It all starts with Dice-K

The suspense — as if there ever really was any — ended today with the announcement that Dice-K will get the ball on March 25 when the title defense  officially begins under the roof of Tokyo Dome against the A’s.

Matsuzaka checked back into the Fort today after witnessing the birth of his baby boy in Boston. He didn’t waste any time, throwing a side session and then talking with the media, almost all of which was Japanese. The American media was here in Tampa for Sox-Yankees.

Colon got ripped today by the Yankees, giving up three hits and four runs over 2/3 of an inning. Don’t read too much into it. His velocity was still good. This is a guy making his second start of Spring Training.

Coco Crisp is finally making progress. He is getting at-bats at the Minor League complex today along with Bobby Kielty.

Josh Beckett  continues to make nice progress. Perhaps he’ll pitch during the series in Toronto April 4-6, though the Sox aren’t ready to make any definitive plans just yet. I would think Dice-K and Lester would pitch the two games in Oakland April 1 and 2.


c^rap, they lost.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter, it is only spring training.

Get you in April Yankees!

I sent out emails to the six of you who expressed interest in joining a fantasy baseball league. I don’t know if there’s another email address you prefer, but I just sent them to the ones attached with your blog username.

Counting myself, that is seven managers. Is anybody else interested in joining?

I think that I might be interested

Hey Zach,
I’m all in man.

Daisuke opening day in Japan, the dome will be rocking!!!!

It was not only a spring training game, it was Yanks No. 2 starter agisnt Bosox’s 5th satrter at best.

Also Tavarez. Tavarez and Colon gave up a combined 8 runs in 2 innings

They actually gave up 7 in two innings


If you need an extra person, I will do it. Have never done fantasy baseball, did fantasy football before.

You can send the info to the following email…

I am not computer savvy, so make it easy for me here, lol.

Are you going to do head to head? Let me know, I will be looking forward to your email.

Colon got lit up today. Not a big deal to me.

I still like the signing of Colon.

Freddy Garica could be another one on the Red Sox radar. Garica I heard would be ready to pitch in June sometime. We all know how rehab goes though. You can never have enough arms.

OKay Zach, I’m registered. Just remember, you asked for vlounteers!! You may very well be sorry in my case though!!lol

exsub: Hey there, haven’t seen you in forever!! Good to see you back!

Well, the last bullpen spot is now between Corey and David Aardsma since Hansen didn’t make the team.

Other cuts today were Chris Carter and George Kottaras. I liked Carter a little bit and he was hitting .361.But I knew he wasn’t going to make team.

Which I think everybody knows but I want to make clear is that all of the people that was cut are going to Triple-A

rsf105, are you joining the brownie points fantasy league???

Looks like I got you in week one for fantasty baseball.๐Ÿ™‚

be expecting an easy win because I really don’t know what I’m doing haha.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y’all this,,, I’m working as a receptionist in an office with about 8-9 guys, my boss is nice down to earth not viper-ous Phillies Fan (who coincidentally HATES the Yankees like we do)and the other b-ball fan in the office is….. guess what?? A YANKEES FAN!!!! Today the boss put the back office computer on the box score of our game (for which I am grateful!!), I didn’t bring it to the attention of the “yankee”. After the game, I x’d out of it. About 30 minutes later, I guess he got an update on his cell phone because I hear a “YEAH THAT’S THE WAY” and he comes up to my office gloating!! I just simply told him to come back and talk to me when it counts!! This guy is going to be INSUFFERABLE. You know the type, typically entitled feeling arrogant yankees Fan. This should be an interesting season!! No offense intended toward Vince (yankeevmm). By the way where is he??

I just need to know where to sign up!

Hey gosox, back at ya!! I tried this last year with “redsoxandpinstripes Jeff”, but got jammed out of yahoo for the last 2/3 of the season, He still hasn;t told me where I finished!! I am horrible at this, but it should be great fun!!

zach, who posts here, is our commisioner. I’ll e-mail him and tell him you’re interested.

Thanks, Ellen

Man, Vince must be angy at the rsox.
Just go to and you guys can see it

Man, i’m having a bad day writing today.

I’ve been trying to get onto the site, but I’m getting no response, can someone cut and paste it here???? Please!

Already got it, Ellen

I think Vince needs to be checked out. He wrote in his post that Beckett basically skipped out on Japan and came up with back spasms. Wow, talking about just being way off. I would hope he wrote that with some sarcasm, let’s hope anyway. Nobody in there right mind would believe that one.

Right now nobody even knows when Beckett is going to make his season debut. Sometime obviously during the 1st week. Either in Oakland or Toronto.

I think Vince is just like Hank and Hal, jealous of the Red Sox. The Yankees were getting used to beating down Boston. Now Boston is the big boy in town and they have no clue how to react to it. Boston is the team to beat as we all know.

As of right now, I would put Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, Anaheim ahead of the Yankees.

I think the Yankees have the 3rd best pitching staff in the division. Boston and Toronto are ahead of the Yankees. Too much youth for me, and the older guys are just not good. Mussina is like driftwood at the beach, washed up. Pettite is a year older and I doubt he’ll take the ball 35 times.

All I know is I’m glad I am a Red Sox fan and not a Yankee fan.

Brian, knowledge of baseball will be more useful than computer savvyness on Draft Day so you should be more than fine playing Fantasy Baseball.๐Ÿ™‚ That said i would put the Yankees just right there with Cleveland and Anaheim, one step behind Detroit and the Sox.

Looks like we’re gonna get to 12 teams after all in our fantasy league. That’s great. We should have fun trash talking to each other, especially if we play in a head-to-head format. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m wondering how many rounds it’s gonna take to see all Red Sox starters taken …… i’m guessing 3 rounds.

Can’t wait.

Oh and knocking at the Big-5 door : the Mariners.

Mariners ave such a young pitching staff that is one of the elite in the league already. The Bedard deal was great for them.

Vince sounds like there is some stress going in his life right now.
All I can say is IT’S GOOD TO BE A REDSOX FAN!!

I just think that the last few years have turned the Yankee’s world upside down, particularly with the Red Sox going virtually wire-to-wire and (relatively) easily to the tape. Hence Steinbrenner’s attack on the Sox and RSN. Couple this with the loss of Torre, the overall effect of which has got to be a nagging worry at the back of everyone’s mind and you get an insecure Yankees team and fan base. It’s a perfectly natural reaction to the situation and one that RSN should quietly and politely enjoy๐Ÿ™‚ At least until the season gets underway… how many hours now?

I like Jeff’s predictions. A Red Sox / Cubs matchup in the WS would be good. What would that be called, then, “the old park series”?

Actually, I’d quite like to see the Cubs break the curse of the goat (I think that’s right) one year in the not-too-distant but certainly not against the Red Sox, though. Yankees maybe.๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to see a Sox vs Cubs World Series but I don’t see that happening in 2008.
Of course it almost happened back in 2003 but almost don’t count.

I think the Mets could be the team to beat in the N.L. The addition of Santana is huge. He should win 20 in the N.L. We all know the N.L. lineups aren’t as strong as the A.L. The bottom of the lineups in the N.L. are almost automatic outs. A bunch of Mirabelli’s hitting at the bottom, lol.

Of course it is a long season and who in the world thought the Rockies would be playing in the World Series, nobody. Strange turns happen in sports as we all know.

Once again the A.L. is so much stronger than the N.L.

WS 2008 Red Box v. New York Mets. It would be fun to see two rabbits (JE & Jose Reyes) leading off running wild in base path.

Yankee fans are notorious sore losers……and even worse winners. They seem to be required to take obnoxious-ness classes before being allowed in the club. Vince explains it as the natural consequence of being from NY, but I think it comes from a deep-seated inferiority complex. I pity them. What kind of life could you possibly have if you feel compelled to turn into an obnoxious blow-hard when your team wins? Pathetic! So when your co-worker throws a Yankee victory in your face, you can be serene in the knowledge that he personally is a pathetic, lifeless loser. Haha, let the rivalry begin!!

Hey Arnie, Yeah, I know how most of them are. I do give Vince the benefit of the doubt, simply because he doesn’t come over here like some of the “others” with all of the arrogance of those “26 rings”. Right now the only ring that matters is the ones that Our Sox will get this year!! I do enjoy reading most of what Vince writes on the other blog. I just cut him slack since he doesn’t blow off here!! He seems like an ok guy.

You know what, Jeff took my pick of a Cubs-Redsox world series.

I picked it during the early days of Febuary.

Also, who thought of this!:

A Yankee fan thought that the Rays, not devil anymore, thought that they would win the World Series this year on Baseball Tonight!

What have Yankee fans become!!!

uhhhhh, derainged???, stupified??? brain dead??? should I go on???

mentally incapacitated?? (sp)

sorry, I couldn’t resist!!!

As of now, we have 7 teams signed up for the league. I think I might have sent out 9 invitations so to those who expressed interest in joining and have not yet signed up, please check your email addresses which are attached to your blog username.

Also, if anybody else wants to join let me know the email address you want me to send the link to. Anywhere from 3-5 more people would be ideal.

Hey zach, I didn’t get my invitation yet.

Count me in!

Hi, Zach. Count me in. My e-mail is listed at the Sox and Pinstripes site.


If you need an extra manager, I’m always game for a fantasy baseball league. Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to play.

10 teams already, that’s excellent. Seems like our league is shaping up real well. 2 more teams would be perfect although we could have 13-14 teams, no problem.

I wonder if regulars like rsjones and gsm know about the league.

Can’t wait til my first pick.
That John Becker …. no wait, Josh Beckett, is still playing 2nd base, right ?

Nice try rs34!!! You’re not EVEN as blonde as ME!! If you’re going to play dumb, you need to be just a BIT more SUBTLE!!lol

On a bit of a more serious note: I was very happy to see the way the team stood up for the Coaches, trainers etc. today… Someone said that they truLy have something special, that they are a TEAM!! VeRy nicely done guys!! Everytime I think that all players are out only for THEIR almighty dollar, OUR SOX step up to the plate and launch one out of the Park (Fenway of course), YOU GO REDSOX!!! I am so proud to display my RedSox vanity plate, mirror hanging baseball and my nation Memeber window stickers.

It was nice to see the team stand up for coaches and staff today. Just the kind of thing that you would expect from this incredibly classy group of players. I don’t know if it’s just me, but has anyone noticed the way in which all the NE teams seem to have such classy organizations?(I can’t speak for the Bruins personally.) There just seems to be a real dearth , in a very good way, of players mouthing off, getting in trouble with the law, etc. And the Sox, Pats, and Celts all seem to have a really strong emphasis on being team players—winning and losing together. Superstars like Papi, Manny, Moss, and KG are still superstars, but they never seem to hog the franchise spotlight. I don’t know how the managements work it, but it’s great to be a fan of teams like that. Anyway, today was just another great example of the Red Sox’ team unity, and a nice tribute to the value of Tito and the staff. Ian, if you have the chance, a personal perspective on what went down would be great. Thanks!

The Sox are in Japan. The Japanese are going to see the Dice and Okajima.

I Hope that there are going to be Sox fans in Japan.


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