Lowell to DL; Youk at hot corner

Mike Lowell was examined at Mass. General and shortly thereafter, placed on the DL with a left thumb sprain. It didn’t help matters that Alex Cora felt a twinge in his elbow during warmups. In other words, the Red Sox had little choice but to get Jed Lowrie to Boston in time for tonight’s game and place him on the active roster.

The ball sure did find Youk early tonight and he made every play. Also, it says something about Sean Casey that he raked that single Wednesday about five seconds after being told he was coming into the game.

Timlin to be activated tomorrow or later tonight. Who will go? Corey, Lopez or Aardsma?

Here is tonight’s lineup:

Lugo SS
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Youkilis 3B
Drew RF
Crisp CF
Casey 1B
Cash C

Wakefield SP

More later.


I don’t like the Ellsbury – Crisp rotation. I don’t think it’s doing either of them, or the team a whole lot of good. Francona needs to commit to one or the other and that has to happen pretty soon. If he’s going to commit to Ellsbury, then Crisp needs to resign himself to being the 4th outfielder. If he goes with Crisp, which I don’t think he should, Ellsbury needs to head to Pawtucket where he can play every day. I know that would be a tough pill for him to swallow, but my suspicion is that it wouldn’t last long. I don’t believe Coco Crisp is going to enhance his value on the trade market by playing. He’s a well known commodity but it would appear there isn’t a whole lot of demand for a good defensive center fielder who can go get fly balls, but has a very poor arm and who is an average hitter with good speed, but below average power. Ellsbury needs to be playing every day and leading off. That’s what he does, that’s what he’s always done.

Cheerleader here!!


I agree totally with your opinion on the Ellsbury/Crisp situation. The Red Sox are handling Ellsbury with kid gloves for some reason. I don’t understand it. The kid can play. When he plays, good things happen. Let’s go back to October, Sox down 3-1 to the Tribe in the series. Francona puts Ellsbury in and the Red Sox never lost again. They ended up with there longest winning streak of the season, 7 games. I am not saying he was the reason why the Red Sox turned it on but he certainly had something to do with it. Ellsbury is a very exciting/energetic player and I am sure it rubs off on his team-mates. His ideal spot is at the top of the order and creating havoc when he gets on base. This Ellsbury/Crisp situation in my opinion has gone on too long. I think the Red Sox will eventually trade Crisp and get something in return, perhaps bullpen help.

WOW!! Wake sure doesn’t have the knuckler (or anything else)working tonight. There is just something lack-luster about the team last night AND tonight!!
The bats REALLY need to wake up, and Wake needs to settle in. He’s gonna give something up here soon if he doesnt!!
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…NOT THAT IT MATTERS, but I, too, agree about the Coco?jacoby flip-flop!!

Wakefield’s knuckler is almost too good tonight. Alot of movement. Cash has done a great job behind the plate, saving a run or two.

Sean Casey with a leadoff double. Hitting well against old mates. 2 hits last night off the bench. Last year it was Hinske in this role and this year it is Casey. No comparison!!! I’ll take Sean Casey over Hinske any day of the week.

Watching Crisp at the plate is unbearable. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams actually seeing him make solid contact. He looks just like he did in the playoffs last year… and during the season last year… and the year before… completely clueless. I know we’re just trying to showcase him for a trade… but it could backfire.

What do you think is more likely to happen… Coco Crisp hits a home run? Or Coco Crisp curls up into the fetal position in the batters box and cries like a baby?

Or… how about this one. This ump calls one single strike for Wakefield… or Jerry Remy slam dunks a basketball?

it looks like the guys are sleep walking through this game tonight. WAKE UP!!!!!!
And Wakes pitch count is through the roof too!!

Come on, gotta get the bats going! Come on…

Where is the spark going to come from? We need someone to step up. It’s painful to see Big Papi struggle so much. Would be nice if Ellsbury got hot… exactly what we need… performance, energy, and getting Crisp to the bench. I have a feeling about Youk right here…

Crisp did come thru. Robertson’s control or lack there of got him in trouble. Back to back walks, it will always bite you. Especially at Fenway. A great at bat by Drew.

Sox have the lead, gotta love it!!!

I checked to see how Gabbard is doing, and he is doing well. 2 shutout innings.

Talking about the Bullpen situation, I think Corey will leave, 2 really bad outings, and an ERA of about 14

they’re lookin a lot sharper now!! Someone keep those wake up pills coming!!

Bryan Corey is just not good enough to remain on this team. Maybe he could be a mop up man for the Royals, but that’s about it.


JD is just hot right now, keep doing it JD!

Manny sure got that one

I’m really liking Sean Casey right now! Good pick-up Theo!

I think Casey is going to be a key member off the bench for the redsox. Nice to see the sox get eight runs. Lets hope they can get something like that against the Yankees.

Don’t quite understand the Tavarez move. Let Okijima pitch the 8th then if they are so inclined Tavarez can start the 9th with Papelbon waiting in the wings. Now they are gonna either need Pap for 4-6 outs or watch the crappy part of the bullpen blow this lead

Very lucky that Lugo got to that ball to get two. I don’t understand the logic, let Oki go the 8th then Pap in the 9th. Now Pap is forced to get an extra out. Francona is a great manager but his bullpen decisions make you wonder sometimes. But I guess when you only have 2 reliable arms down there anyone can second guess you.

With a 5 run lead I think it was a good idea to let Oki sit down and get some rest. Tavarez didn’t get it done. Blame him, not Tito. Is it too much to ask to get 6 outs? C’mon Julian!!!

I don’t think Tavarez is fit to pitch in the 8th inning of a close game (against DET no lead is safe). Oki and Pap almost guarentees a victory so I don’t see why they would put the game in the hands of crazy Julian

When you’re struggling nothing fires. Bullpen is bad, and the umpires make bad calls. Ortiz is pathetic and the starters are still hacking at wins.

However, look at Casey. He’s on fire. I hate to see him benched after Lowell comes back because he IS the reason why this game SHOULD be won.

Also note that Julian hasn’t pitched that much and that can effect your control and timing. Right now they need this game. They really do.

The FO really deserves a lot of credit for the Casey pickup. The only change this offseason and he makes this team better in so many aspects. Big hit by Youk, now Tito please don’t take Pap out in exchange for Brian Corey!!!

12 runs is struggling? Ortiz is pathetic? Dude, what’s in your water? It’s a slow start for Papi. Give the poor guy a break. Soon enough he’ll be rakin’.

A nice win for the sox. Hopefully gets them ready for the rivals!

yaaaay let’s hear it for a balanced offensive attack. Finally!

really nice job by Casey last night, and Drew seems to be hitting his stride, nice to see.

It is time too say bye-bye to Brian Corey. He has pitched himself for another team.

Corey has had two – TWO – bad outings. Doesn’t it seem a little hasty to cut him? He had a 1.93 ERA last year over nine innings. Aardsma, on the other hand, had a 6.40 ERA over 32 innings last year. Not that I’m saying you should cut Aardsma, but it’s not that cut and dry in just cutting Corey.

Rayman – how about Coco, huh? 2 for 3 with 2 walks, 2 RBI’s and a run. He was too busy winning the game for us to be in the foetal position.

I think it is a very easy descion to cut Corey. Almost all of his appearances he has given up runs. This just in, not good. Aardsma is a hard thrower with a much higher ceiling, not too mention he is younger than Corey. ( 8 years younger than Corey ) What you see is what you get from Corey. Aardsma has some upside. Guys that throw that hard, you always give them a chance. With Farrell and Varitek on your side, Aardsma has the chance to reach his potential.

I have to say this or I’m going to EXPLODE!!! I’m sitting here in the office (yes, the boss knows that I’m on this site, he’s on here with me all the time!! and we watch the games in the office!!)
I have this yankee fan in here too, my God he is quite possibly THE MOST ARROGANT Yankee fan alive!! I swear, The minute he found out I was a Sox fan, I heard aboout the 26 rings!!!! No prior conversation, just walked up and told me about it!! I wore my jersey on opening day, and heard about that too! Now since we have the weekend series, he is just UNBEARABLE!! (and wearing THE UGLIEST yankee hat ever made) On about the same level of nasty as Fagan and Sentinel… Pray for me to get through the day, and for OUR SOX to win this weekend, cause I’ll never hear the end of it if we don’t!!!!
Have a great Friday everyone! Thanks for letting me vent!!!!


Perhaps it is sentinel, lol. Probably a relation in the family,lol.

I love Yankee fans that talk about 26 titles. Living in the past. Like Alabama football fans. Something tells me, this time next year, the Yankees will still have 26 titles, lol.

I root for the Celtics and I never talk about there 16 titles. That was all years ago, 22 years and counting to be exact, ugh!!! I hope they can win it this year. I will pray for you Ellen. Give some good ribbing for me. It sounds like he deserves it. South Florida definetly has there fair share of Yankee fans. New York south over there in Broward/Dade counties. Of course over here in the Tampa area, it is just like South Florida. Yankee fans everywhere.


Just wear something that says “World Series Champion.” If your antagonist has anything with those words, it would have to be old and faded!

Ellen & Kramer,

The shirt will be faded and of course it will not fit, lol. I am sure since there last title, most Yankee fans packed on the pounds, lol. I have since 2000.

Francona should consider unloading Tavarez, Lopez, Crisp, and Lugo and get whatever he can for them.I said this last year and it still holds. I don’t think the Bosox are going to be able to repeat this year if they continue to carry their dead wood.


Lugo will be with the Red Sox, at least until the end of this season. He is in his 2nd yr. of a 4 yr. contract that pays him 9 mill per season. Lopez will either be released or traded and Crisp should be dealt sometime during the year. Tavarez could be dealt as well but he is versatile and that could keep him in Boston this year. I do agree with you, there is some dead wood on this team, no doubt about it. Corey should be given his walking papers today. Red Sox have to make subtle changes, not a makoever. A tweek here and there.

It’ll be interesting to see if Wang chokes in the Playoffs again.

Buchholz looked excellent, I can’t see him being sent down for more seasoning unless he is the only player with options.

Also being a Phillies fan, I’ve watched Abreu since 1999. He is weak on plays near the wall.

And I’m still amazed how well Manny plays the Monster. I don’t recall seeing anyone better.

YES showed a clip of Buckner’s opening day pitch. Very heartwarming! I was shocked to see Dewey’s hair so white!

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