Manny going with Boras

The Manny Ramirez contact situation just took an interesting turn, with the left fielder hiring Scott Boras, according to a report by’s Jon Heyman. Sox GM Theo Epstein confirmed that Ramirez informed him of the move. Should be interesting to see what impact this has on Manny’s future. The Sox have a better relationship with Boras than most teams, so that might be reason for optimism.

Mike Petraglia of wrote a strong story on Sean Casey today. Everyone loves the Mayor, particularly Mike, who loves all things Cincinnati.

I led my notebook with Javy Lopez, the lefty specialist who didn’t get lefties out last year. Lopez is out of options, so this is a key spring for him.

Also, the photo image for my Dice-K book is now in the ads for the book, so I’m an excited author. The book hits stores on March 18, but you can pre-order it now.

Also, it’s official. The Red Sox are going to the White House next Wednesday.

Talk to you later,



Hi Ian:

I enjoy reading your column everyday. You are an excellent writer. I am so excited that you wrote the book on Daisuke Matsuzaka. I can’t wait until it is released. He is my favorite player, and I am hoping he has a great year.

Priscilla Griffith

Well, I guess I better write this here before someone else does. It’s pretty common knowledge that the Indians didn’t re-sign Trot Nixon this year. He was just signed to a minor league contract with the Diamondbacks.

Help! I am a rabid Red Sox fan in DC (with four boys who share my fandom). Do you have any clue about where we could greet the Sox or send them off? I don’t even know which DC-area airport they’ll go to, let alone whether they are flying commercial … from Ft. Myers … or what? I would appreciate anything that you can tell me! Thanks.

Drew Cooper

Great news in that the Sox have shown their loyalty to Tito!! I’m really glad that he’kk be around to skipper hese guys for a long time to come!!! Way to go Theo and Co.

(he’ll) not he’kk

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