One more for perfection

I hope everyone is fired up about the Super Bowl. Great Championship Day on Sunday. I’ll be back later today to expand on these thoughts, but in the meantime, I’d like to hear everyrone’s take on the Super Bowl.


Belichick will be the key to the Pats victory. Whatever happens in the first half… if Bill can come up with one of his incredible halftime assessments and adjustments and get his players to execute, then the Patriots will go 19-0!

There has been a lot said about two things that most believe work in the Giants favor, but I think work more for the Patriots.

The first is that the Giants played the Patriots very tough which helped boost their confidence. I think going into the NFC side of things, that was probably true. However, the reality is that the Giants probably played the best possible game they could play and still came up short. They had a significant lead late in the game and were unable to hold on. In fact, the Patriots stormed by them and the final score was probably closer than the game itself really was.

Second, a lot is being said about the Giants vaunted pressure defense. The fact is that Brady and the Patriots torched them for 38 points and moved the ball all over the field. There is also now the Maroney factor and the Patriots showed against the Chargers, who probably have a better front seven than the Giants, that they can run the ball if that’s what it comes to.

I believe the Patriots defense will have to make some adjustments to get some pressure on Manning. They have stuffed the running game in the playoffs and I think will do so again. The secondary has to step up and get good coverage on Burress and Toomer. I look for Mike Vrabel to have a big game.

I think the Giants will have to bring their A+ game and force the Patriots to make some mistakes to have a shot. They did that in week 17 and it still wasn’t enough. That being said, I think it should be a good, hard fought, competitive game because Michael Strahan will settle for nothing less but the Pats are just too good.

Gotta love this match up! Boston vs. NYC! Biggest underdog vs. unbeaten! And those mind games/injury rumors already!!! I’m definately watching live in the first half! But…half time and second half may be all tape delay…again!

I’ve been a Giants fan since I got a Y.A.Tittle football for my birthday when I was a kid. There have been a lot more lean years than fat ones, but this has been one of the best. The Giants are on a little “vengence tour” in the playoffs. I’m hoping for one more day of revenge on the 3rd. They’ll have to play a perfect game and get a couple lucky bounces. Stranger things have happened. So I’ll pick the G-men by two points in a miraculous late fourth quarter finish.

It should be one of the highest scoring Super Bowls. Alot of big plays in the passing game. Ideal conditions in Glendale, a fast track.

I think Bradshaw could give the Pats some problems in the running game. Pats usually shutdown big power backs like Jacobs. Giants have a great run going on, no doubt about it. It all started when they lost to N.E. That loss gave them alot of confidence going into the playoffs.

Brady’s ankle will be a non-issue. Brady had a bad knee entering the Super Bowl against the Rams.

I think the game will be close but N.E. makes the plays when it matters the most, the 4th qtr. They are the best 4th qtr. team I have ever seen.

Patriots 34

Giants 27

19-0 has a great ring to it, doesn’t it?

Pats were able to come back from 12 pts deficit to beat the Giants at Giants stadium. If the score is close at half time, Pats will be 19-0, an record that will remain unmatched for a long time.


I don’t know either team well, but you sound right on!

Hope to watch second half live..or short tape delay!

Half time still gets erased though I like Tom Petty…a lot! Guess who missed the “Wardrobe Malfunction” (ha!)

James Bond don’t go away either!

Or are you hungry?

Nothing new!

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