Sunday in LA

Thanks for your patience while the blog site was reconstructed over the weekend. The Coliseum thing was quite an experience yesterday. Especially walking about two miles through the not so savory part of Los Angeles trying to find a cab because the shuttle buses had lines of oh, about four hours.

Anyway, it was unique but definitely strange. One of the stranger baseball experiences I’ve ever had. It’s good to be back to normalcy today. No more Tokyo, no more Coliseum. As Tito said, “I’d never been to Japan before and I’d never played in front of 115,000 people before but I’ve been to Oakland before.”

After today’s exhibition with the Dodgers, that’s where we’re headed — Oakland.

J.D. Drew is still not in the lineup. He’s progressing slower than the team had hoped, but they still haven’t ruled him out for Tuesday in Oakland.

Kielty will likely go to Pawtucket, but it’s not definite. Bobby indicated there might be another team he can get a Major League roster spot for. He said he’d know by tomorrow.

More later,



Ian, whats up with the new format?? I wrote 2 comments on your last thread and neither was posted. It was appx 1hr 30 min ago. Is this how the blog will be habdled from now on?? If so, i definitely don’t like it.

I would agree with you ellen, I don’t like it as well. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That is my motto and I wish that was the motto for this website.

Amen the meaningless games are coming to a close. Time to get this season going. Looking forward to it. Who isn’t ?


I read Jeff Horrigan’s little blog in the Herald earlier today. What a nightmare that must have been. Other than that fiasco happening, the game/scene must have been out of this world. 115,000 fans at a baseball game, never thought that would ever happen. I thought there would have been more runs scored in that game.

I saw where Andruw Jones took a throw from the catcher to nab Ellsbury. I guess that is your typical 2-8 caught stealing, lol….What a very unusual game.

Francona’s comment about all of this was very funny.

Hi to all!! I want to tell everyone who has spent their hard earned money for MLB.TV that you will not be getting a full screen this year.. Even if you are a premium subscriber. You will only get a portion of the screen as opposed to the full monitor screen that we have received for the past 3-4 years. I paid only the 89.95 (only??!!) for just MLB.TV, not the “mosaic” version, but called this afternoon and after speaking with one of the customer service representatives (who was exceptionally nice and knowledgeable) I was told that all subscribers no matter what media player they have, will receive a smaller screen version of what we’ve had in the past. I am receiving a full refund of my purchase price and am applying the 89.95 toward Directv extra innings (179.95). Oh, they have a free sneak preview starting tonight through 4/6, channels 720-749.
I think that the so called progress and improvements that MLB.COM has made to the site that we helped make millions of dollars, are neither progressive or are they improvements. I think anyone of you who has paid their hard earned money to MLB.COM/tv, to receive an inferior version of the service previously provided should also ask for a refund and use their cable/satellite service instead.

Was strange watching a game without a left fielder, am glad that the silly part of the exhibition season is over. As for the blog, actually I like the platform better (it sure is loading faster and easier).

I had nothing to do with the new blog format. Like anything, I’m sure it will take a few days to get used to. But bear with me. Thanks.

Ian – are you going to do a predictions post similar to last year? Have you any predictions yourself?

Ian, predictions would be fun. Did you ever post the results from last year?? I know I did horribly, but I had a lot of fun trying!!

Ian, predictions would be fun. Did you ever post the results from last year?? I know I did horribly, but I had a lot of fun trying!!

Ian, predictions would be fun. Did you ever post the results from last year?? I know I did horribly, but I had a lot of fun trying!!

Random predictions for this year fro me:

I think the Diamondbacks will be the sleeper team in the NL and will get to at least the NLCS.

Bucholz will not be as good as the high expectations (11-12 – 4.90 ERA or something like that) while Phil Hughes will improve drastically from last year (I know it’s a Red Sox blog but I like to think I’m impartial).

Lowell will decline from last year (.290/18/88 is my guess) but will be picked up by an improved Lugo and Manny returning to what he was before (.302/44/116 in 2008).

Dontrelle Willis will win the “Mike Lowell most overlooked part of a trade” award and finish 17-11 with a 3.80 ERA.

Mark Lowe from the Mariners will develop into a highly effective set up man behind JJ Putz. The Mariners will win the West.

The Toronto Blue Jays will be a force to be reckoned with in the AL East and will push harder this year than ever before, as long as their main guys stay healthy.

The Tigers will win the AL Central while the Kansas City Royals will finish in at least third place in their division.

So there you go. Random guesses. None of it may happen but it will be interesting to see if any of them pan out.

Hello everybody. I am back from Mexico.
Ian, do you know what is with “Big Papi” Ortiz. He wasn’t looking fine on his knee when I watched the game
(It was in Spanish).

Nice to see they got a knew pitcher from Japan. I would say the name but it is hard to write it on here. Already tried.

I am really pumped about the new season.



I agree with you about the Blue Jays. My only issue is what happens if anyone goes down in that rotation for a length of time. They have very little if any depth with there starting pitching. Blue Jays are one those teams, they could finish .500 or finish with a low 90’s win total.

Orioles will lose at least 100 games but more like 110. Not going out on a limb there, stating the obvious.

I would agree with you about Hughes. I say he could be another Beckett down the road. The kid has so much potential and he looks like a front line starter for years to come. Sure wish he was wearing a Red Sox uniform.

Lowell’s R.B.I.’s will go down because Manny will take alot of them away, like Ortiz does to Manny.

You might be right about the Royals. Tribe and Tigers will battle for the Central, obviously. After those two, some weak teams. Tribe and Tigers will be the only 2 that will finish with winning records though.

Mariners win the West. So far the Angels have been hit with some injuries in the rotation and that is NEVER a good sign.

I wouldn’t call the D-Backs a sleeper. They were in the N.L.C.S. a year ago, not a sleeper in my book. I think they will win the West and go deep in the playoffs, just like last year.

All in all, Tribe and Mets in the World Series.

Don’t get too mad at me folks. I have NEVER picked a team I root for to win it all, don’t want to jinx them, lol……If I picked them to win it all, that team would be toast!!!!

One great thing I have watched today. Gagne gave up a 3 run homer and the Cubs tied it at 3 apiece. What a suprise, NOT!!!! Good riddance!!!!

Gagne will be playing for the Boston Bruins because his baseball career is winding down.

Unfortunately Gagme got the win with the Brewers when they scored the next inning.

Gagne did get the win but if he was any good he would have gotten the save. A bad move by the Brewers to get him. 10 million for 1 year, not good money spent.

rsf015, Apparently you didnt drink the water!! Good thing. Glad you’re back
I don’t know why my comment posted 3 x’s… Maybe I was heavy handed with the submit button!! Sorry to all…
I can’t wait for tomorrow…..
I hope Matsuzaka has a great outing, nothing like an opening “W” to build your confidence for the season to come!!!!
Oh and…. Josh Beckett please come home soon!!!!! and Schill and Timlin!!! get healthy sooner than later!

Drew comes back on Thursay. Hope he has a good game.
Nick Hagadone, a prospect I look heavily at, is going to start the season in Greenville. I think that he is going to end the season in Portland.
About Gagne, I feel bad for him to go through this struggling with the Brewers and Red Sox but it is his own fault and he needs to fix it alot of times he has struggled. How much I hate to say it, I wish him luck.

Hi everyone. I’m glad to see Gagne get shelled again. Makes me happy to know that the Red Sox aren’t the biggest ******* around. The “Most Obvious Pitcher On Roids” fooled us bigtime… but the Brewers got ******** in even worse and are stuck with him for 10M.

Don’t beat up on Gagne. The one you should feel frustrated with is Theo making that abysmal trade. I also suspect that is why he was holding caution with Santana. He didn’t want to make another Gagne move — but I could be wrong on this.
As far as 2008, it is just too impossible at this point. The big variables of course are the health of the teams and the inevitable luck of the game. Right now the Sox have every wrench thrown at them. If MLB wanted to break the team they are doing a pretty good job of it. I don’t see the Sox winning — but I could be wrong — simply because they are just in a bad position with a bad schedule and injured players (Schilling, Beckett, etc. ) I think however if Colon comes on board that could change my prediction real quick. I also think of Dice-K catches fire my hopes are higher but I don’t see Schilling coming back. Right now the only sure fire bet seems to be the Mets in post season. They look unstoppable.

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