Friday at Fenway

It’s raining. Game is officially in delay mode. It’s coming down pretty steadily but supposed to let up soon. I’ll keep you posted. It looks pretty ominous out there.

Good to be back at Fenway. A three-game series with the Brewers looms. The Red Sox are beat up and in a slump. Probably nothing 37,000 vocal enthusiasts can’t solve.

A couple of interesting subplots tonight. I know everyone will be happy to see Gabe Kapler back. Who doesn’t like Gabe Kapler? He’s not playing, however, so the standing ovation might have to wait until tomorrow.

It will be a far different story for Eric Gagne. There have been few less disastrous trade acquisitions than Gagne, though the Red Sox did win a World Series in spite of him. It should be high comedy to see the reaction he gets if he comes out of the bullpen tonight.

The guy starting for the Brewers tonight is also a former trade acquisition the Red Sox would have loved to have a re-do on. Remember how they traded Freddy Sanchez for Jeff Suppan on July 31, 2003? By the time the playoffs rolled around, a struggling Suppan didn’t even make the rotation. However, Red Sox fans do love him for his incredibly poor baserunning on behalf of the Cardinals in Game 3 of the 2004 World Series.

This could be the night for Manny to hit 500. Yes, he is two away, but he’s had good success against Suppan (7-for-21, three homers) and that doesn’t include the blast Manny hit off him in the World Series.

The Red Sox are healthier then when you saw them last. Drew (wrist) and Lugo (concussion) are both back in the lineup. Coco is still feeling sick. Ellsbury is in center.

Oh, and there’s also quite a big Celtics game tonight. I thought Game 5 was a breakthrough performance for Rondo. Perhaps he can carry it over tonight on the road and they can be playing Game 1 against the Pistons on Sunday instead of Game 7 against these Cavs. Then again, if it goes to Game 7, they can finally avenge the Game 7 loss to Cleveland in 1992.



I am predicting a Celtics victory tonight.
I think the Celtics will say enough is enough and win tonight. I hope Davis takes away some of Perkins’ minutes. Davis played well in the 4th qtr. in game 5. Perkins handles the ball like a time bomb.

Very happy too see Suppan take the hill at Fenway. He struggled in Boston. I don’t know what the career numbers say but I doubt there very good.

Suppan had only 1 good start in 2003. He lost that game in N.Y. in early September. A H.R. I believe by Bernie Williams did him in that day. Overall he pitched very poorly for Boston in 2003. He was meant to pitch in the N.L. not in the A.L. and definetly not in Boston.

Just what the doctor ordered, interleague play at Fenway. That should snap them out of it. If not, then they defintely have some issues on this team.


That game 7 loss your talking about back in 1992 was also Larry Bird’s last game. There was a sign that Bird saw along the way to the game in Richfield. It said Larry’s last game and of course Bird said it must be for Larry Nance. Bird knew then it was his last game. He was one of the greats and hard to believe it has been 16 years since his last game.


Please don’t sound so discouraged about the Sox. The hometown crowd can be of assistance. I hope Manny does belt out a couple of homers. Sox need some momentum.

A horrible display of offense for the Celtics. At least they are consisent on the road, lol. Eddie House was the only Celtic that showed up in Cleveland. Rondo had such a great game on Wed. night and 48 hours later, one of his worst games. The trio of Garnett, Pierce and Allen didn’t show up again. For a 48 minute game, I think the Celtics played good for about 20 minutes. I think at one point they missed 22 shots in a row, OUCH!!!! That will NEVER get the job done. Not in the playoffs and definetly not on the road.

The Celtics just played a game 7 vs Atl. so I guess they have some advantage and they are at home as well. A pressure cooker in Boston on Sunday. Either way, the Celtics will not get past Detroit. Detroit is well rested and they have alot of options on offense, unlike Cleveland and Atlanta. Detroit also can/will go on the road and win, something the Celtics CAN NOT DO!!! 0-6 in the playoffs on the road, 31-10 on the road during the regular season. Safe to say they are feeling the PRESSURE of playoff basketball.

Hey Bosoxbrian:

Is the Celt’s glass half-empty, or half-full? All that poor play that you so accurately describe, and yet they only lose by 5 on the road last night. The attitude around here was that the Cavs had to win game 5 to have a chance. While I am sure there is some revisionism now, I believe that was a good, gut-level suggestion. I expect the Celts to win and move on to playing against the Pistons.

Now I know everyone wants to escalate the Pistons’ status because they have won 1 (count it) 1 play-off game on the road. But before we annoint Detroit — let’s not forget that while they have reached the Eastern Conference Championship each of the past 5 years, they have only won that series twice, and have only won the NBA Championship once. Sounds more like the Minnesota Vikings or the Philadelphia Eagles than the Patriots to me!

I agree with you wholeheartedly that the Celts continual progress will depend in large part on how much KG really wants it, and gets determined enough to go out and get it. I believe that his performance will be what influences the performance of the balance of the team. Lets see how well they do!

It seems like forever since the Sox played. Almost enough time to forget those 4 miserable losses. Hopefully, Tito’s return will have a positive influence on the club. And, oh yes, I am looking forward to the return of a certain relief pitcher. I don’t want to call him by alternative name, as some on this blog find that rude. I only hope the Sox treat him rudely when they face him! Do you forsee the Sox this year with this uneven a performance…win a bunch in a row…lose a bunch in a row…win a bunch in a row, etc? I sure had thought that their pitching would keep them out of extended losing streaks.


I was just looking at the Sox pitching rotation. I didn’t realize Buchholz had been placed on the 15 day DL. What with last night’s rain out backing Dice-K up to pitching today and Buchholz out of the line-up, the Sox not only have to bring up Colon to pitch Tuesday, but they’re going to have to have someone fill in on Wednesday. Who do you think it will be — Justin Masterson, who has been struggling some in Double A, Jose Vacquedano who just got promoted from Double A to Pawtucket, David Pauley who just had a decent outing there, Devern Hansack or Kyle Snyder? Where is rubber arm Julian Tavarez when you need him? Or, maybe the Sox will bring up Charlie Zink so they can have 2 knuckleballers in their rotation!


Regarding the Celtics, I think the glass is half-full to beat the Cavs in Boston tomm. Against Detroit, I see the glass as half-empty. The Pistons have won 3 games on the road in the playoffs. ( games 4 & 6 vs Philly—game 4 in Orlando ) While the Celtics are 0-6 and some of those games fizzled in the 4th qtr. when the pressure mounts. Lakers showed what they are made of last night, winning in Salt Lake and taken the series. As of right now the Celtics could never do that. Go on the road and win a game.

It seems like it has been forever since the Red Sox played. I almost forget who’s on the team, lol.

I don’t know who will start a couple of those games but the guys you mentioned will get the call I’m sure. Colon should start in one of those games. I think he is slated to go on Thursday. I guess they could bump him up to Wed. Red Sox have some options and some good options to get a couple of spot starts.

Chances are our favorite righty will come out of the pen in one these 2 games. He will be hearing alot of negative things about him. It will be fun to watch him get smoked again at Fenway. At least this time it will be enjoyable, unlike August and Sept. He didn’t fit in Boston. He got 10 million this year from the Brewers. Who in there right mind would give that guy that kind of $$$$. His career is just about over.

I also think it will be weird if he comes out of the bullpen today. And I will even boo him (Even though I won’t be at the game.)

I feel bad for Doc. His team 0-6 on the road, and he has to face LeBron James( A Yankee fan) in Game 7.

Hey Bosoxbrian:

Just think, 10 Mil per year to lose baseball games. That’s even better than being paid lebenty-leben thousand dollars per year to tell us it will rain and the sun will shine sometime next week, Why can’t one of those jobs find its way to me(lol)?!?!?!?!?!?

About Doc Rivers — he certainly does seem like a nice and classy guy, not unlike Tito. However, with Tito, I have some confidence that he can find a way to get the Sox performance back on track — I don’t have that same confidence with Rivers. This is his opportunity to brand himself as a basketball coach who gets his team to win the tough wins. Maybe he should be thinking about WWRD (What would Red Do?).


Doc deserves to have some critics out there but overall I think the blame is on the big trio. Garnett, Pierce and Allen. They got all the credit during there great regular season and for the most part they have played poorly in the playoffs. I have always said if you get all the credit when things are going well. You deserve blame when things don’t go your way. I don’t think it is pick and choose. Ray Allen has played AWFUL in the playoffs. He looks very old out there. Allen can’t shoot straight and is a liabilty on defense. Pierce has too many turnovers and can’t pass. He has had some horrible looking passes out there. Garnett is too soft, he doesn’t go up strong around the rim. I don’t know why but Garnett for some reason disappers in the playoffs. Some people will say Garnett scored 25 points but with the Celtics down by 5 last night in the 4th qtr. Garnett had a chance where he could have dunked but stopped and shot a 10 footer and missed. Cavs go down the other end and score and just like that the Cavs were up 7. Things like that drive me nuts about Garnett. Doc did the right thing the entire season with there minutes and especially the final week or so. They were well rested coming into the playoffs. I think Doc saw the overall picture during the season. The N.B.A. is a players league. I think Doc did the right thing last night with House getting Cassell’s minutes. House played very well while Cassell has really struggled.

Whatever they are doing on the road, they need to change it. Then again, there next road game could be next season. I hope not. I still like there chances tomm. afternoon. Game Seven’s usually go to the home team.

So many bad contracts in baseball. Gagne 10 million for this season. We all know about Drew and Lugo’s deal, not good. When will these g.m.’s learn? The Yankees have a bunch of money coming off the books after this season. All that means to me, they will lock themselves in again with long term deals. Quality not quanity, some g.m.’s just don’t understand it. I agree with you dbenjamin, where is my part of the pie as well? LOL.

Suppan has nightmares of Fenway. Another pitcher that got a long term deal, who knows why.

Great too see Ortiz go the other way with the H.R. Staying back on the ball and using his legs. Red Sox should have there way with the Brewers this weekend. I am expecting a sweep. Anything else would be dissapointing.

The Sox should go 6-1 during this homestand.

Dice-K is doing good so far. With this pace, he’ll get an 8 inning effort or a complete game

Dice-K won’t make eight and he is coming unglued with a tough at bat then a hit batter. I just hope he gets through this inning and at least gives us seven.


Hall was clearly out at second base. Ump missed that call.
Dice-K is definetly looking good. A much needed deep start with the doubleheader. Of course a well rested bullpen but you want innings from your game 1 starter.


Lugo’s double play really cost them. I can’t blame Youk. He’s made one error all year but now we have Manny ‘hey can somebody tell me where’s the strike zone’ Delcarman.

This is going to be a very tight game.

The hitting is doing OK but their LOB percentage is just climbing through the roof. They just struggle to get runs home. Why is that?

Come on Manny. They don’t have a 300 hitter on the team!

What a great idea. Get rid of Lugo in the ninth.


Hey where is everyone out there? Don’t tell me you guys found lives out there!


It’s a quiet night here so I just tuned in. Looks like the wheels came off for Wake, but he did well for 5. The Sox really need to take this game and build some momentum. They need consistency and some attitude. They have way too much talent to be playing like they have, especially when they are on the road.

Aardsma makes it interesting in the 6th. Hansen comes in and gives up a lead-off single. That’s what I mean, they need attitude. These guys need to come in and put the clamps on the Brewers. Get a little FIRE! Shut them down!


Wow! Wonder what the record is for errors in consecutive 1/2 innings? Thanks Brewers.

Looks like Javy wants to give the lead back. Maybe this is why MLB doesn’t have many double-headers anymore.


This is one ugly game. Seven errors between the two teams. I just hope the Sox have a closer. I take it Papelbon can’t pitch the ninth right?


Looky there! Timlin cleans it up with a 1, 2, 3 inning. Go Timmy!

Ugly is an understatement. That was like one of the games we used to play in our beer belly softball league. Except we played better D.


Irony of ironies. Hansen got the win despite the fact he bled out a few runs. Timlin came through for once. Lopez is showing signs he’s reliable. Hope the Sox sleep well tonight. They earned it!

Actually Hansen gave up three runs. He’s not seasoned enough yet but they need pitching. Colon is getting closer. Schilling is not but he’s not stepping backwards.
Hitting is erratic. They need a sweep right now to get some confidence back. Right now the Sox got lucky with Milwaukee. L.A. or the Devil Rays would never had let them get away with this level of play.


I didn’t realize the errors came when Hansen was up. Sorry about that one!

I stopped watching after the game went 5 – 3

Here’s hoping that Hansen can build on this. I mean to say that if he can get through an inning like that and get the 3rd out without getting totally rattled and have to be removed from the game, then maybe he can learn to nail down the 3rd out of his innings. Does that make the least bit of sense? This could build his composure.
The good things are the Sox are tied for first and they have a nifty little 2 game winning streak going.

We are playing a good series so far.Hopefully we pull out a sweep. Would be big for us. Beckett to me is yet to really truly settle in in my opinion. As far as the season goes that is. Look for him to settle in soon and put together a good winning streak. Maybe it will start with this start right now.

How in the world does a major leaguer drop that ball at first? I guess it him in the wrong spot, the glove, lol. Let’s hope Boston can take advantage of that gift.

Hows it goin BoSoxBrian?

Its a shame that Ellsbury got caught stealing, but it was bound to happen. He start a new streak soon.
I’ve been absent for a few days from the blog. I’m glad that our losing streak is behind us.
I don’t remember Price Fielder being as heavy as he is this year. That can’t be good for a 1st baseman to be that heavy. The uniform makes him look HUGE!!
My fantasy team seems to be doing better. So maybe I’ll being moving out of teh basement sometime in the near future.

Hey Ellen.


Doing well and you? Just watching the Red Sox beat down the Brewers. A fight at the bat rack, lol.

Great too see Ortiz with a multi H.R. game. He is driving the ball and that is bad news for the opposition. Safe to say his knee is just great.

I think the Brewers should look into getting Tedy Higuera or Pete Vukovich, lol. There pitching staff is pretty bad. A bunch of rag tag arms.

Hey Bosoxbrian,

Great day for David Ortiz. I’m a bit concerned about Manny R. He is just not hitting and I can see the desperation in his hitting. He’s trying to hit everything. I hope he can turn it around.


Im doing great BoSoxBrian. Nothing beats watching Big Papi smash homers. About Manny, he will be fine. When he gets number 500 hel be fine. Yeah the BRewers definitely need some new arms out there. Thats for sure. Well looks like Sox are heading for a big sweep haha.

Note to Beckett:

Braun his the curveball
Braun hits home runs with the curveball
Don’t throw the curveball

Nuff said!

Can you believe that Dice-K is our Ace. Beckett is a disaster out there. You can’t seem to give him enough run support!


Yeah BEckett hasnt exactly settled in well this year. In 2006 he threw too many fastballs, 2007 he balanced it all out and in 2008 now hes throwing too many curveballs. he needs to return to what he was doing in 2007.

Hey Ch, how’re you doing??? Glad we won, but Josh gave up 4 hr’s…
I know that we all felt great about the team last year, but I dont think I realized until today just how ABSOLUTELY AWESOME they were. The Sox have given us so much to cheer about, and we always expect more, more, more.
I’M A HAPPY CAMPER TODAY!! Too bad Gag-me didnt get the chance to “S” one the way he did (n’t) for us last year. He should be arrested for Grand Theft, performing the way he did and STILL cashing his checks!! Nope, can’t do that, we’d have to arrest acouple of others too!!


In my humble opinion, I think Theo should be blamed for that trade. Gagne never recovered after Tommy John surgery. It was a really bad trade and I saw Francona sitting next to Theo when the trade happened. Francona looked very angry and i was really surprised about that. I think he knew right away that Theo was being rather obtuse in generating that trade.
Beckett is painful to watch. He’s really struggling out there. Manny D. gave up another run but it working his way back. At least he’s finding the strike zone but Papelbon in the ninth? What a great vote of confidence for the bullpen when they have to use their closer to shut down a game like this against a team that has NO ONE hitting 300!
Whew, glad I’m not frustrated with this team!


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