Game 2 at the Trop

What has happened to the mighty Red Sox offense?

For starters, David Ortiz hasn’t swung a bat in anger since May 31, and the same thing always seems to happen when a superstar goes down with an injury. The team holds its own for a while, and then begins to feel the impact of such a big cog missing.

Jacoby Ellsbury is struggling mightily and you wonder if, as hitting coach Dave Magadan suggested, the center fielder will start dropping down some bunts and utilizing his speed. Magadan’s point was proven when Ellsbury just reached base on a swinging bunt and Dioner Navarro’s throw sailed down the RF line, allowing Ellsbury to reach third on score on a sac fly to left by Drew.

Jason Varitek is also not hitting. Not even a little. The captain has just three hits in his last 42 at-bats and Magadan cited some mechanical adjustments that Varitek is still getting used to from the left side.

Here’s an interesting stat uncovered by Sox PR maven John Blake. By losing their last three games by a run, it marks the first time the Sox have lost three consecutive one-run games since July 9-11, 1998.

There’s just no way Ortiz’s loss wasn’t going to be felt. Speaking of Ortiz, he did advance to hitting against soft toss today after earlier being reduced to tee work.

J.D. Drew has cooled off in the three-spot. Though he hit a homer Monday night — his 12th and last of June — the right fielder entered the night with just three hits in his last 26 at-bats.

Mike Lowell, Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia are the three guys who have hit on this trip. Other than that, there’s been a lot of outs.

Jonathan Papelbon hasn’t pitched since Friday, so look for the closer to get out there one way or the other tonight.

Random thought: When was the last time the Red Sox had a series in Tropicana Field and Tim Wakefield didn’t pitch?


The Red Sox always set up there rotation for Wakefield to pitch at Tropicana Field. The number’s don’t lie, Wakefield pitches very well there. I guess cowbells doesn’t effect him, lol.

Ellsbury gets on and he scores, no surprise. He makes things happen out there.

It looks like Ramirez is swinging a redwood up there. His bat is dragging thru the strike zone.

Ian, and I would add, Ramirez is stone cold as well. Rameriz to me is the added bit of weight that has tipped the balance towards no offense. And all times we needed him to come up big, he has nothing virtually the whole time Papi has been out. There have been many times that he has come up with RISP, sometimes loaded, and he is coming up empty almost every time when it matters.

I also think we miss Bobby Kielty. What an unfortunate stint for him on the DL. I’ll bet that several of the games we came up with an L on recently, might have been W — if we had another reliable right handed bat (like last night for instance in the 9th inning) — or even letting him DH and give Manny an out right breather for a night.

I sure hope they can weather this and pull out of it. Deep down inside I think the will, but sometimes you wonder.

No change tonight either so far — its got to be mental, if these guys can play well for the first several games after Papi went down, then they can play well each and every game (the first several games prove that, and also prove that these cycles are purely mental — if someone could rid them of these excuses mentally, and convince them that one game is no different than another, and they started to realize that, they would play more consistently, better tonight and moving forward!!! — how is that for a pep talk — would Theo and Francona let me talk to these guys, LOL !!!

And Cora all of sudden looks like he never swung at bat in the ML? What is going on? Does Magaden have a great reputation in the league, is he tinkering too much — Ian’s comment about working with Varitek’s mechanic’s got me wondering? Does he know how to work the strengths of people and make minor adjustments, or does he technique these guys to the point they can’t hit any more? Anyone know?

Ok my last Rant on this subject (if anyone named Dave is allowed to rant) — I have noticed ever since John Farrell became pitching coach that without exception almost every pitcher at one point in time or another give Farrell credit and mention how they are working with him and how he has helped (well everyone except Dice K) — however, I can only recall maybe one or two instances last year, where any of our guys mentioned or credited Mageden with helping them out of their mire. Again, not railing on the guy, just noticing he doesn’t get much press or praise — and beginning to wonder why, now that we can’t seem to hit at all.

Wakefield is doing his usual at Tropicana Field. Will the Red Sox bats wake-up tonight?

This Rays pen is a little short tonight. Highly unlikely there closer Percival is available.

Ellsbury has been a pest tonight. That is what it is all about with him. He is a table-setter. He puts so much pressure on the defense because of his speed. I love watching him play!!!

We are so snake-bit offensively right now — argh

Never thought I would write this but with Ramirez up, I had no confidence in him. WOW!!! I always have faith in him. Garza is over-powering Ramirez.

Longoria taking away a double down the line. What a play by Longoria. When your struggling to gets things going offensively, those type of things seem to happen.

I’ve been talking to myself on the other thread all night. I even ran and took a shower so I wouldn’t offend anyone.

Manny is so far behind every good fastball he sees it isn’t funny. I believe he is losing it fast. C’mon Manny, prove me wrong.

I have been screaming about Ramirez for a while. He is useless — less than useless and once again the Sox will pay for it with another loss. I am beginning to wonder if they can win a game anymore.
Take this game — runners on 1st and 2nd. Once Manny gets through with his at bat we’ll still be 2 – 1 TB. The Sox are going to lose and lose and lose as long as Manny holds the heart of the offense. This is a team doomed for last place and the laughing stock of the league.


Oh well — you know what they say — wait till next year.

Red Sox once again can’t drive in a run. What will we tell our children at the end of the day now? (LOL)

Staats is a little premature with his “Best Story of the Year” line. Nevertheless, another blown opportunity by the hapless Sox.


This is inconceivable — I remember last year when Balfour was batting practice for this very same team — we absolutely smoked him every time we faced him — now we can’t push across a run let alone get a timely hit. I shutter to think of our chances next inning with Tex (still struggling), Cash, and Cora — but all we need is one, assuming we hold in the bottom of the 8th.


Once we get out of TB I’m sure we’ll lose in a less painful fashion — but I’m waiting for the no hitter to happen.

Walk to Pena. Anyone want to make a wager on whether he scores or not?

this offense is good enough to avoid a no-hitter, but they are struggling to score runs. That is the problem

LOL! Where’d Youk get those goggles? He looks like Mr. Peabody. A little trivia. Who remembers Mr. Peabody? What was his sidekick’s name?

This team can’t hit with runners in scor. pos. No clutch hitting!!! It doesn’t matter who is at the plate.


It was Sherman. Mr. Peabody was a doting intellectual dog who took Sherman back in time and ended each episode with a painful pun against cheezy 60’s animation. Sherman also whined too much but who wouldn’t talking toa dog.


I think this is why teams don’t repeat world series.

I just went to google too look up Mr. Peabody. I had never seen him before, I heard of him but never saw him.

The Rays hit in the clutch and the Sox don’t. Never ever thought I would say that. My oh my.

Manny D. What a great idea. Give us another run to fight against! Thank you Manny. Hey how about 15 runs for show!

You are exactly right Dave. He was the inventor of the Wayback Machine which we could use right now to go back and get Jim Rice or Ted Williams.

Walk, Walk, Boom. Someone needs to remind Hansen he’s a major league pitcher. Someone also needs to remind Tek to take charge of these young kids.

I know you all are going to think I am just being negative cause we aren’t playing well right now – but I have never held high hopes that Hansen was going to come around. To me he is the Lugo of the bullpen. Even if he starts pitching lights out, I will shutter if we bring him in in the post season (assuming we make it) — I just think there are too many ****** in this guy’s armor. He comes through on occasion, but two years of inconsistency, and I just don’t sense the confidence or the consistency in him.


Right now I’d take Rick Wise and Bernie Carbo. Heck, I’ll take Doug Griffen. Just give us somebody that can hit and somebody that can pitch. This is so frustrating. This is the worst Red Sox team in ages.

Brian, Mr. Peabody appeared on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show…… LOL!

Dave, what were Rocky and Bullwinkle’s full names and what university did Bullwinkle attend? LOL!


Right now I’d take Rick Wise and Bernie Carbo. Heck, I’ll take Doug Griffen. Just give us somebody that can hit and somebody that can pitch. This is so frustrating. This is the worst Red Sox team in ages.

2 more outs until the loss

LOL! Good stuff Dave.

Wossamatta U was Bullwinkle J Moose’s alma mater, and his best friend was Rocky J Squirrel.

I have to give credit to my photographic memory wife for that one. She says I rant too much on the Sox — what does she know!

Cora is so slow he almost got thrown out on his sure double!

Balfour is throwing gas!!! Balfour is a ring company that makes Super Bowl rings? Located somewhere in Mass.

Why would Cora try to stretch that into a double. Your down 2 runs, if you are down a run, go for the extra-base. A very risky move by Cora, he is smarter than that. Varitek like most Red Sox hitters were over-powered tonight.

This Rays team is looking more and more like the Marlins of 2003, uh oh. The Rays can pitch!!!! There bullpen is the reason for there great year so far.

Actually, it was Rocket J Squirrel. His nickname was Rocky. We’ll give Mrs. Dave an A- on the Rocky Quiz.

Another loss. My TV went out just as Tek was about to do whatever he did. By the time I got it to the non Hi Def station, Balfour was walking off the mound.

Well, try again tomorrow.

Ouch, we really are getting our rear ends kicked. Fire Magaden — I can’t think of anything else!

Have no fear, we will win tomorrow — my prediction (and I never predict) was that we would leave Tampa 1.5 games behind the Rays, improving after that to end the season 99-63. So its obvious they now have to win tomorrow night. I guarantee that I am right or wrong!


Migrane is celebrating a b-day tomm. Are you going to the party? Something tells me you will be there, LOL…..I’ll see you there, LOL……….I’ll make sure he catches the knife set I buy for him, LOL…..

Brian, I sent him a cake. It’s chocolate, made with that same horse laxative you see in the commercial on TV. I hope he has a nice big piece…….. so if you’re at the party, don’t eat the chocolate cake…… LOL!


Thanks for the tip, lol. I love chocolate cake!!! I will give him your warm regards, lol.

What is great about the Trop, I can walk there from work. Out at 5:00 and then a short walk. The Rays fans will have there brooms, imagine that. Alot of front-runners around now. Another great thing, NO MIGRANE!!!! LOL……….

At least the Yankees are stilling wallowing in the mud with us — worse to drop two the Rangers than the Rays don’t you think?


I labored but could not come up with a better idea than the horse laxative. It’s brilliant and I’m sure he will enjoy it. Be sure to time it so that he eats it during the game.

Sox are now 2.5 back and dropping. Fire the hitting coach. Did you know he was fired from the Padres for a new batting average. I’m sure he’s a terrific guy but you need a skill set out there as well.

Manny should be taken out of the lineup until further notice. Nobody needs an automatic out when you’re struggling to survive out there.

Blaming Magadan is absolutely ridiculous. This guy works as hard as any hitting coach I’ve ever seen. I think we are above that kind of knee-jerk thinking on this blog!

Weren’t there a lot of Magadan naysayers on this blog last year, too? If I recall correctly the Sox were one of the top run-scoring teams in the AL last year and, oh yea, they won the World Series, also. I doubt this team’s problems are Magadan’s fault.

Anyway, you guys have somehow got onto the subject of Rocky and Bullwinkle show. One of my favorites, right up there with Get Smart, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, and Barney Miller. Edward Everett Horton, Fractured Fairytales, “And now some words of wisdom from Mister Knowitall.” Boris Badenov and Natasha. What a great show!

Later today, the Sox will avoid the sweep and start to play like the Sox again. Good God Almighty I sure hope so! At some point they’ve got to break out of this slump, why not now?

It’s not Magadan’s fault Ramirez can’t catch up to a fastball above the belt.

Thanks Ian for your comment about Magaden work ethic — I asked earlier on the blog if anyone knew is rep in the industry. If you are a hard worker, and stick with it, you usually meet with success. I was curious why none of the players ever refer to him or give him credit (like they do to John Farrell) — maybe they will once they start hitting.

Having said that — I just see Ian’s new article on the SOX homepage about Tek working with Magaden — I apologize.

Hey, BosoxBrian:

I don’t get it…The Sox are third in the majors in hitting, and third in the majors in runs scored, and we’re talking about firing the hitting coach? Has Hank Steinbrenner finally accepted his membership to Red Sox Nation, and is now writing into this blog? I mean really, haven’t we become a bit too demanding?

I admit, I am also a bit frustrated. After all, the Sox also have the 8th best ERA in the majors, and they keep losing these close, low scoring games. I was back in New England last week, and watched them beat the D-backs and the Big Unit 5-0 on Wednesday. What a great game for a Sox fan to watch. Brandon Moss knocked in 2 runs without getting a hit, Wake was almost untouchable allowing only two hits, and the relievers made the 2-run lead stand up until Kevin Cash hit a 3 run dinger, which was apparently his first HR in years. So, inside of 2 weeks, I got to see Wake twirl a pair of beauties.

But they aren’t going to win every game. Once in a while, I have to say that to myself to not demand more than is reasonable. I said at the beginning of the month I wanted to see them at 15 games over .500 at the end of June, and by golly, that’s precisely where they are, even losing the last couple of games in the month. I had been hoping that your enthusiasm would take hold and their season record would be even better than 15 games + by the end of June. My hope now is that by the end of July they are 20 games over, by the end of Aug., 25 games over, well you get my meaning. 96-66 should get them into the play-offs.

Have you gone to any of the TB games? Do the Rays really look good enough to hang around the whole year. I remember, what was it, 4-5 years ago, the Orioles came out of the gate racehorse fast, and the writers were endorsing them as a World Series lock. About this time that year, they went into a tailspin that still hasn’t ended.

I know the sports writers are annointing the Rays as the next dynasty, but can they afford to keep a semblance of this team together? I recognize a number of these guys are very young, including Shields, Longoria, Upton and Sonnanstine (as always, I have to point out he was a Kent State Golden Flash!). But Carl Crawford and Scott Kazmir have to be nearing the “big bucks point”…I know the Rays gave Crawford a significant salary boost last year, but he’s now in his seventh year, and has to be nearing unrestricted free agency. Kazmir is in his fifth year, and can’t be far behind Crawford. We know, having been on the opposite end of the salary gun, that if Hinske continues to have the kind of year he’s having, he’s gonna demand his former salary next year.

On that point, here’s a question for you: half a season in, would you rather have Hinske or Sean Casey? Hinske is more versatile in playing more positions. In twice as many AB’s, Hinske has 13 HRs to Sean’s 0 and 44 RBI’s to Sean’s 8 (while Sean is hitting 100 points higher). That having been said, I suspect Casey was about $4 Mil cheaper than retaining Hinske would have been. You’ve gotta believe that Hinske’s contract, while likely a bargain this year, will allow him to demand significantly more money next year. I would say the same about both Carlos Pena and Troy Percival. The Rays likely got each of them for a fraction of their past salaries. However, if each continue to have solid years, you have to believe that their contracts allow them to find their way up to their former salaries. I’m sure the same is true with Bartolo Colon. However, with the Sox, they will either pay him a higher rate if they feel they need his continuing contribution, or have a replacement ready to go for him (a la Clay Buchholz).

The Rays have never committed to paying a lot of large salaries in the past, so my question is, will they (can they?) now begin to commit significantly larger sums of money to hold the team currently on the field, or, can their farm system develop replacements for the players they allow to leave over money issues, or can they continue to make these bargain basement pick-ups that yield significant dividends? As I don’t believe any of that has been demonstrated, I think this dynasty-type talk is a bit pre-mature.

The Sox won 2 World Championships in 4 years, and how many players did those 2 teams have in common: Schill, Wake (who didn’t participate in the 07 play-offs) Youk (somewhat), Timlin, Manny, Big Papi and Tek. 7 players out of 25. They let some go they decided not to pay, like Pedro, Lowe and Johnny D (I’m still not convinced of the correctness of the Lowe decision, but I certainly recognize the intelligence and restraint Theo showed on the other 2).

Look at the White Sox, 3 years after they won it all. They still do have Konerko (although hurt), Crede, Thome, Dye, and Pierzynski. However, their pitching staff which was so electric a few short years ago, has basically been totally made over, as only Buehrle, Contreras and Jenks remain.

Even with the 2007 World Series celebration barely over, the Sox have already had to replace the 5th starter role, shared last year by Tavarez, Gabbard and Lester with Jon L, and replace Schill entirely. While he continues to pitch remarkably well and is a heck of a bargain, you also have to expect to replace Wake in the not-too-distant future. But the Sox keep developing alternatives.

However, maybe they too should consider a name change? Do you think our team should follow suit next year and become the “Boston Sox”? After all, almost every one I know refers to them constantly as “the Sox”. So maybe they should pull a “Tamba Bay” and “drop the Red”. What do you think (LOL)?


I’ll be there tonight, I will leave my cowbell at home, lol. Of course I want to be at Tropicana Field and celebrate the b-day of Joe Migrane. NOT!!! Of all the years I have gone to Tropicana Field, I haven’t seen many Red Sox wins.

If T.B. continues to pitch the way they have, they will be in it for sure. There bullpen a year ago was PATHETIC and this year they are coming out of the pen and blowing guys away. J.P. Howell was batting practice and this year nobody can touch him. Balfour could be there closer while Percival is on the shelf. Wheeler comes in and all he does is throw strikes. I wonder if Delcarmen, Hansen and Aardsma are watching Wheeler pitch? If not they should. Perhaps T.B. could be the Marlins of 2003, a team that came out of nowhere.

Boston’s bats have gone ice cold. They couldn’t even hit Moehler the other day. Enough said!!!

The Rays have locked up Kazmir, Shields, Pena and Longoria to long term deals. Crawford and Upton haven’t signed anything yet. They also have a very good farm system. I have seen David Price pitch ( last year’s #1 pick ) and he should be up sometime this year. That kid is a stud!!! T.B. is also one of the team’s that are mentioned for Sabathia, Brian Giles’ name is being tossed around. Huston Street could be a possiblilty as well. T.B. has the prospects and they are very appealing to alot of teams.

I do agree with you about the Orioles of a few years ago. Lee Mazzilli and the Birds were flying high and then all of a sudden they came to a crashing hault. Blue Jays around 4 or 5 years ago had a nice start and everyone was talking about them, they died in July. I wonder if that T.B. pen will hold up, if they do the Rays will be there until the end!!!


Any ghosts in your room at the Vinoy?


My apologies about Magaden. Don’t ever want to attack someone who is doing their job and in doing some research it is clear he does work his tail off. Again, apologize.

Also want to mention that since we have talked about old shows, has anyone see the latest Get Smart movie and would they recommend it — not that we have time since we watch Red Sox games (LOL)

Dave, My sister saw it, said it was great, and she has pretty mainstream taste — I think it probably has a Steve Carell slant uncharacteristic of Don Adams and the old series — but any movie with Steve Carell in it has to deliver either in sheer comedic agony or outright laughter. Its worth a shot, I am definitely going — and if its a bomb, rent Dan in Real Life and watch it worth your photographic memory wife — its a sweet story — Correll nails his part in that movie.

Okay The Rays are good, lets see how they are still holding up in September? And tell that announcer Dwayne Stats or what ever his name is his toupe does not look good! I believe in Boston, if Papi comes back healthy, look out! ans remember does Tampa play The Yankees anymore? I think they hit well at there field? check the stats and the record against them? also remember this Rays fans! the name Theo Epsein, best General Manager in baseball! and look for the Yankees to be spoilers in all of this! enjoy your show now, but in the long run the Red Soxs will take care of business! Enjoy your time now! there is alot of baseball to be played! and tell Dick Vitale who is a seasone ticket holder that he is a bandwagon who always props the Yankees! he is no fan! why because he has season tickets? He always braggs about the Yankees and now Tampa is winning? where was his comment when they were losing? enough said!

I just heard that there is rumor out that Madonna is getting divorced and already dating Derek Jeter (and she may be staying at his place in NYC).

This is very good news – I can’t believe Tom Brady and Tony Romo have not forewarned Jeter, bring it on. Personally, I don’t see it, so it must be true love (of course) since neither need each other’s money and Madonna has to be 15 years (or more) his senior.

I wonder what music they listen to?


Dick Vitale has been a supporter of the Tampa Bay organization from day one. He is always sitting at his seats right next to the visitors dugout. If T.B. had more fans like him, they would have had fan support for sure. Vitale has always talked about T.B. and there young talent. He was there when they were in the cellar. He is a real fan of the Rays. As soon as the bandwagon hits a bump, alot of fans will be falling off. We all know that!!! Vitale isn’t one of them. Vitale is a north Jersey guy so his roots are for the Yankees. I wonder who would he root for if it came down to the Yankees or the Rays? He might try to be a politican on that one, lol.


I don’t think Magadan deserves a free pass but then again I don’t fault him when they don’t hit. Hitting coaches come and go, just like pitching coaches. Farrell will be only be gone if someone offers him a manager’s job or general manager’s job. They say Farrell could do anything in baseball. Not many if any can say that. A very bright guy and the Red Sox are very lucky to have him.

Well if he supports them then dont praise the Yankees, I dont care if he is from Jersey,. you root for one team, you should be backing them up? ok he is a ticket holder, great! this is a rivalry? you think if this was between Boston and New York this would be acceptable? Heck no, not a chance! anyways I’m a true Red Soxs Fan I dont go back to my roots and praise this and that its all about sticking with your team time and time again! Tampa I give you props your really good and if you beat us in the end just get by New York that would be great in my book, it will be along year!

Okay somebody tell me when the body snatching invasion happened?? I know it did because the team that is taking the field in the RedSox uni’s IS NOT our team. This is abunch of guys impersonating the RedSox (and doing an ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE job at it). (Isnt that a CRIMINAL offense??, if not let’s lobby to make it one). It is a crime to see the way these guys have been playing (with the obvious exceptions Lowell, Pedroia, etc). And the bull pen just can’t seem to get it done either!! With the ASG happening and a couple of days off for some of the guys, this is our/their chance to recharge the body batteries and get back on track.

My source on Jeter/Madonna rumor (who insists on renaming anonymous, but does not have a photographic memory, if that gives you a hint who) may have been wrong — rats! The only thing I found in a quick query or tow was an A-Rod/Madonna rumor — but it looks and smells to me like fabricated lies.

Wow, I thought I was getting charged up over things.. looks like Bramhalls has got me beat there!!


Red Sox lose 4 in a row and people are getting fired up!!! You gotta love it!!! LOL……..

Yeah, I can see that. I love reading about all of you guys listenening to Migraine and Schmuutz, I’m lucky… I can listen to Remy and Orsillo EVERYnight (except whn its on ESPN)!! and I love alot of theose NESN RedSox moments commercials.

Ok, to change the subject — on be a bit provoking — looks like the Yanks are mired in a offensive slump as well. If the up-coming series does not ignite both teams and break them out of the slump, the AL could darn well lose the All-Star game this year (with all the SOX and Yankees likely to be on it) — and cough up home field advantage, which the AL has enjoyed for how many years running now? We may need some Tampa Rays on the AL squad if we want to secure home field advantage again.

Mike Lowell should be on the AL squad — with A-Rod sucking up all the votes, its a shame. I thought he got on last year? If my memory is incorrect, how can a guy like Lowell make it?

Dave, Hollywood’s in a worse slump than the Sox by far. They seem stuck in a never-ending cycle of sequels and remakes of old TV shows. It’s beyond pathetic.

I predict the Sox are going to come out swinging tonight. The frustration level has to be at the boiling point and they are sure to have Kazmir in their sights. Look out Tampa Bay, the Sox are coming for you! With a 12 to 2 victory tonight they’ll carry Magadan off the field on their shoulders NFL style,….. OK OK I know I’m going overboard but I want to inject a little positive vibe for our beloved Sox here. GO SOX!!!

Hey Arnie, how’s things in the Restaurant Biz??

Hey Ellen, things are going well, thanks for asking. We’re busier than last year, gotta love it. Still haven’t seen your brother, what’s up with that? Haha, I doubt I’d go into a restaurant and say, “By the way, my sister is online pals with the owner. Is he in?” Not a great intro.
Well, our Sox are going to come away with a win tonight, I can feel it.

A lot of positive mojo on the blog tonite, funny I think so too — we take it out of Kazmir, get him out before the 6th — but we should prepare for “what if not” — what if we get swept again, well its still just 6-6 over the season series, so no one is up on the other yet, we take it out on the Yanks, and move on to capture the division title. I’d rather be struggling now than at the end of the season.

First inning we have a run but Manny strikes out swinging. I’m really feeling bad for him. He’s too talented to not break out of this slump but I don’t see when it will happen.

Maybe he is too relaxed — I know he likes to stay relaxed — but it looks like he is just too slow on everything, maybe if he put some ump into his mindset — it would add a fraction of speed to his reaction, and he would start making contact. I know I don’t know what I am talking about, but it doesn’t look like a timing problem to me, just too slow to react.

Early chance for Lugo, I will spare the last part of this comment

Lugnut doesn’t have a prayer. He will end the inning. Another loss for the Sox. They got their one run per game.

Out recorded for lugnut. What did I tell ya?

Can’t stand it — Lugo comes thru with his patented choke — man I can’t stand it when he is batting, he is 3 for 47 with RISP, that is a .063 batting average when it matters. Tell my why we have to play this guy night after night.


I can only take consolation that Lugnut Lugo at least doesn’t make errors like he used too.

Is it within the rules for the Red Sox to use the designated hitter position to hit in place of the shortstop, and have the pitcher bat? I think most pitchers can do better than 3 for 47 with RISP. If that move is illegal, how about bringing up Jed Lowrie and ending this ridiculous parade of bad free agent shortstops?

I think they will bring up Lowrie, but at the last possible moment depending upon standing — that is my theory, the less the league sees him, the easier it will be for him to make an impact late. In the mean time, we have to bare with this. I wonder if we played Cora consistently, if he would get hot — he looked really bad at the plate the last few times he played — really bad, but then he started to hit last night.

How many ways can Lugo hurt you !!!! unbelievable — even it was an marginal call, not necessary with Elsbury’s speed, please get this guy off the team — he can’t do anything right!

I’ve really lost it for Lugo — he play and decisions are more than I can stand — Francona is a saint, he stands by these guys, not sure I could.

Were it not for Lugo — we’d have a 5-1 lead now — I guess I am taking over the ranting for Dave tonight

Nice job by Oki — balls late in the dirt is his strike-out weapon. Can we hold and get our short stop off the hook once again?

Can’t believe I am the only one chatting tonite — never done that before — although I talk to my dog this way all through the game — she always agrees with me.

Manny D doesn’t have tonite — we maybe in trouble again

Get the brooms out — wouldn’t you know the night Oki has it — you might as well predict the cycles and think if Oki has it — no one else in the pen will — so lets just stick with Oki — I can’t believe this — have a very bad feeling we are going to cough this one up now — which comes full circle back to Lugo’s base running bad judment — it could be 7-1 now — which I think we will need.

Hansen is the Lugo on our pen — Manny D folded as well tonite — game over in the 7th — really depressing.

Is anyone out there? everyone behaving better than me tonite? Too many holes in this team right now — we have serious problems in the pen and with our short stop — I really don’t see how we can do it this year unless these problems are corrected, and I don’t see how we can correct our problems in the pen — a whole sale change with our pitchers in the farm? We have to part with Hansen. Manny D. I was just started to think finally got consistent, then he is back to his inconsistent ways as well. This is too much baggage.

Francona has to shake the team up. Send Lugo, Delcarmen, and Hansen down to Pawtucket until after the All Star game. They have to know that if they don’t perform they go down. If the Sox lose in the process. So What! They can’t do any worse than they are know.At least they will then have an excuse.

I complete agree — don’t understand why they don’t something more radical, we simply can’t count on these guys — some ever (all often) in the clutch. What are you going to do in the post season, should we make it?

Even so, I still say Lugo’s base running in the 3rd cost us tonight. Without that interference call, and Pedroia’s same hitting, it would 9-7 right now, and we would have an ugly win still within reach.

Why not some situation (or original) thinking as well. With the game obviously on the line — and Papelbon not pitching in 5 days or so — why not bring him in after Delcarmen, get an inning or two, quell the momentum, — I suppose either way you will probably lose if the pen can’t cover the innings. This shows why Dice-K still didn’t do his part. If had been able to do his 7 innings, we would have Oki in the 8th and Pap in the 9th and probably a win as well. This 5 innings stuff is not a job well done or complete.

Well lots of poor play, but in the end, only one mental error, Lugo’s base running and it cost us the game.

I can’t believe nobody’s on, maybe you all were at the game.

I am beginning to suspect that the SOX management maybe too enamored with their own picks. I am all for sticking with players, but not over multiple years. Time to part with the several players that have had the same problems over multiple seasons, before it cost you the season.

While I am picking on everything, if Crisp is now cold (cause he was finally hitting really well) after sitting 5 games — one a great move his temper tantrum will have turned out to be. We could have used his bat this series. He better not go cold now in NY.

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