Countdown to the BIG ONE

Now that we’ve gotten through ankle-gate — yes, Brady will play in the Super Bowl and did anyone seriously think he was going to hand the reins over to Matt Cassel in the biggest game of his life? — we can focus on other matters. Here are some things I think about.

How does Tiki Barber feel about being retired? Yeah, I’ve heard him say he doesn’t miss football and he walked away at the right time. Does anyone seriously believe that? It’s got to be killing him.

Will Troy Brown be activated? Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I know he’s only played in one game all year. But who wouldn’t love to see this all-time great competitor be a part of the fourth Super Bowl and a 19-0 team?

Can Eli Manning be the Eli Manning of the last three weeks? Or does he revert to the erratic guy who showed up every Sunday before that. Therein lies the answer to whether this will be a competitive game or a blowout.

Where is Randy Moss? He’s been virtually invisible the last two weeks. Can Moss get back to the dominant receiver he was earlier in the year? Will the Giants let him, or will they double him like the Jags did?

If the game comes down to a field goal, can Gotskowski be Viniatieri, or will he be Scott Norwood? It’s a valid question. Yes, yes, yes, I know Steve made a huge kick in San Diego last year and at least one big one in Indy in last year’s AFC Championship loss, but he’s never done it with a Super Bowl on the line.

Was the first matchup between these two teams a true measuring stick to how close they are? Or were the Patriots simply tight that night because of the 16-0 hanging over them? How much will Belichick adjust from what happened in that game? Ditto on Coughlin.

Prediction? Pats 43, Giants 27.

P.S. — Yes, this is still a baseball blog despite the football dominance lately. With that in mind, Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia today weighed in on Johan Santana’s imminent trade to the Mets.


Obviously I think the Patriots will win. All the pressure is all on New England, the Giants should take the field with the nothing to lose attitude.

Moss should get some oppurtunites to make some big plays. I think early in the game, Brady will dial Moss early on a bomb. The Giants do put alot of pressure on the q.b. ( They led the N.F.L. in sacks ) and they leave there c.b.’s on an island and that could hurt them in this game. Welker could set a Super Bowl record with catches. Maroney is running as hard as he has all year long, too many weapons for the Pats and not enough defenders out there.

I think Bradshaw will give the Pats some problems in the running game. The surprise to me in the playoffs has been the Giants W.R.’s. They are actually cathcing the ball, Toomer would drop anything thrown his way but not in the playoffs. Burress has been solid as well, he ate up the Packers.

The Giants pulled off a big upset in the Super Bowl when they beat the Bills. The Bills had just beaten the Giants about a month before at the Meadowlands.

Who cares what Tiki Barber is thinking. He is gone and he was nothing but a distraction to the Giants a season ago. Barber and Shockey are bad vibes on teams. They spell team with the letter I. I don’t think it is conidience that the Giants led by Eli are in the biggest game while those 2 malcontents had nothing to do with it. A blessing in disguise that those 2 aren’t there.

Pats 34

Giants 27

Bet the over in this game.


bsb: If you think Shockey is bad now, you should have seen him at U.M., what a freakin’ ego! A real prima dona and your right about how he spells “team”, could be that he flunked the required spelling courses all the way through school or just his HUGE ever present “it’s all about me” attitude.


Shockey has always rubbed me the wrong way. He could be the most over-rated player in the N.F.L. Nothing but a loud mouth. Most Canes players are full of themselves, very brash and always in trouble. There have been some that are good citizens but those one’s you could fit in a very small car.

It sounds like Santana is off to the Mets.

I’m glad this saga sounds like it is finally over.

Red Sox are in great position for the present and the future. Winning and developing players at the same time. That is what it is all about. Not many if any teams over the years has been able to do that.

The Red Sox were in a win win situation with the Santana deal.

It will be interesting to see what the Red Sox will do with Cocco Crisp. I assume he’ll be dealt sometime during spring training, we shall see. Cocco doesn’t want to be a 4th o.f. and I don’t blame him. I would want to go somewhere and play everyday as well.

Hey, bossoxxbbrriann:

It’s C-O-C-O! That barb having been thrown, I do agree that the Sox are better off without Santana, so long as Santana winds up in the NL and not the AL East (particularly with the Yanks). How many days to pitchers and catchers?

Santana or no Santana the Red Sox are the team to beat.

Pitchers and catchers report in just over 2 weeks. I am looking forward to it just like everyone else.


When the truck leaves Boston, the countdown will begin. A sign of some great weather ( especially for folks like you in Ohio–too cold for me there )

What is your prediction for the game on Sunday? Vrabel a former Buckeye, I am sure you are rooting for him.

Hey everybody!

Looks like bosoxbrian beat me on this one: Santana is tentatively headed to the Mets. Good for them I’ll say. However, I know very little about the prospects they gave up to get him so I profess my ignorance in saying that the Mets got the better end of the deal.

Of course, we’ll see about that, but I’m sure Santana will dominate the NL at his age and seeing how he dominated in the AL.

Not sure about Coco but the team may keep him and have him and Ellsbury platoon CF. If he’s actually fine with that, then I don’t see any major rush in trading him. I don’t think he’ll want to however and it’s hard to blame him for feeling that way.

Tito’s good at keeping the clubhouse chemistry going so I’m assuming things will be fine until if and/or when Coco’s traded.

As for the Pats-Giants SB (with the Pats being really the only team I’ve really followed since I got into football in the mid-90s; however, I followed the Cowboys too but that was due my friends at the time in middle school. The Pats I followed since around the Pete Carrol and the late Drew Bledsoe days.), I predict a closer game than Ian or bosoxbrian:

Patriots: 38

Giants: 31

It’ll be similar to Week 17, IMHO. Although with 2 weeks left to prepare and rest up, a Bill Belichick has been essentially unstoppable.

Still, the Giants will gut this one out and play with a whole lot of heart.

As for me, I’ve got a new job and as such, I actually can’t be posting at 3:00 AM anymore, lol. Not to mention I’ve been busy with stuff around the house as well and with family stuff.

But hey, only a little over 2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training! It’s about time we start rallying our boys to defend that title!

Peace out, fellow RSN peeps!



You and I basically predicted the same score, a pats 7 point win.

Coco’s agent came out and said back in December sometime that he wants his client to play everyday. We know the power of the agent now.

If the Red Sox can get some bullpen help for Crisp, I am all for it. Crisp was just great in c.f. last year, he tracked everything down.

Regarding Santana: I am thrilled that the Sox still have the future in Jacoby Ellsbury. Call me a sentimental old lady, but I haven’t seen as exciting a raw rookie jump into the action as Carlton Fisk did in 1972. (He was more fun to watch that first year than even Nomah or the Gold Dust Twins.)

Thank God no Santana. Not that I have anything against him, but I really wanted to see the kids, Ellsbury, Bucholz and Lester play next year.

Giants by 2.

Glad Elsbury is staying put as well, Santana would have been nice, but I do hope we can move Coco (for his good) and because I have a sentimental preference to hang on to Bobby Kielty as well, anyone who gets one opportunity in the WS, one pitch, and wins the WS title for us — and likes Boston — should stay !

Hope they can find a way to trade Coco — better for him, better for Redsox, great for Kielty (or however you spell his name).

I know this is wishful thinking, but if Coco was willing to stick around and man the 4th OF position, it would be huge for this team. Not only would he get an above-average amount of AB’s considering his position on the depth chart, but how big of a luxury would he be as a late-inning replacement for Manny? I don’t know many teams who have Gold Glove-caliber CF’s sitting on their bench.

For that very reason though, there is little reason for Coco to stick around. He is entering the prime of his career and can get an everyday job on many other teams. I don’t foresee him sticking with the club, but if he did I would be thrilled. If not, hopefully the Sox can use him to land a solid member of the bullpen in a trade.

Hey bosoxbrian:

You have to remember, I grew up in Massachusetts. I remember going to BC’s Alumni Field to watch the Patriots play with big Jim Nance rumbling up and down the field. I remember Gino Cappaletti and Babe Parilli. Heck, I even remember when Nick Buoniconti was a Patriot. In fact, the Patriots stole my loyalty from the Giants. I remember the Giants’ 3 NFL Championship losses in a row, 1961-63 (the first 2 blow-outs by the Packers, the third one an upset by Billy Wade and the Chicago Bears). Those were great Giant teams: Y A Title, Del Shofner, Alex Webster, Rosey Grier, Alex Modzelewski, Sam Huff, I could go on, but won’t.

I’m rooting for the Pats all the way. Since my son-in-law is a Long Islander and a big Giants fan (and, oh yes, its does get even worse than that during baseball season), I think I’ll make him the bet you wouldn’t take with me — looks like he’ll be wearing a red, white and blue # 12 jersey pretty soon. Hah!!

I’d like to say Pats by 14, but they have this unnerving habit of winning their Super Bowls at the end of the game by 3 points. Whatever, a win is a win is football history!!!

While acquiring Santana would have created a potentially devastating starting rotation, I am pleased that the Sox look like they will keep their younger arms and contend for years into the future. Go Jon L, Sox super southpaw!


Your going way back, the good old days. A little before my time, lol.

Do you remember Marty Schottenheimer when he was a Patriot?

Patriots have so many weapons and Maroney is running so hard as of late, the best he has looked. Kevin Faulk always seems to come up with a big pass during the most critical time of the game.

The Patriots are the best 4th qtr. team I have ever seen. They make the plays when it matters the most. They play with alot of poise and confidence and that speaks volumes of there character.

I’m with Arnie. I can’t wait to see what develops with our “kids”.

oh, and as far as the Super Bowl goes… 38-17 Patriots.

as far as the super bowl as much as i hate to say it. pat’s 31-21. they never cover in the bowl. as for coco, it’s really not up to him. if they can’t get what they want for him he’ll have to accpet what ever role he has. that being said i can’t imagine somebody wouldn’t want him for defense alone.

dbenjamin – I remember those days. I also remember when Babe Parilli came to Gloucester as a guest coach for spring training. As a veteran bench-warmer for GHS, I was awestruck. He was a really nice guy, and he threw so well that even I could catch his passes (and I had stone fingers).

Even though it hasn’t been reported on this site yet, Peter Gammons is reporting that the Sox signed Sean Casey to a 1-year deal worth $700,000.

I think this is a great move by the Sox because it’s obviously low risk considering the length and amount of money they are paying Casey, who is a solid bat to have coming off of the bench and is a career .301 hitter.

Also Casey is a better option than Hinske as a backup 1B, so it’s nice to see the Sox upgrading their bench. And for those who believe in the idea of chemistry, Casey was voted “Friendliest Player in Baseball” so it’s safe to assume he won’t be throwing any temper tantrums if he doesn’t get enough playing time.

Good news all around for the Red Sox today. I like the signing of Casey. I agree with zachary about his personality, he’ll be a good fit. The “Mayor” as some like to call Sean Casey. He wants to win, he’ll have to adjust not playing everyday and I am sure he will.

Ramirez also told the Boston Herald he’ll report to camp on time. It sounds like he has been working very hard out there in the Phoenix area. Great news for the Red Sox and of course the fans but bad news for the opposing teams. He said he wants to play until he is 48, like Julio Franco. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play until his early to mid 40’s, the man can still hit and produce big numbers. I am expecting a 40 homer type of year from Ramirez this year.

I don’t think Manny was happy with his performance last year. Although by most standards he had a pretty good year, it wasn’t Manny being Manny. I think he’s realized he isn’t 25 any more and he’s worked hard. Look for him to have a big year. Hanging on to Crisp is probably a wise move. I love Ellsbury, but he still is a very young and developing pup. Crisp could be good relief in the event he struggles.

I see Bucholz starting the year in Triple A unless someone gets hurt in spring training. However, he’ll wind up playing a key role before it’s all said and done as Schilling and Wake wear out after the All Star break.

The Giants are no match for the Patriots. They played the best game they could possibly play against the Pats a few weeks ago, had the chance, and the Pats ran past them like they were standing still in the second half. This time around, the Pats O-Line is in tact and Brady gets better protection. Oh yeah, and there’s the Maroney factor which really didn’t play a huge roll in that last game. Don’t underestimate Randy Moss’ contributions either. He’s been key to the short passing game and the running game with some good downfield blocking. Maybe he’s not catching bunches of passes, but he’s doing his part. Also, Giants’ secondary is way overrated. Moss and company will eat them alive if Brady gets time.

If the Giants bring their A+ game and the Pats make mistakes, Pats win 31-24, otherwise it’s a blowout.

@bosoxbrian: I forgot to elaborate on my “close prediction” on the Super Bowl. I was tired and well didn’t give details.๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, when I meant close, it would be 31-31 into the 4th quarter and Tom Brady will make one of his signature drives to a TD and depending on circumstances, it could go down in history as the most impressive Super Bowl drive, even surpassing Joe Montana’s drive in Super Bowl XXIII (3 minutes remaining, they started on their own, I think, 10 yard line; hooray for NFL films stuff on ESPN).

So that’s where the closeness comes in.๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, nice signing by the Red Sox of Sean Casey. As long as he’s not hurting, then we’ve got a better bat of the bench than Hinske. As for Manny, I gotta love the fact that he wants to play until he’s “old.” Imagine graying dreadlocks, lol. As for Crisp, as much as I’d love to see him on the roster, I don’t think he’ll stay on say past Spring Training unless he could get at least close to everyday play.

I want baseball season to start now as much as I’m loving the Pats ride to perfection.

I miss our Red Sox!๐Ÿ˜€


I think there is no doubt that, physically, Manny Ramirez could play into his 40s since he keeps himself in prime physical shape. The question is whether, mentally, he wants to play. Julio Franco is devoted to playing the game. Manny has made so much money that he might want to retire and become a man of leisure after a few more seasons. I hope the Sox keep him through at least his option years of 2009 and 2010.

I’m ecstatic about the Sean Casey signing, as my post today indicates. He is a solid addition to the team. The Red Sox will be better and deeper in 2008.


Sean Casey — good news — bad news for Trot Nixon — I guess the Sox really don’t want him back — tough business even for the good guys

Hey guys. How is everyone? How are you BoSoxBrian? I have been scarce around here since the World Series ended I know,lol well just watch when Spring Training rolls in! lol so guys excited for Superbowl tomorrow? Haha I know I am….Lets go Patriots! I am excited to have Sean Casey as a platoon guy. He is a good player starting, imagine what he will do in his new role. I am feeling good about 2008…


Doing well and yourself? I am like everyone else, looking forward to spring training. I’m not a big fan of the Sox going to play 2 games in Japan but that is how it goes.

Most Yankee fans are Giants fans, so more dissapointment for them, lol.

The outlook for the Red Sox in 2008 is really good. I am expecting another division title but this time by 5 to 8 games. The division will be better in 2008 than it was last year. The Blue Jays and Rays are better than in 2007. The Orioles will be the worst team in baseball though, 100 losses for the Birds, they will be terrible.

It’s great to sign Sean Casey. It will give Youk and Mikey much needed rest during the season.
Yeah, Trot Nixon will likely play for another team. Was Trot implicated in the Mitchell report?

If the Giants play a perfect game, the score will be close. If not,the score wil be ugly for the G-men.

As exact and scientific as comments such as “if the Giants play a perfect game, they will still lose by 6” are, it turns out they played far from a perfect game and still won.

How many days until pitchers and catchers?

Well it looks like the Giants did play the perfect game and they won.

“Wow” is all I can say.

Personally, they earned, that’s for sure. Good for Michael Strahan and Amani Toomer for finally winning the big one. Oh and it’s official, the Eli Manning bashing has come to an end. The NY papers can bash him again if they’d like, but I’m sure the fans will just ignore the vitriolic junk they put out.

So congrats to the New York Giants. As it was said in Madagascar:

“All Hail, the New York Giants!” (insert raucous cheers).

To me, the Pats just gave the game away and Tom Brady really got away from the short dump passing that was so effective for them all season. IMHO, when he had the time to lob the ball, he should have just gotten the offense into a rhythm. They sort of did late in the game but then they lost it again. And of course, the O-Line really started to show some age.

I guess NY can rub something in to us Boston fans for once this year. However, it’s baseball where the rivalry is at and last I checked, it was 2 in the last 7 years for Boston and 0 for NY.๐Ÿ˜›

Regardless, I’m happy watching my UConn Huskies basketball and waiting until baseball season starts. And Zachary, I think it’s about 3 weeks until pitchers and catchers.

Peace out my fellow RSN citizens!


Looks like my young cook was right. Giants win! I told you they’d win.

The Sean Casey signing is a great one. He’ll be the new Millar. Except he’s a better hitter. Always liked Sean, he’s a clutch guy.

Wow what a game, one of the best ever.Two championships this year for my teams.Lets hope celtics win one to. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very dissapointing too see the Pats lose. I really thought they were going undefeated.

Patriots had alot of protection problems. Pats O.L. got whipped up, at times they were human turnstyles.

Moss wasn’t used until half-way thru the 4th qtr.

Bellichick didn’t go for a 49 yd f.g. Instead he went for it on 4th and 13 and they tried a pass to Gaffney. That was a strange call.

Manning threw that pass up for grabs to Tyree and his prayer was answered. Burress used and abused Hobbs on the winning t.d.

It must be great too be Archie Manning. He played for one of the worst franchises of all time. Most fans went to New Orleans games with bags over there heads. Now he has watched his son’s win back to back Super Bowls. Good for him and his family.

I’ve always liked Coughlin. He did a great job at B.C. Congrats to him.

If the Pats never have to face another Manning in a big game, that would be just great. They have the Pats number.

Spring training starts up in less than 2 weeks. Looking forward to it.

Do me a favor. let’s no longer acknowledge sentinel in any form or fashion. i am simply going to continue to delete every post he makes. i have no room for vulgar and obnoxious human beings in this forum.

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