Back in the Bronx

Are you guys feeling that usual Red Sox-Yankees feeling tonight, or do you feel as if the whole second place-third place thing has decelerated it?

I can’t judge my own feelings because I got about three hours sleep last night before getting on a 7:15 flight from Tampa to New York this morning.

To me, there isn’t the same buzz in the air.

Red Sox look good early. They also looked good early last night. It will be interesting to see how deep Jon Lester can take this game and what the bullpen will do after he leaves.

Happy holiday weekend!!



I know you’ll like this nugget. 19 years ago on this date, Francona takes current Yankee pitching coach Dave Eiland deep for his final H.R. in the big leagues. Good stuff I thought.

Lester looking solid, very impressed, showing alot of poise in the 1st inning.

Good job by Lugo, getting the runner in with less than 2 outs. I nail him when he does something bad so I’ll give him props when helps. Few and far between as we all know.

Let’s hope that Lester can keep the pitch count down and that he can last 8 innings so that we are able to leave the pall bearer bullpen out of it until Papelbon can come in. In fact, if I were Tito and Lester seems to be tiring, I’d bring Papelbon in the eight and let hin pitch two innings. He hasn’t done anything for the last few games. The way the bull pen has been pitching it comes to implementing extreme measures so that we can turn things around. There’s no place better to start than against the Yanks.

Well with a six run lead if they lose this one — and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did — they really will be crying in their milk. Right now it’s all up to Lester doing 9 innings. I don’t even trust Papelbon right now. Let Lester do nine — if he can of course.

The Yankees had the Red Sox right where they wanted them. Boston came into N.Y. losing 5 in a row and a gut wrenching loss in T.B. less than 24 hrs. before. I would be willing to bet the Sox didn’t arrive in N.Y.C. until 3:00 a.m. or so after that long game last night. This one isn’t over yet but Boston has bulit themselves a nice cushion!!! A great start to a very important series. This might not be Sox–Yankee clashes of the past but I think it is very important for Boston to get there ducks in order.

Happy Pre-Indepedence day to everybody. Bad game yesterday. 6-0 Red Sox right now. This weekend could be fun

Happy Almost Independence Day to everyone from the US. Sox look relaxed tonight but did you see Youk? he doesn’t even trust having the pitcher there at first base. Manny D. really spooked him.

Does Ortiz still believe it is still between the Red Sox and Yankees? This is only 1 game but the Yankees came out empty tonight. Pettite a veteran looked more like a rookie out there.

Pettite I think looked tired. When your team slumps it hits everyone hard. I think Francona had a long talk with the team today — no question in my mind and did not pull punches.

Lugo is taking way too long to strike out. All those pauses just delays the game.

Hitters that are 0 for infinity: Ellsbury, Varitek, Manny R., Lugo, Alex Cora, Casey. Wow that’s a lot of bats going ice cold.

Obviously, since Sox and Pinstripes is a site focused on this rivalry, I like it when the Red Sox and Yankees are battling it out for first. I agree that this weekend series doesn’t have the usual intensity because both teams are struggling, but that makes it an important series. Both teams need some wins, especially the Red Sox.



agreed. Right now my fear is 1 for 3 with the Sox blowing the next three. I hope I’m wrong — then again it could be a sweep if we have a replay of last night.

I think Ellsbury will benefit from the All-Star break, and Crisp’s return. I’m sure his wrist is still sore, and that is impacting his hitting. It would help if Ramirez would stop babying his hamstring and play left field so Sean Casey could DH. That would help this offense.


I thought going into this series, these teams would split. It looks like Boston will take the first game of this series. Two games in a row where the Boston bats are alive and well. Also one of these very rare games where the hitting and pitching came together. When was the last time that happened on the road?

Lester is crusing right along. He has been in control of this entire game. He had a tough first inning and the Yankees squandered there chance. Lester said you had your chance, this is my game!!! Lester has really developed into a solid pitcher. Earlier in the year, he would have given up a couple of runs in the 1st inning, not tonight. He has really matured out there.

Likely, there will be a Mike Timlin sighting tonight. Hopefully, he can give us a case of deja vu by turning things around and becoming an effective set-up man for the remainder of the season. He stunk for awhile last year and turned it around. The Sox really need him to do it again.


I think Ramirez’s hamstring is just fine. He runs the bases well ( when he gets on of course ) and he still uses his legs at the plate. I agree with you, he is babying them. Right when Ortiz hurt his wrist, suddenly Ramirez’s hamstrings were sore. Things that make you go mmmmmmmmmm.

Manny doen’t usually pull his “injury”sabatical until the late Aug early Sept time frame. This year he seems to be early. Maybe his body clock is off due the trip to Japan

While they might want to give Timlin a shot tonight I think they better hold off unless Lester really tires. Now is not the time to experiment.

Lugo comes through again tonite. One Strike-Out and one Double Play. Par for the course.

Varitek first hit and RBI in a while — I thought Magaden was working with Varitek to remove the tap tap from his swing when batting left handed — he said he had used a tap tap stride hitting approach for years — looks like he is back to that tonight — maybe he gave up — returned to his old ways – and got a hit. Anyone else notice this?

Lester might be able to finish this. It won’t be a save for Papelbon(Unless Lester suddenly givesup 4 runs)


Lugo is always nominated by the opposing team as their MVP when the Sox lose the game so as much as you hate Lugo he has a great fan base among the other teams. Some write him letters encouraging his stupendous play so you may hate him but every team in the league — except the Red Sox for some reason — almost worships him in his natural playing ability.


What conditions constitute a save anyway? What’s the rules on this?

Tell me I am dreaming- he has Timlin warming up.

Lester had his best game since his no-hitter. Final out, A-Rod. i’m going to laugh about this one for the rest of this


I think your rant earlier in the day might worked, lol.

What can you say about Lester’s performance? He was outstanding tonight. He stepped up at the right moment.

A save is that a person that comes in and the team is leading by three runs or less, the tying run or winning run is on deck, or you pitch three effective innings. (That last one was the ironic part when the Rangers 30-3 win against the Orioles last year in August.)

Another part in that last one lso has; (1) You have to finish the game when you pitch that many innings. (2) You can pitch more than 3 innings in relief and get the save

What is ironic is that in 17 days from now, one year ago Lester made it back to the majors after battling cancer and going through chemo therapy

18 days ago


Thanks for the info. Always appreciate your help with this. Rules for everything it seemed. Lester went a complete game! Just shows how much faith Terry Francona has in the bullpen. That was amazing. Lester not only shut them out (great) but also gave the lackluster, lackadasical, indifferent, apathetic, acerbic, ignoble, vexing bullpen a night off.

This was a great game. I hope I enjoy its fruits tomorrow as well.

I missed tonight’s game but it looks like Lester twirled a beauty. I noticed he walked the first two batters of the game. I probably would have been disgusted, turned the game off right there, shouted some obscenities, and missed a heck of a game. Lester was probably allowed to finish the game because of his pitch count, which was only 105.

It’s been a while since Papelbon has worked. We’ll likely see him tomorrow no matter what happens.

I missed the game because I went to see the Jacksonville Suns, which is the AA affilate of the Dodgers. We have a new and beautiful park in Jacksonville for the Suns. It was a pretty entertaining game but watching the relievers work made me think the Sox have a AA bullpen. These kids looked just like the Sox. They had great stuff, but couldn’t get it over the plate. An interesting side note to the game, former Sox second baseman Mark Belhorn was playing first base for the Suns. So there’s one for your “Where are they now?” memoirs.

Brian, did you have some of Migrane’s birthday cake? LOL!

Tomorrow morning when you get up and realize it’s Independence Day, give a thought and a prayer to our brave men and women serving in our armed forces so that we can have the freedom to enjoy our barbecues while we watch the Yankees and the Red Sox. Thanks, and Happy 4th to all of you.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I am so glad the Sox didn’t take my suggestion and trade Jon L. for Johan Santana over the Winter. He is showing amazing character and ability. I honestly hope the Sox don’t consider offering him as a part of a deal to acquire Sabathia. I certainly expect the Indians will pursue his inclusion into any deal they might discuss with the Sox — while at one point they seemed “pitching rich,” more and more the Indians’ situation reminds me of the 2005 Sox — their closers struggled mightily, starters they counted on heavily got injured (Schill for the Sox in 2005, Carmona for the Tribe this year), they got solid performance in surprising areas (with the 2005 Sox it was the Boomer, with the Indians this year, its Cliff Lee), and they started bring up untested rookies when all else failed (who can forget Craig Hansen, Abe Alvarez and Cla Meredith in 2005, the Tribe this year is experimenting with Aaron Laffey and Edward Mujica). Perhaps the Indians will go looking for this year’s John Halama and Mike Remlinger.

I was really impressed with the way Lester settled in last night after throwing a lot of pitches to the first 2 hitters that were called balls and resulted in walks. Then, to strike out A-Rod with runners on 1st and 2nd and only 1 out, and to strike him out again to end the game, the guy has some stuff, his last start notwithstanding.

Lester’s now 8th in the AL in ERA, and ahead of Ervin Santana and Matt Garza! In fact, if you look at the ERA list, 3 of the Sox starters are in the top 20, including Beckett and Wake (who is pitching some of the best baseball of his life — as I keep telling you I witnessed in Cincy and at Fenway last week against the D-Backs and the Big Unit — with the way Charlie Zink is “knuckling it” for the Pawsox in Triple A, it would be fun to see 2 knuckleball throwers in the Sox starting rotation — anyone know who the last team is that did that?). Justin Masterson and Dice-K also possess ERA’s that should be in the Top 20 — I suspect the reason they’re not is innings. Jon L. is also 4th in the league in innings pitched — behind some pretty good company — Sabathia and Doc Halladay who are both quintessential “innings-eaters.”

I like the Sox chances today with Beckett on the mound against Darrell Rastner. I think the Sox have a decent shot at taking 3 of 4 in this series. They made several of the Yankees’ relievers throw a bunch of pitches last night. Way to win and use up the Yanks’ bullpen! You can say what you want to about the luster coming off this rivalry…I gotta tell you however, that every day when I check the scores, I’m checking the Yankees’ score to see where they are. As thin as they seem to be, I still expect them to make a serious run at a play-off position. Remember, this is the last team which will compete in the House that Ruth Built. I’m not convinced the team will allow baseball to end in that stadium on the last day of the regular season. There’s a lot of pride in folks like Jeter, Posada, Petitte and Mussina.

And yes, you have convinced me to look at the TB Rays scores every day as well (aaaaarrrgggghhh!!! I can’t imagine I just said that I find things you are saying convincing!!!! [LOL!!])

Before we have to close and lock all of the windows over the Sox bullpen — I think you have to remember back to 2004, when the Sox bullpen was pretty uneven during the season until the stretch run, when guys like Timlin and Embree, Williamson and even Curt Leskanic (who never pitched again after the World Series win against the Cards) came up big. Yes, the Sox got great performance out of Keith Foulke (as they are this year out of Pap), but the bridge to the closer was at least as ricketty as it is this year. In fact, if I remember correctly, after Foulke was named to the 2004 All-Star team, he went through a period sort of like what Pap went through a few weeks ago, where he let a few saves slip away.

I know you really like the Rays bullpen, but I still say they are not going to pull a 2001 Mariners, win 116 games or so, and run away and hide from a team like the A’s, who won 102 that year. I firmly believe the Sox are in this to the end, their bullpen will respond as needed, and at the end of the season they will win the AL East. Speaking of the bullpen, with how well Buchholz is performing in Pawtucket, do you expect the Sox to move either him or Justin M into the bullpen? With his motion and his sinkerball, I really think Masterson would be a natural for the bullpen.

Also, speaking of the 2001 Mariners, isn’t it about time for Freddy Garcia to return to a big league mound? Do you think the Sox will show any interest in him? He has made some serious contributions to some pretty good teams, including the 2001 Mariners and the 2005 ChiSox. I’ve got to believe that Theo is looking at options to bolster the bullpen, and will be pursuing them pretty aggressively during the All-Star break and after. I just hope none of the Sox young pitching talent gets traded this year for a pitcher who performs like EG did last year. I’m not going to use his epithet, or his name for that matter.


Lester’s no no is one for the record books. The game he pitched last night might have been his best pitched game of his young career. He was in total control of that game. He pitched like an ace. He did walk the first 2 batters last night. In my opinion the 3-2 pitch he threw to Jeter was a strike. Even Yankee fans would agree on that.

It looks like the Tribe will be dealing Sabathia away come late July. Brewers, Rays, Cubs, Red Sox and Dodgers are the teams you here. Shapiro isn’t going to just give him away. I think the Red Sox will get involved just like they did with Santana. No real intentions, they want to drive the price up.

I think sometime after the All Star Break, Buchholz joins the rotation and Masterson is sent back to A.A.A. to work out of the pen. Masterson will probably join the Sox pen sometime in August. Obviously just a total guess.

That is very funny that I convinced you too see how the Rays are doing. They will not do what the Mariners did back in 2001. The Rays have been very dominating at home as we all know but they do struggle on the road. Doesn’t just about every team struggle on the road this season? If the Rays continue to pitch out of the pen the way they have, they will hang around for sure. Percival is out until after the All Star Break and he isn’t getting any younger. I think it would be a smart move for the Rays too look at Houston Street. Wheeler did get the save on Wed. night but he looked shaky out there in the 9th. Percival going down shuffles there bullpen around. A bullpen by committee and we all know that goes, lol. Also Jackson and your pal Sonnastine I think are very shaky as 4th and 5th starters. That pen could get burned out. Crawford, Upton and Pena must hit as well. The Rays defensively have been outstanding, any groundball they seem to get to. They also lost there starting s.s. Bartlett. Not much of a bat but he is very good with the glove. It is a long season and the Rays aren’t battle tested like the Red Sox and even the Yankees. I don’t see how the Yankees will even get to 90 wins. The Wang injury hurts them, no pun intended.


The cake was just as bad as his telecasts!!! LOL……You missed a great time, LOL!!!

Mark Bellhorn is in A.A. WOW. I will take a guess and say in 4 at bats, he walked twice and struck-out twice. When he whiffed twice, I gurantee he looked at the 3rd strike, lol. His H.R. in the bloddy sock game was HUGE. He played a big role for the Sox in 2004. He will always be remembered.

Happy 4th of July!! Happy B-Day to George Steinbrenner. When he is gone, he’ll be missed. He has added so much spice over the years to the Sox-Yankees rivalry.

When was the last complete game shutout by a Red Sox pitcher at Yankee Stadium? I can’t think of one and I am too lazy to look it up, lol.

Pedro Martinez back in 2000 pitched a shutout at Yankee Stadium, last guy to do it. had it.

I really like the way that Girardi handled the media last night. Yet another class act manager. He and tony seem to be alot alike ( not just the hairstyle, lol).
I thoroughly enjoyed last nights game and todays isnt too bad either. I was complimenting Damon on a nice catch when the ball fell from the wall.. then all i could do was laugh. I hate to see anyone hurt but he is A YANKEE now, and it bothers me a little less!!
Mikey knows “jack”, nice homer by our 3rd baseman.
Lets keep the lead.!!
Go Sox!!!

Oh and Ian, about The Rivalry: I think lack of elctricity in the air this time IS due to the standings as well as the Yankee fans not having anything to talk smack about. Well, except A-ROD, Madonna, Lenny and Cynthia!!!

I have been far more forgiving than i usualy am when it has
to Lugo.. OKay, my patience has just worn thin and is now thread bare. Its’ time to go… Is there such a big difference between Cora and Lugo?? I happen to like Cora better. you can only prop someone up for so long until they become so much more of a burden that it starts to take its toll on you!!

Oh!! I forgot!!
Thank you to all of our Men and Women in the Armed Forces acroSs the world. Thank you for taking YOUR time and time away from your loved ones to help keep safe our Independence. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you today and everyday!!

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