Dice-K scratched; Masterson tomorrow; Hansen back at Fenway

Crazy stuff. Now it’s Dice-K’s turn to call in sick at the last minute. This, just 24 hours after Beckett couldn’t go. Lester will fill in for Matsuzaka. And he’ll be on three days rest.

Who will pitch tomorrow? Masterson? Zink? Wakefield on three days rest? We have our answer, via the Portland Press Herald, fine news gathering organization that they are. And great job by FOBP — Friend of Brownie Points — Joe Haggerty for scouring through sonsofsamhorn and getting this link. Red Sox PR maven John Blake said, “We’re still listing it as TBA”. Take it for what it’s worth. John, of course, isn’t allowed to say anything until the official roster move is made.

Even though Jason Varitek is out of the lineup for the fourth straight day as he recovers from his sickness, the Red Sox opted not to call up another catcher in place of the departed David Pauley. Instead, a familiar face has resurfaced in the form of Craig Hansen. The righty with all that promise has been lights out at Pawtucket. Manny Delcarmen is still recovering from his sickness so it’s not surprising Hansen was the choice tonight.

However, if Varitek can’t catch tomorrow’s day game after the night game, it wouldn’t surprise me if Hansen is sent right back after the game tonight and Dusty Brown comes in to catch tomorrow’s game. They don’t want to run Cash into the ground just yet.

So we’ll see.

A plan is being outlined for Mike Lowell in terms of when he can go on a rehab assignment so I hope to have some info on that shortly.

Hasta La Vista,



Great too see Hansen back and I hope this time he stays. Obviously he was rushed to the big leagues. Last year the Red Sox were very patient with him and I hope that will show on the mound this season. He had a sleep apnea and had surgery at Mass. General in the winter. Hansen has been pitching well in A.A.A. Now the Sox have 2 guys coming out of the pen tonight before Papelbon that can throw 95 or more. Aardsma and Hansen, gotta love those hard throwers.

Who else(besides me) thinks Jacoby Ellsbury has shown enough to grab the starting job and Crisp should be traded?

Me. It seems there is a flu epidemic in Fenway. Dice-K is out. Lester is pitching tonight.

I like the idea of the Sox dealing Crisp to the Cubs for reliever Sean Gallagher and a low-level prospect, as Peter Gammons suggested. Gallagher has a high ceiling, and the Cubs could use Crisp.


Gallagher sounds like a great name to play in Boston, lol. A good Irish name.

Crisp would fit well in Chicago and the N.L. It is time for Ellsbury to take the keys and play everyday. This kid seems to be in the middle of everything. When he plays, good things happen.

Lester on 3 days rest, that could be interesting. He has enough problems pitching on regular rest.

Very happy that Hansen has made his way back to the majors, if even for a short stint.


If the Sox want to keep Dice-K and Beckett in their normal slot, they could summon a spot starter for tomorrow afternoon’s game. I saw where Justin Masterson is scheduled to start tomorrow for Portland. Perhaps he could get the call. Though he has not pitched above Double-A, Masterson seems close to Major League ready for the long term. He was dominant against Major League hitters during spring training. It would be exciting to see him at least get a taste of big league action tomorrow. Better him than anyone else at Pawtucket since Pauley is unavailable and Colon is still sidelined. The only other option I can think of is Chris Smith. I wouldn’t think that Julian Tavarez would be able to start since he has pitched a couple times in the last few days.


Now I just read Ian’s post. He mentions knuckleballer Charlie Zink, and Tim Wakefield on three days of rest, as other options. I prefer that Wakefield make his scheduled start at Tropicana Field since he has a 9-1 career record there. As for Zink, can the Sox handle another knuckleballer? I would rather see Masterson.

I say Masterson tomm. afternoon. It is only for 1 game and it would be a great thing for him to taste the big leagues. Bucholtz made his start last year at home against the Angels during the day of a day/night doubleheader. Have Masterson jump on I-95 and bring him to Boston. Theo and the front office, so busy with all these moves. This flu has spread quick thru that clubhouse. You knew it would hit some guys but not like this. Can’t remember a team ever going thru it like this before.

Have Wakfield pitch against the Rays, he owns them. Those young hitters have no clue on how to hit the knuckleball. Whether it is indoors or outdoors at Fenway.

Ever since Lowrie started playing well, Lugo has played his best baseball since joining the Red Sox. I don’t know if that is the reason but something to ponder I guess. Competition brings out the best in people.
Lugo made a great throw to nab Kotchman at the plate. Kotchman should have been on second but he was asleep when Mathis stole 3rd. Kotchman cost his team a run and Lugo made him pay for it. Also Lugo made a nifty play earlier at s.s. He has a nice little hitting streak going as well, 9 games.

I give Lugo some love and he drops a pop up, lol. It didn’t cost the Red Sox.

Here we go again — unbelievable — can Lester or are pen hold, or will we need 7 to preserve a 7 game win streak?

There are times I think Lester might do better if he throws it underhanded. Also, J.D. is starting to evolve into an automatic out. However, in all fairness to Lester, this was a last minute situation and that’s a hard thing to jump into.
OK, I didn’t get much sleep last night because of the allergy season attacking me so I was looking forward to an easy game — not yet another come from behind!


Sox need a mental coach to work with some our guys heads, they don’t need to keep returning to bad patterns, Drew can hit, if he can hit the first three weeks of the season, he can hit the rest of the season — not every game is going to be great night, but there is no reason for him to lose his stroke, he can hit.

Also, they need to take down that 496 banner in Fenway, when will management learn not to mess with a good thing — put the banner up on #500 and not before and Manny will get there a lot quicker than hanging that out sign out there every night now — at least there will be no banner on the road.

I would totally agree about the banner in left. I am not a fan of it. That swing Ramirez took with 2 on and 1 out was home run kind of swing. Trying to make it 497.

Drew is having his struggles at the plate. I get the feeling about Drew is that he thinks too much at the plate. Also I get that feeling about Lester as well, thinking too much out there.

Overall Lester did o.k. on 3 days rest. The first time in his career. Nothing much the Red Sox could do with that. Lester was there best option. What will they do tomm. afternoon ?

Lugo looks very comfortable at the plate, very relaxed up there.

Hansen was greeted rather rudely by Kotchman. Kotchman hitting the longball this year, kind of surprising to me.

Sox crowd seems to quiet tonite — they should be helping us out !!!

Don’t worry about the crowd, they’ll be alive soon.

Hansen had a subpar outing. It sounds like he’ll be up just for tonight. If he is sent down, he’ll be back.

Time for another comeback I guess. Who will be the hero tonight ? Angels pen is tough though.

Here we go — our wake-up innings — I don’t feel the mojo tonite — we should — as Manny would say — hey why not?

With Crisp being out for such a long period of time, why isn’t he on the d.l. ?

I know I’m old when you have Chris Spiers kid out there and Garry Matthews kid out there as well. I am aging quick, lol. It seems like there dads were just playing the other day.

Tony Gwynn had some really good things to say about Masterson. That speaks volumes of Masterson right there. He’ll be up and sent back down to the minors. I wonder how much sleep if any he’ll get tonight ? A glimpse of the future at Fenway tomm. The futures game played at Fenway in April.

Boston has gotten the best of Shields in the past, let’s hope it continues.

This is a painful game to lose. Lester was off tonight and frankly the hitting was soft as well. Manny is starting to look a bit shaky out there. They need to take down that blasted sign.
Lugo is hitting great but sadly Drew is starting to feel like an automatic out. Lost opportunities there with that situation but heck when your team is fighting off the flu what can you do?

no mojo tonite — not yet, we need to hold, get one batter on base in the 9th — and then Papi and/or Manny will have one last chance


when you said seven runs, I this is exactly what the Sox needed to win the game tonight but I don’t see that happening. Sometimes I think they need about 25 runs per game to have a chance at it.

yea, we gotta start over tomorrow, I think the real difference was Youk out — Elsbury, Pedroia, and Youk seem to feed after each other — no spark tonite — 139 games to go starting tomorrow🙂

After a while the flu had to catch up with them. Too many regulars out and the rotation is all messed up. They looked a little flat tonight. Can’t blame them, how many of the guys playing are maybe not feeling 100% out there? Sometimes when the flu is going around you kind of half-way get it, you’re not really sick but you aren’t as strong as usual. But the Sox almost pulled it off, had some chances but couldn’t cash them in. Maybe tomorrow.

I thought Hansen did pretty well, except for that fat pitch to Kotchman. He’ll be back later this year and I bet he helps out, he looked so much sharper than his outings a couple years ago, during that horrible ’06 season.

Looks like I’m here by myself.

When you think about it, how well are the Sox playing that half the team is down with the flu and the Angels still just barely beat them? The Sox were in this game until the end. Sure there were some annoying things like Drew apparently going into his, “I’ll just disappear until September.” mode, and Lugo bunting with Casey on 2nd and nobody out. SWING! You’re hitting the ball well! But all in all the Sox held up. Lester had troubles but didn’t let LA or California or Anaheim whatever they’re called now really blow the game open with a huge inning. Considering the circumstances, not bad. Really, not bad. Hopfully by tomorrow they’ll be closer to full strength.

Hey, what’s wrong with Youk, is he hurt?

Hey armieschmo.

Thanks to the allergy attack from hell, sleep has been a bit of a sporatic luxury so I’m still here (and in central time and that helps)
You evaluated the game quite well and considering it all, the Sox did play well. J.D. Drew really frustrated me but he has not had a day off. I think Youk just got a day off as well. He’s been hot but he hasn’t had the chance to rest his foot as of late.
Masterson is pitching tomorrow reflecting a flu ridden pitching staff. Man the Sox are hurting right now…and they go on the road soon. Fortunately they go to Florida and then back to Boston AFTER a day off finally. Hopefully that should reboot them. April has been a killer month and Baltimore keeps on winning.

I feel for ya, Dave. I’ve got hayfever, and while it’s much better now that I don’t reside in New England anymore, I still get it when the yucca is blooming here. No fun.

Baltimore won’t be able to keep up, but our old nemesis the NYY are having a pretty good April by their standards, so watch out for them. But with them depending on too many young arms they may not challenge too much this year. We’ll see.


Thanks…you completely understand how frustrating it is. Ever since I found TN, I found allergies. I finally took drugs and it helped. Turns out I had a cold as well but it’s finally breaking up since I’m no longer fighting a two front war!

Did you read the comments by Terry on the Sox. He has so many players out that in this last game…all he cared about was getting through the game. He was just happy that Lester could do 5 innings. That’s where the thinking was — get through the game! I can understand that.
Incidentally, Youk was out with back strain! The Sox are looking more and more like the farm team. Youk is out, Varitek is out, starting pitching is out…whew!
Right now we have Beckett, Dick-K, Manny Delcarman, Youk, Varitek, Lowell, Crisp, and Cora have all found shut down times. Who will be sick today?

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