Oki-Doke might have a little something up his sleeve

Hideki Okajima came up with that changeup-splitter last year that bewildered hitters. This time around, he says he’s working on some new pitches , but won’t say which ones. Hitters will find out soon enough.

Other than Okajima holding court, it was a positively quiet day at Red Sox camp. It was a soggy day, and precious few players were around.

Dice-K went out to do some throwing about 10 minutes before the rain started. He stayed out there amid some thunder and lightning. Shortly thereafter, the downpour came. Matsuzaka then sprinted across the field and ran into the clubhouse soaking wet, with a priceless smile on his face.

Manager Terry Francona and general manager Theo Epstein were holed up in organizational meetings for most of the day. They are expected to address the media together Thursday — the official reporting date for pitchers and catchers — in their annual State of Spring Training address.

Thursday should be a much more active day on the blog front.

Until then,


1 Comment

I hope that Oki has as much luck with his new pitch as much as the split-change!

Less than a day, baby! Less than a day!

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