Yo Adrian, I did it

What do you during the day-time hours of a night game between the Red Sox and Phillies?

Perhaps you take a mile and a half walk to the historic art museum in downtown Philly and pay your respects to the epic Rocky statue.
And after you’re done checking out the statue, the thing to do is to climb the Rocky steps. Yes, it can be done. I first did it last year with my three sons. I believe my oldest son Tyler sprinted the whole way with me to the top, while Ryan and Casey stopped for air in the middle. But on that day, it was about 100 degrees. Today was a perfect for such a trek. It was in the mid 70s with no humidity to speak of.

My friend Rob Bradford’s trek is now on Youtube for all the world to see.

It’s pretty humorous to see all the different people that climb those steps throughout the course of a day and then do the Rocky triumph dance when they’re done.

It was a good way to kill time on a day all of New England’s sporting public is looking to see the Celtics win banner No. 17. There was also a good lunch to be had at McCormick and Schmicks, where I went with the shrimp cocktail and a greek salad to make up for the collosally bad eating day that I had yesterday.

 Game 6 tips off in roughly an hour. Who gives the Lakers a chance tonight? I do. I’m not saying the Celtics will lose. I’m merely saying that there’s no reason Kobe isn’t capable of scoring 45 points tonight and willing the Lakers to victory. There’s also no reason that the Lakers can’t play their first great game of the series. Jeff Goldberg of Hartford Courant fame gives the Lakers zero chance. ZERO. GOOSE EGG.

I’ve been telling Jeff for two days now that anything is possible. Jeff notes the home team is 7-1 in Game 6 when leading 3-2 since the 1984-85 season, when the NBA adopted the 2-3-2 format. I tell Jeff that the beauty of sports is that ANYTHING is possible. Who would have thought the Red Sox could have come back from 3-0 in ’04?

Don’t count out the Lakers tonight. That’s all I’m saying.




I’ve been to the Rocky statue before too. I’ve also been to the stairs where he runs up the stairs when he is training.
The Celtics need to win tonight or it is trouble.

Lester is having a good game so far. He needs to keep it up

1st clutch hit by Lugo all year!!!

I give the Lakers a great chance to win tonight. When you have the best player in the world on your team, you always have a chance to win. Something tells me whoever wins tonight, it will be a very close game. Decided at the end. I hope it is Boston. David Stern is praying L.A. wins tonight.

Lester is looking really good tonight. Holding the Phillies scoreless so far. The Phillies have quite the lineup. Lester has really turned the corner this year. He takes the mound with alot of confidence. It shows when he is on the hill.

Hi everybody,
My out-of-town guests are gone and things are returning to normal,,,er, well, as normal as things get for me. Well, anyway, I typed up a nice long post with correct spelling and great, cogent, knowledgeable baseball wisdom, and then, dang if I didn’t hit the ALT button and send the whole post to outer space!

Brian and Gsm, you are right. Schilling is done. And a rotten shame it is, too. In my book he was the MVP of the ’04 season with his dogged determination that a title was coming to Boston. And by God, he hoisted the team up onto his bloody sock and got ‘er done! For that, he can come have a big fat margarita on me anytime he wants.

Lugo comes up big in his “showcase” debut, gotta love it. I was wondering how you showcase an error-prone SS who can’t hit, and he goes and proves me wrong! Good job, little dude.

Tito’s pushing the right buttons tonight with Coco in there. Do you think Francona is letting Jacoby sit because of his relatively poor outing in center last night? Give Ellsbury a chance to watch Coco play and pick up some pointers. At this stage in their careers Coco is a better fielder, I think.

It’s good to be back. Sorry you all have to read my innane posts again. Hey, anybody remember Eckersley? He made the transition from starter to bullpen pretty well as I recall. It can be done.

Okajima strikes out Chase Utley with a runner at third!! He’s baaack! (I hope)

Lester is emerging as the ace right now. He’s really come a long way. No walks tonight, that says a lot. How glad are we that Theo didn’t send him to Minnesota!

Red Sox get another shutout! That’s after they scored 8 runs yesterday!
That’s two shutouts in three days.

Celtics are close to winning it all. They just need to hang on

Hey BosoxBrian:

I know it is too early in the evening, but I like the Celts up by 23 at the half. And I can’t agree with you enough (gaaaagggg [lol]!!!!!!) Jon L is really becoming a vital cog in the wheel. Only problem with his continuing to turn in good pitching performances is my penchant for washing my own mouth out with soap for suggesting that the Sox throw him in and trade for Johan Santana. Theo was soooooo right about that non-trade. It almost (and I stress almost) makes up for his illogical release of Orlando Cabrera.

I also agree with you (gaaaagggg again[lol]) that the dangerous Phillies make me happy for the Sox to have taken 1 in their bandbox. Let’s see what Justin M. can do in his last (???) start. Hopefully, he won’t make such a windmill swing that he puts himself on the DL alongside Bartolo (lol). Obviously, Dice-K will effectively take Bartolo’s spot in the rotation. The question I continue to ask is: when will Clay Buchholz be back in the majors?

Wow, what a great feeling! When the Celtics won their last NBA title in 1986, I had just graduated from high school. On July 1st, I will turn 40. I never thought so much time would pass in between titles. It is especially sweet to blow out the Lakers. The Celtics and all of us fans deserve it!


Congratulations to the Celtics and all their fans. You waited a long time.

Congrats to the Celtics. It was great watching Phil Jackson get blown out. #17, how sweet it is. It took 22 years, well worth the wait. Red is smiling above and I can smell his cigar from here. I’m glad for Doc Rivers, I have always enjoyed his work on t.v. When he did the games for T.N.T. and A.B.C. as well. He comes across as a class guy. Way to go Doc!!!


I am with you about Lester. He is really turning into a vital part of this pitching staff. Lester shut down a very potent offense in a tiny park. Other than his no hitter, this was his best start this year. The old saying goes, some of the best trades you make are the one’s you don’t make. I believe the late great Red Aurebach said that. I am with you about Buchholz as well. The Sox are being very quiet and patient with him. I am expecting him to contribute in the second-half sometime.

I just wonder about Okajima, he has gotten lit up lately. Theo needs to do something about that pen when the trading deadline approaches. Also what will happen to Ortiz? I have my doubts about him. Time will tell on Oritz, my fingers and toes are crossed.

Okajima did pitch a scoreless 8th tonight. I didn’t see it but let’s hope he gets himself back on track.


Your right about Eck, Smoltz also made that transition as well. D. Lowe as well went from the pen to the rotation.

I don’t know why Lugo hit leadoff but he as you said he did come thru tonight. That being said, he still should be at the bottom of the order. He is the best #9 hitter in the game, lol.

Smoltz is a first ballot HOF’er for sure. His post season stats are unreal. He could just flat-out pitch.

I watched part of that Celtic win tonight and they just dismantled the Lakers. I love it. Never could stand the LA teams. Must be the east coast in me.

Hey Brian, my sister was just here from Tampa, and I’m enjoying the nice warm weather and she’s got the heat on. Too funny. I’m thinking of you ’cause you have that tampabayrr in your address. You’re in St pete? I lived there a while in the mid 70’s. Then I moved to Key West for a year that I have trouble remembering much of. Too much fun. Anyway, congrats to all you Celtics fans. If I were a NBA fan I’d root for the Celtics.

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