Schilling sidelined

One week before Spring Training starts, and we already have a major news story. Unfortunately, it’s not a good one.

Curt Schilling’s shoulder is not in good shape. That is obvious when it is barking in the middle of the winter, and not amid the rigors of a long season.

Obviously there have been some disagreements between the Sox and Schilling’s doctor — Dr. Craig Morgan — on whether he should have surgery or not. Ultimately, a third party had to settle the disagreement and there won’t be surgery — at least not now.

Obviously, the Sox hope that Schilling can be a key contributor in the second half. He is a postseason legend and that is when he will be needed most.

It’s too bad for Schilling. If this is, in fact, his last Major League season, I’m sure he didn’t want to spend a large chunk of it undergoing tedious rehab.

As far as the Red Sox are concerned, they should be able to withstand this injury for the short term, assuming Beckett, Dice-K, Wakefield, Lester and Buchholz are healthy and effective.

Initially, I thought Coco Crisp might be dealt for a reliever. Now, you wonder if they might try to add to their starting depth.

Schilling blogged about his shoulder a little while ago. The Red Sox haven’t said much. You can bet this will be a major news story when Spring Training kicks off on Feb. 14.


It sounds like Schilling is going to rehab his shoulder and be back in mid summer.

Schilling didn’t give them much in the beginning of last year anyway. I’m not concerned with this injury.

Obviously Crisp will be traded for bullpen help or a starter.

Red Sox do have some options in this situation and that is a great thing. Most teams would be screwed if this happened to one of there starters. Red Sox can go within the organazation to fill the spot. Depth is a great thing. Epstein has learned from his mistakes in the past. Arroyo for Willy Mo, he thought at the time they had enough pitching. You can never have enough arms in your organization.

Let’s see World Series win in 07 with Schilling giving us 150 IP. Buchholz now in line to get 150-160 IP and Schilling possibly helping out in the stretch run. Don’t see this as huge as a loss as some are painting.

Honestly, how much did we really expect from the 41-yr old anyway?

The only thing that surprises me about this is the timing. I figured Schilling’s shoulder would give out at some point in the season, but not before spring training. This all seems a little strange. I wonder what he did to it between the end of the season and now.


I would agree with you about the timing of it. I heard/read somewhere that Schilling felt something about a month ago.

Never a dull moment with the Red Sox. If this injury happened entering the 2004 season, I would say the Red Sox are toast.

Certainly not the case this year. Most of the year he got racked. The final 6 weeks of the reg. season he pitched well.

Of course Freddy Garcia’s name could come up in June or so. I read he’ll be ready to go then. Boston could end up being a destination for Garcia. Of course that is pure speculation.

I guess this shows how seriously he has been taking his off season training. I would rather see him either get it sorted out properly and only be available for the last few games of the regular season or to retire early with RSN saying “if only … wow!” than him being a sad shadow of what he was and what he could have been. Everyone will lose if he comes back without being ready. I guess he realises this and that is why there is the difference between the docs.

Assuming Schilling returns at some point in the second half, I’m not panicking. Say what you want about his age and declining velocity, but we need Schilling in October because he is a stud when it counts.

Also, how can you not be excited at the prospect of Buchholz starting the season in Boston instead of Pawtucket? 10 years ago you would never see a Sox rotation with two home grown 23 year old’s.

Zach, I’m real excited about Bucholz. I think he’s the real deal and I hear he’s bigger and stronger this year so innings shouldn’t be as much of a concern. I think Dice-K and Lester both get better and Wake is going to give us 15 wins if he stays healthy. Add Beckett’s 17-20 wins and that’s a pretty good rotation. I also think Tavarez is adequate insurance for a spot start here and there. I have come to appreciate him. He just doesn’t care, he’ll do anything you need him to do. I like that in a ball player.

I’m happy with the following
Beckett (32-34 starts)

Matsuzaka (32-34 starts)

Wakefield (25-30 starts)

Lester (20-25 starts)

Buchholz (20-25 starts)

That leaves 24 starts to the filler guys: Hansack, Taverez, Snyder, maybe even Masterson late and Schilling if he returns.

But I’d look around at some cheap FAs that can put up some innings in Pawtucket to fill in the gaps when needed

Sad to see a great competitor end a career with an injury no matter what you think of him as a person!

I am glad to see Buch coming back to the majors, especially after his no-no in september!

Foulke signed with Oakland…

who saw THAT happening?!

OKay then!!! The countdown begins now in earnest!!!! THE truck is on its way to the Sunshine state!!!! P’s and C’s report next week, all is beginning to become right with the world once again. Oh Lordie, I just can’t wait!!! Come on April!!!!! (lot’s of exclamation points in this post!!!)
Didn’t Foulke “retire” from Cleveland last year?? I wish him well, he did play a key role for us in 04…… Good Luck Keith!

Two things:

Good luck to Foulke in Oakland. I hope that he gets the cheers he deserves by Red Sox fans when Oakland stops by at Fenway later in the summer.

As for Schilling, if his personal doctor says that the surgery will keep him out just until around the All-Star break, why not have the surgery and then rehab? Or was it official that the surgery would end his career? I ask because it seems that just rehabbing is going to keep Schilling out until mid-season anyways so why not fix the problem instead of just hiding it? My concern is that the rehab will go fine at first and he’ll either come back fine initially and then get hurt again in the post-season (assuming the Red Sox are there) or that the rehab won’t go as well, requiring surgery and then postponing his return to even later.

Just my two cents. My hope is that things work in the end, surgery or not, and that the Red Sox and Schilling together end up with another WS title this year.😀


It’s good to see that Manny has been religiously working out to stay in shape for the forthcoming season and that we do not have to put up with the rumors that Manny wants to be traded. It’s also a tremendous gesture that he made when he donated his car to the Children’s Hospital. What Manny ought to do, to cap it off, is shave his head and donate his dreadlocks to the highest bidder on e-bay and donates those proceeds to the sama charity. Not only will the children benefit but the Bosox as well.

Hey there, hope everyone is doing great.

Just 5 days before hearing the sweet sound of a fastball in a catcher’s mitt again. Can’t wait. Although the off-season can’t be shorter than when you reach ( and win ) the WS, it’s still too long.

It may be a little too soon to be excited but what can i say ? I love it. I’m ready for another season of blogging about the Sox, the Yanks, the Jays, the winning streaks, the slumps, the line-up, the rotation, that last spot in the roster come late March, the trades and moves that we experts (!) think Theo and Tito should make ….. or not. I miss all that.

Last year was great, blog-wise AND baseball-wise. Hope this one will be equally fun.

raj and phil!!!! I thought that you guys had both dropped off the face of RedSox Nation World!! I’m so glad that you are both back!!! YEAH SPRING TRAINING. Teh smell of glove leather and well excuse me but man sweat!! oh well, here’s my first politically incorrect post of 2008!! lol

raj, he ha to go with what a thrid party Dr. said, I guess it’s something in the players union contract or something like that. His Dr. said surgery, the Sox Dr. said no, so a third party had to intervene, from what I’ve read and (tried to) understand.

Even though Foulke was arguably the 2nd most important member of the ’04 Sox in the playoffs (behind Ortiz), I don’t think he’s going to get an especially warm welcome when Oakland visits Fenway.

In ’05 and ’06, he was pretty much maligned everytime he came out of the bullpen considering he was throwing an 85 mph fastball, plus the “Johnny from Burger King” comment he made in regards to the fans didn’t sit well.

Ellen- I guess I’m not much of a football fan, but being from NY I was always partial to the Giants, and they being the underdog, I rooted for them in the Superbowl. I guess I’ll incur the ire of Patriot fans, but even they should admit that the way the Giants played- they deserved to have won. But now we are into baseball and spring training and I hope comments on this blog are more into the game of baseball.Let’s hope that the damage to Schillings arm is not that severe, whether he plays baseball again or not and that the Bosox can trade some of their expendables e.g., Lopez, Tavarez, Crisp, and pick up a decent replacement for Schilling.

If I’m Curt Schilling, I do what I think is best for me. If I’m most comfortable with Dr. Morgan because he knows my situation, then it’s worth my while to give up the Red Sox contract and get the surgery and here’s why.

First, Dr. Morgan says I could be OK to pitch by the All Star break. If he’s right, and I regain my 94+ mph fastball, around July I probably become worth at least 8 million to someone. Additionally, if I regain my arm, I may have more than just this year left in me. After all, I’m only 41.

This is not about loyalty. The Sox knew when they signed Schilling that his arm wasn’t right and there was potential for problems. I also believe Schilling believes what is best for him, is also best for the Sox.

He should get in, get the surgery, and get to rehabbing. Cortisone and that kind of **** treats the symptoms, not the problem. It’s pretty tough to rehab torn tendons when you can’t exercise them.

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