That’s what all of New England is saying this morning. How did the Patriots lose that Super Bowl? It leaves everyone a little numb,but that’s sports.

It’s as if everyone around here forgets what it was like in 2001 when the Patriots — the lovable underdogs back then instead of the hated favorites — essentially did the exact thing the Giants did this time around. At its core, the reason most of us love sports in the first place is because you just never know what can happen.

In this game, you saw a truly gutsy performance by Eli Manning and the Giants. The pass Manning made on the last drive to get the ball to the 25-yard line and the catch made by David Tyree to finish that play is one of the most unbelievable athletic plays I’ve seen in my 25 years or so of watching sports.

You saw the Giants make incredible plays on offense and come up with stifling stops on defense. You saw them overpower the Patriots on both the offensive and defensive lines. You saw them play with no pressure on their backs and instead, just truckloads of momentum and confidence. You saw a hard-nosed coach in Tom Coughlin finally reach the top of the mountain. You saw a tremendous veteran in Michael Strahan finally taste a Super Bowl.

And in the biggest of big games, we finally saw the Patriots lose. They’ve spoiled us in this region ever since that fateful day when Mo Lewis crunched Drew Bledsoe and created an opening for Tom Brady. The Patriots were very lucky to get the tuck rule against the Raiders in 2001, otherwise that first Super Bowl never gets off the ground. They were fortunate that the Rams played tight in the Super Bowl that year, much like the Patriots did this time around.

In 2003 and 2004, the Patriots were flat-out the best team in football and they won the rings to prove it. The 2005 team was never right, and beaten down by injuries, and nobody was all that surprised when they lost in Denver. Last year? They never replaced Deion Branch, yet somehow pulled out an all-time gutty win in San Diego and simply ran out of gas in Indy to miss a chance at another ring.

This year? The Patriots had the most talent, the most smarts and for most of the year, the most heart, in football. But along the way, the whole complexion of this thing changed. It became more than just a football season. It became a crusade. It became more of a battle against history than their opponents.

The Patriots put so much into being the first undefeated team in 1972 and it took its toll. Everyone played the Patriots with the intensity of a Super Bowl. It was as if, starting with that game in Indy against the Colts in early November, almost every opponent came at the Patriots with championship-like force.

In this Super Bowl, the Patriots were tighter than the Giants. I think that was obvious. There was a tell-all shot before the game, during warmups. Eli Manning came charging on to the field, smiling and all fired up, and sort of patted Tom Brady good-naturedly as he ran by. Brady had a death-like stare on his face and didn’t even blink at Manning’s friendly gesture. It was as if the weight of the entire world was on his shoulders, while Manning looked much like a young Brady did back in 2001, with all that confidence and no burden.

The great Bill Belichick is as good at what he does as any coach or manager there has ever been. He’s right up there with Auerbach and Lombardi and Stengel and Torre or whomever else you want to throw out there. But guess what? Coughlin outcoached him in this game. There is no shame in that. It happens.

The one move that was extremely confusing to me was the 4th and 13 when Gotskowski could have kicked a 49-yard field goal. Why didn’t they go for the three points? The game was indoors and Gotskowski has a very strong leg, two things that were in New England’s favor at that moment. Yet Belichick went for it. That was a real head-scratcher. I would have punted or taken the three points.

The other perplexing thing was just seeing Matt Light and the rest of the offensive line get beaten up. All year long, the offensive line was a huge strong point of the Patroits and in this one, they got handled so badly. I feel like Light spent most of the game on the ground while Brady was getting clobbered.

It seems as if we’ve all become Yankees fans around here lately, just feeling so entitled. Just savor every time one of your teams has a "CHANCE" as Junior Seau would say, to win a championship. You aren’t always going to win it. The Red Sox aren’t always going to come back from 3-0 against the Yankees or 3-1 against the Indians. Sometimes it’s going to go the other way, and the same goes for the Patriots.

Other regions would be in sports heaven to experience the type of sports moments we’ve had here early in the 21st century so instead of crying in your beer, just relish the era we are in right now. The Celtics are about to seriously challenge for a championship for the first time since I was in high school. The Red Sox have the best farm system in baseball and should be in the playoffs every year for the forseeable future.

And the Patriots? They’re going to be a force for a few more years, I would imagine. Tom Brady is 30. Bill Belichick is still in his coaching prime. Randy Moss remains hungry to win his first Super Bowl. Maroney is going to keep getting better. This loss hurts right now, but it will pass.

Enjoy the moment. And as Junior Seau would say, enjoy just having a "CHANCE". Because without having a chance, you have nothing. And as the Giants showed in this classic sporting event, having a chance can mean EVERYTHING.

Just a little over a week until pitchers and catchers report under the blissful sun of Fort Myers, Florida!



Wallowing in my misery this morning, I was doing fine reading your column until I came to the comparison of Patriots fans as being just like Yankees fans. This, followed by the always idiotic raving of the pathetic “sentinelofgods” (what IS he compensating for?) really irks me. I don’t know what Patriots fans you’ve been associating with; in my long-time experience here in Boston, they are generally cautiously optimistic and intelligent. They do not not swagger, nor do they sneer at other teams’ fans. The Giants played the better game last night, and that’s what makes football so endearing and so maddening: it all comes down to one game on one day.

pamela, don’t worry about sentinel. Everybody who comes here knows what a jack off he is and doesn’t really pay any attention to him, let alone actually be offended by what he writes. He’s still upset about the Yankees finishing in second place last season, mainly because he’s a little cry baby.

And actually sentinel, the 04 Yankees are still bigger chokers. They had far more opportunities to seal up their championship and could not do so. No doubt both are chokes, but the 04 Yankees will never be equaled. 1 out away from the WS, and then you couldn’t seal it up given another 4 games? Now THAT’S a choke.

Hello, esteemed colleague, sympathies with Pats fans up the coast there. Thought you would appreciate the email I received from the Pats fan about my Super Bowl story…it’s on my community blog here. 🙂


ps bring on pitchers & catchers

The best thing about not caring about football?? I’m still giddy in anticipation of spring training immediately after the Pats loss. I live in Boston, but I still think most people around here took their loss pretty well.
I just took it upon myself to remind my friends who like baseball and football that we have 11 days till pitchers & catchers🙂

I remember when Aaron Boone hit the homer off of Wakefield, that empty feeling. Just a few days later, Brady hits Troy Brown in o.t. in Miami and suddenly most fans were over the Red Sox loss.
Spring training in less than 2 weeks. Celtics own the best record in the N.B.A. and they have a great chance to go very deep in the playoffs and they might even win it all.

When is the truck leaving Fenway for southwest Florida? That is a great sign of good things to follow.

Red Sox hit camp as the team to beat and the Yankees are the 5th best team in the A.L.

Red Sox, Tigers, Indians and Angels are all better than the Yankees.

Pats were outdefensed, out coached, ooutplayed, and out evereything. Ian was right 4 and 13, you either kick a fg (still within kicker’s range) or punt. You don’t go for it in early going and risk an interception.
How the **** did Manning wriggle out of the seemingly sack on the NY’s last drive? What the Pats defense was thinking? The play was dead? All breaks were going Giants way.

This game was all about karma catching up with the Patriots and rewarding the Giants.

For the Pats: spygate, running up the score on opponents, consistently going for it on 4th-and-6 for no good reason, etc.

Conversely, the Giants played a gutsy game in Week 17 when they could have been resting their starters and were road warriors throughout the playoffs.

For those who don’t believe in sports karma, look no further than Super Bowl XLII.

I must admit that I am not shedding tears over the Patriots loss. It is hard to root for a team that is led by a guy who lacks class and integrity. That said, I’m ready for baseball, and a team led by a guy with integrity and class – Terry Francona.


The Giants played a near perfect game on D, especially the defensive front. They took Brady, Moss and Maroney out of the game and left it up to Welker to beat them. Welker played a great game but he couldn’t win it by himself. Tremendous execution by the Giants. On offense they got good protection for Eli and enough of a running game from Jacobs and Bradshaw. Eli may have played the game of his life, not making mistakes, eluding the pass rush and throwing 2 beautiful TD passes.
The Pats had the better record and better personnel on paper, but they got outplayed by a hungrier and looser team.

I’m with you, Jeff. I’ve been ready for baseball since early December.

The one-game playoff thing is what I hate about football. There is no way you can say that the Giants are a better team than the Pats. They may have been better for one game, but do you really think the same outcome would have happened over the course of, say, seven games? That’s why I love baseball. The opportunity for B.S. championships is greatly reduced. I’m not saying the Giants’ win is B.S., they outplayed the Pats all night, and one game decides the championship, that’s the name of the game. A seven game championship for football would be totally impractical becuase it takes a week to recover between games. I just think in baseball, with a seven-game series, more often than not the team that is better is going to win.

In one way that’s the beauty of football, Rob. You have to bring your best on Super Sunday. No 2nd chances. No “We’ll get them tomorrow”. It makes the victory that much more special because you made the most of your one chance. But I still like baseball better. Way better. For other reasons.

That was a difficult result line to take. The Giants didn’t give the Pats any real space. I wonder if the Dolphins legacy weighed just too much on the Pats. Perhaps if they had lost a couple of regular season games they would have been a bit looser last night and ‘brought home the bacon’. Arnie, can you put a regular post next season “Arnie’s cook’s crystal ball” – he was far too accurate this season.

Still, (a) you have to like what the Celtics are doing at the moment, (b) be content with the Bruins performance and (c)be thankful that ST is just round the corner and the regular season is looming.

Looking back on last season, I am impressed by the way Tito managed the season. There were many times he seemed to leave pitchers in too long and let games get away from the Sox: much to the frustration of many of us in RSN, but he had his eye on the whole season not just the game. Perhaps I am not remembering things as they really happened but does anyone else think that this was the year he really came of age as a top flight manager (although 2008 will tell).

With Kojak Mirabelli (it was an old post🙂 ) back in the fold, I hope that he gets some more at bats to both keep him productive and keep ‘Tek healthy and productive after the All Star break. Looks like a good line up. Personally, I hope they don’t trade Coco – if JD settles in ok, it is going to be a great outfield combo. We have got great defence and offence in the infield (ok, lets see what Lugo does…) and some awesome pitching to look forward to. I am particularly looking forward to seeing just how good a finesse pitcher Schill can make himself and I am looking forward to Wake doing his stuff – I like Wake, but watching him is a bit like watching a horror movie: you really want to see what is coming next but daren’t in case it is too scary🙂.

Good night from ‘old’ England.

Ian, please put a block on “sentinel”. He is absolutely classless, and gives New York fans a bad name, no matter what sport is being discussed. It’s pretty cowardly to spew venom at people who are down, as well in a public, anonymous space.

I have read some posts on here and some have said it’s sports karma. I think I have heard it all in my life.

It comes down to one team outplaying/outcoaching another team. I don’t think it was decided by karma.

The Patriots O.L. got used and abused most of the game. Brady got very frustrated and it showed with his body language.

Ellis Hobbs got toasted on the winning t.d. Hobbs is a average c.b. anyway. He has given up his share of big plays during the season.

Belichick had a brain cramp when he decided to go for it on the N.Y. 31, 4th and 13. What was he thinking? Was he thinking? Kick the f.g. Ideal conditions in the dome, a kickers dream.

I don’t know what was worse, the descion to go for it, or the play they decided to go with. A pass in the corner of the endzone to Gaffney, not smart.

Pats felt the pressure, no doubt about it. Giants took it to them. Keep the Mannings away from the Pats and they will be just fine. A great game but not the outcome I thought would happen. The beauty of sports, you gotta love it.

Not totally surprised the Pats lost but I thought they would have scored more than 14.

Josh McDaniels showed his inexperience. He might be a head coach someday but not anytime soon. No Crennel and Weis and no Super Bowl victories. Something to think about.

6 years ago it was just the greatest feeling and 6 years later, the total opposite.

Hey all!! I was disappointed thet New England lost for sure, but they were definitley out payed, out gunned and out scored (obviously). I am however grateful for one thing: Baseball is right around the corner!!!
ps, I see ITS back!!!

(out played=out payed)

One problem sentinel, not all Sox fans are Patriot fans. I happen to be a Giants fan. Stop littering this site with garbage. PATHETIC LOSER!!!!!

To say the Pats choked is to do a disservice to the Giants. They had a game plan, and stuck to it, and they played a great game. I think that was one of the most exciting Superbowls I have ever seen, and I have seen them all except the one I missed when I was in Vietnam.

jq, the Giants played well enough to win, but do you honestly think the Pats brought their A-game? The Pats did so many uncharacteristic things: Brady with a ridiculous amount of weak passes, Bellichik going for it on 13-4, no half time adjustments from the coaching staff, etc. The Giants brought it, the Pats didn’t and that’s it. I think someone on Chad Finn’s blog said it best: “The Patriots lost because they thought they were showing up to a coronation, not a football game”. They fell into the trap of thinking they had it won before they even stepped onto the field, which is sooo un-Patriots like. That was one thing I thought Bill always prided himself on was taking it one game at a time. Was it 2 weeks worth of hype? we’ll never know. All we will know is that the Pats didn’t get the job done when they had all the tools to do it. But, as they say, that’s why they play the games. Anyways, congrats to the Giants on making the Pats look like a bunch of tackling dummies. Just goes to show that anything can happen in sports, and reminds everybody of the magic of game.

That’s it for football, baseball season is almost here! Thank God.

sentinel, you must be young, because maybe you don’t know that before the Patriots existed, most of NE rooted for the Giants. My grandfather is the same way as vmvredsox, he remained a die hard Giants fan as well as a die hard Red Sox fan until the day he died. The account manager for my company, who is in her early 60’s, is the same way: loyal to the Giants and the Sox. It’s not as uncommon, or stupid, as you think.

I don’t know why I’m trying to reason with you, because I know all you are going to do is spout off some childish insults and attempt to make me feel stupid, which you won’t be successful at, I might add, because I know you’re a complete knob. So go ahead, make your insult attempt, and I’ll just snicker azt your pathetic attempt and think of what a sad person you are when I read it. That’s the way it works. Cheers! And again, congrats to your Giants.

The key to that game was the Giants’ pass rush. Why the Pats couldn’t control it is beyond me, maybe the offensive line got the flu during the week. Who knows? But that pass rush forced Brady out of his game. He was under so much pressure that his passes were not accurate. And the running game gave them no relief. The Giants took it away. The big mystery will always be the 4th and 13 play. After the game Bellichick said he did not kick the field goal because he was concerned about field position. Why then would you go for the first down? Why not punt and pin the Giants deep? That one is a puzzle. But when all is said and done, the Pats could not hold the lead that Brady gave them late in the 4th. The Giants just refused to die. You can’t take that away from them by saying the Pats left their A game at the hotel. And even if that were true then they definitely don’t deserve the title. It’s unacceptable. They knew what was at stake, no excuses.

It’s sooo cold here. I can’t wait until SP. GO SOX!!!

Hey BoSoxBrian.
Im good man. Stil recovering from the Superbowl and still fightin the Giants fans. I hold my ground and stick by my team, just my life, plain and simple. Red Sox and Patriots, all day everyday, you know man…


Certainly a tough loss but at least baseball is ready to start. About a week from now, pitchers and catchers report.

Red Sox are the team to beat as teams report to Fl./Az.

The Giants brought everything they had and they played a great game. But in the end, it took a missed opportunity on what should have been a routine interception that went through Assante Samuel’s hands, a Houdini-like escape by Eli Manning to get off a prayer of a pass, and probably the most spectacular catch in the history of football by David Tyree to bring the Patriots down. I’m not taking anything from the Giants, but did someone say karma?

Don’t let that loss diminish what the Patriots accomplished this year. It goes way beyond records, statistics and a chance for perfection. There has never been a team that brought more excitement and anticipation to the table every week than this year’s Patriots. No team has ever been more loved, or more hated across the sports world. Not even the Yankees. No team ever generated so much interest to so many people. No team ever warranted Commissioner and Congressional involvement to ensure its game would be available to everyone who wanted to watch it. They say SB 42 was the second most watched TV event in history. Numbers don’t include bars and restaurants. I’m sure the final episode of MASH was not on every TV, in every bar and restaurant across the country.

You think what the Patritos did this year will fade into oblivion because they lost the Super Bowl? Think again. They took us on a ride most of us will never forget leading up to what may have been the most anticipated sporting event in history. And the beauty of it is that they are good enough to be right there knocking at the door again next year and we in New England are lucky to know that, and to have the Red Sox getting ready to crank it up in Fort Myers. Even with the big loss, does it get any better than this?

There is an element of good fortune in every championship. Remember the Oakland/New England game? Some good fortune there. You have to wonder how the Patriots could be held to 14 points with a minute and a half to go in the 4th quarter. You can minimize the hurt by rationalizing the good luck of the Giants, but in the end the Pats just got outplayed by the Giants D. No shame in that. If you play your best and get beat, well, hats off to the other guys. No regrets. No embarrassment. We’ll never know if the Pats were complacent or overconfident but I am assuming they were prepared and played their hearts out and left it all on the field. They just came up against a team that was talented and was playing at the absolute apex of their game.

Glad to see Bobby Kielty is back, he’s a good guy to have. Now, if Theo could just get a couple good middle relievers I’d be happy. I like Snyder but I just don’t have confidence in him. And Tavarez is too inconsistent. Lopez? Ummm…not quite good enough against lefties. Just a little tweaking in the ‘pen, Theo. Thanks in advance.

I probably misunderstood you, Arnie — but are you saying that the Patriots’ victories came about because they got lucky at times, while the Giants won because they simply outplayed the Patriots?


I disagree when you that the play with Samuel was routine.

He had to jump to even put his hands on it and was along the sideline. He had to worry about his feet coming inbounds. If he did make the interception, it would have been one of the better interceptions in the history of the Super Bowl. Of course we all know he didn’t make the play.

It was a great season but it ended with a sour taste.

I agree with you next year. When the season begins in 2008 the Patriots will be the team to beat, no doubt about it.

We are lucky as Boston sports fans to have the teams we root for be so **** good.

The Giants D-line as we all know was the difference. They had a field day with the Pats O.L. Matt Light got used and abused many times during that game. Not to single Light out but he did have the worst game of the bunch. The others got used as well.

Giants made the plays when it mattered the most, the 4th qtr. I really thought going into the game that is where the Patriots would win the game and it was the qtr. where the Giants won the game.

A very warm day in Florida today. Spring training is right around the corner. I can hear the mitts popping from here. A great sound!!!

Absolutely not. I’m saying that every championship involves some luck. Re-read my first sentence. The word “every” includes Sunday’s Super Bowl. There are always a few plays that could go either way, ie, the aforementioned miraculous escape by Eli Manning and the catch by Tyree that can be described as lucky. Spectacular as that catch was, it was also lucky. Both teams had some luck. Look at the interception by Hobbs. An element of luck there for sure. The ball is tipped right to Hobbs instead of bouncing harmlessly away. But OVERALL the Pats got outplayed. The Giants were not lucky on every play. That’s what I’m saying.
I’m not trying to take anything away from the Pats. They were the better team position by position. And all of their accomplishments, past seasons and present, are legit. But on Sunday, they were outplayed, not out-lucked.

I guess I just took umbrage that Gsm–who I usually agree with– seemed to be ignoring all the great play by the Giants and focusing on a few plays that went the Giants’ way. But he’s a Pats fan and I am a Giants fan, so we are not likely to agree on this one. So be it.



I’m a Pats fan and I can tell you that the Giants deserved to win.

Brady played poor because the Giants were in his face all night. The Pats had alot of issues with the Giants pass rush and there various blitzes. How many times did Kawika Mitchell come right up the middle on a blitz?

Brady was very frustrated and the reason he was frustrated was the Giants were in his face most of the night. He had to rush many throws during the night. You don’t have to be a genious to figure that one out.

They say the Patriots had there worst practice of the season on Wednesday, especially the O.L.

The Pats have the 7th pick in the draft and that will be the rich getting richer. Paoli and Belichick usually don’t miss on 1st rd. picks. Merriweather so far has been shaky but we’ll see how his career goes. Seeing the Pats in Tampa in the Super Bowl in 2009, is possible for sure.

The venom being spewed at the Pats across the country is unbelievable. I wonder, should the Red Sox win another World Series or two in the very near future (I hope!), will the public turn on them? People don’t seem to like winners.


When people hate the team you root for is nothing but a great thing.

I hope the day comes when most of America doesn’t like the Red Sox. That to me means they are winning there fair share of titles.

When you are on top, people want to see you drop to the bottom. That is how it goes.

Of course the hate for the Pats is Belichick who is very arrogant and comes across ice cold. Brady is parading around the globe with supermodels and some people don’t like that. Of course a big part of the hate towards the Pats is there success and something tells me they will more Super Bowls.

Ask most people in Colorado how they feel about the Sox, you’ll get an earful! But as you say Bosoxbrain, that comes with success, and I too would rather have the success. Every person, team, business that is successful gets its share of hate in return. It comes from comparing. We constantly measure ourselves against others and make ourselves miserable in the process. Just be happy with who you are. Arnie’s philosophy lesson for the day, haha.

Great news, great news. The truck leaves Fenway on Saturday for Fort Meyers.

Always a great sign is when the truck departs. Looking forward to spring training. The optimism around baseball is just great. Even teams like the Royals and Rangers have a positive outlook. If your a Orioles fan, it will be a long season at Camden Yards, 100 losses for the Birds.

rob, I am a Patriots fan, but to say that they didn’t bring their A game?? They brought the game that they brought. We LOST. Over and done, plain and simple. They knew that they had to bring their “A Game” but didn’t, so now as Patriot fans (think like a Sox fan here for a minute) we need to go on and start dreaming about next season. I’m one of those fans.

I’ve been a Pats fan since middle school and by the time the 08-09 season rolls around, that will be 10 years of being a Pats fan. I’m nowhere near as hardcore a fan as I am with the Red Sox, but it stung a bit to see them lose the way they did.

However, the Giants outplayed the Patriots. Simple as that. I was feeling that a loss was possibly imminent after the way the first half went.

Oh well, there’s a baseball season to be had soon. Oh and speaking of baseball, when’s Tito getting his much needed extension?


I agree with the notion that a good championship team sometimes needs good karma or good fortune to win. The Redsox and Pap in the WS were hit very hard. The ball hit an inch to the right or left who knows what could be the outcome. There were many little breaks went the Sox way in the ALCS & WS.
It will be interesting to see how Roger Clemens wiggles out of the jam he puts himnself into.

Tony Maz is reporting that Schilling has a torn rotor cuff/labrum and that his season may be over. Looks like Clay may not start the year in AAA ( God I hope Tavarez does not replace Schilling in the rotation)

If Schilling is lost for the season and it sure sounds like he will miss the 2008 season. His career is in jeopardy as well.

Bucholtz will slide into the rotation and that will make the back end of the rotation very young, talented but young.

Red Sox would be crazy if they dealt Tavarez now. He is so versatile. He can come out of the bullpen one game and a few games later he can give you a decent start.

One thing over the years I have learned is you never have enough pitching.

Theo dealt Arroyo thinking he had enough arms and that trade didn’t exactly work out.

Always something going on with this team, never a dull moment being a Red Sox fan.

Ellen, do you really think the level of game the Pats brought was anything approaching what they were capable of? That’s all that I am saying. I’m not saying they deserved to win; they didn’t. But to look back over the season and what that team accomplished, and what the team has accomplished in the past in the big game, I cannot logically think that they brought their best to the table. Regardless, they made their bed and now we have to sleep in it. It’s not that I can’t accept loss, it just ticks me off that I think they could have done better. Honestly, things like BB going for it on 4-13 should say something about the level he was coaching at. When has he ever made completely retarded, boneheaded calls like that in big games? Or failed to make the necessary adjustments during the second half? There was something very un-hoody-like going on…maybe it was the law of averages finally catching up to him, the man had never lost a SB. I don’t know what it is. But to say they played at the top of their game just because they were in the Super Bowl is absolutely ludicrous and just doesn’t make sense. Teams can underperform on any given night, and I would say even moreso after you have just won 18 games in a row…something’s got to give at some point, bad luck and the law of averages ALWAYS catches up at some point.

The news about Schill is very disappointing indeed…though I would have to say I’m more disappointed that his career could be over without the bang he wanted than the fact we have already lost a starter. We have got the depth to make it work still, but the Sox should still try to replace him to keep the same depth that we had before the injury. Maybe we can package up Tavarez and Coco for some rotation depth, since the BP is looking stacked now and Kielty is back in the fold.

The news about Schill is very disappointing. I really wanted to see him go out on a good note and it stinks that he’s got this shoulder issue. I just hope this whole salary issue doesn’t get aired out in the media and become nasty. I’ll blame both sides for it if it comes to that.

As for Tavarez, I don’t understand why some people bash him. He’s super versatile and he got the job done last season. I don’t think he’ll replace Schilling in the rotation for too long, but he’s good at what he does, IMHO.

Here’s to hoping Buchholz adjusts quickly to his new role if he’s not at AAA when he starts.


Hello all from West Texas! The Sox Nation down here is gearing up for Valentines Day! The boys of summer look strong going into the season, with the exception of Schilling, but even without him, the team looks great! It’s disappointing to see him down at this stage of the year, but if he needs tie rest and rehab, now’s the time. I’m glad to see Kielty back. He’s a great addition, however it’s getting a bit cramped in that outfield. I’ve always liked Coco — even better than Johnny Whatshisname — and I never would have guessed he’d be odd man out on this team. Sean Casey with the Sox? Two words come to mind: Dead weight. Can anyone say, “Willy Mo Pena?”

Living in Cowboy country, it was hard for those around me to stomach the Boys’ loss to the Giants, and equally tough to see the Giants beat the Pats. There were a LOT of Cowboy fans cheering on the Pats. I was fortunate enough to be in Phoenix and attend the game as a fill-in for a very wealthy (hospitalized) friend and from my seat, it was apparent that the Giants brought intensity and desire to the game while the Pats ho-hummed along. The O-Line got beat like rented mules and I just couldn’t understand why the Pats didn’t utilize the screen more often — there were many occasions where it would have worked beautifully, but alas, hindsight is 20-20. Oh, and that play that Eli pulled off was amazing. Not that HE was amazing… it was amazing that he didn’t go down. Ellis Hobbs spent his day getting *****-slapped (on plays where his man wasn’t involved, he was still beaten badly) — there were times I wondered why Eli didn’t throw that way more often.

Tough luck for Junior. He needed that ring. Hey, I believe we’ll be back in the Big One next year. And the Giants? They’ll be lucky to make it past Da Boys. Somebody give T.O. a kleenex, puh-leeeeeze! And tell Strahan to put a sock in it!

Oh, Peyton/Eli? Play time is over boys. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

Sean Casey? I still can’t get over this one. Where’s Kevin Millah when you need him?….. stuck with the O’s….

I’not a Giants fan nor am I a Pats fan, saying that I say YEAH GIANT’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a fan of the Mannings, Archie is from my state, born about 20 miles from where I lived, saw him play as a senior in high school. They have to be the most humble family out there, thankful for all they have been blessed with.

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