Rotation announced on Monday

At last, Josh Beckett has been officially ruled out for Japan. He will stay back in Fort Myers while the Red Sox make the endless journey to the Far East.

Saying that, Beckett took a positive step forward today, playing catch for the first time since being sidelined with back spasms.

Manager Terry Francona will announce the rotation for Japan on Monday. Logic points to Daisuke Matsuzaka pitching Opening Day and Jon Lester pitching the second game.

Very uneventful day here in Bradenton. Pedroia went deep. Snyder, Okajima and Papelbon all pitched well. Yankees tomorrow in Tampa. Both teams will play the bulk of their "A" lineups and we have a good pitching matchup. Colon vs. Pettitte.



A bit disapointing that Beckett is not making the trip, but it is not surprising either.
I hope Dice-K makes the the pitches in the opener(which it seems he will)to see what an ovation he gets, unfortunately I will be going to Mexico fron Easter to the Sunday after that

Snyder pitched well again. Making it difficult for the Red Sox braintrust.

Glad to here that Beckett threw today for the first time. He’ll be ready to join the team in Oakland and pitch in one of those games. Perhaps April 1st he’ll be ready to go. I know I am ready for the season to start, like everyone else on here.

I am relieved Beckett’s not making the trip. The trip is a bad idea in the first place, and having Beckett healthy for Opening Day is far less important than having him healthy in October. We’re about to start the marathon that is baseball season…Go Red Sox!

I hope Josh has been recommended a rowing machine for back spasms. Certainly took care of mine.

Well, Colon just gave up two runs in the first and Tavarez served up a 2 run shot to Abreu, and just like that, my hatred is renewed even though it’s only Spring Training…

what did you expect from an overweight, broken down pitcher? Nice pick up!!!!

It’s only his second spring start. Really shouldn’t expect him to be in midseason form especially coming off two injury filled seasons. Tavarez on the other hand makes me nervous every time he starts warming up and I think it’s about time they cut ties with him.

I miss dougie😦

rocketman… sounds like a apt description of Eric Gagne as wel!!!lol

zach: okay I’m registered. Just remember, you asked for volunteers!! You might be sorry in my case,lol!!

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