Welcome (me) back

Yes, I’m welcoming myself back to the blog. It is my blog, right? Seriously, I had a great respite in Boston for a week. I even ruined my cellphone going skiing in the rain. I’m really hoping I can retrieve my phone numbers because there were some very important digits in there.

At any rate, you can scratch Dan Kolb from the pitchers trying to make the bullpen. Kolb was informed today that he’ll be re-assigned to Minor League camp.

Position players Joe Thurston and Keith Ginter were informed that they won’t make the team, but Terry Francona has invited them to stay in big league camp until the Red Sox leave for Japan.

Big game at Hammond Stadium today: It’s Game 5, winner take-all for the Mayor’s Cup.

The Sox are facing Liriano, but they’re throwing out a pretty good lineup.

Ellsbury CF
Youkilis 1B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Varitek C
Lowrie 2B
Cora SS

Buchholz SP

I’m curious to see how Buchholz pitches today. This is a pivotal start for him in his quest to be the fifth starter, particularly with Colon taking the ball tomorrow.


P.S. — Thanks for all of your great nominations for the HBO series. Hopefully HBO will read the blog and go after some of those guys.



Awesome job on the Dice K book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope Dice has a great year – I am looking forward to watching him pitch.

Hey there Ian!! We were about to send out a search party for you, glad to see you’re back!!

Ian, glad you’re back, I’ve been missing the commentary. The Mayor’s Cup victory today seemed to have some good signs for the Sox in it, with a powerful offensive outburst and good starting pitching (through three anyway) from someone they need to do well. It’s always a good feeling to have in April when things click like that.

Yes, Ian, glad to see you are back, I didn’t do much while you were gone.
Other news, Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester did much better in their last start than in their others.

Bit bummed right now, my towns’ High school Basketball team lost in the Elite


Ian, do you think Dice-K will be the opening day starter, with Schill out and Beckett not expected to pitch?

Never mind.
P.S., just got your book!

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