Sunny Sunday in Fort Myers

Beautiful day here in Fort Myers.

So  with HBO in the process of scripting a mini-series on the 2004 Red Sox — which will be broken up into six hour-long episodes — I’d like to hear some nominations for acting roles.

Who will play the following people:
Theo Epstein
Curt Schilling
Johnny Damon
Terry Francona
Pedro Martinez
Jason Varitek
Kevin Millar
Dave Roberts
David Ortiz.

On to more current matters. Wakefield makes his first start of the spring today against the Twins. I think the guy everyone wants to watch today is the guy coming out of the bullpen after Wakefield. That would be one Clay Buchholz.

Dice-K threw a mammoth side session today, working on "many, many" things, though he chose not to elaborate much on what they are.

On to today’s starting nine:
Crisp CF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Youkilis 1B
Lugo SS

More later,



Schilling should be Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly, Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball), they’re dead ringers for each other.

Tek would be great for John C. Reilly if he wasn’t so famous these days.

Can they get John Mayer to be Theo?

David Boreanaz would make a great Theo.

And i see Kevin Millar as ….. Kevin Millar. Why not ? The guy sure can act. And he’s a natural born entertainer.🙂

Paul Shaffer for Tito?

My vote for the best rebuke of 2008 goes to Henry for inducting Steinbrenner into RSN. That’s class.🙂

Tough one for Buchholz, hopefully he’ll be better next time

Get funky Mike!

I’m thinking Dean Cain could play Johnny Damon.

Schilling—Jeff Daniels

That is the only one I could think of.

I’m sure Ben Affleck will try to find some way to get into this HBO series. I liked him in good will hunting but that’s about it. I hope the producers steer clear of him for this mini-series.

Bosox…uncanny…i was thinking jeff daniels too.

Jeff Daniels could be a dead ringer for Schilling but we need someone who could bring Epic Self-Importance to the role. I say Kevin Costner after lots of eating & lounging.
Ben Affleck for Theo.

A Martinez for Damon.

Owen Wilson for Millah.

Ortiz is larger than life…maybe Michael Clarke Duncan

I agree with Wilson as Millah.
I think Affleck should play Varitek, year before he became the captain!

akihiro, I thought of that but he would have to be cut off at the knees. Oh, wait…

Tracy Chapman could play Manny.

I thought of Paul Shaeffer for Tito as well, and Dennis Quaid for Millar.

Oh and how Michael Clarke Duncan ( he played the REALLY REALLY big prisoner, John Coffey)in The Green Mile.

that’s for Papi

akiriho, I just read your post.. great minds think alike!!
…and, the only man good looking enough to play Mikey Lowell would be George Clooney, and he’s not as handsome as our Mike Lowell!! lol

I’m sticking with my idea of Millar playing his own role.🙂

Ice-T for Dave Roberts.

Could Patrick Dempsey with a serious haircut pull off Varitek?

Oh, and how about Manny being Manny.

Ben Kingsley for Tito

fc1, you’re hard on Tito ! Ben Kingsley !

Hey, Steinbrenner! You’re right! There are a lot of Yankee hats and such on people out here in West Texas!….. on punk-*** thugs! On wannabe gang-bangers who like the Yankee hat and shirt… wearing their baggy shirts with their hats on sideways (because they haven’t figured out what part of the cap goes over their face yet). We like it like that. This way we KNOW which boneheads are the criminals and the tough-guy wannabes. There certainly aren’t many true Yank fans here. The Sawx Nation is EVERYWHERE Bay-bee!
Way to go John Henry!

I see someone already has mentioned the idea, but before I even read the comments, I though George Clooney for Mike Lowell. Enough alike in appearance, and Clooney could really do Mike’s classy persona. Bruce Willis for Schilling maybe?

Ellen and Ranger, the mini-series would be about the 2004 team. Bill Mueller was the 3rd baseman back then. Mike came in in 06.🙂

sorry, got carried away!!!

and hey, Trot was on the 04 team, who to play him???

Well …. what’s the name of the guy who played in Chill Factor with Cuba Gooding Jr.
He could play Trot.

While everyone is at it- who do we think should play the role of the LOSER Yankees? Should they be Democrats or Republicans???

I think Jennifer Lopez should play Juan Damon. She’s a dead ringer for the girly man.

Foulke was on the 2004 team too, he was the 2ND most important player in the playoffs!

Garth Brooks has done a little acting, he could play Foulke!!!

The one guy we haven’t talked about is Mark i-only-hit-HRs-when-it-counts Bellhorn.

Where is he now, I wonder, I liked him!! And Loretta too!, Get back Loretta!!!

(that was a partial lyric from from the Beatles “get back”, in case anyone didn’t know what I was saying, but then again who cares, right??)

Hey, when they show the Series vs the Cards, who’s gonna play Tavarez??? Nobody can give up an HR like him, so maybe he should just have a cameo role!!lol alot!!!

rsox_34, thanks for the reminder, guess it helps to read what Ian actually wrote. I was obviously thinking the ’07 Sox.

Brian Corey looks good so far. I’m hoping he makes the opening day roseter. Much more than Aardsma, Kolb, or Hansen.

Ellen, Bellhorn was with the Reds last year. This year …. i have no idea.

Corey is good but he’s nowhere near Craig Hansen as far as stuff and potential, imo. The head isn’t always there, though. I hope he gets a real chance this season. He has a nasty slider. Should be fun to watch this spring.

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