Playing ball — Japan style

Gameday here in Tokyo. It’s the Red Sox and the Hanshin Tigers. The Red Sox put what amounted to an Opening Day lineup and it paid off in the top of the first when David Ortiz launched one into the seats in left. Yes, Big Papi’s swing translates at Tokyo Dome.

One of the most interesting things to watch in Japanese baseball is the pregame BP. They have two cages set up side by side. And the batting practice pitchers don’t lob them in there in these parts. They throw serious heat from about 45 feet away. I would imagine that would be very beneficial to helping the hitters get their timing by game time. I’m told that the BP pitchers in Japan make about $100,000 a year. Not a bad way to make a living.

I roamed the concession stands during pre-game and found some pretty good sushi. I had no idea what I was eating but it tasted good.  Some of my fellow writers — Amalie Benjamin and Jeff Passan — weren’t as impressed with it. Oh well. Rob Bradford of Boston Herald fame found the chicken sticks which are awesome. I remember having those when I was here in 2006. I might have to go find some. Late news udate: I did find some. Just as good as I remember. And only 300 yen per piece.

And just like Ortiz’s swing translates to the Tokyo Dome, so does Manny being Manny, who entertained the small gathering of Boston scribes this morning with some insightful stuff. He wants to hit 600 homers in his career. Here is the transcript of what he said:

Being in Japan: “I don’t have no problem
with the time, I’m sleeping good, I’m ready to go.” 

Sushi, “Love it.”

Has he thought about the rest of his career?

“I know what lays ahead. I’m going to get two more years
here, and then I’m going to get four years, so it’s going to be six years. I’m
going to finish my career here.”


“I’m ready to play. I’ve prepared myself good to play the
game. I’m going to go have fun, play the game and that’s it.”


“I’m going to get to 600 [homers]. Why not? The sky’s the
limit. There’s no limit.“

 “I’m going to play six more years and there’s no doubt I can
do it.”

 “Like I say, sky is the limit.” 

“I want to be like Julio Franco, play until I’m 50.”

“I’m ready to go.”

 “I’m happy. Like I tell them, I’m going to get two more
years, than sign a contract for four years and that will be six years. I’m
going to finish here. I feel like a baby now.”
Repeating, “Like I told you, sky’s the limit. There’s
nothing impossible in life. If everybody in this room gets the same thoughts
and we’re thinking right, there’s no way … we have the same group of guys that
won last year so there’s no doubt that we can do it again. Nothing is

Playing in Japan:“It’s great. A bunch of
people, they don’t get to see us all the time, they’re going to get to see us
here in person. They’re going to love it. They’re going to enjoy it.”

 “I’m ready to go.”

That’s all from Manny. Of course, the big newsmaker in Tokyo is Dice-K. His every step is chronicled around here. Which brings up the question: Who is the next Dice-K? Bradford has uncovered that fact in the Boston Herald.

That’s all for now. More later. Until then, Sayanora,



Sushi, huh?? I still can’t get myself to try that.. It still reminds me of bait!! Sorry. Sounds like Manny has his mind made up. Let’s hope that it translates into the dollars that the Sox are willing to spend.
I tried to watch the game last night, but I couldn’t get past the Japanese announcers.

Papi seems to be starting another year of the longball and I hope JD will have a good year too.

1st pitch of “real” ball right around the corner and I can’t wait.

Well, I guess Manny is done wanting a trade after he said that he wants to play the rest of his career in Boston.

Only a couple more days until Opening Day…so what is everybody doing in that time??

Trying to fight off the last of the symptoms of withdrawl. The disease that I have (RSCD>RedSox Compulsive Disorder) is curable only by having massive doses of Regular season RS baseball administered. I think today, I’ll watch Fever Pitch and get out my 2004 ALCS,ALDS, and World Series DVD. That should at least stem the tide until 1st pitch.

It feels good to see Papi and Drew going deep in the same game, no matter if it’s in Japan, America or Katmandoo.

Drew’s first season in Boston is behind him and he’s now one of the guys. He’s no longer the guy who replaces the beloved Trot Nixon and, more importantly, he has a WS ring. I maybe wrong but i think he enters the 08 season with a very different state of mind.

On another topic, i wish at least one more team will register for our fantasy league because with an odd number ( 11 so far ) in a head-to-head format, one team has a bye week each and every week of the season. And right now i’m the one with the first week bye and i don’t like it !

I wanna play too !!!!🙂

I would agree about Drew. A year ago at this time, all we heard was 70 million for 5 years and it was a bad contract. I still don’t like the contract though but without Drew’s big game 6 against the Tribe, Boston doesn’t win it all.

Drew comes into 2008 with no pressure and he will do well. He has a great Fenway stroke. For some reason last year, he was trying to pull everything. Alot of easy groundouts for Drew last year.

He did have the only hit against Hernandez a season ago, Dice-K’s Fenway debut.

Drew did improve in September last year. I would expect him to hit .300 20 homers and drive in close to 100 runs this year. I don’t think I am asking for too much.

I’m trying to talk my boss (27 year old Phillie Phanatic) into joing with us… I’ll know Monday.

I too hope that JD has a great season and that he has his head about him with a fresh frame of mind. I want what is best for the Sox and he seems to be the best for right field now. I know that my sentiments for Trot got in the way, but I also have looked at his track record for being “one of the guys” on the teams he has played on in the past. The past…. I hope that is the key phrase there. I want the cohesiveness that the Sox had in 07 to carry on to this season.

He did try to pull everything last season, like most lefties do, yet his best contacts always come when he goes with the pitch. Only a few left handed ( think David Ortiz ) can turn a fastball away into a double against the righfield wall. Of course, if WE know that, Drew and hitting coach Farrell know that too and i guess they’ve worked on it.

Now just imagine the season Lowell could have in the 5th hole if Drew puts it together this season in the 6th hole. Wow !

Sorry it’s hitting coach MAGADAN.
Farrell is of course the pitching coach.

I think Drew is one of three (Along with Dice-K and Lugo) who will have much better seasons than last year with thier rings from last season.
Lets go J.D.!!!

It’s nice to see people have stopped calling JD Nancy. I am hopeful that he will dramatically improve on last year’s numbers, and also hope that Julio Lugo performs this year as his past numbers reflect. I’m not sure that one can expect the kind of year that Youk, Dustin P. or Mike L. had last year again. Having said that, I know that a bunch of you will point out that Tek, Manny and Papi did not have career years last year, and that they are due for bust out years in 2008.

I’m only concerned a bit about the pitching. While the baseball commentators don’t seem to share my concern, I look at Schill’s situation, Beckett’s back and Buchholz not-outstanding Spring Training with some concern. I will feel more at ease if Dice-K begins to show us a bit more of what he is heralded to be on Tuesday, and if Jon L. gives the Sox a solid, six-inning performance on Wednesday.

In any event, like all of you, I cannot wait to hear the screams of “Play Ball!!!”

I am a little concerned of the pitching as well. I am more concerned of the bullpen. Papelbon, perhaps the best closer in baseball. The bridge to Papelbon, I worry about. I really hope Manny Delcarmen can be consisent and show us the pitcher he can be. Okajima had a great year last year. Especially in the 1st half, he was nearly unhittable. Timlin is older, Lopez I am not impressed with and Tavarez, I dunno about him as well. I do like Corey, he showed last September he belongs in the Red Sox bullpen. I hope he gets his chance.

A back can be tricky as we all know. I don’t see where it will be a lingering ordeal with Beckett but one never knows for sure. I do expect Beckett to pitch 200 innings and make 30 or more starts and win 18 or more games.

I do expect Dice-K to have a solid year, 17 wins with a e.r.a. around 3.50 A year, his control hurt him, I don’t think that will be the case this season. Not as much pressure on Dice-K going into this season. A year ago, there was so much pressure on Dice-K and I think that was the reason he had some control problems. Trying to make that perfect pitch, nibbling a little bit.

I also think Lester will do well. He is over a year from his last chemo treatment. His last start, game 4 in the World Series was solid, I expect more of those type of starts this year.

Wakefield is a year older and that is never a good thing. I’m sure Wakefield will have his typical season. Some really good starts and some horrible starts. A .500 pitcher he will be, 12 wins 12 losses. For what he gives you and what the Red Sox pay him, he is a bargain. As long as he stays healthy of course.

I am very excited about the Red Sox offense. These guys will be better this season. It all starts at the top with Ellsbury. I can’t wait to watch him create chaos on the basepaths. That kid can fly!!!!

I’m confident that Dice-K will be a solid if not great #2 starter in the Sox rotation and also that Jon Lester is for real. I do have concerns about Buchholz though and like most of you guys i check the news every day in hope for a headline like ” Beckett’s good to go” or “Josh’s getting the green light” or something like that. Knuckleballers don’t get old as fast as power pitchers so Wake should be good for another year of junk pitching and winning more games than he loses ( except against Toronto, of course. Can someone explain to me what’s the deal with Wake vs the Jays ??? )

I’m expecting a solid 2nd season from Delcarmen in relief. I have to say, i have really high hopes for him. As much as i like Oki, i don’t think he will repeat his outstanding 07 season. A better Delcarmen should cover the gap. Snyder is good so far this spring but we all know where his ceiling is, and it’s below that ( although it’s higher than what we saw in the 2nd half last season ). Lopez doesn’t miss a lot of bats and Tavarez, ….. well i’m amazed that he is still a member of this team. I would’ve been more comfortable with another proven arm, like Scott Linebrink, in the pen.

I think we have a high flying, five-star offense that will light up scoreboards a couple days a week.

Good thing cause maybe they’ll have to win 6-5 instead of 3-2 for the first month or so !

bsb: as far as Wake goes, in his 13 seasons with the Sox, he’s had 9 winning seasons (losing seasons were 99- 6-11, 2000- 6-10, 2001-9-12, and 06 7-11) the closest he’s ever come to a 500 season is 04 (12-10). I think he’ll give us the same type of season as last.. what was he like 17-12?? I see him (as you said, if healthy) being a real contributor again.


I wouldn’t have minded to see Linebrink as well but not the $$$$ he signed for. I think it was around 18 or 19 million for 3 years. White Sox are desperate anyway, especially in the pen. They don’t have much before Jenks.

Wake also gets beat down by the Yankees as well. He own Tampa Bay though, those young hitters don’t have any patience at the plate with his knuckleball. Alot of early swings in the box for Tampa against Wakefield.

Toronto seems to own the Red Sox the last couple of years. They swept Boston in Toronto in mid September last season. A few years back it was the Orioles that gave Boston fits. Of course those days are long gone. The Orioles have last place locked up and will lose more than 100 games. I doubt the Orioles could compete well in A.A.A. LOL….

One thing we can’t ignore with this team since 04 is the intangibles. Team spirit, chemistry, unity, …. no matter the words. “All for One” seems to be their motto. Plus they have us, the greatest fans in the bigs ! That has to count for something.🙂

Didn’t know the terms of Linebrink’s deal. Well yeah, 18 M for 3 years is indeed a lot of money for a set up man but only time will tell if the White Sox made a good move ( and if the Red Sox should’ve been the ones that made that move, one must add🙂 )

I agree totally about team chemistry. That is very important, no doubt about it. Whoever says it doesn’t matter, hasn’t played much sports. They all respect each other for sure and that goes a long way.


Wakefield is the perfect #4 or #5 starter. He’ll give you 30 or more starts and keep you in alot of games. I think last year, he got a descion in his first 20 games or so, some high number like 20, it might have been a little more. For the money the Sox pay him and what he gives them, nothing but a good thing on both ends.

I wouldn’t have given Linebrink that kind of money. To me that is way too much for a guy that isn’t even one of the best setup guys.

He pitched in that huge park in S.D. and now he is in the South side of Chicago. That ball flies out of that yard, especially in the summer.

It seems like forever ago that the White Sox won it all. They fell off the map quick. They’re probably the 3rd best team in there divison now. Chances are they will finish with a losing record or hover around .500.

Javy Lopez is no more. He is deciding to retire after hearing he isn’t going to make the Braves big league team.
Remember when he was really bad with the Red Sox after Jason Varitek was injured?

After leaving the Sox Lopez signed a contract with the Rockies, then was released.

This off-season he signed a contract with the Braves.

I get what you mean with Wake, I was looking at his stats. He started with the Pirates in 1992, came to us in 95. WOW, 16 years of throwing that Knuckler.. You gotta love they guy!!!

Didn’t we also have a pitcher named JAVIER Lopez???

I was thinking the other day back to when we had what I used to call The EZ Bros. And for the life of me I couldn;t remember who the other Ez was..just as I’m typing this I remembered it was Rudy Seanez…. man were he and Julian Tavarez HORRIBLE!!! I think that Manny and Papi had something to do with Tavarez still being with us…

Wakefield was brought in by Duquette during the season of 1995. One of the few remaining Duquette guys.

The Red Sox still have a pitcher named Javier Lopez. He is the lefty out of the pen that can’t get lefties out. They hit around .290 against him last season. Lopez does much better against righties. I hope Lopez is not around, I would drive him to the airport.

Rudy Seanez was a disaster in Boston twice. in 2003, small sample, he stunk. Then again in 2006, he was just HORRIBLE. A bad move by Theo. There have been some guys that have just stunk. Jeremy Giambi ( he was the D.H. before Ortiz) Rudy Seanez and Javy Lopez ( the catcher ) Eric Gagne, those might have been the worst moves by Theo.

I think I could have gotten

Lopez out, his bat was slower than slow.

I think Gagne was the worst move that Theo made EVER.
Gagne was 2-2 with an ERA in the 6s and three blown saves.

And Gagne did it in August and September. Theo TRADED for Gagne, which looked pretty good before his total breakdown in Boston.

Does anyone know where the Red Sox #1 draft pick in 2007, Nick Hagadone, will start the season in which Red Sox farm team??

I would agree about Gagne being Theo’s worst pickup. He gave up alot and got absolutely nothing in return. The Red Sox won it all despite him around.

Sure Giambi, Seanez and Lopez to name a few were just terrible but they didn’t have to give up much to get them. A little $$$$$ and for Lopez they gave up Adam Stern. I think Lopez could have taken batting practice at the team hotel and he would have never broken anything, lol….

Didn’t we give up Kason Gabbard for Gag-me?? I think that if Gabbard had been kept by the Sox and had Farrells (why doesn’t that look like the correct spelling?) tutelage, he could have been really good for us. Not saying he won’t be good in the future, but with our staff and with Tek helping out, who knows… But ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER THAN ERIC “I’M A FORMER CY YOUNG WINNER”GAGME. Without a doubt THEE worst trade in recent memory.

I like this: The traffic on the blog is REALLY picking up… I’m starting to get REDSOX bumps (not goose bumps), the excitement is getting ready to kick off!!.. Do you all realize how goofy the rest of the world thinks we are?? Oh well, they don’t know what they are missing not being REDSOX FANS!!!

Yes, the rest of the world thinks we are weird. But the rest of the world doesn’t know how crazy we are for OUR SOX!!!!

The Red Sox gave up Gabbard, David Murphy ( Theo’s first ever draft pick ) and Engel Beltre for Gagne. Beltre is a youngster.

Gagne would have served Boston better if he played for the Bruins, lol…Of course Gagne a native of Montreal and a former hockey player. Offered a scholarship to play for Vermont.

He was just HORRIBLE. The Brewers hit Fenway this year and that means Gagne will be getting booed the entire series. He deserves every boo he gets. He’ll probably miss the series, he’ll get hurt the week before. I can see that happening, not mentally tough. He couldn’t take the heat in Boston.

Why would Gagne deserve to be booed in Fenway ? Because he played bad ?? A lot of guys should get booed then.

The guy was more disapointed by his failure than all of us together ! I read that he lost sleep over that. He was so happy to join the Sox in July, he was like a kid in a candy store. And from what i know, he never spit at the Sox or at us and never cause any problem in the locker-room.

He failed big time, he had to go elsewhere and he doesn’t deserve an ovation, we all agree. But why the boos exactly?

I just read my comment. What i meant by “a lot of guys should get booed then” is we had our fair share of bad performers in the past that were supposed to be great ( think Edgar Renteria ).

Gagne showed no fire at all. In my opinion the guy deserves to get booed. The guy kept accepting it and he seemed to do the same thing over and over again.

I am glad he lost sleep over it. He should have.

Was he trying? Of course he was but this is the pro’s not little league.

Edgar Renteria in my mind deserves his fair share of boos as well. He melted in Boston. He also blamed the infield at Fenway for his errors. He made just as many errors on the road than he did at Fenway, fess up. Another whiner, props to Theo to recognize he made a bad move and bringing in Renteria to Boston. Theo shipped him off to Atlanta and it was so bad that Boston ate alot of that contract.

With the way the Sox were playing, who wouldn;t have been like a kid in a candy store…?? He was trying to jump start his dead battery career.. He had great seasons at the Dodgers, but when he got hurt, he never really fully recovered to his former greatness!!!! ****. I’d lose sleep over that too, I don’t fault Gagne as much as I fault Theo for trading for him. come on… Did anyone REALLY think he was going back to his HUGE SAVE Years?? Sorry, don’t count me among any that did!!
and Hey, Renteria didn’t do as poorly as GAGME in my opinion!

“The guy kept accepting it” ????.
O.K. i give up.🙂

I disagree that the Gabbard + Co.-for-Gagne deal was a bad one. Of course in retrospect it was, but consider the potential at the time that the deal was made. When you can get a pitcher who was once the greatest closer in the NL to come set up for the best present-day closer in the AL, you have to pull the trigger. And you’re giving up a #4 starter at best plus a 4th OF who would not have even cracked the Opening Day lineup this year.

With that being said, I would be surprised to see Gagne even make the Milwaukee team. His ERA this spring is something around 11.00. It seems as though his link to the Mitchell Report carries some significance when you consider the split in his numbers.

And if he comes to Fenway and I’m there, you better believe I will boo him the loudest. I understand that he tried his hardest and was upset, but think back to that stretch in August/September when he was getting the ball in the 8th inning and just giving up leads left and right. A 2-run HR to Tejada in Baltimore and a disaster in Toronto are two outings which come to mind. Like Brian said, this isn’t tee-ball. If a player is going to get by on effort alone (without any results) then he has to earn the fan’s appreciation (ie: Gabe Kapler and Lou Merloni).

I was all for the deal for Gagne. I felt the addition of him with Okajima before Papelbon would be unstoppable. It would shorten the game. Gagne never came thru. He had his hand in a handful of losses, directly his fault.

It was a bad deal though, they won it all without any contributions from Gagne. He was dead weight on the Red Sox.

Only thing that worked with Gagne was the Red Sox get a draft pick in return. Theo and the baseball operations have done a great job with the draft.

I am very happy he is long gone. Good luck in Millwaukee!!! He will need it.

How about the deal Miguel Cabrera is going to sign? 153 million. That guy can flat out hit. Not the best defensive player, stating the obvious. As long as there is a D.H. there will be a spot in the lineup for Cabrera. What a bat!!!

That Tigers lineup is going to be very scary. They should score more than 900 runs. There rotation is pretty solid but I have some questions about there bullpen. Zuymaya might pitch in August but then again he might never see the mound this season. Rodney will start the year on the D.L. Old friend Todd Jones is still the closer and I wonder about him.

I still think the Indians are the team to beat in that division. It will be a great race in the Central though. It should go down to the final week.

Night all!
I have to get ready to go to to Mexico and get tan! I think my wife will bring her computer but I don’t know.

But until I know, Adios Amigos

I agree about the AL Central. It should be a great battle. The Indians may be a cut above on the mound but i think if the Tigers can get anything close to a good bullpen down the stretch, the title is theirs. Right now the Betancourt-Perez duo is what separates the two teams.

I think that is the difference right now as well. The Tribe’s pen is a little better.

Betancourt used to be in the Sox system, a former position player. He is one of the elite guys coming in late. A solid setup guy. Perez is a stud as well. Shapiro has done a solid job with the Tribe. There offense should bounce back. Haffner had a less than sub-par season. They will be tough to beat. Sox play the Tribe early and the Tigers as well. Tough stretch early for the Red Sox.

Talk about a rough start. Home opener vs the Tigers, then the Yankees, then at Cleveland and the Yankees again in the bronx. IAOUCH !

Off to bed now.’Night everyone.

Here it is again!! The broadcast in is Japanese!!
Anybody out there remeber the song from the 80’s “I think I’m Turning Japanese”?? I will, if I listen to it much more, time to turn the sound down.

Drew goes deep, a grand slam.

I think he’ll hit close to 20 homers this season. A solid year for Drew. I still don’t like the contract. That is my gripe of the day, lol…

Season is getting closer, loving it.


You must be very happy with Prior inking with Ohio State. What a great athlete he is. He would have been the perfect fit for Rodriguez’s system at Michigan. Wolverines are crushed on that one, I assume. More Ohio State dominance over Michigan.

Hey, Bosoxbrian:

Yes, good signing. But best in the Big 10 is not what most people around here want. National title is what people are looking for, particularly after the past 2 years. Tressel has spoiled people about the game against Michigan, given his 2 immediate predecessors, who couldn’t seem to win a Michigan game. I was more pleased with you heralding of the Tribe. While I’m not a big fan, most everybody else is around here. I used to be able to wear my Red Sox stadium jacket everywhere without anyone flinching. Since last Fall, I get comments everywhere I go.

I think the Tribe are the team to beat in the Central. The Tigers will be on there heels for sure.

I think the Tribe’s pen is the difference. Tribe’s lineup will be better this year as well.

I wonder if Sabathia will be effected with his contract situation. That can play tricks with athletes.

Granderson is starting the year on the d.l. He might miss the first 3 weeks, that kid is unreal. A possible M.V.P. is Granderson, he does it all.

I think the addition of Prior can bring home a title. Not in 2008, sorry, lol…

Ohio State starts the year in L.A. against U.S.C. That could be a loss for sure.

Baseball is right around the corner, you gotta love it.

I am sure you are getting heckled for wearing your Sox jacket. Nothing but a good thing. If the Red Sox stunk, you wouldn’t here as much. When you win, everyone is against that team.

Let’s hope no games get snowed out up there in Cleveland. How weird was that last year????

It’s nice to see Drew showing the potential to have the kind of season he was signed for last year. Lugo has looked up this spring too.

I’d still like to see some more resolution on the issue in centerfield, with Opening day in 36 hours (!!). Is Ellsbury the starter? Did he do enough to overtake the “incumbent” Crisp? Who’s the fourth outfielder here? I would appreciate a firmer stance by the Sox; I don’t think dragging that kind of decision into the season will be good for the outfield.

Less than 24 hours til 1st pitch!!! To take a lyric from the Beatles “It’s been a long cold lonely winter, Here Comes the Sun!!”
Spring, so to speak, is finally here. I’m really feeling quite childlike as the words “play ball” are suddenly almost within earshot>

I’ll be up and watching tomorrow morning as our Sox take field for the 1st of 162 wonderful days we’ll spend with them! I can’t wait.

Welcome Basesball Season 2008..

Let’s Go REDSOX Let’s Go!!!

I was hoping that someone would be on here this afternoon. 11hrs 25 min til Opening Day…
It’s going to be different having breakfast while watching the game as opposed to a few beers!! (i have to work at 12:00, so no breakfast of champions for me!!) Anyone else planning to watch from their cozy beds?? That’s where I’ll be!!

I’ll be up for sure. Can’t wait to get the season underway!



It’s been a long cold winter, you live in Fort Lauderdale, never knew they had winter, lol…

I catch your drift though.

I read where Francona is going to have Ellsbury hit lower in the order. I assume to start the season. He’ll eventually work himself to the lead off spot during the season, sooner than later. Francona doesn’t want too much pressure on Ellsbury. The kid is going to start his first full season in the big leagues and a has a great chance to be rookie of the year. That would be 2 in a row for your Boston Red Sox, gotta love it. Thanks to Theo and the baseball operations dept. We have all this young talent to watch for several years.

Dice-K will take the mound with the country of Japan watching, not too mention everyone over in the states. Let’s hope he can control his nerves, if he does the Red Sox should start the season 1-0. Looking forward to seeing Ortiz and Ramirez go deep. The best duo in baseball, the most feared for sure.

Ramirez has gotten off to slow starts in the past. I expect Manny to get off to a solid start this year.

Coffee, bagels and baseball, I can’t go wrong.

It’s good that the A’s are on the Red Sox schedule early.

A’s will be pretty bad this year. They will lose at least 90 games and perhaps a little more. Not much talent there in Oakland.

A’s will battle Texas for last place. Mariners and Angels should beat up on Texas and Oakland.

After the A’s, the Sox schedule is tough.

Not to mention that Eric Chavez, the one real threat offensively on the A’s roster now that Swisher is gone, will likely start the season on the DL. They have a great Spring Training record, though.

A lineup of outs is the A’s lineup. Beane talks about on base percentage, too bad they never have had it.

Beane works with a very limited budget. The A’s are waiting for there new stadium to kick in. When it does, the A’s will be back, until then, long seasons for the A’s.

You need to spend $$$$$ to win.

Okay remember, what we say can come back to haunt us!! Everybody’s starting with a new scorecard. we’re all sitting at a 0-0 record and as for now all of our guys are batting .000 . With any kind of RedSox luck we’ll end up on the winning end of the bat come 9:30 or so tomorrow morning.
As for me, right now, I’m treating this like Christmas Eve. I’m going to bed and dream of a (another) Penant Shaped Stocking, and a win under my tree (palm).



Hey everyone: Here’s to 2008!!!!

as you all can see, I still have my “Rose Colored Glasses” at the ready!!

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