Big Bartolo ready to take ball

We are roughly 15 minutes away from Bartolo Colon’s first offiicial pitch as a member of the Red Sox, and the anticipation is building. Well, not really, but it sounds good to say it.

But seriously, it will be very intriguing to see exactly how Bart fits into the mix here. Obviously his upside is huge. Downside? There really is none. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll have Buchholz or Masterson or eventually maybe even Schilling.

Julian Tavarez is in Pawtucket, but I highly doubt you will see him in a Red Sox uniform again this season. It sounds like they are just trying to bide time before a trade. As Francona said, “Tavarez is going to pitch in the big leagues.”

Francona laughed when a reporter mentioned to him before the game that Manny Ramirez remains “stuck” on 498 homers. I can think of worse numbers to get stuck on. He could be stuck on 14. When Francona said that, I thought for sure that must have been the number of times he went deep in his career. But upon further review, Tito hit 16 jacks.

For the second night in a row, bench coach Brad Mills will coach third. DeMarlo Hale is home in Florida tending to his wife, who is undergoing some medical tests.

I asked Tito before the game about the prospects of Masterson pitching out of the bullpen: “Yeah, he could probably certainly help us just because of his style. He’s two years into pro ball. I think the starters innings are really, really beneficial. Where that takes him the rest of the year, i don’t know. A lot of things get talked about within the organization and I think your question makes sense. But I think starters innings right now are really beneficial to him.”


Hey Brian. Well they arent talking much around here. Quiet Yankee fans. David Wells be as well become their new ace lol. Anyways time to see how Colon fares tonight. He might become a key player…

So far so good with Colon. You have too be impressed with the hefty righty. Colon hasn’t missed many if any meals over the years, lol. If he can stay healthy, the Sox have found themselves a gem.

Great too see Varitek go deep into the night. Lugo with a clutch hit, I can’t believe it. Lugo is the best #9 hitter in baseball, lol. Alot of speed on the bases. Big boys coming up!!!!

It has been about 2 weeks with this new camera angle with N.E.S.N. and I still don’t like it. Why did they change it?
They obviously didn’t ask me for my advice, lol.

Colon has looked very good through his first five innings. He has broken a lot of bats and there haven’t been very many hard hit balls off him. He seems to be working pretty easily and has pretty good command of his pitches. He could be a solid addition to the Sox rotation, giving Clay a little more time to develop.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I’m surprised. Colon had only thrown 74 pitches, and they removed him after 5 innings. Would have thought they might have tried to get 6 out of him. Let’s see if Hansen is up to the task.


I would agree with you. I thought they would have at least given him a shot to finish the the 6th. If a runner got on, yank him. Overall a solid start for Colon. He hit 95 on the N.E.S.N. gun in the 5th, had velocity. His pitches seemed to stay up a little in the 5th. I’m sure he is a little fatigued. Looking forward to his next start.

Hansen looking good in the 6th, Royals go in order.

Nice job by Hansen in the 6th. 10 pitches, 3 outs. Do you bring him back in the 7th, and try to streeeeeetch him into a 2 inning pitcher?

Tek batting .295. Who’d have thought? It was interesting to hear Michael Wilbon in today’s edition of ESPN PTI saying he expected Tek to catch his 5th no-no tonight. I just don’t think Tek and the no-nos is seredipity!


I just looked up Francona’s last H.R. in the big leagues. It happened at Yankee Stadium–July 3 and it was off of current Yankee pitching coach Dave Eiland. Funny how these guys cross paths years later. I think Chris Berman called Dave Eiland, Dave “Long” Eiland.

You have a three run lead and come in to pitch one inning and walk the leadoff batter. What is wrong with Lopez and the rest of these guys? These are major league pitchers.

I guess all that counts are the results. Lopez rings up 3 outs in the 7th, without giving up a run and going through the top part of the order. Now he has a 3.00 ERA. Not too shabby, despite all of the stomache gas he has given RSN. Who will it be in the 8th?…Oki Doki…AArdsma…Manny D?…Stay Tuned!

I assume Timlin for the 9th. So far so good with the Sox bullpen tonight. Colon should get his first win in a Sox uniform.


With a four run lead, is that enough to support Timlin? Twenty five run I feel OK! Nothing against Timlin but he hasn’t pitched in a while reflecting the lack of confidence in him and he’s been wild.



I believe Timlin got the save on Sat. night against the Brewers. I say send him out for the 9th.

God, I can’t believe I’m saying this again, but I agree with BosoxBrian, send out either Timlin or AArdsma, who haven’t pitched for a while. I think Timlin has had the longer lay-off.


Timlin hasn’t pitched in a while. I suppose this is as big a blowout as possible. He might have a chance!


With the effort tonight, the Sox have reduced their team ERA to 4.03, and will move into at least 11th best in the majors, ahead of Baltimore and the Mets, who had horrendous pitching nights. Couple that with the best batting average in the bigs, and you have a potent weapon. Think about it, the rain-out back-up and Buchholz’ finger nail injury required them to come up with 2 spot starters. Not only did those starters win both games, but they probably marked themselves as valuable contributors for the remainder of the season. With Arizona having already lost, and the Cubbies losing, the Sox may end the day as the winningest team in the majors, 1 1/2 games in front in the AL East, and 7 1/2 games up on the Yanks. Beyond that, they have Dice-K going tomorrow afternoon, and then a road trip with 3 games with Oakland, who they have handled thus far this year, 3 games with Seattle, who have struggled this year (although they typically play the Sox tough, and 4 games @ Baltimore). After the Baltimore series, they will have nearly all of their remaining games vs. Baltimore at home, and will have played 34 of their first 57 games away from home. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.


It sounds much more positive. I think the no-hitter really injected the Sox with some fire. Also notice Lugo! This guy gets some hits and is playing some great defense. The time off and head injury really helped him!
My only sadness is Manny R. He really needs to get his bat back on track. He is really struggling at the plate.



Agree with me will you get in trouble, lol.

Let’s hope Boston can finish the sweep tomm. afternoon. If they do, it will be there second sweep at home in a 4 game series. Overall I think it would there 4th sweep at home if it does happen. Floyd Bannister’s kid goes tomm. afternoon and Dice-K goes for win #8. When this homestand started I thought 6-1 would happen, 7-0 sounds much better.

For some reason Boston has struggled in Seattle. I don’t think that will be the case this time around. Seattle looks dead in the water right now. Boston should take 2 of 3 from the A’s to start the trip.

It sounds like the Yankees will be extending Chamberlain and getting him into there rotation. I am guessing he’ll join that rotation sometime in the next 2 weeks or so, no more than a month. When the season started I remember the Yankees saying they were going to do it sometime in the summer. Sometimes your plans don’t work out and you have to do something earlier than you want to do it. Cashman is on the HOT SEAT. Hank and Hal Steinbrenner are getting a little restless. The pressure is mounting in N.Y. and that is great entertainment to watch, lol.

Question (probably a dumb one but who knows):

I was wondering what exactly does a pitching coach say to a pitcher who is struggling on the mound. I’m sure of course it varies, but are there certain structured statements like “relax, it’s going to be OK, ” or “we need to think about the strike zone and calming down” Anybody out there might have some ideas since the language is not privy to the general viewer and thanks!


The pitching coach probably says something like, “Did you know your fly is open, and your golden thong is showing through? (lol)

Hey BosoxBrian:

On a serious note, I saw where Tito indicated he intended to keep Colon in the rotation. I wonder what that portends for Buchholz. What I meant to convey in the above nonsense was that a pitching coach may well talk about what he sees the pitcher doing wrong, but may well focus on something entirely different, to lighten the atmosphere. I suspect it depends on the individual.


I guess it all depends on the situation. If your up by 5 runs and your in the 7th and you just walked 2 guys in a row. I would assume the pitching coach comes out and has a few choice words. They also could talk about his mechanics, perhaps his stride is too long. Perhaps just a reminder as well. Also the situation in hand. 2 runners on and 1 out and A-Rod is up. Remind the pitcher/catcher about the scouting report. John Farrell is the best pitching coach in the game. Something tells me he’ll be a manager in the future, perhaps in 2009. Pitching coaches generally don’t make good managers. I think in Farrell’s case, it will be different. Roger Craig was a very good manager though.

Perhaps Buchholz gets a little more seasoning in A.A.A. or could join the bullpen as well. Either way Boston is in good shape.

dbenjamin, you gotta let that gold thong thing go. I’m beginning to worry about you.

Dave…… having been a pitcher, I can tell you pretty much how those visits go by a pitching coach. Brian was pretty much right on. It depends on the situation. If you have walked a couple with a five run lead, he’s pretty much going to come out and not so tactfully remind you that there’s a strike zone and you’d better find it quickly. He may want to talk to you about a particular hitter and how to pitch him based on some scouting information he has. He may tell you when pitching to a guy like Ortiz that a walk is better than a home run, depending on the situation, so don’t give him anything good to hit. If there’s a runner on base, and say two outs, he may tell you to forget the runner. He may be coming out just to give you one more batter to take some time to allow someone to warm up. If he’s visiting Tim Wakefield, he’s probably going to ask him what time it is since there’s really no way to coach or counsel a knuckle ball pitcher. Sometimes he’ll just go out to stop the other team’s momementum and give a pitcher a little time to take a deep breath. Many times, he doesn’t even want to talk to the pitcher. He wants to talk to the catcher to get his view on the pitcher’s “stuff”.

Hey Dave, there’s no such thing as a dumb question and usually there is someone around who knows or is willing to find the answer. I enjoy your questions and from his quick responses, I know Brian does too. Fans love to share their experiences, so keep the questions rolling……. Garry


Well put as always. If you ever meet someone who thinks there is a dumb question, run from that person quick. We all learn every day. I learn alot of baseball from reading what people write. Some I agree with and others I don’t. That is the beauty of it. We all see things different, different view points/observations are wonderful. Except when it is coming from my brother, lol.

I also agree about Dbenjamin and his love affair with the gold thong. Dbenjamin, Do you have one with the Buckeyes? LOL. Just kidding with you. We need to have fun on here, once in a while.

Sox go for the 4 game sweep, how sweet is that. A 7-0 homestand sounds even better. This Red Sox team has had there fair share of highs and lows. As long as the highs are still around, keep the lows to a minimum. A great mix of youth and veterans, no other team can say that.


Give us a good story about a coach coming to the mound. I always love hearing about that. I can never get enough of good baseball stories and sports stories in general.

One of my favorite stories with sports during a critical moment was the Niners vs Bengals Super Bowl in Miami. Niners driving for the winning score and of course Montana comes thru again. I don’t remember which Niner talked about it but as the Niners were driving. Montana said in the huddle, hey look at John Candy in the front row. They said it took away some pressure. I have always remembered that, I always thought that was pretty funny. I guess that is why Montana was clutch in his career.

Here’s a good sports story… a golfer friend of mine was a local pro and shot a 66 one Monday to qualify for a real PGA tournament. During the Tuesday practice round, he was paired up with Craig Parry (also known as Popeye – I think he’s from Australia)… anyway, they are on a par 3 and my friend hits his tee shot on the green and decides to tee up another one (it is a practice round, right?). Craig Parry then warns my friend… “You can only hit one ball on the green during the practice round, if they catch you hitting another, you’ll get fined $500.”. Rationale is they don’t want you denting the green endlessly before the real tournament even starts. My friend picks up his ball and says thanks… A few holes later Parry does the same thing… hits one on the green and tees up another one… My friend says… “Hey, what about the fine?”… Craig Parry’s reply… “I can afford it.”

Since we all like to speculate, what do you think is the real reason(s) for substituting Cora in late innings for Lugo? Interesting that Lugo has played a bit better offensively and defensively since them. Maybe it was just to (a) send a message and (b) take a little pressure off whilst sending the message … it appears to be working so far? The only other reason I can think of that makes any sense is that Lugo is the younger player and Francona doesn’t want to wear Cora out, or maybe still keep him available for backup assignments.
The normal reasoning doesn’t make sense. You generally make a defensive substitution late in game for the better defense obviously and that of course implies that the guy in previously has a better and more reliable bat. But we all know that this isn’t true with Lugo — don’t think his bat is better than Cora’s (even now) and if Cora’s defense is considered better and batting even or better — you have to conclude to start Cora.
I think it must be along the lines I have proposed above — send a message, preserve Cora for the long haul all season, secure the late innings, Lugo to eat up innings.
Maybe this challenge is working.

Brian …… I was playing in the midwest league for a manager by the name of Earl Torgeson. Earl played first base for the old Boston Braves and he also played for Philly, Detroit, Chicago White Sox and I think the Yankees. Anyway, he was a really firery guy who didn’t like taking a lot of direction from the front office. He managed every game to win and you’d better run out every ground ball and do exactly what he said, or else.

We were playing against the Danville Cubs in Daville, IL. I was with the Clinton Pilots. We had three batters hit in the first three innings……. all with two out. I was entered the game in the sixth or seventh inning in relief. There was a runner on first and two out. I could bring the heat pretty good in those days and before he left the mound, Torgeson told me to whack the first hitter. I said, “OK Skip”, but I had never thrown at a batter intentionally in my life. Well, I got the “1” with the inside flash and shook it off. Instead, I broke a curve over the outside of the plate. I was going to hit the guy, but I just needed some time to think about it. Torgeson ran out of the dugout at about 50 mph and got to the mound, grabbed me by my ear, and asked me if I could hear him OK. With the threat of a $500 fine and a good ***kicking, I proceeded to plunk the next guy in the middle of the back. You know that thing about throwing behind hitters so they back into it? Forget that, I wasn’t taking a chance on missing him. He never had a chance. So that’s my most memorable visit from a manager/pitching coach on the mound. By the way, that turned out to be my first professional win.

On another occasion playing against the Burlington IA A’s, Earl came out to tell me not to give a kid by the name of George Hendricks anything good to hit. He told me to keep the ball away from him. I guess a foot outside wasn’t enough. I threw a fastball, probably mid 90’s, a foot outside at the knees and Hendricks hit it about 450 feet over the center field fence. It was a windy night, so I think it was wind aided. LOL! Hendricks is now the first base coach for the Devil Rays. I think he was the most naturally gifted player I ever saw.

Hey Brian, if we get together for a game down in Tampa this year, I’ll share some great minor league stories with you. Some of them are hilarious.

Interesting to see Colon limited to 74 pitches, 10 more than his last minor league start. Will he eventually go to 90-100 on a warm day? Could he or would he be a set-up guy somewhere down the road?

Also good to see Masterson assigned to AAA. Going back to Portland was no inspiration!

It’s good to see Dice-K staked to a 5-1 lead, but 81 pitches and 5 BB’s after 4 innings….shheeeeshhh! I see that Kevin Cash is catching today. I assume that means that Tek gets 2 days off in a row, what with Wake scheduled to pitch tomorrow night.

He deserves it, he’s done a heckuva job handling the pitching staff this week, both with Lester’s no-no and the cut paste replacements required by the rainout and the injury to Clay Buchholz!

Dice-K and Bannister threw almost same number of pitches after 4 innings but Bannister gave 5 runs and just 1 BB.
Lugo was caught stealing and thrown out at the plate. Evens if he hits, something bad happens. Such a rally killer, not that we need one so far.

This walking thing with Dice-K is getting to be a joke. It’s almost not fun to watch games that he pitches. It’s like torture. It’s amazing all these walks haven’t been more costly to him, but it’s a matter of time. Yeah, he’s 7-0 with a good ERA, but he taxes the bullpen and he’s throwing a lot of pitches. In the long run, all of this will hurt him, and the Sox staff. This isn’t a good thing. It’s really too bad because he has great stuff, which is the big reason he gets away with most of it. If he ever finds his command, he could be one of the top five pitchers in baseball and even throw some complete games.

After 5, 100+ pitches, 6 BBs and 6 Ks. Are we ever gonna see Dice-K pitch a complete game?

Manny looks absolutely clueless.

gsm — That’s why the Sox paid $100+ Mil for Dice-K. You’re right, it is concerning, their aces (Dice-K and Beckett) are winning, but they are not dominating like everyone expects they should be. Let’s hope the domination shows up soon!!!

dbenjamin, I’m not as concerned with Beckett. He is throwing well despite giving up a few taters. He at least is taking games into the seventh and making opponents put the ball in play. I’d much rather see that than what Dice-K is doing. Even in the game where he gave up four, he wasn’t screwing around. With the lead, he should be throwing strikes and not giving anything away. When you do that, you’re going to give up a few. I can live with that.

Whew! A leadoff single and a stolen base did not hurt. Lopez struck out Gorgen for the 3d outs.

What a freaking professional Mike Lowell is!!!! He had a slow start, the injury and now he’s back. Great decision to resign him. That being said, I think my lunch hour(s) is(are) about over. With some luck, I still have a job!


Great stories there. I love hearing that stuff. So many good things happens during games.

Don’t be calling them the Devil Rays now, lol.

Hendricks I believe was one of the first guys to wear his pants all the way down, most do it that way now. When Hendricks played, most wore them up. He had a very good career. Made some All Star games and played on some solid teams.

The Sox now go West with a 7 game winning streak. I am expecting the Sox take 2 of 3 from the A’s this weekend.

Sox play the Rays at the worst place in the big leagues ( Tropicana Field ) in early July.
There trying to get a stadium built down along the water in downtown St. Pete. Right where Al Lang Field is ( now called Progress Energy ) I don’t think it will happen, not many folks are in favor of it.

Drew with a grand slam, nice!!!

Hey Everyone,

Thank you guys for the info on pitching coaches and their talks on the mound. It all makes sense and thank you for not being frustrated with my questions. Much appreciated.

The Sox have been bleeding runs in this game. Was it Cash? I don’t know but the entire pitching staff fell apart today. Even Papelbon is letting hits spray all over the field.

Manny R. has just reached rock bottom. He is just unable to hit. I hope he turns it around. We need him!

One more question:

Does the manager ever say anything when he takes a pitcher out of the game beyond ‘give me the ball?”



The bullpen scares the daylight out of me. If it weren’t for Lowell’s grand slam, the Sox would be down by 1 run at the end of 8th inning.

I leave to go to work, I check the score, and the bullpen has given up the farm. Papelbon has to pitch for a save. Unbelievable.

Brian, you’re right about Tropicana. I actually don’t mind the seating because you can see pretty well. But it is so freaking noisy in there, especially when they give away the cowbells and with that idiot with the drum. When I go there all I can think of is the wonderful old days of Sherm Feller. Of course, when you go to Tropicana, there is always the bothersome thought that Joe Migrane is being ignorant somewhere in the park. Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Well, my Excite Baseball Log tells me Papelbon made it through the ninth giving up a couple of hits. That’s OK. Hits don’t bother me nearly as much as those freaking walks. Seven wins on the home stand. They needed that after a tough road trip. Now another tough and long road trip. Oakland is a tough little team and Seattle gives the Sox fits out there no matter how bad they are. This won’t be easy, and I would say anything .500 or above would be good. They have to play better on the road than they have been.

Celtics back at it tonight. I think tonight’s game is critical to them. If they win tonight, they could win one in Detroit and end this thing early. If they don’t win tonight, it’s going to be a grind to the end. I can’t believe the Spurs let the Lakers escape last night. No doubt, Kobe is the best there is right now. I might even think about putting him ahead of Jordan. All else being equal, Kobe is a better shooter.

Dave …… What a manager says to a pitcher depends on the manager and his personality and the situation. Francona removes more pitchers in good situations than any manager I’ve ever seen. What I mean by that, is that he will take a pitcher out in the bottom of the seventh with two out for what appears to be no apparent reason to the casual viewer. I think when that happens, it’s a pitch count thing. In those cases, Francona is going to tell the pitcher he did a great job, pat him on the rear end, and send him on his way. If a pitcher didn’t pitch well, he may say “nice effort, but we just didn’t have it today” or something like that. I don’t think I have ever seen Francona be angry out there, even when a pitcher performs poorly. He always seems very positive. I have seen managers say nothing when they take the ball. When that happens, the pitcher knows it is coming, hands him the ball and leaves.

What happens today is much different than it was when I played. If you watch Dice-K, you will note that he always waits for the pitcher relieving him to come to the mound before he leaves. When I pitched, that’s how it was for everyone. The pitcher being relieved would always give the pitcher coming in a few words of encouragement or say something like, “C’mon now, pick me up.” In fact, the departing pitcher would often walk back to the dugout with the manager. I remember the first time (and only time) I didn’t finish a game in high school. I was so upset I handed the ball to my manager and started to leave and he asked me where the hell I thought I was going. Until the relief pitcher got there, I got the whole lecture on team and respect. He was right.

Thanks gsm52

I hadn’t thought about the respect issue. It makes sense but I get the idea that some pitchers are just angry at themselves that they leave with a chip on their shoulder. I suppose unprofessional but I can understand especially if you’ve just blown the lead.

I can tell you that based on interviews with Terry, he is a stickler for pitch counts. You exceed his number and you are out no matter how the game goes (no hitter exceptions of course)
I tend to support the idea since shoulder issues are a big problem.

Eric Gagne has shoulder problems and may be out for a while. Alex Corey looks pretty good out there and Kason Gabbard got his first loss of the season but has been quite effective.

My theory on Cora in the ninth:

1) It keeps Cora effective and sharp.
2) Lugo gets a bit of rest and that energizes him since nobody seems to ever give this guy a day off.
3) He doesn’t have to face the Papelbon glare! (LOL)

One more note:

Terry has really managed the four man outfield well. Considering that all four have been in and out of the “owee” department as of late, it’s worked out very well. Drew is just banging up his body as of late but he got that Grand slam. Good day to do it.


I didn’t watch the game because of that 4 letter word, lol.

It sounds like Dice-K had some issues throwing strikes. Walking guys and having a very high pitch count early in the game. Death, taxes and Dice-K walking people. Those are things we can count on.

When was the last time 2 different players hit grand slams in the same game for the Red Sox? I assume it has been a while.

Game 2 and a very pivotal game tonight. Detroit is looking to steal one in Boston. Detroit’s effort was soft the other night. Perhaps the rest worked against them on game 1. Just a hunch. Billups’ didn’t look the same guy the other night, I think his hamstring is still hurting him. His minutes were down as well. An indication there. He is in his 10th year, not getting any younger. Boston’s D needs to be there again. They had a great effort on the defensive end in game 1. A credit to Doc and his assts. Garnett is a beast on the defensive end. From what I watched the other night, Detroit is going to have a hard time stopping Garnett. Nobody matches up with him. I am hoping Garnett puts up 30 on the Pistons.

Very surprised too see the Spurs blow a 20 point lead last night. Never count out Kobe, the best player in the league. One thing that really annoys me about the Lakers is Phil Jackson. A great coach but he has little if any respect for Red Aurebach. If Jackson wins another title he’ll pass Red, that makes me sick. I wasn’t around when Red coached but look at the results. He was way ahead of his time. If there was one thing in sports I would have loved too see the Celtics with Russell and the boys and Red on the bench. The crowds were small back then so getting a ticket would have been very easy. Seeing him in person at the old Garden and later at the Fleet Center was an honor. A living legend was Red when he was alive. You can’t say that too often. He made so many great trades in his career. Too many to count.

The answer to my own question, Bill Buckner and Tony Armas. August of 1984. A long time ago. Mueller of course back in 2003 against the hapless Texas Rangers in Arligton. I believe the same night the Red Sox acquirred Scott Williamson, there is a name for you. Where are you now Scott Williamson? Too many injuries for him, too bad, he had alot of talent.


Now you’re making me feel very old. I have a great memory of Tony’s big bat and Bill Buckner. Stop doing that to me! (LOL)



Armas lead the A.L. in H.R.’s and R.B.I.’s one year with the Sox. Traded for Lansford, a steal for the A’s. Buckner, we know the story there, lol.

Armas’ kid went to Montreal in the Pedro deal, a steal for Boston obviously.

I am feeling old as well, your not alone Dave. I’m watching the Celtics–Pistons game and I remember Doc Rivers as if he played yesterday, lol. When you remember the coaches as players, this just in, a sign of age. Francona among others I remember.

Brian…. I had the opportunity to watch the Red Auerbach Celtics a lot when I was a kid. My mother loved the Celtics and used to take me to games all the time. Somehow, we always had front row seats near center court. I remember they were $6.25 then. The Celtics of those days were magic. They ran the fast break better than anyone ever has. Of course, Red always lit the victory cigar when he felt the game was in the bag. He’d be out of luck now since there is no smoking allowed in the building… LOL!

Back in those days, you could watch a basketball double header. In the first game, you might see the Syracuse Nationals vs. the Philadelphia Warriors and then the Celts vs. Knicks in the feature game. They also might often have the Harlem Globetrotters or the Harlem Magicians as the opening attraction. I have even been there when for one price you got the Celtics and then the Bruins. You could watch them take up the whole floor and turn it into a hockey rink. Cool stuff.

Sam Jones was a member of those great teams and is a Hall of Famer. One of the great things that has happened to me recently is having the opportunity to play golf with Sam. He is quite the character and I just sit there mesmerized as he tells stories about Red and the old Celtics. Sam will be 75 next month and shoots in the 80’s on the golf course.

Celts are struggling tonight. The Pistons aren’t even paying attention to Rondo and he won’t take any shots. I don’t like how this is going.


Now that is some neat stuff there. $6.25 in today’s world, you might be able to get a souvenier cup, lol. Anytime I went to Celtics games, I would always look up and check out the banners. Only championship banners, no division titles up there. Some teams have division titles around there arena. I guess you could say that is some low expectations, lol.

I totally agree with you about Rondo. He has had some open looks and he is afraid to shoot. That must change in Detroit. The big trio scored 75 points, the others didn’t show up. I don’t know what happend to the bench but they must chip in and help. What happened to the Celtics D ?

The problem with playing Detroit is they have alot of options on the floor that can score. The Celtics came out flying in the second-half but Detroit held there ground. Detroit did what they wanted to do, split in Boston.

Hey, BosoxBrian:

You think you’re old. I remember Terry’s father playing, the real Tito Francona! While I lived in Mass. growing up, that was an Indians team with a lot of characters — Max Alvis, Woodie Held, Joe Azcue, Dick Howser, Vic Davalillo, Mike de la Hoz (what a name), Tommie Agee, Ken Aspromonte (who later was a heck of a manager, but unfortunately had his time marred by the embarrassment of Nickel Beer night, was let go and never given another opportunity to manage in the “bigs”) Leon “Big Daddy Wags” Wagner, with pitchers Dick Donovan, Jim “the Mudcat” Grant, Sudden Sam McDowell, Gary Bell, who wound up pitching for the Sox in the Impossible Dream year — 1967 (won 12 games for them that year — lasted 2 innings in Game 3, came back and relieved in Game 4, and saved Game 6), Don McMahon, Sonny Siebert, Lee Stange and Luis Tiant, who all wound up with Boston, and Tommy John, long before his arm surgery made him famous. They were only 10 or so years removed from the mid-50’s, when their pitching staff of Early Wynn, Herb Score, Bob Lemon and Mike Garcia made them perenial contenders, and were losers during the 60’s. although the typically finished above Boston, until the magic of 1967. It is amazing now, 41 years later, how great a demarcation on the franchise that year was, starting out in spring Training with new manager Dick Williams announcing “We’ll win more games than we lose”, to hoots, hollers and catcalls.

I remember too many old jingles and old guys who played the game.

Brian, after posting last night I decided to go through some old stuff I had in my closet. I guess a lot of it got thrown out over the years but I did find a couple of neat things. One was a picture of Curley Neal, the great Globetrotters dribbler standing right in front of me pointing at me. I remember well I was the victim of the Globetrotters water bucket routine.

The other thing I found was one of my original baseball gloves. It is a Dal Maxvill model…… LOL! Dal Maxvill, St. Louis shortstop, lifetime .217 hitter, 6 home runs. He was pretty fast though. He stole 7 bases, only got caught 11 times. It had REDS and my old home phone number written in the old indelible magic marker on it. I guess it was indelible. It lasted 46 years. LOL, my dog chewed it up some and the fingers are held together with a shoelace. I was one of seven kids, we didn’t have a lot of money. It is so small. I wonder how I ever caught anything with it. Maybe that’s why Maxvill was such a horrible fielder. LOL!


I believe Maxvill was the Cards g.m. back in the day. I think he was the g.m. when the Cards won it all. The Cardinals have had some great names play there, of course Maxvill wasn’t one of them, lol. St. Louis is a great baseball city. I have never been to old Busch Stadium, I have been thru St. Louis many times though.
I got too see Schoendist go into the Hall Of Fame with Bench, Yaz and the umpire Al Barlick. Also a former Cards broadcaster but more known with the Cubs, Harry Caray go into Cooperstown as well.


I think it is great when we remember father/son combo’s over the years. I don’t know why but I really love seeing that. In all sports not just baseball. Griffey’s, Boone’s, Hairston’s are a few that come to mind. So many others as well. I also think I am aging when I remember the managers in college, lol. Eric Wedge with the Shockers and Francona tearing it up in Omaha with the Arizona Wildcats. Lou Gorman got TORN up in Boston when he let Wedge go in the expansion draft, I will never forget that. Boston media can be VERY DUMB at times, not you Ian, lol.

Again, Wakefield has nothing. It’s time for Francona to take him out of the starters and relegate him to long relief. He certainly has enough starters to give it a try. Giving up so many runs early on takes them out of the ballgame. Loyalty should only go so far.

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