Matinee baseball

Just got back from the clubhouse. Another day, another lineup.

As predicted yesterday, Pedroia is back in the leadoff spot. Youkilis back in the No. 2 hole. Drew is making his 2008 debut, playing right field.

Coco Crisp is starting in center against the hard-throwing Rich Harden. Ellsbury is out.

Cora is playing short in place of Lugo. Sean Casey will get a start this weekend in Toronto.

If the Red Sox get a save situation today, Jonathan Papelbon will not pitch — not after getting extended last night. Look for today’s closer to be either Okajima or Delcarmen.

More later.



so you get to talk to the players.. how do i get your job

Lester needs better command.I’m tired of the walks he gives up

Attaboy Cora!

Lester is lucky wth the double plays

This is what frustrates me, whenever Lester is in a groove he walks somebody

Probably last pitch for Lester. Nice start by Lester(At least so far) 6 strong innings


Lesters’ start just like Dice.
2-0 Sox going into the 8th

Great too see the starters doing there job. That is where it all starts. The offense a little slow coming out of the gates, but that to me is no worry at all. These bats will be smoking it around the yard many times this year.

Take advantage of the soft spot of your schedule, beat the A’s 3 out of 4. Sounds good to me.


Im good BoSoxBrian thanks for asking. How are you Ellen? It is great to be back. Sox doing well so far. Flashing some good pitching. Great to see Papi come up big for us. Good to see Tek swinging the bat well too. Oh Brian the Yankee fans at my school are really cocky and confident this year,lol they have a saviour named Joba thats why, hahahahahaha Watever -_-.

A day off can be a good thing… Especially with the road schedule and time changes these guys have endured in the past 2 weeks, so rest up Sox, let’s go invade Canada tomorrow night!!!

These were a couple of nice wins in Oakland. Dice-K and Lester has nice efforts and the bullpen looked strong. I’m really excited to see Bucholz and Beckett pitch this weekend. The Beckett Halladay matchup should be a good one.

I don’t think there’s any controversy about center field. I believe the job is clearly Ellsbury’s but playing Coco will enhance is value on the trade market which is good for the Sox, but also good for Coco so he can get to a team where he can play every day. It’s a good incentive for him to play well. If Coco doesn’t get traded soon, the Sox have great weapons coming off the bench late in games to make things happen or just to give Manny or JD a break. Over the course of the season, getting Manny out a couple of innings early here and there can really add up and keep him strong at the end…… and the reality is, JD will probably get hurt and be unable to play at some point. That’s his history.

Good to be back.

Hey guys,

First, don’t dismiss Coco. He’s an excellent player with speed and incredible defensive skills. Honestly I’d hate to lose him for he will help out another team much more than you can imagine. Ellisbury is young and I think sitting the bench for one more year before trading Crisp isn’t a bad option because Brandon Moss is desperate to have a spot. We are bloated in the outfield.
Second, don’t dismiss Wakefield. He’s an excellent pitcher who is impossible to hit when he’s in form. He’s an asset to the Red Sox and has been red hot.
Third, it’s really great to see Dice-K and Lester show some form. I think Dice-K might have an all star year.
Forth, it’s nice to see Papelbon back. He’s only throwing heat but I’m sure with exposure he’ll start mixing his pitches and finding the strike zone on those other pitches.
Finally, the Sox are facing the meat of the east and it will be brutal. Every game will be exhausting. I also am concerned about Okajema. He’s still trying to find the strike zone. I just wish the Sox had more time to get into ready condition. It’s going to be brutal the next few weeks.


Dave: I certainly didn’t dismiss Coco. He is a good player, but he’s not the future. Ellsbury needs to play every day and that needs to happen pretty soon. I think everyone knows that. You can’t have a talent like that sitting on the bench. Platooning those guys is not fair to either of them.

I also didn’t dismiss Wakefield. I guess I just take him for granted. All he does is show up and win 14-17 games a year without a whole lot of fanfare. He gives the Sox a lot of quality starts and eats up a lot of innings.

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You have to get Crisp in the lineup. It is all about showcasing him. Red Sox are trying to get his trade value up. Ellsbury will be at the top of the order in the very near future and create havoc. Red Sox have a plan here and they are not going to deviate from it. They handled Pedroia very well last season. All he did was win Rookie of the year last year. This front office/coaching staff is so refreshing, unlike regime’s in the past. I don’t agree with everything they do or say but I respect it. I can’t say that about past g.m.’s and managers.

Wakefield typically pitches his best in an atmosphere-controlled environment. Let’s see how he does in the dome in Toronto on Saturday night.


Congrats on Ohio State winning the N.I.T. lol…..I can here the chants from here, we are #66, lol. Just had to write that.

Wakefield takes the hill tonight. He does well in the domes over the years. He owns Tampa Bay, inside or outside. Old reliable is Wakefileld, the best bargain in baseball.

Hey bosoxbrian:

You just love bustin’ my chops, whether its about OSU (I remember when I was growing up teams opted for the NIT over the NCAA’s — that’s how old I am) basketball, or getting Wake’s rotation night wrong. What do you think about my idea of holding Beckett out until Tuesday to allow him to pitch the home opener when the sox get their WS rings?


Your a lawyer, I have too, lol….

It doesn’t matter to me whether Beckett goes Sun. or Tues. That being said, I am looking forward to the matchup on Sunday between Halladay and Beckett. That is the great thing about early games in baseball. You get some good pitching matchups.

I am with you 100% about Wakefield pitching in climate controlled stadiums/domes. He seems to do very well. I wonder what the stats say on that one. Perhaps some stat geek/Bill James lover can tell us on here, lol….

Wakefield has a 3.58 ERA in 274 career innings within the confines of a dome.

Thank you to stat magician. A very impressive 3.58 ERA in 274 innings. This is what I love about this blog and baseball. You ask a question and someone has the answer, great stuff.

Hey to all!! Here we go again. Another opportunity, another game. I hope the bats are scorching tonight and Wakes knuckler flutters JUST right!!! (and Cash is watching the old Mirabelli films to get some “knuckle catching 101”.
Hope everybody had a great work week and is ready to enjoy their weekend!!! Happy Happy everyone!!!!

I love the old school Blue Jay uniforms tonight.

Where is Dave Stieb, Jim Clancy or Jimmy Key? Will George Bell attack Bruce Kison? lol…Those were the days.

Great too see a big crowd in Toronto, it’s about time those Jays fans have showed up. I’m sure some Boston fans have made the trip up. Toronto is a beautiful city and the people are friendly.

It is going to be tough for the Red Sox tonight against Marcum. This Toronto rotation is very good. Marcum had a break out season last year. Let’s hope Wakefield can match Marcum tonight.

Good job by Wake by getting out of that jam

I would agree a good job by Wakefield. It looked iffy there. I think these 2 pitchers are going to put up some zero’s tonight. Marcum has looked great. Red Sox have down very easy so far. At least make him work, it is early I guess. Ramirez sure looks locked in. He has crushed Toronto pitching over the years and has hit some moonshots north of the border.

Looks strange not to have Mirabelli behind the plate catching Wake, but Cash seems to be doing alright!.. and he’s gotten a double to start off his night. Keep it up..
Come on Sox let’s get this thing going!!!!!! GO SOX

The Toronto announcer is really annoying It is only 4 innings, God!

This guy Marcum looks really good, the guys are really gonna have to break out the BIG GUNS…. Come on Sox!!

I would agree about the Toronto announcers. Not the best. I hope the game tomm. will be on the N.E.S.N. feed. Sunday is on T.B.S. so at least there is another option to watch the game. A quick moving game tonight.

All I can say is…. UH OH!!!!

Come on Wake, don’t let it shake you!!!

Time to get Wakefield out of there. He is on empty, out of gas.

That inning could have been alot worse. You gotta love the double play ball. Time for the Red Sox bats to wake up. Get some baserunners on and take it from there. Marcum is good but not this good.

A REALLY big out, nice job Wake getting out of the inning

All u Coco haters out there . . . he may have gotton to the one that fell in and would have held on to the other one. I love jacoby, but you have to admit, they are much better on the field with him in. Too bad we are so deep into JD, because I would not mind putting jacoby in right and coco in center


HR Drew!! I guess I can insert my foot into my mouth

Marcum went to the well, one too many times. Nice stroke by Drew. When you have the bats like Boston does, your never out of the game. Get some guys on base and see what happens. It all started with a walk, doesn’t that always happen.

Let me be the 1st (or 2nd or 3rd) to say, Great timing by JD. Jeff you must be jumping up and down and all around!!

It would be great to see if JD can get off to a good start this year. Then we can trade Coco. . . how inconsistent can I be.

A leadoff walk, doesn’t that always come back and bite you? I think I read where 55% of the time the leadoff walk will come around and score. To me it seems like it would be a little higher. Lopez is in against a lefty, uh oh. We have seen it too many times, Lopez fails to get the lefty out. One thing for sure, it will go to a full count, lol.

Either way, Lopez can’t get the guy out, lefty or righty. I will ride Lopez, Snyder to the airport.

Francona is going to wear out the turf in Toronto tonight, lol. Another pitching change.


Youkilis looking like Wes Welker or Randy Moss, nice over the shoulder catch.

Those leadoff walks will always kill you, ALWAYS!!!


Ellsbury and I assume Varitek will pinch hit, not over yet but Toronto does have a very good bullpen. Some really good arms out there.

Interesting move by Francona, pinch hitting Crisp for Ellsbury. I don’t think I would have done that.

Ya, I agree. I would have let Ellsbury hit.

I can’t stand the homer hankie

I don’t understand that move by Francona. Down by 2 runs, you need to get someone on base and I think Ellsbury is the better option than Crisp. I guess they are trying to showcase Crisp. Ellsbury can hit lefties. Tallet isn’t a dominating lefty, not a hard thrower.

The homer hankie. You can thank Twins fans, 1987, so long ago, lol….I was in high school, lol….

All those waving towels, homer hankies, whatever you want to call that. That to me is yahooville, lol. You don’t see that stuff at Fenway. One good thing about Yankee fans, they don’t do it as well. Amen!!!!

I was a freshman in college. I hated it then and hate it know. I never understood having to encourage your fans to cheer and how to cheer. What’s with dustin? He’s having a tough night in the field.

If they lose, all we have to blame is offense and bullpen.

There has been a few players tonight having some problems out there tonight. Toronto definetly has some good pitching. If they ever come down with a injury in there rotation, they could be in trouble. There lineup seems to struggle. Pitching is the strength and there defense is solid, some good gloves out there in the field. One of the dumb things they did there tonight, they lit fireworks inside. I don’t understand that one. Jays just got a nice insurance run, I think the fat lady is singing right now. Looking forward to watching Bucholtz tomm.

Yes. Lets all hope Buchholz has a good 1st start

I would agree with the bullpen tonight. The Red Sox bats will be there when it counts, I don’t have a doubt there. I am a little concerned with the bullpen. Other than Okajima and Papelbon, I am not too confident. Delcarmen has electric stuff but he is too inconsisent for me. Snyder, Lopez and Tavarez I can do without them. Those guys are only good when the Red Sox are up big or getting blown out. You do not want them in when the game is close. The game will not be close if those 3 enter the game.

Well, we just didn’t have enough tonight… We’ll get tomorrow..

I agree aboot (sorry, I couldnt resist, you know, the Canadian thing and all) the fireworks!! I know it was their home opener, nut with the closed dome???? It had to have been nasty with the sulphur smell!!!


At least the Yankees are losing 13-4 I last checked.
LaTroy Hawkins will never be good with the Yankees.(Gave up 8 of those runs.)

Hawkins will be jumping from the G.W. bridge by the end of May. He was a great pickup, if you are a Red Sox fan, lol.
The Rays are much better this year than years past. They still will finish with a losing record but they will not be a pushover. Kennedy for the Yankees tonight got spanked. I think he should be in the minors still. Hughes and Chamberlain are solid but Kennedy needs more minor league innings under his belt. If he misses his spot, the kid is toast and that is what happened tonight. With Mussina and Kennedy in there rotation, the bullpen will be used quite a bit.

Come on Ellen, don’t be making fun of our friends to the north. I understand where you are coming from. Aboot as the late great Peter Jennings would say. I have friends from Ontario and I have had some good laughs over that one. Of course they have had some good fun with me as well, lol.

Let’s hope these bats wake up soon and we aren’t seeing the beginnings of a long Japan hangover at the plate.

I would be terribly upset if this is late in the season for Coco to pinch hit for Ellsbury. Keep Corey and get rid of Lopez, Keep Corey!!

I have to agree with the concerns about the bullpen. We haven’t seen what Timlin is going to bring this year (though I am big Timlin fan) — so right now, we have at best two proven and dependable relievers (Oki and Pap) in the pen.

I like Corey from what I have seen because at least he is consistent.

But the rest you never know what you are going to get. Delcarmen has the raw potential, but keeps making critical errors and also is still not consistent. The rest are all hit and miss, Lopez, Synder, Tavarez, maybe Arrdsma (don’t know enough about him yet) but he and Cash seemed to have made a strategic error with Eckstein last night, should have pitched to him and made him hit — trying to strike him out is a losing proposition that results in a walk in most cases, as it did last night.

I fear our bull pen is in a state similar to the Yanks and Detroit? Unless our starting pitching goes 7 innings, we will be at risk.

Toronto looks like more of a threat this year than the Yanks. First we can’t seem to beat them, 2nd they probably have the strongest over-all pitching staff (with all pieces in place), and their offense looks pretty darn good as well.

We need to figure out how to beat these guys, and do some house cleaning in the pen.

I like Corey, my fear is they will keep Lopez instead for a 2nd lefty in the pen. They ought to trade Tavarez, Snyder, and Lopez, and Arrdsma (if they have too) and get one really good lefty, keep Corey and then replenish as needed.

Why do we hang on to Tavarez? (and why is his name up for trade) and also, we never use him? Probably once the decision is made on who to keep between (Lopez, Arrdsma, Corey) — they will start using Tavarez again. But we all know you never know what you get with him either.

Its a tough job being a reliever. Starters do a great job when they give up two or three runs. Relievers stink when they give up one, and have to be on from their first pitch to their last of relatively few pitches.

concerning Tavarez above, I meant “why is his name not up for trade”?

Hey guys,

First, I wouldn’t be too terribly upset at this point. It’s one game and the pitching staff was strained from Tokyo. As far as Tavarez, remember he can be a starter, closer, or long relief. Very few bullpen guys can do that. He’s valuable to the team. Second, Pap and Oki are exceptions to the rule. Pap especially is the best in the league. You can’t compare him with anyone else. He’s the exception not the rule and there is no other Pap out there. Oki is still trying to find the strikezone so he may be a big frustration this year. As far as Manny, give him time. He’s still young and needs experience like everyone else. Far as I’m concerned the Sox have a very good bullpen and when Cory gets up to speed he will be terrific. Manny could be better but it’s hard not to like his stuff. Also remember we had Cash up there. I still say Doug was a mistake to let go but I can understand. Cash is a good catcher and Varitek won’t play forever.
If there is one thing I would be concerned about would be the hitting. The Sox cannot survive on 2 – 3 runs per game and they’ve had enough at bats. Having to constantly shut down the opposite side puts a great deal of strain on the pitching staff. Again, it’s early. Let’s relax!

Let’s hope Manny wakes up. As I mentioned previously, Francona ought to unload Lopez ASAP. Tavarez should be right behind him.Toronto is a good ballclub. Thomas certainly earns his keep re: the Bosox. I would give up on the idea that Francona is playing Coco as a showcase. First win ball games and if Coco shines so be it. If not, let him ride the bench and use him to pinch run and then on defense- put him in center and ,move Ellsbury to right in the late innings. Every game counts as well as every win.

Red Sox bats are really struggling. Pedroia and Ortiz are just barely able to make contact. This is just frustrating to watch. On top of that their starting pitchers just don’t have the pitch count up.
I will say that Japan really hurt this team.

I hate Snyder. Walks will always kill you

Dave, no offense, but Tavarez CAN’T be a closer. He doesn’t have the fastball nor the strenght of character to do that kind of job. He does provide depth at starting pitching, though, at least according to Tito.πŸ™‚

And this game today is a mess !!

Rsox_34: Well, you got me there. Tavarez really isn’t a closer. Good point.

Well, all I can say his, hopefully Beckett will be able to do something for the Sox. Their entire team is crumbling but then again, it’s only the start of the season and I keep saying that to myself. However I can see the Tigers snapping their loosing streak in Boson (ug)

And another reason to wish a solid outing from Beckett tomorrow is, i have him on my fantasy roster in the “Brownie Points League”.πŸ™‚ Go JB !

For the second consecutive game the bullpen has gotten roughed up. I have said several times, besides Papelbon and Okajima. I have very little confidence in this Red Sox bullpen. There are too many guys in that bullpen I have no faith in. Corey has pitched well in the past Septembers but I wonder if he can sustain it for a season. After today, I have major doubts for sure. Delcarmen is too inconsisent for my taste. He can dominate for a week or so and then all of a sudden look like a minor leaguer again. Aardsama has so much potential with a above average fastball, I like guys like him. His problem of course is throwing strikes. If he can channel his control, he will be tough. I have said this many times, I will drive Lopez, Snyder to the airport. Tavarez at least he can be versatile, not that I am a huge supporter of him but I do like his versatility. Timlin is a year older and that can/will be an issue. He will spend more time on the D.L. later this year, mark it down. Just of matter when, not if.
Red Sox bats are very slow coming out of the gate. I have ZERO worries about the offense. The bullpen to me is a concern, no doubt about it. As we all know, the season is a marathon not a sprint. A very old saying but quite true.

With some of the comments being listed, I think we’d better close all of the windows to insure that no one jumps. It’s early guys, the Sox have been on a god-awful road trip, and they are still at .500, with the Yankees behind them. I agree that Toronto can look good as they do right now. However, Toronto typically is a team that is hurt — hurt injury/wise and hurt team spirit/wise. If they put it together, yes, maybe, they get into the play-off mix. However, they have, for the most part, the same group of players they have had for the past several years, and they have not made the play-offs once. In fact, I found it funny when such a big deal was made about how they eeked past the Sox at the end of the 2006 season when the Sox were basically taking batting practice in a hospital ward, and neither team was even sniffing the play-offs. If the Jays are the Sox main competition this year, its because the Sox are in trouble.

That being said, the Sox have got to start scoring runs in bunches. In the 6 games they have played thus far, they have only scored more than 3 runs twice. Even if the bullpen shuts the Jays down today and nothing else changes, the Sox still lose 3-2. Looking up and down the line-up, you see it in the averages: they only have 3 players who have had any significant number of at-bats hitting more than .250. Manny hitting .238, Big Papi hitting .111, Pedroia and Mikey each hitting .200, with Mikey having no rbi’s thus far. AND THIS TEAM IS STILL PLAYING .500 BALL.

GOOD THINGS: The starting rotation looks good, with Bartolo Colon looking more and more like he has a contribution to make. That rotation should get an awful lot of games to the 8th inning, where Oki and Pap do the rest. However, if the Sox continue to only score 1-2 runs throughout the year, Bosoxbrian and I are going to start razzing each other about college football early this Summer.
I have confidence that with Tito’s expert line-up and player handling, this thing will turn around, and turn around quick.

And those teams that manage to do well enough in the marathon are then forced to sprint to the ultimate goal! A World Series Championship!


We will not talk any college football until October, mark it down. Ohio State will have 1 loss by then. They open up in L.A. against Trojans, ouch!!!

I agree with you totally about the Red Sox bats. Nothing to this point in the season. That being said, I have no doubt they will start pounding the baseball, very soon as you said. Way too much talent in that lineup. Pitching as we all know is ahead of the hitters. Unless your name is Snyder, Lopez and Corey, your hitting too many bats so far, lol.

I can’t wait to watch Beckett and Halladay tomm. afternoon. Beckett making his 2008 debut. It should be a good one, let’s hope Boston avoids the sweep. For some reason Toronto owns the Red Sox in the last couple of years. They swept Boston in mid September last year. A month later or so, Boston wins the World Series, go figure.

You are correct Kramer, a October sprint to the World Series, gotta love it. A season of peaks and valleys. Let’s hope the Red Sox have more peaks than valleys, lol. Red Sox longest winning streak last year, the final 7 games in October, that is what it is all about. Get it together, when it matters the most. Last time I checked, the World Series winner was never crowned in April. If that was the case, Red Sox fans wouldn’t have waited 86 years, lol.

Well if there is one thing we can all agree on is bats. I might add they are dumping the bullpen on us because the starters haven’t got the pitch count up yet. Give it time.
I feel back for Clay. He had a better outing than what should have happened. Two errors occured: Casey and Lugo both fumbled. Defense is importance.
I can’t wait for the Sox to get back to Boston. It’s going to feel great.

Well if there is one thing we can all agree on is bats. I might add they are dumping the bullpen on us because the starters haven’t got the pitch count up yet. Give it time.
I feel bad for Clay. He had a better outing than what happened. Two errors occured: Casey and Lugo both fumbled and the second error cleared the bases. So while Toronto is acting like a World Series team and making the great plays.
I can’t wait for the Sox to get back to Boston. It’s going to feel great and I hope will cure both bats and a bad bullpen.

To me Tavarez is the ideal long relief/spot starter. And Boston had the best bullpen stats in 2007 with the same cast returning for 2008. If Okajima can return to his 2007 form and Timlin get healthy everything should work out. How valuable was Varitek’s handling of Okajima last year? There should be plenty of arms available in July if the pen needs help!


I would agree with your opinion on Tavarez. Boston did have a solid bullpen last year but that was last year. I will be quite happy when Snyder and Lopez are pitching against Boston as opposed to being with the Red Sox. I think the way Corey has pitched, he is making himself available for another team. I do like Corey, the last 2 Septembers he has pitched quite well. I wonder if he can sustain it for a season. Timlin is a year older and that is never a good thing. when you are north of 40 years old, injuries will happen to a player of that age. He is bound to be on the D.L. later this season. Red Sox are extremly lucky to have the best closer in the game. It sure makes it easier to build a bullpen when you have a guy like Papelbon at the end. The bridge to Papelbon needs to be repaired. I would like too see a couple of arms inserted. Who knows what they will get for Crisp but bullpen help would fit the need.

Well there is one positive about a lose in Toronto, the brunette waitress! Ellen, I can’t think of anything for you!

Snyder is gone. He was apparently devastated at the news and I can’t blame him. No big league player goes out their to frustrate their team. That’s the second player to be let go like this (Doug being the first). Sounds like the Sox management just haven’t been able to get their act together.
I know a lot of you didn’t like Snyder and I can understand he’s struggled but I do feel bad for him as a person. It’s not an easy thing to be let go by a team and I’m sure he’s wondering where he’s going to go now. I’m sure he still needs a paycheck. Such is the cruelty of baseball.

I’m also saddened for Snyder. He came to the Sox in 2005 when the Sox were flat out of arms and he did some good pitching for them then, and since. If he’s out of options, does that mean he goes through the waiver wire, and if no one picks him up, the Sox could conceivably assign him to the minors? Two other questions: Who do the Sox cut when they bring back Timlin? When they bring up Colon? I suspect most of you will quickly respond “Lopez” regarding Timlin, but what about the second cut for Colon? There’s not much doubt in my mind that he’ll be brought up to the big club soon.

I wouldn’t feel too bad for Snyder. A team will pick him up and who knows maybe he will be in there rotation. Snyder pitched well last year in the 1st half but ever since the All star break of last season, he has pitched very poorly. Time for him to move on.

When Timlin arrives, I think it will be Brian Corey. Obviously just a guess. When Colon arrives on the scence, alot of things can happen between now and then. I assume Colon will join the big club sometime in late April. He has that clause in his contract saying he has to be part of the team by May 1. Bucholtz could go down to the minors and get some minor league innings under his belt. Then again maybe Bucholtz goes to the pen. dbenjamin, alot of great questions, we shall see, never a dull moment with the Red Sox.

Hey, off topic here but do you guys know how the time spent on the DL works ? I mean, Josh Beckett starts the game in about 2 1/2 hours and he’s still listed on the 15-day DL. Wouldn’t he be supposed to be activated by now ? Or does the stint on the DL officially end with his first pitch ? Sounds a bit crazy to me.πŸ™‚

My understanding is that you can join before the ending date anytime you’re ready. The List is setup for the maximum time you can keep a player off the team. After that time you have to either bring him back up or put him back on the DL list for another stint.
The Sox do have problems. They are bloated in the pen but mainly for the pitch count of the starters. Colon can come up and Beckett but how long will Colon stay healthy? I’d hate to see Corey go down. He’s suffered enough in the minors but there are few options. Either way when Colon and Beckett come up, some tough decisions are going to happen to two players.

Well, thanks Dave. But i don’t think a player can join the team anytime sooner than his return date. I read on the Angels site about today being Scot Shields’ “…. earliest eligibility to come off the 15-day DL”. So players seem to have restrictions.

Good point about Colon, though. Will he be healthy long enough to join the team ?

I think Brian Corey is out of options. So if he is released/dessignated for assignment he would have to clear waivers. I don’t think that would happen. So many teams are pitching thin, Corey would be scooped up quick, just like Snyder will. I do like Corey but what I have seen this year, he is making himself available for other teams. Some tough descions to be made by Francona and Theo.

This killer road trip finally comes to a close. I’m sure everyone associated with the Red Sox are relieved and can’t wait to get back to Boston.

Let’s hope Beckett can get things rolling this afternoon and close out this road trip with a victory. I haven’t heard or read anywhere that Beckett is on a pitch count but I wouldn’t think he would throw more than 100 pitches today. I also would like too see the bats get started a little bit today. A big task for the hitters, facing one of the best pitchers in the game. Halladay is a horse and he works fast. It should be a good one today in Toronto.

One of the things that has surprised me about Ellsbury is his power. Had 3 homers last year in a short time. 10 or so he could end up with. The kid makes things happen, very exciting player to watch. Glad he is a member of the Red Sox and he should be around for quite a while. Good too see Boston score early.

The bullpen continues to pick up where they left off. First pitch thrown by Delcarmen, it goes for a grand slam. Beckett ran out of gas in the 5th. Beckett had a long 4th inning and that affected him in the 5th. Time to get back to Boston and get things rolling once again.

The pitching in this seriies is frustrating for the Sox.
A combined 23 runs. Yikes

I think the offense has been more frustrating than nthe pitching. The bullpen has been rusty, yes, but the starters have had some decent outings (minus a few innings, like Wakefield’s 5th and Beckett’s 4th). They really aren’t getting any help from this lineup. 10 hits today, plus a walk, and only 4 runs. Where are all the baserunners going? They all get erased with double plays, or inning ending strikeouts.
Get these guys back to Boston, get some home cooking, and shake off the jet lag pleeeeeease!!

Hoo boy, I can’t believe this is happening. They’re wearing down I’m sure, but this is a bit much isn’t it?

I hope this crazy trip doesn’t hurt them in the long run.

The next 10 games are going to be tough, regardless of the 6 that are going to be at home. Even though the Tigers are not playing well at all, they could start playing well, you never know.

Oh well, I’m more frustrated the UConn Women lost in the National Semi-Final than anything else. Baseball just started.



Both the men and women ( UConn hoops ) ended there season in the same building. This just in, keep away from Tampa if you are a Husky fan, lol. Wiggins was too much for the lady Huskies.

Tigers looked absolutely pathetic tonight. Red Sox get there rings and they get to play the Tigers, not complaining with the schedule maker now. This bullpen needs to get there act together. The bats will be pounding the baseball in no time. I know it is early. Alot of baseball to be played. Toronto sure looks good though.

I’m commenting before I read any of y’alls posts, so forgive me if I repeat anything anyone has already stated…
My opinion(s) is/are:
It’s too early for us to be pointing our cars off bridges, jumping out of highrise apaprtments, skyscrapers or multi floor office buildings or the old head in the oven trick (especially if you have an electric oven, I hear that one doesn’t work very well!! lol)
These guys have been on the road for 19 days.. remy and Orsillo said today that Terry doesn’t like to use the hotels laundry facilities/service and that he was in the same clothes for 4 days running (no wonder he was sitting by himself in the dugout the past couple of days!!lol)
They have to be REALLY tired of living out of the suitcase for that long, thats 2x as long as a normal road trip.
I think that when we get back “HOME”, things will be TOTALLY different.
Also, this is a completely different kind of Toronto team than we’ve seen in many many years, they’re stealing bases, bunting…. I know that by the time we see them again, the book our guys will be looking at will have quite a few new pages to study. I think they’ll be seeing film on these guys for a while.
Bottom line?? I think we’ll be okay, actually, better than okay is just a couple of days away.
Just wait till they get those rings on their fingers and see that CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER flying there just past the outfield of our grand old lady, FENWAY PARK.
Hey, you Sox players: enjoy sleeping in tomorrow. You deserve it. Kiss your wives/girlfriends/fiancees etc, hug your kids, have a cold one and kick back tomorrow. Your day is right around the corner and so is the rest of the season.
WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! You WILL take care of business, we all know that.

A player on the 15 Day DL cannot return until that 15th (or 16th-split hairs) day. That’s why they designate the start of the 15 days as retroactive to the actual date of injury. I do not know how long a team can wait to designate a retroactive date. In the minors I have seen a lot of use of a 7 Day DL.

Anyone else notice that Santana had a double today against Smoltz, the only extra base hit among the Mets total of five. File this under totally useless trivia.

Hey guys,

Terry has a lot of tough decisions to make soon with Colon and Timlin and then what will happen with Schilling? Then there is Crisp/Ellsbury. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes — or his clothes. I can’t believe he got so paranoid about the hotel washing machines he decided to keep on going. I must admit that I’ve not felt warm and fuzzy about them but better than grimy clothes I say!
Should be an interesting game in Boston. Can you believe that Dice-K is now the ace of the team until Josh gets back. Dice-K is working to be unhittable. Should be interesting.
I am just glad to see Fenway park again.
Finally saw the NESN video on the 2007 Red Sox video. It looks fun to remember that magical season.

Hey guys,

I am so happy to see the sox get back into Fenway. It will be great to see the team with their home uniforms on and Terry Francona washing his clothes. I admit hotel laundrymats are not warm and fuzzy but better than wearing the same clothes for four days in a row.
Can you believe Dice-K is our ace with Beckett still recovering? I can’t imagine the changes this season as Timlin and then Schilling (maybe) will return. Then there is the Ellsbury/Crisp senario. Going to be interesting but I suppose it’s a good position to be in vs. being hungry for a player.


Personally I don’t think Schilling will pitch this year. Certainly not going to count on him this season. How can anyone count on him this year?

Beckett’s next start is against the Yankees. He is raring to go I am sure. Beckett had his velocity, so there is nothing to be worried about with him. Just getting his stamina and that will take a outing or two. This bullpen is my concern. Great to have them playing at Fenway again.

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