Big Papi out of lineup

Go back to 2003, when David Ortiz was platooning with Jeremy Giambi and Shea Hillenbrand, and you can remember a time he didn’t start against the Yankees. There was also that Sunday afternoon in early September, 2005, when he sat out against Randy Johnson in Tim Wakefield’s 1-0 loss. But aside from that, David Ortiz plays against the Yankees. Tonight, he is not. Instead, J.D. Drew will bat third, Manny will DH and Ellsbury will play left.

Ortiz was informed by manager Terry Francona last night he wouldn’t be playing today and seemed noticeably relaxed today in holding court with several reporters before the game.

He spoke for nearly eight minutes. Here is what he said:



Having to sit out Red Sox-Yankees game: “It happens. It happened
to me before. That’s how it is, man.”

“You know, just trying to figure things out for a minute so I
can go back to being Big Papi again.”

Tito told him last night, so was it refreshing to have good night’s
sleep? “Yeah, you see this in baseball, a guy having a hard time, go home,
chill out, come back with a fresh mind. It happens to everybody. And I guess
that’s when managers know when they need to bring something like that to the
table. I always do what Terry tells me to do. I’m an employee.”

 “This game is very mental. Your mind takes over. I can tell
you myself, I know that in my situation, my mind works more than everything
else because it’s been like that my whole career. I think, mentally, the
percentage is more of what you use in the game than physically. I will tell
you, and it’s because this game, after you get prepared physically, you let the
mind take over. Sometimes when you’re fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting,
this is the time when the mind gets some time off and regroups and goes back to
normal. If you just keep on hitting and keep on hitting and keep on hitting, it
takes longer for you to recover or whatever. I guess that’s why managers make
those kind of decisions with their players. You can see the results later on.”

Fan buried your jersey at the new Yankee Stadium. “Nooooo.
Holy [expletive], I better talk to my witches in there.”

“That’s [expletive] up.”

Do you want it back? “God [expletive]. You know what, I’m going to
have to call my people in New York
and take care of it when everybody is sleeping. You’ve got to give me a more
specific location.”

Legs OK? “Yeah. I’m fine. I’m not like I would like to be
but I’m OK. I’m just going to really appreciate Manny and Mikey Lowell start
hitting homers, that way I don’t have to score from first base. That bitch
hurts. No, everything is fine. I’ve just got to regroup and pull myself
together and stop thinking so much and fighting with myself. I’ve been there
before, that’s why I know I’m going to be out of it at one point. It happens to
all of us, man.”

Experts, i.e., ESPN, showing his stance changing, “If you
guys go to the time I’ve been here, I never stand the same way. I stand,
depending on who is pitching, or how I feel at the time. you know what I mean? But
I always click on to something that helps me and helps me and makes me change
and helps me stay away from chasing a pitch that I’ve been chasing. You know
how it is. You have scouts out there watching you , and what you’re doing, what
you’re chasing, what you’re not chasing, what you’re hitting, what you’re not
hitting. And that’s why I kind of get out of stuff real quick. I always try to
figure out the way to stay away from getting in trouble, you know what I mean?
I know exactly what I’m doing wrong right now and everything is right here
(points to his head). I’ll work on that. I’ve been ****** up before. Big time.
Big time.”

Can you tell us what are you doing wrong? “No, I don’t want
nobody to know, man. It’s bad, man. It’s bad. I’ll fix it, guys. I’ll be

Watch film, day off? “Yeah, today, I’ll just swing later
just in case I have to come in to pinch hit because I never have a full day

“I’m just going to chill and try to get baseball a little
bit out of here [mind] for a minute.”

 Then he closes out interview with, “Alright guys, no problem.”



I personally think his knee is hurting a little bit. Just a total guess of course. His big lefty bat coming off the bench would be nice late in the game. I assume he’ll be available to pinch hit. Then again, let’s hope Boston brings it to Hughes and the Yankees tonight. Ortiz if memory serves correct, usually does well on Sunday Night baseball. A mental day off can only help. Let’s hope anyway.

When I think of Sunday Night baseball with Bos. and N.Y. I always think of April of last year against Chase Wright. 4 homers in a row, unreal. Ramirez, Drew, Lowell and Varitek. Chase was chased from the game and I don’t think he has thrown a pitch in the big leagues since, LOL.

Who can ever forget those days of Jeremy Giambi as the D.H. to start the 2003 season. Not one of Theo’s better moves. Oritz of course got himself in the lineup eventually everyday and has never looked back.

Dice-K is having some major control problems. Up 3-0 and walking Damon, not good. Damon is off to a slow start like most of the Yankee hitters. Throw strikes Dice-K, trust your ability.

Sean Casey is making contributions at the plate and in the field. Yesterday he saved a run with a some nice glove work at first. Tonight he smoked a double to right. Any other stadium, that ball would have been long gone. Made a nice catch near the tarp and the inning is over.

A leadoff walk for Drew. Let’s take this kid out of the game.

Dice-K has nothing. Francona should have pulled him when the score was 7-1. What’s even more disconcerting is that he must rely on Tavarez. In that way he is given more slack and can still give up 6 runs.Goes to show you how bad our pitching staff is. We will be lucky if we take tonight’s game.

If I were a defensive player, I’d hate playing behind Dice-K. He goes 3-2 on almost every batter. It’s ridiculous. Even when he gets up 0-2, he’s got to nibble the corners to 3-2 before he gets something to happen, and it isn’t always good. It also makes for a horrible ball game to watch. You’re up 7-1, you don’t walk leadoff hitters.

Worse than Dice-K having thrown all those pitches, who do the Sox go to in the 6th?

OK, we’re half way through and the game is only 2.5 hours old. ZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZ!

Francona continues to leave Dice-K in there so that he can get his 5 innings in and qualify for a win- even if it means losing the ballgame. Let’s hope we can hang in there.

A very poor outing for Dice-K. Imagine he could get a win, sometimes it doesn’t make sense. When you have a 7-1 lead, throw strikes, no free passes.

Aardsma will pitch the 6th for Boston.

Ohlendorf who the Yankees are talking up, I am not impressed. He is another one that doesn’t throw strikes.


I would agree with you about playing behind Dice-K. Look at Curt Schilling the guys is around the plate all game long and that is why he hasn’t given up too many unearned runs over the years.

Why is it that when the Sox are up, it takes about 5 minutes to go back on the field. When the Yanks are up it seems to take at least a half hour.

Does anyone know why Varitek is so terrible with the bases loaded? Any possible theories? Over the last 3 years, he’s batting .203… Usually the average is higher because its obvious the pitcher is having trouble. .203 actually sounds good because he grounds into a double play at least a third of the time. I checked 2004 and 2003 as well… .211 and .167.

I hope this game doesn’t last as long as I think it will last. I can only take so much of Joe Morgan. A great player during his day but a TERRIBLE broadcaster. How is he still broadcasting games ? My oh my!!!

When Varitek is up with the bases loaded, he should pull a Rudy Stein. Lean into one.

Perhaps the worst signing of a pitcher is warming up, LaTroy Hawkins. The game might/will get longer if he comes into the game. Whenever I see him pitch, he is always giving up hits and that equals runs.

With all the money these pitchers make they can’t throw strikes. It’s ridiculous!!!

When I played minor league baseball, if I walked two guys with a 7-4 lead in the 6th inning, Earl Torgusen would have come out to the mound and kicked my **** in front of the entire stadium, and then yanked me, and made me run 10 laps around the park after the game. This is freaking ridiculous.

I would agree with you gsm. Throwing strikes is a tough thing for these guys. This game might get over be midnight.

At one time the Sox were leading 7-1 and Dice-K couldn’t throw strikes. He is not an ace yet. He might get the win here but he didn’t deserve it. He looked like a rookie out there tonight. Afraid to throw strikes.

This isn’t the most exciting Sox-Yankee game. On the boring side with all these walks and long counts. My oh my. These teams both play tomm night. Some tired players tomm. night.

I don’t listen to any of the announcers. I turn the volume off!! It’s bad enough getting aggravated with the way the Sox pitchers are performing, I don’t need the added aggravation.

Timlin again?? I guess Francona is into pain!!!

Looks like Francona is going to blow this one. Where is Oki in the eighth and Papelobon in the ninth. They baby these pitchers to the extent that they give up ball games. The worst part of it is that it is against the Yankees. He should have put them in and then give them a few days off. You don’t give away a game to the Yankees!!!

Hey calm down everyone. I know it’s frustrating and I’m the first to boil over but consider how cold it’s in Boston. Consider that Dice-K has pitched quite well lately. Consider Crisp has been a savior getting an extra run. Consider that the hitting is looking so much better. Hey I know it’s hard but Francona put Timlin in not to put us in pain but to get him back into the groove. Papelbon can’t pitch. We don’t want an arm injury over one game. It will be OK…but I will scream if we lose this game! (So much for being calm right?)

Sorry folks, but you have to give Tito credit. He gutted out the win tonight without using Pap or Oki Doki, who are now set to go tomorrow night in my town of Cleve-burg, when Jon L starts. I like Jon as much as the next person, but he can’t finish ballgames. The Sox will be facing the bottom of the Indians rotation, so maybe they can keep on their roll.

How about the performance of Lopez. Wow. He saved the game. He entered the game with the Sox up 2 and nobody out. D.P. by Damon and gets Abreu. If he could pitch like that most of the time, I would be very happy. I will give him credit where credit is due, great job by Lopez out of the pen. When he came in, I thought to myself, uh oh. I am glad I was dead wrong.

Sox took the series after dropping the first game. That is all you want to do is win series.

Lopez got Cano out not Abreu, my bad.

Timlin was smoked again by Giambi. If Giambi faced Timlin every game, he would end with alot of homers. Timlin looks old out there. Alot of games for Timlin over the years. It might take a little bit for him to find his groove. Until then, he should not see the mound in a very close game.

I agree with you dbenjamin about Francona last night, a great job with the pen. He played matchups and it worked to perfection.

Bring your shovel to the game tonight, the snow might fall, lol.

I didn’t get to see the game last night, but maybe I was lucky. 4 hours of Joe and Jon!! Yikes! Judging by the box score, it was ugly. Even the batboy got a couple of bases on balls. I wonder if winning ugly like that, when the game should have been an easy victory, doesn’t help to bring the team together as a unit? Or is that just a load of bs? Or maybe I’m reading too much into the box score. It looks as if the game was all but over after the Sox took a 7 to 1 lead but all the walks let the Yanks back in it.
Anyway, the Sox took two of three from the Yanks so that is a good thing.

Yes, it sure looks like Timlin has jumped the shark. Nice to see Pedroia crank out some hits after a very bad start… although, I am surprised he had a brain cramp on the bases. I am little surprised that Francona decided to see if Timlin is ready against the Yankees. I’m surprised any pitcher would throw a strike against Lugo… he swings at only balls. Also nice to see Delcarmen make A-Rod his personal bee-atch.

I think Lowrie will make his major league debut very soon, if not today. I bet the sox didn’t just want him to make his debut right at the first series against the Yankees. He is raved enough in the minors NOT to make it soon.
I hope Ortiz gets back into a groove today. He has been cold too long.
Come on sox, get that winning streak to 3!

Lester off to a good start. This is where Lester’s comeback all started last year, in Cleveland and pitching that night was Jake Westbrook. It was alot warmer when he pitched in Cleveland late July last year.

Cleveland is like so many teams favored that have gotten off to a very slow start. Tribe are not hitting and not pitching well, that usually is a bad combo. Of course it is very early as we all know.

The weather tonight is fit for a Pats vs Browns game. Not a Sox vs Indians game.

Lester imploded and the Sox are out of this one — AGAIN. However for all of you Julian haters, look at him tonight. So far 2.1 innings and 4 strikeouts. I know he can dissapoint but he can also handle a game. Too bad its a wasted effort.
Poor David Ortiz. 1 for 4 but making better contact. He’ll snap out of it soon enough.
Incidentally, did you see Lugo? He threw the bat and his hat down. I’ve never seen him so frustrated. I can’t blame him. This schedule is nuts. Fly to Cleveland in the middle of the night and expect to be fresh the next night. Whew, give these guys a day off!

Beautiful swing by Manny. With the pitching change that will get will get Papelbon more time to rest. Borowski SUCKS this year.

Fabulous win for the Sox! Manny, Julian, Timlin, Julio, Papi, Dustin, Youk etc. a real team victory.

Hey bosoxbrian:

Did I do okay last night? I got to tell you, if he never does another thing all year, Tavarez made a believer of me last night. He just took an offense that was heating up and shut it down, allowing the Sox to chip away until Manny in the 9th — boooom!!! What poetic justice for the Tribe. I was pleased to see Big Papi go 2 for 5 (not 1 for 4). Maybe that will get him started. However, he still looked pretty silly on some of his misses, particularly against Betancourt with runners on. He has a ways to go. Without him and Mikey, the Sox need to be thankful the Indians decided they couldn’t afford Manny 8 years ago. The man is just getting into the groove — and here I was a couple of days ago suggesting that he was out of touch with his shrinking power. Shame on me — Manny, its okay if you stand at the plate and admire that one until the game starts tomorrow night. And what about Pap. It looked like he was throwing to little league hitters, not AL AllStars!?!?!?!

Oh, by the way Brian, tomorrow night’s forecast — Clear skies and 34 deg. “We’re havin a heat wave…..” Take your shovel and stick it where the sun don’t shine — which ironically enough would be Cleveland!!! Famous “Cleveland weather” question — what follows 2 days of rain in Cleveland? — (Wait for it) — Monday!!!

I just don’t get Jon L’s performance tonight — 3 perfect innings, and the roof caves in. I’ve seen that out of Wake several times, and always wonder if it means he’s better off as a reliever — since it looks as though the hitters catch up to him the 2nd time through. Speaking of Wake — let’s see how he does tomorrow night against Mr. I really did get those steriods from a mail order dentist, and they only cost me 4 cereal boxtops!

For the 2nd straight start Lester has major problems in the 4th inning. Ironically enough, the 2nd time around the order. The Tribe hit some bullets off of him. Martinez almost took off his head and Garko smoked one right back at him.

Great too see Ortiz with 2 hits, it has to start somewhere. If Ortiz doesn’t get a hit in the 9th, no heroics from Ramirez.
Ramirez is locked in as they say.

Tavarez pitched great, he saved the game. He let Boston hang around.


Clear skies and 34, don’t forget your sunblock, LOL. I wouldn’t put that shovel away just yet. April isn’t over, lake effect snow???? LOL.

Great too see Boston 2 games over .500. What a wacky schedule, 3 different series this week. A pair of 2 game series and the weekend comes.

HEY GUYS! Sorry I had been busy al weekend. Great series against the yanks. Our guys played hard. Great win last night too. Good to see how guys playing with heart. Maybe Tavarez should spot start for Lester at some point? Gimme sum feedback guys! How ya doin BoSoxBrian? How u doin Ellen? Alright guys leave me ur feedback! =]

Lowrie is in the starting lineup tonight, great too see. Last year’s minor league player of the year in the Red Sox system, that speaks volumes right there about his ability. As we all know the Red Sox system is stacked with prospects.

I would love too see Wakefield go at least 6 innings tonight. Lester and Dice-K haven’t done the bullpen any favors with there short outings.

Byrd is either on or off. No go between with him. He pitched well against Boston last year, especially in the playoffs. Alot of baserunners when Byrd is on the hill. Byrd constantly pitches out of the stretch almost the entire game. He gives up alot of hits. If Boston wins tonight, that will mean they would have won 6 of there last 8 and 4 in a row. That is a nice little streak heading into N.Y.

Great too see Ortiz have 2 hits. I love his approach last night. Apparently his night off on Sunday helped. Let’s hope Ortiz gets that home run stroke going, tonight would be a great night to start.

Some impressive games from the bullpen lately, 4 in a row. I still have concerns about the pen but I can’t complain lately.

Sox can’t figure out Paul Byrd tonight. That HGH really helps. He’s throwing nothing but junk, but it’s working, changing speeds and hitting his spots. Sox will get to him later.

Wake is pithing great so far. Cash is hopping all over trying to catch that knuckler. He’s doing well. C’mon guys get some runs!

Sorry, but that pitch to Sizemore was strike 3. Strike ’em out, throw ’em out double play should have been the result. Wake got cheated on that one.

Congrats to Jed L. on his first ML hit, and a good one! All the RBIs this game, a very good ML debut

We are hurtin Cleveland again with

Whats gotten into Javy Lopez lately? Well whatever it is…im glad!

Every time someone does well Chman it is because of HGH.

lol like Andy Pettitte?

Guys did u hear bout the Yankees big free agent signing? They just signed a new ace. I think we should take note of it since they are our big rivals.

Indians have left so many runners on base tonight. They have had so many chances.

Sox leaving those 2 runners on in the 7th could haunt them in this game.

Lopez was cruising right along and then he hit Hafner in the foot. Great at bat by Martinez, if your Lopez tip your hat to the guy. Sometimes the hitter wins, no matter how good your pitch is.

This Indians pen is a mess, I like the Sox chances tonight.

Let’s go Oritz, smoke one somewhere.

Guys the Yankees signe da brand new ace isnt anyone concerned?

Let’s hope Boston can take advantage with Manny getting hit by Lewis. The hot hitting Youk does the job.

Let’s go Lugo, make the Tribe pay for it.

Lugo did hit it hard but right at the second baseman. Indians escaped that inning, barely!!!

im tellin ya mark my words the yankees new ace pitcher will own us.

Delcarmen should have challenged Blake with some high heat, not a slider. I don’t like that pitch selection. Nobody on, be aggresive out there. Sizemore is very dangerous, especially with men on.

watch people ignoring me but watch when the new yankees ace gonna own us.

Varitek you are the man!!!

Gotta love it!!!

Bring on Papelbon!!!


That should have been his 4th homer of the year. The umps missed his homer in Oak.

Bring on Okajima not Papelbon.

Good job by Tek!

Let’s get some insurance runs, don’t leave them on base. Bring them home and extend this lead.

Go to N.Y. with a 4 game winning streak and winners of 6 of there last 8. Sox are getting it together, little by little.

Youk is ready to give the Indians the T.K.O.

Bases loaded for Youk, nice.

Way to go Youk, a nice insurance run.

Indians had to pick there poison in that situation. Either way they were screwed. Just like the Yankees on Sat.

I gotta admit, i would’ve made the same move, walking Manny. And of course, i would’ve been screwed as well !

Youks a very good hitter.

Okie Dokie no match for Okie were the Indians.

Indians did the right thing in walking Ramirez. Pick your poison if you’re Eric Wedge. Just like Sat. with the Yanks and Girardi. Girardi of course pitched to Ramirez and we all know what happened there.

When Ortiz starts rolling, this team will be very scary.

Okajima mowing the Tribe down.

4 in a row for Boston, a nice little winning streak.

Clutch hits again for the Red Sox.

Anyways guys the Yanks will unleash their latest acquisition on us soon…beware…

Only negative about tonight’s game was the Indians broadcasters, they stink!!!

Wow this was an amazing game — not a perfect one but an amazing one. Once again the Sox struggled against a tough team and got out on top. Now they need a day off and it’s nowhere in sight. Who made this schedule? Fly to New York then Fly home without a day off? Are they insane? Please someone explain to me how these schedules are generated because it’s not fair.
Finally, big compliments to Francona. The man is a psychic. How did he know to pinch hit Varitek? How did he know to go from Lopez to Delcarman to Oki? The manager is stunning. I am in true awe of him as tonight’s game represents.


Amazing games we continue to own Cleveland.

Hey did u guys notice Aardsma been pretty good for us?

You are right. I forgot about Aardsma. He has been a rock lately. Now if we can only get Delcarman to be another Papelbon we will have a solid bullpen right now.

Well, the Sox seemed to enjoy their stay in Cleveland. Hope they can be rude guests in NY City!
With the bullpen coming together and the hitters being so clutch lately, all the Sox need is some good work from Lester and Dice and they will terrorize the AL for a while.
I agree, Dave. Francona looked like the Amazing Kreskin in that series. And I also shake my head at the schedule makers. Are they trying to prevent a repeat? It’s not gonna work.

Big Papi has to get more aggressive at the plate. When he swings he seems to be wanting to just make contact instead of taking his normal powerhouse swings. Even when he goes to the opposite field he looks like he is just trying to meet the ball. When he is normal even his swings to left field have power behind it- often driving the ball into the left field stands-(Japan). I think he should just rear back and take his cut-regardless of the count. If he misses so be it- but lets feel that wind.

I join those who marvel at my birthday buddy Tito. He now has Pap ready to go during the Yanks series. With Buchholz and Beckett starting, you gotta figure the Sox will be in them at the end of the game, in need of some “game-closing” skills. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kevin Cash catch one of those games so Tek has a “full day” off. He has hit some dingers this year, but maybe the only guy in history to wind up the season with 20 HR’s, 20 RBI’s. Who cares, if they are 20 game winners!

Hey, Bosoxbrian, I did my best when they were in my town man. pretty soon, they’ll be heading toward you. Actually, my family and I are headed that way this weekend, to share the “Relay for Life” Program with my now breast cancer-free sister who lives in the Villages. Its quite a community. I could envision retiring there, although I’m afraid it might give me the itch to support Southern college football teams (lol).


3 saves with 3 different relievers, not many teams can say that if any. A nice little winning streak for the Red Sox going into Gotham.

No Lowell and Ortiz in the worst slump in his career, when these guys get there bats rolling. This team will take off.

Isn’t it great too see Ellsbury in the middle of all of this. When he gets on, good things happen. He is the tablesetter.
Don’t tell the people you are from Big 10 country, they might give you some grief, lol.
Outside of Ga. Bulldogs and the Fl. Gators, not much talent with the teams down here. The only 2 that could win it all in 2008-09. F.S.U. and Miami, rebuilding still.

Let’s everyone be realistic about Kevin Cash. He has never batted even .200 in a season. In 369 career at bats, he’s hitting .168. He batted .176 in 59 games for the Pawsox last year. Wondering why Varitek pinch hit for him??? It’s because Cash can’t hit at all. It would be an amazing blessing if he hit even .200 this year… so expect to see Varitek come in late in the Wakefield starts and play pretty much the rest of the games. A slow runner batting .170ish is going to hurt us in the long run.

On a more positive note… Craig Hansen stats in Pawt… 5 games, 7.1 innings, 2 hits, 0 earned runs. Nice to see him maybe straightening himself out.


I think/hope everyone is realistic about Cash. I know I am. As you said nothing more than a .200 hitter. So far it hasn’t hurt the Red Sox with his bat in there and chances are it will not. Red Sox won 2 world Series with Mirabelli’s bat in the lineup. Mirabelli just like Cash couldn’t hit .300 in a beer belly softball league, LOL. Cash is there for 1 reason and 1 reason only, to catch the knuckleball and so far he has done a very good job. If he hits close to .200 and a little more, that is gravy. If someone out there thinks Cash will be a very productive bat, obviously they know very little. In his spot starts there will be a game or two where Cash will come up with some big hits, percentages I say.

Boston went to Cleveland at the right time. Cleveland looks totally lost. There bats are not cooking and there bullpen is the reason why they lost those 2 games. There is too much talent on that Indians team to struggle. I assume they’ll get there act together. Tigers invade Cleveland, someone has to win those games.

DBenjamin, I live in the Orlando area, so I know about The Villages. You’d be surprised how many Ohio State fans are down here. I am one of many. Not just UF fans, though they outnumber Miami and FSU fans by far. I am excited about Ohio State’s team for the upcoming season. A national title contender again for certain. I’m also excited about the Celtics, who should be playing in June.

Regarding the Sox, namely Kevin Cash, you have to understand his value to the team. It’s his defense and signal calling, not his bat. Stats are not the lone indicator of a player’s value. The Sox do have two promising catchers at Triple-A in George Kottaras and Dusty Brown – who have better bats – but Cash does a good job behind the plate, so I’m fine with his lack of offense. I don’t think he will start the two Yankees games, but I imagine Francona will give Varitek a day off on Friday when Texas arrives at Fenway.


It was a great win for the Red Sox especially the Yanks won also. The Sox will win at least one game at the Yankee stadium and remain 1 game ahead of the damned Yankees. I don’t pay too much attention to individual stats. All I care is theeeeeee Red Sox win. Dice-K may surprisngly turn out to be another ace. It would be great to have 2 aces at the same time.

Timeing is everything, if your wife is Catholic!

To me, Cash is an upgrade over Mirabelli in two areas, age and salary.

Just curious, but if Mirabelli has a better bat than Cash, and his defensive ability in handling the knuckleball is better than Cash’s, why was he released?


I don’t what you wrote on your post here. It makes no sense to me. Please explain if you can. Thank you.

Not sure which one you’re having trouble with. Try me at RobertGKramer@AOL.Com.

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