The Second Game In Town

Aside from Patriots’ Sundays, there have been very few times over the past few years that a Red Sox game at Fenway Park can be looked at as the second game in town. But let’s face it, all the attention is on the team in Green, as it should be.

Big, big game over at the TD Bank tonight. I kind of wish I was there to be honest with you, but being here isn’t so bad either.

Dice-K is taking the ball here on 11 days rest. Thus far, he’s looked sharp, though as the esteemed colleague to my right said, this Toronto offense hasn’t exactly been on their game lately.

Very quiet pre-game here at Fenway. Bryan Corey has elected to stay in the organization after clearing waivers. He’ll report to Pawtucket. Drew and Ellsbury are both day-to-day, leaving Lugo as the only option should one of the starting outfielders get hurt.

How big a breakthrough did Lester make last night? We’ll find out on Sunday, when he chucks again against Tampa Bay. Young, talented pitchers are always capable of the gems here and there, but it’s when the consistency starts happening that you have a pitcher taking his game to the next level. He’ll be facing Kazmir in the 2008 debut of the highly talented Tampa Bay lefty, who has been on the disabled list.

The Red Sox went into this game without an extra base hit in 33 consecutive innings. Is that really possible?

And I would love to hear from anyone who was at Boston’s last 1-0 walkoff victory, won on a homer by Dave Stapleton in the bottom of the 10th on July 18, 1980.

Remember good old Stape? He did an above average job defensively at all four infield positions. That’s impressive. While he’s remembered as the guy who should have been inserted for Bill Buckner in the bottom of the 10th inning at Shea in Game 6 of ’86, I remember how versatile he was. I also remember that completely upright batting stance he had. And I also remember how his batting average went down each season he was in the Majors:

Check it out:

1980: .321
1981: .285
1982: .264
1983: .247
1984: .231
1985: .227
1986: .128.

We haven’t had this much good Dave Stapleton talk in a while. Tomorrow, we should break down Glenn Hoffman. Does anyone remember Ed Jurak?

On that note, I’ll be back.



I think we should have more talk of Randy Kutcher and Reid Nichols, lol. Ed Jurak was #22 and I loved the way Sherm Feller said Jurak, don’t know why though. Jurak watched alot of games, just like I did. He sat with the Red Sox, lol.

Anyone see Mark Clear or Gary Allenson around as well ?
Julio Valdez ?

Time for me to go and watch the Red Sox on Channel 38, oops, they are on N.E.S.N.

I was at the Kevin Romine game. And no true Red Sox follower would have to ask what the Kevin Romine game was.

I am going to take a guess on the Romine game and say 1988 and his H.R. off of Steve Farr. The days of “Morgan Magic ” Just after the All Star Break. Bo Jackson hit a rocket that game as well. A national broadcast that day, N.B.C.
A Saturday at the ballpark.

This is a carbon copy of last night. I hope the result will be the same as well. Nasty pitch by Dice-K to whiff Stairs.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing but I remember all those guys.
Hey, Remy mentioned that Luis Tiant is at Fenway today and that reminds me; Luis has a line of cigars out called El Tiante. Supposed to be pretty good.

Is it really about 40 innings now between extra base hits for the Sox? That’s a shocker with some of the bats in this lineup. They’re in a funk. I hope they can pull out a win tonight and not waste this good pitching by Dice-K.


It is fun to talk about those guys but not good memories. The Red Sox were losing and nothing good was happening. Balt., Mill. or Det. was winning the east. N.Y. and Bos. were pretty much the doormats, lol. Things have changed.

The Sox bats are dead as of right now. They are having there problems at the plate. 4 in row, where the opposition’s starters have mowed them down.

Ortiz, love it!!!!

1 mistake, that is all it takes.

A changeup that changed the score.

Lowell with a couple of nice swings tonight, great too see him hitting a double.

I would have Okajima in there.

Yeah, the bad old days.
Wow, Tito’s not messing around tonight. One hit and in comes Oki.

Okajima should have started the inning. Okajima for 3 outs and then Papelbon. That is a winning combo.

Delcarmen can’t be trusted in a close game like this. He hasn’t shown it all year.

A great catch by a guy named Moss, not the first time in N.E. that happened.

These young guys come in and contribute. Either in the box or in this case the field.

Timlin warming up, oh no.

First time Rolen ever faced Okijima and it showed. Oki must be a tough guy to face for the first time.

Get a run and get Papelbon in the game.

You’re right about Delcarmen. And about Oki starting the inning. Let’s hope the Sox can score here.


I didn’t understand why Francona didn’t have Oki start the inning. He hasn’t pitched in a while. Francona has made some puzzling moves a couple of times this year. Not easy being the manager but it is common sense to have Oki start the inning.

Crisp looks like his hamstring is still giving him problems.

Who knows what he’s thinking. Maybe he thought it was the 7th? This is not a game you want to give away to get someone sharp, if there ever is a game you’d be willing to give away. Who can tell what he’s thinking. Jays can’t throw strikes now. Let’s go DP!!


LOL, Francona thought it was the 7th. That is how he managed it anyway, agree with you there.

Most closers don’t have a good pickoff move but he got McDonald.

Great pickoff by Pap!

Nice plays by Pedroia today.
Red Sox big three ( Not Celtics) up now. We need another walk-off win

2nd night in a row Pedroia makes a great play, although this one was not as dramatic. Cmon guys we need a repeat of last night. Dejvu, anyone?

Timlin’s up in the pen. We need a walk off now!!!

YES!!!!! TEK!!!

YES! Manny is going to sleep well tonight. So is the captain!

Well, if you can’t score on the first base hit, hit it to Wells again and score on the 2nd base hit. Great at-bat by Tek. Gotta love it!

Another thriller at Fenway. Dice-K pitched great. Papelbon with the win.

Great block by Barajas, Lowrie was stuffed at the plate.

This is like Groundhog Day, duplicate games almost.

Hey guys,

I am getting too old for this! These nailbiters are killing me. Can we please have a blow out tomorrow.
Also, who is our closer for tomorrow. I doubt Papelbon or Oki are available at this point?


Oki might be able to pitch, he’s had a lot of time off lately. How about Lopez, NOT!
Anyway, sending Lowrie was absolutely the right thing to do. If he scores the Sox win, if not, you have Tek up without the bases loaded. Tek, for some reason, is not a good hitter with the bases loaded. He’s clutch otherwise.
Still lots of injuries and if Papi can’t go tomorrow because of his leg, the Sox are in real trouble. Maybe Drew can get tough and play with a little pain.

I posted this on the other thread, but just reliazed there was a new one!…..

Brian, I’m pretty sure that Beckett had five wins at the end of April last year, and Pedro Martinez recorded five wins in April as well at one point in his Red Sox tenure.

Dice-K definitely deserved a W tonight. He is starting to emerge this year like Beckett did last season, though Dice-K is still trying to nibble the corners instead of attacking hitters. Sox and Pinstripes readers, and Brownie Points regulars, know how much I despise walks, which is why I have been aggravated during so many Red Sox games this season.

By the way, Ellen, we definitely agree about the 80s Celtics. I am a die-hard Celtics fan to this day (even through all of the lean years until this season), but as much as I love this year’s team, they are not remotely as talented as the 80s Celtics. Nevertheless, I am hoping for a 17th banner in June.


WOW!!! Another great ending to a terrific game. Matsuzaaakka pitched a great game, as did Lester, as did Buch, as did Beck (the latter 2 with not so good results in the end, but still thay pitched good!!) I love games like this when we get a “walk off” or a slide in as the case was tonight!!! This is what our new mwmories will be made of. I know Ian bright up some old ones tonight, but boy those while they are memories that I’ll not soon, (if ever) forget, I’d rather have these memories!! Toronto has a great arm staff this year, as does Tampa. I know Kazmir is back this weekend, lets hope he doesn’t quite have his legs yet. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we have Wake goingtomorrow night. Lets keep good thoughts and hope the flutterer does its job!!
Hey Arnie, I’m callin you out cheerleader..
2-4-6-8, The Sox are starting to really look great,
8-6-4-2, I love our Sox, how ‘BOUT YOU!!!!


They said during the game that Beckett and Pedro had 5 wins at the end of April. I didn’t realize Beckett had 5 at the end of April last year. I totally forgot about Pedro as well, getting old here, lol.

Celtics with a nice victory tonight over the Hawks. The big trio with 61 points, I can’t call them the big 3. One of the things I didn’t like about the Celtics win, only 15 F.T. attempts. I expect the Celtics to win in Atlanta on Friday night and close out the series in the worst sports town in the country.

How about that at bat by Moss against the lefty, very impressed. Almost had the game winner there. Moss is solid out there, saved a run with that great catch off of Rios. The Sox throw there leather around out there, so refreshing to watch. April games just finished, so many high-lights already. More great plays to happen, it is great being a Red Sox fan.


Talking about some good point guard play. In the series, Rondo 40 assists and only 4 turnovers. Not bad for his first playoff series.

Great win tonight but Manny should be thanking his lucky stars that he scored. On that Moss base hit you could clearly see Manny raise his arms in celebration when he should of been going to third. Moss would have then gone to 2nd and that would have taken away the force. I can live with the Manny being Manny moments but not when they almost cost your team the win. It is all moot now but at that time I was thinking Manny what the hell are you doing.

Great game for the Celts at the Garden tonight. I am not a big fan of the NBA so come playoff time I root for the underdog and the 37 win Hawks are the biggest dog in history. It would be a great atmosphere to see a game 7 sunday night at the Garden but that will surely not happen right? I’ll tell you the way the Hawks and 6ers are taking it to the big teams, don’t be surprised if Orlando uses the extra rest to make a strong run.

Yeah, Rondo is impressive. I think that next season – with Rondo and Gabe Pruitt – the Celtics will have decent point guards. I think Pruitt will be something special, too. I hope that they bring Cassell back if he wants to play another season. I like Cassell and Eddie House. I really want to see the Celtics rout the Hawks in Game Six in Atlanta. The Hawks – especially Al Horford, who as a former Gator I do not like – have been rather arrogant for a team that was eight games under .500.

I am very impressed by Moss. In yesterday’s post, I wrote that Moss could match or exceed J.D. Drew’s numbers if given a full season as the starting right fielder. I think he is ready for the big leagues. He just needs regular at-bats.



You don’t like those Gators? Does it have to do to any of the Gator wins over Ohio State ? Gators routed the Buckeyes in the B.C.S. Championship game and of course they beat the Buckeyes in hoops as well for all the marbles.

I also don’t like Horford’s attitude as well. He should be reminded he is only a rookie, a good one but still a rookie.

The Red Sox signing Drew was a major mistake, no doubt. I was never a fan of the signing, like most fans. Theo fell in love with him and wanted him bad. He bidded against himself for his services. 70 million for 5 years, not good. He did hit the grand slam in game 6 against the Tribe but has struggled most of his time in Boston. I don’t think he is a gamer. I think he also has a low threshold of pain, just a guess obviously.

Well I guess I’ll weigh in on this too… On one hand, you’ve got some one like Pedroia. Throws himself into every play (literally and physically), and threw himself the other night into catching that ball that would have made a difference in the score, injuring his shoulder. Does the same thing last night. But he gets up and keeps going. You have Papi, who was obviously having real knee pain last season (and this one too), and he keeps on going… Then you have Drew. Every time he feels an ache or pain,(so it seems) he sits out. Look at the amount of time he’s been on the DL in the past 3-4 years and the # of games he’s missed. Just doesn’t add up to 14 million per year to me.. Maybe my math is bad…..


Your math is dead on. It’s the Red Sox that didn’t do well with the math, lol. Epstein has done a great job as g.m. Stating the obvious there. He has made his mistakes and Drew might be his biggest blunder. I hope he learns from his mistakes. One thing I like about Theo is he has admitted his mistakes in the past. For example when he dealt Meridith, he said it was a bad trade. Not many if any general managers have ever said that, in any sport.

Hey Ellen, I won’t get started on the cheerleading, BUT, I thought of one you might like, and it uses your format from earlier.
2-4-6-8 Recall the spinach Popeye ate?
8-6-4-2 Please give some to JD Drew!
I’m not a fan of JD either.

Funny all the Drew bashers on this blog, seems like I am the only one who broods instead over the Lugo signing — which I think was unquestionably the weakest move (second only to the Gagne trade) in the Theo era, we’d definitely be better off with Gonzales, or even Lowrie (looks like he can play anywhere), although I do notice a slow and steady improvement in Lugo this year, he just needs to produce in the clutch a few times to be carrying his weight.

Just because Drew is a quiet guy, it doesn’t mean he isn’t intense inside, many people are like that, sometime more intense than the extroverted types, it just doesn’t show. And, I think he had a pretty decent post season in 07 (not just the one slam) as I recall — that counts a lot — he came through for the most part when it mattered most.

Maybe we should quit bashing any of our players (like the SOX players themselves refrain from doing) — they never complain about each other, the offsense, the defense, or the bull pen. They give it their all every night. The major leagues is awfully tough, we probably can’t imagine how tough, even though we think we can.

I am as guilty as anyone, but I am going to try again to refrain from criticizing or bashing the players (we will see if I get through tonite🙂 ), and just comment on the individual play and/or move (good and bad), that is fair game for baseball and a blog🙂

One last comment, maybe you all should blame the medical staffs and salaries of baseball teams, especially the SOX, who seem so cautious with their players. Seems to me, you stub your toe, and they sit you down. Too much money involved to the players, probably in compensations to doctors as well (can’t give wrong advice). Can’t be responsible for blowing a career, so you get a tooth ache — and they sit you down and start you on a re-hab program (didn’t that literally happen to Colon) — what’s up with that?


I don’t consider myself a Drew basher. First of all, I didn’t like the signing of Drew. Also if you are critical of someone, that doesn’t mean you are bashing him. I don’t know Drew from you, I have no personal ill will towards him. I call it the way I see it.

I also didn’t like the length of the Lugo deal. I would have never signed him to 4 years, 3 would have been fine with me. I personally think Epstein bidded against himself in those sitautions. Many teams have been known to do that. Who else was in the Drew sweepstakes ? I don’t think anyone else was offering 4 years to Drew. I think the Cubs were looking into Lugo but as an o.f. if memory serves correct. With Lugo, at least he stays healthy and plays thru some aches and pains, not Drew.

Hey Arnie, Wait, let me pick my self up off the floor!! You are too funny!! I really like that one!!!
DGN: I was opposed to the Drew deal, and prayed for him to flunk the physical. I just have never liked him, not in Philly, not in L.A. and God knows, not here. I have always given him credit when due, and rooted for him to do well, but that doesnt mean I have to like him. If he doesnt watch out some kid like Moss will come along and “dirt dawg” his way into right field. I dont think that Drew would have come up with the catch that Brandon did. I dont think he (Drew)goes as ” all out” as you do. And hey you have got to give me credit: I don’t call him JUDY or Nancy anymore!!!

Lugo, Drew, and Crisp will all go down as bad deals.

Coco batted .300 with 16 HRs in his last season with Cleveland. He’s not going to be anywhere near that with us.

Lugo did OK with Tampa (no pressure, no meaningful games). He did terrible with LA when under pennant pressure. He might just be un-clutch. Theo needs to look closer at things like this… Pitchers tend to throw strikes to batters when they are way ahead (like against Tampa).

Re: Drew,
Disclaimer: I haven’t been a fan of JD since he declined to sign with the Phillies(I think) coming out of college. That to me is the height of arrogance and spoiled-brat-ism. You have not seen even one pitch in Rookie League and you’re too good for the team? So now you know where I stand.
Here’s where I sit: As fans we have two ways to determine if a player is giving it his all. Stats and demeanor on the field. JD’s stats are good but not great, certainly not up to his inflated salary. Last year he was a bust from mid-April to September. That’s a long time. His demeanor is aloof. One can’t tell if that’s all he’s got or if he is letting his superb athleticism carry him. I’ve never seen even a grimace from him. I’ve never read an article describing his feelings for the game. His body language is all I have to judge and that screams lackadaisical. What can anyone expect from that? A lack of respect. How can we have warm and fuzzy feelings for the guy when we see him apparently just going through the motions? Lastly, as sports fans we are the last hold-out for political incorrectness. We are biased and judgmental. Biased toward out team and against other teams and judgmental of players’ performance, both on our team and on opponents’ teams. We can hold them accountable. Isn’t that great? And I think, by these criteria, JD is not living up to his end of the bargain. I would not go as far as booing him were I to attend a game, but it seems fair to critique his performance so far. And, on the whole, he hasn’t done well as a Sox . Thanks for taking the time to read this looong post.

Great thoughts Arnie!! You said a mouthful and more and I agree 100 percent!!

Arnie you’re right about Drew. He skipped a year rather than sign with the Phillies. Selfish is the word for that!
I still think Lugo may give a reasonable return on the Sox investment!

Hey everyone,

Not to sound critical but I have been on the Drew (droop) bandwagon for awhile and I’m glad we’ve moved from Crisp and Lugo to Drew. To be honest, of all three, Drew frustrates me the most. I can tell that Lugo and Crisp are busting their tales out there but Drew does not have any energy in him. I don’t know him but I’m sure in his way he is trying.

Wakefield’s pitched pretty well. Poor Dustin is just not hitting whatsoever. I feel bad for him. If anyone deserves to hit, it’s him.

Am I alone out here?

I tell you it’s got to be frustrating to a pitching staff to be forced to pitch shutouts just to win a game!


You’re very alone, Dave. JK
The Sox aren’t hitting anything. Slow pitch softball would be a trial for them now. But they’ll get it together and make some pitchers pay.


Welcome aboard! Whew this is a frustrating game. Manny is not hitting the long ball anymore settling for singles. David is doing the same (except for last night).
Come on Red Sox!


Lowell flies out. Well, it’s not a double play. This is frustrating. Wakefield will get the loss for this game!

Wow the LOB percentage of the Sox is frightening. A shut out!

Time for the Red Sox to get rid of the banner in left for Ramirez. That thing is bad luck.

Burnett with 5 walks but Boston hasn’t capitalized on them.

Wakefield with a good game, a starter again is solid. I like that.

Sox are 0 for 7 with runners in scoring position tonight. That is a recipe for a loss.

They’ve got to be ready to start punching walls by now. How could the whole team go into a slump at once? And Wake’s pitching well! Gotta be frustrating.

Remember the countdown for Yaz’s 3000th hit? Seemed he went into a 6 month slump until Willie Randolph gave his grounder the ole spring training try and Yaz had his hit. Take the banner down.


You are correct with Yaz, Jim Beattie gave it up, a native of Maine.

I will fly to Boston tomm. and take it down personally, lol.

Hill missed a home run by about 6 inches.


I remember that last hit by Yaz. One of the few good moments post 75. Yaz was an original. Some said he was overrated after 1967 but he was a solid player.
I’m glad we’re done with Toronto for now. I don’t see us doing anything and I’m calling the game at 4 – 0 depending on who pitches the ninth. If Timlin pitches it will be 7 – 0 on with three home runs in a row. If Manny Delcarman pitches it will be 28 – 0 on a series of 40 walks in a row. After the 30th walk Toronto will just sit on the ground and wait. If Taravez pitches it will 13 – 0 on a series of doubles.

Since Lopez is pitching it will 120 – 1 on walks alone. The ball boys will pinch hit just to let the players go home.

Sorry…120 – 0 not 120 – 1

Here comes Timlin. Those home run balls will be flying!

Don’t sell Lopez short, Dave. He gives up his share of hits, too. This is frustrating. Even I could get the Sox out lately.


Good point. Make that 120 – 0 on 100 walks and the rest hits. That was unfair to him to assume he can’t hit the strike zone. When he does there are those nice over-the-plate hits from the lefty specialist.

I agree on the hitting Arnie. Ever since Manny had that day off the offense sunk into the pit. Right now I think Bill Buckner’s pitch to home plate would strike out every single batter in the lineup!


Scratch that. lugo would ground out to second base.

Yikes!!! I think the Sox have scored 4 runs over the last 5 games. When was the last time you could say that. And they won 2 of those games too.


I heard once Billy Martin put the nine batters into a hat and had Reggie Jackson randomly pick the lineup. The first paper that he picked led off. It apparently changed the dynamic enough to restart the lineup.

Think that will work because they will not survive with these bats?

I’ll lead off! Wouldn’t make a difference lately.
But when they start to hit they’ll make up for lost time, I think. Someone’s gonna pay, and soon, is my guess.


Look in your mail. There will be a ticket to the Red Sox starting lineup. You will be the DH hitting for the ailing David Ortiz. David thinks its a great idea. He said, “send him up! We need to show other teams we can make contact!”


I also think right now Arnie you will be hitting 400 against pitching. The Sox bats are terrible and no signs of improvements.

I’m 5’11” , 165 pounds. If I wore Papi’s uni I’d look like a little kid in my Big Papi PJ’s up to bat. Might loosen up the team and get them on a roll. I’m there!


Billy Martin wasn’t the only Manager to try the hat trick! I can’t remember much of the resulting lineup, but Chris Chambliss batted ninth and no DH!

Hey, we cant win them all, that would be a boring season (wouldnt mind seeing one though!!),,, We had a good series with the Jays.. They and the Rays have much better teams this year.. Speaking of the “devil” Rays, we’ll do much better against them this time…. BRING ON THE BATS. I think that the equipment manager lost the bat warmer and had to order a new one. I hear that it will be delivered tomorrow in time for BP….
Hey Arnie, give me a cheer… I like yours beter than mine.. We could make a really great squad!!

Hey Arnie, you can’t be wearing Papi’s uni, you’ve got the skirt and pom poms for now, gosh you look good!!! and the pony tail really make s your cheekbones stand out!!! not too much make up though, watch it… the guys’ll be hitting on you instead of the ball…

We all know for some strange reason the Sox bats are dead. This team will hit, no doubt. If they pitch the way they have, the Red Sox will be the team to beat again. There are a couple of holes they have to fill, namely bullpen. They have the resources to do that, either thru trade or within the organization. A very shrewd front office is always a good thing.

I still think the Blue Jays will be heard from again. They have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball. When you can pitch the way they do, you will start to win alot of series. The Yankees are a total mess right now. There starting pitching is average at best and that will toast the bullpen out. Posada will be out for a while and right now they have no A-Rod. Yankees are a year older and those players are breaking down. I’m not counting them out but as of right now there not even on the radar. Torre got out of gotham just in time.

Last win by a Red Sox starter, Clay Bucholtz on Patriots Day. Interesting nugget. Thought you folks out here would be interested.

I love Timlin but, like everyone else, I’m worried about his effectiveness and his future with the team.
About Javier Lopez… that submariner,almost underhand, somewhat sidearm pitch.. I have only seen 1 or 2 pitchers who were able to carry that off with any type of consistency. The one that comes to mind is “The Whip” Kent Tukulve with Pittsburgh. It just seems WAY too hard to control all the time. I never trust Lopez when he comes in, he just doesnt have the control tha it takes to throw that pitch effectively, enough of the time to get it done.
Oh and Bosox: Like you I am REALLY sad that the Yankees are a mess.. I know that like you, I’m going to church tomorrow and light candles for them…. NOT ….LOL!
sorry Vince.

I know it’s only May 1st, but I am hoping that this year doesn’t turn into one of those freakish seasons where the team just can’t seem to put things together all at the same time. It started to bother me when the hitting was coming together and the bullpen was coughing up hits, walks and leads regularly. Now the pitchers are doing great and the hitters look lost. I worry that it will be July and the team is still trying to “find itself” ala Holden Caulfield. Maybe it’s time for an early-season meeting. Cmon guys, focus.
Ellen, I’ll try to think of a cheer. Nah, maybe not. All these years you’ve been the greeter and the “welcome to Soxland” hostess. I couldn’t do it justice.


I think the best solution to the problem is you hitting for Big Popi. You have to do it. You have too! When the ticket comes in please, please, please, be sure to fly out. The Sox need some good at bats.
Did you guys read the article on about Manny. it was quite touching actually. Here is a guy who admits he puts the game in perspective. He loves his family and his kids more than anything. He admits to frustration over not getting 500 homers over with but I think other teams are just pouring it on. I think the figure — shut down Manny and you shut down the team. There is a degree of truth to that. In general, I think the scouting reports have been filed on how to shut down the Sox. So far they’ve worked.

Finally, in a way I’m glad we didn’t get the Sanchez despite his talent.

Hey all, sorry I didn’t respond last night to all your responses on Drew, couldn’t get on-line last night. I can’t say that I argue or disagree much at all with any of them — I just wonder (since I am from outer-space — just kiddin’ maybe — went there once looking for the Yankee Universe – didn’t find it — LOL) — anyone, was just wondering what the collective mentality of millions of people do to you. Anyone had a oppressively negative boss, where you can’t do anything right, then you work with someone who is with you, and supportive, and helpful — and its whole different story — everyone is more productive. Its the only thing I can come up with about good players that come to Boston or NY and then fail. They feel the pressure for sure, my suspicion is that they probably feel the collective feeling that they will fail as well, so as fans, maybe we could actually help them, if we would stop constantly holding fatalistic thoughts about their success or effort.

Having said that, I really don’t disagree with any of you, and the perfromance of Lugo, Coco, and Drew today is definitely below expectation.

How different is this than buying a stock? I believe Mark Twain, when asked about the stock market, said — if the stock is going to go up, buy it, if it is going to go down, sell it – which is a hysterically funny given the context of how he was asked.

I guess we should give the same advice to Theo — hey if a player is going to bat 350 or better and have no errors, then sign him, if he is going to bat 200 or less and commit 10 or more errors, then don’t sign him, and don’t make the contract for any long than he can sustain those numbers — LOL.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like any of these deals either. Infact the original 2004 deals (beginners luck) and the Becket, Lowell, Gonzales deal are the only ones I liked from the beginning,before we had any numbers to judge them buy, the rest all smelled bad to me from the beginning, at least we are good building the farm.

My other theory on high-dollar-contract players not delivering is the obscene compensation levels themselves — you get no sympathy from me when you take so much money you no longer can perform at all because you know you are not worth it, and that shows in your play — shame on the agents, players, and owners all on that one — the human ego inflating itself to the point that it can’t possibly measure up.

Personally for the me, the salaries have diminished the joy somewhat in all professional sports. How can anyone pay A-Rod more than all of the Florida Marlins, and in fact more than the GNP of some small nations, and possibly return value — its just a broken equation, fueled by the mad ambition to win the series, and we all buy into and finance it, including me.

Watch what happens with Manny and Papelbon come up for big money? I have my concerns that Papelbon will want so much money that we might lose him, or he will put added financial pressure on himself, and we may see this pressure reflect is his play in future years. I won’t speak for Manny, he may be (don’t know) more immune to this than I suspect, if recent stories about him are true.


You made some excellent points. When you are filled to the brim with dollars you become your own worst enemy trying to exceed — or at least — match expectations. Theo though is learning from mistakes.
His choice of Gagne which is bled the farm system made him cautious about Santana. He paid Mike Lowell a fair but not excessive salary. His choice of Drew and Lugo are questionable but Coco is a good player. His hitting is decent and his fielding is as good as Ellsbury but Ellsbury beats him hand down in both hitting and running the bases.
I’ve not been impressed with Theo on managing the free agents to be honest. The farm system is saving the Red Sox butts but in fairness how can you tell? How can you judge a player and determine its a good trade. The trade with Beckett came with Lowell. Who could have forseen his future? I’m sure Theo didn’t.
I will say this…the budgets of these teams are sickening. The Red Sox hold fault to this as anyone else….maybe moreso. I look at Cleveland that used the farm system to generate that team. The problem is then players’s ego say that ‘I’m now worth 200 million because I hit 270 with 4 home runs. ‘ Owners accept that and suddenly we have a fiasco.

I disagree about Coco Crisp. He is the game’s best center fielder, but he has not been effective at the plate since he injured his wrist in the first month as a Red Sox player. I wrote today how I have lost my patience with Crisp, Drew and Lugo. The Sox can still win with them this year, but hopefully all three are elsewhere in 2009.

Good luck to the Celtics tonight. Hopefully, they win the series in Atlanta and do what they should have done to Atlanta in four games.


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