The World Series DVD

I went to the premiere of the World Series DVD Monday night at the Wang Theatre, and it was a good time.

MLB Productions did a great job on the DVD. I think the visual images are even more impressive than 2004, which is probably a sign of technology more than anything else.

Just like in ’04, the regular season is barely covered. There’s nothing about Buchholz’s no-hitter or Dice-K’s first game or Schilling’s near no-no. In a few quick instants, it seems like we are already at the division clinching party on Sept. 28. But NESN — from what I’ve heard — will put out a season DVD much like Faith Rewarded.

The World Series DVD is all about the playoffs. And there are a lot of good interviews with players. Lowell seems to be the Millar of the ’07 film as he is quoted the most. There’s also good, insightful stuff from Henry, Lucchino, Werner, Theo, Tito, John Farrell and just about every key player on the entire team. I never saw Coco Crisp or Manny interviewed. The latter surprised me a little because Manny got to be so vocal with the press starting about midway through the ALCS. But just about every other key member of the team is heard from during the movie.

If I had a critique of the DVD, I think the ALCS comeback from 3-1 was glossed over way too much. They didn’t even show Lofton being held at third in Game 7 and the Okajima DP that followed.

The action shots in all three playoff rounds were great. Josh Beckett on a big screen looks even more filthy than he does from the front row of the press box. There is one World Series
highlight of Pedroia’s key double in Game 3 where you can see in the background Julian Tavarez on the top step of the dugout imitating Pedroia’s swing as it was in progress. That looked pretty cool.

The champagne shots were great from the winning clubhouse at Coors. The on-field celebration after the last out was also pretty cool, as you can hear Schilling wrap up Dice-K and tell him he’s proud of him and you can hear Francona saying "Thanks for everything" to Ortiz as he hugs him. There’s a lot of stuff like that that makes the DVD well worth the watch. In fact, most Sox fans will probably watch it five or six times. At least until the NESN DVD comes out.

Matt Damon did a really good job on the narration. He didn’t over-do it at all. As you’re watching the DVD, he just kind of becomes another narrator and you’re not saying — oh, that’s Will Hunting from Good Will Hunting. All in all, I give the DVD 3 and a half stars. It would have been four if they would have gotten more in depth on the ALCS comeback.

Did anyone else see it yet? Please chime in with any and all thoughts.



“But NESN — from what I’ve heard — will put out a season DVD much like Faith Rewarded.”

There will be a Faith Rewarded type DVD, it will be out sometime before Christmas. It is actually being made by MLB Productions, but is associated with NESN. I’m on the inside on this one, as I was interviewed for it.😀

I’m curious to know if either DVD will be letterboxed anamorphic since all the games were in HD this year. I’m in the middle of burning the games I taped off fox onto DVD’s and I can make them 16×9 and they look awesome on my plasma so I would hope MLB can do the same…. Dave

Schil wasn’t properly attired for the occasion.
smackinny, Twins are asking for Ellsbury and Buchholtz or Lester. I have no problem with the $$$ part. The young Lester pitched a scoreless 5 1/3 innings in the WS. Who knows, Lester could develop into another Santana in ’09, 2010. I will stay put for the time being and go after Santana when he becomes a FA. I know NYY or NYM will probably make a trade for Santana. So be it. The Sox is not in desperate need for a SP. But the Sox does need to strengthen its bullpen insofar as Dice-K, Schil, Lester are 6 inning pitchers.

I would say NO to any deal that involves Ellsbury. Ellsbury is good hitter but he can’t hit a pitch that’s low and in and often chases bad pitches. That’s DM’s problem. It is exciting to see Ellsbury flying around the bases.

007. i agree with ya on ells. santana, assuming he gets traded, will never be a free agent. whomever he’s dealt to will have to sign him to a 5-7 yr deal to get him to approve it. you’re correct in that the sox don’t NEED him but it sure would be a nice 1 – 2 punch. plus i’d hate to see johan and CC wind up in the bronx and that’s a very real possibility if they pull off the trade for santana. like i said if they can/could do it for some combo of lester or buch or haren, coco and maybe a prospect it’s a no brainer IMO. i wouldn’t give up ells or pedroia at this point. if NYY does pull it off it’ll be int to see what they have to give up.

smackinny, I know if Santana get traded, mostly to NYY or NYM, he won’t be available for 5-7 years.
The point I am trying to make is Santana is not worh the asking price, not even close to it. Whichever team gets Santana will be sorry for the trade. The Yanks will have to give up at least Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and another prospect to acquire Santana. Santana’s records against AL East is “horrible”. Santana is a declining pitcher whose prime is or about to be over although he is only 28 years old.

Say your the Twisn GM (no loyalty to Sox or Yanks), and the Yankees offer you:




while the Sox offer:





I think Lester = Kennedy, but Hughes outweighs Masterson by a ton, Cabera is better than Crisp at his best, and Moss was just a throw-in.

If I were the Twins I would snatch the Yankee offer.

Who’s offer would you take? Any additions or subtractions?

P.S. I haven’t switched sides!

I went to Walmart yesterday asking if they had that yet. Does anyone know when it comes out in stores??

I have seen the 04 WS DVD about 12 times. Including Faith Rewarded.

I’m glad Lowell is 04’s DVD Millar. He’s amazing. Can he be as funny as Millar was though?

rsjones, if you were Brian Ca$hman would you trade Hughes, Kennedy & Cabrera for Santana. I wouldn’t. If Pettitte decides not to return, the Yanks has to look for another SP. So Santana will likely find a new home at Shea stadium.

I know that Santana is a 2 time CY Young’er but how much longer can his arm hold up throwing the stuff he does?? I say let’s hang on play with what we have. How many teams would kill for the rotation that we’ll have??? Let Georgie and the boys spend their money on Santana and sell the farm while their at it. Ellsbury trade bait???? I can’t say it enough, NO NO NO!!!!


Yes, I know, Cashman wouldn’t pull the trigger on the aforementioned deal. But, The Yankees already said that neither Chamberlian or Cano would be inculded in the package. The 2 deals that I reported were my best guesses at how high the Yankees and Red Sox might go in terms of packages.


I whole-heartedly agree. I went to see a triple A game once in which Buchholz started and Ellsbury played CF. Buchholz went 6.0 innings, and K’d 9, while Ellsbury sparked an early lead and a 2 run comeback.

Hey, wasn’t it Cashman who said that if Arod opted out early, they wouldn’t deal with him???? How good is Cashmans word? Not too good I hope. Go BRIAN, Go BRIAN! Not for nothing, but if I were a Yankee fan, I’d be REALLY SCARED with the Steiny Heiny brothers apparently at the helm. I hear that real business savvy skips a generation! LOL

I just read the remarks Jon Lester made on being informed that he was the Tony C. award winner this year. This young man is really a class act. I do hope that he is the real deal and pitches well for the Red Sox for years to come.

Regarding the remarks being made about Johan Santana, I must go back to the late 1970’s. The word was going around for a year or two that the Sox were trying to trade for either Frank Tanana or Nolan Ryan of the Angels. When I first became aware of it, in my mind I said, I’d rather have Tanana, he’s lefthanded and 7 years younger than Nolan Ryan, who has been throwing hard for a dozen years — how much can he have left?!?!?! Well, in January, 1981, I got my wish (by that point the Sox couldn’t have acquired Ryan from the Angels, as he had aleady moved on to Houston). The Sox got Tanana, Joe Rudi and a throw-in pitcher. Tanana won 4 games in 1981, Rudi batted about 130 times, and both got their release from the Sox at the end of the season. To get them, the Sox traded Fred Lynn, who proceeded to have 5-6 more good years in Los Angeles.

Nolan Ryan? Oh he only pitched another dozen years, racking up 150+ more wins during that time. So I’d be careful presuming that Santana has already thrown too many fastballs. He’s only thrown 300 more innings (1 1/2 years of baseball) than Josh Beckett has. Does anyone seriously believe that Beckett will be done in the next 2 years? I certainly don’t.

As far as the likelihood that both Santana and Sabathia will end up in New York, reading the columnists here in Cleveland, it seems like a distinct possibility that Sabathia may accept a hometown discount to remain with the Indians. He’s at $9 Mil. per year now, and could accept something in the low teens to stay here. I don’t think money alone will pry him loose. He has to like his championship chances at least as much in Cleveland as in NY.

As much as I would hate to lose either Lester or Buchholz, I think Theo has to aggressively pursue what it would take to land Santana, then determine whether the deal would improve the team over-all. The deal wouldn’t make sense unless it was long-term, and that would mean $20-25 Mil. per year for 5+ years for Santana. How do you then explain that to Beckett, who will be making far less than what Santana is projected to make?

Maybe what Theo has to do is feign serious interest to get the Twins to up the ante on what the Yanks will have to part with to get Johan. Wouldn’t that turnabout be fair play?

Good, no, great point Dben, but what are the odds that this will happen I wonder?? You do bring up an excellent example.

Speaking strictly from the perspective of a fan, and not trying to 2nd guess Theo, I would not ever consider trading Lester. There is just too much sentiment there for me. When I watched him pitch in his return game I got goose-bumps. After battling thru cancer and working to come back, deflecting attention away from the cancer onto baseball, he went on to pitch well in an emotion filled game. As I watched, he represented to me all the family and friends I have known that have battled thru disease and hard times. Some made it and others didn’t. And didn’t he strike out the last batter he faced to get out of a jam?(maybe that was a different game)
The Sox always seem to win when he pitches, even if he doesn’t pitch all that well. If Lowell is a great veteran clubhouse presence, Lester is a great YOUNG clubhouse presence. No, I couldn’t trade him, and if he does go I’ll be saddened and disappointed in the Sox management.

Good thing I’m not a GM.

You and me both Arnie! I’m always afraid if I pull out the sentiment card, well, it’ll be just a “girl” thing. Thanks! I feel the same about Lester. He’s like your child that you want to do very well, and you want others to feel the same way. Also about being a GM, just ask Jeff, I was one on his fantasy league this year and got blocked off the website, but I think I did awful!

Hey all,

Been a long time since I’ve been here. It seems like our petition must have helped at least 1%. Glad to see Lowell back and at a price the Red Sox weren’t going overboard with. Win-Win situation!😀

I keep hearing now that the Twins are not interested in Coco Crisp. Have I heard wrong? I thought they were interested in him and some of our top prospects/major league ready ones.

IMHO, there’s no way Buchholz or Ellsbury should be going anywhere. Not only are they looking like they’ll be excellent, the Red Sox will be paying them close to nothing (in terms of baseball salaries) for a long time to come.

I know Santana is an excellent pitcher, but why give up so much to do so? I understand the Red Sox have money to spend to make the team better, but why not, for once, drop ticket prices a bit instead? The ceiling is so high for so much of the homegrown talent and they’re under Red Sox control for a long time.


arnie, ellen, count me in. I am sentimental about Lester also.
Jeff said it right that the price is too high to get Santana, literally and figuratively. Keep Buchholtz, Ells, and Lester.

Lester is a great story, but you don’t keep a player just because of sentiment. If Theo did, we wouldn’t have a 2007 World Series.

Keeping Lester is not for sentimental reason only. Unless he proves that he cannot handle 200 inning season, Lester impresses me as a good young LHP who has potential to develop into a great pitcher. As arnie said, the Sox always wins when Lester pitches.

One reason i’d be hesitant to trade Lester is that we still aren’t quite sure what he is yet. in ’06, he started strong, then stumbled, and for all we know, the reason is that the cancer was already in his system. And this past year, he was battling back all year trying to get his weight back to normal after the chemo. he finished ’07 with a strong month and a great World Series start. Let’s remember that in 2005, the Red Sox player development people were constantly having debates as to who was better — Papelbon or Lester.

If I remember correctly, Papelbon started out pretty shaky as a SP or as a reliever. Let’s what Lester can do in ’08.

I would agree with you Ian about Lester. The Red Sox still don’t know what they have. Remember he was a part of the Ramirez/A-Rod swap with Texas. The Rangers wanted him. Of course that deal fell thru as we all know.

The Red Sox at least have to look into Santana. From what I read, I wouldn’t give up all that talent for him.

dbenjamin, made a great point with 2 big time starters in the same rotation.

Schilling/Johnson, Schilling/Pedro. Not too mention all the $$$$ you would have to give Santana. Keep the young guys, you control them for quite sometime, salary that is.

If anything go after Haren from Oakland. You wouldn’t have to give up as much. Haren would fit in nicely with the Red Sox. His salary looks good for the next few years as well, that looks good of course.


Did you buy your Oklahoma or Pitt hat yet? LOL….

All you need is one of those 2 to lose and your Ohio State Buckeyes are going to New Orleans.

according to the rumor page on fox the sox are now the favorites to get johan. they’ve offered crisp, lester, lowry, and masterson. i wouldn’t have included lowry BUT it’s probably still a pretty good deal considering lugo is signed for 3 more years and hard to move.

I like the Crisp, Lester, Lowrie and Masterson for Santana deal. If the Sox can get Santana without giving up Buchholz and Ellsbury, I think it is a good move. I wrote about why today. I do agree that, if the Sox don’t get Santana, they should pursue Haren.


I think Oklahoma will beat Missouri and the Buckeyes will face West Virginia in the border war BCS title game.

I am a big fan of the swap Minnesota and Tampa Bay did yesterday.

I don’t think it’s absurd to say that, as of right now, the Rays have a better starting 3 pitchers than the Yankees in Kazmir, Shields, and Garza. Those are three really good looking young pitchers.

Plus I think that Delmon Young is really going to flourish in Minnesota. He almost put up 100 RBI’s in his rookie season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him surpass that and then some this season. I don’t understand why Crisp would be a part of the package for Santana though since Young can play CF, unless they are planning on trading Crisp once they acquire him, or maybe keeping Young in RF.

All I know is if the Sox do this deal for Santana, they better figure out his contract situation beforehand. None of this one-and-done stuff which will end up costing us three young players for a year of Johan where he is “getting used to” the AL East.

zach. i would think they view young more as rep for hunter’s bat and coco for defense. i don’t think there is any way this deal get’s done without an ext being agreed upon beforehand. a) theo wouldn’t give up that kind of talent. b) i don’t think santana will approve a trade without an ext. i think it’s a great deal if it happens. beckett and johan would be a rediculous 1-2 order. as far as beckett getting paid. it would be unreasonable for him to expect johan “type” $$$ right now. he’s been a part of a couple of very good teams and dominated in the post season but this was the first year he truly showed that “ace” type stuff for an entire year. if he does it for a couple more seasons he’ll get the really big cash as well.

If the Boston Globe is correct and the Sox are the leading candidates for Santana and they don’t have to give up Ellsbury or Bucholtz, I say do it and get him signed long term.


You might be right about Oklahoma beating Mizzou. It is tough to beat a team twice though. B.C. will find that out on Saturday vs Va. Tech.

That Twins team looks really good for the future, alot of good young players. If they do deal Santana, which I assume they will.

That will force the Yanks to upgrade their offer to include Hughes, Kennedy and Cabrera if not not more for Santana. Let the Yanks have Santana.

007. if the twins do not accept this deal i agree, if they do. WOW. you have to make this deal if your boston. the prospect of santana, beckett, dice, buch, and ME in the rotation for the next 4-5 yrs would be unreal. well they’re prob not gonna call me. but stick anybody in that 5th slot and you’re still most likely gonna get 80 wins out of your starters. that’s rediculous. they can afford beck and johan. buch will barely be a FA by the time johan’s deal is up. dice is signed for 5 more years. your talking about 4 potential 20 game winners in your starting 5. like everybody else i love lester BUT. he’s not ( nor will he ever be ) santana and you’re not giving up any real impact players to get him IF it pans out. plus you keep him away from NY. it’s the ultimate win-win.

Hey, Bosoxbrian:

OOOKKK-la-homa, where the wind comes rushin ‘cross the plains……


Whoa nellllllly!!!! LOL….

It is tough to beat a team twice and that is what Oklahoma is trying to do. They beat Mizzou in Norman, about a month ago or so. When Ohio State lost, I would have bet you anything they wouldn’t be in New Orleans for the Championship game. They have a good chance now. Of course West Va. will beat Pitt, no doubt about that. Pitt is terrible and Wannstedt is a fool for sure. Buckeyes only chance is Oklahoma winning against Mizzou. Alot of Sooner fans in Columbus and thru out Ohio.

I expect a high scoring game in San Antonio, who will win, I will lean towards Mizzou.

Mizzou 30

Oklahoma 26

In other words Oklahoma will win, LOL….

Not posted in a few weeks, and haven’t read everything on the page yet, but I’ve just got to comment on the rumours flying about at the moment.

If Lester, Crisp, Lowrie & Masterson/Bowden get this done for Santana then why the hesitation. Get this thing done. **** I’ll fly over from the UK myself and carry Theo to Bill Smiths’ office personally. Heck I’d sign off on this with Ellsbury instead of Crisp. We are overvaluing Ellsbury so much at the moment and forgetting how good Crisp can actually be at the same time.

A starting rotation of Beckett, Santana, Dice-K, Schilling & I am an Idiot is too good to turn down imo.

The Sox is in a win win situation. If the Twins accepts the Sox offer (Crisp, Lester, Lowrie, Masterson), the rotation for 08 will be awesome. If the Twins accepts the Yanks offer, the Yanks will be little more competitive next year at the price of giving up more than they are willing to (Hughes, Kennedy, Cabrera, etc). The Yanks cannot afford to see Santana in the Red Sox uniform.

The Sox themselves can’t afford to see Santana in a Yankee uniform, with them still able to keep hold of Hughes and Chamberlain.

At this point I get the impression that the 1st team to blink and throw in Hughes or Ellsbury along with Cabrera or Lester plus prospects gets Santana.

simon, the Yanks needs Santana more than the Sox does especially when Pettitte is leaning towards retirement. Ellsbury,
Buchholtz, Chamberlain, Cano are untouchables for the respective teams. That might change if the Yanks are desperate to get Santana. I don’t think Theo will blink. Let’s see how things pan out.

i was a lil questionable of him being much better than coco at first but now inc ellsbury would be a tough one for me. i think he’ll be much better offensively than coco and they need that at the top of the order. he’s not gonna hit .350 for a full year but i think it’s fairly safe to say he’ll be around .300 plus that speed is irreplaceable. i still say NY NEEDS santana much more but with what they have to give up now i don’t see how it’s worth it for them. they could replace cabrerra with rowand or jones but they’ll prob have to inc kennedy and hughes now as well. they would gain an absolute ace but lose a lot of depth. santana’s only gonna make 35 or so starts.

I am heartened by the rumors that the Yanks are looking at picking up Aaron Rowand after they trade Melky Cabrera for Johan Santana. Whatever happened to Johnny D? If you look at the 2 players (Rowand and Cabrera), they appear very similar, except Melky is 7 years younger. And the Yanks just keep getting older. I only hope Theo can continue to avoid this blunder.

As long as The Sox doesn’t give up Ells and Buchh, the Sox will come up a winner without or without Santana. The Yanks are desperate to get Santana and has choice but to give up more than they are willing. The Yanks are giving youth for older players.

007: I don’t think those “untouchables” change much from the Yankee perspective. There is absolutely no chance they let go of Chamberlain, and I can’t see why the Twins would want Cano. His price is gonna be shooting up in the next few years.

Smckinny: I’m not quite sure Ellsbury’s speed is that irreplaceable. Coco isn’t a slouch around the bases. If your only reason for keeping Ellsbury instead of having Santana is because you’re certain he’ll bat .300, be quick around the bases and bat leadoff, then I think that’s a pretty weak argument. If you want to compare Ellsbury’s offense against Coco, then you should at least go and compare Coco’s defence against Ellsbury. As for batting leadoff, well it’s not as if Pedroia can’t do the job.

Seriously if we’re holding off on getting Santana because of Ellsbury I’ll be slightly disappointed.

Benjamin: I think you’ll find Judas out in left.

Ian – in response to your comment yesterday where you say “One reason i’d be hesitant to trade Lester is that we still aren’t quite sure what he is yet.” Is this not more of a reason to trade him? Lester may be a very good pitcher, but we don’t really know. Sanatana is definitely a good pitcher, with 8 years at a 3.20 ERA. I would always be willing to take the lock over the question mark.

simon, As it stands niow if you were Twines what would you pick:
NYY: Hughes, Kennedy, Melky Cabrera, maybe another prospect

SOX: Crisp, Lester, Lowrie, Masterson or Moss.

It’s up to the Minny now.

Ellsbury’s poplarity (in adition to speed and clutch hitting) with the Sox fans is irreplaceable.

Deep down I think the Sox didn’t make a serious offer, perhaps just a ploy to get the Yanks to up the ante to acquire Santana. The Sox will do equally well w/o Santana. Can’t say the same thing for Yanks. The Yanks need Santana 10 times more than the Sox does. What would Beckett think if Santana is the rotation? Beckett is making $10M and Santana $20M – $25M.

For those of you who are saying Ellsbury isn’t going to be anything special, I think you need to have your eyes checked or re-visit some highlights from the second half of last season.

His game is constantly being compared to a young Johnny Damon or Grady Sizemore. It’s not just like he’s down on the farm and we’re hearing all of this hype about him (ie: the last 3 years, hearing that Phil Hughes is going to be the next Clemens), he came up for half of a season (and a full postseason) and showed he should start.

And you’re willing to send that to Minnesota, packaged with 3 other top-shelf prospects, for one pitcher? Having Santana would be great, but don’t forget that we have no reason to be desperate; we already have an ace.

Can anyone explain why simon thinks I’m looking for Judas?

007. i’d say what they’ve APPARENTLY offered is pretty legit. i’m not sure i’d go much further but that’s a lot of ML potential. as far as the money thing. like i said. beck was an absolute stud THIS year but that’s the first time he’s put together a full season like that. santana’s been doin it for 6 years. he’s earned it. the simple fact is beck hasn’t YET. a couple more years like this one and he will and theo will give it to him.

simon. i’m a coco fan BUT while he’s a gold glover defensively he was traded for to be a leadoff guy and get onbase for papi and manny. he’s failed at that. he might get a lil better offensvely but the upside with ells is far greater IMO in filling that role. if ells is the diff in getting johan then yeah i’d prob do it. but the sox need more offense, long term, to stay on top and coco doesn’t provide that. if they do inc ells in the deal i’d still trade coco and try to sign rowand. like i said i don’t think they’ll have to because i don’t think the yankees can match what they’ve already offered and be any better off. they might do it but they’ll pay for it in the long run and that’s okay to.

Zachary – to play devil’s advocate, Pedroia came up last year and didn’t do well at all. That didn’t give any true indication of his talent. Just because he didn’t do well, it didn’t mean he wasn’t good enough for the major leagues. Similarly, I don’t think two really good months from Ellsbury mean he is a guaranteed huge success at this level.

In 2006 he batted .297 in the minors.

Obviously he is very talented – I just don’t read too much into his 100+ AB’s he had in the bigs this year.

I will veto any deal that gives up Ellsbury. I am looking forward to seeing Ells steal 50 or more bases in ’08. I am a believer in home grown talents. Lowrie has a good OBP and Masterson can develop into a good sinkerball pitcher and be another reliable middle reliever that the Sox is searching. I agree with zachary’s line of thinking.
The point is the Yanks have to match the Sox offer and up the ante and suffer in short and long run.

I now believe that the Sox will get Dan Haren, who has a more palatable contract, is an established young veteran and has not reached his ceiling. He will cost some top prospects, but not Ellsbury or Buchholz. The Sox hit Santana well, so his presence with the Yankees will not be detrimental for Boston.


I do think the Sox need one more established young veteran in the rotation, thus the reason I am comfortable giving up Lester.

007: If I’m the Twins and I can get Hughes, Kennedy & Cabrera plus a prospect I bite their hand off. I do think though that that offer is quite similar to an Ellsbury, Lester, Lowrie & Masterson/Bowden offer from the Sox. It would all depend what the Twins feel fills the most holes. On that front, it might edge towards the Sox, because you’d plug your holes in CF & SS. Saying that its pretty close in my opinion, and could just be a toss up.

Zach if you’ve been hearing people compare Ellsbury to Sizemore and Hughes to Clemens then you’ve been talking to some pretty delusional fans from both teams.

Jeff: Why do you think that Haren wouldn’t cost Buchholz or Ellsbury? There is no reason to think that Billy Beane would trade Haren to us without getting one of the aforementioned players. He has no need to trade him. Like you said, he’s still to reach his ceiling, so it’s safe to assume that he’s only going to improve, and he’s cheap with a few years left on his contract. I don’t get how we get him without giving up Buchholz or Ellsbury.

Oh and Benjamin, you asked what happened to Damon.

i’ll take timlin back for another season but someone else can deal with the awful hitter that is mirabelli. we still have lugo, so i’d prefer no more dead outs in the line up

I definetly think getting Haren makes the most sense. You wouldn’t have to give up as much and his salary is very good for the next couple of years. Lester would obviously be in the deal, Lowrie and probably someone else. Lester would be on the West Coast and he wouldn’t mind that at all.

If you get Santana you might have to rework the Beckett deal in the next year or so. The Yankees need Santana alot more than the Red Sox. Red Sox are driving up the price, hats off to Theo and the baseball operations.

jeff, just curious. is that a guess or have you heard something? hmmm. thinking you would get santana and then getting haren is like thinking you were getting a ferrari and winding up with a corvette IMO. not that it’s bad but it ain’t a ferrari. personally i wouldn’t want to go into a year without 1 solid lefty starter but haren’s probably better ( right now ) than anybody they have short of beckett.

it would appear that LAA is gonna eventually wind up with cabrerra so if NY does get santana next year will be interesting. i’d say the sox and LAA would be pretty close. probably a slight edge to boston and NY is just a bit behind due to the lack of pitching depth.

lynnith: I understand about Mirabelli’s lack of prowess at the plate, but tell me, who do YOU propose catches Wakefield?? I guess Cash could catch him, he did it while Mirabelli was injured last season. Any other suggestions??

i might be wrong but i would think wake is there more for insurance next year ala tavarez this year. and next i suppose. i think he’ll get an occasional start and help in the pen maybe. i mean you have to think, barring injury, the 5 MAIN guys would be some combo of ( depending on what happens with the trade situ ): beck, schill, dice, santana/haren, lester/buch. i just wouldn’t see the value in having buch, or lester for that matter, waste another year in the pen or AAA.

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