 years ahead of the Yanks in terms of bringing in the young guys to transition from the “old guard”. And they are more balanced about it, too. Not overloaded with youth in one area and getting gray in another.

I hope that we don’t become a fan base that is one who feels “entitled” to World Series wins. I love my Sox but we’ve (at least here) been a (for the most part) humble Nation.

I’m going for tonight. I will close one final lil post:
Would someone please by Mikey a nice Bic pen or a Mont Blanc to ink the deal.. Love our Nationers!!! Nite all!

Ah, yes. The wife and I just came in from a Rocky Mountain “high” on the slopes here in New Mexico and it was great to flop in front of the fire place with the cold ones and the laptop and read about the deal Mikey’s fixing to sign with the Sox. My wife is as excited as Ellen to see him re-up. My bro and sis were at Disney in Orlando this last weekend and said that he was a parade grand marshall down there. Awesome! The deal he’s fixing to sign is perfect for both sides and, as some of you have said, the only areas the Sox need to address now would be some bullpen help. I realize that Coco is an everyday player but if he stays in Boston, I’d be fine with that. It seems likely that he’ll be trade bait. I liked Kielty and would like to see him back… has he signed with anyone after filing? Next year looks to be shaping up quite well for the Sox, even if they don’t do much in the off season.
I just checked in on a couple of Yankee blogs and it IS amazing how positive the reaction is to A-Rod returning to the club. Then again, that’s typical of the Hanky Fans. When the team goes down, the fans treat the players like bums (BOO HOOO!!!). When the team is doing well, no one talks more trash than a Hanky Fan. One reason why the Nation is so unique is that we love the Sox, win or lose. Thanks to the Boston brass for getting it done and welcome back, Mikey!

P.S. I was really looking forward to Mr. MVP to follow his manager to Los Angeles, but you can’t have everything! (As Bostonian Steven Wright says, “where would you put it?”). Sleep well Nation!

Here’s a trade (in my dreams) — trade Lugo and Coco to Baltimore for Tejado. Sure hope we see more consistency out of Lugo this next year — that was hard to take, watching 162 guys, before he started to hit consistantly🙂 I guess I’d rather have it that way, then the reverse.

Also, quite a bit of work in the bullpen I believe. Only Okajima and Paps were consistent. Are they bringing back Timlin? I hope so, he came through int post season for the most part — I think he had a rough year, but has at least another one in him for relief appearances only.

Too bad Gabbard doesn’t get a ring, he deserves one more than Gagne — is there any rule about that? did Buchholtz get a ring?

Arnie, what time is dinner? You having some hot dogs with that brown bread and baked beans? I’m in Jax, FL, and they don’t even know what brown bread is around here. For my birthday, my girlfriend ordered some from B&M for me. I’m sure it’s not like yours, but it’s pretty good. I think I’ll keep her (plus she is Jacoby Ellsbury’s cousin). Anyway, if you just send your address and tell me what time to be there, I’ll join the half dozen others already drooling on this blog.

I think you’re right about Timlin dgneubert. He’ll have his days when he gets ripped some, but most days he’s throwing 92-93 and he doesn’t walk many. Next to Okajima, I had more confidence in him than anyone as a setup man. If Delcarmen learns to pitch, he’ll be awesome. He’s got everything Beckett has, but he’s got to learn to pitch ahead. More than anything, walks killed him this year in critical situations.

Hey everybody…

Does anybody remember way back in the beginning of the season when Ian asked us all a bunch of questions about how many wins the sox would have, who would win the world series, how many wins beckett would have, who the MVP’s/Cy Youngs would be and that kind of stuff? And then he said whoever got the most right would win a prize?

Now, I know that the MVP’s were just announced and there hasn’t been time to calculate all that info, but I was wondering if Ian was actually planning on getting all that straight.

I understand if the answer is no, since it’s a lot of work for no real reason… I’m just curious.


Hey to all!! I guess it’s safe now isn’t it?? They didn’t give Mikey a pen with evaporating, slowing turning invisible ink did they?? I can order my jersey now??? PS How bout a great big thank you to me for NOT ordering it until he signed, otherwise we all know he would have been “bye-bye baby” LOL. His signing is just GREAT!!! IT’S OFFICIAL!!

Derek, I’m sure Ian is going to get to calculating scores sooner or later. My proudest accomplishment of that contest was correctly predicting the amount of games JD Drew would play: 140.

Believe me, nobody wants Coco to leave Boston but you have to be realistic. He is entering his prime in terms of age (and probably money), so it wouldn’t make sense for him to serve as a 4th OF. Then again, if he values winning and wouldn’t mind not being an everyday player, that would be awesome if he stuck around. But, aside from what smckinny may think, Kielty is not a bad option for a 4th OF, especially considering his numbers against LHP.

But we already had two players show complete selflessness and leave money (and years) on the table in exchange for returning to Boston in Schilling and Lowell. If you believe in baseball karma, you have to believe good things will happen for those two while A-Rod will test positive for HGH and banned from baseball.

gsm, dinner’s at 5. Were you and your girlfriend invited to Jacoby Ellsbury Day? Hope so. If you like that old-style New England food let me know and I’ll send some recipes. Stop laughing, I’m serious. Johnny cake, crab lanterns, apple slump, clam chowder. If that’s your email address, I’ll send your girlfriend some down-east recipes. Then you’ll feel better about being in Jax.

Oh yea, sorry, this is a baseball blog, not the food channel. Manny Delcarmen has it backwards. If he threw the first pitch for a strike, then the hitters would chase the pitches out of the strikezone. He’ll get it right next year. All the Sox need is 2 or 3 good arms in the bullpen. Some of those they may be able to find in the minors; Breslow, Hansen. Corey has been solid when he’s pitched for the Sox, I hope he gets a chance.

Thanksgiving just around the corner, our children (including my Yankee fan son-in-law) heading back to our home in the Cleveland, my sister recovery nicely from breast cancer surgery, and Mikey is re-signed!!!!! What a lot to be thankful for.

To the Sox administration, thanks for making a suitable offer and convincing Mike Lowell that his future is as a member of the Red Sox. I was a bit uncomfortable in 2005 with all the changes that had been made after 2004. I believe that the 2007 nucleus is rock solid, and with the addition of the late season rookies (and those we haven’t heard about yet) this team will be poised for another great season. As many others have said on this blog…I can’t wait for February!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

dben: My prayers are with you and your family for a full recovery for your sister, and a wonderful family holiday. Tough to go through anytime, but I’m sure, like me, your Nation Family is praying for her! and that’s a GOOD THING for sure!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! Ellen.


“One reason why the Nation is so unique is that we love the Sox, win or lose.”

Bob Stanley’s dog would dispute this.


Thanks for the kind thoughts. I have shared them with my sister. As she finishes with the rigor of additional radiation treatment, I know the supportive thoughts of a total stranger will make her continuing challenge that much more surmountable.

As for your warm holiday thoughts…right back at you!

zach. i would actually agree with you about kielty IF you could be assured he wouldn’t have to play an extended amount of time. but with manny’s recent history and drew’s as well i think he’d be a liability againt RHP over a long term. plus i thnk someone with a lil more power would be better. personally i’d like to see them give moss a shot at the 4th outfield spot. he’s in his mid 20’s so i think you gotta find out some time soon if he can play at the big league level. happy turkey day to all!!

Hapyy Thanksgivings to Ian & Jeff and all the regular commentators to their blogs and our fellow citizens of RSN. Have a happy and safe holidays!

Let’s see, this is the season when we give thanks, though we should do it all through out the year. I know that I take things for granted at times. This is my list of all things that I’m thankful for:

Living free with choices.

Our Armed Forces who fight and stand watch to keep us that way.

The roof over my head and the clothes on my back.

Most importantly,MY HUSBAND, my family and friends.

(on a lighter note)

The fact that the ALCS is best of 7, not best of 5.

Mature looking men with greying hair who play 3rd base.

Good contracts and pens and ink with which to sign them.

Owners and players talking.

Closers who can dance, I’m glad he closes better than he dances.

Catchers who can direct a pitching staff.

Dreadlocks. Wait, not that.

DH’s with HUGE smiles.

Aces, cool under the most pressured situations.

Daily friendly banter among people in the BEST FANBASE EVER.

One NATION, Many NATIONERS, my other family.

God Bless all of you and your loved ones.

Thank you all for another wonderful year.


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