Ellsbury speaks, Papi arrives

I had yesterday off, when Curt Schilling broke his silence. He blogged today and sounded pretty determined to make an impact on the 2008 Red Sox. One reason you can’t count Schilling out is his competitiveness. Much like Pedro did in his time with the Red Sox, Schilling thrives on proving people wrong.

This morning, Jacoby Ellsbury held court in a mass media gathering. It still amazes me what a dead ringer he is for Johnny Damon. Not only the style of play, but the tone of his skin, the cadence of his voice — everything.

Ellsbury said all the right things about battling Coco Crisp for center field. “I think it’s good for both of us. It pushed me that much
harder in the offseaosn, I’m sure it did Coco as well. You know, we have a good relationship and we’ll make the best of the

In other news,Big Papi David Ortiz is in the house. He took some hacks in the cage and then talked to the media for about a minute as he walked through the complex. But it’s always news when Ortiz talks, and he’s expected to have a much more expansive chat with the assembled writers and television personalities tomorrow.

Mike Lowell strolled through the facility after camp had virtually cleared out for the day. The classy third baseman will probably work out tomorrow, and I would guess the newest author might have a couple of words for the assembled press.



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For a guy with 35 days of major league service (and what a 35 days it was), Jacoby Ellsbury is certainly getting a ton of media attention. There is no doubting his talent and with the brilliance he showed last year, expectations for him are very high. I think this is a situation Tito will have to manage very carefully and I think Ellsbury is very lucky because there isn’t an organization around that cares more about its young players than the Sox with Tito and Theo.

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