Another No-No

Sorry about the lack of blogging yesterday. As you might imagine, I got a little busy during the no-hitter.

Full Disclosure: It didn’t dawn on me that Lester had a no-hitter until about the fifth inning when I heard esteemed colleague Steven Krasner of the Providence Journal say something about a no-hitter on a telephone conversation within ear shot.

What can I say? It just didn’t feel like a no-hitter in the early innings. It was all so routine. Aside from the Ellsbury catch, none of the outs were difficult.

I felt better about spacing the no-hitter for five innings when I heard Jason Varitek say after the game that he had no clue about the no-no until after seven innings. And he was catching! Speaking of ‘Tek, that’s pretty telling that he’s the only catcher in history to be on the receiving end of four no-nos.

Perhaps the most underrated aspect of Lester’s performance was his mid to upper 90s velocity. Where had that been?

Don’t discount that Lester could still be getting back to full strength after the cancer.

Lester was asked this afternoon when the last time was that he had that kind of life on his fastball:

“A long time,” he said. “I’d say all the way back to ’05. It’s been a while to where I could sit there and go, ‘I’m going to try to rear back and throw this one a little bit harder’ and ctually get it. Last year, it was ‘try to throw a little bit harder’ and it was 91, 92. This year, it’s physically stronger and I don’t still have the stuff [chemo, etc.} in me and all that. I just feel a lot better mechanically, too, being able to repeat my mechanics better.”

Think about how dangerous this could make the Red Sox if Lester has a carryover from this no-hitter and becomes that upper echelon type of starter a lot of us forecasted him to be in Spring Training.

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals is coming up. The NBA has the matchups they want this round. Celtics and the Pistons, a pure throwback ’80s matchup. And the Lakers and the defending champion Spurs.


Hey BosoxBrian:

We were here the last time Justin M pitched. So now tell me, he has thrown 66 pitches, gotten through 5 innings and has a 2 hit shut-out. Your bullpen has a full day’s rest thanks to Jon L. no-no last night. So how long do you leave Justin in the game?

No more than 100 pitches for Masterson. That would be the limit for me. Masterson is someone that should be called up sometime during the summer. So many good young arms in the Red Sox organization. A big thanks to Theo and the baseball ops. dept.

The bullpen is well rested as you said. Sign of the times last night, Chris Smith warming up during Lester’s no hitter. If Lester gave up a hit, he would have been taken out. Also Buchholz’s no no, there was talk his pitch count was climbing. Theo even spoke with Francona on the phone about it in the dugout.

All the pressure on the Celtics tonight. Cleveland had a chance to steal game 1 after the 7 game series the Celtics had with Atlanta. Detroit could take this one tonight. Old school hoops tonight in Boston. Those Detroit–Boston battles back in the day were AWESOME!!!

Bird stealing the ball from Isiah was the ultimate. The late great Johnny Most with the call, underneath to D.J. and he lays it in. I can here those words as if he just said it. I’m sure Johnny Most is watching it with Red tonight.

6 innings and 82 pitches — he’s allowed 3 hits, all to one guy who was just up…I think you send him back out for the 7th inning.

How can this guy (Justin) have a 4+ ERA in Double-A ball, when he has an 0.75 ERA in 2 starts in the bigs?!?!?!?!?

He should take the hill for the 7th. Masterson looks like a vet out there.


Orioles beating the Yankees 10-0. Is your son in law doing o.k.? Keep him away from sharp objects, lol.

Lenny Clarke should do Red Sox games more often. He is very funny!!! Bill Parcells look a like is Clarke.

Hey BosoxBrian:

His birthday is coming up. Lucky for him I gave him a pack of tix (@ Yankee Stadium) for the season at Christmastime. Otherwise, he’d be likely to get a gold thong with fire on the side to go along with his Derek Jeter shirt (lol).


I think I will attempt to answer that. In AA he’s familiar and he’s also pacing himself. When he comes up, nobody has any clue of him and he’s obviously running on full throttle and pushing himself hard.
I’m sure as a regular starter, he will not have this success because few do. (my opinion)

Want to add I cried when I realized how Francona felt about Lester. It was very moving.


Why in the world would Giambi admit to wearing a gold thong? He needs to be checked out and real soon. Jeter said he and Damon have worn it as well. I don’t know if he was joking but he did say it.

A-Rod returns and the Yankees bomb.

Tying run at the plate and I think Francona made the right move. Another solid start by Masterson.


When Francona and the Red Sox decided to have Lester start the year at A.A.A. last year. Francona called Lester’s parents to tell them they were going to send there son to A.A.A. How many managers have ever done that? Francona has so much respect for Lester. Francona said he saw his son graduate from Wharton ( a big time bussiness school ) and then he watched Lester pitch a no no. Lester is like his second son. You could see it in Francona’s eyes last night. With Francona acting like that, it goes a long way in that clubhouse. Francona has the players back and the players have his back. I doubt many teams in sports have that type of team chemistry/harmony.

Hey BosoxBrian:

Are you in a slump? If so, I know where there’s a slump-ending thong for you to latch onto!!!!!!!!


My slump buster would not be a thong, lol. It did drop to 83 today so I could be in some sort of slump, lol. Almost had to put the windows up, got chilly, lol.

The Royals are pretty happy Masterson is out of the game. In comes Delcarmen, uh oh. Boston should hold on and get Masterson his first win in the big leagues.


I would agree and that’s why I love Francona so much as a manager. The stress on the team is hard enough without having a soldier/manager. Not to sound too touchy feely but I would have loved to have a supportive father like Francona. Who wouldn’t?


Does the bullpen staff try to lose games that Masterson pitches? Are they afraid he’ll come up and take their spot? I think the last time he pitched, he was followed by Lopez and DelCarmen. At least this time, Lopez threw strikes and got the guy he faced to make an out. I guess we can’t say the same for Manny.

Speaking of another Manny, its amazing that Big Papi’s Batting Average is within 40 points of Mannys. It doesn’t seem so long ago when Ortiz was hitting 0.77 and Manny was hitting .325!

Brian …….. I think there are questions to be asked about Giambi and the gold thong. However, there are even more to be asked to Jeter and the guys rumored to be sharing it.

Masterson looked very good tonight. Unfortunately, Manny being Manny……. and I’m not talking about Ramirez.

Celtics are looking pretty good early. They are up 22-19 earlyh in the 2nd.


Alot of easy baskets for the Celtics tonight. Points in the paint in the playoffs is huge.

Okajima having more trouble. I think his wrist could still be a little sore.

Okajima is lacking a lot of confidence.

I hate NBA officiating. It’s a joke. There is no rhyme or reason to when they make their calls. They miss a lot of stuff, and call the weakest crap. It’s worse than the NFL.

Huge strikeout for Papelbon. Celtics trailing right now 37-39

Check that. Leading 41-39

Bullpens are a tough egg. I give Manny D. for the strikeout but Manny R. is really struggling at the plate.


I think that Masterson’s advantage here at the Big League level is that he is basically an unknown.. he’s seen the guys on the farm a few times and maybe they’ve gotten familiar with his stuff.
I’ve tried really hard not to do this but here goes..
Just a couple of ablsolutely non-essential thisngs:
1. I wikipedia’d Tavarez yesterday to see if there was anthing new on his status and found out a VERY interesting fact. He said that if he had not gotten picked up by MLB he wanted to be an “adult film star”….. are we lucky that he was picked up or not???!! I vote yes, we’re lucky!! ( not that I”VE EVER seen one of THOSE movies!!)
2. Watching Oki tonight, i noticed that his adams apple sits over (a pretty good distance) on the left side of his neck..

OKay, two things you may not have known and really dont give a danm about, but I thoughtI’d tell you!!!

… and as far as you guys swapping thongs, it was hard enough to sleep (and also keep from vomitting) woth out nightmares after I heard about Giambi et al sporting a thong!! Dont you guys want me to have a nightmare-less night!!


Did you really have to bring up the porn film star! It just feel s a bit weird.

Papelbon is using sliders and cutters. Thank goodness he’s moving away from the heat all the time.


Guys two questions:

One, if you are a pitcher and actually allow a run in but without a hit (errors, walks, etc.) and go nine innings. Does that qualify as a no-hitter?

Two, do you guys know the situations with Doug Mirabelli and Tavarez (e.g. where are they now).


oops my blonde, how do you think i felt… actually i laughed my bhutt off!!!!

Heckuva save by Pap. Masterson with his first big league win. Sox again 10 games over .500. And Ellen…with thoughts about a passaround thong (lol).

Speaking of Tavarez…he’s apparently another veteran who accepted a minor league assignment from the Sox. That’s one solid organization to see all these big leaguers accepting minor league assignments to stay within the system. They’ve got to be doing something right.

Now, if we can only get the Celt’s home with a win…Think they can send Pap across town for another save in a close game?!?!?!?

tavrarez agreed outright to Pawtucket, it was on the ticker tonight on NESN.
I try to look up Miarbelle every couple of days or so, and as of my last search (Friday) he’s still basesball unemployed.
That’s a TRUE shame!!

Mirabelli (sp)

Papelbon came in and blew them away. What a weapon he is. Now I know how Yankee fans felt when Rivera came into the game over the years.

Doc said it best the Pistons are living at the line. He also said they need to attack and attack more. I don’t think the Pistons will be able to stop Garnett. He is too much for Wallace too handle.

Celtics came out strong but the Pistons held on and hung around.


I agree with you about the officials in the N.B.A. They have too much control of the game out there. They have STUNK my entire life. Earl Strom needs to be cloned about 100 times, lol.

I’m glad Tavarez stuck it out. I’m sorry about Doug. Can’t Doug just catch for the Pawtucket organization.
He has so much class easily shown when he appeared at Fenway to accept the ring. Cash has been impressive but I miss Doug.

Papelbon is so much better with him mixing up pitches. There was a time he just threw the fastball. Bad idea in my opinion. You have to be the magician out there.



Papelbon would be good in the post. He would bring the attitude to the paint. You gotta love the competitive spirit of Papelbon, so intense.

Great too see Masterson with his first win in the big leagues and hopefully many more over the years. These young players for the Sox and they feel like they belong. Looking forward to seeing these guys on the big stage for years to come. Lowrie, Masterson, Bowden just to name a few. So many others waiting in the wings. There minor league developement is INCREDIBLE. The Sox are winning and developing, that is a winning combo.

Dave, a no hitter is a complete game of nine innings or more during which a pitcher surrenders no hits. It’s possible for a pitcher to walk a batter, have him steal a base, then advance on a sacrifice bunt, then score on a sacrifice fly. A pitcher has allowed a run, and an earned run at that, with no hits. If the pitcher went on to finish the game and allow no hits, he could lose and still get credit for a no hitter.

Nice effort by Papelbon. Looks like he’s gotten over that little bump in the road of a couple of weeks ago.

Celtics are hanging tough. Brian, we talked about free throws on an earlier post. Pistons have missed quite a few which is a good thing since they are getting to the line way more than the Celtics are………. Earl Strom…… now there’s a name from the past. It seems like officials were better when there were only two of them

The Bird steal was a great one for sure but the real magic of that play was the pass to DJ for the layup. Still the all time classic is “Havlicek Stole the Ball”. I thought Johnny Most was going to come through the radio!

The Red Sox desperately need Justin Masterson….as the bridge to Jonathan Papelbon. Terry Francona does not have an arm in that bullpen right now that can be trusted in key situations. The organization is uncertain whether Masterson’s future is as a set-up man or a starter. Right now, the need is in the bullpen. Why keep him in Double-A when Okajima and Delcarmen cannot keep inherited runners from scoring? Sooner or later this season, Masterson will be in Boston for good. Hopefully it is sooner because there will undoubtedly be more coughed up leads by this bullpen.

That written, what a nice win for Masterson. Red Sox starting pitching has allowed one run and three hits over 15.1 innings in the last two games. Masterson has allowed two runs and five hits in 12.1 Major League innings. That is reason for excitement.



C’s are up in the 4th but Detroit is hanging around. Boston’s D has been great. I don’t think anyone can cover Garnett, there could be a game where he scores 30.

The officials are so inconsisent. That would drive me nuts if I was a coach. I wasn’t a Pat Riley fan but he bought some calls when he would complain thru the press. He was a master at doing that.

Earl Strom was one of the best. He got respect from the players. I don’t think the players have respect for some of the guys/gals that are officials. David Stern is watching very closely, that could hurt the officials as well. Either way the officials in the N.B.A. STINK!!!


I loved listening to Johnny Most. Turn the t.v. down and listen to him. It was 2 totally different games going on, lol. Boston was trailing not losing. Of course that was rare when the Celtics were trailing. He was GREAT!!! We were spoiled with him doing the games.

He absolutely hated Bill Laimbeer and Isiah, among others.

Safe to say the Celtics will win game 1. Great too see. I don’t have alot of confidence in the Celtics for this series. I thought Detroit in 6 or 7 when the series started. Boston’s D is the difference tonight. That is why they had the best record during the season.

Hey Ellen, Hey BoSoxBrian! How you guys doing? I beleive they should keep Masterson and use him in the pen. Just think of the kind of weapon wede have coming out of the pen! Now everyone needs to stop mentioning Giambi’s gold thong, Jeter and Damon probably borrow some of his. Wouldnt be my favourite technique, thats for sure. Man I went into english class saw my yankee fan english teacher, she had it hard back to back days. My friend Juan whose a die hard Mets fan wrote on the board about how the mets bombed the yankees 11-2 and chewed up their ace then i come in the next day writing ” CONGRATULATIONS JON LESTER” on the board,lol. What a week she is having.

Oh now we need to write Baltimore 12 and Yankees 2 on the board today.

Brian, Johnny Most was the best for sure. When the Celtics got fouled you would have thought they were being brutally beaten and assaulted. Jungle Jim Luscotoff was a angel though.

Celtics D was superb tonight. They played with a lot of intensity. The Pistons were close all night, but it just seemed like the Celtics had contorol of the game. It seemed like Detroit struggled to keep up. I think Thursday’s game determines which way the series goes. If Detroit manages a win, then I like your prediction of Detroit in six or seven. If the Celtics win, I think they win one in Detroit and finish it in five.

Don’t let Masterson’s performance fool you into thinking he’s the answer to the bullpen. He needs to get back to Portlant and/or Pawtucket where he can get his work in. He will develop a lot faster as a starter, and long term, he’ll better serve the Sox in that capacity. At this point, the Sox have to stick with DelCarmen and Okajima. I think you have to throw Hansen and Aardsma into the mix too and give them some opportunities in tight situations. They have some great arms in the bullpen….. they just have to get them on track.

Hey Brian ….. my second favorite play by play guy was Curt Gowdy when he did the Red Sox. “Hi Nabah, have a Gansett.”

The world is safe again, at least for a little while. Julian Tavarez accepted a minor league assignment to Pawtucket and will not be in the movie business in the immediate future.

What do the Red Sox young pitchers (Bucholz and Lester) have in common with the Yankees young pitchers (Kennedy and Hughes)? Answer… “NO”

Unfortunately for Yankee fans… The Red Sox NOs are “NO Hitters” and the Yanks NOs are “NO Wins”.


The Boston area is very spoiled with some great broadcasters. Gowdy, Most among others. Gowdy was a little before my time. I barely remember Gowdy doing the 4:00 football games. When you heard his voice, you knew it was a big game. It was great seeing Gowdy on t.v. during the playoffs of 2003 with his cowboy hat on. Only Curt Gowdy could get away with wearing a cowboy hat in Boston.

You are 100 % correct about no Celtic making a foul with Most. Most was the ultimate homer announcer. So many sound a like contests with Most back in the day. Everyone tried to emulate Johnny Most. Of course there was only 1 Johnny Most.

I agree with you gsm about Masterson. Let him climb thru the system and don’t rush him. That would be a mistake if they rushed him. The Red Sox have a plan for Masterson and they will not deviate from it. He’ll be up eventually and when he is, he’ll stay for good and help the big club. I just love watching these young players with the Red Sox.


How are those Yankee fans doing? The ones you go to school with? Are they jumping from high places yet?

Mussina showed his age last night. He got BOMBED. He was pitching pretty good before last night. I wonder if Hank or Hal Steinbrenner has David Wells on speed dial?

Hey BosoxBrian:

I am getting very nervous — I keep agreeing with you more and more (lol). Thank goodness for college football (lol).

Gowdy as a Red Sox announcer may have been before your time, but he wasn’t before my time. I remember him, Ned Martin and Art Gleason vividly, and of course, his on-air commercial “Hey Neighbah, Have a Gansett, give that lager beer a chance it has that straight from the barrel taste, in bottles, cans, on tap its great, Yes Gansett’s got that flavor, Narragansett flavor, Gansett’s light, but not too light, straight from the barrel taste, that’s right, that’s Gansett….Brewed by the shores of Lake Cochituate, which was actually in Framingham. If only some of my history and geography lessons had stayed with me as well.

Did you see where Hank Steinbrenner said some very complimentary things about Jon L? Do you think he’d offer the Sox Melky Cabrera and both Kennedy and Hughes for Jon? (lol) Altogether, the 4 of them might not weigh as much as the Boomer! I don’t mean to gash the Boomer. I thought he gave the Sox great effort when he was with them during 2005-2006, and I felt the Sox returned that consideration when they let him go back to the Padres to get into the play-offs near his home. Just think, the Twinkies could have had Lester, Masterson and CoCo for Santana. What’s the song, “Whose sorry now….? I am so glad the Sox didn’t pull the trigger on that trade as I was encouraging them to in the off-season. I love the stories about how John Farrell was pounding his fist on the table screaming “Do not trade these guys!!…” Just think, he came from Cleveland! If he’s half as good as he seems, I don’t suspect that the Sox will hold onto him forever. I credit Tito for this, both for seeing the talent and creating a strong enough relationship with Farrell that he has turned down his own managing opportunities.

I also agree with you about Justin Masterson. The Sox did such a good job holding the reins last year on Jon L and Buchholz. Hopefully, they will do the same with Masterson this year. I see where they assigned him to the Pawsox (Triple – A) rather than Portland (Double – A). Do you think Colon is up for good? I would suspect not if he pitches poorly, I would think they would bring Buchholz back into the rotation after he comes off the 15 day DL on May 29th. However, what if Colon pitches well — he should get 2 starts. If he handles both well, what do you suspect the Sox will do with Buchholz — send him down, send him to the bullpen, have Colon go to the bullpen? I think it will be interesting. What I find astounding is that the Sox have like 8-9 starters — Schilling, Dice-K, Beckett, Wake, Lester, Buchholz, Colon and Masterson (not to mention Devern Hansack, Tavarez and Kyle Snyder down in Pawtucket). The need them all to stay afloat, they are using them all, and are finding ways to get them onto their big league roster when they need them. I have my doubts about Theo from time to time, but in this regard, the man is a personnel genius. 2005 seems like such a distant memory when, with adding Boomer, they felt they had enough starters (6) to make the deal for Wily Mo, and traded away Bronson Arroyo. Something tells me that that experience keeps ringing in their ears loud enough to get them to keep stock-piling starting pitching talent — much of which they are paying for at relatively bargain rates.

Let the Yanks go pick up someone’s high-priced starter. be it a Chris Capuano after the Brewers fade from play-off contention, a Chris Carpenter after the Cardinals fade from the play-offs, or Livan Hernandex after the Twinkies fade from the play-offs. They’ve done it before, with limited success. Does the name Kevin Brown ring any bells?

The Yanks for years relied on significant portions of their pitching talent developed by other teams. Now, they want to stop doing that (and for the most part, have) and rely on their own developed talent. The problem is, their current cupboard is a little threadbare, and so they begin rushing youngsters up before they’re ready. Hence, the results. The Yanks need a couple of tide-over guys who can bridge the gap while they get the youngsters ready, but need to recognize that may make them less competitive for awhile.

The Sox went through that in the 1990’s, trying to rely on other teams’ former stars, like Steve Avery, Hideo (No-hit) Nomo, David Cone, John Burkett and Brett Saberhagen, players who, while sometimes capable of good results, often provided uneven results, while often trading away the talent they were developing within their own system, like Aaron Sele, Jeff Suppan, Tomo Ohka, Casey Fossum, Carl Pavano and Paul Quantrill. Now perhaps these weren’t the best young talents, but it was what the system was developing. Granted, the Sox did get Pedro in return for Pavano.

However, in retrospect, were the results better in the 1990’s or in the 2000’s? Who knows, perhaps had Carl Pavano or Casey Fossum remained with the Sox as Lester has, they would have exhibited more than they have since. So Yanks, keep trading away your talent and/or your money for yesterday’s super-performers. Hopefully the Sox will stay the course with developing much of their own talent pool, while acquiring necessary pieces to complete the puzzle, where those pieces do not cost tomorrow’s successes.

I guess it goes to demonstrate that while not all of his ventures have been perfect (bring back Orlando Cabrera and Kasson Gabbard, please!!!) Theo has crafted quite a track record — picking up Big Papi for virtually nothing, giving away good talent to the Marlins, but getting Beck and Lowell in return, acquiring Dice-K, Sean Casey and Bartolo Colon.

Guess I have rambled on for long enough.

Yankees are in worse shape than last year. Unlike last year Yankees only had to catch the Red Sox. This year the Rays and Orioles prove to be surprisingly competitive in the division. The Red Sox is not without problem either. The bullpen’s striking inability to strand inherited runner(s) frustrates and worries me. I thought the Red Sox would lose last night’s close game 2-3. Whew……
How you guys think of next year’s rotation: Beck, Dice-K, Lester, Buchholz, and Masterson?

Let’s hope Bartolo gives us 6 strong innings and the bull pen holds up for tonight’s I believe to be a close game.


I think we should start talking about college football as well, lol. I agree with everything you just wrote. Well put and well written.

I was not too happy when Theo dealt away Arroyo. Arroyo belongs in Boston, he was cut out for it. He pitched with alot of guts and he wasn’t afraid. He seemed to really thrive in Boston. The fans loved the guy. Pena is nothing more than a 4th outfielder.

I give Theo alot of credit, he did learn from his mistakes. He has stockpiled alot of good arms in the organization. Young arms and some vets as well. I am very surprised Tavarez went to A.A.A. That speaks volumes of the Red Sox. When things are going good, players want to be a part of it. Who in there right mind would want to go elsewhere? In the past, players would bolt from Boston very quick, not anymore.

I remember Gowdy doing the 4:00 football games and he also did the 1986 A.L.C.S. on radio. He was superb. Ned Martin was another solid one as well and Ken Coleman. The late Bob Starr was great. Too bad all three left us.

I never understood the love affair with Pavano and Clement. Those 2 found ways to lose games as opposed to win games. I was so relieved the Sox didn’t sign Pavano but they turned there attention to Clement, OUCH!!!!

Wells was a incentive deal for the most part so I didn’t mind Boomer. You are right, Theo did Wells good when he dealt him to San Diego. Props to Theo on that.

Thanks for bringing up Steve Avery, BAD MEMORY!!!! LOL. He was a very good pinch runner at times. Jimy Williams gave him that start and that pissed off Dan Duquette. Avery got his $$$$$ and Duquette never forgot about that one.

Ohio State has some creampuffs on there schedule the first couple of games and then the BIG game in L.A. against the Trojans. U.S.C. makes the trip to Ohio State in 2009. I give alot of credit to those 2 schools, most schools do not schedule those type of games. Imagine that, I just gave props to Ohio State, LOL. Ohio State in the past has done a home and home against Texas, again props to the Buckeyes.

I meant to write, too bad all 4 have left us.

Dbenjamin …… that was a five star take on the Gowdy commercial for Narragansett! Hey Brian, we got any gold stars we can send dbenjamin to stick to his forehead? Very nice job!!!!

The Sox have been blessed with good announcers over the years. However, I’m not a big Jos Castiglione fand. I haven’t heard him in a long time, but I did hear his call on Lester’s final pitch of the no hitter and Don Orsillo (or Orsillilio if you’re Joe Migrane) did a much better job.

On a new subject, we should plan a get together for the Sox series in Tampa the end of June/beginning of July. Anyone interested?

Hey BosoxBrian:

Now your lauding my Buckeyes?!?!? Maybe you want my gold stars….sorry boy, you can’t have them (lol), but you can borrow my gold thong!!!

OK dbenjamin, you are suspended from posting for 3 days for owing a gold thong!

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