Deep Drive

Mike Lowell celebrated tomorrow’s release of his book by hitting, yes, his first deep drive of 2008. I’m sure plenty more are on the way. And by the way, everyone should check out his work as an author.

Lowell’s book — co-authored by the blogtastic Rob Bradford of the Boston Herald — is a terrific read. I haven’t read the whole thing yet. I’ve gotten through 100 pages in about three days and loving it so far. The book will be available in stores tomorrow.

There is great insight from Lowell about his childhood, and how connected he was to his father, and how baseball was something they truly bonded over. I love the part about how on every Wednesday afternoon, Lowell and his dad and his brothers would go to a local ballfield with a bucket of balls and Papa Lowell would throw them BP. Carl Lowell was a very accomplished pitcher in his own day, representing Puerto Rico with some memorable performances, particularly when he beat Cuba.

Anyway, after BP and shagging and taking grounders, the boys would fetch all the balls and put them back in the bucket. The reward? Slurpies at 7/11. Lowell says in the book, “Wednesday is still my favorite day of the week.”

There’s also detailed information about the root of the Lowell family’s utter hatred for Fidel Castro.

There is in-depth stuff about how Lowell snapped out of the funk he was in during 2005 by enlisting his old hitting coach Gary Denbo, who was in Japan at the time. Lowell was so desperate for an answer that he talked to Denbo through some video device on the computer.

A few months later, Lowell met up with Denbo in Florida for some 1-on-1 work. But soon thereafter, Denbo was hired by the Yankees and therefore, could no longer help Lowell. By this time, Lowell had already gotten a good foundation again and was on his way to regaining his All-Star stroke.

Each chapter leads with an unfiltered journal entry — Bradford obviously didn’t touch these. Lowell talks a lot about his kids and his family life and it becomes clear how much he loves being a father.

I’ve already been impressed with the read, and I haven’t even gotten to the in-depth stuff yet on his successful fight against cancer or the championship rides of 2003 and 2007.

I highly recommend this book.



I think that this a book I will definitely read!! He’s got to have some really interesting stories in his portfolio. I like hearing about how fathers and baseball fit into peoples lives.
After the Sox game (yay!! we win) yesterday, I was scrolling through the rest of the games on directv. The first one I came to was Houston and Milwaukee. I had to watch.. (we all know why).. Gag-me was in the game… Wow he gagged on anther one… loaded up the bases and walked in the tying run…. SO GLAD HE’S GONE!!! I think that the BrewCrew fans feel a little of what we felt last year. Hey, I wouldn’t wish him on my worst enemy, but maybe the Yanks can use him… HAHA

Oh… 1 more thing. I read on today that a yankee fan has been charged with murdering a RedSox fan. She (the accused) got into a “discussion” with the Sox fan in a bar, and it carried on outside. The Yankee fan got in her car and runs the Sox fan over!!! She said “i thought they would get out of the way”. There was no evidence of her trying to brake.. Wow, you wanna talk intense?? Can you say STUPID??, Can you say JAIL TIME??

Good too see Hansen back with the Red Sox. We all know this bullpen needs another arm out there, let’s hope Hansen stays for good this time around.

Red Sox have had there problems with Bonderman, he seems to raise his game when he goes against the Red Sox. Just like A.J. Burnett.

A tough trip, 10 games in 3 cities, no off day. The Tigers are back to there struggling ways, having a tough time in Minneapolis. Hard to believe the Tigers are under .500 in early May. I didn’t see that one coming. Granderson is back, when the Sox faced the Tigers at Fenway, he was out. He jumpstarts this team, not only at the plate but his great glove in c.f. He might be the best c.f. in the game. Granderson can beat you in so many ways, I hope he is quiet this week.

I really hope that the Sox can keep the bats going like they have the past few games.
I know that Detroit is floundering but that will either fustrate the Krap out of them or make them really hungry.
Hasn’t Bonderman had good stuff against us in the past??
Dice-k’s looking a whole lot more comfortable on the mound this year. Lets’ hope he has a GOOD outing tonight.

I didn’t expect Lowell to duplicate his 07.’ He just isn’t quite that good of a hitter, but he is good, and he is obviously a better hitter than he has been so far in 2008.

Well that didn’t take long. I think Ian must have some sort of ability to see the future!


Were you calling a homer for Mike Lowell? What are the winning lotto numbers? LOL.

Great too see Lowell go deep, I hope that will get his bat going.

hope the bullpen is well rested

Sox playing longball tonight. Youk goes deep!!!

Tigers look a little lifeless out there tonight.

Francona might be able to squeeze out 1 more inning from Dice-K. Why can’t he throw strikes? 6 walks thru 4 innings, that is insane. Chances are the Red Sox will need 12 outs from the bullpen. I don’t think Dice-K will see the 6th inning. The pen is well rested though.

Hey everybody. What a weekend; Cinco de Mayo and we were BUSY. Missed all the games. Like being in a rock concert for 14 hours a day. But it’s over for another year.

Ya think Dice-K can issue a few more walks? He’s doing great except for that. Let’s get some more runs, looks like we’ll need them.

How can anyone pitch so bad and only give up 1 run? A Dice-K specialty. If the pen can hold it — he will go to 5-0. Who knows, it might be a major league record for the worst stats or least amount of innings pitched for a 5-0 record starting pitcher?

But I will take it — a lot a baseball left though

Cmon Lugo, make ’em pay for that intent walk to Tek.

Thagt was a pathetic major league pitching performance by Dice-K. Despite being 4-0 with a good ERA, he’s averaged less than 6 innings per start but is throwing a ton of pitches. His innings pitched won’t be reflective of how much he’s worked come August. This isn’t good long term for the Sox rotation, or bullpen. I think his command is worse than it was last year. He was very lucky tonight. When you see those popups that go a mile high, that’s a sign that hitters are just missing hitting the ball a long way, and there have been a bunch of those tonight.

If you could overlook the walks Dice-K is pitching a gem, haha. Seriously, when he throws strikes to a batter he’s unhittable tonight. It’s weird.

Well, lets see how Hansen can do.

Most of you have trouble with Drew, but Lugo is the one who tries my patience — just when I thought maybe he was showing some confidence at the plate (in the Rays series) — tonight it is written all over his face and body language all over again — he looks afraid, zero confidence — I could tell he was going to strike out just by the look in his face — sorry all, its seems like he has returned to same old pattern at the plate of no confidence and pathetic swings – arrgh — fell off the wagon on not complaining about him in about two games — have to start over again now !!!

How much could Craig Hansen be worth to the Sox if he could get his stuff together? Such great stuff if he can find the strike zone. I’d sure like to see him pick up the bullpen.

dgneubert, I agree with you 100 percent on Lugo. I’d like to see Lowrie in the lineup every day. I cringe every time I see a ground ball head for Lugo, so it’s not just his hitting.

Very nice inning by Hansen. If he can just pitch ahead in the count, he’d be worth his weight in gold.

Hansen looked good. It would be great if he could be the 7th inning guy this year. Oki is much better in the 8th when he doesn’t have to try to clean up Manny DC’s messes. Oki has allowed a lot of inherited runners to score this year, but it seems like he comes in and there’s a runner on 3rd, no outs or first and second, one out. Can’t blame him for those. Then all the Sox would need is a some long relief.

Yeah arnie, Oki has allowed some inherited runners to score, but you’re right, he’s put into tough situations, like right now and most of the time he does a pretty good job with it. He also doesn’t get himself into a lot of trouble with walks.

Too bad for Hansen. He held his composure with 1st and 2nd with nobody out and then started overthrowing and lost it. Damn walks!!!!

That’s always the way its been with Hansen, he doesn’t seem to have the nerve or head for more than a few outs — the pressure gets to him — same fear in his face that Lugo has hitting — might be tough for him to shake it. It will be a shame if neither Manny nor Hansen can make it over the consistency hurdle — we will see

Hey guys,

I can almost see it happening. Hansen had a talk with Manny Delcarman. It probably went like this:

“Hansen, you get batters out…you gotta hit the corners.”
“Isn’t that called a ball Manny?”
“No, no. Trust me everyone but Oki and Papelbon do it to great success. I assure you. It’s going to work. ”
“Ok Manny, if you say so. You are the big league guy here.”

“You’re right. Don’t make us look bad out there!”

Whew, everytime the bullpen gets up I shiver. It’s like watching Lugo play ss for every out. (minus the two of course)

Hansen will get there, it’s all a matter of maturing and trusting his stuff.

Granderson with a fabulous catch. Dang!

Another Papelbon nineth is seems. Who will they use tomorrow night? Please not Manny! Please not Timlin. Please not…well you got the idea!

I agree though, it takes a lot of confidence in your pitches to be out there. I would have gone with Corey at this point (Ya I know) until Hansen matures a bit more.


I was wondering about that, too. Tomorrow you’ve got MDC, Timlin, Taverez and Lopez. Anybody I miss? But tomorrow’s another day. Could be a blowout for the Sox, you never know.


Papelbon is bigger, stronger, and much deeper into his role as a closer than he was two years ago when he shut down. If he has an easy ninth tonight, there’s no reason he can’t come back again tomorrow…… although I know Tito will probably put him on the shelf.

Is Papelbon the best or what? Nice easy inning. Should have been called strike three on Ordonez, I think, but I’ll take the results for sure.

Just for fun I was looking at Lugo, Crisp and Ellsbury’s runs scored so far this year.Those are the speed guys that get on base and steal bases and should score lots of runs. Ellsbury: 28 games 25 runs. Lugo 31 games 10 runs, Crisp: 21 games 7 runs. With Crisp I can see he may not score as many runs because he often comes in late in the game,…hmm, well so does Ellsbury, but I think Ellsbury has more starts. Lugo pretty much starts every game, but he bats so far down in the order that he could be expected to score fewer runs. Ellsbury’s number of runs is phenomenal. At this rate he should score about 150 runs! That’s unreal! This kid has a chance to be the Ricky Henderson of the 2000’s.

Papelbon is terrific. I was surpirsed at Crisp. He’s having a decent year.

Tomorrow is Tim Wakefield so I expect about two to three runs from the Tigers. The problem is that the bullpen has now been returned to the base on balls guys. I just hope we can see some action.

p.s. Dice-K’s walk count is exploding again. Amazing thing is he gets out of it every single time. How does he do it?


arnie, Ellsbury is going to be a great player, but I don’t think he’ll be Ricky Henderson. First, he’ll never hit the home runs Henderson hit. Next, the Red Sox offense is not geared to allow Ellsbury to steal 60-70 bases. However, he likely will hit for a higher average than Henderson. Ricky Henderson was a freak of nature. I’d place him right up there with Bo Jackson as one of the greatest athletes of our generation. He was also incredibly durable considering how he beat his body up stealing all those bases. That being said, there is no doubt Ellsbury has a chance to be something very special, and his defense will be a part of it.

Dave ……. Dice K escapes a lot of trouble because opponents’ batting average against him is about .180. Fortunately, unless the bases are loaded, walks don’t drive in runs. The only run he gave up last night was a guy who walked. I’m not sure, but I would guess a good number of the runs he has given up are guys who were put on base by way of a walk. The good thing is that he doesn’t give up a lot of hits so many runners are stranded. I think he’s only give up like 22 hits in 40.3 innings, which is phenomenal. If he could ever gain command of his pitches, he might be unbeatable. Right now though, he’s not getting much mileage as far as innings pitched out of the number of pitches he’s throwing, and that’s not good.

Ellsbury is definetly no Rickey Henderson, Henderson the greatest leadoff hitter I have ever seen. He created so much havoc out there and he could beat you in so many ways. Of course, when he wanted to play.

That being said, Ellsbury is a joy to watch. I’m glad he is a member of the Red Sox. When Ellsbury gets on and then Pedroia is up, followed by the best duo in baseball. Also Mike Lowell and Youkilis, not an easy lineup to pitch to. A lineup that is stretched and puts alot of pressure on the opposing pitcher.

I hope Dice-K can figure out his issue out there. As gsm said, he would be unbeatable out there.

Great too see Oritz having a solid game and it looked like his knee was good last night. He had some good hacks up there. A tough trip and a great way to start it.

Hansen looked unhittable in the 7th. Orel Hershiser, who knows a thing or two about pitching. He was raving about Hansen’s slider, he said last night it was unhittable. That speaks volumes right there. For some reason, Hansen has trouble when goes for a second inning. I don’t know why. Overall a solid win against a team that is really struggling. Tigers have some major issues, alot of self doubt. They had there chances against Dice-K but couldn’t come thru with guys on base. I think they are pressing up there. I hope that trend continues thru Thursday, lol.

I guess I should qualify my Ricky Henderson statement. What I was thinking is that Ricky H is undoubtedly the greatest leadoff hitter in modern baseball. Old as I am, I can’t speak to the good old days of the early 20th century. He had speed, power, daring on the bases. Ellsbury does not have the power of Henderson, and likely never will. But to me the primary function of a leadoff hitter is to score runs, it does not matter how. And Ellsbury does that. Ellsbury also has that innate ability to get into the other team’s head and to cause chaos when he’s on base. That will manifest itself more and more as teams learn to pay attention to him. And that is a good thing because then the opposition is paying less attention to other aspects of the game.
And I wasn’t saying he will be exactly like Ricky. I was saying he could, as in maybe, be the 2000’s version of Ricky, scoring runs and demanding the other team’s attention all the time. If he continues to develop, I feel he’ll be talked about and feared as Ricky was. Of course, it’s early yet and there is a long time to go before that happens. It may never happen, but it’s fun to think about.

One other thing. As for stolen bases: I think sometimes that is a stat that is over-blown. Like batting average and strikeouts. A stolen base can lead to all kinds of good things, as we discovered in ’04, but is not an end in itself. Scoring runs and driving in runs are the important thing. If there was one criticism I can think of for Ricky H it is that he stole bases to pad his numbers. IMO

So if Jacoby doesn’t steal 60, 70 bases a year, so what, as long as he scores somehow. THAT he does well.

Let’s hope that Dice-K walking people is not like Shaq Oneill on the foul line!!

He was actually fighting the flu that made him walk more people. Hopefully Dice-K gets better by next start and does well

Things are going well when Cash in driving in a run. Drew with a nice at bat against the lefty. Boston is off and flying. Don’t let this Tiger team breathe. Bury them early, they have alot of issues.

Leyland has his work cut out. Leyland a solid manager but I wonder if he can turn this team around.

Great inning by Wake. Don’t let the sox defense be out there long, or it is going to be a long night for the offense. Even though they scored three runs already

Youk likes this Tiger pitching staff. Then again, most people do, lol. The Tigers have gotten basically nothing from there rotation this year. I hope Boston will sustain this hitting attack.

I can’t think of a team that alot of folks thought was going to go deep in the playoffs and some thought would win the World Series. Have such a poor start to a season. Not in baseball anyway. There is alot of baseball to be played still but I don’t think you turn it around that quick. This Tigers team is the definition of struggling and underachieving.

These Boston bats went silent for a bit but they are back now.


I have to admit I spent thirteen years in the S.E. Michigan area and have affection for the Tigers. The city is literally dying and a good team would do it a boost. Everyone slumps. Look at the Sox loosing streak. How and when the Tigers will turn it around is hard to say. I remember how they convinced the city to fund a new ball park. It was in the contract to NOT change the name. Well here we have “Comerica” park. The city also paid for that park but of course a corporation who throws a little change gets its name. Anyway…

Wakefield is amazing tonight. In many ways he’s my favorite pitcher on the team because he’s fun to watch and he’s a guy that has no ego to speak of but comes across as someone who just loves the game. Hopefully the Sox will put him in the Red Sox Hall Of Fame. He deserves it (in my opinion)

Hopefully Wakefield can keep the bullpen away from the mound. With Oki and Papelbon resting I’m afraid!


How is a pitcher who throws 87 mph with a 7.0 ERA have the ability to shut down the Sox minus one inning?



Wakefield will defintely be a member of the Red Sox Hall Of Fame. Duquette did a good job when he signed Wakefield, way back then. Wakefield will finish his career as a member of the Red Sox. Who would have thought that back in 1995?

I am not counting the Tigers, the season is too long. It is only early May. This team is showing no signs of coming out of it anytime soon. I thought when they got Granderson they would start to click. There rotation has been pretty poor this year. The lineup isn’t hitting at all. No consisentcy anyway with the bats. Other than that, they are doing great, lol. The team looks lifeless out there. The fans are sitting on there hands and I am sure they are fed up with this poor start. They do have the Red Wings and the Pistons. When there seasons are over, all the attention will be on the Tigers. Now that could get very interesting if the Tigers are still struggling.

Money talks as we all know.


That is a great question and sometimes there are no answers. It looked like Boston was going to chase Robertson from the game but he hung in there.

Cash with 3 hits, put him in the 4 hole, lol.

Wake graduated from a high school just south of me and I have a friend who played high school ball with him. This guy tells me he actually helped wake become the knuckleballer that he is. Of course I kinda had my doubts until he I saw him throw a couple and than I believe maybe there was something to it. Anyway hopefully Wake can just save the entire bullpen tonight.

Same all, Same all–Lugo strikes out and Crisp hits into a double play.

I can’t believe how quick this game is going. I hope I didn’t jinx it, lol.

Monster homerun from Ortiz. I think he will be just fine this month. 2nd homerun already this month

Now Manny. Welcome to the big leagues, kid


I know a mom from my daughter’s ballet class that met Tim a couple of times when she worked in New York. She described him as a class act and a person who really made you feel important in the room. That I thought was something. I’ve always respected Tim and thought he was a bit underrated.
Interesting story about Tim Wakefield. Knuckleballers are becoming a dying art and it’s too bad because the pitch is deadly if used properly. Everyone talks about bullets but sometimes tossing something at you where you can’t predict where it’s going to go (including the catcher) says something.

I hope all the teams struggle for the Sox sake but the one I do feel bad for is Detroit. The auto industries are just dying like the steel industries. It’s a heartbreak to see the city collapse. Mayor Kilpatrick is about as corrupt as you can imagine. Too bad. Of course the reality is that baseball doesn’t turn around a city.

I also hope we don’t have another episode of the Manny show tonight or its sequel the Timlin show!

Might also want to add that Cash is showing some hitting ability. This guy continues to surprise me.

It is never good to see a city that has been such a big part of this country’s heritage struggle the way Detroit has. I too wish that it would become the thriving city that it was. But I must also say that they have not proven to handle winning well as a city.

Wakefield has only 85 pitches! That’s like what Dice-K gets after 3 innings. I’m really impressed. This is impressed for Tim Wakefield!


Oh no…The Timlin show. No!

Hey anybody out there! They won!


Thankfully he finished the game with only 1 hit allowed.
The sox have another 5 game winning streak. Gotta love it!

Like the rest of baseball fans and baseball, I am surprised the Tigers are off to a horrible start. That’s why baseball only counts in real life, not on paper

Hey bosoxbrian:

Sorry for my absence. I agree with you wholeheartedly that Wake should be admitted to the Sox Hall of Fame. However when you talk about numbers that should be retired even though the player doesn’t get admitted to Cooperstown, Wake is right there near the top of the list. After all, who else will want No. 49, lol.

Seriously, I hope Wake can stay around long enough to surpass Cy Young as the winningest Sox pitcher all-time. Tonight was his 157th win with the Sox. He needs another 36 wins to surpass the 2 leaders, Cy Young and Mr. I can’t keep my hands out of the convicts’ pants, please forgive me, Rocket Man. If Wake gets another 12 wins this year, he could surpass them with 2 more 12-win years. I couldn’t think of any more worthy guy.

However, and I dislike when I second-guess my birthday buddy Tito, why wasn’t Wake allowed to finish off a complete game shut out? After 8 innings, he had only thrown 98 pitches, and at his (lack of) speed, pitches don’t mean what they do at 90+ mph. Don’t get me wrong…Tito got the Sox a win with his substitution of Timlin in the 9th, and I am thrilled. But why not send Wake out for the 9th, to see if he could get the shut-out? If he gave up a hit (as Timlin did to his 1st batter) he could then be taken out.

Hope all is well in Tampa Bay, and hope that you can put something in the Kool-Aid of that pitching staff (lol)!!!


I was wondering that too but the answer is obvious. He needs Timlin to get some confidence and this is a perfect outing to build his ego up a bit after those blasts he endured. I guarantee that if the bullpen was in better shape, Wakefield would have gotten the nine innings.
I would also like him to beat out ‘Mr. I’m innocent’ as well. I remember when Clemens came on board. He wanted his luggage carried because he felt that was beneath him. Please! To think I liked the guy. Bruce Hurst was the only pitcher that was able to shut down the Mets in the World Series. Clemens was too busy as the steroid party to care.


We agree again with each other, lol. What is going on here, lol.
Pesky’s #6, should be retired as well. A living legend but also Pesky is the letter C in class. A great guy, I wish we all could be like him.
Wakefield would be a guy very deserving as the all time winner with the Red Sox. Also, Wakefield should have been given the chance for the complete game shutout, again we agree, lol. How many if any will he ever get again in his career? I think we should have some college football debates, at least we don’t agree there, lol.

Great sign seeing Ortiz going deep again tonight. When this series started, I thought taken 2 would be acceptable. Now I am thinking 3 for sure. Sox are on a win streak again, 5 in a row. Just keep on winning series, that is all you have to do in baseball. Sounds easy doesn’t it ?

Celtics with a nice win. Garnett came up big. Also Cassell had a big 4th qtr. I think the series will go 6 or 7 games. The Celtics D had there stamp on this win. That is why they had the best record in the league. LeBron had his troubles out there tonight. Alot of turnovers and James got frustrated out there. He will bounce back for Game 2, no doubt. I hope Pierce will and Allen also. Allen held without a point, first time in over 10 years. Pierce had a rough game as well but Boston still won.

dave (Good name by the way!)

When the Rocket came up to the Sox, he was a major league presence. It was hard not rooting for him. But you’re right, had the Sox beaten the Mets in 1986, Hurst would have been the Series MVP. I dig fellow southpaws! Go Jon L!!!!

Hey Bosoxbrian:

How do we start a movement to get the front office’s attention about retiring numbers, like Pesky’s, Dewey Evans, Luis Tiant, Pedro, Wake and Rice (knowing what you said about his number being retired once he gets into the HOF). And there are others. When he retires, I doubt that Tek will get into the HOF, but boy, is there anyone who has been more clearly identified as the face of the franchise over the past 10 years? Some how, the front office has to recognize the significance of the gesture of retiring players’ numbers. Also, regardless of what else he does in a Red Sox uniform, you can’t convince me that Tito is not worthy of that honor (even though he doesn’t like to wear his uniform shirt with his number on it — lol!)!

Perhaps they ought to establish some ground rules — the individual has to have been out of the Sox organization for a certain number of years (or out of the game), etc. Then the front office draws up a list, and submits it to all card carrying members of RSN. As long as a certain percentage of RSN vote and support retiring an individual’s number (like the HOF 75% rule) then that/those number(s) are to be retired. I mean, with what members of RSN pay just to belong to the organization, what a nice bene.

Now, as to the Celtics and the (former) Cadavers, the Cavs, even after that mammoth trade, seem to play one good game and one bad game and one good game and …..well, you get the picture. They played well on Sunday to close out the Wizards on the road, they were due for a bad game. Let’s see what happens on Thursday and over the weekend. If the Celts really hunger for the NBA Championship, they are going to have to close out some road wins. They can’t expect to win every home game.

How ’bout dem Injuns?!?!?, doing it to my son-in-law’s favorite team with a pinch hit homer off of Joba. Joba with a 3.38 ERA as a reliever. Pap’s is 1.65, even after a couple of outings where he gave up some runs, and Oki Doki’s is 0.64. With that anemically pathetic, poor hitting 1st baseman, I think the Yanks are in trouble. The wonderkind are out of the rotation, and the front office is scratching their heads (or someplace South of their noggins — lol), trying to figure out what to do. I know they started off slowly the last couple of years and then picked it up. As a team, they are hitting .26 less than the Sox, and their total of runs scored is somewhere near the middle of the pack. With a so/so pitching staff, that won’t get the job done. Wonder if they’re regretting not acquiring Johan now?


It is Red Sox policy to retire only Hall Of Famers numbers, that was put it in by the previous regime. Does Henry/Werner have to obey that? Was that part of the agreement when they bought the team? I wonder about that.

You are right about the guys you mentioned. It looks like Rice will get in Cooperstown on the next vote. We shall see.

Your right about the Celtics, if they are going to bring home championship #17, they need to win on the road. That is what championship teams do, in all sports.

Chamberlain serving one up, he is human as the Yankees found out last night. Did the Indians bring there own bugs to the game last night ? lol.

If the Yankees got Santana, they would have had a rotation of Santana, Wang, Pettite, Mussina and ???? Alot better than what they have now. Cashman wants the kids to play, he will not even be around when the kids develop into something. Cashman has done a very poor job with the Yankees. He could end up in Philly, taken Gillick’s spot when he finally decides to retire. Those 2 Steinbrenners are 2 that have no clue on what is going on. They’ll be saying some more dumb things as the season moves along. Adding to the chaos, lol. A very smart move by Torre, he is having a blast in L.A. He must feel a gorilla came off his back when he went West to manage.

Hey Bosoxbrian:

What I meant to suggest in my earlier e-mail was a concerted effort by a significant fan base to get the number retirement policy changed. As a lawyer (yah, I can hear the groans in the background) I believe that any policy is capable of being changed when meritorious circumstances are demonstrated. I remember the “Keep Mikey” petition drive from last Fall, and had that same sort of thing in mind. With Jerry Remy as the RSN President, I would think he would be a vocal advocate, especially since he played with Rice, Dewey and Luis (maybe there ought to be a comic strip or cartoon tv program by that name, what do you think (lol).

The other thing that bothers me about the Celts, they were clobbering the Hawks at home, and losing by a whisker on the road. If they are now winning by a whisker at home, how far can they extend themselves?

I’ll bet the Yanks had their own gnat spray in their dugout. However, that didn’t do Joba much good, as he got stung by a gnat named David Delluci.

I was pleased for Joe Torre when he got offered another job. However, he took significantly less money to go. Granted, the contract extends longer, but in one year, he would have made a bunch more money managing the Yanks than he would have for the Dodgers. Moreover, something tells me that Torre has fun when he wins his way into the play-offs. I suspect that will be a tall order, what with the D-Backs in the Dodgers division, and the Cubs and Phillies, not to mention the Braves, Mets, Astros and Brewers also challenging for the Wild Card. I suspect there comes a time when you want to get off the looney tune merry-go-round, as you say, working for “Dumb and Dumber” can get old after awhile. It will be interesting to see what happens to Cashman. If the Yanks don’t make the play-offs, you gotta believe he will be ballast off the sinking ship. Will Dumb and Dumber then come looking for Whiz-Kid Theo? Time will tell.


Perhaps a high number of fans can voice there opinion to Remy and his V.P. regular Rob. Get it going Dbenjamin, your the lawyer, lol. Sign me up!!!

Torre survived as long as he could. He came out smelling like a rose. I have alot of respect for Torre and who doesn’t?

Delucci took that 95 m.p.h. fastball and put in the seats. That is a type of win that could get the Tribe rolling. I think the Tribe and the Angels along with Boston, are the top 3 teams when everything is all said and done. The Tribe have alot of good arms there. Lee is the Cy Young winner to this point. Of course alot of baseball to be played. He has pitched out of his mind. Great matchup tonight in the Bronx, Lee and Wang.

I think the Dodgers will contend for the wild card. The D-Backs looks like they will win that division by 10 games or so. Webb and Haren are a tough duo. D-Backs come to Fenway in June. Looking forward to that. Hopefully Webb will go against Beckett. The 2 best going at each other. Sox play the Phillies as well in June, at that bandbox in South Philly. I could hit a H.R. there, lol.

I don’t think there is a chance Theo goes to gotham. No way. I don’t know who they would look at as there g.m. Of course a long way from that happening. I do think Cashman is on the hot seat for sure. He has done a very good job with there farm system but has done nothing with that Yankee pitching staff. Why did the Yankees win it in 96,98,99 and 2000. Pitching and pitching. Of course some clutch hitting as well. They have gotten away from that for some strange reason. Here’s hoping that trend will continue. Bob Watson ( Tito’s favorite guy ) got everything going there.

bosoxbrian, dbenjamin,

Your comments are great but I’m going to have to cringe a little at Pedro. Ever since he took down Don Zimmer during that famous Yankees brawl my respect for him went down hill. Yes Zimmer never left the military it seemed but Pedro had no right to do what he did. It was ugly. He always comes across as a bit stuck up and arrogant — like Clemens. No denying his talent but he rubs me the wrong way.

Also want to stick a plug in for Tito. Of all the managers the Sox have had, he is one I am not cringing when he speaks. I remember some of those brilliant lines and statements that came out of some of their brains. I remember after 2003. Pedro should have been taken out. What do you get: “well he’s our stopper!” The man obviously just came away from a head injury. I remember Joe Morgan (the manager not the player). “He didn’t have his stuff and if he had his stuff he would have pitched well…but he didn’t have his stuff so he didn’t pitch well. When you don’t have your stuff that happens.” Joe obviously just had a stroke and didn’t realize it.
Theo comes across sounding like Issac Newton compared to those great minds of the past. Go Theo.

Finally, Varitek should be in the hall of fame…but it won’t happen because he’s not a player that grabs attention because he doesn’t got out and get it. Instead he wins games for the Sox. Fisk always loved to make the big play. Varitek loves to win the game. Not putting down Fisk by the way. he was an amazing catcher.


I’m not a fan of what Pedro did as well but that being said Zimmer was out of line. He embarassed himself that afternoon. He knows it, that is why he apologized the next day during a tearful press conference. Zimmer has alot of life in himself for a guy that age, more than me, lol. Oh by the way, Zimmer was the last guy to wear #14 before Pete Rose did for the Reds. I hope I read that right, it was a long time ago.

Pedro brought some moxy/attitude with him when the Sox got him. The team lacked it. I wish they all his attitude. He was the best pitcher in the game for a stretch, I say he should have his number retired. Pedro was great theater when he pitched at Fenway and also other stadiums as well. His best pitched game, back in early Sept. of 1999, Chili Davis with the only hit, a H.R. That might have been the best pitched game I have ever seen of any pitcher. He dominated a team that won the Series a month later.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with the majority here and say that I think the Sox policy on retiring numbers is a good one. However, I don’t necessarily agree with their selections of the people who are now there, Carlton Fisk in particular. His number is retired for the “HOME RUN” that will never be forgotten and there is no other real reason. He played longer and accomplished as much for the White Sox as he did for Boston. I don’t think he belongs in the same company with Yaz and Teddy Ballgame. If Carlton Fisk is there for his Home Run, then certainly Dave Roberts should be there for his stolen base, and Curt Schilling for his bloody sock, and David Ortiz for his game winning heroics.

There have been many players who have had great careers and done wonderful things for the Sox. Most have been mentioned on this blog and they certainly deserve special recognition. For these players and events, the Red Sox have their Hall of Fame. As a member of the Sox Hall of Fame, these players become a part of Red Sox history forever. Retiring a number is recognition even beyond that and should be reserved for a very select few whose achievements and/or contributions transcend the baseball field, and even time. Right now, there is only one I can think of who merits that consideration, and that would be Johnny Pesky. His dedication to the Red Sox and to baseball go far beyond what could be expected of any human being.

I think the Celtics will be fine. They were 31-10 on the road during the regular season, there’s no reason to believe they won’t win a few games out there during the playoffs.

Speaking of numbers, I have been watching Tito manage for four years and I have no idea what his number is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with a numbered jersey. Now be honest, how many of you don’t know Tito’s number, or am I the only stupid person here?

Good point. He’s always wearing a jacket. Does he get cold in 90 degree heat?


I agree on Zimmer but face it, from a media perspective, Zimmer looked pale in comparison to Pedro’s attitude. You also have a good point on Pedro’s energy and he was great theatre. Beckett though is a stopper and doesn’t have that attitude. He just goes out and pitches and leaves and yet you look at him and see authority on the mound by his actions not his personality. Having said that you did remind me of the zest of Pedro and I shouldn’t dismiss it.


Don’t dismiss Carlton. He lead the team and stood out. He should have retired with the Sox instead of Chicago and there is no question in my mind that if Chicago treated his retirement better, he would have been wearing a White Sox cap in the Hall.


I realize my comments on Fisk were a bit of a mixed message!

One final thing,

Gagne’s last start was a disaster for all you who wish to call him ‘gag-me’ Gagne.


Francona’s number is 47.

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