Youk recovers fast

Some good news right out of the gate. Kevin Youkilis was no worse for the wear today after clubbing a foul ball off his left, big toe last night and he is in the lineup, batting fifth and playing  third base tonight.

Could we please have a baseball game that lasts less than four hours tonight? Please, please, please?

Here are the lineups for tonight:

Red Sox
Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Youkilis 3B
Drew RF
Varitek C
Casey 1B
Lugo SS

Beckett SP

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A-Rod 3B
Giambi 1B
Posada DH
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Moeller C

Mussina SP

Oh, and by the way, I wanted to give a shout-out to the great Amy Browne — (my wife) — who is a birthday girl today.

More later,



I was too disgusted last night to post anything. What a horrible game. I agree with Ian …… will we ever see a game less than four hours long? These long games aren’t much fun to watch, even if the Sox win.

I’m beginning to worry about the Sox pitching staff. Beckett, Dice-K and Wake are horses at the front, Pap and Okajima at the end, but I’m not seeing much else. Lester and Bucholz are both very young, inexperienced, and it has been showing. The bullpen is very shaky at best until you get to the end. What I’m seeing now doesn’t bode well for a successful season. There are a lot of unknowns in the staff.

Does anyone besides me thing Joe Morgan is an idiot? He’s got something to say about the way every batter hits and every pitcher throws. He thinks he’s doctor baseball and he doesn’t know jack! He just rambles on and on not saying much about anything that makes a difference to anyone.

I look for Josh Beckett to get stronger each time out. He’ll be the “stopper” tonight. The Sox need him badly.


I am with you about Joe Morgan, a great player but a HORRIBLE broadcaster, poor Dave O’Brien last night. He had to sit next to him for 4 hours, LOL.

I am also concerned about this pitching staff as a whole. Bucholtz might need more seasoning. He has started 3 games and 2 were poor. Last night, I think the stage was a little big for Bucholtz. Second time around the order, the opposition is getting the best of the Boston pitchers lately. Lester’s last 2 starts, second time around the order, eat him alive. I am concerned about that and I am sure the Red Sox are as well. Throw strikes and get ahead of the hitter. Strike 1 is the most important pitch in baseball, something that is learned in little league. For some reason Boston’s pitchers are having a hard finding home plate. It has always been 60 feet 6 inches, perhaps someone should tell them that. If you pitch from behind, you will get hit very hard. I am sure John Farrell hasn’t slept well lately.

Hey guys,

Interesting article I read about Lester. He has expressed a great deal of frustration over his performance but according to the staff, he’s doing what they expect of him at this point in his career.
This is really kind of a end of an era year for the Sox because next year, Timlin will be gone, Doug has already left, Snyder has gone and Colon — despite all the hype — looks like he will not be showing up. Also Schilling is gone as well. Now we have Lester and Buckholtz coming up and lots of talent hungry to see the Sox. In short, it seems like the Sox are in a great transition right now and I think this year might be the shakedown year and next year the on-fire year.

Red Sox ran themselves out of that inning. They had a chance to get something going early.

Go Manny! Once again he’s leading the troops. Now if only David can get things going — and Beckett can go a few innings.

When will Mussina learn? 3-1 count and he threw one right down Broadway. He doesn’t throw hard enough to do that. I assume next time, Mussina will pitch around him.

Bosoxbrian — I hope Mussina continues that streak of right down broadway. The sox need this win…and an easy one at that.

Joe Morgan made a good point last night. He was talking about the recent Jackie Robinson celebration and the effort that MLB is making to attract young African Americans to the game. He stated correctly that the newer fans don’t care where someone is from, and what color their skin is, they care whether or not they can play. It’s the older generation that experienced the inclusion of all people that care about the percentages of African Americans in the game. The newer generation grew up expecting that all people will be included. I think that speaks well of where we are headed as a country. My 2 cents.

But I agree he talks too much in general.


I agree with you. Mussina doesn’t have much on his ball. There is no way Mussina will last the year.

Ellsbury at third, this kid can fly. I read where he runs a 4.3 40, now that is fast!!!

I run a 4.3 40 as well, 4 minutes and 3 seconds, LOL.

Correction….”.The older generation that experienced the inclusion of all people AS A NEW THING that care’….sorry

Let’s go Oritz, time to go deep into right.

BoSoxBrian — do you think Dustin is the most underrated player on the team. That kid is amazing!

Predroia and Youk, I am glad they will be around for years to come. They hustle all the time, they don’t take any at bats off. I am sure the opposition don’t like those 2, gritty guys and they play with a attitude.

I am convinced Mike Mussina only graduated from Stanford because he cheated, LOL. This guy is the definition of STUBBORN.
Right down Broadway again. Thank you Mike Mussina.

These Yankee fans I think will kill Mussina before the season is over. There will be a movie called Fan II, LOL. I can feel there hate for Mussina threw the t.v.

BosoxBrian — forgive me for neglecting Youk. Right now the Sox have a cushion for Beckett BUT how long can Beckett last.

Sometimes I think that the Sox need 120 runs per game to keep it in check.

I thought Boston had some rag tag arms in there bullpen. This Yankee team has there fair share as well. Albaladejo, I am glad he is wearing pinstripes.

Well the bad news is this looks like it will be another 4, 4.5 hour game guys. The good news is the last couple hours shouldn’t matter so we can all turn in early and just call it a 3 hour game🙂

I guess the Yankees are taking the approach to swing at the first few pitches everytime. Beckett has only thrown about 25 pitches the first time through the order and I think they all have been fastballs. A good sign


I think Beckett can go thru 7 innings. He seemed to fatigue in the 5th or 6th on Sat. at Fenway. His stamina/endurance is only getting better. Beckett looks very confident/relaxed out there tonight. A pitcher in control.

If Lester or Dice-K were on the hill tonight, I would agree with the 120 runs, not needed tonight.

I would agree with you Rizzo about the Yankees swinging early in the count. They are playing right into Beckett’s hands.

Wang went 4 plus innings last night and he is supposed to be there ace. Mussina went 3 innings. This Yankee team has pitching issues as well. At least Boston has Beckett at the front of there rotation and Farrell as there pitching coach.

I can’t believe what Michael Kay said when Lugo was trying to steal second. He said the Red Sox aren’t calling off the dogs. Why in the world would they? 24 hours before the Yankees scored 15 runs. The game is only in the 5th inning, alot of baseball to be played. Michael Kay and Joe Morgan, I wish they would go bowling together and never do a baseball game again. Morgan and Kay, they just don’t get it.

Beckett is showing what an ace is all about. He is in total control of this game.

This all depends on how long Beckett can stay in the game. I just hope we have a bullpen that can save the game otherwise this will be a very long flight home — optimistic Dave here!
I will say this — Manny is on fire but Ortiz has got to be feeling frustrated.


I agree with you about Kay, Brian. Another thing he always does when Flaherty is in the booth with him is bring up how Manny NEVER talked to Flaherty when he was in Sox camp. Including tonight I could count 3 or 4 times the exact same words were said. It seems so childish I mean come on what are we in middle school again?

Your right about that rizzo. Kay and Flaherty talking about that. Flaherty tried catching Wakefield once and said my career is over, he retired quick. Kay isn’t probably liked by Yankee fans as well. I like Al Leiter and Paul O’Neil is solid in the booth. Kay is quite annoying. He doesn’t add much to the broadcast. It could be worse, I could be listening to the Yankees on radio, Susan Waldman, what a joke she is. I will never forget her reaction when Clemens was at Yankee Stadium last year. She was very unprofessional during that situation. The entire sports world was laughing at her.

Beckett had a rough inning. If he can get thru 7 innings. I will be happy.

Great to here the Ortiz jersey is at 30k right now and rising. Great deed by the Yankees. It is going to a great cause.

Most of the Yankee announcers are pretty annoying but John Sterling and Suzyn take the cake. Waldman the ex Sox fan who somehow transformed herself into the biggest Yankee lover of all time who goes crazy for Clemens and cries when Torre leaves.
O’Neill is a good announcer but I think Leiter only says the obvious and always spins his story around to benefit the Yankees. The best Yankee announcer of all time and one of the greatest period was Jim Kaat.

Hey guys,

Two things: Did anyone see the pitch that hit Manny. Was it intentional? I hope not. I’m tired of the Yankees beaning players they don’t like. It’s dirty baseball.
Second, Papelbon was a little shaky out there. What happened to him. This was an atypical performance. Is it fatigue…or mental fatigue…or just a top notch pitcher having an off day.


The pitch didn’t hit Manny but it did go behind his head which is probably worse. To play devil’s advocate, the Sox are constantly hitting Yankees, and they never seem to do anything about it.
To go about it in that manner though is very bush league. Don’t throw at his head, if you need to send a message hit him in the back or leg. Farnsworth is a prototypical hothead so nothing he does garners respect from me.
I was most glad to see Beckett be the bigger man and just go about his business and you could tell big bad ARod in his last at bat was just a wee bit nervous. Slow tapper back to the mound you can’t tell me he wasn’t thinking, I’m getting one around the chin.
There is a lot more games these two teams are going to play this year, and I do believe the fireworks aren’t over yet.

Haha, the fireworks are never over between the Yanks and Sox!

Beckett did a great job tonight. Just what he needed to do. I wouldn’t worry about Papelbon. The Yankees are locked in and pounding the ball. So a meaningless rough inning is not the end of the world. Sox have won 4 of 5. Good.

There is no doubt in my mind that Farnsworth was throwing at Ramirez. My problem with it is why throw a pitch that high? Just like Chamberlain threw 2 pitches at Youk’s head last year. If your going to throw at someone, line them up in the ribs. Ramirez as we all know likes to stand there and admire his H.R.’s, he is kind of asking for it. Also he has been killing Yankee pitching. I’m surprised they didn’t throw at him a while back, like the last couple of seasons.

Boston will pick there spot when to retaliate. Chances are it will be A-Rod. If Boston does line one up on A-Rod, plunk him right in the ribs and show the Yankees how to do it. Nothing up high, that to me is juvenile.

Papelbon was a little shaky and I think the reason why, no save was on the line. Closers for some reason struggle when there is no save oppurtunity.

Beckett pitched great. 8 innings and 3 runs, he was in total control of that game. He held a team to 3 runs and just 24 hours before the Yankees put 15 on Boston. Beckett is back and that is a great thing!!!

With all the talk/criticism about announcers on this blog thread, I hesitate to throw in this comments, but here it goes:
Does anyone else miss Tina Cervasio on NESN, I thought her questions last year were predictable to be polite, but I must say that the NESN broadcasts this year, seem noticeably duller, I think she must have brought a lot of life (dare I say joy) to the telecast — NESN needs to replace her, the guys just don’t have enough spark in them alone.

In regards to the Yankee radio announcers John Sterling and Susan Waldman: —

What’s your specific beef with them? I am a long time Sox fan, but I like both of these announcers. Do you think there analysis is all fantasy and/or incorrect? I was driving back from New York to Boston (with my family) listening to the Sox/Yank game on the radio — and my wife really enjoyed their coverage, said she could actually get into baseball if SOX announcers were as informative. Funny thing is — they are extremely complementary to both sides. I was surprised how well they spoke of everyone including our SOX. I thought John was a bit on the superlative side “every thing was a great play, great swing” — but besides that, they offered a great deal more explanation than Jerry Remy and Don Orsello (of NESN), the latter who rarely calls anything more than balls and strikes, and Jerry who offers some useful commentary when he is not talking about restaurants, hotels, and taxi cab rides. Now don’t jump on me, I watch most games on NESN, and like both these guys, but I do wish they would offer more explanation like some of these other announcers, and less on taxi cab rides, hotels, and restaurants, which would be fun — if they also gave a bit more relevant commentary. Made its all a matter of taste.

Finally on Joe Morgan —

Haven’t heard Morgan broadcast in a while (because of NESN) — so I can’t speak to what you guys are complaining about – but my feeling is that you must feel his analysis is all bunk, if not wrong

I remember an explanation he gave on one broadcast about why hitters have so much trouble bunting, when they shouldn’t — which seemed really reasonable and simple to me? He claimed to bunt you should almost play catch with the bat, let the ball come to you, never punch at it. Every time I see one of our guys (or any batter) having trouble laying down a but, they do seem to be pushing, or punching at the ball, instead of letting it come them, and as Joe offered, play catch with the bat — is that all bunk? Have loved baseball for years, but never played beyond high school in organized ball, but seemed like a great explanation to me?

Hey guys,

I have really enjoyed this blog. Makes me not endure my Red Sox obsession alone.

Three questions. After viewing the toss myself, I want to not judge a man but it certainly looks awfully suspicious. After all, the Sox have seen pitches ALL year and this is the first aimed for the head. Apparently though a Sox reliever beaned Alex Rodriques the previous night. Do you guys know anything about it?
Second, when did Tina leave? I wondered why she cancelled her blog? I just figured someone said something rude? Did she get fired? What do you guys know about it?
What’s happening with David Ortiz? Does he need another day off? Is he just exhausted? What’s going on with the guy because I’m sure it’s not fun for him at all.


Tina left sometime before the start of the baseball season, stating she wanted to spend more time with her family. She lives in NJ (I believe) , so hopefully she is not a Yankee fan at heart. I heard a rumor that she might have gone to a Fox station in the NY/NJ area. Anyway, nothing more than time with family (officially) — I am sure there is nothing more sinister than that, unless her husband is Yankee fan and couldn’t take it anymore — probably just family time — you are on the road half the season with her job.

and if you live in NJ — I guess you are on the road six months+ a year when covering the SOX.

I think when the Bruins season ends, N.E.S.N. will have the lovely Kathryn Tappen take Tina’s spot. Just a guess of course. I haven’t read that anywhere. Anything with Tappen, I will be watching, LOL.

I hope the Red Sox can take advantage of there schedule. 7 games against the Rangers and the Angels. I think winning 5 of those games would make me happy.

First) Hey everyone, sorry but I’ve been busy trying to stay in last place in the Zach’s fantasy league!! boy has my time and effort paid off!! I’ve got last place ALL to myself!! lol alot! Hey at least I’m having fun!!!
Anyone on here from last year knows how I feel about Mr. Know-it-all” Morgan. If they had a Hall Of Fame for Krappy sportcasters, Joe would surely head the innaugural class along with Tim McCarver (they both make me want to barf) and as someone said, Morgan was a really really good player for the Big Red Machine, he should have just left it at that!!
And, yes, I also enjoyed Tina on the broadcasts last year…
Too bad Joe andMcCarver don’t want to spend MORE time with their families.

Instead of talking about some crappy broadcasters, I am as guilty as anyone. Let’s mention some of the good one’s over the years, radio or t.v.

Vin Scully would be #1 and nobody is even in his league. I loved it when he did the game of the week on N.B.C.
Joe Buck, Dick Stockton, Thom Brennaman, Sean McDonough, just to name a few. Rick Sutcliffe, Orel Hershiser, Joe Girardi ( He was very good in the booth ) Tony Kubek and someone mentioned Jim Kaat, I second that. Too bad Kaat retired from the booth.

Messages are part of the game! Farnsworth’s lack of control was evident in the ball missing him by only three feet, it was intended to be more like the balls over Youkilis from Joba. One of the quirks of Manny is his overreaction to pitches that miss him by a mile! What better way to spoil his concentration, but, it doesn’t work!!!

By default and based only on W-L record is Wang our Ace. Certainly nowhere near the level of Beckett. We don’t enjoy any reasonable expectancy of a win when he starts against us.

Though the boos for Mussina grow as his production/effectiveness decreases, the use of “hate” is improper. He will be cheered again when or ifhe has a great outing, there may be a few more in him. Otherwise he’ll have to wait for an “Old Timers Day” intro.

I guess you were stuck with the NY feed on MLBEI. It appears Kay is intollerable to RSN. But we’ve discussed how other feeds annoy us also, from most areas of the country. And I think Waldman is pitifull, but I thank God there are no more “holy cows. E-mail me, please. I have something friendly FYEO!


I agree, messages are a part of the game. This just in, you don’t throw at anyone’s head or even near it. I am sure most people would agree with that.

How about Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek and Rizzuto who drove me crazy but he knew his stuff

On my direct tv MLBEI I have the choice of NESN or who ever we’re playing’s announcers..


I totally agree, but if it was intended to hit him, even I could do that! I remember the game in 2004 (?) where Zimmer got punched by Pedro (big smile.) That started by Manny jumping away from a high, outside strike (or damn close to it!)


Or at least his birthdays and Conolles(sp?)


What Manny did during the A.L.C.S. in 2003 has no bearing on what happened last night. The pitch you are talking about was thrown inside and I do agree that Ramriez over-reacted. I think the Yankees should have thrown at Ramirez about 2 or 3 years ago, he has crushed Yankee pitching. Throw at his legs, ribs, not his head or anywhere near there.

Farnsworth threw a pitch that was very high up, to me that is bush league. If the Red Sox did that to A-Rod or Jeter, I would say the same thing, it was bush league.


I repeat, what do you consider the balls Chamberlain threw over the head of Youkilis?

Another analogy to consider is how does Jeter get hit on the hands so much, but not Big Papi’s elbow. Both are always in the strike zone!

In any case, my only point is: Expect more “messages” this year with Girardi, not so much with the Red Sox, because I don’t think Francona will stand for it!

My positive feeling for Francona and Schilling, and slight negative for Drew, as you know, is the Phillies fan in me!

Jeter leans into the ball and when pitches go inside, he will get hit on the hands. If a pitcher throws at someone hands, I don’t have a problem with that. Martinez back in 2003, threw at Soriano and Jeter to start the game, I have no problems with that. 2 days before, Clemens threw at Millar and hit Millar on the hands, that is the way to do it. At someone’s head is juvenile. I have ZERO respect when a pitcher does that to a hitter.


What Chamberlian did last August to Youkilis was juvenile and bush league.

OK. So we agree to disagree! The only opinion that matters is Watson’s.

Funny accident in another recent post, I left off the n and he became Watso. Refine that and my opinion would show if I call him Whatso!

Peter Gammons was on E.S.P.N. radio this morning and thought Farnsworth would get suspended. To be honest with you, him coming out of the bullpen will help the Red Sox more than the Yankees. I hope he doesn’t get suspended, LOL. Personally I think he’ll get suspended 2 games. We shall see.

RGK: Are you taking about ol “Marge down in Boca is celebrating her 88th b-day”?? and “HOLY COW those are some GOOOD CANNOLI’S!!??

I’d love to read Gammons, a knowledgable old timer like me (?) but I’ll be damned if I’ll buy a subscription to ESPN Magazine! One of my Brother In Laws gave me a six month gift once. That thing is huge! And hard to recycle! And I just want Baseball articles about the teams I know and follow!

What did Joba get last year? A fine and a day, I think. And the same for Torre! Whatso was a player and GM for the Yanks! How did we piss him off?

Chamberlain got 2 days last year. I am not sure what Torre got, I don’t remember.

Gammons is on E.S.P.N. radio every Friday at 7:30 a.m. with Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. I like Gammons as well, his passion for the game is just great!!!! I grew up reading his stuff in the Boston Globe and I have been hooked ever since.

Oh wait. He worked for George. Like Stottlemyre! The curse of a meddling owner. RSN is lucky, there is some sanity there!

Chamberlain and Farnsworth situations are a little different. Chamberlain threw 2 pitches over the head of Youkilis and a warning went to both benches and then Chamberlain tossed another at Youk’s head. Farnsworth threw only 1 pitch and it was around his shoulders, it didn’t go directly over his head. I think Chamberlain’s was a little worse than Farnsworth’s was. The intent was the same though. We shall see what Watson does if anything at all.

Watson has done more for the Yankees than Cashman has. Watson was a pretty good g.m. Of course he is no friend of Francona. What happened in that dugout was a disgrace last year. Worrying what Francona is wearing, while the game was going on, not good. Watson had a very brief career in Boston.

I didn’t know that! Most of his career was as an Astro. Highlight of his career? He scored the One Millionth Run, just before Chambliss.

I hope Dice-K can throw strikes and be aggressive in the strike zone. Stop nibbling at the corners and trying to be cute.

I want the Red Sox to take 3 of 4 from the Rangers. It starts tonight with a win.

A little Fenway fun tonight.

Watson was racing around to do that feat.

Watson was a member of the Red Sox very briefly. Perhaps 4 months or so. I went to a game where he hit a ball about halfway up the light tower in l.f. The ball was crushed. Watson was in Boston for about 4 months or so.

He also appeared in “The Bad News Bears ” when the Bears went to the Astrdome. A great movie. Watson was in the dugout with Enis Cabell.

I don’t think there is a better story in baseball than Josh Hamilton. He was the #1 pick in the 1999 draft, the #2 pick–Josh Beckett. Hamilton can do it all and who isn’t rooting for him. Of course I am not rooting for him this weekend, lol.

Ortiz with a grand slam, let’s hope he never looks back. That should get his swagger going.

Hopefully that gives his confidence a boost. He has definitely been hesitant on that knee.

Hey Papi, GREAT Stuff!!! hard to believe that with all of his BIG HR’s. that’s just his 8th Grand Slam!! His slump is ovah!!!
I have a question for all of you RSN faithful.. You all know how we love Millar, right?? Well don’t kill me, but I think we have a new Millar in Sean Casey. He’s got that same “goof”like personality, can relieve Youk at 1st, and in turn do the same for Lowell by Youk being able to go to 3rd!!
There is just something about the way Casey seemingly walked in and it was a good fit just puts that in my head..

Oh hey, I forgot,
GREAT JOB by our youngsters. Just think, this time last year BOTH Ellsbury and Lowrie were in Pawtucket. Priceless!


I think that is a great observation, Casey and Millar. Millar is more of a jokester but both Casey and Millar came aboard and you would think they have been on the team for years. It’s great to watch guys play that are having a blast. One of the reasons why Casey chose Boston is because of there chance to win the world series. That sounds great when you here players say that about the Red Sox. We certainly didn’t here too much of that in the past, lol. Of course that kills Yankee fans.

Dice-K is going to get another easy win, nice run support again.

I really like what I see from Lowrie. The kid can play 3b, ss and 2b. Remy was speculating that Lowrie might play 2b soon and the Red Sox give Pedroia a day off. Pedroia has played every game so far. Also what I like about Lowrie is he is a switch hitter. He seems to belong and doesn’t look like he has big eyes out there. Some rookies have those big eyes and the stage seems a little big for them.

I think this could be the spot where the Red Sox pull away from the pack a little.

The Orioles are putting a beat down on the Yankees. Orioles are playing pretty well. Much to my surprise. I still think they will be the worst team in the A.L. They better enjoy there good play here because I don’t think it will last. Orioles have giving the Yankees some problems the last couple of seasons. The Red Sox have owned the Orioles the last couple of seasons. Funny how that goes.

Well, that was interesting.

When I was young there was a category in a pitcher’s stats called a Complete Game, when the starting pitcher would record all 27 outs of a 9 inning game. Sometimes they’d lose and still pitch all 9 innings. Also there was a time when it was considered a good thing to get three outs using only three pitches. They didn’t feel compelled to go to a 3 ball 2 strike count on EVERY hitter like some of our pitchers do this year. Do you think some of our pitchers will start to be more economical and execute their pitches better soon?

Great game for the Sox tonight.

Ellen, I used to love Phil Rizzuto. I grew up in an East Coast neighborhood full of Italians and Phil was just like my neighbors. I could only get channel 11 and had to watch Yankee games all the time(this was pre-cable). I don’t think he ever actually saw any of the games, he spent all his time talking about food, restaurants and his buddies and relatives. Hilarious. How do you get this new format to make paragraphs?? Drives me crazy!!

About what Remy said about Lowrie spelling Pedroia. I dont see that happening right now due to Dustins hitting streak, waht is it now 7 games?? I just picked up Sean Casey for the fantasy league, hey even if its for 5 more games right now, at least I can get myself a couple of rbis and hits!! plus he can be on my bench! good? bad?? tell me I’m seriously blonde whrn it comes to this fantasy league.
arnie, I’m trying to find out about the paragraph right now, if it works i’ll let you know. I only found Rizzuto when we got VERY VERY basic cable and we got WOR from NY. I think he is the founder of the “SHOUT OUT” “HEY BERNIE AND BERTHA DOWN IN FORT LAUDERDALE, THEY’RE PLAYING MAJHONG TONIGHT, AND THEY’RE EATING THOSE WONDERFUL CANNOLI’S!! HEY THERE”. He’s a definite classic!! and I didnt really much care who was broadcasting the games back then, because we only got like one game a week other than “The NBC Major League Game Of the Week; brought to you by Gillette” wow, long time ago. Joe and Tony used to have that one. My dad didnt much care for them and called them Joe Garagedoor and Tony Kube- steak…. Now that to me is a priceless memory..
I miss watching games with him, especially our Sox games. He’s be soooo proud of these guys. And he would LOVE Youk and Pedroia, you know Dirt Dogs.

spelling errors all through that one.

I’m with your dad on Tony and Joe, Ellen. Never liked listening to them. But I watched the games anyway. I’d wait and wait and wait for the Sox to be on and then I wouldn’t miss a second of the game. When I first started in restaurants I worked in an Italian place and we made canolis. We used a broomstick cut up in 6 inch pieces to wrap the dough around to fry the shells. Not recommended!But they are soooo good fresh, you could kill yourself eating them.

Ellen, Casey is hitting well right now so it’s not that bad a move, but to drop Conor Jackson for him, well it takes balls ! LOL

But hey, this comes from a guy who’s in 10th place out of 12 players so ………

That “safe” sign given by Casey after he crawled back to 2B Thursday night was priceless! What a laugh!

What to do with Jed Lowrie when Cora returns?

Lowrie will go back to the minors.

How is it that we have an 80 degree temp here today and the pool is still COLD!! I guess I shouldn’t whine, some of y’all are still wearing longjohns!! lol at the thought!! nothing personal anyone!! Antway…
Its a shame that Jed will have to go back down but it can’t hurt him to have some more seasoning, you know he’ll be back up when the roster expands in Sept., if not before if someone gets injured. In the mean time, seeing the way he plays ought to perk up Cora and Lugo, you know, competition and all??
do we go up against Gabbard at all this series? I still think that the trade (gag-me-Gabbard) was one of the ALL time worst trades by ANYONE!!!
Even we, as fans, could see that the only thing Gagne was going to save was his money for Dunkin Donuts!!

antway=anyway i just need to get up and find my reading glasses, dont you think??

I’m hoping Lester can give the Sox 6 innings tonight. C’mon Jon, you can do it! First pitch strike! 6 innings is like a complete game these days, unfortunately.
It’s so nice to see the kids doing so well. Gives me a lot of confidence in the future.

Reminder, anyone interested in watching the kids on the farm (like me) there is MiLB.TV!

Hopefully now he has enough under his belt to start getting into a “comfort zone”.. He did get rocked his last outing though, didnt he?? I hope he can get ahead of the hitters better tonight than he has recently.
Come on JON LESTER…..

I was just looking at the schedule ahead (next month). What’s with these two game series this year?? We’ve got baltimore for 2 in May?? I don’t understand the logic behind it. Does anyone know why they are doing this?, I don’t recall ever playing a 2 game series unless it was make up games

Watching Mets @ Phillies, Albert and McCarver are a huge upgrade over Miller and Morgan!


I don’t recall any prior two game series either! Not a clue why!

Gabbard will pitch on Monday, the annual Patriots Day game. Gabbard against Bucholtz.

There have been 2 game series in the past. The reason there are 2 game series? Interleague play, it is called the unbalanced schedule.

Let’s hope Lester can throw some strikes and the second time around in the order, make some adjustments. It has killed him his last 2 starts. The Tribe and the Tigers have eaten him alive the second time around in the order.


Did you see where Farnsworth got suspended. I was saying yesterday it would probably be 2 games, he got 3 games and of course a fine. I guess M.L.B. thought Farnsworth was throwing at Ramirez after all. Your thoughts about the suspension ?

Excessive! Thanks a lot Whatso!

I was suprised to see where it was 3 games. I think the reason it was 3 games is Farnsworth went high and I don’t think M.L.B. is going to put up with that. I don’t like it, never ever throw at someone that high.

Actually, for him, there is little difference between two and three games. He can’t pitch succesive days without losing 10mph, so he’d only miss one “use.”

Never ever throw at anyone period! And be very careful with “messages.”

Quite true but the Yankees will be short a reliever but then again Farnsworth not coming into the game will help the Yankees. I’m sure most Yankee fans would agree. Farnsworth was another bad signing by Cashman, one of many by Cashman over the years.

I don’t have a hard time when someone throws at someone, just don’t go high. You can hit someone in the leg or something along those lines. Throwing at someone is a part of the game.

Some teams like the Angels among others don’t like to get involved with any of that. It’s been going on in the game for years and years and will continue going on for more decades.

Seriously, Brian, do you think Farnsworth has any kind of control? And Cashman is not the only GM with bad signings. Who is crazy enough to give Crisp $11million, a two tool player! Remember Cashman is saddled with a meddling owner, yet finds us a Aaron Small or Juan Acevedo when we need a player!

Would you approve of anyone going after Big Papi’s knees?

Theo has made his poor signings as well but the Red Sox have won 2 titles while he has been the g.m. While Cashman hasn’t gotten past the L.D.S. in a while.
Crisp was a member of a championship team and his glove in c.f. was unbelieveable. Of course it is time for Crisp to move on, perhaps some pitching in return.
If they threw at Oritz and it wasn’t at his head, that is how it goes.

That is what makes the situtation with Farnsworth a little nuts, just as you said, his lack of control. Not a good thing for a guy like Farnsworth to throw at someone up high. Who knows where the ball will end up, he certainly doesn’t have a clue.

This Rangers pitching staff is just HORRIBLE.

Why did they ever trade away Chris Young ?

Hang on to those first two sentences!

As a Yankee fan, what is your opinion of Brian Cashman as there g.m. ? If Cashman did get fired at the end of the year, who would you want as his replacement ?

It seems Lester always gives up the lead lately

I expect a new contract sometime after the season. I don’t really know other available personnel that well, but, if they want a workaholic multitasker who can get the most out of scouts and knows the farm there’s always me!!

Bet you’re hands are shaky after laughing that hard!

Good stuff Kramer, I guess you couldn’t do any worse, LOL.

Lester off to another rough start. He doesn’t fool anyone out there.

I’d say so

I can’t take another year of Lugo killing rallies — please trade or bench that man.

For management as calculated as Sox management is, that can let players like Mirabelli go, based purely on stats, why can’t they part with Lugo? last year, this year never a plus, always a liablity. This year 9 SOX erros so far, 6 are Lugo’s. Last year he couldn’t hit at all, but when he did, at least sometimes they were clutch hits. This year, he his hitting better, but not when it matters, his clutch hitting is 0.00 this year I believe — this is the 4th rally he has killed or sent to two outs in the past few games. With Lowrie, who has more energy, more confidence, better defense, probably better offense, and just doesn’t seem to carry any bad karma, what’s the hesitation? the big fat contract? Come on management, cut your losses, I can’t take watching Lugo drain the team and have to win in spite of him for another year in a row.

Sorry, I must confess, he is the only Sox player I have never ever felt good about — what scout brought this man in? wish I could see the numbers or understand our management’s attraction is to him — a weak move that has never improved, but only added risk to this team.

Nice jump and catch by Ellsbury. They need to win today, since the Orioles are a half game behind the sox and winning right now

Another win brewing inspite of Lugo? team picked him up again.

Didn’t jinx me this time!LOL

Ramirez hits another bomb. No light tower, that ball would have ended up on the Mass pike. That ball was still climbing.

Red Sox pen did the job, holding it to a 1 run game. Just a matter of time for the Sox bats to beat down this Ranger pen.

Lester got off to a rough start but finished pretty strong. I give him alot of credit. Overall a pretty good start for Lester. Of course too many hits allowed but he did hang in there. Not bad for a youngster. Most young pitchers get down on themselves and then all of a sudden there out of the game.

A good win for the redsox tonight. Now 8-2 in their last 10.(Got that off of Also on a night the Yankees probably have a losing record.

Perfect night, sox win and Yankees get shutout by the ORIOLES, but the Orioles are hot coming out of the gate. But still it is an embarresing loss by the Yankees with a chance to get swept

Lester did well. 6 and a third, only 3 runs, not too many walks. Let me say that again: not too many walks! That’s all the Sox need from him. Good job. How about Lopez, one pitch and he gets the victory! And that one pitch was hit hard. Baseball’s a crazy game sometimes.

Manny’s my MVP so far. He said if Papi wasn’t hitting for a while he’d hit for him, and he is!

I agree with the earlier poster commenting on Joe Morgan. What a putz!!! And his sidekick there, Jon Miller, drives me absolutely nuts with his inflection. He is SOOO inCREDibly incREDUlous about EVERYthing he SAYS!!! GAd!

Not to mention that the pair of them are so pro-Yankee, they practically whine when the Sox take the lead. Last game Joe was saying how it’s the hitters that suffer in the cold, not the pitchers. That goes against all conventional wisdom from what I can tell; grip on the ball, ability to get and stay loose between innings, etc… Except it was the Yankees that weren’t hitting, so of course the cold effects the hitters more than the pitchers.

Mark in Hiroshima

I’m down here in Florida with my Yankee-loving son-in-law and loving it, watching the Sox beat up on the Rangers and the Yanks droop to the Orioles. Looks like Jon L gutted one out yesterday — I agree with Bosoxbrian (did I really say that?!?!? (lol)) when Jon L stays away from walks he demonstrates his major league pitching mettle.

I wonder which will happen first, will the Yanks pitching rookies start pitching to their acclaim, or will the Yanks make a move for more pitching? When you see the travails of Mussina to boot, you have to wonder if the Yanks will be the Sox main opposition this year. I’d consider the Blue Jays, but the clubhouse controversy has already started. They sit down the non-hitting Big Hurt for a couple days, and now he’s pouting publicly, not shaking his teammates’ hands. I honestly believe that team could have the 25 best players in baseball and not make the play-offs. There is something seriously wrong with that team’s management. I think a big time shake-up is not far off.

So, if not the Yanks or the Blue Jays, maybe the Rays? Hey, Bosoxbrian, how about that Kent Stater (just down the road from my home) Andy Sonnanstine?

You’ve got to love the Sox heart. Even after all that travelling in March and April, we’re 20 games into the season, they are tied for best record in the AL, and have only lost 1 series thus far this year…with Big Papi hitting .140 and Mikey L on the DL! This is a team loaded with talent. I am flabbergasted at all of the players taking minor league contracts just to be with the team — Colon, Bobby Kielty, Kyle Snyder….

For those frustrated with Julio Lugo, I hear your dissatisfaction, however, I don’t like the Sox ss merry-go-round for the last several years. After all, they did win it all last year with Lugo playing the position. Can Lowrie play short? If so, I think you bring him along slowly, groom him into the position, letting Lugo and Alex Cora (when he returns from the DL) have most of the ss playing time for now. Even the Sox can’t just walk away from another 4 year contract the way they did with Renteria’s.

As for CoCo, maybe it took his job being in jeopardy for him to get motivated enough to play like he played in Cleveland. And, as I said, the Sox have Bobby Kielty marking time in the minors, and we haven’t even talked about Brandon Moss in a while!!

Looks like a Rx for a great Summer — Go Sox!


You picked a great time to come to Florida, great weather. This is like summer weather in the Cleveland area.

You agreed with me, please see a Dr. quick, lol.

I’m with you on the Blue Jays. The Jays rotation is very strong and if they stay healthy, they should be hanging around. I thought at the beginning of the year, they would end up in 2nd place. Mussina with a couple of youngsters, spells alot of trips for Girardi to the mound early in games. Young pitching like that, you just don’t really know what you will get from game to game. Kennedy should be in A.A.A. anyway. Thomas has alot of pride, he has had a great career. There always seems to be something going on in that Toronto clubhouse. I think Gibbons is on a short leash up there.

Sonnastine pitched out of his mind. He pitched really well during spring training. The Rays need Kazmir and Garza to get healthy and soon. I just looked it up, Steve Stone went to Kent State, never knew. A former Cy Young award winner with the Orioles.

I agree with you about Ortiz, off to a slow start. No Lowell, he might play in a week or so. When those 2 get it together, look out. Bullpen pitched well last night, even Timlin. I still would like too see another arm or two in the pen. Either within or thru a trade.

Going into the weekend I wanted the Red Sox to take 3 of 4. I don’t think that is asking for too much. Rangers are a bad team, 90 or more losses for the season.

hey guys,

Saw last night’s game. Oh Manny is on fire, Ortiz is struggling of course but he’s showing signs of a spark. Man you guys though. The Coco Crisp, Lugo, Lopez bashing parade is a reflection more of how good this team is than a reflection of the performance of these players. The fact is on any other team we’d be impressed with all three…or at least consider them stable everyday players. I like Crisp, I won’t deny it but Ellsbury is continuing to impress me. He’s come a long way. Lugo I must confess makes my spine crack every time he steps up to bat wondering what infielder will find his hit. Lopez isn’t bad but last night made me wonder. J.D. Drew is my frustration. He’s a great power hitter that hits in spurts. He defense is adequate but that’s it.
I think if the Sox were not thinking World Series, they would be more aggressive to let go of Crisp, Lugo and Drew. Pawtucket has their replacements but they are young and inexperienced and that can’t be denied. Personally I think trade all three for two good arms and let Ellsbury and crew take over…but that’s just me and I’ve been wrong before.

By the way, who thinks that Colon is NOT going to pitch this year along with Schilling? Who also thinks that Papelbon throws too many fastballs. I think he needs to mix up his pitches. Everyone is expecting heat and is starting to hit it.

I think Colon will pitch this year. Schilling will have as many starts as me, lol.

I am not counting on Colon to start any more than 10 games. Whoever thinks he’ll be some kind of savoir for this rotation, has a very positive outlook. I consider myself positive most of the time but this could be Wade Miller all over again. I hope I am dead wrong. I still think the Colon signing was a great one, high reward, low risk. Also Freddy Garcia should be available in June or so. Boston I am sure will be looking at him among other teams. Yankees will as well.


I don’t know why you are down on Drew this year. To me he has played very well. I still don’t like the contract. 14 million per season for him, a little too high and the length of the deal is not good. Considering he always seems to have some injuries here and there. I agree about Lugo. My confidence in him is on the low side, at the plate and in the field. I also think the length of his deal is too long. Boson I am sure will buy themselves out of the Lugo deal, not this year though. Perhaps in the winter. There insane road trip is behind them and they are starting to get some momentum going. The other 2 teams that could contend for the division title, have some issues going on there. Of course it is a longggggg season.


Your thoughts about John Marzano passing away? Any good stories/memories about him? Who can ever forget his run in with Paul O’Neil at the Kingdome. That was great.

I remember him coming up in 1987 with the Red Sox, like some of the other younger guys. Sam Horn, Todd Benzinger, Ellis Burks, Greenwell was on there as well. Amazing to think that he has passed on. So young. He did some stuff on M.LB. and I was wondering if you had any interaction with him? Looking forward to your thoughts/reply on here.

I think I mentioned here before that Lugo’s production against the Yankees in 2004 and 2005 was the attraction for the Red Sox. From afar I see him coming around slowly but in the long term I expect to see Lowrie replace him

Hey BoSoxBrian,

It’s a good question about Drew and to be honest I don’t have anything against him, but I can’t find a lot of positive and here’s why.

When I see Youk at bat or Manny or Pedroia, or Lugo (yes Lugo) I see a lot of passion at the plate and at defense. Drew looks like he’s hanging out, doing his job and going home. He plays it safe and doesn’t seem — at least from a perspective of a person who is not privy to the Red Sox clubhouse — a firestarter of a player. A big part of this (and this is EXTREMELY BIAS) is that I feel that nobody ever succeeded Dwight Evans in right field. I always loved to watch him play and actually tried to emulate his skills when I played baseball in school. Drew now holds that coveted spot for me and I haven’t seen it in him. Incidentally, Dewey was also my favorite player in the 75 team. Yes he wasn’t Yastremski or Lynn ( a very close second on my favorite list) or Rice, but there was something about his skill set and his attitude that made me pay attention to him. He’s one of those that will never make the hall of fame but you could also depend on him when you needed him.
Again, I could be wrong on this and have a forced perspective about Dewey. Incidentally, Cash needs to take batting practice. He just increased his LOB percentage.


Cash did hit it well, nice play by Murphy in r.f. Anything more than a .200 avg. from Cash is gravy. Mirabelli didn’t do much at the plate as well.

I would agree with your observation about Drew. Certainly looks very robotic out there. I guess that is his personality. Lowell doesn’t show much emotion out there. You can never tell whether Lowell had 3 hits or went 0 for 4. I do like players that show some fire/emotion but a team has multiple personalities and you don’t want all similar personalities on a team. Look at the Red Sox teams in the past, 24 players–24 cabs was the old saying.


Did you see what happened to Manny? Was he injured? he seems to be out of the game. I just logged on to watch.

He was ejected, arguing at the plate. I thought the pitch was a strike, obviously Ramirez did not.

I like Lowrie as much as the next guy but Lugo is still the starting SS as far as I’m concerned. Lowrie had a couple of great games and there’s no doubt he is the future but the young guy has a lot to still learn. You don’t get called out on strikes with 2nd and 3rd and 1 out. Swing the bat please

The Red Sox with more clutch hitting. 2 out R.B.I.’s are back breakers. A very important stat in baseball is 2 out R.B.I.’s. Pedroia with some heads up baserunning, this closer is rattled. A W.P. is possible here.

Another great comeback, the Rangers are just terrible. CJ Wilson is their lone bright spot out of the pen and even he gives it up today.

Amazing what the redsox are doing lately.
It seems like in every win they come back, and I think they do!

Good call redsoxfan015. I just checked the numbers and 9 of their 13 wins they were losing at some point in the game. Their B.A. and runs scored in the last 3 innings is just off the charts.

Wow>>> Between the Sox and the Bruins, the cardiologists in Boston must be keeping BUSY!! The game at Fenway today was truly testament to the Never Say Die attitude that the Sox had last year, the same attuiyude that seems to have carried over into this season. I saw the stats of what the ruys have done in the 7th inning or later this year and the numbers are huge!!!! All I can say is >> You gotta love ’em, you JUST GOTTA LOVE ‘EM. Way to go RedSox!!
Pedroia sure came through.. sat on the bench all day, walks in and plants one in that scary place in right/center… Way to go Rat Boy!!

Rat Boy?

DBenjamin: Toronto released Thomas today and the management colored it as if it was an amicable split. From what I’ve heard about Thomas not wanting to sit and pouting, I’d like to see the office where they had their sit down for that “amicable parting of the ways”. Ive got money that says they’ll need an “extreme makeover” in that office!! lol

Sorry, I can’t leave the Lugo commentary go.

Here are some simple questions to help clear our thinking🙂
2007 Lugo — plus or minus? offensively, defensively — I say minus on both.
2007 Lugo — poorest regular player on SOX team offensively, defensively — I say Lugo on both accounts again.
2008 so far — same answers, minus offensively, minus defensively (compared to his teammates), and poorest on team both offsensively and defensively
2008 — Lugo — clutch hits 0
2008 — Lugo — hits outside the infield (probably 0)?

I just don’t get it — I don’t see what the club sees in this guy. And given someone’s earlier comment stating the team can’t afford to eat another contract (like Rentaria) — I wonder, why not? look at Schilling? gonna have to eat that for a while — and when you got guys like Lowrie for very low cost — what does it matter?

Only rationale I can come up with is that the SOX are trying to keep his trade value up to something decent, and maybe get something back in a trade — but I don’t see what team would want him anyway, with 6 of the 9 Boston errors, and hitting 270 again and going down again (with most if not all of his hits being fortunate if not lucky infield hits) — you are not going to get anything for him anyway.

So cut your losses and bring the better man in. Maybe the SOX are doing that — they did with Jacoby Ellsbury last year. Maybe they are paving the wave for Lowrie now, and that has got into Lugo’s head and that pressure is contributing to his struggles again this year.

All of us I am sure yearn/wish to be a major league baseball player – this has to be the dark side of baseball that makes it constantly stressful, competition always breathing down your neck for your job.

I could see Lugo out of the big leagues entirely in a few years. I really could, most short-stops are better. Thats tough.

I would agree and I’m glad you looked at Lugo’s side of things. I will say that in Boston it seems like unless you are Ted Williams there is something wrong with you in the lineup. I think Lugo would do better at another team where they are not putting such pressure on the player. Look at Gagne. He’s spectacular this season. He has stats like Papelbon and look at Gabbard. He’s on fire.
It seems to be that if you want to play in Boston you have to have major talent and an attitude that the pressure is a rush rather than a hindrance and that’s easier said than done. I saw the way Lugo slammed his helmet down as well as hit bat. he cares a lot but the pressure is not making him relax at all. I’m sure the quick departures of Snyder, Corey and Doug M. did not help his attitude. Boston’s a funny place. Fans expect perfection.

Incidentally, Toronto’s management needs an attitude adjustment. You just don’t bench a guy like Thomas because of a slow start. You give him a day off. Look at Ortiz. Gee, that really inspires the team doesn’t it!


Anyone actually reading my comments on Lugo again, might argue that so far this year, to be fair, you have to say that Big Papi has turned in poorest offensive performance, because he has the lowest batting average at .145 or so. But you know he is coming around, and will come around, and he does have a few really clutch hits in recent games, so he gets a pass, to anyone who is thinking halfway clearly🙂

Stupid question guys,

What is the purpose of a ‘lefty specialist’ anyway. Is there something unique about a left handed batter that requires the need of a Lopez to achieve that designation?

Yup, Lugo is by far the weak link. I was surprised they resigned him and won’t be surprised to see him off to greener pastures in the near future. You can’t fault the guy for his effort. But that may be what is destroying him. He’s trying too hard.

Lowrie seems solid; would love to see him in there as a regular.

All the best from Hiroshima, Japan via Northern Vermont.


Dave, Gagne has an ERA in the 7s and lost the game today, but he is the closer, of course he gets the saves


Don’t forget that Gagne’s last five starts incorporated no earned runs, only two hits and seven strikeouts. His ERA exploded because of one bad outing at the beginning of the season but was dropping rapidly.

Granted his last start was a disaster but he had pitched three days in a row. He had brought his ERA from 13 down to 4.70 before it went back up over 7.

Now I’m well soured from his performance in Boston but I won’t deny he’s been on average a different pitcher since he joined the Brewers.

What I believe is being missed about SS is the SS merry-go-round the Sox have been on, which may be why the Sox front office will be reluctant to switch away from yet another SS. If you go back to mid-season 2004, one of the things you could count on about the Sox was that Nomar was the SS, day in and day out. The Front Office became disenchanted with his attitude and his performance, and did the unthinkable, they replaced him — they had to expect that Red Sox Nation would hiss and boo all over the place, and perhaps it did for a while. But they were lucky in bringing in the guy who I think is the most clutch SS in the major leagues — Orlando Cabrera, who ignored all this “its so tough to play in Boston” stuff, and helped the Sox to a World Series win. For some reason that I still don’t understand, they could have signed him for less money than Renteria, but let him go, and brought in Renteria (who had made the final WS out for the Cardinals — great introduction!!)

Now Renteria was an All-Star SS who had just played for the Cardinals and had been on one of the Marlins WS teams. They bring him in for 4 years, tire of him after one, and cut him loose to Atlanta, paying a major portion of his contract (which may still be going on!). Then, in comes Alex Gonzalez, best fielding SS in the majors, who hit .255 with 9 HRs and 50 RBIs (last year for the Reds he had 16 Hrs and 55 RBIs). He had 7 errors in almost 500 chances. (And, he had also come from Florida). For some reason, perhaps that the Sox didn’t make the play-offs that year, they let him go at the end of the season, and in comes Lugo. Say what you want about him — he did have 73 RBIs last year, not bad from the SS position. He’s not the fielder that Gonzalez was, he’s not the hitter that Renteria (or certainly Nomar) was, and he’s not the clutch hitter than Cabrera was.

At some point, you have to commit to someone and give them a chance longer than a clean shirt. Remember, the Sox had the SS of their future and gave him (Hanley Ramirez) away to pick up Beckett and Lowell. I’m certainly not complaining about the benefits of that deal for the Sox, but I’d like to see them get off the SS merry-go-round, commit to someone and see it through. As the Yanks have demonstrated (and as the Tigers are demonstrating right now), having an All-Star at every position is not necessarily a Rx for success.

The Sox have shown an uncanny ability at bringing their youngsters along slowly, and letting them develop. They did it with Youk (and Hanley Remirez) in 2004. I think if they determine that Buchholz has gotten ahead of himself, they won’t hesitate to send him down to Pawtucket to right himself. If the Yanks try to rush Kennedy and Hughes before they are ready, I think it could have some clear negative effects for them long term.

So, whether the Sox next SS is named Lowrie or Ginter or Thurston or Iggy Suarez, bring him/them along slowly, letting them develop (and getting used to the demands of the Fenway Faithful) and rely on the SS the Sox thought they wanted — Julio Lugo.

Rat boy is what Francona calls Pedroia, cute ;ittle nick name, huh?

dbenjamin: good write up on SS. In the end, even last year when Lugo really struggled, he did produce clutch hits every now and then — and the SOX seem to be a team that really picks one another up and never complains when either a hot or cold players miss on an opportunity. So maybe that is a trait you can admire in this team, and even in Lugo, who does keep giving it his best, that is clear, even under what appears to be longstanding struggles. Deep down, you hope everyone meets with success. There is a better or worse time for everything, every move or no move , when money and politics don’t mess it up.

It’s good to see the new Steinbrenner mouthing off already about getting Joba in the starting rotation… awesome. Hopefully they’ll rush him in “before its too late” and it backfires. Either he gets injured for rushing him in… or he hits his innings limit before the end of the season. A whole new era of loudmouth, back-seat driving.

About our SS situation… any plan that includes less Lugo is OK by me. I have never seen someone who only swings at balls and only takes strikes. Sure, you can swing at bad pitches and get a few bloops and infield singles now and then… but he’ll never drive the ball with his approach. .250 (at best) with no power and lousy defense has no place on this team.

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