WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just in case your alarm clocks didn’t work, I figure that headline for the blog might have. Game ON. One of 162.

I realize I’ve been neglecting the blog the last few days. I will make up for it later with a Tokyo sights and sounds blog, just so I can keep all of you updated on what I’ve been doing in this fine country.

In the meantime, I’ll plan on posting in this entry throughout the game, at least as much as possible.

While you New Englanders were rubbing the sand out of your tired eyes, J.D. Drew was getting scratched from the lineup — just moments before game time — with back stiffness. Brandon Moss will play right and bat sixth.

My favorite pre-game moment of Opening Day?

David Ortiz walked through a cramped hall in the clubhouse with a white mask on his face. Must be some kind of Japanese mask I guess. And Papi yells out, "This planet is full of superheroes."

On that note, it is time for Baseball 2008!



*groan* For the record: 5:14am EDT, on my way out the door to the local Sox hang out.

Apparently, jetlag isn’t a problem for YOU.

Anyone else having problems with MLB.TV?

Have tried to watch the game and been told that blackout restrictions apply – in the UK!!!! They couldn’t validate my IP address either. Bl00dy useless😦

Seems to have resolved itself?!?!?!?

Dice-K isn’t looking too good so far.

Nice strikeout to get outta there but he’s not going to last 5 innings if he keeps throwing that many pitches.

So I wake up at 6 am, eager to watch the game and that little DirecTV logo is bouncing all over my televison screen (both for NESN and ESPN2).

I am borderline homocidal right now and am watching the game on Gameday like a *******. On top of that, Dice-K is showing some early game jitters.

Trust me, you’re not missing much so far.

gosh this is why I love baseball!

Brandon Moss! I say we keep him up here for awhile haha.

I din’t have trouble with MLBtv, but its supposed to be on espn2 and my direct tv is… “still searching for signal”. So much for watching this from the cozy confines of my bed…

Ellen, apparently if you don’t have an HD box then the game is not being broadcast on DirecTV. Being on a college campus, I obviously don’t get HD.

…but my Gameday just told me that Snyder gave up the lead about 3 minutes after the Sox had it. Great…

I’m still trying to come up with a nick name for Ellsbury..I had Wheels and Nitro for his baserunning/stealing, or how about Obi Wan Jacoby??
OK it’s early yet, in more ways than 1!!

Oh, Well, not having money, I don’t have HD either, haha.
I have no problem watching on the computer, its just so warm in bed!!

We’re down 4-3, LET’S GO SOX!!!

I’m leaving after this though guys, I still have to run to school haha🙂

Brandon Moss, are you kidding me?!

I agree, Let’s keep Moss around awhile!! Tied it up!!!! You go Brandon!!

gosox, I’ll write you an excuse for being late!!

haha brandon Moss! wow!
I think this is definetly worth skipping geometry for! haha

anthing is worth skipping geometry!!!

hahaha amen to that.


great stuff haha

Who’s that coming in the game??, Oh yeah, that’s just our closer, The Charles River Dancer!! JON-BON!!!!! Come on now, lights out!!!! Seems funny saying that at 9:40 a.m.

Well, that was just a little too close for me at this time of day, if I didn’t need nlood pressure meds before, I do now!!
Everybody have a”RedSox” day!!!

Well Dice-K looked rough out there and so did Papelbon. Well this is what happens when you pretend that Spring Training is over. Everyone looked rusty and it could have gone either way.

Oakland made a bad base running error in the 9th that saved the game for the Sox but they will be kicking themselves.

I woke up 6am (Brazil here) to watch the game, hoping that it would go to Extra Innings, and I’d have a reason to arrive late at work.

2 outs, bottom of the 9th, my espn signal was cut off. I called the cable company, and they said they were undergoing “scheduled maintenance”.

So I rushed here (I’m currently at my office) and… well, I’m glad we won : D

Wish you all a great season : )

I thought Craig Breslow fit in the Sox immediate plans. Did they intend to make him vulnerable, or did someone make a boo boo, causing him to get snarfed up by Cleveland?

Notes and Obseravtions (opinions inculded):

Pitching is vicious circle. If a pitcher cannot get his fastball going then his breaking pitches are ineffective, and vice-versa. Dice-K struggle with his breaking pitch location, meaning he had to pitch carefully with his fastball. I’m sure anxeity also had effects on his performance.

Papelbon has an ego plain and simple. At points he falls into “the Beckett syndrome” . . . challenging with his fastball too much.

Also, has anyone realized that the Rays are 16-5 in spring training, impressive, however Oakland was 16-7.

Nice hit by Moss to tie it… But did he touch home base?? Should’ve been appealed by the A’s

I think Dice-K had a case of the nerves. He did struggle with his control as well a season ago as we all know.

I did the like the mental toughness of Dice-K after the first 2 innings, he battled and made it thru the 5th. That counts for something in my book. I am expecting more solid starts in the future, making it thru 7 innings with low pitch counts. If he is more consisent, he will have a solid year, no doubt.

Snyder struggled, no surprise there. Good too see Corey pitch a scoreless inning. He pitched well during September last year, he picked up where he left off.

Ramirez has struggled getting out of the gate in the past. Great too see him have a solid game today. I am expecting him to have a bounce back year and be like the old Ramirez. Only bad thing for a solid year by Ramirez means less R.B.I.’s for Lowell, oh well that is how it goes.

Brandon Moss with the big fly to tie it up. You gotta love watching some of the young guys produce and come up big.

I can’t wait to watch Lester tomm. I am expecting Lester to win 14 to 16 games and show us what he is all about. Who isn’t rooting for Jon Lester????

Has anyone seen or heard anything about Drew’s “back tightness”? Just wondering if theres any news about the severity.

There is no excuse for Manny not putting his head down and running as fast as he could at the crack of his bat. It could mean a ballgame. If the ball clears the fence he can then slow down and trot.Al ballplayers should do this and Manny is no exception.

looking at the replay, I’m almost positive he touched the plate, nothing you could challenge. He just didn’t come down right in the middle of the plate. Given what the commentators were saying on ESPN about some of the other fly balls not carrying well and dying in the dome, it doesn’t surprise me that Manny thought he had a homerun, and then didn’t. Still, he really should’ve at least headed down the line. I’m willing to allow quite a bit of leeway in this instance, though—4 RBI, gamewinners included, make up for a lot. Go Manny and go Sox! Here’s to a productive championship season!

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