Road blues

Are the Red Sox turning into the Celtics in front of our very eyes?

Did you notice that the boys are all of a sudden having a tough time of it on the road?

The Sox are 21-5 at Fenway, which is utter dominance. On the road? Try 10-14, which is looking like 10-15 the way thins are going thus far tonight.

What is it that is making life so tough for them on the road? Anybody have any theories?

And does anyone have any predictions for Celtics-Pistons Game 3?



I personally don’t see this as a road/home problem. They have played some pretty tough players away. However, I do think the offense does better at home. They know the park well and attack it with expertise. On the road it makes it much harder.
I also think there is a confidence problem on the road. It’s the self-fulfilling prophesy. At home you feel like you can win no matter what.
Finally, I think a long flight can wear on you and tire you out. Still we need to see a bit more fire on the road. This should turn the team into a more focused, more tenacious team.

They lost tonight. No question they will lose this game.


At least the Celtics won on the road during the reg. season. Of course that has meant nothing in the playoffs for the Celtics, literally nothing. Could the Red Sox win 60 at home this year?

Wakefiled got bombed again early. It seems every game I see Mark Ellis play against Boston he seems to do very well. I don’t know what the numbers say but…..I remember years ago anytime I went to a game and if the Sox were playing Mel Hall’s team ( Indians & Yankees ) he always seemed to come up big. Just one of those things I guess.

I don’t see Boston winning at The Palace tomm. night. Boston’s D in game 2 was poor. Detroit has alot of options on the offensive end and that is TROUBLE for the Celtics. Rondo needs to take the open shot if it is there. He seemed to turn down too many open 15 footers. The rookie Stuckey brought back memories of Vinnie Johnson, the microwave. Stuckey came up big in game 2. Other than that, both teams benches didn’t do much. I think Cassell could come up big tomm. night. He is a veteran and has been there before and has always stepped it up in the playoffs.

I read where going into the game tonight, Ramirez is hitting .198 in his last 23 games, OUCH!!!!

That being said, I think Ramirez will hit lifetime H.R. #500 in Seattle, right where he hit #400 back in 2005.

Boston’s last road win, May 10th. For some reason when they lose on the road they get BLOWN OUT. Just one of those things I guess.


I had a feeling Manny was in a slump but I didn’t realize the numbers. We need him back.


I don’t think the SOX are in road-slump — we will have to see more games to determine that — Wakefield just tanked as he is prone to do — great or horrible is the way his games usually go — its hard to overcome a 7-0 advantage in the 3rd inning. Funny, I was just starting to think Wakefield was overcoming his tendency for wild inconsistency a few starts back, then it started all over again, and seems even more exaggerated. If he keeps pitching like this, it may force the Sox management into optioning him to Pawtucket when Schill gets back on-line or even to bring Buckholtz up. Can’t way I would want to have to make that call given the sentimentality he has on this team, but he has pitched this way his entire career with the SOX, and if either Colon, Schill, or Buckholtz prove more consistent, you have to make that move, don’t you?


I think it is too early to start thinking about removing Wakefield from the rotation. Way too early. If I read what you wrote correctly ( that can be tough for me—lol ) you said option Wakefield to A.A.A.? There is ZERO CHANCE of that happening.

For some reason he has been getting off to horrible starts on the road. Given up the longball. I do agree with you, it is very difficult to win when you trail big early in the game.

Schilling isn’t even on the radar for me. I have doubts totally about him pitching this season. I assume the Red Sox are thinking the same way, not counting on him in 2008. If Schilling does play in 2009, he’ll be on a different team. His time in Boston after this season has come to a close.

One thing Boston has is options and not many if any teams can say that when it comes to pitching. Look no further than the Yankees. Cashman for some reason doesn’t see the big picture. His kid plan didn’t really do well. Those youngsters still might be really good pitchers but not in 2008.


It may be a long wait, but the key missing word is YET. The bigger picture that both the Red Sox and the Yankees see is the next decade. Remember, Hank said we have more common interests than not.

I doubt that Wakefield would clear waivers. And Schilling would bring that competitive “fire” necessary in the fall if he can make it back.


I wonder about the Yankee ownership ( Hank & Hal ) It is role reversal now. For years the Sox owners were in the way. New owners come in and all of a sudden 2 titles and something tells me there could be another one on the way. Either this year or in the next year or two.

No excuses for the Yankees to be this bad so far. They have more resources than any team in baseball. Will they be back? Of course they will but not this year. There not even on the Red Sox radar.

Don’t even have to worry about Wakefield clearing waivers, not going to A.A.A. Only way he goes to the minors is on a rehab stint. Now that is possible, he is north of 40. Baseball is a grind. A long season for the older guys.

True about Schilling given that competitive fire. A BIG IF though. I have my doubts about him this year and I assume most people feel that way. I would love too see him for 1 more rodeo with Boston.

I agree with you Brian. Schilling is a long way off. I have my doubts whether he contributes anything this year. A guy who could become key is Colon. If he can stay healthy and continue to improve, he could be a major contributor. As far as Wakefield is concerned, he going to go out and give you a good effort every time. He’ll win more than he loses, but there will be some ugly games.

I have a concern about Ellsbury and that’s the way he runs the bases. The big problem is his sliding. He seems to slide very late and hits the bags hard. Last night he he had second base stolen easily and hit the bag hard and wound up going a little past. (However, I think there was a little shortstop assist in getting his hand off the bag and that’s why he was so upset.) My concern is injury. He hits the bag so hard I think it’s a matter of time before we see an ankle or knee problem. I hope not and I think it’s something coaches ought to be working with him on.

See you all at 9:30.


Funny you should mention the Yankee$$$$$$ resources. The flaw in that thinking is that the equal opportunity Met$$$$$$ have been in the same market now for 46 years but have developed no consistency.

If I am correct, the Red Sox have about a three-year head start in the “develop talent from within” philosophy. When did the current ownership take over and when did Epstein start?

BTW, The Yankees are not making any excuses. And neither are the Mariners or Tigers who were widely considered as favorites for Division Titles or the Wild Card.

dgn: Wakefield to the Minors???? You’ve got to be joking?? He’s not pitching as effectively of late as he should be, but to the minors?? They would never do that to Wake. If I’m not mistaken, didnt they have him in the pen a few years back, if anything (and I think its way to early to be tossing this around) maybe thats what will happen. But to the minors??, NEVER.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Colon progresses relative to his pitch count. My thoughts are that he would best avoid reinjury throwing 30 or less pitches in some kind of relief role. But, I have the impression that he has a “start or nothing” mentality!


I agree with you about Wakefield. There will be some ugly games with him. Also I am in total agreement about Colon. If he can stay healthy, he’ll give them some quality innings. When your on a team like the Red Sox and you have alot of quality outings, you will win your fair amount of games. I thought Colon in his first start was a positive outing. His next start, Boston will try to get him thru 6 innings. They have a plan with Colon and they will stick to it. Of course Colon has to stay healthy.
I would agree about Ellsbury and his late slides. A good way to get hurt. I hope he doesn’t obviously.


How are the Red Sox on a three year head start? Cashman has been the g.m. for how long? Theo became g.m. in 2003. ( Nov. 2002 to be exact ) I think Cashman had the head start. Obviously Cashman’s time is coming to a close. Personally I would love too see Hank & Hal give Cashman an extension, lol. I think Cashman has done a very poor job in the last 4 years or so.


Please remember my prior comments about a meddling owner. Cashman’s current three year contract (ending this year) marked the start of our “develop from within” movement. So I’m correct on the three year head start.

And just what is Cashman’s nine year resume?
2 Championships
4 World Series
9 Playoffs
You might argue the first two years were someone elses club, but, still a record the envy of 28 other GMs and owners. If the Yanks let him go, there will be some openings and, I estimate, at least two owners willing to fire a GM signed for 2009 and hire Cashman!

Cashman as I stated before has done a very poor job the last 4 years. I don’t think you can argue that one. The Yankees are about winning championships, making the playoffs is great if you win it all. He did take over a GREAT team. Watson left the team STACKED.

He will get a job when/if he gets fired after this year. I certainly wouldn’t want him as the g.m. of a team I root for. He could end up in Philly. We shall see.

I don’t agree about a head start. How do you see it that way? I think Cashman is trying to copy Epstein’s plan and I think that has gotten him in trouble. Never worry about the other guy. Take care of your front porch before you worry about someone else’s porch.

Cashman has had the resources to work with and has POORLY spent it. I think you would agree with me on that one.

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