Could there be an omen?

The Red Sox have just won their second consecutive Mayor’s Cup championship, ousting the Twins, 3-2, in th best-of-five Spring Training series. In a season in which the Red Sox want to repeat something a lot more loftier, perhaps this is a sign of things to come! OK, I’m not really serious about the Mayor’s Cup having anything to do with the Red Sox trying to repeat, but the Mayor’s Cup does make for light-hearted comedy during the dog days of Spring Training.

Former Sox PR assistant Peter Chase — now the head honcho with the Cubs — was always a Mayor’s Cup buff during his days as a research maven with the Sox. Chase always had every nugget covered when it came to the Cup. So I couldn’t resist e-mailing Chase today to tell him the Sox were closing in on another Crown. Here was Peter’s response.

"Please keep me posted! If the Sox pull this one out, please pass
along my immediate congratulations to Tito.  I think this might be the first
back-to-back titles in Sox history, or the first in a real long time, anyway!"

In other news, Manny Ramirez held a rare one-on-one interview today, inviting free-lancer Maureen Mullen to his locker for a lengthy chat. Great stuff by Manny and Maureen in this story.

Bartolo Colon makes his first start on Thursday. That will be fun to watch.

Looks like Julio Lugo will return to the lineup on Thursday; Coco is still in limbo.  Nothing definitive on Beckett yet, though  it’s clear as day there’s not much of a shot of him pitching in Tokyo.




I will be very happy when the Red Sox finally leave Southwest Florida and head to the far east. Enough of these boring games in Florida. It’s only good to watch some of the young players take the field, such as Lowrie, Ellsbury last year. That is what it is all about to me.

The practices are great as well. Where I live there are several teams around.

Colon was a great move by Theo and the boys. High reward, low risk. Perhaps Freddy Garcia will be next.

I just heard on ESPNRadio that the Sox released Doug Mirabelli, guess that was coming for a while. Kotteras must have come along better and quicker than originally expected.
I wish Doug Good Luck and give him many thanks for all the years of service to the Sox, The Nation,Wake and The Knuckleball.

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