The Return of Bill Buckner

For a team that went 86 years without winning a World Series, you can’t beat this “ring thing”. Today marked the second time in four years the Sox opened up their Fenway slate with a ring ceremony.

Sure, it wasn’t as emotional as last time, but I don’t think it’s getting old either. It was a great moment when Bill Buckner came on to the field to throw out the first pitch. I’ve always thought that Buckner was never a big goat here in Boston. It’s always been a myth perpetuated by the national media that Buckner was some scorned figure in Boston.

That has quite simply never been the case. The big culprits in the minds of Red Sox followers were John McNamara, Calvin Schiraldi and Bob Stanley. Buckner? The game was all but lost by the time he made the error. If anything, he was just a symbol of the type of collapse it was.

Once the game started, Dice-K went to work. He looked very impressive. He fired 6 2/3 innings of shutout baseball and left to a big ovation. Delcarmen pitched a clean eighth, which was a good sign.

In musical news, Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler sang God Bless America in the bottom of the seventh. Then, in the bottom of the eighth, Neil Diamond sang Sweet Caroline on the jumbotron screen. No, he was not live and in the flesh. But Neil did announce that he will be playing live at Fenway on Aug. 23 as part of his 2008 World Tour.

More later,



throwing out the first pitch is Mike Greenwell.

He hasn’t been to Fenway since his last game, and the Sox are inducting him into the Sox Hall of Fame next November.

This is a shame; a wart on an otherwise beautiful day to be a Sox fan. I won’t go into my feelings on Greenwell here. For background, you can check out my blog. I feel sick.


Thank goodness . . . Buckner to the rescue.



Of course the memory that sticks out the most for Buckner, well we all know that one.

My favorite Bill Buckner memory was when he hit the inside the park home run. Claudell Washington ( Angels R.F. ) fell into the boxes and I guess the rest is history.

Great too see Buckner come back to Boston and he deserves a huge ovation.

If Buckner throws a strike. Can he replace Lopez as the lefty out of the bullpen? LOL.

I’ll predict 3 Earned Runs for Dice-K today, with the Tigers remaining winless.


Dice-K pitched very well at Fenway against the Tigers last year. I watched the Tigers play on Sunday night and they looked absolutely pathetic. A team right now that is playing with ZERO confidence. I thought they would miss Granderson a little but not this much. Of course the Tigers pen is not so good. No Zumaya and Rodney on the D.L. as well. You don’t slug your way to a championship, nobody ever has and this just in, nobody ever will. Of course it is early but 0-6 is not good. That being said the Tigers should be there at the end for the division.

Rogers is not very sharp today and the Tiger infield is prooving pourous.


Do you watch on MLB.TV or MLB Extra Innings?


Extra innings is the way for me. Some bad announcers some of these teams hire. The guys for Toronto are BRUTAL!!! Then again the guys that do the Rays games are pretty bad, Staats and Magrane. That is my rant for the day, lol.

If Greenwell threw out the first pitch, he would have collided with Ellis Burks, lol.


A lot of the announcers around the league sound bad to me!
I was planning to switch to EI but cancelled too late and am stuck till 5/1.

I don’t think I can possibly make it through a season watching Crisp and Lugo together at the bottom of the order. Let’s all hope and pray that Crisp hits well enough to get himself traded. Lugo is another story. Any chance Jed Lowrie makes it up this year? Honestly, how much worse can he be than Lugo (no hit, no defense).?

Offense frustrating toda. Nice job by Dice-K so far…

Well, I never thought I would be calling Dice-K the ace but right now he is the best pitcher they have and has managed to win a lot of games for them. Offense is clearly struggling. Big Papi is just not hitting at all and clutch hitting is quite abyssmal. Detroit is even worse. Both teams are trying and not relaxing enough to make things happen. Detroit is really struggling.

Gotta think Lugo was attractive because he murdered the Yanks in ’04 and ’05. On natural grass he looks poor so far, but that could change!

Some folks thought if the Tigers got away from Detroit they would play better. If you are playing with no confidence, this just in, it doesn’t matter where you play.

Dice-K with a solid effort today. I wonder what the records are when teams receive there rings? Back in 2005, Boston beat down Mussina and the Yankees when they got there rings. I would assume, teams must do well that game, just a hunch. Just a thought.

Hi everybody! Hope you all are well.
It’s a slow day and I have a chance to watch the game.

Nice to see Buckner back at Fenway. Bosoxbrian is right, that WS should have been over way before Bill had the chance to miss that grounder. It’s a shame he has been the goat for the media all these years.

Great hustle by Manny turning that double into a triple and then scoring on the error. Never mind that a good throw would have gotten him, it was a good time in the game to test the defense.

And Dice-K is looking sharp to have a shutout after 6 against the Tigers’ lineup.

Ahhhh… it’s good to see the boys at Fenway again!!!

Great outing by Dice. Lets keep the confidence!

Well Rogers always displays too much confidence, and nobody said Cabrera or Polanco could field, and National League “star’s” usually struggle with the bat or pitching their first year, so where is the surprise?

Rogers is a flat out JERK. Great too see him get tagged with the loss. I guess he didn’t have enough pine tar on his hat today, lol.


You don’t think the Tigers losing there first 7 games is a suprise? Think again. I didn’t pick them to win there division because of there bullpen or lack there of. When they do get there bats going. they will be back. There is alot of baseball to played. When Granderson returns, they will click, no doubt. Any lineup with Granderson at the top and Sheffield and Miguel Cabrera in the middle will hit and score some runs. All they need is that first elusive win, let’s hope it doesn’t happen in Boston.

Dice-K with a great outing, that is 2 in a row. He didn’t do too much of that last year if at all. A glorious day at Fenway.

I have always thought that Billy Bucks was like the little brother who got accused and punished when it was the older brothers who actually did it!!
I have ALWAYS loved Buckner.. So glad to see the rest of RSN feel the same way
just a “girl” thing here… Buckner and Evans surelook damn good,….
I’m really glad the guys are finally “home” and I think they must be as well. It showed today. In the dugout you could see smiles and the guys just seemed more relaxed .
We WIN!! Okay, that’s one in a row,,, let’s go for 2!!!
Arnie, how goes it?? Glad to see you made it!

RGK: Extra innings is just SOOOO much better. I would have argued that point last year but with the changes to the format, there is no comparison this year!! I won’t even mind all that much if MLB.COM doesnt refund my money!!!

You know I was just a kid when the Sox lost in 86. My Dad woke me up and then Stanley not only fails to get a strike but boots one past Rich Gedman. By then I cried. When Buckner did his thing it hurt but the wild pitch crushed me.
Today when Buckner walked the field I cried. It was so obvious, despite his press comments, that this thing really hurt him and to see him with Dewey — my favorite player from 86, well, it was a drama that could only unfold in Boston.
it was also really nice to see the Sox win, sort of like a way of saying ‘we love you Buckner’.

good game! great 2 c dice k pitching good.


Yes, I had EI at the end of last year but I was told HD was included. Some Comcast customer service people don’t have a clue! This year I wanted to cancel MLB.TV after spring training but when I E-mailed them on 4/1 I was apparently a day late so I’m stuck till 5/1. Also, the Sox game was pillerboxed today, not full widescreen. I guess it depends on the feed.


If Renteria and Cabrera take as long as Drew to get the bats going in the American League the Tigers are in trouble. I don’t expect Willis to do well in the AL either. At least not this year. Is there a curse to Hispanic slugging third basemen from Miami?

No curse if you play in Boston !!!!

Although I am not sure if that holds true for the short stop position🙂 6 errors this season already, 4 by our short stop.

I worried all last season that our short stop would cost us either during the regular season and if the post season (and he almost did with the dropped pop up in the post season).

I am trying not repeat that doubt again this year. He is hitting better so far (cause it not possible to hit worse🙂 ), but overall still a move that has weaken our team (over Gonzales) rather than strengthen it.

I wonder if Bill Jame’s statistical theory brought him in, I would doubt that too — don’t think he would have the stats to bring him in here on stats alone.

Oh well, these guys give it their best, so you have to give to both Coco and Lugo that neither one of them loaf or sulk, but seem to keep giving it their all — I guess I will focus on that for now.


The Tigers getting Renteria was a mistake. He showed me nothing in his 1 year in Boston. Great move by the Braves to unload Renteria. Cabrera I think is pressing, signing the big $$$$ deal and going to a new team. When Granderson gets back and if the Tigers are near .500, they can/will get it together. I don’t know about a curse on Hispanic slugging third baseman from Miami. I don’t think A-Rod is cursed, if that is who are talking about. I read where no team has started the season 0-7 and made the playoffs. Tigers better get there act together and soon. Willis could win 16 games, he does have that herky jerky motion that could be an adjustment for the A.L. hitters.

I agree with BoSoxBrian here. Plus Renteria can be a distraction sometimes. Do not get me wrong, he is a decent hitter but the extra package he brings…..not needed and not called for.Once again, it was great to see Dice K pitch well. As the season goes on and he gets better, the walks will go down too. Last season he was just trying to be too good. This year I sya he should forget about contact, let the batters hit it but locate the pitch correctly, and induce outs. He will have a big year. Lester did well in his last outting, lets see what he does in this outting. And boy it feels good to be back here with my baseball family, haha. Good ole times last year guys.

Along the line of Bosoxbrian’s “Where are they now?” don’t you just hate the fact that the Sox didn’t give Gag-Me $10 Mil so he could continue blowing saves for them. 2 out of 3 blown saves for the Brewers this year, and the Brewers are supposedly contenders. What was their management thinking?

On another topic, I know many of the writers refer to Manny as a slow Spring starter, but I remember a number of his initial years in Boston where he came out in the Spring red hot, and cooled as the temperature rose. Now he’s hitting .235. I know its only 10 games into the season, and I know he worked out really hard this year and is now saying all of the right things about remaining with the Sox. However, here’s my question: what kind of year will it take from him for Red Sox management to pick up his next year at $18 Mil. Would a year like last year be enough, or does he have to return to Manny being Manny at the plate?

I didn’t get a chance to watch yesterday’s game, but the glimpse I got of the highlights seemed to show him standing at the plate and watching that triple fall into the ballpark. Now granted, that is the deepest part of the ballpark, but if that’s what happened, that’s not the first time he’s stood and watched a ball he hit fall inside the ballpark. He did it in the play-offs last year (I think it was the play-offs). Is he beginning to lose some of his sense of hitting? Wonder what some of you think about this.


You ask the question, what was the Brewers management thinking? This just in, they were not thinking. 10 million for this season. Doug Melvin, shame on you. Poorly spent!!! The Brewers visit Fenway this year, can’t wait for that one. That will be the only time I will hope the Red Sox are trailing in the 9th. Just to see Gagne on the hill and trying to close it out.

My memory with Ramirez is Manny getting off to a relatively slow start in the past seasons. There might have been a quick start to a few seasons but not many. The numbers I project for Ramirez this year, .300 35 homers and 120 R.B.I.

Great question dbenjamin, what kind of year does Ramirez need for the Red Sox to pick up that option. I guess it will play out. As long as he is producing, the option will be picked up. He did pick up Scott Boras as his agent just a few months back.

dbenjamin and brian: I don’t think a year like last year will be enough incentive for the Sox to pick up Manny’s option. Last year, to me, he began showing signs of his age. His bat was slow and was not able to keep up with the hard throwers. He also missed a lot of playing time. This year he comes ready to play, in shape and with a good attitude. Tito is getting him out of games early which should serve to make him stronger at the end. Things are in line for Manny to have a great year, so now it’s just up to him to produce. If Brian’s predictions are right, he’ll be back. However, I see more like .285, 25/100. Make a note Brian, and we’ll have a wager of the beverage of choice. It’s a bet I hope you win.

Not much being said about Josh Beckett. I thought he threw well Sunday. Hind sight is always 20/20, but I would not have brought Del Carmen in at that point. Beckett was still throwing well and while Del Carmen’s stats are good, he lets a lot of inherited runners score. I look forward to his next start.


Either way, I will be drinking and I like that idea, lol. Of course if it’s free, it is for me, lol.

I agree with you totally about Ramirez last year. He was having a difficult time with the hard throwers, especially up in the strike zone. Everyone is motivated by something, Ramirez wants that 20 million option picked up and also he wants to make up for what he did or didn’t do last year. If Ramirez has a big year, Lowell’s numbers will go down a bit. Either way Boston is in a win win situation. Some folks have speculated that when Matt Holliday is a free agent, he’ll be in left for Boston. Of course that is pure speculation, alot can/will happen between now and then. Then again, the Rockies will lock up him up long term, no doubt. Hitters like him don’t grow on trees.

Beckett’s next start is against the Yankees and he is looking forward to that one. Of course we all are.

Someone was complaining that Manny didn’t run out of the box on his triple… Are you kidding? That was probably the fastest I’ve ever seen him run out of the box. He usually stands around and watches much, much longer.

Lester on the hill tonight. Let’s hope he can throw strikes early in the count.

Red Sox are playing a team that is playing with no confidence. Jump on them early, keep this Detroit team down. Bonderman has had some good outings against Boston over the last couple of seasons. I am quite surprised with the Tigers start. Nobody saw that one coming. I would have thought the Orioles could be 0-7 or the Pirates but not the Tigers. No team that has started 0-7 has made the playoffs. I doubt many teams that have started 0-7 had this much talent on there roster.

Let’s hope Boston can win tonight and get over .500 and never look back. A little home cooking, always a great thing.

Love the way Remy says Pedroia’s name. Pedroier

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