Keep the nominations coming

Back in Boston for a few days with the family. But this is fun, hearing all of your suggestions for the parts in HBO’s ’04 Red Sox mini-series.

Here are some more parts that need casting.

Trot Nixon
Mark Bellhorn
Orlando Cabrera
Bill Mueller
Larry Lucchino
Nomar Garciaparra — the tragic trade scene
Doug Mientkiewicz (cradle that ball)
Gabe Kapler
John W. Henry
Tim Wakefield
Keith Foulke
Bronson Arroyo
Pokey Reese

And keep weighing in on on the first group of cast members:

Theo Epstein
Curt Schilling
Johnny Damon
Terry Francona
Pedro Martinez
Jason Varitek
Kevin Millar
Dave Roberts
David Ortiz


Obviously for Bellhorn it would be someone that doesn’t smile. Of course looks at things as they go by him. ( looking at the 3rd strike too often )

Gabe Kapler—Tito Ortiz–the ultimate fighter dude—

Nomar—Andy Garica—nose and all—lol…

Sean Penn could be Nomah.

If anybody else but Rob Schneider plays Bellhorn, it will be a travesty.

Forest Whitaker would definetly play Big Papi. I like the Rob Schneider/Bellhorn idea as well.

Schneider would be perfect for the part. but I think he’s a yankees fan so good luck trying to get him to sign on to that haha.

Derek Lowe should be on that list too. Not sure who could play him, though.

Ian, what’s up??? You keep leaving out Trot Nixon.
I think that the actor who played Wookie in Stars Wars should play Damon, in full wookie hair!!!!

…and since Trot’s not doing much these days (minor league contract with the D’Backs) maybe he could play himself!!!

It just hit me: 50 Cent as Papi! It’s the eyes, people, the eyes.

The (considerable) rest can be done with makeup & wardrobe.

How about Willie “Too-Big” Hall (from the Blues Brothers) for Dave Roberts?


Only Manny could be Manny!!!

I think someone mentioned it in the previous thread, but Ben Kingsley is a dead ringer for Tito. He should definetly play the skipper. Oh yea and it’s good to be back on the blog scene and can’t wait for the first pitch in Japan

Forget what I said about Sean Penn. Jonathan Lapaglia (this dude: should be Nomah.

I feel really strongly about what I’m about to say. Have whomever you wish to play anyone, but please DO NOT HAVE WILL FARRELL playing some “idiot” like he’s been in Blades of (was it) Glory, that NASCAR movie Talledega Nights and SemiPro, I just CAN NOT stand him. Please, DO NOR let him be cast in this movie… please please please!!!! I can’t even stand the previews of these movies.

Ellen, are you serious? Will Farrell is hilarious! But I don’t think he would be right for this movie. I could definitely see 50 cent as Big Papi, although he’d have to gain some weight and they would have to do something to his teeth. Big Papi’s smile is so distinctive! Maybe as long as he could laugh like Big Papi…Did someone already say Owen Wilson for Kevin Millar??



Hope you enjoy the game today!

Will Ferrell one of the funniest guys of all time. He was great in old school. He is a natural.

Ellen enjoy the game today and don’t get too much sun.

The Orioles place could be the worst place for spring training. The facilities are so old and the traffic down there is awful. The Orioles should go right up I-95 and go to Vero Beach, that would be a smart descion. Then again it is the Orioles and they haven’t made too many smart moves over the years, lol….

The Orioles will lose at least 100 games and finish in 5th place, the Rays will finally get out of the cellar.

Pap gets $775K, classy move RSN!

The Orioles ARE going to take over”Dodger Town” starting next year.
I enjoyed seeing the guys (regulars included Mikey, Youk, Alex Cora and Jacoby) today, but was very disappointed. I had already gotten Youk’s autograph (he couldn’t have been nicer, very accomodating and friendly) and Jacoby’s, he’s also very sweet, but Mike Lowell came by and I asked “Mr. Lowell” if I could please get his autograph and he stared right at us and walked right on by. Oh well, maybe next time. I don’t think he really wanted to be here in Fort Lauderdale, he let 2-3 balls just jo right by him. Bad day I guess… But I got my 1st dose of B-Ball today and it feels great.

If we aren’t going to forget Johnny Pesky – what about Leslie Nielsen for that role?

Hey, off topic here, but i was thinking …. it could be fun to play some fantasy baseball between us regulars here on this blog. I haven’t really thought this through but if anyone has an idea on how to set up a league of our own while drafting players from each our home, don’t be shy. Maybe Raj, our computer guru, can come up with something. Just kidding Raj.🙂

Ian, any idea ? I’m thinking maybe a 12-team league ( or 12 bloggers, if you will ) playing standard fantasy baseball. Nothing too complicated.

Wasn’t there a league on Soxandpinstripes last year, with Jeff as the commissioner ?

I don’t care who plays whom on this mini-series. For me there are two great parts of the dvd’s of the ’04 games. Well, more than that, but 2 really great parts. When Joe Buck says,”..Red Sox fans have longed to hear. The Red Sox are world champions.” And the look on A-rod’s face when it was certain the Sox were going to the series.

Anyway, on to Coco. He keeps saying that he does not care what anyone thinks of him and his performance. I don’t buy it. Not for a second. I’ve been cooking professionally for over 33 years. I know what I can do and I know that my food is good. But I care what people think, you bet. If I serve something and someone doesn’t like it, I’m not happy about that. Sure, I know that everyone does not like everything, but still, my goal is to have everybody like, or love, all of it. So, I’m thinking Coco HAS to care that people are not satisfied with his work as a Sox. If he doesn’t care, then I have less respect for him. Does any of that make sense?

rs 34: Jeff had a league last year. I was in it and about 20 games in I could no longer access Yahoo. ( Jeff never did tell me where the team ended up). My computer was shot. I could never get the hang of it. But I’m game, so to speak!!

Arnie, you make perfect sense. I can’t see Coco as someone who doesn’t care what people think at all. It is more likely that he cares a lot but wants to ‘play it cool’.

All right Ellen.

” And then they were two “. Just 8-10 other teams to find. Good thing is, we’re only March 9 so we still have about 3 weeks to find those teams. The date i have in mind to hold it would be Sunday, March 30th.

I won’t bother the guys and gals here, though. I will talk about it from time to time in the next two weeks or so and if it works, it should be fun to follow and to talk about.

rsox, I would definitely be willing to set up a fantasy league for this blog. Anybody who is interested, just say you’re in and put the email address you want to receive all the information at.

Hopefully we can get 12 people because that’s the best amount, but if more or less want to play than that will work too.

Arnie, you’re right, i don’t buy it either. I’m sure he cares.

That reminds me of something i heard a couple months ago, i know it’s another sport, but Tiki Barber ( or was it Shannon Sharpe ? ) said this season during an NFL pre-game show : “we athletes often say that we don’t read newspapers …… who are we kidding, of course we do, we’re only humans ! ”

For the most part, they do care.

Excellent, Zach. So we’re 3 teams now. We should be able to gather 12 teams.🙂

Oh and i forgot to tell you Zach : thanks for volunteering to set up the league.

My concern was to find a good website to not only manage the stats, but the draft itself. It must allow us to draft players ….. each from our own computer at home, in some kind of chat room or something.

I’m not used to cyber fantasy baseball🙂

No problem, Yahoo has a very basic (and more importantly, free) fantasy baseball setup.

After we have enough participants, we have to decide on a draft time that fits into everybody’s schedule if possible, but if not there is an “auto draft” feature where you can rank the players you want to select if you can’t be at the computer. It’s very easy to learn even if you have very little computer experience.

It’s going to be funny watching everybody try and snag players like Ortiz and Beckett in the 1st round while avoiding A-Rod like the plague.

LOL ! It depends on who gets to pick first and second.

Even though it’s free, i play to win and when it comes to fantasy baseball ( or football or hockey ) i don’t care about the uniforms. So here’s a scoop : i hate A-Rod the guy but the hitter is #1 on my list🙂

Should be a lot of fun.

rsox and ellen i will join in a fantasy leauge with you all if you would let me i have a good bit of experiance so let me know would be a blast

No problem Israel. If we gather at least … say 10 teams ( 12 would be better ), you should receive instructions about the whole thing ( website, rules, number of players selected ….. ) from Zachary. With you in, we’re now 4 teams. The draft should be held on Sunday, March 30 and it should be free.

It sounds quite good fun (and good humoured). I’d be quite keen to have a go, although I have never been involved in a Fantasy League before, so I expect to provide the ‘Tampa Bay’sment team😦

I never been in any fantasy league before, but im down to give it a go.

apd, If you get to be the Rays, I guess I’ll be the O’s!!!lol

Testing the clock.

Not DST here also. MVBlogs centralized problem!

I think I’d be interested in giving it a shot too if you’ll have me. I’ve never done this before. Does anyone know what sort of time commitment it is? I know that’s like asking how long is a piece of string, but you don’t have to spend a couple of hours at it each day or something like that, do you?

It looks like we’re going to have a “rookie league”, that’s fine by me, I’ll only be 3 steps behind y’all that way!!!

All right apd and vmvredsox21.🙂

Don’t worry, Brendan, it’s not like Fantasy Football where you have to decide who you start and who you sit for each game.

In baseball, you’ll have a roster of about 18 players with probably a couple of reserves ( it all depends on what format Zach will choose on Yahoo’s fantasy draft manager). The draft itself could last ….. well, i don’t know, maybe 2 hours. It’s very difficult to evaluate because we don’t know how many teams will participate and how much time each team will take to choose !

With the three of you in we’re now at 7 teams. We should get to the 12-team mark in a hurry, which is the ideal number. But like Zachary was saying, we could be more than that, no problem.

Is it just me acting like a worry-wart, or has the starting rotation begun to show some signs for concern? Schilling’s clearly out for a while, Buchholz has encountered trouble generating a totally strong outing, now Beckett has developed low back problems that don’t seem to be clearing up, Matsuzaka has struggled some, and Tavarez and Snyder have not clearly demonstrated that they are ready to step in. Do the Sox have to have Colon pitch well for a while? Please someone tell me that I am just being frightened by Spring Training shadows.

To answer your question, Brendan, no you won’t have to spend hours on your roster every day or every week. And hopefully Zach won’t choose a head-to-head format, so pretty much all you’ll have to do is watch your players perform …. or not🙂

You can tell we’re close to the season. We are all slowly but surely awakening from our hibernation and the withdrawl symptoms are going away for sure now!!! I’m glad that I’m a part of this nation, we’re quite a family!!!

I think the rotation is lookinh a little shaky right now but it will come bac around.

Thanks for your answers. Does each league have its own scoring system? What is the most value generally put on? (For pitchers, is it wins or ERA? For hitters is it average, HR’s, SB’s etc?). Does it just completely depend on the set up league for each league?

League’s generally have 15 categories: 8 for hitters and 7 for pitchers, but those can be edited before the season start’s.

Since we have 7 or so teams right now, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about whether or not we want to have a head-to-head league. This format would calculate the amount of categories won/lost and give you a record (ie: 8-6-1 in one week). Obviously the more wins, the better your ranking in the standings.

The alternative would be a points system in which we would not face each other week-by-week, rather points would add up throughout the span of a season.

Let me know what you guys want.

Zach, I think my preference would be over the season. That way I can show you how to lose with style🙂
Ellen: “three steps behind…”, so I guess I will be following you!

Anyway, if I could vote on something important, I would vote for Wake taking the mound on opening day. I would be worried about all the current ailments but look what Joe Torre managed to do with the generally invalid team he had to manage at the start of last season and I think Tito is probably much better able to handle a series of injuries now than he was in ’06.

Zach, I have just reread my last paragraph – by “something important” I was referring to more political issues not the decision about the weekly or season long options. Didn’t want you to take offence at that.


Of course, a head-to-head format is thrilling on a weekly basis and would generate a lot of funny/trash talking discussions here. But then if we’re going to choose this format, we have to decide soon because it requires a little bit more preparation than just a points system, where you just pick players and watch them add points via any categories.

A points system could be easier to manage and understand for a beginner, though.

How does the draft work? Do we fill every position,or do we just pick a bunch or hitters and pitchers?

bunch of hitters

We fill every position, plus some extra players, like a middle infielder, a corner infielder, a 4th outfielder and a DH.

5 starters and 3 relievers will be taken as well, or maybe 8 pitchers total, starters or relievers.

A list of players, by position, is provided to each team by the commissioner ( Zachary ), sometimes a couple days before the draft. That’s the draft sheet. It tells you who is available at which position. For instance, you can’t pick David Ortiz at first base if the draft sheet has him at DH only.

Zachary will send every team an email in which he’ll tell us all we need to know.

It just hit me : i keep telling you how it’s going to work, but in the end, Zach is the one who’s going to set most of the rules, since he’s the commissioner.

And it’s o.k. with me.🙂

With the Yahoo league, a draft sheet isn’t necessary. Once we pick a draft time, you go to the site at the appropriate time, click a button which says “Enter Live Draft” or something along those lines. From there, a list of every player is presented (ranked by Yahoo from best-to-worst). Yahoo also randomly selects the order of the draft, so it’s pretty much luck of the draw if you get the 1st pick or the last.

As far as positions go, all 8 fielding positions must be filled, in addition to 1 “utility” player. For instance, you can have two 3B (one slotted into your 3B position and another slotted into UTILITY). Also, one of each outfield position (LF, CF, RF) and one extra OF. There will probably be 3-4 spots on the bench so you can substitute players in and out as you like.

There will most likely be 3-4 slots for starting pitchers, 2 spots for closers, and one extra slot for either a starter/closer, depending on what your team requires.

Of course all of this is negotiable, but this is usually the way Yahoo presents it with default settings.

I would prefer 9 pitchers rather than 6 or 7, especially in a 12-team league.

Sorry i meant 8 pitchers : 5 starters and 3 relievers.

I have never taken part in a baseball fantasy league, but I know the head to head in football works very well so I would be more inclined to take that. That way if someone has a disastrous first two weeks, they will just be 0-2 without feeling like they’re out of the running altogether.

rsox, if there were 8 slots for pitchers and 12 teams, that would mean 96 pitchers would be drafted. That means that Kei Igawa might be drafted at some point in the league, which is a scary thought.

There is a category called “Holds” which we could have in the league if everybody wants it: it stresses the importance of middle relievers and it means that a pitcher has entered the game in the middle innings with a lead and maintained that lead until passing the ball off to the next pitcher. It’s kind of an obscure stat, but with the possibility of so many pitchers per team, it might be necessary.

zach, about the 96 pitchers drafted ….. yeah, i know, and that’s what i like, having to dig a little deeper. But the Igawa example, that was kind of extreme🙂

As for the Holds category, i like the idea a lot.

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