Red Sox and Yankees — Game 1 of 18

Here we go again. The greatest rivalry in sports begins anew on this rainy Friday night at Fenway.

How bizarre is a Red Sox-Yankees game with no Derek Jeter or Joe Torre? Jeter probably won’t play this weekend with his quad injury. And Jorge Posada is DH-ing and won’t catch all weekend.

Francona was pretty funny talking about Jeter, and how he should take his time with the injury:

“I think that’s very sensible on his part [to sit out]. I’m always
worried about him. It’s a long year. I may go seek him out and tell him he
needs to be careful. You can never be too careful.”

“If you’re a Boston fan, you certainly
don’t want to see him have something to do with the outcome of a game. if
you’re a baseball fan it’s hard not to like him. I’ve seen him play since he
was a kid in the fall league. If anything, he seems like he respects the game
more now than he did then. And I had a lot of regard for him then. That’s why I
think he needs to take care of that quad. It will be good for him.” 

ere are tonight’s lineups for both teams:

Cabrera CF
Cano 2B
Abreu RF
A-Rod 3B
Matsui LF
Posada DH
Gimabi 1B
Molina C
Gonzalez (Alberto) SS

Wang SP

Red Sox

Crisp CF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Youkilis 1B
Drew RF
Varitek C
Casey 1B
Lugo SS

Buchholz SP


No Jacoby (oby wan Jacoby) starting again tonight?? Hmmm, thats pretty interesting.
Well here’s the 1st of MANY vs The Evil Empire. Maybe Oby Wan will come in later. I hope that JD Drew keeps a hot bat (still not crazy about him, but he’s helping the team), and I hope that Papi and Manny finally start hitting some real dingers!! As I wrote on the last thread, The Sox REALLY need to win this weekend so I don’t have to bear the brunt of that Sentinel/Fagan-esque yankee fan in my office.
So, a toast (as I raise my BudLight bottle high):
Here’s to hot bats, cool tempers and those wonderful guys who wear the Red Sox!! “Slainte agus Tainte” (HEALTH AND WEALTH) (gaelic)

Good test for Bucholtz tonight. He has never faced the Yankees. Let’s see how he responds. I hope he’ll be able to control him emotions tonight.

Wang has had problems at Fenway. I don’t know the numbers but I remember him getting torched at Fenway. He certainly did his last time at Fenway. Last September when Wang and Beckett faced each other, Wang got smoked. I think he gets intimidated by the wall in left. Then again alot of pitchers do.

Red Sox got there bats rolling a bit last night. I hope they will be able to sustain it and take the first game of this series. I want the Red Sox to crack .500 and stay above the .500 mark for good.

I have no clue why Ellsbury isn’t in the lineup, second straight start.

Wang is certainly looking good, it is early though.

Bucholtz got away with the pitch Giambi hit to end the N.Y. 2nd inning. A changeup that stayed up, that usually is a never good result. I like what I see from Bucholtz. It will be interesting too see how Bucholtz does his second time around the order. Those veteran hitters from N.Y. will make some adjustments. Bucholtz of course is smart, he doesn’t shake off Varitek. That is a good thing, don’t shake off Varitek. Ask Schilling, he shook off Varitek and lost his no hitter last season.

It looks like a typical April night at Fenway, cold and rainy.

I agree with Remy, Pedroia should have been credited with a hit. A-Rod made a solid play going to his right, not routine as Remy said.

The weather at Fenway looks awful.

I have been quite impressed with Bucholtz tonight. Alot of composure/poise out there. He is throwing strikes, let’s hope Lester is making notes. As soon as I write this, he walks Matsui. Those leadoff walks, ugh!!!

I personally think, though, the low-scoring game is due to the fact that it is raining.

Really good game (and fast game!) so far. We’re in 5th inning 1 hour and change in. What a chance of pace.

Buchholz got out of a HUGE jam. Lets hope the sox get offense.

I would agree with the lack of runs because of the rain.

Bucholtz sure got out of that jam. Let’s hope the Sox have some mo going into the bottom of the 5th.

JD! Comes through again

Drew with the power this year. Drew hung in there last night against the lefty. Drew looks very comfortable at the plate. Drew is one of the few that is actually hitting.

Nice outing by Buchholz, especially against the Yankees offense. 1 earned run, 4 hits, and I think 3 strikeouts.
No-no against anyone else. Ha ha ha

Boston’s bullpen continues to struggle. I know it is early but it is a concern, no doubt. Timlin had a lack luster effort. First hitter he faces, takes him deep.

A solid outing by Bucholtz tonight. Anytime you hold the Yankees to 1 run in 6 innings, you did something good. Jeter or no Jeter. Bucholtz showed alot of poise out there on that mound.

Looks like Big Papi is taking a big poopie on the Suks again. MAybe he should take a big poopie on bosoxbrian’s head as well.

Better outing by Wang, he’s going through this supposed “potent” lineup like a knife goes through butter.

You are just jealous that the redsox won 2 titles this decade and the yankees have only a mere 1. Stop hopeing that the yankees will win the world series, because they won’t. Nobody is picking the yankees, besides yankee fans, of course.

Ortiz continues to struggle. He looks totally lost at the plate. All he needs is that big hit and that will boost his confidence. He is lacking confidence at the plate, it shows.

This is the best I have seen Wang pitch. Last year he had a perfect game going deep into the game against Seattle but that was at home. It is different when you do it on the road, especially at Fenway. Of course Wang gets beat down in October. These Red Sox bats are really struggling, slow coming out of the gates.

A very rare thing might happen tonight. A Yankees–Red Sox game that is over in under 3 hours, it looks it will happen.

Lopez will be joining Snyder and Corey, very soon. I doubt he’ll see May in a Red Sox uniform. If you can’t get anyone out, does it matter whether you are a lefty ?

Buckner threw better on opening day than Lopez. At least Buckner threw a strike.

Aardsma continues to show he belongs in this pen. I think Francona is showing confidence in him and he is responding. If he can throw strikes, this guy could really develop into something really good. Another solid arm coming out of the pen, much needed.

Let’s hope that inning ending K will jump start this offense.

You show you belong in a looney ben. Lets hope you actually grow a brain.

Wang’s next start, you guessed it, against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. When was the last time a starting pitcher had a complete game at Fenway against the Red Sox and threw under 100 pitches? Halladay??? I assume it has been a while. Wang will get his chance to do it. Perhaps someone out there will know the question I asked. Red Sox down 3 runs, the lead seems alot bigger. A struggling lineup with a pitcher that has been dominating them all night long.

YANKS WIN!!!!!!!!!! YANKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!


TOTAL DOMINATION BY WANG. He kicked ***!!!!!!!

The Red Sox turn to Beckett to get to .500 again. Red Sox definetly have the edge with Beckett going against Mussina.
Red Sox did have some loud outs but all for not. I think Wang had 12 or so flyball outs which is unusual for him. Typically Wang is a groundball pitcher, not tonight.
Not many pitchers go into Boston and come away with a complete game and he ends up allowing only 2 hits, very impressive. Fenway has been a house of horrors for Wang in the past but not tonight.

Time to get Ellsbury to the top of the order. He needs to be in there everyday and show everyone what he has. He brings another element to the game.

It will be a great day when Lopez is no longer a member of the Red Sox. He will be next to go.

You might want to cut Timlin a little slack, being just off the DL, raining etc… we all cut Josh slack last weekend after his sore back.oh jeez Sentinel is back! That’s it, I’m going to the Prez, this krap has to stop!!!
Hey everyone!!!
Please let’s just ignore him.. I promise by midweek, he’ll be gone from our midst FCC is tracking him as we speak!! and so is MLB.. please don’t respond to his commemts, its just another FAGAN!!!! a BLOG TROLL

bosox, I like they comment about Buckner throwing better than them!! great!!
HEY EVERYONE, Now is not the time to start stomping our feet… we’ve got 2 more this weekend with them, the guys will TC of B.. That should be our new thing this year… TCB Taking Care of Business!!

Well, I see what you mean, Ellen

Nobody is going to call Drew ”Nancy” for a long, long time.
That is how good is since September. A 13 game hitting streak going into last season.

It’ll be interesting to see if Wang chokes in the Playoffs again.

Buchholz looked excellent, I can’t see him being sent down for more seasoning unless he is the only player with options.

Also being a Phillies fan, I’ve watched Abreu since 1999. He is weak on plays near the wall.

And I’m still amazed how well Manny plays the Monster. I don’t recall seeing anyone better.

YES showed a clip of Buckner’s opening day pitch. Very heartwarming! I was shocked to see Dewey’s hair so white!!


I, for one Yankee fan, love being a underdog. And last I counted we did get to the show three times this decade besides eight straight playoff appearances. I’m proud enough of that!


Who else do you root for in baseball? You already mentioned you pull for the Phillies and Yankees. I knew you were a Yankee fan but I didn’t know you rooted for the Phillies.


Looks like Miguel Cabrera’s bat may be coming alive. He was 2 for 4 last night against Contreras and climbed to .182. He’s the other Hispanic 3Bman from Miami. There is at least one RSN member who thinks A-Rod is a playoff curse! Will Cabrera be one too? But then, I’m a little “surprised” Contreras is still in MLB! There are not many Yankee pitching rejects!


I’m a BaseBall Junkie! I root for the NYYankees, Phillies, Mets, the Scranton/Wilkes Barre (PA) Yankees (AAA), and the Trenton Thunder (Yankees AA). This is all available to me on Comcast, DirecTV, and MLB.TV (97 AAA and 4 AA games). Plus, my wife and I drove an hour each way to see the above AAA and AA teams play an exhibition game in Trenton on April 1st. We also plan to see four games between the Single A Charleston River Dogs (Yankees) and Lakewood (NJ) Blue Claws (Phillies) in August as Lakewood is only 15 minutes each way.


I don’t think A-Rod is cursed. Come October he has become a different hitter and not a good one. Ever since Game 3-A.L.C.S. when the Yankees and A-Rod smoked the R


Sorry about the double post here, my computer went a little strange on me here, lol.

As I was saying, I don’t think A-Rod is cursed. Whoever thinks he is cursed, I wonder about, lol. Come October he has become a different hitter and not a good one. Ever since Game 3 2004 A.L.C.S. when the Yankees and A-Rod smoked the Red Sox, his numbers in the post-season from Game 4 to last year’s playoffs have gone south. The facts are the facts. That being said he is still the best player on the planet. If I was going to start a team, I wouldn’t want him. Way too much baggage for my taste. A-Rod will go down as the greatest statistical player of all time. He could end up passing Bonds on the H.R. list, pass Pete Rose for most hits and Hank Aaron for most R.B.I.’s but…….

I already knew you were a baseball junkie, good stuff. There are never enough of you. Going to minor leagues are great. The price is very affordable and you get a chance too see some future stars. Also some other ones that will never make it to the big leagues but are playing the game for the love of it. Always a blast when you go to a minor league game.

I remember as a kid going to Lynn, Ma. and watching guys like Bud Black ( now S.D. manager ) Mike Moore ( losing pitcher in Clemens 20 K game back in April of 1986 ) Harold Reynolds, Alvin Davis and Dave Valle. They were the AA of the Mariners. They were also great guys, always talking to fans and were very nice to the little kids like me. Too bad the M’s stunk for so long. Minor league games are a blast!!!!

FLASH! Santana and the Mets beaten by the visiting Brewers 5-3. The game winner? Two run jack by Kapler!

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