Staying home

I’m sitting this weekend at out, chilling at home rather than making the trip to Tropicana Field. Tough loss tonight, for sure. Let’s face it, this week has been difficult with all the illness and injuries and it’s starting to take its toll.

David Ortiz showed the kind of warrior he is when he went diving into first base to try and stay out of that double play. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite get there. But mark my words. That man will hit, and will hit a lot this season.

At any rate, keep the game comments coming all weekend while I’m off. I enjoy reading them. And it’s nice to see all of you building a nice Red Sox community on the blog for another season.

Talk to you later,



Ian, what are ya doin’? You could be relaxing on Pass-a-Grille beach after a nice meal at the Colombia Restaurant in Ybor City, smoking some El Sol cigars. (Well, that’s what I’d be doing if I had a chance to visit Tampa.) You’re sitting home in New England? JK, enjoy the time with the family.

Buch and Beck have to get this ship righted. Let’s see if they can get the Sox on a positive roll.

Timlin is showing his age this year. When he comes in, hits and that means runs. Alot of good swings against Timlin this year. He is fooling nobody. He gives up some awfully hard hits. I don’t know how much longer the Red Sox can stick with Timlin coming out of the bullpen. I know Francona is very loyal to his veterans and why wouldn’t he be. He has won 2 titles. I think Timlin’s time as an effective reliever is coming to a close. I hope I am dead wrong. He did turn it around last year but he is a year older now.

Red Sox should have slammed the door on this game last night early. Garza was on the ropes and Boston should have put him on the canvas. He was struggling out there with his control. Howell was a guy Boston pounded last year at Fenway, Howell was the starter. Last night he comes out of the pen and shuts them down. The Rays pen was outstanding last night. They did all of that without there best reliever, Troy Percival. Rays have the lowest bullpen e.r.a. They showed last night why they do.

Don’t berate Timlin for last night. Timlin played with a bad back because Francona had no one else (although he did have Tavarez and Papelbon. Oki was worn out from the Angels.

Drew on the other hand gave me plenty of reasons to be frustrated with him. The Rays are on fire and there is no question they are taking advantage of it.


So far Timlin this season has pitched poorly. Look at the numbers. When you are north of 40 years old and coming out of the pen, that to me is never a good thing. It seems every outing for Timlin, he is giving up alot of hard hits, solid line drives. The opposition is getting some good hacks at the plate against Timlin. So far this year, he has been the worst coming out of the pen. He turned it around last year and there is a chance he could this year as well. Time will tell for Timlin, even though father time might have caught up to him. We shall see. My confidence when he comes into the game is at ZERO.


I can’t argue with that at all…I guess I just feel for him. He certainly isn’t there for the fun of it. At age 42 he’s trying his best but you are right…it’s been painful. Certainly being 43 myself has nothing to do with it (LOL)
I think his biggest problem in addition to age, is his speeds. He’s all hardball. If he added a changeup and some slower offspeed this would help him. Unfortunately who’s got the time to do it.

Don’t tell me you caught the Red Sox plague too😉

As for Timlin, I think he’s old, he’s a little rusty, and he might find a groove but he’ll be nothing more than the admiral and a fill pitcher this season. Like Bryan Corey, he looks really good sometimes, but then the next batter can be a disaster. This is his last season.

No plague for me. Just rest, thank you! I’m enjoying it. Keep me posted on what happens tonight. I don’t think i’ll be able to watch the game. keep the comments section flooded. That will help keep me in the loop.

I would agree this is his last since Timlin himself said he would retire after this year and I’m sure he wants to go out strong and Francona is supporting that effort
It seems to me at this point we have an exhausted worn out team that needs some games and some rest to recover. I think the Sox will welcome that day off and sleep late. They need it. I’m afraid to see the game tonight. I don’t want last night repeated…or the night before…or the night before that!


p.s. Jacoby is starting to go soft at the bat. What happened?

Timlin will get every chance to turn it around. Francona will, no doubt. Timlin did look pretty old at times last year but did turn it around. I certainly hope he will this year. As of right now, Timlin should never pitch with a lead. He can’t be trusted but then again not many of the arms coming out of the pen can be trusted. The pen did very well last night for the most part. Guys like Corey and Lopez who have pitched poorly in the past did quite well last night.

I hope Bucholtz can get the job done tonight. His 2 previous starts on the road haven’t gone well. Especially his last start at Yankee Stadium. Young pitchers usually do struggle on the road. I hope he can give the Red Sox some innings tonight.

I think that some of us are starting to get ahead of ourselves… We’ve seen so many really good things from Jacoby, that if he hits a slump, we start to analyze it.. I think that maybe it would help if we remember that this time last year he was at AAA Pawtucket. I’m as guilty as anyone else, and sometimes I have to remind myself not to start to take winning for granted…. I don’t EVER want think that we are ENTITLED!! We know a fan base like that, and look at them now!!
The entire team has been giving it their all for so long now, and with the flu that alot of them had last week, its starting to show. I can’t even imagine the frustration that Papi’s feeling right now. You very rarely ever see him get angry and I saw him throw his bat and helmet at least twice last night.
Hey, tonight is another night, and another game. It’ll turn around here soon…..
My rose colored glasses need some windex now….


Ellsbury has a 8 game hitting streak and has scored 11 runs during the streak. This just in, he is doing pretty well.

I was reading and it sounds like Sean Casey is going to the D.L. Brandon Moss is back for now. Ortiz is a late scratch from the lineup tonight. What next ? Some trying times for Boston lately. Lowell will be back in the lineup next week, amen!!!

I was on, and they had the Rays annoncers

Well its probably obvious I am not a Lugo fan at all, so I will make my last retort on him and then try to shut up on the negative comments, hopefully for the rest of the season — but April 26, mark it down — and Lugo gets his first hit out of the infield (in the air) — I believe !! True – it was an out, but at least it broke a string of 28 days (26 in April and 2 in March) of grounders !!! — I might have missed one, but if so, it is probably just one. Maybe he is finally seeing the ball now.

I can’t hear with those stupid cowbelles

The cowbells are definetly a foolish thing. I get the feeling I am watching a college football game. Cowbells do not belong in the big leagues.

Ellsbury with another infield hit and drives in a run.

Bucholtz has looked very good tonight. A great mix of the curve, fastball and change-up. He looks like a vet out there tonight, not a 23 year old. Very impressive!!!

Great outing so far by Bucholtz!!! Looks composed and not any nerves so far (just a little bit earlier against Pena).. and Tek behind the plate again>> truly a wonderful thing!!
Ellsbury is having another good night, and Pedroi-er (as Remy calls him) as well… we just need some more bat action tonight.
Lowell is rehabbing at P-tucket (1-4) hopefully with Casey on the DL, Mikey will be back soon. Casey has done a really really good job filling in. I like Sean!! He’ll get alot of work this year relieving Mikey or Youk, really good pick up by management.

That pitch was strike three, no doubt about it

No fair. That bad call probably cost the sox the game

Bucholtz deserved better. He made 1 mistake and it could cost him.

Youkilis is swinging early in the count lately. Sox are making it easy for Percival so far. 2 very quick outs. Crisp always swings early in the count.
Boston has beaten Tampa Bay so many times late in the games, not the case this year. Rays pen is much stronger. Percival a legit closer. The best Tampa Bay has ever had.

Sox look to Beckett tomm. afternoon, to avoid the sweep. Never thought I was going to write that this weekend. I guess that is why they play the games. One never knows.

Well, Bucholtz pitched a great game… Just before Iwamura hit the hr, Orsillo felt the need to point out that Clay had only given up 1 hit, almost as bad as someone who does that when a pitcher has a NO hitter going… Where in the heck were the BATS tonight???? Someone forgot to load the bat warmer when they left Boston!!! Help, DHL courier guy… go pick it up and have it deliverd 1st a.m. ….

I’m disgusted. I’m going to bed, i’m really annoyed now. In a game they should have won, they lose 2-1.
Excuse me, but I am really angry right now

dgn: Lugo had a nine game hitting streak up until last night… where have you been??

That was probably the only pitch Iwamura could possibly have hit like that. Off speed, low and inside. What a shame for Bucholz. Bad call, Ellsbury is within a few inches of catching that line drive ……. it almost seemed like destiny. Even in losing, Bucholz made a statement tonight. I loved the way he pitched. No screwing around when he got ahead. No nibbling at corners. He really went after them.

Coco is making a case for himself. I still think Ellsbury is the future, but Coco is playing very well.

Four losses in a row but the Sox haven’t played badly. In fact, considering how many very young players we’re seeing, they are doing pretty well. These kids will get better as the year goes on. I like what I’m seeing. Now, if we can just get the bullpen up to snuff.

On top of all that, I have a Magrane Migrane. He is such a fool.

4 in a row, longest losing streak of the season for the Red Sox. The best pitcher in the A.L. goes tomm. Amen for Beckett. If there is someone you want on the mound to snap the losing streak, it is Beckett.

I hope the bats can get it going tomm. They have been silent by the Rays pitching staff. Who would have thunk ? Not me.


You are not alone on the Migrane from our friend Magrane.
Magrane makes Joe Morgan sound good, lol. Dewayne Statts is pretty bad as well. The young Rays are much improved and they are flying high. 5 in a row for the Rays, go figure. Sox are knocked out of first with this loss. Orioles in first place, what is this baseball world coming to ?

Hey Guys,

BosoxBrian — Ellsbury looked great tonight. I guess I was a bit hard on him.
This game was about the most painful one I have seen. The Sox bats have collapsed as the pitching is starting to look good. Manny is striking out like crazy and it’s a reflection of frustration.
This is a team that needs a break. Hopefully Beckett can give them that break. I might add that Drew got a hit. Perhaps I need to be harder on him. Last time I did, he got this hit!

I don’t know…Is it bad judgment or bad timing? The other night they take a young pitcher out early based on pitch count and the bullpen gives away his great pitching effort. Last night, they leave Buchholz in to throw 113 pitches with Oki Doki, not having pitched since Thursday and Pap not having pitched since Tuesday, and with a day off coming on Monday. I know you can’t predict how the game would have turned out had they removed Buchholz after 7, and I know you can’t expect to win a lot of games in which you score 1 run, but this is frustrating.

I don’t mean my comments as criticism of Buchholz’s effort. I for one would make “the deal” for him to have 25 more starts this year in which he throws a complete game allowing a total of 2 runs. And I understand Bosoxbrian’s comments that this is a different, improved (D) Ray’s team. But the Sox need to right their ship! Hopefully, they can get it done behind Beck, regroup on their day off, and then take it to the Jays and the Rays back in Boston next week.

I also don’t mean to sound like chicken little, but they are going to have a hard time winning their division if they can’t beat the teams in their division. Right now, they stand 3 – 7 against teams in the division, with all 3 wins coming vs. the Yanks. Does that project out to 23 and 53 vs. the division, season long?

I will say this — I do like the Sox young starting pitching a lot more than the Yanks. Even with his troubles thus far, I think Jon L will be all right. And Buchholz is certainly looking like his acclaim, and like his no-hitter last Fall was not a “Billy Rohr,” one-time wonder effort. With the efforts of Masterson and Buchholz this week I’m glad, at least at this point, that the Twins weren’t willing to deal Santana to the Sox for one of these 2.

Hey everyone,

The other day, my seven year old daughter reminded me that if the Red Sox tried…then nobody lost. When I thought about it, she was right. The Sox are trying overcoming a lot of injuries and flu and tough teams and bad schedules to stay in the game.
My daughter is a big fan of Helen Keller who always said “every struggle is a victory” which is a reminder to me that if you don’t try you take yourself out of the race.
I suppose I let myself get so frustrated slamming blame at everyone on the team because of the lost contests but nobody goes out there to lose and yet you do. You try and you lose. That’s just the game.
In the future, I’ll try to remember my daughter’s words…even when Lugo makes a bad error, Drew strikes out for the third time and Tavarez allows eighteen runs…because in the end it really is for fun.
Now I can say to my daughter…I listened to her thoughts and you all are witnesses!

Hey guys,

I’m glad I’m not negative because if I did I would have said right away, “OK, Drew is going to hit into a double play. That’s my prediction”.
Just because I happened to be right has nothing to do with my predictions.

Josh is showing his best stuff tonight

Ellen, late response to my comments on Lugo, his nine game hitting streak looks allot better statsically than it really is, because at least half of those were fluke infield hits, most were weak grounders, better than outs, yes, — but my point is, that he has no (zero) clutch hits all year, worse too many rally killers, hardly any clutch hits last year (only one I can recall) — its hits lack of production in clutch situations this year that is frustrating, then the errors are frustrating as well. Seems to me he never ever omes thru when it really matters — but I am trying not to be so negative on him even though to me, relative to the rest of team, he seems like a liability and not a strength.

Anyway, right now, the whole offense needs a jump start somehow.

Moving forward, maybe we can turn the tables on the Rays a pull out a late inning 2-1 victory today — seems like we are having an awfully tough time producing hits.

today(My bad)

Hey guys, i havent been around been out and about. Anyways the Yankees new free agent ace is still getting ready which worries me. So far this offense makes me wanna puke. =[

man we hit like da Pittsburgh Pirates lol.

The sox really need that day off. They can’t hit squat right now

The sox should be ashamed with their performance this weekend. No clutch hits and it seems like a million men left on base.
They have a day to reflect on this series. And (hopefully) get rid of this bad, bad skid

Sox are wasting some good pitching efforts. Beckett looked very strong today.

Sox looked like the Bad News Bears on that pickoff play.

Thank God….. a day off!

Who would have thought, Red Sox had a 6 game winning streak and now a 5 game losing streak. Where are the Red Sox bats ? The pitching this weekend was very good. Timlin had a rough outing and Delcarmen did as well. A positive note, if the Red Sox pitch the way they have been. They will be just fine. Bucholtz and Beckett deserved better. The Rays made sure this weekend that Ramirez wasn’t going to beat them. They ( Rays pitchers ) executed and made alot of good pitches thru out the series. They put it on the other guys and they weren’t up to the challenge. I hope the rest for Ortiz will get him back, this team will go nowhere without him. His big bopping bat in the middle is much needed. Second time this season the Sox were swept in a 3 game series, ouch!!! They just can’t seem to click everything together for some strange reason.

I would have never thought the Rays would have swept the Red Sox. One team’s payroll is 43 million and the other teams is 133 million. Sometimes it makes no sense in the world of sports. I guess that is why they play the games.

A much needed off day tomm. and the struggling Blue Jays come to Fenway. The Jays have given Boston fits in the last few seasons.

One really positive note, Boston’s pitching only allowed 10 runs in the 3 game series.

This team will hit, we all know that. The key will be there pitching. If the Sox got swept and the pitching got pounded, I would really wonder about this team. There are still concerns about this team but if they pitch the way they did this past weekend, they will win there fair share of games and have a great season.

Get it back to Fenway and get the bats cranking again.

Its all Ians fault!! See Ian, you weren’t at the games this weekend, and what happens?? The Sox bats went silent, and the defense seemed to take a mini vacation with you. I guess that you didn’t realize your importance to this whole picture. NO MORE TIME OFF FOR IAN!!!!
Well, I’m sure the guys are ready for their 1st day off in 20. I know that I can use a night off.. If they saw that they’d surely laugh their collective bhutts off, all I do is watch the games and I need a night off. I cant imagine how tired they must be.
Come Tuesday night I’m sure that things in the Nation will be back in place.
Too bad Casey got hurt. Things seemed to be going so well til that point. No, I’m not saying he is the key, but he sure did help when we needed him.
….And, PLEASE everyone say a prayer that Papi reconciles what ever is bothering him. The absence of his bat and personality is very telling after this weekend.

Oh and Ian, Just joking earlier…I hope that you had a wonderful time with your wife and sons this weekend. This is the time that your sons will remember when they are older. The memories of you with them will be priceless.

Chman!!! where have you been. We reported you A.W.O.L. awhile back!! Glad you’re back!!

Still busy with applying to graduate programs in psychology, hence my posting numbers have clearly dropped down; however, the AL East standing merit some commentary by me.

So Tampa and Baltimore are tied for the division lead huh? I love April baseball, lol.

Plus, is it just me or does a flu seem to run rampant through the Boston clubhouse like every March/April?

I think once we fans see June roll on over, things will be a bit more normal. However, I won’t be counting out Tampa all year. In all honesty, I haven’t paid much attention to Baltimore, but I know Tampa will be interesting to watch. Toronto, IMHO, is always hit or miss. I’m thinking more hit than miss this season but time will tell.

The Yankees are in transition, it’s as simple as that and I’m not expecting anything that’s normal for them nor can one expect that.

Anyways, time for dinner!


When I came home I couldn’t believe we lost again — and a shutout. Beckett pitched well but when I saw the bats it was clear they were trying to belt it out of the park on every pitch. This is a tired team and a day off and back at friendly Fenway will help out a lot.


I know its not time to jump out of anything higher than a first story window (lol). I’m glad the Sox have a day off after 20 games in a row, during which they went 10 – 8 (thank goodness for the Indians and the Rangers). However, they now have to gear themselves up for 6 games against the 2 teams that have swept them, and then a 10 game road trip to Detroit, Minnesota and Baltimore. I know its early, and I know, even after the Sox have dropped 5 games in a row, they are only percentage points out of 1st place in their division, but I think its a bit of a “gut check” for this team. Let’s see if getting back home helps them — its looks as though they will face the Jays 3 top starters.


OK, you say that the Sox will face the top Jay’s pitchers and I should NOT jump off a building (LOL)
Well, I think that it’s more about relaxation than guts. The sox in the last game looked desperate. Dustin is swinging the bat as if he wants to hit a home run every time he steps up to the plate. They all need a chill pill. I believe that relaxation will create confidence and confidence builds wins. The fact that they did as well as they did considering that we were enduring the ‘injury a day’ policy says something about the team.


hey Ellen i been busy graduatin high school this year hehe.You guys are like my online family and i enjoyed being with u guys through my hard year i had last year. Thanks guys. How u been Ellen, how bout u BoSoxBrian? Hehe lets see if the Sox can regroup! Lets go Red Sox!


Hello. I’m new to the group but must admit I see the family atmosphere here and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been a sox fan since the year was 1974. I got my first heartbreaks in 74, my second in 75, etc. It’s been great to see them win twice now. 2007 was a better win for me. 2004 I expected them to choke as they had so many times before.
What are you taking up in grad school?


I’m doing better than the Red Sox and Celtics, lol.

22 years ago, Clemens strikes out 20 Mariners and he was on top of the world. That night in Boston, the Celtics were putting a hurt on the Hawks at the Garden. That was an incredible night for the Red Sox. One of those nights, you know exactly where you were. I think the Celtics finished off the Hawks that night. One thing I know, the Celtics won of course. Nobody beat them at the Garden.

I assume the off day yesterday will get this team rolling once again. For some reason, they can’t put everything together. When they hit, either the pen or the starter can’t get the job done. When they pitch well ( this past weekend ) they didn’t hit. Can’t figure that one out, I hope they can, lol.

Hey to all!!! Well the dawn has burst through on another day and the Sox (and we) have had a well deserved day off. I am SURE that this weekend is well behind us so to speak and that the rested bats will wake up tonight. We’re supposed to have Mikey back in the line up. I like Sean Casey but we need our cohesive unit back.
Well now its the Jays turn to try and knock us off (again), NOT HAPPENING in my book….
Cheerleader here: ” Let’s Go RedSox, Let’s Go”!!!

I was so busy working all weekend I missed the games. Lucky me!
Not long ago the Sox were kicking but/t. They’d spot the other team a lead and then come roaring back and beat them. Now they’re wandering in the wilderness. Don’t worry, they’ll be back and make someone pay. It’s about time the Sox got a little payback for the Jays! Let it start tonight. Tonight the pitchers will pitch and the hitters will hit; in the same game! Go Sox!

How’s that for cheer leading, Ellen?

The last 5 games have been tough no doubt, but look at the other side of it. The Soxs have yet to show us their best baseball this young season. Given all they have been through with travel, injury, and illness we are still in a good place in the East, we have seen some great young pitchers step up, Jed Lowrie will be a star one day, Brian Cash and some of the other new faces have showed us they can play both offense and defense, and Clay Bucholtz is a Baseball dream to watch. There won’t be many games this year where Beckett throws 13 Ks and we are held to 2 hits. I think the Soxs hit a wall and lost a little of their edge. They will get it back. That said it’s time for some payback on a struggling Blue Jays team and then lets knock the ball all over Finway on the Rays and sweep them back to Florida.

By the way did anyone else notice how intense Hinski was against the Soxs? The guy looked like he was trying to prove something to me. And you can’t take anything away from him he is off to a good start with the Rays.

Chattanooga TN – Red Soxs Nation

Does anyone know why Lester is starting in place of Dice-K still?? Is he still sick, or is he starting tommorow?

red sox 015,

Dice-K will be pitching tomm. night. They are just pushing him back a day. He didn’t make the trip down to Florida this past weekend, stayed in Boston.

Lowell back in the lineup, gotta love it.

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