Dice-K to get MRI

The Red Sox seem optimistic about Dice-K. He’s getting an MRI on Friday in Boston just as a precaution. Still no word on whether he makes his next start.



Four pitches and Ellsbury is down on strikes. Do they need to face pitchers with 30.24 ERAs?

Dustin joins the Strike out club!

I’ll give Manny credit. At least he tried before he grounded out into a force play.

Go Tim Wakefield. Looks like his work with the pitching coach did a lot of good.


Sox are just not hitting anything on the road so far. Wake is pitching a great game and once again they are getting shut out. I hope they can turn it around starting tonight.
Dave, how are ya? Looks like everybody went to bed early tonight.

Hey Arnie,

For me, it’s 10:28 pm so it’s not too bad. This is just a painful game. Two hits?? Two hits???? The most offensive driven lineup gathering two meager hits. It’s really depressing. Tim Wakefield deserves better.

Well, you’ve gotta think the Sox will break out and start hitting on the road. I just wish it is sooner rather than later. This team is too good to be losing like this on the road all the time.


It’s nice to see Cash pick off a runner. That’s one great weakness in Varitek is his inability to take out runners. Teams are really milking it this year as well.

I think the Sox will do fine against an eight grade softball pitcher — which feels like the only one capable of not shutting down the team. Any clues Arnie?

I don’t know how it gets started, but sometimes the whole team goes into a slump. This year it’s a slump on the road. Last year, if you recall, they had trouble against pitchers with high ERA’s. It was freaky. They’d light up the aces of almost every staff and then struggle against the 5th starter. Now maybe it’s getting in their heads and they are pressing, I don’t know. Baseball is such a mental game; you know, like Yogi said “95 percent of this game is half mental” or something to that effect. They’ll pull it together.

Wakefield’s pitching a fabulous game. It’s fun to watch when he’s on his game.

Bedard is an excellent pitcher. I expected the Sox to have difficulty with him. Wake is doing a good job. Top of the order coming up….. let’s see what happens.


It is strange. Tonight they will lose against a terrific start by Wakefield. I’m calling it 2 – 0 (15 – 0 if Timlin does the ninth).
You are right, slumps happen. Perhaps they are trying to hit instead of examining what is offered to them. They’ve only got six more outs to turn this around!


Lugo is freaking unbelievable. He hits into more double plays and screws up more bunts than any “fast” guy I’ve ever see. He should be fined for that effort.

That’s frustrating. 2nd night in a row Lugo can’t bunt the runner over. Arrrgggh!

Lugo really needs to go on the disabled list. Can someone give him a nailgun or something?

Red Sox bats are QUIET AGAIN. A wasted pitching effort. At least Wakfield got his act together.

The Red Sox should be ashamed of themselves, losing 2 out of 2 against the Mariners.

Ever since the Sox left Detroit where they took 3 of 4. Boston is 2-10 in there last 12 road games, AWFUL!!!!

Losing 2 of 3 I meant to write. PITIFUL!!!!

A nice effort by Wake that was wasted. Crisp, Lugo and Cash at the bottom of the order isn’t much of a threat. Enough said, I’m going to bed. Day off tomorrow and then back to reasonable game times in Baltimore.

As I said in prior comments -when are Francona and Theo going to wisen up and either bench Lugo or send him down to Pawtucket. How man games must Lugo contribute nothing to or blow? Crisp is also a disaster at the plate. It almost looks like Lugo’s attitude is rubbing off on him.

If you were on mlb.tv like I was, you can tell the mariners’ broadcast is the WORST. Way too pumped up when the pitcher struck Pedroia out in the 8th, and when Mariners won and the Red Sox lost.
The Red Sox are a roller coster this season. Some games they score high, and sometimes a horrible game, and it is frustrating. They NEED an off-day. They lose two straight to a team who had lost 7 straight previously

That one hurt. Bedard’s good, but the Sox made him look like Sandy Koufax tonight. Ah well, tomorrow they can start a winning streak. They play tomorrow?
Hey, JJ Putz walks Casey( 2nd walk of the inning) and the pitching coach and catcher meet at the mound for a little chat. What are they gonna say? “You’re throwing a lot of balls, JJ. How about mixing in a few strikes so we can go home?” “Wow, good idea! Dang it, I’ll do just that!” And, lo and behold, he throws 2 quick strikes to Coco and gets him on a routine grounder! The magic of coaching!

I agree on the Seattle broadcaster. He gets on my nerves. The older guy who starts the games is good, but the others are woeful.

It’s mind boggling how bad we are on the road… even against the worst team in all of baseball.

Have the Red Sox scored yet?

The top of the order has to get things going and neither Ellsbury nor Pedroia (or Crisp when he’s in there) have been hitting lately. They are the catalysts who can make pitching to Papi and Manny a lot tougher. When they get going, you’ll see the Sox get out of their slump. Ellsbury hit a couple of pretty good shots last night right at people. It’s a matter of time before he gets going…… ditto Pedroia.

The pitching has actually been pretty good lately. Good recent efforts by Beckett, Colon, and Wakefield are encouraging. The bullpen picked up Dice-K the other night until the ninth inning. The Sox are going to hit. If the pitching stays pretty good, they’ll be fine. I’m concerned Papelbon hasn’t had any meaningful work in a while.

Hey Brian, Celts looked pretty good last night. Rondo is scaring me though. He penetrates and gets trapped in the paint a lot and is still not taking the open shots he has. He’s great when he makes up his mind to take it all the way to the basket. He’s so fast.

I think if the Celtics come out motivated to play, they are the better team. I would like to see them finish this thing Friday in Detroit. I give them a 50-50 chance.


I agree with you about Rondo. Also with Rondo, those floating passes were quite scary last night. He did have some open looks and passed them up. For a little guy, Rondo rebounds very well. In the summer, he better work on his outside shot, work on your weakness during the off-season. That will only make him a better player. He didn’t shoot well when he was at Kentucky. That is why he was taken around 20 or so in the 1st. rd.

The Celtics have no clue what to do when they have a lead in the 4th. They don’t know how to close games. That has been troubling me in these playoff games.

Ray Allen hit the biggest shot of the night. A clutch jumper by the Pistons bench and it put the Celtics up 3 with around 1:00 minute to go.

What got into Kendrick Perkins last night? He ate the Pistons alive. Pistons are not a tough team down low. Boston has had there way with Detroit down in the paint.
The big trio played quite well. They combined for 79 points, great too see. Boston’s bench which won game 3, only scored 3 points last night. A Posey 3 pointer. Sam Cassell is showing his age, he must be banged up. He looks awful out there.

I still think there will be a game 7. I would love too see Boston wrap it up at The Palace.

Those officials STINK!!! How could they call those flagrant fouls? I thought the one that could have been a flagrant was when Pierce hit Billups up high and didn’t make an attempt at the ball. The other one’s, no way were they flagrants. Wallace with a technical, great timing pal, thank you. Wallace has so much talent but he is a few cards short of a full deck. Former Tar Heels are usually well behaved, not this one. He must have played at the University of Miami in football in a previous life, lol.

I agree with you gsm about the top of the order getting on. When you pitch to Ortiz and Ramirez with the bases empty, you don’t have to be aggressive on the mound. You can pitch around them. When those 2 are on ( Ellsbury & Pedroia ) you are in trouble when you are facing the best duo in baseball.

Hey Guys,

The sox are making me boiling mad. Pedroia last night said that ‘he had a good cutter” What you can’t hit a cutter anymore? These are excuses not acknowledgements. This team got almost swept by one of the worst teams in the game. I guarantee they will be destroyed in Baltimore. The hitting once again is pathetic. Nobody is doing anything but pop flies and groundouts. It’s easy and tempting to blame Lugo for all their woes — and there is justification — but nobody else is standing out. Youk was so hot as of late he compensated for the other eight in slumps but right now they don’t have a .300 hitter in the lineup.
If I were Francona I’d be tempted to say ‘stop making excuses, stop sounding pathetic and start doing the steps you need to do to get a win. If we have a good pitcher on the mound — nobody hits. If we have a bad start then everyone hits but can’t get the runs. Everyone needs to take responsibility on the Red Sox for these records.
I keep hoping the Sox will get it together but so far we’re into June and they are still fighting the same battles in early April.
Terry Francona said 2005 was a pain because we played like every game was a chore. This year feels the same.

Just wanted to vent a bit folks. That’s all. I feel much better now. If anything this will be the year that Manny gets 500 homers.


Francona does a good job and doesn’t let anything hit public. He keeps alot of stuff within the team. Which I respect very much. I am sure he is very dissapointed in this team, especially on the road. That is where there problems sit right now. Perhaps this day off will help, it can only help.

I don’t see how you can say the Sox will get swept in a 4 game series in Baltimore. I am expecting a split. Anything more would be great and anything less would be extremely dissapointing. Boston has OWNED Baltimore over the years. At Camden Yards and at Fenway.

I think you could be right with every game seeming like a chore. Again on the road. At home they look like the best team ever assembled.

Has there ever been a team in baseball or sports that has dominated at home and then goes on the road and tanks it ? This Red Sox team should win 55 games or so at home. That is outstanding. On the road, they look like the Bad News Bears.

They just can’t seem to put it all together for some strange reason. When they pitch well ( last night Wakefield was excellent ) they don’t hit. When they hit, there pitching is awful. Why can’t they put together a string of games where everything comes together? This team is very talented.

I’m reading the comments above and thinking to myself, What’s wrong with this team??? As you say, they are very talented. There is just no way they should be swept. No way. And certainly not three times already this year. Or is it more? It’s almost as if they have forgotten how to scratch and claw for a win, that they are relying too heavily on their abundant talent. When they come up against a pitcher or line-up having a great day they forget how to dig deep and snatch a win any way they can. They have forgotten how to do what lesser teams are forced to do every day. I think it’s gut-check time for these guys right now. If they get further into the season with these bad habits it may be too late for them. They way they are going I see no reason to think it’s impossible for them to be swept right out of Baltimore. Improbable, yes, but it could happen. Let’s hope they are thoroughly embarrassed by this road trip, so far, and they respond with ferocity in Baltimore.

I think this shows you how pivotal/contagious baseball seems to be, or baseball players are. It gets in their heads collectively. A little spark here, a little success there, and the whole team catches fire. But a little squash there, and little squash there, and the whole team sometimes follows suits and sinks. They could be more consistent, if they would refuse this mental contagion.

To be fair, I think all opponents are bringing their A-game — and it looks like the SOX are hitting a uncanny streak where all opposing pitchers are pitching their best game of the season — or we are making it look that way, but to me it looks like they have hit a string of exceptional pitching performances — which shows that right now, we can be beat by better pitching than we are returning at this point in time.

The negative contagion element bothers me — they should be more immune to that, but since they don’t seem to be, that is why I get (admittedly unfairly) so disillusioned with Lugo. Cause he is in the middle of the negative contribution at least one, usually multiple times each and every game. He does make some nice plays at short stop, but that is his job — where are the Pedrioa like plays defensively? even one? where is the clutch hit, even one? Not a single pivotal positive spark all year (in my estimation), not one HR, and so many missed or squashed opportunities, that the team has had to overcome. He looks to me like he is still practicing when he comes to bat, I can just see him thinking through his every move (as if the instructor, were behind him saying, work on this, watch this, be sure to do that). His batting average is so curious, doesn’t look that bad on paper, but many of the hits are flimsy or bunt infield hits, then of course when called on to sacrifice bunt, I can’t recall a single successful attempt, and then of course, when he does get a bunt down (when planned) its too hard, and they get the lead runner at 2nd anyway. Here we are, a third of the way through the season, and I can’t recall a single pivotal spark he has provided either offensively or defensively to ignite the team. But only the the regular disappointments in every game. He needs to pick this team up at least once, be the positive spark at least once.

Dgneubert, Lugo is the swollen boil on this team that needs to be lanced, I agree, but there was one game, in Cleveland I think, that he hit a double against the “no doubles” defense that led to a game-winning rally. But generally I agree with you, Lugo’s time has come, I’d like to see him gone. Maybe we could get a reliever who throws strikes.

And then Lowrie can come up. I liked the time he spent with this team when and after Lowell got hurt. The last game he had here before he went back to Pawtucket he went 4 for 4. So I would be happy if he came back

Hey guys,

There is no question that Lugo is the rotten cavity in this mix. and yet he was there last year and this type of streak didn’t happen. Lugo can go and work roofing for a while hammering nails in everyone’s feet while missing the shingles. That would be of better service to this team but also remember, every team since the beginning of this crazy game struggles the year after winning it all. You go from ‘we can win this’ to ‘oh no, we have to do this again and everyone is expecting us to do it’ It’s a lot of mental pressure. At home, everyone knows the dynamics of the park. The green monster becames a home run and/or double where in any other park it’s a fly ball to the outfield. That’s a lot of left field outs.
Having said all that I agree with bosoxBrian — Terry keeps the venting and frustration out of the media. I think the only time to see that is when he gets ejected from a game. It’s obvious he’s not having fun out there.
I hope Theo will learn from this and never again sign a long term contract with a bad roofer who claims to be able to play the game. Lugo is the quintessential example of a bad free agent. Drew is a competent one (although still bad) and Crisp was a decent one but not a great one. Of all three Crisp is the best of the crop. He’ll be desired but nobody wants to pay that crazy salary of his.
Next year Schilling and Timlin will be gone. Lugo might be traded (not likely) and Drew may retire. Crisp will be gone. Ellsbury will be up full time. Bucholtz will be up there. Lester will have a year of seasoning and we’ll have a better bullpen. I’m hoping for next year. I really am.


Drew is not going to retire, wayyyy too much money on the table. Lugo could be dealt around the trading deadline, if not he’ll be traded for sure during the off-season.

I don’t think Lugo is the total problem. They won it all with him as there s.s. last year. I’m not saying he is any good. I would love too see him traded away and have Lowrie and Cora as the s.s. on this team. If/when they deal him away, they will have to eat part of the contract. They have the $$$$ so that will not be an issue. They had to do it with Renteria and they will have to do it with Lugo. I hope sooner than later.
They are not playing as a team when they go on the road. The reason, is anyone’s guess. Every single one of them is accountable. I agree with gsm, Ellsbury and Pedroia need to get on and then Oritz and Ramirez are up with guys on base. When Ellsbury and Pedroia get on, good things happen. They seem to jumpstart the offense. Good youthful energy at the top is always a good thing.

Seattle’s pitching has been AWFUL this year and for that matter the Mariners have been playing terrible. Boston comes into town and all of a sudden Seattle looks good. Boston’s confidence on the road is shattered right now. An off day can do wonders for a team. It all starts with Beckett tomm. night. Boston looks to there ace and that is always a good thing.


Would be great if Drew could retire…maybe start up a small consulting company. Lugo on the other hand needs to startup a landmine detection company. He makes a journeyman player look good. He’s just not major league caliber and it’s obvious the Sox know it.
I also agree that the first two contact hitters need to see the base paths. Ortiz has potential but right now Manny is just striking out on everything. Sometimes I think you could throw underhanded and he’d strike out. It’s just sad and I’m sure he’s frustrated.
I hope the day off turns them around but we’ll see.


It would be great but not going to happen.

Ortiz and Ramirez are the best duo in baseball. Ramirez needs to hit lifetime H.R. #500 and when he does, he’ll get things going again. He is still having problems with the fastball up in the strike zone, just like last year. He seems to be over-matched at times with the high heat. His bat is a little tardy.
Ortiz has more than potential going for him. He has talent. No team wants to face Ortiz and Ramirez with runners on base. That is a recipe for success for the Red Sox. Lowell and Youkilis to follow, not an easy lineup to pitch to. The bats I am not concerned about, these guys will get the job done. I still think it is the pitching that is the major issue. Mainly the bullpen. I am also a little concerned with the rotation but with Beckett at the top, that is where it all starts. He is the ace of the staff and they look up to him. He needs to look like the Beckett of last year. Last year he was so good every start, not the case this year. His last start was very promising and I hope he’ll build on that.


It would be nice to see Josh Beckett 2007 but he had his share of tough starts but all we remember is the playoffs and World series where he was unhittable.
I am worried about the bats and the bullpen. The bullpen may be less concerning if the starters hold their own but right now that means Timlin, Lopez, etc. take a vacation to other teams.
On the good side, Tim Wakefield is still able to hold the game at his age. That’s impressive.


Beckett in 2007 didn’t have too many poor starts. He was the most consisent starter in baseball last year. He stopped losing streaks last season and he needs to do that again.

I am concerned about the pen and have been from day 1. I would like too see another arm or two out there.

Wakefield is going to give you some really great starts and then he’ll get smoked. He’ll give you the innings, when it is all said and done.

Timlin and Lopez are dead weight. I would like too see them elsewhere. I wasn’t a fan of bringing them back this year.

There’s a kid here in Denver doing a great job as their 8th inning guy. Taylor Buchholz. I’d like to see him in the Sox’ pen. Not gonna happen, but he’s one of the few bright spots for the Rockies this year. Maybe they’d take Lugo, Drew, Father Timlin, Lopez and Coco. Bring back Moss. Put Lowrie at short. Replace Lopez with Masterson and voila! problems fixed!


Don’t you wish it was all that simple? Coco though is a good player and I will stand by that one. Of all the free agents Coco has showed some worth. Lugo though really needs to become the ball boy. This way the error count won’t affect the team — except for the much longer game times when he fumbles the ball and runs it down in the outfield slamming into Manny Ramirez before hitting the green monster falling over and starring at the sky. That will of course follow him getting hit in the head with the ball the previous inning.
I’m just glad Lugo isn’t near matches.


Now of course with Coco, he’s a complainer. I’m sure if he was given the podium he’s say “if I played everyday and was pay another ten billion, I’d be hitting .600 with 90 home runs and 200 RBI’s. I’d be able to run the entire outfield by myself with my eyes closed. Ya that’s me but since I can’t then I will be hitting .200 with 1 home run and 1 RBI. On top of that the sun’s in my eyes and my fingernails hurt when I use the bat!”

Then there is J.D. Drew. Drew is competent but reserved. I’m sure his thinking is :”Terry, I can’t play today. I broke a fingernail and it hurts. I can play tomorrow but only for an inning and the sun’s too hot today. I really need some time off. Yes Terry, I tried to run down that ball but my knee hurt and you should feel my neck. It just aches after sleeping on that hard hotel bed.

I think Coco was a trade. Kelly Stoppach went to Cleveland and maybe some others. I think Marte was involved somehow. Brian will know, he has a great memory for that stuff. Some of the names Brian mentions make me think, “Oh, yeah, I remember him!” It’s cool in a way when he does that and it also makes me feel old. I can remember listening to Johnny Pesky announce the games on the radio. My dad would laugh because Pesky was really not a good announcer. He’d get excited and start tripping over his words. My father would tell me what a great player Johnny had been and then shake his head with a laugh and say,”But he sure is a rotten announcer.” Those were the days! Yaz, Lonborg, Mike Andrews, Dick Radatz Walt Dropo(sp?) Joe Foy


Crisp was a trade not a free agent. Shoppach, Marte and Mota went to Cleveland. Riske came to Boston along with Crisp.

It’s Friday, the Sox have had a day off, and they are back on the east coast where they should be rejuvenated and ready to play some ball.

Beckett gets the start and I look for it to be a good one. He has been throwing the ball well lately. I know there is concern over the number of home runs, but if you take out the game where he gave up four, his numbers aren’t too bad. Keep in mind he got a late start too. He’s averaging just under 7 innings per start which isn’t bad. He won’t likely win 20 games this year, but he’ll get 17-18 and be solid. Of all the pitchers on the staff, he’s the one I worry about least.

As far as Lugo is concerned, Theo just has to chalk that one up as a swing and a miss. They gave up on Gonzo, maybe the best fielding shortstop in baseball, to get a little more pop at the top of the lineup. He’s had 8 home runs and bats ninth most of the time. I wouldn’t say the Sox accomplished their goals with him.

I think Coco Crisp has some room to complain. He’s in a tough situation and for the most part, has handled it very well. I don’t think he has really said anything out of line and I think he’ll go out there whenever he gets the chance and give it his best shot. He’s been an every day outfielder for quite a while and he is still very young. This situation could be undermining his whole career. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t be happy either. He’s likely being far more professional about it than I would be. I also know that he and Ellsbury are close, and he has been very supportive of Ellsbury. You can’t ask for more than that from a guy in his situation.

There is another consideration for Crisp long term. That is Manny’s situation. Will the Sox pick up his $20 million option next year? I could be wrong, but declining production on his part makes that more unlikely as each day passes. If they don’t pick up his option, the Sox will need to look for another ****** to back up Ortiz.

Brian, huge game for the Celtics tonight. They really need to come out motivated. I don’t think they want to have to go back and play a seventh game. The Spurs have to be thinking about mass hangings or something after blowing games the way they did. They had way too much veteran experience to let something like that happen to them twice. On the other side though, Kobe was incredible. I think two things need to happen for the Celtics to win tonight. First, they have to control the boards, which they should be able to do. Second, I think Garnett is the key. He has to be more aggressive to the basket, and he has to take more shots. He’s their best player and he needs to step up and shine.

LOL! The word that got censored in my last post is b-a-n-g-e-r, as in slugger, crusher, basher, etc.


You are correct when you say HUGE game for the Celtics. Garnett should have his way against Detroit down low. There interior defense isn’t that good, I am not impressed. If Garnett enters the paint, I do not want him to pass the ball. I have seen him do that too many times. The Celtics should have a rule, when Garnett is in the paint, look for your shot. The coaches should poud that into his head. Ray Allen has looked like Ray Allen a few times in this series and that is very refreshing. I thought Detroit would be able to handle him. He hit the biggest shot of the game the other night. If Rondo has that open 15 footer, he needs to take it.
Perkins was unreal the other night, I expect him to come back to earth tonight. Boston’s bench scored only 3 points the other night, they need to get a little more tonight. Also how effective will Ray Hamilton be? He hurt his elbow in the final seconds the other night, a game time descion for tonight’s game.

I agree with you about Beckett. He is the least of the problems. I am expecting him to pitch very well tonight. He needs to put a stop to the bleeding. These road struggles are driving me nuts!!! 1-5 on this road trip so far, are you kidding me?


It will be interesing too see what happens with Ramirez. If he picks up the pace, the option will be scooped up. If he has similar numbers to last year and misses a certain number of games. Theo and the Red Sox will have a tough descion to make. I personally think the option will be picked up. Alot can/will happen, we will find out. It is great to speculate about it. Also Ramirez now has Boras as his agent and that adds some spice as well. Not one of my favorite people is Boras but I think he could get me a 5 yr. deal worth 55 million to some dumb g.m. LOL…….

gsm — you are not going to believe this question, but you have obviously cracked the CR (carriage return, i.e. blank line) code. What is it? ever since the new format — all my CRs get eaten on this blog? others have complained, so I don’t think its my laptop specifically — what is the work-around for CRs — or are you privileged over others🙂 ?

Questions guys?

After a game or a losing streak, what is the general statements from the manager. Does he give a pep talk or just let the press come in and say nothing. Does he have a before-the-game meeting?

How much control does a Theo have over Terry Francona? I assume it’s hands off but does Theo say things like “I don’t care how you feel about Lugo, he’s staying in the lineup?” How does that relationship work?



I understand that Theo and Francona talk every day. Either they meet in person or on the phone and discuss the team. The Lugo situation is simple, he is having a very difficult time in the field and has cost this team late. A simple solution is put the better s.s. in late, which is Cora of course.

I’m sure Francona addresses the team when the team hits the skids. I’m sure he discusses things with players on an individual basis as well. Francona does a great job in handling the LARGE ego’s on the Red Sox. Not many players have complained of how Francona manages the team. He knows how to handle people.

I believe there is a pretty heavy hand (or better put, a specific hand) throughout the SOX organization. First they are so statistically minded (almost to a fault) — but you can’t argue with their results on the other hand. There is probably not as much meddling with the major league team as the farm, but I suspect there are definitely boundaries, because they are trying to manage everything, including trade value, and are thinking three chess move ahead, while trying to win games every night.

I missed it, but my wife heard a interview on NESN, with a SOX minor lead coach, so I don’t know if it was the PawSox or the SeaDogs or which team exactly, but he apparently said that SOX management tells him exactly how long to pitch every pitcher, and he has to do that period, and cannot deviate from management’sdevelopment plan.

Anyone else hear that report?


That goes on in all systems, with all teams. The big club is like big brother, always watching. Each team has there own philosphies. So many things go on, some that is reported alot of other stuff that isn’t reported. I think it was Mark Shapiro ( Indians g.m. ) said he talks to his minor league managers every day. He says he wants to here there voice over the phone talk about certain players. He said when he was first the g.m. he would get information thru email. He felt it took the human touch away from it. I totally agree with him. You want to here the managers feelings/passion about a certain player.

I do agree with you about the stat rats, almost to a fault. Look no further than J.D. Drew. He is not a productive hitter, he hasn’t shown much yet. Some good games but overall he has been a major disappointment.

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