Lester can't channel Vander Meer

Jon Lester, will not share history with Johnny Vander Meer. It was 50 years ago — June 15, 1938 — when Vander Meer becme the only pitcher of all-time to hurl back-to-back no-hitters.

Today, Lester had his chance, and it lasted all of one batter. Jack Hannahan led off the first for the A’s with a hard single to left. What an utterly amazing feat for Vander Meer by the way. How is that even possible to do what he did?

Also, Lester revealed in an ESPN Sunday Night Conversation with Erin Andrews that his father now has lymphoma. That’s too bad, but it sounds like there is a very optimistic prognosis for John Lester.

Manny is back in the lineup and I think I’ll call a home run just like I called a Celtics win last night.

Can anyone else start to taste Celtics-Lakers? Yes, I know the Detroit series is far from over, but that would be unbelievable to see Boston and LA do battle again for all the marbles.

Buchholz will pitch in Pawtucket tonight. By the way, Terry Francona said that the team has given no thought to having him work out of the bullpen right now. Perhaps it’s something you could see later in the year, but not right now. They will speak with Buchholz after his game in Pawtucket and plot his next course of action, which could be very similar to Brandon Moss’s next course of action if you know what I mean.

Standard lineup today with Ellsbury leading off and playing center.




I think that is one thing I will NEVER see again, a pitcher throwing back to back no hitters.

I just hope Lester gets a win and salvage a game in Oakland. No reason for this team to struggle on the road.

I would love too see L.A. vs Bos. in the N.B.A. Finals. Perhaps David Stern can put out a memo to the officials and make sure it happens, lol. Now that would never happen, would it ? LOL……

The ratings for that series would be HUGE!!!
As long as Dancing Barry doesn’t comeback and show up, what ever happened to him ?

Clarify what I wrote, I will never see again–back to back no hitters. I never saw it, lol. Not that old, lol. I meant to write, something that will not happen again in baseball. Nada, Zip and Zero are the chances of it happening again. Dimaggio’s hitting streak as well, someone hitting over .400 again. Just a few things in sports that will not happen. I’m sure there are many more as well.

Brian, maybe Sterns can get Donaghy back in uniform before he goes to jail do do a few games to make sure we see Celtics – Lakers.

Lester is a little shaky starting off. Doesn’t seem to have good command. Walk has already cost him a run in the first. We’ll see if he gets better.

It would be exciting to see an LA-BOS series again. A great series it would be. A Garnett- Bryant series would be the eqivelant of a Bird-Magic Johnson series


That is one way to do it, get that no good Donaghy to do some games. I would love too see it, Boston vs L.A.

Where did Dancing Barry dissapear to ? Do you remember that fool? Pehaps he is a relative of Joe ( Migrane ) Magrane, lol.

I do agree with you about Lester today. If he can give the Sox 6 innings, I guess I’ll be happy.

I just want too see the Boston bats wake up and get things rolling. No reason for them to get shut down in this series. Oakland’s pitching isn’t that good.

That was a pretty ugly effort by Manny in left field on that fly ball. He didn’t look like a major league infielder on that one.

I can’t say I remember Dancing Barry.

Actually, Manny didn’t look like a major league outfielder on that one either…..

Lester is getting hammered. He’s lucky to be down only 4-1 at this point. He was 92-94 the other night. He’s now at 88. I wonder if 130 pitches had an affect on him?


Dancing Barry was that fool that would dance in the aisles at the Forum. He has been gone for quite a while now, AMEN!!!

I would agree with you about Ramirez in left. Didn’t play that one well. Lead to a run.

I think Lester’s high pitch count with the no hitter might have effected him today. He is having a hard time out there. I hope he can gut it out and get thru 6 innings. I don’t want too see that bulpen any earlier than I have to.

Ramirez has bounced back in a big way today, 3 R.B.I.’s and more to follow. He is spraying it around in Oakland today, always a good sign for Ramirez. When he starts hitting to all fields, great news for Boston.

Brian…..I feel deprived that I have missed Dancing Barry. It obviously had a major impact on you.

Lester had a nice inning. Wonder where that’s been all day?


There are some stuff in life you’ll never forget and he is one of them. Also that lady during the 1986 World Series, rolling her hands behind home plate. Trying to distract the hitters.

Lester seemed to get second life in the 5th. I think he knew it was his last inning. He let it all out.

I hope the bullpen can keep it a 1 run deficit and the bats comeback and take one in Oakland.

Perhaps Foulke will enter and give up some hits and runs.

Sox need a big inning to avoid a sweep

The losing ways continue on the road. I have never seen a team dominate at home and then do absolutely nothing on the road. Lopez has done well against lefties but not today. That H.R. he allowed, took the air out of the Red Sox balloon. The Red Sox had some momentum prior to that H.R.

I watched Seattle play today and they look like a team that is totally lost. There lineup is weak, only a couple of good hitters in there lineup. The Red Sox should take 2 of 3 but then again I thought going into this weekend the Sox would win 2. Seattle has been a house of horrors for the Red Sox in the last few years. I am hoping that trend does not continue.

Lopez seems to be getting back to his normal form. The Sox continue to play like they want to get the game over with– no enthusiam whatsoever. Thery have to do something to wake them up.

Why bother even playing any of the games… just put us down for a W at home and a L on the road. The sweep at Oakland couldn’t have been any more obvious.

Hey guys,

If (and this is if) Boston continues this pattern all season they will finish in an abysmal place. The entire team just can’t seem to find their confidence on the road. Varitek doesn’t have an answer. Giving the ‘we just have to play our game’ line might as well be “don’t have a clue’
I predict a sweep of the Sox in Seattle and a sweep in Baltimore. They will lose the next seven games easily and with gusto. I also predict that they will lose a few more at home. Florida will win this division. It is almost the All Star Break and they haven’t broken yet. Keity made a good move to go to Florida. No question about it.
Incidentally, I’m really not discouraged about it. They just need to figure it out. They will still be a contender, just not a post-season contender but this is not uncommon. Most teams who win a World Series don’t repeat. There are reasons.

Question guys,

Maybe there is no answer to this one but:

1) How do you get into slumps.
2) How do you get out of slumps.



I think you need to stop drinking during this long weekend, lol. Keep away from sharp objects please.

The Sox will get swept in Seattle and Baltimore? Are you joking? The Sox will end with a winning record on the road, when it is all said and done. I am guessing they will end up with 50 to 56 wins at home. That will put them at 95 wins, that should give them home field advantage thru the A.L. playoffs. Of course Boston has to make the playoffs first, I say they will and most people would as well. Of course Yankee fans might say otherwise but what else would we expect from the Yankee fan base ?

Florida is in the N.L. East, I assume you mean Tampa Bay will win the division. Stranger things have happened, Marlins won it all in 2003 and NOBODY saw that one happening.

Kielty is hurt right now, got hurt while down in the minors ( A.A.A.—Pawtucket) He is a member of the Red Sox organization.

I only agree with you when you say most teams don’t repeat. Alot of various reasons as you say and I second that. Everything else you wrote, I TOTALLY DISAGREE with.

I would label this a road slump for the Red Sox. They will snap out of it, let’s hope tonight they do.


I think my drunken stupor came from allergy medication from desperation. I was dealing with unbearable day after day allergies that burned my eyes, ran my nose, etc. I hated it. I may have written that under the influence (LOL)
Yes I did mean Tampa Bay! Wow that medication got to me!
However, I stand by this (drugs and all). The Sox are going to get mowed down by Seattle and Baltimore and I hope I am wrong on this!
Obviously Kielty came from a drunken stupor (LOL) I somehow thought that Tampa Bay got a former Red Sox player. Must be the TN allergies!


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