Nine hours from Tokyo

Believe it or not, that’s all it takes to get from Tokyo to Los Angeles by plane. Alas, the Boston Red Sox are here at Chavez Ravine, A K A Dodger Stadium, and so am I.

This stadium is spectacular. It’s my second time here — first since 2002. I highly recommend the experience to anyone who hasn’t been here. This place still looks brand new. And it’s impeccably clean. Just a great, great facility.

The press box, fittingly, is named after the great Vin Scully.

In baseball news, Mike TImlin (lacerated right ring finger) is going on the DL, retroactive to March 20. He’ll be eligible to be activated for the Toronto series next weekend. That puts the roster at an even 25.

The person who had the most painful Japan injury? That would be pitching coach John Farrell.

In the eloquent words of PR guru John Blake, "A piece of jaw bone became explosed underneath [Farrell]s tongue.He was eating a cracker, and it got caught in the gum." I lost interest in the story after that. It was just too gross to think about. At any rate, John was in a lot of pain in Japan but he got operated on yesterday and reported to work today.

Colon is chucking tonight.

Ciao for now,



ZACH…. Please check your email!! It’s urgent!

I would totally agree about Dodger Stadium. A great place too see a game. I was so impressed when I went there.

Is there anyone better describing a game than Vin Scully? He is the best and nobody is even in his league.

Of course one of the calls for Scully, a little roller up along first, well we all know what happened next, lol.

I wish tomm night’s game was being televised. It will be interesting too see what kind of score it will be tomm. night. Wakefield takes the hill in front of 115,000 people, imagine that.

Let’s get this season started once and for all. I hope the Red Sox never have to go to Japan again.

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