Saturday from Oakland

Here we are, back at the fabulous McAfee Coliseum for Game 2 of Red Sox-A’s.

There was immediate news via a glance at the lineup card as Manny Ramirez has been given the day off to rest his slumping bat. However, hitting coach Dave Magadan is confidence that Ramirez has found some things and is close to busting out. More on that later.

Brandon Moss was activated from the 15-day disabled list as he is fully recovered from his emergency appendectomy. However, upon activation, Brandon was immediately optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket.

Speaking of Pawtucket, Julian Tavarez will not be going there as he indicated earlier this week. Instead, Julian has asked the club for his free agency and it was granted.

Here is tonight’s lineup:

Ellsbury LF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Youkilis 1B
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Varitek C
Crisp CF
Cora SS

Beckett SP


Anybody have a prediction on Celtics score tonight? Let me be the first.

Boston 95, Detroit 91.


Detroit 92

Boston 84

I think Cassell will be back tonight. Cassell a veteran will not be hurt by the layoff. I hope someone covers Stuckey, the kid can shoot. Boston’s D needs to bring the effort for 48 minutes tonight. If they don’t, they will lose.

Rondo needs to take the open look if it is there. Detroit has ZERO respect for Rondo’s shot. They were daring him the other night. Detroit got to double up with Rondo’s lack of shooting.

Ian– I like your optimism, I wish I had it.

The following is reposted on a new thread.


Please remember my prior comments about a meddling owner. Cashman’s current three year contract (ending this year) marked the start of our “develop from within” movement. So I’m correct on the three year head start.

And just what is Cashman’s nine year resume?
2 Championships
4 World Series
9 Playoffs
You might argue the first two years were someone elses club, but, still a record the envy of 28 other GMs and owners. If the Yanks let him go, there will be some openings and, I estimate, at least two owners willing to fire a GM signed for 2009 and hire Cashman!

Let’s hope Beckett can get back on track. Oakland doesn’t have much power so I don’t see any longballs given up by Beckett tonight.

I just want too see a Red Sox win on the road. Of course A Celtics win as well.

Hey BoSoxBrian. Beck shouldnt have an issue tonight. I look for him to pitch strong and our offense to score early.


I am expecting that tonight as well. When the series started, I thought the Sox would take 2 of 3. Just win series, that is the formula.

You are 100% correct BoSoxBrian. its all about winning series’s. We gotta stay up strong and keep on winning!


Boston should win anywhere from 53 to 60 at Fenway. If they play .500 ball, they should end up with 95 or more wins. When you win on the road, it all starts with pitching. Let it start with Beckett tonight.

Gsm % Dbenjamin,

Any thoughts about the Celtics tonight?

I agree Brian. I am already convinced we are going to take the AL East this year and play deep in October. I just know it. Just wait till EVERYONE settles in.

I think the Celtics will be motivated tonight. Maybe getting beat in Boston instilled a sense of urgency in them that they’ve been lacking thus far in the playoffs. You are right on about Rondo. He has to be productive when he gets the 15-17 foot look I’d also like to see Garnett take more shots. The Celtics defense will steip it up a little. I think I’ll be a little bit of a homer and agree with Ian. Celtics 85 ….. Piston 78.

I wouldn’t let Beckett’s stats concern me too much. He has been throwing very well. I’d look for him to have a rebound game tonight and do very well. I actually don’t mind his giving up some runs on taters when he has a lead. I’d rather see that than those freaking walks.

Tavarez is on the loose again. Keep the kids aways from the TV sets.

lol gsm


Celtics are kicking butt in the 1st half. The Celtics bench has been great. Detroit’s starters are having there issues. Hamilton can’t shoot straight tonight.

I expect Det. to make a comeback but down 18, I don’t see Det. coming back and winning.

I hope we dont get no hit tonight.


Good call saying the Celtics will be motivated tonight. I wish the Red Sox bats were, lol.

Good too see Beckett look like the Beckett of old.
Let’s get these bats going!!!

Hi everybody,
This month has been crazy busy so I’ve missed a lot of time. But anyway, has anyone noticed that the last couple years, the pitchers that give the Sox fits are usually the off-speed guys? The junk-ballers eat them up. The Sox don’t have too much trouble lighting up a flame thrower, but a guy nibbling the corners and throwing curve balls gets them more often than not. Or is my observation just so obvious that no one even cares to comment? Sort of like saying, “Hey, anybody notice that the sky is blue?”
Hope ya’ll have a great and safe holiday.

Brian…….. Celts played a solid game tonight. Now they have to stay motivated. They can’t be satisfied with the win tonight.

Sox bats were sad. It’s just hard for me to believe they couldn’t square up on this guy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pop ups in my life. Beckett was solid. He deserved better for his effort.

What a great catch by Ellsbury in the first. It was especially great after the first effort on the foul ball. Of course, Manny would have had both of those in his back pocket…… LOL!

Time for the Sox to get it together. They have sure been streaky this year. At least their winning streaks are generally longer than their losing streaks.


Celtics jumped out early and scored the game’s first 11 points. Detroit had only 1 lead ( 17-15 ) If Boston played like that last night, nobody would beat them. The bench came alive and they were the reason for a big win.

One encouraging thing about the Red Sox was the pitching of Beckett. Good too see him pitching like that again. He continues to pitch like that, he’ll win his fair share of games.

I have no idea why the Red Sox are struggling on the road. They have been dominating at Fenway and when they go on the road, they look like a totally different team. I thought going into this weekend, Boston would take 2 of 3 from Oakland. Will they salvage a game in Oakland today with a win?

Let’s get these bats rolling again. The ball in Oakland carries more during the day. Let’s hope Ramirez and Ortiz play longball today in Oakland.

I heard on the radio today that Jon Lester’s dad has been diagnosed with some form of Lymphoma. I really didn’t hear any details about it, but he’s supposed to be on ESPN’s Sunday Night Conversation tonight to talk about it. Hope everything will be OK there.

I have the dreaded Yankee game on and Wang got hit pretty hard again today. Mariners leading 5-2 in the 7th.

The Sox need to win today’s game and begin to get it together on the road. The are going to have to be at .500 or above on the road if they expect to reach the 95 wins it will take to win the division.

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