Here I am, back in the big,bad, exciting land of Japan. As some of you more faithful readers may recall, I was first here in November, 2006, where I first encountered some guy named Dice-K. Rest assured, Matsuzaka is still as big as ever here in his homeland.

But I must admit, the truly best part of my day was riding in a helicopter with Tim and Stacy Wakefield, Jake and Mike Timlin, and others in a fascinating visit to the U.S. army base called Camp Zama. Curt Schilling and Bryan Corey were in another chopper right next to us. It was truly awesome looking down on Tokyo from an altitude of 1,000 feet and even cooler to see how excited the soldiers, family members and other civilians at the base were to see the defending World Series champs. That was an experience I will never forget.

I did arrive to the workout late — as did Schilling, Timlin, Wakefield and Corey — because the bus we were in got extremely stuck in traffic. Tokyo traffic is much like New York traffic, or pre big dig Boston traffic. Oh well. We made it eventually.

Clay Buchholz is very enthused about pitching against the Hanshin Tigers tomorrow. However, you can be sure that Mr. Timlin won’t pitch in that game. After having two stitches inserted into his finger, you wonder if Timlin can make it back by Tuesday’s Opening Day.

At any rate, I ate some GREAT sushi tonight. It really does melt in your mouth out here.

More tomorrow. Or maybe later today depending on what part of the world you might be reading this in.



Very glad to hear that everyone arrived safely in the Land of the Rising Sun. The visit to the Base must have been awesome!!! I can’t wait for this season to begin. I’ll be up tonight watching our guys play (tomorrow?)….
Ian keep us informed I enjoy reading your travel experiences…

Why did Timlin have stitches??

Enjoy your trip.

I understand Timlin was hit on his ring finger by a batted ball during his last exhibition game.He indicated that he wasn’t trying to reach for it but I guess he couldn’t get out of the way.

Thanks Phil!

I am sure the players were just as excited visiting the base. Great to here all the good things going on over there.

I heard Ian was the pool reporter for the trip to the base and I was looking forward to reading all about it.

It sounds like Ian had a wonderful time.

Can’t wait for the games to begin for real.

I get up early anyway, so when I get up, the game will be on. Can’t wait.

Red Sox baseball, coffee in the morning, what more can I ask for?

Hey!! Are there any RSN members out there now?? Will anyone be up for the game tonight?? I’m going to try to take a nap now, and get up and watch… I’ll talk to you later (hopefully) I’d like to see the difference between our baseball and theirs…

Thinking like that shows an expret at work

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