Dice-K under the lights

Dice-K threw all of 12 pitches in his debut this spring, mowing through the Twins over two innings. He’s working on a two-seam fastball, though he only threw one of them tonight. Once Dice’K’s abbreviated outing was over, he threw 52 pitches in the bullpen.

Other things of note tonight: Youkilis and Varitek smoked back-to-back homers.

Mike Timlin, the old warhorse, made his spring debut, throwing a shutout inning. Okajima came out and threw a shutout inning also. Julian Tavarez, whose role has yet to be specified, went two innings and gave up a homer.

Other than that, what can we say? It was a Spring Training game.

Random thought: I think Bryan Corey has a very good shot to make the team as the 12th pitcher on the staff. He has a very good changeup and for a righty, he does a nice job getting lefties out. Francona and pitching coach John Farrell both love his attitude and I think they both considered him the toughest cut of last Spring Training.

That’s all for tonight.



I can’t believe Steinbrenner. What a jacka ss.
I’m watching the game on MLB.COM. Is anyone else?? I’m having trouble expanding the picture. If anyone knows what I can do to get full screen, please either blog or email me.

Thanks Ellen.


I’ve got the game streaming too . . .

If you want the complete full screen follow these directions:

Click on the “Old Media Player option” in the upper-righthand corner

Next, when it loads, right-click the screen, scroll to Zoom, and click full-screen

Hope that helps.

Thanks rs, it looks like I’ll have to wait til tomorrow to try this, the Sox aren’t on MLB.COM, but I’ll try it out with someone else, who knows, maybe I’ll go to the Diamondbacks and give Trot a look-see!!! From the looks of things I think Spring Training will be the last I get to see of him for a while, sad for me and him!!! I hate to see his career start to end like this…

Well, it’s good to see a box score again. Especially one with the Sox on top 5 to 1. Summer is just around the corner, my friends. It’s going to be a good one.

Hey Arnie, How’s everything in the Wild Wild West?? I am so excited that the REAL thing is just around the corner. I have just removed all of my Baseball withdrawl patches and no side effects lol…. No need for them anymore. I think that soon enough the old gang will all be back here with some new bloggers as well. Glad that you’re still hanging out here.

Ellen & RSJ,

On MLB.TV’s new media player if you move the mouse slightly three hard to see rectangles appear in the upper left corner of the picture. Click on the third rectangle from the left to get full screen.

Thanks rgk,

Yeah, I recognized that, but it didn’t seem “full”, thats just my opinion.

Lester isn’t showing much today, guess that spring training, there are ?’s abound.

Hi Ellen,
Things are going well. Thanks for asking. Glad to hear you got through “detox” without incident. BASEBALL! YES!

Speaking of the “old gang” I wonder where Bosoxbrian has been. Could he be on vacation? Anyway, the real season is just around the corner and it’s a great feeling. Hope all is well with you.

rs: I don’t seem to have the “old media player” option. Which screen does that appear on??
rgk: I clicked on those last night and can’t get a real “full screen” it’s only about 1 to 2/3’s full, not like last season when you could click on them and it truly filled the screen just like a T.V.


While you are the new media player, look to the right of MY TEAM and there should be a orange tab saying “Original media player”. Follow the directions I mentioned at the top of the page and you should have full screen. I know thw Sox game is over . . . try it on the LAA v. Cubs game.

hey Arnie, Guess what?? I’ve got the day off Friday and am going to see “our Guys”. They’re playing the Orioles here in Lauderdale, Hot Dammm!!!

rs, I don’t have an orange tab. I guess I can always call MLB.COM and find out something. Thanks for your help, always appreciated!

Ellen & RSJ

Yes, the “Full Screen” on Silverlight is not as big as on Windows Media Player and, for now, it’s still the crappy 400K resolution. The only plus is no need to click again when the screen saver kicks in, just hit the space bar and you’re back to full screen. On my screen, the “Use The Original Media Player” tab is orange and all the way to the right on the same bar as “Todays Games”, “Sights And Sounds”, and “My Team.”

I have Todays Games, Sights and Sounds and My Team but there is no Original media player tab. Why does this ALWAYS happen to me??? Luck o the Irish I guess!!lol

In baseball news, that was a close one the sawx won a close one 7-6 aginst the Twins
with a chance to sweep!

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