Scratch that

It seemed like the Red Sox were running their regular lineup out there tonight when word broke of a late switch. Kevin Youkilis has been experiencing some discomfort in the top of his right (throwing) hand and has been scratched from the lineup.

Casey will start at first base.

Just wanted to share that with you for now.

More later from what is easily one of the top five Stadiums in the Major Leagues.



I think Seattle is one of the prettiest cities in the country. Seattle went from maybe the worst baseball stadium—Kingdome to one of the best ones.

Seattle is a team that is playing with no confidence. I would like too see Boston jump Seattle early tonight. Mariners have been one of the biggest disappointing teams in all of baseball.

I hope everything is o.k. with Youk.

Does anyone know why Jason Varitek is wearing that weird catching gear? Is it just a thing that catchers use at SafeCo?

Never mind, I know now

What a play by Pedroia, he saved a run there. I think he’ll win the gold glove this year. He is the best second baseman in the A.L. He makes alot of great plays in the field. Saves alot of runs thru-out the season.

Time to get some baserunners. King Felix has retired the first 10 hitters. He 1 hit the Red Sox last April. Drew had the only Boston hit that night.

Pedroia is amazing but I have to admit, three innings and not a hit by the Sox. Tell me Hernandez isn’t going to throw a no-hitter!


The Sox are very streaky this year. Seems like they get hot and reel off five or six wins, then ice up and lose three or four. This is much different than last year when they never really got either very hot or cold. They just seemed to win most of their series, which I think is a better way to do things.

Dave…… you asked about slumps on the previous thread. Slumps are something that happen in some form to every athlete in every sport at every level. I think the only exception is probably Tiger Woods, who even when many said he wasn’t playing well, was still better than anyone in the world. Over the course of my many years on this planet, I have played baseball, racquetball, basketball, golf, tons of softball and many other sports. I have experienced slumps in all of them. It’s hard to know exactly what causes them. I can tell you that in my case, I knew when it was happening not only from my performance, but also because I could just feel something wasn’t right. When I was pitching, a slump usually consisted on not being able tgo find the strike zone. Of course, the solution is to find the strike zone at all costs which generally results in throwing stuff right down the middle that was whacked all over the ball park. Generally, for me, those kinds of problems were caused because I was trying to overthrow which really screws up mechanics and rhythem. I find the same thing happens with my golf swing now. I try to overhit and yank the ball to the left. If you watched Manny over the past month, he can say all he wants that he wasn’t thinking home run to get to 500. That’s crap. He was swinging harder than we have ever seen Manny swing trying to yank the ball to left. His solution last night was to take the ball up the middle which is all he needs to do. His home runs will come.

Just as hard to explain is getting on a hot streak. Some days you just come out feeling good, seeing things well, and doing things exactly the way they are supposed to be done. That can go on for a while and combined with a few breaks creates a hot streak. Sports are a funny thing and sometimes there just no explaining them.

Oritz goes deep into the night. That was a blast!!!

Of course Big Papi could hit a home run!


Thanks for answering my question on slumps. Sounds like one of those human conditions.

Good point on Manny. he needs to get homer 500 out of the way. Hernandez is throwing nothing but heat. That will be his downfall the second time around…I think.

Did you guys notice that in tonight’s lineup that don’t have one 300 hitter besides Casey. The averages are plummeting.


What a GREAT catch by Ichiro. That catch is about as good a catch you’ll ever see. He almost ended up going thru the gate out there against the wall. Ichiro is the best c.f. in the game, ahead of Hunter, Wells and others. He has the best arm for sure and showed everyone right there, he can cover alot of ground. He is one of the players I really like to watch.


He is a great player. Sox have some good cf’s but he is exceptional.

RIght now the Sox are still trying to break open the game. They can’t win 1- 0 at this point.


Colon’s got runners on 2nd and third. Here goes the fireworks


I hate it when I’m right!


Colon handled it well. Only one run. He’s an impressive pitcher.


Boston bats continue to be pathetic. I just think they see the ball better at Fenway. I don’t know what other explanation there could be.

I agree with you gsm about the Boston bats, pathetic would be a word to use. Among others. Another pitcher that has shut them down. I think we have seen this before. This act is getting old.

Brian …… Celts were horrible tonight but managed to stay close to the end. I like them to come back in Boston. What do you think.

I also think Rondo is hurting them. He penetrates and then is either stuck or can do nothing with the ball. He is still passing up a lot of shot opportunities. The problem is, who will play the point if he doesn’t?

Colon looks pretty good tonight. He is working easy, and is normally ahead in the count. In fact, both pitchers are working from ahead. I hope Lester and the Sox bullepen are observing.

It’s obvious what’s going on. The Sox are swinging out of desperation instead of just trying to make contact. They look like tired lumberjacks out there instead of pro hitters.
Seattle is nibbling away at Colon. Look for the go ahead run and the win to come this innning (thankfully I’m not pessimistic)

OK I was wrong again!


Note to Lugo — bunt to advance the runner — not get yourself on first. Just an FYI.


Note to Lugo — please put yourself on the DL again. Please…it’s good for you, it’s good for the team. Do it for the team.



I like the Celtics chances on Wed. night. I didn’t think Boston had much of a chance against Detroit tonight. I thought the chances of winning 2 in Detroit were slim and none.

Rondo did very little tonight. Boston did go the line 39 times. They are taking it to the rim in this series. I am not impressed with Detroit’s interior defense. I expect Garnett to bounce back in game 5. Billups is having problems still with his hamstring. Boston needs to take advantage of that. McDyess ate the Celtics alive tonight, he has had a very good series so far. Maxiel coming off the bench gave the Pistons life as well. The Celtics need to shoot better if they want to win. A bad shooting night for the men in green. Celtics had 12 assists and 14 turnovers, look no further than that. That is a VERY UGLY stat.

Lugo in scor. pos. Boston needs a clutch hit, something they can’t seem to do on the road lately.

As soon as I hit the submit button, Pedroia smoked one to left. Way to go Dustin!!!!


You got it. Pedroia does it again. Ortiz gets a walk. Oh there was another time you wouldn’t walk Ortiz to face Manny. Now Manny is looking like an automatic out.


Manny hit one. He got a single Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lowell hits one. This is amazing. Singles, they are hitting base hits. Life is great!

They might win this one.

Can Colon go eight innings???

The best inning the Red Sox have had on the road in a longgggg time.

What a stop by Beltre at third. He looked like Lowell down there.

It may work out, but I’m not sure why Drew would be bunting with two outs and two on. Aren’t the Sox paying Drew about a billion dollars a year to drive in runs?

I agree with you gsm, Drew should be swinging away.

Great plays this game today. Pedroia, Ichiro with maybe e catch of the year so far, and now Beltre with a great 5-3 double play

Papelbon is fighting for his life out there including an error. Come on Papelbon.


Two runs for Papelbon. Wow, could you imagine that in 2007? They won the game though!

Ends an 7 game losing streak on the road. Dice-K looking to go 9-0 in Seattle


This all depends if Dice-K can reduce the strike zone which seems to be from the left field foul pole to the right field foul pole. It also depends if he can reduce his pitch count which seems to be around 500 pitches per inning if he had his choice.

Buckhotz is in Pawtucket and it’s hinted they need him to get some starts and calm himself down and get more confidence in him. I guess he’ll be replaced by Colon for now. Colon has been magnificent so far.


Lugo is Lugo- when is Francona going to get smart.Beltre and Ichiro made fantastic plays otherwise the game would have really been broken open.Papelbon, even though he did not allow any earned runs, doesn’t seem to have that fire in him- not since Lugo made that error that blew the game a while back. It seems that his personality changed. Let’s hope the Sox can keep things going and start another streak.

Bartolo Colon looked great last night. So far so good for Colon. He went deep into the game in his 2 second start. Throwing with velocity and location. He was in total control out there. A very positive outing for Colon, great too see. I am looking forward too seeing more of these type of outings.

Bartolo Colon looked great last night. So far so good for Colon. He went deep into the game in his 2 second start. Throwing with velocity and location. He was in total control out there. A very positive outing for Colon, great too see. I am looking forward too seeing more of these type of outings.

This comment is a bit late, but does anyone think there might be something wrong with Beckett this year? He doesn’t seem as dominant as last year, and he’s giving up a lot of home runs again…

As for the Sox being “streaky,” I kind of think they are starting to be just like last year. Win a few here, lose a few here, and just when RSN starts to get despondent, they turn things around. The trend of a good team, I think!

Who would have thought that Dice-K is 8-0 and Bartolo Colon is 2-0 and Beckett is Beckett of 2006?

Colon kooked relatively immobile on the mound. When I first started watching Baseball, teams would be testing him with a slew of bunts!


Teams don’t bunt anymore, you should know that. Schilling looked the same way back in game 6 ( 2004 A.L.C.S. ) How many Yankees tried bunting that night? Not one if memory serves correct, not enough for sure.

I do agree with your opinion though. Back in the day they would lay down quite a few bunts and take advantage of his lack of mobility. Most hitters are looking to hit one hard somewhere. A different era now.

Bartolo will be amazing!! I guarantee it!
-Keyon V

I agree with everyone who has remarked positively about Bartolo’s 1st 2 outings. If he keeps up any semblance of this, it will be the steal of I don’t know how long…However, The Angels had to think long and hard before letting him go…You’ve got to wonder whether at some point, he will more closely resemble the Bartolo of 2007 rather than the Bartolo of 2005. Maybe, the Sox have finally found their Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon for one year.

I was back East over the weekend. Got to see Buchholz work 4 innings for the Pawsox. His velocity looked pretty good, although he seemed to keep throwing the ball away from hitters, particularly right hand hitters, not throwing to both sides of the plate. Also got to see Brandon Moss hit a home run. Must have been close to the 10,000 capcity (there were fireworks after the game, although my family and I did not stay, we’d seen enough fireworks during the Pawsox’ 11-1 win).

It cost $6 to sit in general admission right behind home plate, and although we were up under the press box, we could see the entire field. What a great value!!!!

Hey guys! Hey Brian. Rough series in oakland but a great win yesterday. Look for Dice-K to throw more strikes I hope. He is 8 and 0 but i hate watching him pitch nothing annoys me more than our guys walking a ton of hitters -_-


I remember going to PawSoxs games myself as a kid. They were great. It was there that I met the great Tony C, but it wasn’t quite the happiest of meetings. He was hurting inside and charged out of the clubhouse with the sting of bitterness on his lips. One thing great about Pawtuckett — back then -was you could wait for the players to come out and sign autographs. I wonder if they let you do that nowadays.
It must have been a weird reunion between Clay, Julio and Kyle Snyder. Did they speak of better days in the sun?
The great thing about the game is how cheap the seats are and you get to meet the future guys there. Clay will be back up. He’s a great talent. He just needs more seasoning.
The Sox won last night but I’m not holding my breath for Dice-K tonight. (not the doubter here!)


Hi Tessie,
Regarding Beckett. I read somewhere that he was saying after 2003 he did not have enough time to recharge and his 2004 season suffered. The short off-season cost him. He must have been worried about this year if he mentioned it in the press. I don’t know how 3 months off could not be enough, but I have never been the ace of a World Series winning pitching staff either. He’ll be right as rain by June, I think.

Regarding Beckett, I think he is fine. He is throwing well. He has good velocity and good control. He pitched very well last time out and deserved better.

Someone asked about Tek’s strange gear yesterday. I heard he wore the camouflage gear in recognition of Memorial Day.

What was Dice-K thinking on that bunt play? He should have taken the out. No way he gets Ichiro at third.

Coco should have made that catch. Ellsbury gets to that easily, not because he’s faster, but because he gets a much better jump on the ball, and on that play, because he’s left handed.

Chalk two runs up to stupidity, but Dice-K looks like he’s throwing very well tonight.

Dice-K is up to 26 pitches. Two runs are in. Going to be a tough game to get back to the Red Sox side of things.

I think the Sox will jump on this pitcher soon. One thing for sure, the Mariners have some cool names. Yuniesky Betancourt, Wladimir Balentien, Kenji Johjima gotta love it.
How can you tell if an outfielder is getting a good jump on the ball? Watching the game on my computer, I can’t see the outfielder break for the ball, I just see him camped underneath it or running for his life trying to catch up to it. Do you memorize where he’s positioned and then gauge whether he catches the ball, calculating how hard it was hit? I just have to take your word for it because I can’t tell from here.

Hey guys,

I’m predicting a 4 – 0 win by Seattle with a complete shutout. If you can’t hit against a guy with a 6+ ERA there is something seriously wrong with you. Three innings and one hit. That’s sad. It’s just sad!


Are the Sox trying hard to lose the game? Is there some sort of conspiracy. Now they are making errors! Right now I think the 1975 Red Sox could beat them with Carl Yastremski pitching on the mound!
Yes I’m frustrated!

Well, now it is 3 – 0. I am getting closer to my sad prediction!

I’m watching the game on my computer as well. ( Watching the game live, you can’t usually tell because you don’t see the outfielder when the ball is hit. However, you can generally see it in one of the two or three replay angles they show. You’re also right about positioning. Generally you get at least one pan shot per at bat to be able to see where fielders are playing. That’s not always the case, but you get that most of the time. From there, you can usually tell whether or not a fielder should be able to get to a fly ball. Of course, there are always exceptions, like that great catch Ichiro made last night. I never thought he had a chance to get that.

If you really want to know the truth about telling whether an outfielder gets a good jump on a ball Arnie, it has to do with being old and having watched a billion or so baseball games.!!!!!

Again the Red Sox are making a very average pitcher look very good. Batista is nothing but a back of the end rotation guy. They should be able to knock him around, score about 5 runs in 5 innings or so. If this game was at Fenway, Batista would be taken a shower by now.

One good thing going on so far, Dice-K hasn’t walked anyone. Very surprising.

One outfielder that gets a great jump on the ball is Crisp. He anticipates very well out there. Having great speed helps him. Ichiro got a good jump on the ball last night, making that GREAT catch against Varitek last night.

Dice-K walks off the mound, not good.

I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like Dice K was rubbing his lower back. You’re right Brian, not a good thing.

Coco is a good defensive outfielder, but I do think Ellsbury covers more ground and gets a better jump.


They’re both very good in c.f. but Crisp is the better outfielder right now. I look forward to watching Ellsbury for the next several years. The kid can fly!!!

I think Ichiro is the best in the game in c.f. Ahead of Hunter, Wells, Rowand, Sizemore and Jones among others. Edmonds was solid for years, father time has caught up to him. Ichiro defintely has the best arm of any center fielder right now, no doubt. I really like watching him play.

Griffey, Jr. was great during his day. He made so many great grabs in c.f.

Back in the day, Lynn made so many great grabs in center as well.

Why does Boston make these average pitchers look so good?

#499, yes??? no???? Perfect time to connect!!!

I think everyone saw that one happening!!!

Ramirez hit lifetime H.R.#400 against Meche in Seattle.

#500, in Seattle?

Brian ….. disagree on Crisp/Ellsbury, but absolutely agree on Ichiro. He’s got it all and has an arm Ellsbury/Crisp can only dream of………… and he makes it all look so easy. Even the catch last night was pretty easy for him. The only problem was the fence.

Nice play by Manny. He gets rid of the ball faster than any other outfielder in baseball. His quick release takes two steps from a baserunner. He’s also pretty damn accurate.


I agree with you about Ramirez and his quick release. Ramirez is much better in the field, he’ll never get the credit though.

Back in June of 2006, Mets in town. Ramirez threw out Jose Reyes ( one of the fastest guys in baseball ) at home plate. A great throw by Ramirez that night.

Perhaps he’ll win the game tonight with lifetime H.R.#500.

So far so good for the Boston bullpen. Great job by Aardsma.

You’re right. Manny is a solid outfielder and makes plays you wouldn’t expect him to make. I think he led the league in outfield assists a couple of years ago. The problem is that when he makes a bad play, it’s generally a real bonehead job that is shown on the lowlights forever and written off as Manny being Manny.

So far so good with the bullpen tonight. Leadoff walk by Aardsma scared me a little but he did well. Del Carmen did a nice job.

I’m getting way too old for these late night games.

Gsm, there are so many subtle things about baseball games that I miss. I usually have the game on the office computer at work and I duck in to see how it’s going. The other day I saw Masterson throw 2 pitches, that’s it. Sometimes I can watch an entire half inning, mostly the late innings, when business has settled down some. Rarely I see a whole game. That’s why I love to read all the comments here because it gives me an idea of the tone of the games. I can interpret what you all are saying and make more sense of the box score. Keep all the good in-game comments coming.

The Sox must play Ellsbury everyday. Last night’s score could/would be different if Ellsbury played CF. The Sox unfortunately missed a golden opportunity to pick up a game on Rays and Yanks. With Wake pitching against Erik Bedard (a much better pitcher than Bautista) tonight, the Sox needa a lot of divine intervention to win. I hope I am wrong.

Red Sox bats continue to do nothing on the road. One big swing of the bat and that is all they had last night. Pitchers like Batista should get hit hard. They make those type of pitchers look really good on the road. At home, it is a totally different story. Everyone has punished Seattle pitching, except for the Red Sox.

Dice-K with shoulder fatigue. You can go with that in many different directions. I’m going to take a guess and say he’ll miss a start and could end up on the D.L. Time will tell. Just pure speculation on my part. Buchholz ( Kramer did I spell it right ? ) will probably fill in for him. Once again, you never have enough pitching.

I stay up until 1:00 a.m. or so and Timlin does his usual. Right when he came into the game, I didn’t have a good feeling. Then again when Delcarmen came into the game, I had that same negative vibe.

Shoulder fatigue? In May? What’s wrong with that picture? What is shoulder fatigue anyway? Dice-K was probably having his best “command” game of the year. He was throwing with good velocity and had good stuff. Shoulder fatigue? If I was in the fifth inning of a close game and I told my manager I had “shoulder fatigue”, he would have laughed at me, called me a sissy, and thrown my sorry butt off the mound. I probably would have been released, never to pitch again. You’ve got to be kidding me. Shoulder fatigue?

I agree Brian. Clay (no spelling concerns) comes off the DL and will likely take Dice-K’s next start. Shoulder fatigue? May?

I have work fatige, especially after staying up until 1:30 this morning to watch that fiasco last night. I think I’ll ask my boss to put me on the DL.

Sox are a disaster!

Here are my thoughts for their self-destructive ways:

1) Doug Mirabelli:
I know it’s an odd situation but the message was sent — perform or get out. That puts pressure on a team to perform and win.

2) Lugo:
Here’s the mixed message — you cost money so play like crap and you can stay in there — bad idea.

3) Crisp and Ellsbury:
Now we have two miserable players who can’t play everyday. Crisp says he hates it. That’s got to show

4) Injuries:
When you have the dependable team you have consistency. They have none. Every day somebody is getting injured.

5) Beckett:
When your ace is struggling and when you can’t win with your ace, you have got to be hurting.

6) We’re not in Fenway:
When you’re desperate to hit, you hit like Fenway. You swing hard. They are swinging hard instead of thinking through the swing. Pedroia swings through pitches like he’s got the green monster to overcome.

In short the Sox have no confidence in themselves. Look at last night. Lugo and then Francona getting ejected not because of their playing but because of their frustration level. This is a bad situation for a team. Any thoughts?

dave, you said you thought that the Rays got a former Sox. They did, they got Eric Hinske, and hes not doing bad at all..

note to Dave: I am fairly sure that Lugo doesnt determine when he’s going to bunt… I think that Magadan and
Tito would definitely have a say in that. …


Money has ruined the game, sports in general. 51.1 million dollars ( posting fee ) and his total salary of 54 million or so. A grand total of roughly 105 million dollars invested, there are the reasons. Players are coddled and that drives me nuts!!! That is my rant for the day.

I agree with you, shoulder fatigue in May. A concern for sure. Papelbon back in Sept. of 2006 had shoulder fatigue. I think the Red Sox might have called it something else. He was shutdown for the season. The season was pretty much over by then anyway. Sox were wayyyyy out of it.

Pitch counts and all of this other stuff going on. Athletes are supposed to be in better shape now aren’t they?


I don’t think getting rid of a backup catcher sends any message to the players. Players know the drill, especially in Boston. Boston is the pressure packed. Every home game feels like a playoff game. That is what some have said, Loretta and Arroyo among others. Players come and go, that is a part of it.
Beckett needs to pick up the slack as you say, I agree very much. His last outing was solid. If he pitches like that, he’ll be just fine. The longball has been an issue and that has to be a concern.

Pedroia swings hard regardless. That is why he has had such a nice little start to his career.

As of right now, I would say there confidence level on the road is pretty low. I don’t think that will last too much longer. Then again after taken 3 of 4 from Det. I didn’t see all these road struggles happening.


Thanks for the tidbit. I knew the Sox lost a good player to Tampa Bay. Thanks for doing the heads up.

Also want to add I know that Lugo doesn’t make the bunt call, I just want him to bunt! I know major leaguers have almost frowned on the ancient art but it really can work and even get you singles if you do it properly.


Money has ruined the game but in a different light. Owners are morons for dumping their income into players. When you have that much money invested in a player, it always seems to be that the player collapses. That’s why I’ve noticed the trend of getting the youth. They have something to prove and therefore will actually try in the game. Lugo seems to have the message you play like crap and you will be in there!


Owners for the most part get themselves in trouble when they start given money to average and below average players. The list goes on and on. Some teams never learn. Spend it on quality not quanity.

General Managers fall in love with players and they have to get them, no matter what. Look no further than Theo with J.D. Drew. 70 million for 5 years, crazy!!! That is not money well spent. Drew is now hitting in the 7 hole. When Theo signed him, they projected him to hit 5th and drive in runs. I don’t think that projection will ever happen and I also think they were way off anyway. That is another story for another day.

Having young players are great. In so many ways they help you. There energetic youth, looking to prove themselves every game. They also give you payroll flexibility, you own those young guys for a while. Signing big name free agents, don’t seem to work out. Ramirez has, no doubt. Other than him, what big name free agent has helped in Boston? Remember Ortiz was signed in late January of 2003 and wasn’t a big name free agent. He was signed as a free agent though. I don’t include Dice-K, just to clarify.

I was very happy when the Sox didn’t dive into the free agent pool this past winter. Alot of ugly contracts in baseball and Boston has 2 of them. Drew and Lugo. I have asked this question many times. What team or teams were offering big $$$$$ deals to Drew and Lugo? Lugo had interest from the Cubs ( outfielder I believe ) Blue Jays had interest in Lugo but they weren’t going to give him big $$$ and defintely not 4 years. Who was after Drew? I can’t think of any team that was. Theo bidded against himself in those cases, like so many g.m.’s do anyway.

Theo does a FANTASTIC job with the draft and developing players thru the system. Something he talked about when he became g.m. I know your not going to hit on every player you sign. That is IMPOSSIBLE, it upsets me when they give the money to average players and then sign them to long term deals. I guess I’ll just have to live with it. It will happen again. It will be just another name, the only difference.

Also I think you are right about Lugo, he gets the message. Great job by Francona, put in the better s.s. at the end of the game.

I agree with you 100 percent on your GM take Brian. I will never figure out the Lugo deal and I also have a tough time swallowing the Drew thing. I’m not sure the Sox wouldn’t be better off with Manny, Coco and Ellsbury in the outfield. To his credit, Drew has had some big hits at crucial times, but the numbers overall don’t warrant the $$$$ spent.

For the most part, the Sox are fun to watch. You have a couple of feisty guys in Dustin and Youk, excitement in Crisp and Ellsbury, guys who have fun and love to play in Manny and Papi, and a couple of solid and savvy veterans in Lowell and Tek. It’s the perfect blend. The pitching staff is an adventure. Beckett at the front and Papelbon at the back and a whole lot of question marks in between. Wakefield is Wakefield, Buchholz and Lester were really untested, Dice-K had many issues to overcome……. and now shoulder fatigue????? Then there’s Aardsma (I think that’s a funny looking animal of some sort), Del Carmen and Hansen, all of whom have trouble identifying the strike zone. Okie Dokie whose head will probably ultimately fall off at some point; and Grampa Timlin. Oh yeah, don’t forget the old reliable situational left hander Lopez. I love situational pitchers. I want to be one of those. I could appear in 60 games, throw 22 innings, get two of three out, collect my $750,000 and be very happy. Yep, that’s what I dreamed of being as a kid…… a situational pitcher.


You made me laugh. Well written as always. A whole lot of question marks as you say and you are 100 % correct. At this moment, there are no answers to those question marks.

I was not a fan of bringing back Timlin. Any pitcher that is coming out of the pen and is north of 40, spells trouble. Chances are he’ll end up on the D.L. again this year. You said it perfect about Delcarmen and Hansen. They can’t seem to locate home plate. At least they’re not air traffic controllers, lol. Alot of planes would be landing in the water at Logan Airport.
I do like what I see from Aardsma, he does throw hard but he also has his control issues. I do like his potential ( a dreaded word–potential ) I personally like too see guys come out of the pen that can get lefties and righties out. These lefty specialists, take up a roster spot. If your having a hard time getting lefties out, address that during the trade deadline. Let him be a part of the team for a couple of months or so. I don’t want too see a lefty specialist from day 1. Mike Myers was the Yankee lefty specialist ( Oritz was the reason ) it certainly didn’t help the Yankees. Lopez has done well against lefties this year but I am like most fans. I don’t trust him in a big spot.

The Sox do have a great blend of vets and youth, they all seem to get along well. Just from what you can tell and from what you read.

Why does this team struggle so much on the road? That is the million dollar question. There lineup lays an egg on the road and the pitching is very inconsisent.

Wakefield has been getting torched early in games, especially on the road. He needs to put up some gooseggs early and give his team a chance to win. This Seattle team doesn’t have many good hitters, no reason for Wakefield to get lit up tonight.

bosoxbrian, gsm,

You guys are great, a lot of knowledge and a great sense of humor. That was a great laugh about Manny D. being an air-traffic controller. I imagine Manny D. as a roofer. That nail gun would be a rather dangerous instrument in his hands. Lugo on the other hand, I wouldn’t want him to work as a surgeon. I think the life expectancy would be rather grim…if the survived at all. I also wouldn’t want J.D. Drew as a paramedic. I can see it now “oh man. I’m just not paid enough to do the job. Come on, let’s eat some donuts and come back later!”
The job of the free agent is to support your team — be the big gun. Santana for one is another overpriced option. His record speaks for himself.
Gagne, Drew, Lugo, etc. have proven themselves to be all they are cracked up to be — disasters. At least Drew is competent. Lugo and then Gagne before that were walking disasters.



I’m glad I made you laugh.

The frustrating part of Delcarmen to me is he has shown flashes of what he can do. A very good fastball and a very good slider on top of that. He is so inconsisent, that drives me nuts about him. He can look so good 1 game and look AWFUL the next game.

Lopez isn’t that good so I don’t expect him to do anything. When he does pitch well, I just figure your going to eventually. Percentages as they say. I would like too see him elsewhere but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I expected the Sox to take 2 in Seattle, get these bats rolling. Bedard has struggled this year. He has felt the pressure. Alot of expectations with the M’s going into this season. When Seattle got Bedard, many thought they were the team to beat in the West.


When you deal with the frustration of baseball and the Red Sox you have to laugh. It’s the only way to get through it.
Manny was expected to be the next Papelbon. he will not be the next Papelbon. He doesn’t have that confidence in himself. He will never be anything more than second rate in my opinion. If I were to evaluate the Sox bullpen right now I would say that outside of Papelbon and Okajema, we have nothing that looks interesting. They are all bad. Lopez is finding a groove by finding the strike zone. Timlin and everyone else are a waste of our time and money.
Starting pitching wise we have Beckett who has earned the right to make mistakes, Wakefield who has earned the right to blow a game or two and Colon who looks great. Lester has yet to prove himself but I can’t see anything but good things coming from him.
i think next year the sox will be in better shape. Timlin, Schilling, and Coco will be gone (although I like Coco…I do). New faces will refreshen the team. I think the 2009 or 2010 Sox are going to be tough to beat. They will lose tonight and get swept in Baltimore. Please prove me wrong.


They will not get swept in Baltimore. I don’t see that happening at all. A split would be fine.

I think Aardsma could help them. He needs to throw more strikes and trust his stuff. I have faith in him.

They need to add another arm or two. Masterson will help them sometime in the summer. Perhaps Buchholz could end up in the pen. They don’t have to go out and trade for someone yet. They can fix there problem within the organization. I also like Hansen, mid 90’s fastball and he also has a solid slider as well. He needs to take that mound with confidence and feels like he belongs in the big leagues. I think Hansen needs a handful of good outings and he could be just fine. Of course him getting a few good outings could be a while.

It sounds like your given up on the team already, are you? Talking about 2009 and 2010 already. Not even June yet.


You have to understand that I grew up on the 75,78, etc. Red Sox. I agree though the All Star Break is the clincher. The Sox are having it rough and Tampa bay is just a tough team. I think if we get consistency I see this happening but I haven’t seen that.
Fortunately, I’m not a pessimist!



Coco really frustrated me when he claimed he could hit .320 if he played regularly. I understand about fantasy baseball but that’s like saying Lugo won’t make an error if he had a bigger glove.

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