Bartolo, Pedroia, Mirabelli and more

Yes, Bartolo Colon’s debut in a Sox uniform was today.Doug Mirabelli was supposed to catch him, but instead was released before the game. Kevin Cash will be the new backup C simply because Theo Epstein, Terry Francona and the coaches feel he is better defensively at this stage of the game than Mirabelli. And the fact Cash caught Wakefield well for a few starts last year doesn’t hurt.

As for Colon, his first inning started out like this: single up the middle, error shortstop and walk. With the bases loaded and nobody out, he got out of the inning unscathed.

He got the first two batters out in the second, then served up a long home run to No. 9 hitter Jon Weber. Other than that, there was no damage.

Theo  said after the game that Colon stayed between 90 and 94 on the gun, which was very encouraging.

At any rate, some mild comedy in the clubhouse this morning. Dustin Pedroia had been out with the stomach flu the last few days.

Francona had someone  post a picture of Pedroia in the clubhouse that contained the following caption: Rat Boy answers questions about arsenic poisoning.

Said Francona this morning: "I called his wife Kelli and said, ‘Do I have permission to put your husband in the game because I know who wears the pants in this family’. She said, ‘Yeah, you have to get him out of here’."

In roster moves — aside from Mirabelli — Devern Hansack and Jonathan Van Every were optioned to Pawtucket and Schilling was placed on the 60-day DL.

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We can’t expect too much out of him. But if Bartolo can just give us somewhere in between the 1999 versions of Brett Saberhagen and Ramon Martinez, I’ll be happy.


I sure am anxious to see him pitch with the way they’ve been talking him up at camp. I am being optimistically hopeful, but not expecting anything.

Does Pedroia look like a rat? I don’t think I ever noticed. I have always thought Posada looked like a rat or mouse with his ears and long nose, even as nice as he is.


Didn’t we just cut doug merablie ? i know i butchered his name my bad. So who is going to be our back up catcher?

didn’t catch the new posting thanks

To cut Mirabelli the way they did was just cruel. I realize he wasn’t a fan favorite for many, but I always liked him and I know he didn’t try to hit 200 on purpose.

For goodness sakes to cut him before a game was incredibly disrespectful. He deserves better and reflects a harsh light on an organization I love and have loved since I was eight.

I know they’re hungry for Cash who has blown everyone away but this isn’t the way to do it!

Wow, I’m a bit shocked about Mirabelli. I wasn’t a fan of bringing him back though; I wanted someone who could catch more than just Wakefield to give ‘Tek extra rest. To cut him before a game though…that WAS a bit harsh.

Well, Kojak’s gone. I am sorry about that. I am probably one of the few fans who liked the guy. I was hoping that he would get a few more at bats this year, spelling Tek a bit more so they both stay productive. I suspect something has been brewing for a while – it seemed a little out of context at the time when ‘Tek started talking about what a great guy Dougie is. Ian, any views? Have there been any ‘issues’ with management?

I agree that to treat someone with such a loyalty to the team like this does not appear to be the best way of dealing with the situation. I am not really a ‘stat head’ for these things, but are his possible replacements much more productive at the plate?

It would appear that one of Dougie’s main strengths has been his ability to help Wake with his mechanics, possibly better than most pitching coaches would be able to. I hope this does not signal a decline in the ‘W’ column for Wakefield as a side effect. Time will tell on that one.

The more I watched Kojak catching Wake last year the more I came to appreciate his unflappable demeanor. He had that preternatural calm as the ball came to him and he rarely missed. The late Tai Chi master Cheng Man Ching described his fighting style thusly, “If my opponent doesn’t move, I don’t move. If my opponent moves, I move faster.” That was Doug behind the plate. He was relaxed and motionless until the knuckler broke, then he calmly snatched it out of the air. He was a master at it.
As far as him getting fired the way he did, well, that’s the business. Sometimes you get fired from a job. It wouldn’t make sense to have him play the game and then fire him. I’ll miss him though.

Mirabelli one of the guys to have 2 rings, thanks for the years. Not too many Duquette guys left now. Let’s hope Mirabelli this time is gone for good. Theo messed up when he brought him back and sent Meredith to San Diego.

Cash, Brown or maybe Bob Montgomery will do the job.

Good news with Colon today, I read where he hit over 90 on the gun. I am a big fan of this signing, I think most people with a half of a brain would be as well. Everything to gain and nothing to lose, low risk, high reward.

Let’s get these games over with and get this reg. season on. Looking forward to it, it kind of goes without saying.

Can’t wait to see the Rays—Yankees series early in the reg. season. The ” Big Bad Rays” don’t mess with them this season. They already have knocked over 2 cathcers this year, gotta love that hard nosed play.

Dusty Brown, Kevin Cash, and George Kottaras are the three catchers primed for the major leagues. Jeff does a good job of breaking them down at The gist is while Cash showed he was able to handle Wake and the knuckler, he’s a mess at the plate with a career average of .167. Brown is apparently good behind the plate and can hit for power, hitting .268 9 homers and 43 RBIs in Double A Portland last year. Kottaras apparently needs more time in Triple A. We’ll see how it goes…

I posted my comments earlier today, but on the wrong thread. I suppose this has been coming for a while, but I really liked Mirabelli.
Doug, thanks for the years that you gave to The Sox, The Game, The Nation and to Wake.

I don’t like to think of what would have happened to the team or to Wakefield had Mirabelli not been an option all these years!!

Good luck Dougie!!!

Christina, I guess you don’t know but Tito calls Pedroia “RatBoy”.
As for Posada, I have always thought the same thing!! It’s a wonder that they don’t play “the Mickey Mouse Club” theme when he comes to the plate. Every time I see himm that’s the tune that goes through my head!!!

I just want to say that I will miss you Doug. You were a great catcher and hearing your interview, you were also a great person. I hope somebody picks you up or maybe there is catching but its obvious that Tim, Jason and Doug are deeply affected by this.

I remember when they traded Gabbard for you-know-who. I felt terrible for Jason and now Doug. Baseball is a cold, cold game and this I suppose is the price for the fans wanting ‘win, win, win.’ Sometimes we don’t consider the consequences of that.

At the risk of sounding insensitive, Mirabelli was probably my least-favorite member of the Red Sox and I have no sentimental attachment to him. Granted, it was odd the way in which the Sox cut him, especially considering all of the articles centering around the importance of the balance between Varitek/Mirabelli, how Wakefield needs him, etc.

Anybody who watched Cash catch Wake last season knows that he is more than capable. He is also younger and is better defensively. If the Sox didn’t think he could handle it, they would have kept Mirabelli on board since he was cheap to keep around.

Also, from the stories about Mirabelli’s month on the Padres it sounded as though he was kind of a jerk. But there’s no sense in dragging him through the mud now that he’s gone, I’d like to see him get signed by another team and play at Fenway so he could receive a standing ovation from the fans.

As of now, I believe we have 8 people interested in a fantasy league (7 people have come forward on this blog and 1 has emailed me). It would be ideal to have 4 more people, so if you are interested please either post or email me. It requires very little computer savvy and is just for fun.

Is there somewhere that I can hear the tape of Mirabelli’s interview??? Thanks Ellen

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