The Ultimate Getaway Day

Konnichiwa everyone!

This is my last day in Tokyo. Literally leaving right after tonight’s game and flying to Los Angeles. We leave Tokyo at around midnight Wednesday yet it will only be about 6 p.m. Wednesday in Los Angeles when we land. Go figure!

It’s been an experience out here, that’s for sure. What an Opener last night was. Funny to see Embree work the seventh and Foulke working the ninth. "For a while, it felt like an alumni game out there," said Sox manager Terry Francona.

They are two of the 25 to help the Sox win their first World Series since you know when. Embree has resurrected his career nicely since leaving Boston and Foulke could be headed in that same direction.

As for tonight’s lineup — or this morning for most of you fine folks — Coco is playing center and batting eighth. Ellsbury is out. Terry Francona said he still doesn’t know exactly how the CF situation will play out but he thought getting Coco in there against a hard thrower like Harden was a good thing.

Moss is back in there. J.D. Drew said he’ll be fine for the games in Oakland.

More later — time permitting.



Rich Harden looks really good. He has so much talent, a blazing fastball. He has all the makings of a #1 starter. The question of course with Harden, can he stay healthy and take the ball 35 times. Time will tell.

Lester is struggling out there, can’t get the ball over. Strike 1 is the most important pitch as we all know.

This A’s lineup is full of automatic outs, not good. This lineup will be one of the weakest in baseball.In a 162 game schedule this team will be exposed, no doubt.

Quite the trip after this game, glad it’s not me.

Look at the home page… It has harden as the losing pitcher!! Don’t I wish..

I wouldn’t read too much into Lester. All the Red Sox players are under tremendous pressure to succeed and it’s showing. They need more confidence in themselves to get the job done.
Getting back to exhibition will really help as well as some rest. Exhibition games are relaxing ones not pressure driven. Lester will kick it into high gear. The one I worry about his Bucholtz (sp). Will he handle the pressure of competition? Right now he’s in panic mode. I wouldn’t mind him seeing the minors some more just to take the pressure off of him. He’s very capable but the Sox are sticking him in a situation which he can’t handle at this point and it shows. Too bad the Sox have two starters out and Colon still progressing because that’s only sticking the pressure at DiceK, Wakefield, Lester and Bucholtz. Even Papelbon was shaky. The reality is the Sox are not relaxed and going to Japan is NOT helping.

Looking forward to the season now more than ever. I actually liked getting up and seeing a live game while eating breakfast. A split isn’t too bad considering the situation.

Also, just picked up your publication…looking forward to it.



Dave, I think you are right. I think the most comfortable looking guy there was Lugo! Once they get a few games behind them and settle into the season proper, they will be back to “one pitch at a time”. I just hope it doesn’t take too many games for them to get their feet back under them.

For me, it was a more a case of morning coffee – ball game – lunch. Now that’s a good way to spend a morning.🙂 Not so keen on the regular season 7.05 ET start times though – midnight here and I can never limit myself to just the one inning before going to bed. Still, so long as the Sox win all the afternoon starts (tea time here)…🙂

Would someone mind running through the basics of the scoring system of the fantasy league with me? Or where can I find it on the yahoo website?


If you click on “Match Up” on the scoreboard to the right of the standings on the main page of our league, it will go to another scoreboard with 15 categories (ie: runs, hits, wins, saves, etc.).

Those 15 statistical categories will be added up throughout the course of the week. If your team combined to score 30 runs and your opponents team scored 28 runs, you will receive 1 point in the standings.

The best possible score in one week would be to beat your opponent 15-0, meaning your team had better numbers in all 15 categories. Your record is kept over the span of the season, and obviously the more categories you win over time, the better your record will be.

I see there’s a category that counts Ks by hitters. So much for my intention to have both Ryan Howard and Adam Dunn on my roster !🙂

Thanks Zachary. Does it boil down to has the better stats in that week? So if I have better stats in 8 of the 15 categories, I get a win? In other words, you get total wins and losses to get your league ranking, not the total number of categories you have won?

If you win 8 categories and lose 7 in one week, your record in the standings will be 8-7. If you go 8-7 again the next week, your record will be 16-14, etc.

And rsox, I thought K’s/batter would be a nice equalizer for the power hitters such as Howard and A-Rod.

Oh i’m fine with it. It makes you look at guys like Howard from another angle. That’s cool.

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